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Musique avec ambiance : Calme

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
Alles Gute - G. Goué Intro with a double bass played in harmonics, calm electric piano and groovy rhythm with brooms. Edit Point at 2'05. Tempo doubled. at 2'47 back to the first tempo. 04:53
Bleu Et Noir - G. Goué Intro with a folk guitar riff then double bass and organ. Edit point at 1'09 guitar saturated in rhythm and solo. 03:14
Divergence - G. Goué Soft double bass and positive chord progression. The melody is played by an ethereal synth. 03:53
Ejection - G. Goué Lounge atmosphere with repetitive bass groove, percussion and calm electric piano. Edit Point at 1'52, the drums double the tempo. at 2'49 back to the first tempo. 03:57
Embellie - G. Goué Jazz standard rhythm. Calm and positive. Electric guitar for melody. Parisian thriller atmosphere. 03:01
Exorde - G. Goué Intro with drums, synthesizer and a bass solo. A rhythmic electric guitar a little distant and another that plays the melody. 02:22
Improbable - G. Goué Intro double bass and acoustic piano then standard jazz rhythm. Electric guitar. 01:41
Manon - G. Goué Set of guitars for a beautiful folk ballad with a bass. 02:32
Ruby - G. Goué English pop rock orchestra from the 60s. Pop-folk ballad. Slow melody, long note in the reverb. 03:32
Septembre - G. Goué Improvisation of a jazz group composed of double bass, drums and electric piano. Join by an electric guitar in arpeggios and a saxophone solo. 03:07
Songe - G. Goué Very gentle rhythmic brush with double bass and electric piano. An organ and an electric guitar on the chorus. 03:04
Paradise - M. Biallais Quiet, mystical, meditative and zen. Male voices, synthesizers, harp and sound effects. 02:32
Deescalate - J. Pelizzari Speech in a foreign language on a warm synth pad and electric piano intervention. 03:08
Don't Give Up - J. Pelizzari Simple, binary rhythm evolving towards a ternary rhythm at 1'23. Synths, electric piano and voice make up the melody in turn. 03:46
Endjoy - J. Pelizzari Warm synth pad, voice sample and electric guitar. 03:38
Light Smile - J. Pelizzari Slow but steady, funky bass. Large electric piano, posed and aerial. Vocoder and female voice for the melody. Solo between a saxophone and a vocoder voice. 03:20
Moony - J. Pelizzari Mainly electric piano and blocked trumpet. Various interventions of voice samples. Violins enrich the piece more and more. 03:45
Vertigo In The Calm - J. Pelizzari Slow and sustained rhythm, intervention of exotic sound images. Saxophone solo. 02:54
Rain On A Window (Interlude No2) - C. Nouailhaguet A felt piano with swirling delay like the sound of falling rain. Pensive, fragile and intimate short moment. Edit point at 0:59. Piano delay, string, sound design. 01:42
70's Kitsch Cafe - C. Nouailhaguet Relaxed and classy easy listening track featuring vibraphone melody, upright bass and smooth strings. Modern-vintage style. Edit point at 1:16. Piano, vibraphone, upright bass, strings, drums. 02:43
Iceberg Field - C. Nouailhaguet Wide synth pads, icy rhythms and low sub fx draw a cold and frozen landscape. Great for nature documentaries or underscore. Edit point at 0:56, at 1:57 and at 2:20. Synth pad, “icy” sound design. 04:00
Retro Lift - C. Nouailhaguet Retro easy-listening track with jazzy piano, trumpet punctuations, string bed, upright bass and electro beat. Kitsch and classy ambience. Piano solo at 0:55 and at 1:54, edit point at 1:25 and at 2:24. Piano, strings, drums, upright bass, trumpet, vibraphone. 03:04
Sunset Moment No2 - C. Nouailhaguet A reflective sunset moment! A wide synth pad combines with a beach sound design create a short allegorical sound piece. Synth pad, night beach sound design. 01:06
Mournful Moon - C. Nouailhaguet A wistful piano melody with a soft acoustic guitar. Alone and contemplative. Full moon over the water. Theme at 00:53, percussions at 1:19, edit point at 02:25. piano, guitar, strings, percussions. 03:04
Bamako - C. Nouailhaguet A real Bamako sound ambience opens through a kora solo. Followed by west african percussions underlined with a synth pad. Edit point at 02:06. Kora, ambience fx, percussions, balafon, flute. 03:53
Dandelion Flower - C. Nouailhaguet Rubato piano sustains by waves of violins. Melancholic and light. Theme at 00:29, edit point at 01:00. Piano, strings. 02:07
Dragon s Passage - C. Nouailhaguet Erhu (Chinese violin), Kangling (tibetan horn) and Gamelan. Synthesizer accompanied by large percussions draw a cinematic asian ambience. Kangling, prayer circle, asian percussions, synth pad, erhu. Underscore version. 01:55
Echo From The Lost Horizon - C. Nouailhaguet Progressive piano construction accompanied by a mellotron sound sequence. Supported with slow tempo electro beat. Strings, piano, mellotron, electronic drum, synth, sound design echo. Underscore 60 seconds version. 00:59
O Clock - C. Nouailhaguet Ticking clock for light tension. Strings, piano and fender rhodes build a dramatic scene. Clock fx version. 01:20
Sleepy Time - C. Nouailhaguet Bright, shimmering and dreamy. Celesta, vibraphone, piano toys, chimes and strings tell a story before sleeping. Piano toys, bass, celesta, vibraphone, chimes, strings. Underscore version sleeping. 01:46
Insomnia - E. Hildebert Electro, sensual, sometimes urban. Lamps repeatedly. 02:30
The Time Of Reflection - E. Hildebert Electro rhythmic very slow. Sensual choir, ethereal. Edit point at 2'24. Crystalline synth. 05:12
Hi Stephen - E. Hildebert Quiet synthesizer with bells, birds, chorus and sound effects. Spatial atmosphere, dreams, interstellar. 03:27
Purple Sky - E. Hildebert Melody played on acoustic piano, echo, light rhythm, in the background. 02:18
Simple Weather - E. Hildebert Jingle and background mood for Weather. Arpeggios of light synth, slow melody and artificial drops of water. 03:04
Smooth Melody - E. Hildebert Synthesized notes spaced, wide. Ostinato synth, acoustic guitar notes with echo. 02:52
The Weather Report - E. Hildebert Jingle and background mood for Weather. Snare drum rhythm and air synth, low slow and calm. 03:04
Transfer Number One - E. Hildebert Exhibitions. Slow sequence of chords and rhythmic sound effects. Anxiety texture, sound effects. 06:24
It's For You - P. Tilleman Aerial sung voice, slow melody alternating with the violin. 04:03
Smoothy Bossa - P. Tilleman Electro bossa cool, feminine singing in Portuguese, discreet violin. 04:20
Birds of the Feather - S. Sibanda Electro, Pop, Calm, Synth. 02:31
Close to You - S. Sibanda Lounge, Calm, Electric guitar, Harp. Guitar Version. Universal, romantic, love, wedding, Positive, soulful. 01:32
Together Forever - E. Lodewyk Ballad, Calm, Acoustic piano, Strings. Universal, romantic, love, wedding, Positive, soulful. 02:15
A Luxury Product - J. Whitcher Cinematic, Calm, Synth. Corporate. Nature, Emotive, Universal, Electro, Ambient, Spacious, Moody, Guitar, Film, Emotion, Moving, Horizon, Underscore, Suspence. 01:20
Baba - S. Sibanda World - African, World - African, Calm, Exotic, Kalimba, Ethnic. African, South African, Shona, Mbira, traditional, naulstalgic, calm, meditation, Zimbabwe, Chimurenga, village, lulaby. 03:33
Donkey - S. Sibanda World - African, World - African, Calm, Exotic, Kalimba, Ethnic. African, South African, Shona, Mbira, traditional, naulstalgic, calm, meditation, Zimbabwe, Chimurenga, village, lulaby. 02:37
Freedom - S. Sibanda World - African, World - African, Calm, Exotic, Kalimba, Ethnic. African, South African, Shona, Mbira, traditional, naulstalgic, calm, meditation, Zimbabwe, Chimurenga, village, lulaby. 03:04
It's A Beautiful World - J. Whitcher Ballad, Pop, Calm, Synth. Nature, Emotive, Universal, Electro, Ambient, Spacious, Moody, Guitar, Film, Emotion, Moving, Horizon, Underscore, Suspence. 03:17
Kumusha - S. Sibanda World - African, World - African, Calm, Exotic, Kalimba, Ethnic. African, South African, Shona, Mbira, traditional, naulstalgic, calm, meditation, Zimbabwe, Chimurenga, village, lulaby. 04:34
Letters From Long Ago - J. Whitcher Cinematic, Calm, Strings, Synth. Nature, Emotive, Universal, Electro, Ambient, Spacious, Moody, Guitar, Film, Emotion, Moving, Horizon, Underscore, Suspence. 02:44
Love Rain - S. Sibanda Soul - RnB, Calm, Romantic, Electric piano, Vibraphone, Synth. Soul music, Rhythm and Blues, Love, Feelgood, Party Music. 01:59
Mai - S. Sibanda World - African, World - African, Calm, Exotic, Kalimba, Ethnic. African, South African, Shona, Mbira, traditional, naulstalgic, calm, meditation, Zimbabwe, Chimurenga, village, lulaby. 03:31
Msasa - S. Sibanda World - African, World - African, Calm, Exotic, Kalimba, Ethnic. African, South African, Shona, Mbira, traditional, naulstalgic, calm, meditation, Zimbabwe, Chimurenga, village, lulaby. 02:10
Nyinginya - S. Sibanda World - African, World - African, Calm, Exotic, Kalimba, Ethnic. African, South African, Shona, Mbira, traditional, naulstalgic, calm, meditation, Zimbabwe, Chimurenga, village, lulaby. 03:55
Taridza - S. Sibanda World - African, World - African, Calm, Exotic, Kalimba, Ethnic. African, South African, Shona, Mbira, traditional, naulstalgic, calm, meditation, Zimbabwe, Chimurenga, village, lulaby. 03:29
The Falls - S. Sibanda World - African, World - African, Calm, Exotic, Kalimba, Ethnic. African, South African, Shona, Mbira, traditional, naulstalgic, calm, meditation, Zimbabwe, Chimurenga, village, lulaby. 02:36
Tsoka - S. Sibanda World - African, World - African, Calm, Exotic, Kalimba, Ethnic. African, South African, Shona, Mbira, traditional, naulstalgic, calm, meditation, Zimbabwe, Chimurenga, village, lulaby. 02:07
Yeukai - S. Sibanda World - African, World - African, Calm, Exotic, Kalimba, Ethnic. African, South African, Shona, Mbira, traditional, naulstalgic, calm, meditation, Zimbabwe, Chimurenga, village, lulaby. 03:04
Africa Sunshine - T. Noosi World - African, Ballad, Calm, Relaxed, Electric guitar, Acoustic guitar, Saxophone. Africa, south african, jive, party, Shebeen, Positive, afro soul. Solo saxophone. 05:47
Basotho Drone - S. Sibanda World - African, Calm, Ethnic, Flute, Electric guitar. No Percussion Version. Guitare Wah wah. 02:06
Birth Of a tswana king - S. Sibanda World - African, Calm, Positive, Accordion, Percussions, Ethnic. 02:13
Emotions are deep - S. Sibanda Trip-Hop, Ambient, Mysterious, Calm, Synth, Synth bass, Drum machine. No Drums Version. Pads, Sad, Moody, Depressing, Melancholic. 01:25
For The Love - J. Brown Ballad, Calm, Acoustic piano, Synth. Universal, romantic, love, wedding, Positive, soulful. 01:19
For the love of - F. Paco Jazz, Calm, Acoustic piano, French horn. Africa, Jazzy, soul. 02:25
For your heart - S. Sibanda Ballad, Folk, Calm, Acoustic guitar. Universal, romantic, love, wedding, Positive, soulful. 03:09
Going Home - J. Whitcher Cinematic, Calm, Panoramic, Strings, Acoustic piano. Edit point @ 1'05. Deep in thought, ambient, spacey, galaxy, dream, grunge bass, pads, soupy, drama, film score, action, drone. 02:10
Heritage Chant - S. Sibanda World - African, Calm, Positive, Electric guitar, Drum machine. Instrumental Version. 03:11
Isithembiso - S. Sibanda World - African, Ballad, Calm, Positive, Acoustic guitar, Contrabass. Africa, south african, jive, party, Shebeen, Positive, afro soul. 05:01
Jabulile - S. Sibanda Lounge, Calm, Acoustic piano. Piano solo. Universal, romantic, love, wedding, Positive, soulful. 03:04
Magnificent - S. Sibanda Ballad, Calm, Acoustic piano. Universal, romantic, love, wedding, Positive, soulful. 03:10
Makhathini - S. Sibanda World - African, Calm, Relaxed, Percussions, Electric guitar. Africa, south african, Soccer, jive, party, Shebeen, Positive, afro soul. Solo guitare. 04:18
Mbira Rhythmics - L. Gogwana World - African, Jazz, Calm, Exotic, Marimba, Saxophone. Africa, Jazzy, soul. 03:13
Reggae generic - S. Sibanda Reggae, Calm, Organ, Clavinet. Hip Hop, Reggae, crunk, Dance Hall, club, dance, party, electronic synth, hard beats, Jamaican, Caribbean. 04:29
Renaissance Man - F. Paco World - African, Calm, Exotic, Kalimba, Flute, Ethnic. 02:40
Sadly Mis Home - M. Marco Ballad, Calm, Acoustic piano. Universal, romantic, love, wedding, Positive, soulful. 01:07
Shumba - S. Sibanda World - African, Calm, Exotic, Kalimba, Ethnic. 01:54
Sindisa - S. Sibanda Ballad, Calm, Nostalgic, Acoustic piano. Light Hearted. 02:06
Thoughts and Memories - T. Noosi Jazz, Calm, Electric guitar. Africa, Jazzy, soul. 04:47
U Mzamo - M. Marco Ballad, Jazz, Calm, Acoustic piano, Strings. Universal, romantic, love, wedding, Positive, soulful. 02:35
Yebo Nkosi - T. Komane World - African, Ballad, Calm, Strings. Africa, south african, Soccer, jive, party, Shebeen, Positive, afro soul. 03:57
Route 78 - GD 78 Repetitive bass. Voice riff mmhh. Wave sounds at 1'30. Solo guitar relaxed. 04:18
Moon Sutra - GD 78 Very calm and refreshing atmosphere. Meditation, relaxation, spa. Large spaces, slow panoramic. 13:28
Idea - GD 78 Détente, relaxation, méditation. Fonds marins, espace. 13:13
Frozen - GD 78 Soundscape, Seabed, space, relaxation. New Age. 09:17
Atlantic - GD 78 Ambient soundscape. Space, submarine, ocean. 13:31
Lonely Oceans - T. Stoilkovski Ethereal, reflective yet floating like pad through an arpeggiated guitar mid tempo groove that flows. Under The Blue Sea. 02:28
L'introspection - J-L Delgado Intro synth, flute and timpani. Edit point at 0'24, acoustic guitar, percussion and kick. 0'44, synths. 01:41
Plus jamais d'enfants malheureux - J-L Delgado Crystalline Riff. Rhythmic supported, discrete sequence and violins victorious. Positive. 01:39
Delicious Fullness - E. Hildebert Acoustic guitar in arpeggios, guitars theme, sound of water. Second guitar by counterpoint. 03:16
My Secret - E. Hildebert Cinematic drama, acoustic piano, finger snaps. Electronic percussion, violin melody. 0'53 Choirs. 02:34
Bleeding Love - D Agostino Arpeggios piano in 3/4. Calm and soothing atmosphere. Air. 02:48
Virtual Love - D Agostino Intro calm, slow and dreamy, with slight doubling of rhythm at times. Solo piano. Romantic, nostalgic. 02:38
Take Me Away - D Agostino Traditional folk melody of Italy. Waltz played on the mandolin and accompanied on the acoustic guitar. 03:34
Thank You - D Agostino Solo acoustic guitar, peaceful and harmonious arpeggios. 02:27
Revelations - D Agostino Solo piano arpeggios. 02:50
Rialto - D Agostino Introduction with acoustic guitar harmonics. Then rhythmic. Melody with mandolin and acoustic guitar. 06:23
Sacred Moon - D Agostino Intro to the acoustic piano. Melody played on the acoustic guitar. 03:04
Say Goodbye - D Agostino Solo acoustic piano. Posed and harmonious. 03:11
Secrets Of The Kindness - D Agostino Intro to the acoustic piano. Then violons. 04:26
Song For You - D Agostino Duo of acoustic guitar accompaniment and solo. Slide guitar on the intro. 03:11
Song of the Humpback Whale - D Agostino Acoustic guitar duet as accompaniment and solo. 03:23
One Life - D Agostino Outdoor atmosphere with storm then electric piano. Start gradually. 1'54 Editing point. Beginning of the drums. 05:56
Mystical Potato Magic - D Agostino Hispanic theme played on the acoustic guitar. Bossa style accompaniment. 04:44
New York Fashion - D Agostino Solo harp. Traditional melody. 01:38
Love More Deeply - D Agostino Arpeggios and very calm melody of acoustic piano. 01:34
Lower Easr Side - D Agostino Solo piano, stripped, simple. 01:29
Lullaby - D Agostino Two guitar arpeggios. Solo. 02:24
Lurking - D Agostino Duo harp and flute. 01:20
Jamaican Feathers - D Agostino Rhythmic of several percussions, melody played with an ethnic instrument. 04:16
Gimme Some Sanity - D Agostino Solo piano for a very calm and airy melody. 02:00
I Love You So What - D Agostino Rhythmic supported, broad chords. Slow melody on the electric guitar. 03:22
Deja Vu - D Agostino Solo guitar and rhythmic gamelan. Airy, stripped. 04:15
Candy Coated - D Agostino Planing atmosphere with african colors. 08:11
Cobalt - G. D Agostino Moving texture. Percussion of noises. 04:03
Agharti - G. D Agostino Slow evolution of a world atmosphere, melody and solo on the acoustic guitar then saturated. Edit Point at 2'21. 05:51
Answers Must End Now - G. D Agostino Medieval ballroom dancing. Courteous and gallant. 01:04
A Life Unlived - G. D Agostino Melancholy and romantic ballad played on the solo piano. Nostalgic, nature, sad. 03:23
Reves d'Enfant - M. Sweeting Celesta, upbright bass, acoustic, electric guitar, strings, vibes, flute, drums and chimes. 02:19
Lullaby In A Box - M. Sweeting Music club solo, piano, upright bass, english horn, Strings gentle acoustic guitar and brush on drums. Very sweet music for baby. 01:13
Loungitude - P. Chapnik Guitar chords with flanger and vibrato, violons. Quiet, relaxing, suspenseful. 03:25
Daydream - R. Kelly Robert Jupiter and the Infinite. Ireland. Slow pop folk ballad with acoustic guitar and choir. 01:14
Nothing Left To Lose - S. O Brien Folk song typical of the 70s. Arpeggios guitar, melody and choir smoothly. Simple and stripped. Fields Ireland. 05:27
Moksha - GD 78 Indian calm and meditative mood with sitar, synthesizer. Manu Shrivasta Manuality - Moksha. 02:09
Underlemon 3 - J. Goodwin Ska - echo guitar with big beat vox fx. 00:10
Flocons De Neige - F. Bégnon Arpeggios of acoustic guitar, theme played on carillon. Choirs. Duduk for the end. 02:25
France - F. Bégnon Acoustic piano, accordion melody. Edit point at 0'51 violins, double bass, guitar. 1'26 melody to the electric guitar. Vibraphone. 02:43
La Cabane En Verre - F. Bégnon Chimes, flute, choir, Oboe, synth. Magical, dreamlike, fairytale, tale. Tender. Magical fairy tale 01:57
Nuit d'ete - F. Bégnon Filtered spacy synthesizer, electronic drums, jumping bass. Linear theme played on the acoustic piano. 02:12
Savane - F. Bégnon Arpeggio, electro-classical, warmth, Africa, fullness, electric piano 01:16
Big Bad Wolf Piano - J. Goodwin Children - Ambient piano nursery rythme classic. 00:52
Wistful Inspiration 2 - J. Goodwin Ambient Groove - light strings piano melody. 00:43
Supremely Nice - J. Goodwin Retro Pop - Supreme Diana piano bells. 00:35
Twinkle Twinkle - J. Goodwin Children - Ambient piano nursery rhyme classic. 01:33
Major 4 Note - J. Goodwin ID - Guitar ambient tag. 00:09
Peoples Park Forest - J. Goodwin FX - Trippy piano compelling. 00:11
Piano Ids - J. Goodwin ID - Ambient truth solo piano. 01:32
It Came From Outer Peace - J. Goodwin Drama Score - Ethereal epic ambient journey slow. 12:30
Dudley Doo Right - J. Goodwin ID - Open breezy piano ambient. 00:08
Bogo Signature 1 - J. Goodwin ID - heart beat no beat 00:04
Bogo Signature 2 - J. Goodwin ID - Beat with 4 note vibes no beat. 00:04
Bogo Signature 3 - J. Goodwin ID - Guitar Beat with synth 4 note no beat 00:04
Bogo Signature 8 - J. Goodwin ID - electro synth Beat with synth 4 note 00:04
Remembrance Day - T. Stoilkovski Nylon guitar and piano dance along with subtle, emotive strings to a heartfelt melody. (Version 30s) 00:30
Chelsea Lounge - G. D Agostino Piano solo. Berceuse, enfant, médiévale. Mélancolique presque triste. 02:59
Sonata Op 4 - G. D Agostino Piano solo. Détente, boite à musique, berceuse. 01:30
Sonata Op 5 - G. D Agostino Piano solo. Méditation, massages, détente, paisible. 04:00
The Ghost In The Shell - G. D Agostino Piano solo. Relaxation, méditation. Ballade matinale en campagne. 02:28
The Piano Temple - G. D Agostino Piano solo. Relaxation, méditation. Ballade. 01:34
Space Age Odissey - G. D Agostino Vortex, méditation, néoclassique. Mystérieuse. 03:22
Trance Piece - G. D Agostino Transe, répétitive. Fusion. Suspens, mystérieuse. 04:16
Tresor - G. D Agostino Exotique, transe, méditation. Ambiant, country. Printanière. 02:57
Goth Gold - G. D Agostino Piano solo. Accords ouverts neutres légèrement mélancoliques. 04:15
In Your Eyes - G. D Agostino Slow romantique collé collé. Printanière, réveil à la campagne. 02:24
Lovers Tale - T. Stoilkovski Haunting and slow piano track with feelings of sorrow, love lost and hope. 00:55
Street Cool - T. Stoilkovski Stereo alt country pop type guitars lay a foundation on a simple bass and drum backing. Feeling good and cool in the city vibe. 02:14
Suburban Lullaby - T. Stoilkovski Chilled out funk lounge pop track rolling along to the suburban vibe. Version 30s. 00:30
Subway Love - T. Stoilkovski Echo fizz tones meander via delayed drums, tremolo guitar, spaghetti western string and organs. Waking up in the car just as first light touches the horizon. Virgule. 00:10
Vogue Style - T. Stoilkovski Funky organ and pads merge with a cool bassline and acid jazz inspired drums. From London to Moscow, the clubs are grooving. 02:08
Never Coming Back This Way - T. Stoilkovski Tender and ambient folk country ballad with only guitars. Underscore. 02:27
Left Without A Sound - T. Stoilkovski Beatlesque start into a bold, classic Californian pop chorus. Blue skies and fairy floss. Underscore. 00:11
Forest Child - T. Stoilkovski Sunlight lingers through trees as you meditate on this new age flute and pad piece. 01:08
Rain Blues - G. D Agostino Romantic melody played on acoustic guitar. 03:04
Moonlight Piano Piece - G. D Agostino Pentatonics on the piano with some dissonances. Asian atmosphere, China or Japanese garden. Quiet, relaxation, meditation. 02:50
Come Home - L.J. Cedar Guitar duet waltz with bright and warm homecoming feel. Perfect for a food or product commercial.. Upbeat, Refreshing, Fresh, Heartwarming, Light, Acoustic, Charming, Beautiful, Delicate, Soft, Flowing, Easygoing, Spirited, Warm. 00:47
After The Fall - L.J. Cedar A heart warming, americana, folk, spring morning, track for all the family. Perfect for a food or product commercial. Refreshing, Fresh, Heartwarming, Light, Waltz time. 00:33
A Break From Technology - L.J. Cedar Affirmative and light synthesizer electronica. Uplifting, 1980's, French, Bright, Pop. 00:33
Early Morning - L.J. Cedar A calm and reflective piano and rhythm track. Uplifting, Mournful, Reflective, Calm. 00:33
Planetary Space - L.J. Cedar Electro synth track inspired by European synth bands. Upbeat, Energetic, Positive, Confident. 00:31
Fragile Water - L.J. Cedar Harp based waltz with modern day feel.. Refreshing, Fresh, Heartwarming, Light, Mellow. 00:33
Glass And Stone - L.J. Cedar Curious Bell-like mood track with an eastern feel. Layers of Lithophones.. Curious, Moody, Light, Restful, Metallic, Calm. 00:49
Lemon In Orbit - L.J. Cedar Contemporary and positive guitar and string arrangement.. Calm, Positive, Dreamy, Uplifting, Mellow. 00:43
Reflections In Time - L.J. Cedar Emotive and reflective Harp and Strings piece with added Synthesizer.. Atmospheric, Calm, Dreamy, Emotional, Graceful, Heartening, Longing, Lost, Melancholic, Mournful, Peaceful, Questioning, Reflective. 01:39
Refraction - L.J. Cedar Emotional Piano and Strings classical piece.. Reflective, Emotive, Emotional, Sad, Apprehensive, Evocative and Curious. 01:05
So Lest Be A Lullaby - L.J. Cedar A delicate Celeste lullaby in waltz time. Sleep night-time feel.. Childlike, Dreamy, Sleepy, Angelic, Calm. 01:43
Soleil - L.J. Cedar Cool modern Pnemonic bumper, great for corporate company logo or sting.. Positive, Friendly, Up, Confident, Calm, Bright. 00:11
Sudeldack - L.J. Cedar Clean, ambient, layered Sine wave track.. Ambient, Calm and Relaxing. 00:53
Summer Sun - L.J. Cedar Affirmative Pianos with delicate Cello for a spring summertime like feel.. Positive, Classy, Classical, Self Assured, Polished, Summery, Reflective, Charming. 00:41
Deck The Hall - Coventry Carol - E. Fogelgensang Harp solo, Christmas, calm, at the fireside 02:38
Good King Wenceslas - E. Fogelgensang Renaissance, XVI-XIX, Polyphony Christmas, History, posed and cheerful, text by John Mason Neale XIX. 02:40
Es Ist Ein Ros Entsprungen - E. Fogelgensang Renaissance, XVI, Polyphony Christmas, German. Renaissance, calm and serene. 02:22
Wave Of Light - O. Olsen Acoustic piano theme and arpeggios, double bass, tabla, oriental oboe. Edit point at 1'32 Violins, acoustic guitar. 04:09
Pulserelay - J. Pelizzari Spacy synth, slow rhythm, funky bass, scratch, violins. 03:35
Stupefying - J. Pelizzari Different synths and sound elements combine to form a coherent and powerful ensemble. 1'50 break. 03:40
Sirounia - J. Pelizzari Ethnic instruments type Kouitra or Sitar and Ney, violins. Slow, oriental atmosphere. 03:08
Zakar - J. Pelizzari Ethnic instruments type Duduk or Zokra, Kouitra, Sitar or Cymbalum and Ney and background of violins. Arrhythmic. 03:24
Zenichaz - J. Pelizzari Ethnic instruments type Duduk or Zokra, Kouitra, Sitar or Cymbalum and Ney and sheet of violins. Arrhythmic. 03:40
Azadir - J. Pelizzari Violins in background and ethnic violin. Other ethnic instruments type Kemanche, Chagane. 03:36
Izotope - J. Pelizzari High Tech. Urban, repetitive, synth effects. 04:00
Magicaluna - J. Pelizzari Violins soft and far, melody with crystalline and soft sound. Edit point at 1'50, cymbal marking the rhythm. 03:44
Antazia - J. Pelizzari Intro space synthesizer, percussion, double bass. Melody and solo on the acoustic piano. 04:05
Anima - J. Pelizzari Soft synth for chords, crystal-clear theme. Electric piano and violins. Lullaby romantic. Tender. 02:25
Hold My Hand - O. Olsen Intro violins and acoustic piano. Rhythm of ballad pop-rock. Edit point at 1'36, singing bass. End Piano and metallophone. 02:04
Dance In The Mist - O. Olsen Intro of harp. Melody with vibraphone, discreet snare drums. Classical guitar, cello. 1'01 Accordion and orchestra. 1'59 tension. 04:11
Timeless - O. Olsen Light acoustic piano, crescendo of violins. 00:33
Vue du Mont Liban - M. Madoré Synthesized Violins. Acoustic piano, fretless bass, acoustic guitar arpeggios. Tense harmony. 04:57
La Rosée de Mai - M. Madoré Sicilian Renaissance style with bass 6 Strings solo. Medieval. Relaxation, romantic, nostalgic 01:45
Valse pour Elie - F. Bégnon Electric piano, music box. Sounds of toys. Edit point at 1'40 Synth kitch. Lullaby, christmas. Tender. 02:34
Train de vie - F. Bégnon Intro drums and electric piano. 0'46 Theme with violins. 02:02
Spirit rehab - J-P Godart Intro electronic drums and acoustic piano. Theme to the synth. Phrases of piano. 03:32
Purpled sky - J-P Godart Electronic drums, clap, chord progression on electric piano. Pizz. Theme on soft synth. 03:12
Conversation Chaleureuse - F. Zgorski Haitian Such as Ogu. Until very recently, voodoo represented the religion of the majority of the Haitian population. It is a set of African beliefs originating in particular from Dahomey and Nigeria that mingle with Catholicism. 03:24
Homeless - V. Benesy Synth, acoustic piano, singing, organ. Edit point at 1'27, drums, sequence. 05:55
Seul Comme Laika - V. Benesy Waltz slow, harmonious, crystalline. Electric piano, synth. 0'48 bass, percussion. Edit point at 1'28 break. 02:20
Slow Down - V. Benesy Texture, electric piano arpeggios, very close vocals, acoustic piano in high notes. Edit point at 3'18 bass sequenced, deep kick, synths. 05:06
Chinese Forest - A. Jamot Pizzicato. Double basses, violins and drums. Theme on the oboe. Long version. 04:08
Oceano nox - A. Jamot Acoustic guitar in arpeggio. Distant Drums and Synth. 0'23 low. 0'46 guitar solo. 02:24
A Bruxa - E. Fogelgensang Traditional Galician, monody, melancholic, calm, tranquility. 02:09
Hush My Babe - E. Fogelgensang XVII, monody, Christmas, lullaby of Christmas, very calm and serene. 03:27
In Dulci Jubilo - E. Fogelgensang Religious, XV, Polyphony 4v, Christmas, Christmas song, bilingual Latin, German. 03:05
Juste Judex - C. Deslignes Religious, Ars nova, XV, Polyphony 3v, Paraliturgical, Hymn, solemn. 02:09
Come, Heavy Sleep - E. Fogelgensang Renaissance, XVI, Monody accompanied, Entertainment, John Dowland. First book of songs and ayres, 1597. Child. 02:57
Merlin Au Berceau - E. Fogelgensang Breton music, Traditional, Monodie, Breton language, lullaby, childhood of Merlin. 06:08
First Light - M. Bedot Bird songs, effects and crystal synth. 03:16
Deus In Adjutorium - C. Deslignes Ars antiqua, Ecole Notre-Dame. XIII, Polyphony, Procession, Notre Dame School, Conduit, Procession, solemn music. Short Version. 01:10
Una Sebissa - C. Deslignes Courtois, Ars antiqua, troubadours, XII, Monodie, Flute, Harp, Marcabru ca 1110-ca1150, pastourelle, courteous music, art of loving. 02:14
Ochi Dolenti Miei - C. Deslignes Courtois, Ars Nova Trecento, XIV, Polyphony 3v, ca 1325-1397 Courtesy. 03:24
Uskudara - C. Deslignes Turkish, Traditional, Monody, Dancing, Oriental. 05:07
Una Pastora - C. Deslignes Sephardic music, Traditional, Polyphony, Spanish, lovees disappointed. 02:33
Egyptian Ruby - G. Goué Intro fretless bass, percussion, drums and synth. Sitar. 02:21
Resonances - G. Goué Synthé spacy, percussions, basse, batterie, guitare wha wha. Edit point at 1'12 theme on acoustic guitar. Serenity. 02:07
Interlude - L. Liatard Synth and vibrato, filtered drums. Repetitive acoustic guitar with effects. 02:18
Jeanette - L. Liatard Intro electric piano with vibrato. 0'23 drums and bass. Organ. 2'36 Acoustic piano. 03:41
La Rosa Enflorese - C. Deslignes Traditional, monody, Sephardic song, oriental melody, meditation, sweetness, languor Oral Tradition. 01:38
Morena Me Llaman - C. Deslignes Traditional, monody, Sephardic music, oriental melody, dancing, Oral Tradition, Spanish. 02:17
Je Muir D'amourette - C. Deslignes Ars antiqua gothic, XIII, polyphony 3v, courteous entertainmentRondeau, Courtesy, elegant, calm, Adam de la Halle ca1240-ca1287. 01:09
Mélodie Hébraïque - C. Deslignes Medieval harp, organetto. Traditional, monodie, oral tradition, oriental music. 03:51
Imperairitz - C. Deslignes Ars antiqua Gothic, XIV, polyphony 3v, paraliturgical use, Llibre Vermell of Montserrat, religious dance. 02:59
Douce Dame Jolie - C. Deslignes Ars Nova, XIV, monody, courteous entertainment, virelai, dance, love song. 02:30
Kyrie Cunctipotens - C. Deslignes Ars antiqua, Romanesque period, IX, monody, liturgical ritual, sacred music, plain chant, Gregorian chant, monks singing, prayer, Mass, meditation, meditation, sequence, hymn, religious music, gradual triplex. Tone 2. 01:40
Lucente Stella - C. Deslignes Ars Nova del Trecento, XIV, monody, courteous entertainment, ballata, courtesy love, codex vaticano rossi 215. 03:59
Stella Splendens - C. Deslignes Ars Nova del Trecento, Gothic period, XIV, polyphony 2v, courteous entertainment, istampita according to a rondello of the codex vaticano rossi 215, dance. 03:01
Wol Up Ghesellen - C. Deslignes Ars Nova, Gothic period, XV, polyphony 2v, courteous entertainment. Version alt. 01:42
Strella Do Dia - C. Deslignes Ars antiqua Romanesque period, XIII, monody, paraliturgical use, cantiga de santa maria num 100, santa maria strela do dia, dance, feast, prayer, santa maria cantigas manuscript. 02:07
Du fond de l'abîme je t'implore Seigneur BWV745 Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMJohann Sebastian Bach: Choral and Prelude in Emin. Aus der Tiefe rufe ich, herr, zu duir. BWV745. Part 2. Meditation. 03:46
Comme Brille l'Etoile du Matin Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMDietrich Buxtehude: Wie schon leuchtet der Morgenstern, Fantaisie, BuxWV 223. Elaboration for Choirs played at the organ. Part 1. 04:03
Les 4 Saisons : Le Printemps - II Largo Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMAntonio Vivaldi: Concerto No.1 in Emaj, Opus 8, RV 269. Slightly romantic and sensual. 02:33
Les 4 Saisons : Le Printemps - III Allegro Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMAntonio Vivaldi: Concerto No.1 in Emaj, Opus 8, RV 269. 03:58
Les Sylphides - Prélude Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMFrédéric Chopin: Les Sylphides - Prelude in Amaj, Opus 28, No. 7. Majestic and sensual. 01:58
Album pour enfant - Douce rêverie Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMPiotr Ilitch Tchaikovsky: Children's album, Opus 39 Arranged for chamber orchestra. Sweet reverie. Relaxing and nostalgic. 02:38
Je crie vers toi Seigneur J.Christ BWV639 Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMJohann Sebastian Bach: Choral in Fmin. Ich ruf zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ. BWV639. Slightly in tension. Meditative. 03:01
Douce Dame - C. Deslignes Courtois, Ars Antiqua, Romanesque period, XII-XIII, Monodie, Fun, Song of love, Trouvère, courtesy love, gallantry, joy, Gace Brulee ca1160-ca1213. 02:44
Crux Fidelis - C. Deslignes Religious, Ars antiqua, Romanesque period, VI, Monody, Liturgical ritual, Sacred music, Plain vocals, Gallican song, Singing of the monks, Prayer, Mass, Meditation, Meditation, Anthem, Religious music, ca 530-609. 02:26
Dame Se Vous M'estes Lontaine - C. Deslignes Courtois, Ars Nova, Gothic period, XIV, Monodie, Courtesy entertainment, Ballad, Dance, Courtly love, Garden, Roses ca 1300-1377. 03:03
Gaudet Mater Ecclesiae - C. Deslignes Ars Antiqua, Romanesque Period, XII, Monody, Liturgical Ritual, Sacred Music, Singing, Gregorian Chant, Monks' Song, Prayer, Mass, Meditation, Meditation, Sequence, Anthem, Religious Music, Dane. 02:03
Kyrie De Vienne - C. Deslignes Religious, Ars Nova, Gothic, XV, Polyphony 2v, Liturgical Ritual, Sacred Music. 00:58
Polorum Regina - C. Deslignes Ars antiqua, Gothic period, XIII, Monody, Paraliturgical use, Ballo Rodo, Llibre Vermell of Montserrat, Prayer, Meditation. 02:30
Dame Ne Regardés Pas - C. Deslignes Courtois, Ars Nova, Gothic period, XIV, Polyphony 2v, Ballad, Courtesy love, Galanterie, ca 1300-1377. 01:36
Mariam Matrem Virginem - C. Deslignes Religious, Ars nova Gothic, XIV, Polyphony 3v, Paraliturgical use, Virelai, Prayer, meditation, Tranquility, Tranquility, Fullness, Llibre Vermell of Montserrat 1399. 03:07
Plus Dur Que Ung Dyamant - C. Deslignes Ars Nova, Gothic period, XIV, Monodie, Courteous entertainment, Courteous love, gallantry, delicacy, refinement, ca 1300-1377. 02:23
Banquise - G. Goué E.piano vibrato, bass, drume. Cool rythm. 02:09
Mon Boss - G. Goué Rhythmic bossa on guitar and singing bass. Intervention of E.Piano in arpeggio. 02:23
Winter Walk - P. Gaillard Bass in chords, soft sequence of synth. Theme played on bass fretless. 1'56 part B positive. 04:26
Daily Rider - P. Gaillard Rhythmic pop-rock. Acoustic guitar, rock organ theme. Solo electric guitar. 1'07 break. 02:44
L'Heure Est Grave - H. La Guerche Drum with brushes, bass, 2 blues guitars. Ballad of pop. Pink Floyd. Melody on the guitar vibrato. 05:11
Prélude - H. La Guerche Choirs mmhh, acoustic and electric guitars. Pink Floyd. 02:09
Le Lac - H. La Guerche Drums with brushes, double bass. Melody and solo on acoustic guitar, electric guitar answer. 03:55
Série B - H. La Guerche Bass intro played at the pick. Melody on the guitar in vibrato. Organ and discreet percussion. 02:29
Avant C'Etait Bien - H. La Guerche Progressive pop. Pink Floyd. Musical or female voice siren. Nostalgic. 04:04
Vent Doux - H. La Guerche Panoramic electric piano duo and fretless bass. 04:38
Sanza Western - F. Zgorski Sequence of Kalimba. Tribal Rhythmic offset, mix of drums and percussion. Polyrhythm. 04:26
Fairy Tales Story - Wu Le Déplacements lents, ralentis, gros plan nature, après la pluie. 02:53
Calm Life - Li Ke Large panoramique, nature. 02:43
Hometown Road Again - Wu Le Ambiance paisible, progression jusqu'au lyrique. EP @ 2'03. 04:58
Unforgettable Days With You - Du Ke Douce progression, arpèges de harpe puis envolée d'orchestre @ 0'59 fin calme. 02:40
Joyful Journey - Chuang Yin Ge Beauté champètre. Chine. 02:11
Sunshine Day - Ha Bu Er Reveil folk, campagne, paysage, voyage. 03:23
Unforgettable Souvenirs Of You - Wu Le Très calme. Nostalgique. Avec clarinette, hautbois, flute et violoncelle. 03:20
Missing You So Much - Wu Le Thème romantique, sensuel. 01:48
Beautiful Tomorrow - Li Ke Apparition nimbée puis ouverture. EP @ 1'29. 02:21
My Old Home - Wu Le Intro ambient new age, suite country pop. Chine. 02:43
Bird Singing In Osier Trees - Wang Xin Comment cultiver son jardin secret chinois. 01:17
Calm And Glory of China Land - Chuang Yin Ge Douceur orientale. EP @ 0'41. 02:11
Chinese Folk Song - Long Yun Sur un air chantant, violons et instruments traditionnels. Chine. 02:43
Desperado - Li Ke Large et voluptueux. EP @ 1'49. 03:08
During My Past Life - Ha Bu Er Belle ballade dépouillée. 02:52
Fairy Tales - Li Ke Solo de piano romantique. Harmonie et beauté. 02:18
Heart Choice - Wu Le Narratif, évolutif. Chine. 03:00
Homeless And Lonesome - Long Yun Belle mélodie aux couleurs asiatiques. 03:40
Impression Of Yun Nan Province - Chuang Yin Ge Danse, ballet traditionnel. Chine. 02:27
My Heart Belong To You - Ha Bu Er Etude lyrique, mélodieux, apaisant. 03:08
No Sleep In The Night - Ha Bu Er Cristallin, sensuel, enivrant. 03:12
Sunset Garden - Ha Bu Er Arpege cristallin, nostalgie et espoir. 03:48
Sunset Road - Wu Le Musique de chambre moderne. 03:06
Think It Over - Wu Le Rèverie romanesque. 01:20
Travel Day And Night - Ha Bu Er Règne de la paix et de l'harmonie. 04:28
Wind On Tree - Wu Zhi Yan Chris Tristesse, chagrin d'amour rétro, noir et blanc. 03:21
Miss Marylin - J-P Bigourie Jazz and violin orchestra. Theme played on acoustic piano, discreet brass. 01:50
Les Vieux Gremans - J-M Cazorla Guitar duo, accompaniment, melody and solo. 02:25
Mister Thomas - J-M Cazorla 2 acoustic guitars. Melody and solo on guitar, discreet bass. 02:44
Neoneo - J-M Cazorla Acoustic guitar and piano in arpeggio, violins, percussion effects and bass. Theme and solo played on guitar. 02:32
Nouveau Reve - J-M Cazorla 2 Acoustic guitars in arpeggios and melody. 02:03
Soleil De Minuit - J-M Cazorla 2 acoustic guitars for the theme, solo and accompaniment in picking. 02:11
Face Au Port - J-M Cazorla Themes played on the guitar. Soft violins in the background. Romantic folk ballad. Folk history, youth adventure. 02:13
Keroan - J-M Cazorla Themes played on the guitar. Romantic folk ballad. Airy. 01:53
L'Espace - J-M Cazorla Guitar in arpeggio, violins. Melody played on oboe. Romantic and romantic walk. Airy. 02:26
Sunny Delight - J-M Cazorla 2 Guitars. Rhythmic in the background. A sunny beach. Holidays, casual, sweet. 02:50
Ondine - F. Bry Guitar arpeggio, spacy synth, acoustic piano theme. Percussion rhythm. 00:59
Comme Un Souvenir - N. Peigney Sonata in duet piano and cello, contemplative, delicate. 03:49
Espace Interieur - F. Niobey Tremolo of violins, flute, piano. Arpeggios of harp. Theme and answer between all instruments. Version Underscore. 03:02
Sculpture Ligérienne - F. Niobey Violins, guitar for accompaniment and melody. Effects of harp. 02:49
Confession Boréale - F. Niobey Wide and aerial synth, acoustic piano theme, harp. Edit point at 1'16 Pizzicati. 03:02
Child India Song - P. Gaillard Indian Sitar, electronic percussion and wide bachground synth. Groove with bass fretless. Melody with an enchanting voice, a child. 1'59 break. 03:36
Celtitude - J-M Cazorla 2 acoustic guitars, accompaniment and theme, percussion, violins. Slight rhythmic background. 01:33
Vue Du Haut - J-M Cazorla Percussion, electric piano. Acoustic guitar in arpeggio. 0'44 drums. 01:56
Mondy - J-M Cazorla 2 guitars in arpeggio and melody, violins. Melancholy, and hope. 03:05
Nuage De Son - J-M Cazorla 2 guitars in arpeggio and melody. Melancholic beauty. Airy. 02:34
Italic - J. Pelizzari Singing bass synth, solo organ and rhythmic shaker, rimshot and aahh. 02:51
Poussière d'ange - M. Ricci Percussion, short synth bass, electric piano. Soft, felted, repetitive. 02:02
Joy - A. Jamot Acoustic piano. Edit point at 0'48, synth and electronic rhythm. Airy. 02:32
Ride To Paris - A. Jamot Oboe, triangle, violins, acoustic guitar 12 Strings. 02:19
La Rosée Du Soleil - A. Roy Interlude on the piano. 0'24 flute, pizz. 01:02
Agnus - J-M Boiteux Children's recitative song, folk guitar, bass. Loop 1. 00:27
After's - P. Gaillard Sounds of seaside. Ethnic percussions, electric piano. Slow rhythm. Melody with soft synth. Loop. 00:15
Interlude - T. Chaze Violins, Opera singer. 0'47 Drums, double bass. Spacy and rhythmic. Loop. 00:12
Ranch - J-M Boiteux 2 folk guitars, theme and accompaniment, bass. 04:16
Rose Carmen - J-M Boiteux Theme and arpeggios on electric guitar, violins. 2'10 guitar solo. 06:29
Saudade - J-P Bigourie Sounds of nature, wide and soft synth, ethnic flute and cello play the melody. Snare Bearing. Loop 1. 02:01
Movie News - J-P Bigourie Space synth sequence. Melody on the distant piano. Edit point at 3'02, break drums, melody on the synth. 05:36
My Life - J-P Bigourie Groove cool. Melody unison piano trumpet. Violins, percussions. Piano solo. The subject picked up on the saturated guitar. Edit point at 4'05 End Theme. 05:36
Limousine Song - M. Dall Anese Holidays in New York. Tribal and sequenced. 03:34
The Terrace - M. Dall Anese Theme on the acoustic guitar. Synth, pizz, E.piano and flute. 03:55
Nagoya - M. Dall Anese Intro theme for violins and flute. Guitar and brass. Cool rhythm. Melody and solo on guitar. 03:35
Les Larmes De La Baie - J-M Cazorla 2 guitars in arpeggio and melody. 02:33
El Monica - J-M Cazorla Themes played on the guitar. Soft background accompaniment. Romantic folk ballad. 04:05
Escargot - J-M Cazorla Theme played on the guitar. Soft violins in background. Romantic folk ballad. Melodie serene, medieval. Ceremonious, romantic. Loop 1. 01:41
Horizon - J-M Cazorla Themes played on the guitar. Romantic folk ballad. Folk history. Duo of guitars romantic. 03:37
Acoustic Ice - P. Gaillard Sound of waves and wind. Percussion. Soft synth. E.piano and acoustic guitar. Sound effects. 03:58
Fleur Manouche - J. Pelizzari Electric piano and accordion, organ. 0'40 part B, pizz and organ. 2'40 solo of acccordion. 02:59
Mixtang - J. Pelizzari Large orchestra playing pizzicato, subtil synth and accordion. Film tango polar. Ballad under the bridges of Paris. 03:16
Space Travel - G. Goué A distant rhythm. Soft synth. Repetitive bass. Theme on psychedelic synth. Edit point at 1'58 Part B without rhythm. 05:20
Gypse - G. Goué Singing bass, wide and floating synths. Speech. 03:37
Viogitar - T. Chaze Sequenced, crystalline, '80s. 02:50
Angelfly - T. Chaze Synth space arpeggios, sacred song, religiously. 02:58
Merveilleux Noel - J-P Vielfaure Vibraphone, music box and violins. Tender. 00:32
Energizer - J-P Vielfaure High percussion paning, growing up notes on synth. Rhythmic electronic drums jungle. 04:44
Pour Toujours - J-P Vielfaure Romantic theme with acoustic piano, violins. 01:23
Dors Bien Bébé - J-P Vielfaure Small lullaby music box. 00:39
Lyle - T. Chaze Drums Sequence. Melodie on the guitar. Ethereal Piano Accords. Plaintive synth notes. 02:02
Prophet - T. Chaze Synth sequence '70s. Flute and acoustic piano. Edit point at 1'22 Powerful rhythm. 03:03
Zooloo - T. Chaze Synth liquid sequence. Regular low synth. Synth violin theme. 1'27 Evolution towards more rhythm, far flute. 03:30
Promenade - T. Chaze Arpeggios of synth. Piano and violins. 02:10
Machu Pichu - T. Chaze Percussion, flute and various sound elements on the synth. 01:18
Web Circle - T. Chaze Intro background synth and electronic beep. Acoustic piano and synth in deformed voice. Spacy synth. Version 15s. 00:15
Romance - T. Chaze Acoustic piano arpeggios, acoustic guitar theme, bass slide, timpani. Loop. 00:59
Mystic - T. Chaze A piano, a bass and a drum set on a cloud. 02:59
Sea Water - P. Gaillard Synth and calm groove, fast shaker. Theme played on the electric piano. Ethnic Voice. Jingle. 03:17
Medusa - P. Gaillard Sounds of seaside, waves. Fade in of violins, percussions, electric piano. 1'49 bass and drums. 04:45
Rejoicing - P. Gaillard Noise of wave on the beach. 0'39 percussion, synth and bass, 1'23 rhythm shuffle and melody on electric piano. 03:33
Nostalgia Subaqua - P. Gaillard Sound of waves. Wide synth, spacy, percussion. 1'13 rhythm. Acoustic piano theme. 03:54
Sea inside - P. Gaillard Percussions, violins. Electric piano theme and arpeggios. Sounds of the sea. 03:23
Sunrise - P. Gaillard Electric piano arpeggios, wide synth and percussion. Ethnic instruments with delay. 03:40
La Sirène - P. Gaillard Sound of waves. Wide and soft synth. Percussion. Acoustic piano theme. 03:16
Romantism - P. Gaillard Percussion, soft synth. Electric piano theme. Edit point at 1'40 Bass fretless, ethnic flute. 03:43
Sea Voices - P. Gaillard Sound of waves. Ethnic percussions. Theme and accompaniment on the electric piano. 03:54
Undersea - P. Gaillard Synth effects. Percussion. Electric piano and melody, quiet rhythm. Dreamlike, diaphanous, positive. 03:08
Waves - P. Gaillard Soft and wide synth. Percussion and electric piano. 0'49 drums. Theme played by an ethnic instrument. Celestial, hot, sensual. 03:02
Zenitude - P. Gaillard Sound of waves. Soft synth, sound effects, percussion. The progressive entry of a rhythm. Theme played by a distant organic sound. 04:03
Foggy Day - P. Gaillard Synthé spacy and sound effects. Percussion and calm rhythm. 04:31
Windy Beach Ballad - P. Gaillard Intro wind, synth, ethnic percussion, effects. Distant theme. 04:27
Homme De La Mer - P. Gaillard Wave sound, quiet synth, percussion, ethnic instruments. Ethnic Voice. 03:40
On The Road - P. Gaillard Percussions and slow violins. E. Crystalline piano. Theme on the synth. 04:32
Shells Walk - P. Gaillard Sound of waves. Percussion. Violins and calm synth. Deep Bass. Theme played on the piano. 03:57
Speed Dating - P. Gaillard Sound of waves, electric piano arpeggios, conch. 03:40
Swing In Sand - P. Gaillard Sound of waves. Piano and synth quiet, harmonic suspense. Edit point at 1'44 break, marimba sequenced. 04:03
Blue Jive - P. Gaillard Pop orchestra and violin, '70s. Melody on the electric piano, organ solo. Ersion 30s. 00:30
Impression - P. Gaillard Bass, drums and electric piano. Melody played on 12 Strings guitar. Ballad of the '60s.Version 10s. 00:10
Awaken - P. Gaillard Sounds of nature, birds and percussion. Soft and wide synth. 04:23
Fishing Dance - P. Gaillard Sounds of seaside, percussion, electric piano, bass and violins. 03:26
Forest Ballad - J-M Carbonne Percussion, acoustic guitar, ocarina, bass, drums. Melody on guitar and response on ocarina. 04:03
Tuntirou - J-M Boiteux Bass fretless, kick, electric guitar for the theme. Groove funky. 0'57, 1'27 breaks. Jaco Pastorius. 03:17
Sheryl - J-M Boiteux Peaceful mix of guitars 01:45
Aurora Borealis - J-M Boiteux Arpeggios and riffs of acoustic and electric guitars 01:34
Et Puis Bip - J-M Boiteux Kick, folk guitar riff, bass, rhythm and electric guitar arpeggios. 1'24 break. 02:59
Sadness In Me - J-M Boiteux Organ and rhythmic electric guitar, folk guitar. 01:23
Ttl - J-M Boiteux Orchestra of jazz. Guitar wah wah. Intimate song. Violins. 01:03
Abyss Call - J-M Boiteux Mmhh of male choirs. Repetitive theme on dobro. 02:15
Sidonie - J-M Boiteux Barrel organ, long notes of cello for melody, double bass, violin pizza. Timpani. 05:41
Messe Indienne - J-M Boiteux Ethereal and calm, intimate, stripped. Long introduction of solo piano notes. Edit point at 1'47. Sound effects, incantations. 03:18
Pluton - J-M Boiteux Ostinato of bass. Dynamic percussion. Bouncing synth. 02:21
Lone J - J-M Boiteux Traditional blues on guitar. 01:14
Gotan Slow - J-M Boiteux Synth in background. Mechanical percussions. Guitar and electric guitar. 04:12
Mon Amour - J-M Boiteux Rhythmic pop, guitar slide, without voice, electric guitar, repetitive. 02:16
Bébé Tu Dors - J-M Boiteux Duo of guitars for romantic walk. 01:57