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Musique avec instrument : Vibraphone

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
Waltz With Lestat - C. Nouailhaguet Horror movie soundtrack with a darkly haunted intro that builds into symphonic waltz featuring a music box. Sarcastic and creepy atmosphere. Epic and dramatic ending pursuit. Edit point at 1:32, at 1:59, at 3:18. Symphonic orchestra, music box, sound design. 04:19
70's Kitsch Cafe - C. Nouailhaguet Relaxed and classy easy listening track featuring vibraphone melody, upright bass and smooth strings. Modern-vintage style. Edit point at 1:16. Piano, vibraphone, upright bass, strings, drums. 02:43
Longing For A Sweet December - C. Nouailhaguet An ambient intro is followed by an indie band to make an outro theme or an underscore. Optimistic and touching. Edit point at 0:59, at 1:38, at 2:55. Vibraphone, piano, guitar, string, drums, synth. 04:31
Phasing Cloud Stream - C. Nouailhaguet Short minimalist-like piece. The repetitive piano sequences float around the D major scale ! Atmospheric and abstract.Edit point at 0:59 and at 2:04. Pianos, vibraphone, synth pad. 03:26
Motortown Magic - J. Cooper A pumping bass line over a solid Motown drum groove with piano, organ, vibes and brass. Funk, Pop, Upbeat, Fun, Motown, Philly, Soul ,Driving, Happy, Carefree, Energetic, Feel Good, Groovy, Playful, Positive, Retro. Piano, Organ, Vibes, Brass. 02:08
Gentle Breeze - M. James Smooth reed and brass ensemble pads with muted trumpet and open trumpet solos. Trombone solo, electric guitar, electric piano, vibes and acoustic guitar. Jazz, Soft, Easy, Laidback, Slow. Trumpet, Trombone, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vibes, Brass, Reed Instruments, Saxophone,. 03:21
Bennies Pennies - M. James Featuring clarinet, vibes, acoustic bass with drums and guitar. French, European gypsy jazz feel. Jazz, Bright, French, Gypsy, Easy, Carefree, Strolling, Walk. Clarinet, Vibes, Bass, Drums, Acoustic Guitar. 02:33
Feeling Good - M. James Featuring clarinet and vibes in a small band combo, in the Goodman / Jackson tradition. Jazz, Happy, Soft, Carefree, Mid-Termpo. Clarinet, Vibes, Percussion. 02:29
Say You Love Me Again - M. James Featuring clarinet and vibes, acoustic bass and brushes on drums. The vibes played with four mallets chords and lines. Jazz, Soft, Easy, Laidback, Slow. Clarinet, Vibes, Bass, Drums. 03:40
Tangles - M. James Acoustic bass, brushes, vibes and electric guitar. This draws from the cool bebop school. Tenor sax and muted trumpet. Jazz, Bebop, Upbeat, Cool, Happy, Bright, Moody. Bass, Brushes, Vibes, Electric Guitar, Trumpet. 03:26
Two For The Road - M. James Floating atmospheric piece with alto sax, muted trumpet, electric piano and acoustic bass with string pads. Jazz, Floating, Slow, Laidback, Sophisticated, Easy. Saxophone, Trumpet, Piano, Bass, Strings. 03:48
My Cute Puppy - L. Cedar A sparse and fun classical piece great for a reality or Kids TV show or cute advertising spot. Suspenseful, Quirky, Funny, Comedic, Light, Curious, Sneaky, Reality TV, Cute. Pizzicato Strings, Double Bass, Vibraphone, Shaker, Tambourine. 00:55
Rondo Imulondo - L. Cedar A bright and uplifting South American-Salsa influenced track that great for advertising or TV-Film cue. Upbeat, Fun, Classy, Quirky, Rhythmic, Latino, Energetic, Positive. Piano, Vibes, Double Bass, Trumpet, Latin Percussion, Cowbell. 00:20
Loose Gumshoe - S. Blackburn Recalls Film Noir. A hard-bitten private detective, a sleazy back alleyway and lipstick smears on an empty bottle all spell trouble. Moody, Jazz, Film Noir, Sleazy, Mystery, Lipstick, Slow, Detective, Smoky, Nostalgic, Seedy, Booze. Echoing Electric Guitar, Tenor saxophone, Vibraphone, Piano, Brushes, Acoustic Bass. 02:32
Paris Swing - S. Blackburn Recalls the French hot jazz era of 1940's - 50's. Nostalgic melody, bouncy upbeat mood. Parisienne, Parisian, Swing, Bright, Happy, Outdoors, Cafᅵ, Food, Carefree, Nostalgia, Cafe. Acoustic Jazz Guitar, Piano, Brushes, Acoustic Bass, Vibraphone, Rhythm Guitar. 02:35
Parisian Stroll - S. Blackburn Euro-style jazz combo evokes a relaxed promenade along the Paris Left Bank in the 1950's. Gentle, Breezy, Cinematic, Atmospheric, Walking, Strolling, Paris, Parisienne, Nostalgic, Happy, Carefree. Acoustic Jazz Guitar, Piano, Brushes, Acoustic Bass, Vibraphone, Rhythm Guitar, Accordion. 02:43
Relax With Val - S. Blackburn A 1960's cinema Intermission was a dreamy interlude. A swaying rhythm and lush sinuous melody hint at far off places. 1960s, Sixties, Mysterious, Exotic, Latin, Lush, Nostalgia, Memories. Vibraphone, Strings, Soprano saxophone, Latin percussion. 02:46
Wandering Sax - S. Blackburn Stepping out late in the big city. Crooning saxophone plays with a mellow, weaving tune. Smoky Atmospheric Reflective, Nostalgic, Sophisticated, Slow, Sax, Seedy, smoky, Atmospheric, Reflective. Tenor Saxophone, Violins, Piano, Brushes, Acoustic Bass, Vibraphone, Rhythm Guitar. 02:36
Abandoned Dreams - C. Nouailhaguet Melancholic and dreamy atmosphere. Piano, celesta, pizzicato strings are followed by an evocating and melodious cello. Edit point at 01:09, cello theme at 01:32. Celesta, piano, pizzicato strings, solo cello, flute, female choir. 02:54
Sleepy Time - C. Nouailhaguet Bright, shimmering and dreamy. Celesta, vibraphone, piano toys, chimes and strings tell a story before sleeping. Edit point at 01:27. Piano toys, bass, celesta, vibraphone, chimes, strings. 02:58
Go Django - P. Tilleman Jazz swing parisian, tribute to Django and Grapelli.Positive and dancing. 02:30
Love Rain - S. Sibanda Soul - RnB, Calm, Romantic, Electric piano, Vibraphone, Synth. Soul music, Rhythm and Blues, Love, Feelgood, Party Music. 01:59
Woodygoody - J. Barrett Smooth brushes on drums with vibraphone and clarinet taking lead with acoustic piano and bass. Easy, Light, Romantic, Travel, World, Bright, Happy, Carefree, Traditional, Jazz. 03:28
Dolly Au Go Go - A. Naylor Pounding 60’s drums and guitars lead to vibes and electric 12 string guitar melody with brass and organ. Sixties, 1960s, Carefree, Rocky, Rock, Fun, Pounding, Swinging. 02:09
Day Of The Dispair - D Agostino Vibraphone and marimba duo. Pop melody and solos of both instruments. 03:15
Breakfast Song - D Agostino Vibraphone and harp. cheerful pop melody. 01:50
Casino Lady - G. D Agostino As a 60s television series theme. 05:58
Chronovisor - G. D Agostino Solo vibraphone and cheerful pop melody. 01:54
Welcome - M. Sweeting Opening for a good morning. Flute, synths, percussion. Soft sounds. 00:37
Reves d'Enfant - M. Sweeting Celesta, upbright bass, acoustic, electric guitar, strings, vibes, flute, drums and chimes. 02:19
French Onion Soup - T. Bartelle A catchy bossa nova with smooth female vocal over a Latin jazz group. Acoustic guitar, bass, brushes, vibes and accordion. Relaxed, Easy, Gentle, Peaceful, Uplifting, Optimistic, Smooth, Emotional. Ambient Moods. 02:07
Walk These Streets - T. Stoilkovski Cool mystery vibe beatnik pop tune led by funky horns, organ backing and harmonica solo. Escape With Me. 02:34
Valse Aux Parapluies - F. Bégnon Melody and accompaniment on acoustic guitar. Counterpoint on vibraphone and oboe. 01:19
Bogo Signature 1 - J. Goodwin ID - heart beat with vibes. 00:04
Bogo Signature 2 - J. Goodwin ID - Beat with 4 note vibes. 00:04
Breezin Along - T. Naylor A lovely cha-cha sets the mood for cocktail hour. Easy Listening - Kitsch. Stopping All Floors 02:31
Mondrian - T. Bartelle Underscore. A percussive Spanish guitar motif with angelic vocal, piano and strings. Reflective melody, a similar style to Craig David Pop - Vocal - Songs. Planet Vocal 2 03:35
Air - Bach Jazz guitar & vibes combine to recreate this popular Bach work with a modern jazz feel. Classical. Classic Transitions 03:44
After The Rain - R. Rivamonte Peace/ relief. Duet for relaxed trombone & gentle cascading ornamental vibraphone. Nature. Earth, Wind, and Rain 01:53
Blue N Green - J. Humphries Vibes, guitar and lots of funky rhythms introduce this up-tempo track. Funk - Soul - Groove. Funkin' Jazz 02:34
Loch Ness - T. Naylor Vibes, brass and a relentless swinging snare bring you this wonderful ditty. Easy Listening - Kitsch. Stopping All Floors 02:12
Aqueous - F. Tayla Plenty Of Cool Sounds Lay The Bed For This Driving Track. Features Guitar & Percussions. World Music - Ethnic. Cafe Ibiza 02:58
Gumshoe - T. Naylor Mike Hammer is back masquerading as the Pink Panther. Features gun shots and other sound FX. Comedy - Children - Kitsch. Comic Cuts 02:13
Showtime Sting - T. Naylor Short featuring brass. Familiar showtime theme suitable for any game show introduction. Comedy - Children - Kitsch. Comic Cuts 00:14
Showtime Theme - T. Naylor Familiar showtime theme suitable for any game show introduction. Features vibes in soft mid section. Comedy - Children - Kitsch. Comic Cuts 01:30
Showtime Vibes - T. Naylor Brass sting. Familiar showtime theme suitable for any game show introduction. A softer approach featuring vibes. Familiar showtime theme suitable for any game show introduction. Comedy - Children - Kitsch. Comic Cuts 00:28
Moonlight On The Water - R. Rivamonte Tranquility/ Exquisite beauty/Love, graceful sublime vibraphone melody is joined by slow suppressed dissonant brass. Nature. Earth, Wind, and Rain 02:37
Nocturnal Kingdom - R. Rivamonte Strangeness/ Mystery. Tropical night sounds undulating didgeridoo & soft vibraphone. Nature. Earth, Wind, and Rain 02:13
Rain Song - A. Watkins Dreamy, conjures images of children watching rain through a window. Comedy - Children - Kitsch. Playtime 02:27
Strolling - R. Rivamonte Happy, keyboard, guitars, vibes, bass, strings. Easy Listening - Kitsch. Town and Country 02:03
The Moon And I New York années 50 à minuit. Swing. 01:47
Little Bit Different - T. Stoilkovski Weird techno electronica with lashings of street cred 80's vibe. 02:00
Abbey Road - L.J. Cedar Vintage cinematic cue, 60's, with Mellotron flutes and classic rock guitar. Classic British film sound.. Ominous, Dramatic, Psychedelic, Moody, British, 1960s, James Bond, Spy. 01:02
Cheeky Motives - L.J. Cedar Cool and cheeky jazz vibes with walking acoustic bass and traditional brush kit. Great for a TV ad or animation spot.. Cheeky, Cheerful, Playful, Uplifting, Curious, animation, cartoon. 00:28
Club To Chase - L.J. Cedar Nu Groove Disco turns into cool Cinematic Jazz Lounge.. Energetic, Upbeat, Disco, Driven, 1960s, Climactic, Chase, Spy, Theme. 00:33
Give Me A Clue-so - L.J. Cedar Cheeky Jazz track with Double Bass, Vibes and Drums. Inspired by Henry Mancini's Pink Panther music.. Cheeky, Playful, Curious, Cool, Positive. 00:33
Glass And Stone - L.J. Cedar Curious Bell-like mood track with an eastern feel. Layers of Lithophones.. Curious, Moody, Light, Restful, Metallic, Calm. 00:49
The Real Bourne - L.J. Cedar Cinematic theme music with Lithophones, Piano, Strings, Soprano Vocals and Drums. Cinematic, Building, Curious, Epic, Operatic, Prestigious, Thoughtful, Refined, Enigmatic, Classy, Classical, Familiar. 03:56
Dance In The Mist - O. Olsen Intro of harp. Melody with vibraphone, discreet snare drums. Classical guitar, cello. 1'01 Accordion and orchestra. 1'59 tension. 04:11
All I Needed Was You - C. Espern Xylophone and acoustic piano in unison. Synth effect. Edit point at 0'35 rhythmic. Saturated guitar. 3'09 break. 05:14
Choose Your Melody - C. Mathieu Texture, arpeggios of marimba, effects. 00:55
My Funny Monkey - Bozzoli El. Piano, Slow tempo, Melancholic, Instrumental 01:31
Festa Meticcia - G. Cavalli Chill Out, Percussion, Vibes, Acustic Guitar, Instrumental 04:05
Andante In Do Magg - Ornella D Urbano Instrumental Lullaby, Tender, Warm, Peace,Relaxed, Strings and Various Keys 03:05
Nenia - D Urbano Instrumental Lullaby, Tender, Warm, Peace,Relaxed, Strings and Various Keys 03:54
The Locomotive - D Urbano Instrumental Lullaby, Tender, Warm, Peace,Relaxed, Strings and Various Keys 04:00
Little Darling - D Urbano Instrumental Lullaby, Tender, Warm, Peace,Relaxed, Strings and Various Keys 04:33
Sextet Frenjik - A. Roy Violins, cellos, oboes, vibraphone, play cross melodies. 03:34
Les Chemins De La Guilde - A. Roy Ensemble orchestral, pizz, ostinato of woodwinds, theme with vibraphone and tuba. 00:55
Iendyn - A. Roy At the borders of percussion and melody. Tormented, narrative. 14:53
Cosmogonie - A. Roy Slow crescendo of choirs, expressive harmony. 1'18, double bass in pizz, vibraphone, wood. 02:25
Freaky Party - B. Garcia Kind of mouth box and vibraphone. 00:32
Le Jaguar Rose - J-P Vielfaure Intro Double bass and finger snaps. E.Piano, melody with the vibraphone. 00:53
Attendrissant Bébé - J-P Vielfaure Musical box, lullaby. 00:32
Rondo - L. Marie-Sainte Rhythmic synth, marimba. Accordion, flute, violins. Electro troubadours. 00:56
Les Mickeys - L. Marie-Sainte Intro drums with brush, melody in unison Vibraphone, double bass. A.Piano. End brass and fingers snap. 01:19
Trifort - P. Gaillard Intro Acoustic piano, drums. Melody played in unison vibraphone and flute. Violins. Brass. American TV series. 02:10
Zoo Promenade - P. Gaillard Latin orchestra, melody with vibraphone. Part B with violins and pizz. 0'57 melody played on the flute. Rumba or cha-cha-cha. 01:50
Chat Du Chacha - P. Gaillard Piano, bass, drums and percussion for a rhythm cha-cha-cha. Melody with flute and vibraphone. Violins, brass. 02:38
Story Of Montego Bay - P. Gaillard Old style jazz orchestra. Theme played on the acoustic piano. Solo with vibraphone. '60s. 04:01
Renewed By A Walk In Rio - P. Gaillard Jazz orchestra, melody on the vibraphone. Solo with Electric Piano. 04:57
The Joy Of A Lonely Sparrow - P. Gaillard Jazz orchestra. Melody on vibraphone. Solo on E.Piano. 03:57
July Breeze - P. Gaillard Jazz orchestra Melody on vibraphone. Piano solo. 04:13
Not Forgeting Loana - P. Gaillard Orchestra of jazz. Melody played on flute and vibraphone. Jingle. 03:42
Crescent Beach - P. Gaillard Jazz orchestra. Theme played on vibraphone. Violons in backkground. Flute solo. 02:01
Divine Heat - P. Gaillard Jaz orchestra. Theme played on the vibraphone. Piano solo. 03:40
Bumptears - P. Gaillard Latin jazz orchestra. Melody and solo with vibraphone. 03:52
Angel - J-M Boiteux Synth Intro. 0'10 bass and drums. Electric piano arpeggios. Rhythmic electric guitar. Saxophone solo. 02:30
Lament Bulgare - J-M Boiteux Exotic percussions, choirs, ethnic songs. Ryhmic calm with bass, drums, guitar and piano. 02:32
Eufonia - L. Vaccina Etno, Guitar Acoustic, Vibes, Male Choir, Percussion, Delicate, Peace 06:15
Armonie Notturne - L. Vaccina Etno, Vibes, Percussion, Delicate, Peace, Female Choir 05:47
La Pioggia Sull'Acqua - L. Vaccina Etno, Vibes, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion, Delicate, Peace, Male Vocals 07:36
Mythos - L. Vaccina Etno, Dark, Guitar Acoustic And Electric, Male Choir, Percussion, Delicate, Peace 11:14
Rituali Di Passaggio - L. Vaccina Etno, Guitar Acoustic, Female Vocals, Vibes, Percussion, Delicate, Peace 03:54
I Fidanzatini Brutti - M. Mariani Mario Broz Mariani, Vocals, keyboards and computers. Cinzia Jazz singer Pianelli, vocals. Gigi Grigioni Faggi, trumpet. Mirko Delli Compagni, trombone. Brol Neri, tenor saxophone. Davide Santini, baritone and alto sax. Taniele Manna, flute and guitar. Luca Marzi, bass. Fabrizio Cattalani, drums, percussions and vibraphone. Produced by Paul Chain. 04:26
Clima - L. Vaccina Etno, Vibes, Percussion, Delicate, Peace, Instrumental 08:17
Il Mio Tempo - L. Vaccina Etno, Guitar Acoustic, Vibes, Percussion, Delicate, Peace 03:35
La Voce Del Vento - L. Vaccina Etno, Landscape, Male Vocals Spoken, Percussion, Delicate, Peace 08:58
Risonanze Armoniche - L. Vaccina Etno, Vibes, Percussion, Delicate, Peace, Instrumental 05:42
Tam Tam - L. Vaccina Etno, Landscape, Male Vocals Spoken, Percussion, Delicate, Peace 07:43