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Musique avec genre : Orchestral

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
Frequence Perdue - G. Goué Plucked string instrument for the intro then a set of violins. A drums very present and behind a voice with the ethnic color. 02:52
Phenix - G. Goué Ostinato of staccato and pizzicato violins in orchestra. 02:21
A Knight's Heart - C. Nouailhaguet Epic and poignant romance trailer. Featuring piano, large choir and brass. Panoramic, passionate and intense build-up. Edit point at 0:56, at 1:27, at 1:54, at 2:25. Piano, symphonic orchestra, choir. 03:30
Black Flying Drakkar - C. Nouailhaguet Grand and orchestral score that builds with epic adventure theme. Large horns section, tribal percussions and choir. Sail away with dragon ships to the mysterious seas. Edit point at 1:00, at 1:54, at 2:27, at 4:03. Symphonic orchestra, choir, percussions, sound design. 05:34
Close Encounter - C. Nouailhaguet Modern sci-fi score. Epic build-up, slow rise to power, trailer FX, intense ending scene. Alien ship on approach until a dramatic showdown. Edit point at 1:19, at 2:44, at 3:18. Piano, symphonic orchestra, synths, percussions, sound design. 03:52
Lost In A Troubled Time - C. Nouailhaguet Dramatic and sombre neoclassical score. Desolate strings intro is followed by a suspenseful and intriguing piano. Conclusion of the story's plot at 2:29. Edit point at 0:50, at 1:29, at 1:50, at 2:29. String orchestra, piano, glockenspiel, sound design. 04:05
Other Machinery - C. Nouailhaguet Techno track featuring mechanized electro-hybrid opening, anthemic synth theme and electronic FX. Futuristic and epic atmosphere. Edit point at 0:49, at 1:21, at 2:27, at 3:39, at 4:52. Synths, groovebox, symphonic orchestra, sound design. 06:40
The Haunted Abbey - C. Nouailhaguet Thriller and horror movie soundtrack, featuring scary vox effects, operatic female vocal and haunted abbey sound design. Creepy and tense organ final. Edit point at 0:43, at 1:05, at 1:56, at 2:41. Scary vox, choir with soprano solo, church bell, organ, sound design. 04:14
Under A Dark Cloud - C. Nouailhaguet Dark and suspenseful neoclassical underscore. Cinematic percussions, orchestra and arpeggiated piano create a sense of investigation. Weird and puzzling atmosphere for contemporary dramas and thrillers. Edit point at 0:49, at 1:53, at 2:57. Symphonic orchestra, piano, percussions, sound design. 03:53
Waltz With Lestat - C. Nouailhaguet Horror movie soundtrack with a darkly haunted intro that builds into symphonic waltz featuring a music box. Sarcastic and creepy atmosphere. Epic and dramatic ending pursuit. Edit point at 1:32, at 1:59, at 3:18. Symphonic orchestra, music box, sound design. 04:19
A Long Winter's Walk - C. Nouailhaguet Melancholic and slow indie ballad. Featuring sad piano, sustained string melody and soft drums. Edit point at 1:25 and at 2:33. Piano, string, harp, drums. 03:35
Ephemeral White (Interlude No1) - C. Nouailhaguet Short romantic piece. A naive melody flute with a string ensemble create an introduction to a romance, a scenic opening or a panoramic landscape with a peaceful nature. String orchestra, flute. 01:20
Flying Snowflakes - C. Nouailhaguet Neo-classical ambient track. A delicate piano and a fragile atmosphere build a sense of emotional and heartfelt drama. Edit point at 1:19 and at 2:41. piano, harp, string. 04:03
The Rising Sky Of Winter's Shadows - C. Nouailhaguet Melancholic post-rock track. The dark atmosphere crescendoing to more dense song with full rock band and distorted guitars. Gloomy rock. Edit point at 1:07, at 1:56, at 2:44, at 3:37 and at 4:25. Piano, guitar, bass, drums, synth. 05:45
Battle Lines - L. Cedar A powerful and dramatic orchestral track that build to a big crescendo. Great for a fim Trailer or Film or TV cue. Epic, Dramatic, Expansive, Huge, Tense, Powerful. Strings, Brass, Horns, Drums,Timpani, Militrary Snare. 00:40
Bond Street - L. Cedar Dramatic building piece that's perfect for thriller or spy film trailer. Dramatic, Cinematic, Epic, Tense, Vintage, Spy, Driving, Powerful. 1960's, 60's, suave, British, elegant. Wurlitzer, Strings, Horns, Dulcimer, Flute, Drums, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Synthesizer. Henry Mancini, John Barrie. 02:05
Cats That Skip - L. Cedar A quirky, light and fun classical piece great for a reality or Kids TV show or cute advertising spot. Quirky, Funny, Comedic, Light, Curious, Fun, Sneaky, Reality TV, Cute. Pizzicato Strings, Double Bass, Shaker, Tambourine. 00:30
Comedy Of Errors - L. Cedar An orchestal track that has purpose and has a string crescendo. Great for Advertising or Trailer. Strong, Driving, Fun, Confident, Light. Strings, Brass, Woodwinds, Orchestral Percussion. 00:18
Concerti Di Firenze - L. Cedar A powerful and dramatic orchestral track that build to a big crescendo. Great for a fim Trailer or advertising spot. Expansive, Energetic, Glamorous, Epic, Dramatic, Italian, Concerto, Orchestral, epic, Assertive, Powerful, emotional. Strings, Flutes, Drums, Horns, Brass, Piano. 01:00
Concerti Di Milano - L. Cedar An intimate and emotional string quartet with piano. Great for film trailer or advertising. Dramatic, Elegant, Subtle, Classy, Glamorous, Emotive. Emotional, Quartet, Italian Orchestral, Driving, contemplative. Piano, Strings, Violin, Viola. 01:00
Covet Thy Chalice - L. Cedar A stylish Orchestral piece perfect for Film cue, Disney movie. Cinematic, Dramatic, Stylish, Glamorous, Elegant, Dramatic, Emotive. Strings, Synthesizer, celeste, Harp, Brass, Horns. 00:45
Dream Castle - L. Cedar A dramatic orchestral start drifts into energetic percusion and ends in a sweet and uplifting waltz. Epic, Dramatic, Delicate, Ominous, Curious, Emotive, Tense, Sweet. Strings, Cymbals, Percussion, Congas, Harp, Pizzicato Strings, Piano. 00:30
Dunder Dragons - L. Cedar An electric guitar led dramatic track great for tense TV-Film cue. Cinematic, Dramatic, Looming, Tense, Energetic, Powerful, Confident. Guitar, Strings, Drums, Synthesizer, Horns, Brass. 00:45
Elegance Will Triumph - L. Cedar A stylish and elegant classical waltz that's perfect for advertising, Film or TV cue. Sweet, Delicate, Wonderous, Magnificent, Stylish, Emotional, Elegant, Watz. Piano, Bass, Strings, Pizzicato Strings. 00:40
Fat Les - L. Cedar An unsual, comedic piece that builds to big crecendo. Perfect for comedic Film, Tv, advertising or trailer cue. Comedic, Fun, Bold, Strong, Dynamic, Quirky, Up, Disney, Drmatic. Synthesizer, Drums, Strings, Choir, Pizzcato Strings, Cymbals. 00:40
Fileds Of Wheat - L. Cedar A sweet and uplifting classical piece perfect for advertising spot. Light, Delicate, Sweet, Positive, Light, Up, Positive, Pastoral, Warm. Strings, Violas, Pizzicatio Violins, Double Bas,s Bells, Shaker, Guiro. 02:00
Fright Night - L. Cedar An eerie and tense classical piece perfect with a dramatic crescendo that's perfect for a TV-Film or Trailer Horror or Video Games spot. Curious, Eerie, Looming, Epic, Score, Tense, Powerful, Bold. Vibes, Strings, Piano, Cymbals, Drums, Timpani, Bass. 00:30
Highlands Delight - L. Cedar A stylish and uplfting classical piece perfect for an advertising, TV or Film cue. Sweet, Delicate, Wonderous, Magnificent, Stylish, Emotional, Elegant, Up, Uplifting, Positive, Affirmative. Piano, Strings, Drums, Glock. 00:35
Lest We Forget - L. Cedar An Epic and cinematic Orchestral cue with uplifting crescendo and end, perfect for a dramatic and tense Film, TV cue, Film Trailer or Video Game. Dramatic, Cinematic, Epic, Tense, Uplifting, Energetic, Driving, Powerful, Affirmative. Strings, Harp Gliss, Brass, Horns, Drum, Orchestral Percussion. 00:42
London Dawn - L. Cedar A stylish and uplfting classical piece perfect for an advertising, TV or Film cue. Delicate, Enlightening, Wonderous, Up, Uplisfting, Positive, Sweet, Stylish. Piano, Electric Piano, Flute, Strings. 00:40
Misty Morning - L. Cedar A stylish and uplfting classical piece perfect for an advertising, TV or Film cue. Delicate, Enlightening, Wonderous, Up, Uplisfting, Positive, Sweet, Stylish. Strings, Pizzicato Bass. 00:40
Moments To Resolve - L. Cedar An Uplifting and moving Piano led track that's great for an advertising, TV or Film cue. Enlightening, Delicate, Wonderous, Magnificent, Stylish, Emotional, Elegant, Up, Uplifting, Positive. Piano, Strings, Drums, Synthesizer, Harp . 00:40
My Cute Puppy - L. Cedar A sparse and fun classical piece great for a reality or Kids TV show or cute advertising spot. Suspenseful, Quirky, Funny, Comedic, Light, Curious, Sneaky, Reality TV, Cute. Pizzicato Strings, Double Bass, Vibraphone, Shaker, Tambourine. 00:55
Ninjas Arrive - L. Cedar An Epic and cinematic Orchestral cue perfect for a dramatic and tense Film, TV cue, Film Trailer or Video Game. Epic, Dramatic, Expansive, Huge, Tense, Powerful, Cinematic, Driving. Strings, Choir, Timpani, Drums, Orchestral Hits, Mallets, Triangle, Congas. Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard. 00:50
On The Moor - L. Cedar An Epic, cinematic and eerie Orchestral cue perfect for a dramatic and tense Film, TV cue, Film Trailer or Video Game. Epic, Dramatic, Expansive, Huge, Tense, Powerful, Cinematic, Driving, Strong. Strings, Cymbals, Orchestral Percussion. 01:00
Rotundo Gorge - L. Cedar A cinematic, Disney like, classical waltz perfect for a TV, Film, Advertising or Trailer cue. Suspenseful, Quirky, Funny, Comedic, Light, Curious, Fun, Sneaky, Disney, Film Trailer. Strings, Horns, Brass, Vibes, Piano, Celeste, Woodwinds, Pizzicato Strings, Cymbals. Hans Zimmer, Randy Newman, James Newton Howard. 01:00
Starlight Reveal - L. Cedar A moving and epic orchestarl piece perfect for a space and Sci-Fi film or scene. Epic, Dramatic, Expansive, Huge, Tense, Powerful. Emotional, curious, wonder, uplifting dramatic, Enigmatic, Angelic, emotive, Space, Sci-Fi, Sci Fi. Piano, Strings, Horns, Brass, Timpani, Clave, Cymbals, Synthesizer. 02:25
Submarine Patrol - L. Cedar An Epic and cinematic Orchestral cue perfect for a dramatic and tense Film, TV cue, Film Trailer or Video Game. Epic, Dramatic, Expansive, Huge, Tense, Powerful, Cinematic, Driving, Strong. Strings, Drums, Horns, Brass. Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard. 01:20
The Day Today - L. Cedar An uplifting, elegant classical piece perfect for a TV, Film, Advertising or Trailer cue. Uplifting, Up, Glamorous, Elegant, Positive, Quirky, Cinematic, Disney, Light, Curious, Fun. Strings, Bass, Mallets,Trumpets, Piano, Woodwinds, Flute, Military Snare. Hans Zimmer, Randy Newman, James Newton Howard. 01:00
Tinkle Twinkle - L. Cedar A quirky, light and fun classical piece great for a reality , comedy or Kids TV show or cute advertising spot. Quirky, Funny, Comedic, Light, Curious, Fun, Sneaky, Reality TV, Cute. Pizzicato Strings, Double Bass, Glockenspiel, Vibraslap, Shaker. 01:00
Vampire Chase - L. Cedar An Epic and cinematic Orchestral cue perfect for a dramatic Film, TV cue, Film Trailer or Video Game. Cinematic, Epic, Dramatic, Tense, Uplifting, Stylish, Emotive, Positive, Disney. Strings, Brass, Horns, Drums, Choir, Harp Gliss, Cymbals. Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard. 00:45
Waterboy - L. Cedar An Epic and cinematic Orchestral cue perfect for a dramatic, disney type Film, TV cue, Film Trailer or Video Game. Enlightening, Epic Delicate, Wonderous, Magnificent, Stylish, Emotional, Elegant, Up, Uplifting, Positive. Strings, Woodwinds, Brass, Drums, Barss, Horns, Timpani. Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard. 00:30
Whimsical Journey - L. Cedar A cinematic, Disney like, classical and elegant perfect for a TV, Film, Advertising or Trailer cue. Uplifting, Up, Elegant, Positive, Quirky, Cinematic, Disney, Light, Curious, Fun. Strings, Brass, Horns, Harp, Woodwinds, Celeste, Orchestral Percussion. Hans Zimmer, Randy Newman, James Newton Howard. 00:52
Abandoned Dreams - C. Nouailhaguet Melancholic and dreamy atmosphere. Piano, celesta, pizzicato strings are followed by an evocating and melodious cello. Edit point at 01:09, cello theme at 01:32. Celesta, piano, pizzicato strings, solo cello, flute, female choir. 02:54
Angel s Grace - C. Nouailhaguet A twinkling harp and a minimalist piano building a gentle crescendo in the air. Harp, piano, synth pad. Light version. 02:04
Atlantida - C. Nouailhaguet Simple and intimate piano melody sliding into a cinematic ambience. Shimmering cello add emotional depth. Theme at 00:25, edit point at 01:08. Strings, piano, solo cello, orchestral percussions. 02:08
Deus Ex Machina - C. Nouailhaguet Tense arpeggiator, loud electro beat and a full orchestra bring a large choir in crescendo. Edit point at 00:48, theme at 01:18. Electronic drum, synth, orchestra, choir, sound design fx. 02:01
Glitch - C. Nouailhaguet Dirty synth bass, nasty dubstep beat and digital glitch fx generating a futurist underground environnement. Theme at 00:32, edit point at 01:08. Sound design glitch fx, electronic drum, big synth, shimmer and larsen guitar. 02:06
Last Heroes Memories - C. Nouailhaguet Introduced by piano like a souvenir, an orchestra deploys a crescendo with heroic brass. Edit point at 01:04, theme crescendo at 01:36. Piano, orchestra with full brass. 02:34
Manga Kissa - C. Nouailhaguet Pulsing synths, electronic drums fx and orchestral strings work together to produce an action and tense scene. Impact at 00:46, edit point 1 at 01:02, edit point 2 at 01:25. Synth, electronic drum, bpm fx, orchestra, choir. 02:34
The 9th Circle - C. Nouailhaguet Sad and anxious opening followed by haunting baroque piano. Church bell with sample fx create mysterious and dark ambience. Edit point at 01:45, theme at 02:14. Piano, church bell, synth pad, strings, choir, orchestra percussions. 03:45
The First Contact - C. Nouailhaguet Insistent pulsing synths like a clock. Distorted french horns like a distant cry. Followed by a romantic piano beneath an orchestral crescendo. As the piece builds in intensity the horns take over. Piano theme at 01:17, edit point at 02:24. Synth bass, arpeggiated, distorted horns, orchestra with strings and full brass, bpm fx synth. 03:40
Unexpected Cello - C. Nouailhaguet Cello melody drived by a rock orchestration. Electric bass, drums, electric guitar, solo cello, synth. Light version. 00:57
All The Action - S. Sibanda Cinematic, Orchestral, Suspens, Dynamic, Big orchestra. Deep in thought, ambient, spacey, galaxy, dream, grunge bass, pads, soupy, drama, film score, action, drone. 02:25
All The Drama - S. Sibanda Cinematic, Orchestral, Dramatic, Suspens, Big orchestra, Percussions. Deep in thought, ambient, spacey, galaxy, dream, grunge bass, pads, soupy, drama, film score, action, drone. 00:53
Always A Suspect - S. Sibanda Cinematic, Orchestral, Dramatic, Suspens, Texture, Bruitages. Deep in thought, ambient, spacey, galaxy, dream, grunge bass, pads, soupy, drama, film score, action, drone. 01:54
Art of war - S. Sibanda Cinematic, Orchestral, Dramatic, Suspens, Big orchestra, Bruitages. Deep in thought, ambient, spacey, galaxy, dream, grunge bass, pads, soupy, drama, film score, action, drone. 02:21
Cant Forget - S. Sibanda Cinematic, Orchestral, Dramatic, Romantic, Strings, Acoustic piano. Lite Version. Deep in thought, ambient, spacey, galaxy, dream, grunge bass, pads, soupy, drama, film score, action, drone. 02:40
Chaos - L. Gogwana Orchestral, Jazz, Dynamic, Strange, Brass, Ethnical voice, Percussions. Africa, Jazzy, soul. 00:17
Conflict in my heart - S. Sibanda Cinematic, Orchestral, Adventure, Big orchestra. Deep in thought, ambient, spacey, galaxy, dream, grunge bass, pads, soupy, drama, film score, action, drone. 02:11
This moment - S. Sibanda Ambient, Orchestral, Nostalgic, Romantic, Acoustic piano, Strings. Pads, Sad, Moody, Depressing, Melancholic. 02:14
Go - GD 78 Joyful theme played by a jazz orchestra with organ, tenor saxophone, guitare, bass and drums. Happy. 05:06
Dramatic - GD 78 Evolutive soundtrack for dramatic and deep scene film. 02:58
Floating - GD 78 Very romantic movie scene. Violins and grand piano, applause at the end. 02:39
Circus Freak - A. Mazure Waltz. Accordion melody then at the marimba and by the orchestra ensemble. Powerful. 02:25
Bulgarian Melody - A. Mazure Melody of a lyrical voice taken up by a great orchestra. Swinging harmony. 03:45
Crashed - A. Mazure Intro orchestral and lyric solo violin. Worry. 03:56
Drive Me - A. Mazure Saturated bass groove powerful. Symphonic rock. 03:29
Earth Feelings - A. Mazure Polar. Edit Point at 1'50, Lyrism. 2'33 resumption of the melody. 03:44
Faith In The Dark - A. Mazure Majestic and intriguing melody developed by the orchestra. Edit Point at 1'45 ethnic instrument. 03:44
Haiku - A. Mazure Ostinato pizz. Melody in quick sequences. 03:04
Hedgehog - A. Mazure Symphonic rock, tension without resolution. Edit Point at 2'31 guitar and synth in powerful riff, lyric opening. Emerson Lake and Palmer. 03:57
Hey Kiddo - A. Mazure Limonaire and clarinet, odd and lively. Taken up by the orchestra. 02:57
Higher Lands - A. Mazure Irish melody, valiant, catchy. Powerful orchestral riff. 01:46
On The Field - A. Mazure Gently adventurous. Edit Point at 1'22 the mood stretches, 1'47 calm 03:18
Possibly From Space - A. Mazure Intro majestic. Arpeggios and odd sequences for a tense wait. 02:54
Shadow Tribe - A. Mazure Worrying, majestic tension. Edit Point at 2'42, 3'46. 04:34
Swing - A. Mazure Big band of New York night. Intro double bass and brass. Snap fingers. 01:25
Tortuga s Assault - A. Mazure Combative, warrior. Suspense. Edit Point at 1'10, suspense and played again. Powerful melody played in unison by the orchestra. 02:19
Woodkid - A. Mazure Slow arpeggios of marimba. Violins and drums. Slow and catchy melody. Rhythm of floor toms. 04:26
Floating On Water - T. Stoilkovski Reflective, soulful, chill out vibes sparkle with strings like you are dancing on top of water . Under The Blue Sea. 02:16
My Secret - E. Hildebert Cinematic drama, acoustic piano, finger snaps. Electronic percussion, violin melody. 0'53 Choirs. 02:34
Make History - T. Stoilkovski Majestic rising intro collides with sweeping strings, electric guitar, echo female voice for a big trailer shot. Changing Planet. 02:40
Ghosts - D Agostino Parade drum or parade snare and large orchestra. Victory march or adventure start. 02:44
Goodbye - D Agostino Mystery, waiting, tension. Harp descent at 0'50. 02:11
Drawbacks Are The Best - D Agostino A sunny wedding day. Orchestra Version. 02:29
Contemplation - D Agostino Sad atmosphere. Arpeggio harp and long notes of oboe. 03:26
The Weightless Drifts - M. Sweeting Movie orchestra, hudge landscape, space. It starts with fx and harp line, then the orchestra gives a new dimension to the rest of this peace of music, very impressive till the end. 04:31
Sarah Beyond The Sky - M. Sweeting Church bells, fx, english horn solo with warm and soft brass set. Then the tune is moving on different atmospheres and colors but always forward. 03:51
Show Time - M. Sweeting Big musical orchestra in memory of Broadway, comic music, parade in a good tempo. 01:48
Saint-Malo's Symphonie - Mouvement 1 - M. Sweeting Classical orchestra. An epic music in three parts. 03:01
Saint-Malo's Symphonie - Mouvement 2 - M. Sweeting Classical orchestra. An epic music in three parts. 03:01
Saint-Malo's Symphonie - Mouvement 3 - M. Sweeting Classical orchestra. An epic music in three parts. 03:01
Sanctus - M. Sweeting Choir in four part from an imaginary Requiem. Very soft. 02:12
And Then You - P. Chapnik Slow waltz with violins. Theme played on the viola. 02:57
Tempus Fugit - P. Chapnik Violin solo, timpani, brass. Staccato of violins. Theme to the solo violin. double basses. Tension. 02:07
Double Blind - P. Chapnik Mysterious cello and orchestra. Swamps, mist, horror. 02:08
Revelation - P. Chapnik Intro with chromatic chimes and solo violin. Tension, dark, horror. Orchestral end with brass. 01:58
Beyond - P. Chapnik Arpeggios of carillon and harp supported by the orchestra. Suspense exotic, awakening of nature, waiting, intrigue. 03:18
Ruminations - P. Chapnik Low bell harmonics followed by violin solo and double bass. Suspense, dark, intrigue. 02:31
Black Sunglasses - T. Stoilkovski Horns bounce to a 60's vibey trip pop melody fusing guitars, synth and organs. Escape With Me. 02:22
New Identity - T. Stoilkovski Big intro horns leads to an ambient yet tense track with stabs of brass and horns. Escape With Me. 01:56
Running In Dreams - T. Stoilkovski Funky ambient pop rock with retro horn section, synths, strings and tremelo guitars. Escape With Me. 02:24
Walk These Streets - T. Stoilkovski Cool mystery vibe beatnik pop tune led by funky horns, organ backing and harmonica solo. Escape With Me. 02:34
Crisp - J. Goodwin FX. Crisp Bang W Orch. 00:15
Atmosdrama - J. Goodwin Drama - drums synth and ramp. 00:26
Avalon Forest - J. Goodwin Fantasy Drama - Celtic female, strings and piano. 06:01
Shadow Games - T. Stoilkovski Trembling, shadow like strings dance with orchestral pieces evoking a inquisitive mystery. 02:21
The Battle Rages On - T. Stoilkovski Ominous, epic strings meet big percussion and choir with a tenacious, hungry attitude. 02:30
Medal Of Honour - T. Stoilkovski Piano inspired melody surrounded by heartfelt strings echoing courage and humility. 02:12
Price Of Freedom - T. Stoilkovski Striking melody using nylon guitar over trembling stacatto string and orchestral arrangement. 02:13
Blood Sweat And Tears - T. Stoilkovski Piano leads into an inspiring orchestral mood encompassing military might and movement. 02:14
Dangerous Days - T. Stoilkovski Arpeggiated electronica glides over long, atmospheric strings with a brooding presence. 02:29
Lost Nation - G. D Agostino Marche vers la gloire incertaine. Légèrement triste et héroïque. 02:44
Help Emergency - E. Hildebert Ostinato of violins and heavy rhythm of toms. Edit point at 1'06, Part B with acoustic piano, faraway vocal and violin. 02:23
Alone In A Desert - E. Hildebert Matte acoustic piano in arpeggios and large orchestra. Choirs. Evolutive rhythm. Edit point at 1'12, Violins and powerful percussion. 02:53
Electronic Symphony - E. Hildebert Disco rhythm. Orchestral Instrument Interventions. 02:15
The Triumph - L.J. Cedar Classical drama, rising to a news worthy crescendo. Good for news type programme. Dramatic, Driving, Bold, Capable, Impatient, Urgent, Expansive, Complex. 00:57
Media City - L.J. Cedar Uplifting Regal Piano, Strings, Brass and Drums track. Epic, Heroic, Valiant, Graceful, Noble, Positive, Uplifting, Fresh, Refreshing, Grandiose, Expansive, Exciting. 02:44
A Pompous Way - L.J. Cedar Scroll to 1 minute - the dynamic changes into a rousing theme.An eerie start builds into a Cinematic, Classical and dynamic piece with Strings, Brass and Drums with a dramatic crescendo.. Cinematic, Building, Epic, Prestigious, Enigmatic, Classy, Classical, Militaristic, Militaristic, Strong, Driving. 02:30
Bombastico - L.J. Cedar A cinematic, classical and dynamic piece with Strings, Brass and Drums with a dramatic crescendo.. Epic, Cinematic, Dramatic, Enigmatic, Militaristic, Driving, Classical, Strong, dynamic, war like. 01:12
Buried In Sand - L.J. Cedar Eerie and ominous Brass and Strings classical piece. Good for underscore.. Cinematic, Classical, Scary, Building, Tense, Intense, Eerie, Ominous, Looming, Gloomy. 00:37
Cinematique 1 - L.J. Cedar Enigmatic classical piece with outdoor panoramic imagery and dulcimer eastern ending. Great for outdoor TV or Film shots.. Enigmatic, Expansive, Dramatic, Thoughtful, Atmospheric, Big, Intense. 01:50
Disturbia - L.J. Cedar Tense and eery classical piece. Great for underscore.. Cinematic, Classical, Scary, Building, Tense, Intense, Eerie, Ominous, Looming, Gloomy. 01:37
Just Too Suspect - L.J. Cedar Dramatic and cinematic track with cool guitar riff, tension builds and large crescendo moments.. Heroic, Epic, Climactic, Triumphant, Cinematic, Rousing, Building, Ominous, Confident, Curious. 01:41
New Moon - L.J. Cedar Regal and uplifting piece with Piano, Strings, Choir, Brass and Drums. Inspired by Royksopp and The Beatles.. Regal, Epic, Heroic, Valiant, Graceful, Noble, Positive, Uplifting, Fresh, Refreshing, Grandiose, Grandiose, Expansive, Exciting. 02:00
Private Mission - L.J. Cedar Dramatic, Cinematic, melodic and purposeful modern classical piece. Great for TV Film credits or main theme.. Big, Rousing, Building, Climactic, Classical, Dramatic, Epic, Heroic, Purposeful. 05:24
Send In The Troops - L.J. Cedar A driving Classical military-type theme music with Strings, Brass and Drums.. Cinematic, Building, Epic, Prestigious, Enigmatic, Classy, Classical, Militaristic, Militaristic, Strong, Driving, Driven, Big, Compelling. 03:21
The Inevitable - L.J. Cedar A dramatic and energetic orchestral modern piece ending with a big crescendo. Good for news type programme.. Dramatic, Driving, Bold, Capable, Impatient, Urgent, Expansive and Complex. 00:32
Time Is Deflected - L.J. Cedar Tense Strings and modern rhythms with medical drama _ERî feel includes ECG sound Heart monitor machine sounds.. Tense, Dramatic, Ponderous. 01:06
Turmoil - L.J. Cedar Bombastic classical Cinematic electronic theme with cool pneumonic end.. Classical, Dramatic, Tense, Gutsy, Epic, Ominous, Anticipation, Warlike, Scary. 00:37
The Secret Door - O. Olsen Arpeggios of harp, long notes of double basses then orchestra. Disturbing harmony. 00:58
4 Elements - O. Olsen Violins deep, ethnic flute. Melody on the piano and violins. Percussion atmosphere. Interventions of the orchestra. 05:02
The Strange Carpet Green Alice - O. Olsen Large orchestra. Kitch musical arrangement. Melody with vibraphone and oboe. 01:20
Dance In The Mist - O. Olsen Intro of harp. Melody with vibraphone, discreet snare drums. Classical guitar, cello. 1'01 Accordion and orchestra. 1'59 tension. 04:11
Life On The Hill - O. Olsen Melody to the flute. Accompaniment of violins and harp. 1'10 Harp and flute. Middle age harmony. 02:10
The Spirit Of The Hearth - O. Olsen Arpeggios of harp, long notes of violins then orchestra. Horn. Edit point at 0'51 rhythmic percussion. 1'32 timpani. 02:14
Timeless - O. Olsen Light acoustic piano, crescendo of violins. 00:33
Victory Road - O. Olsen Orchestral, rhythmic on snare drum and woodwind. Tubular bell, theme on french horn. 0'28 choirs. 01:24
Red Limit - O. Olsen Rapid rhythm with sound effects. Dialogue acoustic piano, bass and brass on a tense harmony. Percussion solo. Edit point at 1'14 break. 02:25
Le Vaisseau Fantôme - O. Olsen Bell in the far. Deep notes of orchestra. Anxiogenic sound effects. 0'26 Ostinato of double basses and cellos. Melody with violins. 02:18
Hammamet Blues - M. Madoré Orchestral. Dark chords progression. 1'12 Staccato piano of double basses. 1'33 Staccato of violins creating tension. 02:44
Brumes le désert - A. Jamot Acoustic background, industrial sound images. Synth sounds. Anxiety, empty, desert. 01:56
Dark country - l'attente - A. Jamot Cellos and double bass tremolo. 0'44 marimba in unison of the melody. 01:31
Dark country - l'usine - A. Jamot Staccato of violins, oboe and flute for a complex melody. Edit point at 1'11, offset flutes, 2'24 marimba. 03:36
Dark country - la question - A. Jamot Orchestral, atonal and tense orchestral effects. Edit point at 1'54. 03:59
Dark country - la recherche - A. Jamot Stretched Ostinato of double bass, then cello. Anxiogenic effects of instruments. Edit point at 0'52 acoustic piano and horns, complex harmony, 1'46, flute, sound effects. 06:37
Dark country - le commencement - A. Jamot Earthquake and orchestral drama effects. 03:11
Dark country - le papillon et le dragon - A. Jamot Synth sequence, then oboe and flute in polyrhythmia. Crescendo. Staccato of double bass then violins. Decrescendo. 03:58
Dark country - le romantisme - A. Jamot Staccato of violins, long notes of oboe and flute. Crescendo. 03:04
Dark country - le temps - A. Jamot Ostinato long notes of double basses, pizzicato of violins. Bugle. 03:20
Entrée Royale - A. Jamot Powerful orchestral chords of brass and timpani. Introduction of his majesty the king. 00:10
Histoire de cordes - A. Jamot Tense harmonic exchanges between violins and violas. 0'55 Answers of double basses. 04:23
Les buttes - A. Jamot Acoustic piano, cello. 0'34 acceleration. 1'10 return to first tempo and cello arpeggios. Edit point at 2'06 Pizz and piano disarticulated. 03:23
Oresteia balade triste - A. Jamot Melody played on violins and cellos. Acoustic piano low notes. 1'12 Chords and melody on piano, pizz. 07:48
Peinture de rêve - A. Jamot Ostinato of synth and cello. Melody on violins. 01:00
Romantisme galactique - A. Jamot Classical quartet. Harmony tense, as random. 0'58, 2'10 breaks. 04:06
Adagio contemporain - A. Jamot Harpsichord, violin, cello. Winter landscape, stripped, heavy. 10:09
Brumes l'arrivée - A. Jamot Orchestra, low notes of acoustic piano lined by a trumpet, phrasing of orchestra, tremolos of violins. 02:18
Dark country - la dispute - A. Jamot Orchestra of brass. Arpeggios of oboe and harp. Flute tremolo. 02:05
Dark country - la naissance - A. Jamot Gong, trumpets, flutes. Dissonances and cymbal crash. 03:15
Drama valse - A. Jamot Ethnic flute with effect, trombone and ethnic instrument. Effects, staccato of violins, oboe and then brass theme, gong. Edit point at 2'05 break. 05:51
La Tentation de Saint-Antoine - A. Jamot Rapid Ostinato of double basses and cellos. Staccato clarinet. 04:55
Le songe de Saka - A. Jamot Melody on the violin, then interludes to percussion. Edit point at 1'23 and 2'51. 04:19
Les 3 conquérants - A. Jamot History told by a staccato bassoon then violins and finally the whole orchestra. 04:07
Les femmes chantantes - A. Jamot Staccato choirs on tight orchestra. 03:23
Les temps sauvages - A. Jamot Slow pizz of double basses and cellos. Bass clarinet for a slow suspense. 05:32
Quatuor time research - A. Jamot Synth rhythm or clock. Violins staccato and long violins. Progression, 2'36 drums, 3'06 snare and mechanical sound effects. 04:36
Rictus lyrique - A. Jamot Final of symphony for choirs, piano and violin. Dynamic, powerful, lyrical. Violin solo at 2'00. 07:38
Brumes des brumes - A. Jamot Orchestral long notes, anxiety, tension. 02:04
Edelweiss 01 - A. Jamot Repetitive violin theme with timpani. Dictatorial speech. Oboe. 1'44 choirs. 04:11
Edelweiss 06 - A. Jamot Sacrifice, crowd movement. Repetitive synthesizer progression with onomatopoeia andfrench horn. Strange. 05:24
Sweet Memory - G. Goué Ostinato of violins and oboes then brass and cellos. Repetitive. 02:04
Native - C. Mathieu Orchestral intro, tense and mechanical. Edit point at 0'37. Synth sequence, rhythmic violins. 02:34
Le Lac des Cygnes - Pas d'action Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMPiotr Ilitch Tchaikovsky: The Swan Lake. Opus 20, Act 1, No. 6. No action. Andantino quasi Moderato. Final. Heroic and powerful. 00:24
Le Lac des Cygnes - Pas de Six - III Variation 2 Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMPiotr Ilitch Tchaikovsky: The Swan Lake. Opus 20, Act 3, No. 19. No Six. III. Variation 2. Andante con molto. Part 2. Orchestral. 00:53
Le Lac des Cygnes - Valse Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMPiotr Ilitch Tchaikovsky: The Swan Lake. Opus 20. Waltz, Act 1 No. 2. Tempo di valse. Final. Dramatic and powerful rise. 01:18
Ouverture Espagnole No1 Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMMikhail Ivanovitch Glinka: Capriccio brilliant on the theme of Aragonese Jota. Jota aragonesa. Part 3. Powerful, springtime, adventure, orchestral almost circus. 02:44
L'Arlésienne - Ouverture No1 Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMGeorges Bizet: L 'Arlésienne - Opening # 1 Early in the morning, I hear the train whistle. Dynamic, heroic. Intercalated with romantic, springtime and mysterious parts. 06:40
Polonaise pour Orchestre Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMLiadov Anatoli: Polish for Orchestra in Cmaj. In memory of Alexander Pushkin. Opus 49. Dynamic and romantic. 06:50
Le Lac des Cygnes - Danse des Cygnes - VII Coda Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMPiotr Ilitch Tchaikovsky: The Swan Lake. Opus 20, Act 2, No. 13. Dances of the Swans. VII. Coda. Allegro vivo. Final progressive with great strokes of orchestral tutti .. 02:25
Le Lac des Cygnes - Pas de Six - V Variation 4 Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMPiotr Ilitch Tchaikovsky: The Swan Lake. Opus 20, Act 3, No. 19. No Six. V. Variation 4. Allegro. Powerful, repetitive and slightly tribal. 01:05
Le Lac des Cygnes - Pas de Trois - IV Moderato Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMPiotr Ilitch Tchaikovsky: The Swan Lake. Opus 20, Act 1, No. 4. No Three. IV. Moderato. Orchestral waltz. 01:16
Les Saisons - Septembre Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMPiotr Ilitch Tchaikovsky: The Seasons. Opus 37a. No. 9, September - The Hunt. Dynamic, positive and spring. 02:59
Marche Egyptienne Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMJohann Strauss: Egyptischer Marsch, Opus 335. Positive, dynamic, pulsating and adventurous. 02:41
380 Degrés - H. La Guerche Acoustic piano and orchestra in pizzicato. Electric guitar. Waltz slow, interrogative and light. 04:08
Prelude To Sorrow - C. Nouailhaguet Cellos and double bass. Acoustic piano plays the melody alone and then with the violins. 01:57
Sargon - C. Nouailhaguet Opening heroic, violins, orchestral, brass, percussion, wide. The return of the warrior. 02:15
The Forgotten Pictures - C. Nouailhaguet Flying over landscapes, romantic and sensual melody. 02:01
Last Dance With You - C. Nouailhaguet Intro violins. Rhythmic guitar arpeggios. Melody to the violins and then to the saxophone. Bossa very romantic. Almodovar or Juan Solanas. 02:34
After The Hell - C. Nouailhaguet Deep note of piano and synth. Violins. 01:39
Power Land History - Wu Le Cérémonieux EP @ 0'25, 1'44. Puis thème lent en crescendo. 03:12
Do Not Miss The Current Affairs - Zhang Hong Bing Suspens dynamique, ouverture, infotainment, puis EP @ 0'23 pour background. 01:15
From The Daily News - Zhang Hong Bing JT, brillant, annonciateur et joyeux. 01:01
Going Ahead - Zhou Zhi Yong Caisse claire répétitive, cuivres puissants. Diverses ambiances tendues. EP @ 1'04. 02:50
Height O Clock World Business - Zhang Hong Bing Infos boursières du jour, dynamique et positif. 01:05
Holly Fire - Wu Le Panoramique et puissant, cuivré. 00:56
Kingdom Splendor - Wu Le Large, lyrique, intro cérémonieuse. Evolutif EP @ 0'38 03:32
Kingdom Splendor Part 2 - Wu Le Entrée triomphante. Percussif et cuivré. 00:30
Kingdom Splendor Part 3 - Wu Le Entrée triomphante. 00:26
Kingdom Splendor Part 4 - Wu Le Entrée triomphante. Victoire. 00:18
Moonlight Behind The Window - Long Yun Nature, eveil, beauté. Version 1 mn. 00:59
New Life Of The Heros - Li Ke Héroïque fantaisie, victoire. 01:20
New World Of Era - Wu Le Hollywood, large et puissant, gloire, lyrisme. 01:33
Succesf Of The Attack - Zhou Zhi Yong Battant, guerrier, victorieux. 00:29
The Bright Evening News - He Jian Chevauchée Western et cavalerie. Générique. Journaux, information, infotainment. 01:08
Time For Business Time - Zhang Hong Bing Fin de journée boursière. EP @ 0'30 calme. Journal, infotainment. 01:21
Top Of The World - Zhou Zhi Yong Cérémonieux, cuivres larges et brillants. Victoire. 00:47
Wealth Motherland - Wu Le Intro et fin héroîque. Suite romantique et fleur bleue. 03:17
Beijing Opera Heroes - Wu Le Ouverture héroîque et grandiose. Opera. EP @ 25s avec point d'orgue et final. 00:40
Battle Of The Proud Heroes - Long Yun Heroique et courageux, guerrier. 02:35
Slowly day dawns - Wu Zhi Yan Chris Serein et beau, planant, chant. EP @ 1'54. 03:20
Wild Horses Race - Li Ke Aventurier, sport, action, heros transformer. Années 80. 03:03
All Over The World News - Zhang Hong Bing Pour annoncer des bonnes nouvelles. EP @ 0'29. 01:26
Break For The Breaking News - Zhang Hong Bing Infos à répétitions. Joie et suspense. 01:21
Slowly Rising Up - Wu Le Final, conclusion. Ce qui devait arriver, arriva. 01:21
Story Of A Brave Soldier - Wu Le Actions rapides et ralenties, enchaînement d'évènements. Western. Symphonique, dynamique et énergique. Néoclassique. 07:32
Wonderful Glory Project - Wu Le Hollywood, large et puissant. 01:07
Achievement Of My Quest - Wu Le Evolutif de belle romance à cavalerie de western. 03:10
Dreaming On Tomorrow - Wu Le Romantique puis EP @1'22 suspens EP @ 2'03 histoire ethnique. 02:44
Embrace Future - Wu Le Cérémonieux, lyrique, large. 03:15
Great Mountain - Zhou Zhi Yong Ambiance guerriere et victoire promise. 01:30
Memorial Ceremony - Wu Le Cérémonieux, aventure, panoramique. 02:46
Proudly March On - Du Ke Marche enjouée, opéra comique. 03:11
Rising Dream - Du Ke Pizzicato de violoncelles, parenthèse, calme puis énèrgique par instants. 02:39
Singing In Spring - Du Ke Valse romantique déstructurée et cuivres héroîques. 02:53
Sunrise In My Dream - Wu Zhi Yan Chris Romantisme d'époque, calme puis large, héroïque. EP @ 1'10. 02:31
Battle Of The Heroes - Wu Le Cavalerie, combats, batailles. Médiéval, battant, dynamique. EP @ 3mn, ouverture et final. 04:37
Ambition Of Tomorrow - Wu Le Tension, combatif et soutenu. EP @ 1'14. 02:32
Before Sunset - Wu Le Appel et réponse, conversation imagée. 01:08
Best Wishes On Holiday - Du Ke Casse noisette. Allons-y gaiement. 01:54
Big Tide - Wu Le Mariage princier. 04:00
Break Through The Barrier - Wang Xin Journal télévisé, annonce d'état. Guerrier chevaleresque. 01:42
Breaking New Territory - Wu Le Grandiose, cérémonieux. 01:33
Brief News From The Stars - Ha Bu Er Les infos, le journal, les institutions. 01:58
Burning Days - Wu Le Aventure, large puis lyrique. EP @ 1'05. 04:46
Chinese Kong Fu - Li Ke Courageux guerrier et son armée. 02:29
Chinese Light Wind - Wu Zhi Yan Chris Grand orchestre asiatique. Chine. 03:01
Deep And Calm - Wu Le Ambiance calme, belles images. A la cosmos de Carl Sagan. 02:59
Final Battle - Li Ke En avant vers la victoire. 01:01
Fireworks Games - Du Ke Actions, enchaînements rapides, puissant. 03:15
Galactica Information - Ha Bu Er Séminaire, conférence, ouverture, gala. 01:58
Glorification Of My Prince - Wu Le Belle princesse et l'arrivée de son prince. EP @ 1'52. 04:04
Heart Choice - Wu Le Narratif, évolutif. Chine. 03:00
Hopful Day Dream - Du Ke La vie au château, médiévale, château fort EP @ 0'40 puis valse romantique et énergique. 02:58
Impression Of He Bei Province - Wang Xin Retour du héros, fin heureuse. HeBei. Chine. 01:02
International Adventure News - Ha Bu Er Héroisme et bravoure pour de nouvelles aventures. 01:55
Keep On Going - Wu Le Puissant, evolutif. 02:30
Long Long March - Li Ke Larges paysages, roman d'amour. 01:54
Missing Hometown - Wu Zhi Yan Chris Imperial, traditionnel. Chine. 03:22
Morning Castle News - Long Yun Le retour du guerrier, heroique fantaisie. 01:01
My Dream Come True - Li Ke Ouverture, cérémonieux. 02:06
My Horse And My Flying Flag - Du Ke Cuivre doux puis cavalerie, prise d'assaut du château fort. EP @ 0'33, 1'28. 03:17
Neolight Neonight - Wu Le Suspens et mystère. EP @ 0'12, 0'53, final pop lyrique. 02:04
New Frontier - Ha Bu Er Générique, ouverture, présentation. 02:31
New Start For My Love - Wu Le Aventure romanesque. Nature ou Thalassa. 00:33
No Sleep In The Night - Ha Bu Er Cristallin, sensuel, enivrant. 03:12
Nostalgia In Beijing Square - Long Yun Beijin orchestral melody. 03:04
Openning Sequence Theme - Ha Bu Er Ouverture de soirée, jingle, indicatif, années 80. 01:55
Rich Land - Wu Le Large et cérémonieux puis cavalier. EP @ 0'53. 03:38
Sad Autumn In Praha - Wu Zhi Yan Chris Spectacle grandiose, panoramique, grandes étendues. EP @ 1'03. 01:24
Soft Wind And Rain - Wu Le Grandes étendues, romantisme princier puis exotique. EP @ 2'11. 05:07
Storm Ahead - Wu Le Evolution d'une tension. EP @ 1'31. Chine. 03:22
The Heart Of My Hero - Wu Le Avenir incertain pour ces soldats de plomb. Fanfare. 04:03
Time Goes By - Wu Le Grandes envolés de piano. 01:12
Time Passenger - Ha Bu Er Entètant, solennel, ceremonieux, tristesse. 02:28
Wind On Tree - Wu Zhi Yan Chris Tristesse, chagrin d'amour rétro, noir et blanc. 03:21
Wonderful Future - Ha Bu Er Feuilleton, serie AB. 00:58
That Story - F. Lebourg Take your time. Intro piano solo, beaded notes. Edit point at 2'08 tempo gently marked by a vibraphone. 03:28
Freeway 101 - J-P Bigourie Jazz orchestra, horn section, violons. Main theme played on piano. Solo piano and trompette. 03:20
Alert - T. Chaze Timpani roll. Violins high and tense, rhythmic brass, cymbal, percussion. 0'58 Drums rhythmic. Edit point at 1'46 percussion and saturated guitar. 03:18
Pearl Harbor - J-P Bigourie Intro percussions, violins and piano. Soft tuba theme. Orchestral. 01:05
Medieval Fantasy Romance - P-J Beaudoin Arpeggios of harp, melody with violins and oboes. Flute and woodwin section. 01:35
Tourment - N. Peigney Duo violin piano, lyrical and exotic sonata, Irish or medieval ballad tunes. 04:13
Espace Interieur - F. Niobey Tremolo of violins, flute, piano. Arpeggios of harp. Theme and answer between all instruments. 03:02
Nature Camera - F. Niobey Staccato of violins, snare, acoustic piano and cello plays the theme. Answers of brass. 02:16
Alert Station - F. Niobey Police movie. Preparations, action. Version 10s 00:10
Candelabres - F. Niobey Acoustic piano in arpeggios and violins. Theme with the clarinet then oboe. Discreet horns and harps. 02:13
Humoristic - F. Niobey Rhythmic funky, riff made of low notes of acoustic piano and bass. Melody with violins and flute. Edit point at 0'27 part B, unison piano, bass and bassoon. Jingle 1. 00:10
Teenagers - F. Niobey Violin tremolo and pop rhythm of the 70's. Melody with marimba, flute and short violins. Edit point at 0'40 part B melody with horn, percussion. Comedy, American series. 03:16
Canterbury - F. Niobey Orchestral. Melody played by the woodwinds. Accompaniment by a rhythm of violins. Chevaleresque, emperor, minuet at the court of the king. 02:20
Separate - F. Niobey Harp in arpeggios, violins. Horn. Theme to the harp. Sober. 03:04
Under You - F. Niobey Shaker and acoustic piano theme in arpeggio. Snare drum and rhythmic ostinato of violins. Version 30s. 00:30
Mission Express - F. Niobey Ostinato of acoustic piano and violins in staccato. Orchestra hit. 02:44
Sugar Pie - F. Niobey ntro soft horn. Melody on the clarinet. Fantastic adventure, fantasy, humor, playful, jumping. Edit point at 0'43 Spanish. 02:50
Flânerie - M. Biallais Melody on the acoustic piano, response of violins. Edit point at 1'12 cello. Film credits. Lyrical. 02:11
Gazouillis - M. Biallais Games of flutes, bassoons, oboes, clarinets. Violins. Animated. 0'38 flute solo. 0'60 violins in pizz. Dialogue between instruments. 02:31
Terre Promise - M. Biallais Large orchestra, theme played on the oboe, violins in response. 03:06
Agitation - M. Biallais Snare roll, tense violins and brass, triangle. 02:30
Désolation - M. Biallais Dark and grave orchestra. Start of violins. 1'04 soft timbales. 02:28
Earth Of Bearth - P. Gaillard Guitar and acoustic piano, violins. Theme on oboe. 0'23s saturated guitar, rhythm, orchestra. 00:45
When You Wake Up - J-P Bigourie Acoustic piano and violins. Theme in high piano notes, response on the flute. 0'43 rhythmic violins, oboe theme, horn response. 01:54
Arabesques - J-P Bigourie Ostinato guitar wah wah and bass synth. Repetitive melody played on violins. Edit point at 0'48, riff and trombone response. 2'00 bridge. 03:20
Esparaguas Castle - T. Chaze Tended chords progression on the violins, choirs, anxiogenic phrases on the double basses. Sound effects. 02:12
Investigation - T. Chaze Opening in crescendo of orchestra. Ostinato and tense melody. Development. 1'17 electronic rhythmic dark. 02:09
Sad Vicky - T. Chaze High arpeggios of acoustic piano and violins. Repetitive chord progression. Melody on the flute. 01:55
Molinas Dragon - T. Chaze Effects and orchestral ostinato. Theme on the oboe accompanied by the violins. Choirs. Cave of the Dragon. Demoniac, frightful. 02:58
Futuristic Rondo - F. Visconte Percussion. Repetitive theme on violins with orchestral response. 03:51
Imaginative Lento - F. Visconte Calm arpeggios of harp, melody with violins. Ceremonious, posed. 03:43
Life Theme - F. Visconte Violins and orchestra, acoustic piano arpeggios. 03:06
Classical History - F. Visconte Chamber Orchestra. Staccato of cello and dialogue between violin and woodwin section. Accompaniment of harpsichord. 02:39
Festive Melody - F. Visconte Classical orchester and bass and drums. A lively and festive melody for the violins, accompaniment of the orchestra. 03:17
French Minuetto - F. Visconte Classical orchestra. Melody on violins, response on metallophone and oboe. 02:42
P.L.Sleeping - P. Sanchez Garcia Repetitive harmonic progression, acoustic piano. 0'54 Synth in background. 1'45. Electric piano solo. 03:30
Kino Musik - A. Jamot Background of violins with tense harmonies. Percussion. Saturated guitar, brass. 01:30
Fortuna - T. Chaze Intro violins and lyric choirs, timpani. 0'24 Rhythmic basses. 0'53 short harmony effect. 02:09
La Danse Des Grains De Poussière - A. Roy Background of violins, viola alto solo then pizz and rhythmic orchestra. 00:58
Les Hautes Terres - A. Roy Orchestra tense, timpani. Arpeggios of harp, melody with violins. 0'54 melody to the clarinet. 01:46
L'Armée De La Guilde - A. Roy Orchestral with introduction on brass. Tubular bells. Strings in pizz and tremolo. 01:01
Les Terres De La Guilde - A. Roy Pizz then piano and orchestra. Country Adventure. 01:07
Cosmogonie - A. Roy Slow crescendo of choirs, expressive harmony. 1'18, double bass in pizz, vibraphone, wood. 02:25
Drôle D'Intrigue - G. Wilmot Woodwind. Repetitive melody played on the bassoon. Percussion effects. 01:08
Le Jour D'Après - G. Wilmot Intro in chords progression on violins. Melody on the flute. 0'51 timpani and acoustic piano. 01:55
Les Ecureuils - G. Wilmot Staccato of orchestra. Metallophone melody and snare drum. Brass and double bass. 03:09
Les Ombres - G. Wilmot Tense melody played on the metallophone. Intriguing percussion. Edit point at 0'34 Double basses and violins. 01:44
Angelus - G. Wilmot Background of violins, melody with oriental character played on the flute. 01:17
Arrivée Royale - G. Wilmot Orchestral, brass melody, snare drum, long double bass notes, timpani. 00:49
Cauchemar - G. Wilmot Intro acoustic piano, the orchestra plays a tense harmony, sound effects, noises. 00:50
Tragédie - G. Wilmot Nightmare throbbing. Staccati of violins and brass instruments. 01:07
Romance A Rio - J-P Bigourie Wide violins and very romantic melody played on the acoustic guitar, picked up on the oboe. 0'56 timpani, pizz and metallophone. 02:34
Les Jeux Du Cirque - T. Cahn Marching Band. Silent film, burlesque, Chaplin. Comedy. 01:38
Keoline - J. Pelizzari Cello pizz, violin melody, metallophone arpeggio. Waltz offset, crystalline. 01:10
Mixtang - J. Pelizzari Large orchestra playing pizzicato, subtil synth and accordion. Film tango polar. Ballad under the bridges of Paris. 03:16
Malanga - T. Chaze Synth bass sequenced, rhythmic toms severe. Simple melody with chorus response. Heroic fantasy. 02:49
Mogotes - T. Chaze Synth rhythm. Theme flute and synth. Edit point at 1'13 Themes played by powerful choirs. Rhythmic of floor toms. 02:39
Majestueusement Redoutable - J-P Vielfaure Staccato of violins, phrases of cellos. Timpani and brass instruments. Melody with violins. 02:39
Promenade Dans La Campagne - J-P Vielfaure Intro orchestral, violins then harp and oboe. Melody on the cello. 03:29
Quatuor Baroque - M. Cambefort Minuet. Intro harpsichord and violins. Melody to the flute. 01:04
Sadness Et Tristesse - M. Cambefort Classical orchestra and lyrical singing. 01:06
Epopée Medievale - J-P Vielfaure Bodhran, percussion, harp and clavicord. Sound effects. Flute. 1'19 choirs and bells. Brass and timpani. 03:30
Lyrique Symphonie - M. Cambefort Arpeggios of harps. Orchestral effects, jumping bassoons. Acoustic piano theme. 01:11
Peplum Au Rhum - J-P Vielfaure Large orchestra, brass fortissimo then violins. Tutti of orchestra. 01:58
Avant La Bataille - J-P Vielfaure Melodic and rhythmic violins. Timpani orchestra and pizz. Brass section. 00:46
Envol - T. Chaze Quick synth sequence, timpani, violins and tubular bells. 03:10
Katia And Vlad - T. Chaze Background of violins. Melody with the cymbalum. Jingle 30s. 00:30
Geldhof Escape - T. Chaze Cello and accordion. Anxiogenic effects. Acoustic piano theme played by the orchestra. Edit point at 0'30, orchestra ensemble, violin sequence. Timpani. 02:00
Dark Thub - T. Chaze Texture, dark sounds, heavy rhythm. Violins deep. Edit point at 0'43 cymbal and chorus shouts. 01:30
Claudine - P. Gaillard Orchestral. Violins and pizz on double bass. Melody with the bassoon then with the violins. Part B, flute. Waltz like a 3-step walk, slow and nostalgic. 03:12
Exercice 1 - P. Gaillard Repetitive melody played and accompanied on violins and double bass in pizz. Oboe. Evolution. Rostournelle nostalgic and counterpoint. 02:10
Intra Terrestre - P. Gaillard Intro acoustic piano and double bass. 1'01 part B then theme taken up in pizz of violins, answer of oboe. Development by instruments of the orchestra. 03:42
Nostalgie - P. Gaillard Ostinato of cello. Violins, acoustic piano arpeggios. Melody on the oboe. 03:48
Staccati - P. Gaillard Orchestral, timpani and snare drum. Staccato Violins. Theme on brass then on violas and cellos. 02:25
Trifort - P. Gaillard Intro Acoustic piano, drums. Melody played in unison vibraphone and flute. Violins. Brass. American TV series. Version 30s. 00:30
The Beast - P. Gaillard Percussions and imaginary flutes, distant. Melody on the piano then arpeggios. Melody taken from the violins. Guttural sounds. Version 20s. 00:20
Fast Motown - P. Gaillard Synth and anxiogenic choirs. Tense harmony. Diffuse and viscous. Hallucinated, evolving towards the diabolical. 1'21 fade in drums. 02:15
Olympic Game - P. Gaillard Ostinato of staccato cellos. Drums. Brass ensemble. Harmonic effect of violins. Violins and piccolo flute for the theme. Opening, ceremonious. Theme song. 01:58
Orguavoie - P. Gaillard Synth organ, brilliant harmonic progression. Orchestral Jingle. 00:10
Pour Jean - J-M Carbonne Orchestral pizz and acoustic guitar. Chord progression. Theme on the guitar. Violins. 03:37
Idéaux - J-M Boiteux Rock band. Saturated guitar. Timpani, choir synth in background. Guitar solo. Loop. 01:22