Musiques avec genre : World

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
Fake Jungle Walk - P. Gaillard Rhythmic made with the sounds of the body of a double bass. 2 simple melodies follow one another, respond to each other and mix. Polyrhythm of pizzicato. 03:08
Alma Viva - E. Di Nucci Baião instrumental underscore with a rich and refined rhythmic accompaniment. Beautiful guitar improvisation with the voice in unison. 03:27
Ailleurs - G. Goué An obsessive rhythm around the Sansula. Female voices and different sound images. Repetitive sequence in the background. 02:48
Creating Diversity - T. Nijhof Uplifting whimsical, peaceful soundtrack with calypso and world music elements. Orchestral/Symphonic, Tropical Instruments. 02:10
Meditation - G. Goué Acoustic guitar in arpeggios then percussion and double bass. A distant electric guitar with echo then. 01:56
Funny Island - M. Brillard Very short acoustic guitare riff. 00:07
At The Time Of Its Spendour - M. Biallais Tragic, nostalgic. Woman's voice, strings and wood. Dead Can Dance. 04:13
Errancy - M. Biallais Tragic, climate of uncertainty. Women's voices, choirs, strings, brass and percussion. Dead Can Dance. 04:21
In My Heart Forever - M. Biallais Nostalgic meditation. Female voices, synthesizers and acoustic guitar. 03:34
Pop Jubilate - M. Biallais Modern Western. Male voices, opera, synthesizers, bass, bells and electro drums. 02:41
Supplication - M. Biallais Meditative, prayer. Female voices, hovering synthesizers and percussions from the Far East. Era. 03:52
Tears - M. Biallais Tragic, plaintive, oriental influence. Woman's voice, strings, woodwind, Asian instruments and percussion. Dead Can Dance, Era. 03:45
Barrel Street - C. Nouailhaguet Light and lively barrel organ underscore in nostalgic mood. Featuring accordion, cimbalom, ukulele and trombone. Edit point at 0:48, at 1:17, at 1:46. Barrel organ, accordion, cimbalom, trombone, ukulele, cajon. 02:21
Ample Clothes - M. Wierzbicka Funny, Humorous, Polish Folk 01:21
Lullaby at the Cradle - M. Wierzbicka Sentimental, Nostalgic. 04:13
Oh, My World - M. Wierzbicka Happy, Fun, Polish Folk 01:57
Vodka, the Root of Evil - M. Wierzbicka Humorous,Ironic, Polish Folk 02:26
A Deserted Village - Z. Litwinska Dramatic, Fairy, Mysterious, Duduk and Female Voice 03:39
A Song From a Dream - M. Litwinski Atmospheric, Fairy, Relaxed, Romantic 03:22
A Sunken Temple - M. Litwinski Atmospheric, Fairy, Female Voice, Duduk, Hurdy-Gurdy, Daf 05:06
A Tune for Syria - Z. Litwinska Emotional, Dramatic theme, Duduk and Female voice 03:07
Across the Sea and Mountains - Z. Litwinska Atmospheric, Adventure, Travel, Fairy 08:06
Calling the Birds - S. Wieladek Calm, Atmospheric, Pulsing, Fairy, Journey 01:59
Cherry Hills - Z. Litwinska Atmospheric, Mystic, Pulsing, Oriental 04:29
Dievas - M. Litwinski Atmospheric, Fairy, Positive, Female, Male Voices, Flute 03:35
Grass Grows Green on a Lithuanian Hill - M. Litwinski Atmospheric, Adventure, Travel, Fairy, Male Voice 04:07
Marching through the Marshes - M. Litwinski Atmospheric, Adventure, Travel, Fairy 06:52
Modern Structures - P. Dabrowski Udu groove over Piano theme 02:41
Shadows in the Dark - A. Rejman Elegant, Poignant Guitar theme 06:01
Slavic Viola's Yearning - M. Litwinski Dramatic, Emotional, Dreamy, Slavic 03:07
Supu, Supu - M. Litwinski Joyful, Calm, Slavic, Female, Male Voices 04:27
The Joy of Sakuntala - Z. Litwinska Atmospheric, Fairy, Female Voice 02:42
Maya - C. Nouailhaguet Travel soundtrack featuring pan flute and ethnic percussions with a modern twist. Exotic, world beat, epic journey, nature, documentary. Flute at 00:33, edit point at 02:25, break at 03:45, epilogue at 04:26. pan flute, percussions, bass, kora, n’goni, marimbula, synth pad. 05:16
Winter Appearance - C. Nouailhaguet A dark and mournful ballad. Sombre piano over chilling cello and glissando strings are immersed in dense sound design. Cello at 01:13. Piano, solo violin, strings, synth pad, heartbeat, solo cello, sound design fx. 03:07
Feel Good Story - J. Whitcher Cinematic, World, Adventure, Repetitive, Percussions, Drum. Universal, News, Current Affairs, bells, intense, sad, moody, drone, under score, tension, edgy, drama, adventure. 02:23
Funny Honey - S. Sibanda Cinematic, World, Suspens, Violin, Strings Pizz. Violin, string, quartet. 02:35
Ntate - S. Sibanda Celebration, World, Positive, Violin. Violin, Church, Theme, Wedding, feel good, Holly, string, quartet. 02:04
Sangena - S. Sibanda Celebration, World, Positive, Violin. Violin, Theme, Wedding, feel good, Holly, string, quartet. 03:21
Save Africa - S. Sibanda Celebration, World, Positive, Violin. Violin, Theme, Wedding, feel good, Holly, string, quartet. 05:05
The Light Way - S. Sibanda Cinematic, World, Adventure, Violin. Violin, Theme, Wedding, feel good, Holly, string, quartet. 00:45
Traces - S. Sibanda Cinematic, World, Nostalgic, Violin. Violin, Church, Theme, string, quartet. 00:46
Tubes to laugh - S. Sibanda Celebration, World, Positive, Violin, Strings Pizz. Violin, Church, Theme, Wedding, feel good, Holly, string, quartet. 01:12
Uya hamba - S. Sibanda Celebration, World, Positive, Violin. Violin, Theme, Wedding, feel good, Holly, string, quartet. 02:12
Uyamba - S. Sibanda Celebration, World, Positive, Violin. Violin, Theme, Wedding, feel good, Holly, string, quartet. 03:18
Violin - S. Sibanda Cinematic, World, Nostalgic, Violin. Violin, Church, Theme, string, quartet. 01:06
Wedding Sunshine - S. Sibanda Celebration, World, Positive, Violin. Violin, Theme, Wedding, feel good, Holly, string, quartet. 05:04
Naja - A. Zakumera World - African, World, Positive, Adventure, Percussions, Electric bass, Steeldrums. Africa, East Africa, Tanzania, Burundi, Kenya, Ruwanda, Egypt, Morocco, Indian, Swahili, Tabla, Flute, Guitar, Bangra. 01:05
Okay Okay - A. Zakumera World - African, World, Positive, Festive, Percussions, Electric bass, Steeldrums. East Africa, Tanzanian, Kenyan, Swahili, Tabla, Indian chants, Flutes, Bongo Flava, Fun. 03:28
Rajah Dancing - A. Zakumera World - African, World, Positive, Exotic, Percussions, Electric bass, Electric guitar. Africa, East Africa, Tanzania, Burundi, Kenya, Ruwanda, Egypt, Morocco, Indian, Swahili, Tabla, Flute, Percussion. 03:18
Salome - A. Zakumera World - African, World, Positive, Festive, Percussions, Electric bass, Steeldrums. Africa, East Africa, Tanzania, Burundi, Kenya, Ruwanda, Egypt, Morocco, Indian, Swahili, Tabla, Indian, Congas, Strings. 01:53
Slam Bangra - A. Zakumera World - African, World, Positive, Exotic, Percussions, Electric bass, Steeldrums. Africa, East Africa, Tanzania, Burundi, Kenya, Ruwanda, Egypt, Morocco, Indian, Swahili, Tabla, Sitar, Flute, Guitar. 02:22
The Birds - A. Zakumera World - African, World, Positive, Festive, Steeldrums, Percussions, Organ. Africa, East Africa, Tanzania, Burundi, Kenya, Ruwanda, Egypt, Morocco, Indian, Swahili, Tabla, Flute, Zuk, Rumba, Saxophone, Harp, Bells, Happy. 01:54
Tick - A. Zakumera World - African, World, Heroic, Positive, Percussions, Electric bass, Electric guitar. Africa, East Africa, Tanzania, Burundi, Kenya, Ruwanda, Egypt, Morocco, Indian, Swahili, Tabla, Hip Hop, Flute. 01:36
Bongo East - A. Zakumera Electro, World, Mysterious, Panoramic, Percussions, Synth, Xylophone. Africa, East Africa, Tanzania, Burundi, Kenya, Ruwanda, Egypt, Morocco, Indian, Swahili, Tabla, Sita, Pads, Hip Hop. 02:03
Cina - L. Machaba World - African, World, Positive, Suspens, Percussions, Electric bass, Bells - Chimes. East Africa, Tanzanian, Kenyan, Swahili, Tabla, Indian chants, Flutes, Bongo flava, Fun. 02:10
East meets west - A. Zakumera World - African, World, Positive, Festive, Percussions, Whistle, Electric guitar. Africa, East Africa, Tanzania, Burundi, Kenya, Ruwanda, Egypt, Morocco, Indian, Swahili, tabla, Zul, Kwasakwasa, Rumba, Happy, Fiesta, Party, Trumpet. 02:04
Juaje - A. Zakumera World - African, World, Positive, Adventure, Percussions, Electric bass, Electric guitar. Africa, East Africa, Tanzania, Burundi, Kenya, Ruwanda, Egypt, Morocco, Indian, Swahili, Tabla, Zuk, Rumba, Pads, Brass. 02:21
Kijusi - A. Zakumera World - African, World, Positive, Adventure, Percussions, Electric guitar, Electric bass. Africa, East Africa, Tanzania, Burundi, Kenya, Ruwanda, Egypt, Morocco, Indian, Swahili, Tabla. 05:08
Latin American Game - S. Sibanda Electro, World, Dynamic, Synth, Choir. Less drums Mix. African, South African, drums, percussions, sports, action, energetic, dance, carnival, chase, action sequence, sports, boxing, energetic, stadium, big drums, chant, soccer. 02:30
Maskandi Ace - S. Sibanda Electro, World, Ethnic, Percussions. Less drums with crowd Mix. African, South African, drums, percussions, sports, action, energetic, dance, carnival, chase, action sequence, sports, boxing, energetic, stadium, big drums, chant, soccer. 03:37
Arnei - P. Gawlik Monumental dark Synth drone accompanied by airy Reverbed Female Vocalise 03:15
Spirit of Blue - A. Rejman Moody ostinatos by prepared Piano and Harp 03:54
Spirit of Blue - K. Jankowska Reverbed, ethereal Female Voice over ostinatos of prepared Piano 03:54
Mulata - GD 78 Between Tango and Bachata sung by a male voice. Accordion, guitars and percussion. Latin dance song, party, Cuba. 03:42
Milonga - GD 78 Bachata, tango, salsa with spoken male voice and female vocals sung. Sensual, festive and relaxing. Cuba. 03:44
Malibu - GD 78 Aerial, calm and repetitive world music with acoustic guitar, percussions, electric bass, accordion, synthesizer and sensual female voice. 03:36
Element - GD 78 Acoustic guitare, singing, and ethnic instrument speaking on cool background. 02:42
Asteroid Blues - A. Mazure Melody slow and melancholic accordion. Background of violins. 01:23
Hills At Sunset - R. Bednarczuk Slow, Dreamy, Atmospheric Pipe flowing motif. String pads 02:27
Mountain Pass - R. Bednarczuk Joyful Pipe melody. Slav folk inspiration. 02:01
Stream Flowers - R. Bednarczuk Dreamy, Atmospheric flute melody with harp. Slav folk inspiration. 02:07
Summer Evening - R. Bednarczuk Orchestral Fantasy. Ethnic influence. 02:17
Eco Warrior - T. Stoilkovski Nature flows into a rocking and stomping guitar fueled coolness with slide guitar and a warrior attitude. Changing Planet. 02:24
Dark Secret - R. Luczak Mystery, Bizarre, Ethnic theme.Tense. Mystic atmosphere 02:56
Look Into My Eyes - G. Bozewicz Bandoneon theme over elegant orchestration 02:09
Reflection Mood - G. Bozewicz Suspended string backings and expressive Bandoneon theme 02:29
Warm Evening - G. Bozewicz Elegant interlacing melodies of Bandeon and Piano 02:12
Lamborghini - D Agostino Light and popular waltz. 01:55
Provence - D Agostino Intro acoustic guitar and percussions. 0'47 Drums. 1'27 Melody on acoustic guitar. 02:55
Our Lives - D Agostino Acoustic guitar duo. Mediterranean dance. 02:52
Mosca - D Agostino Guitar played in harmonics, harp and choir. 02:09
New York Fashion - D Agostino Solo harp. Traditional melody. 01:38
Oceania - D Agostino Percussion atmosphere and drums. 05:21
Oceania Part 1 - D Agostino Percussion atmosphere and drums. 03:45
Oceania Part 2 - D Agostino Percussions solo. 02:33
Missing Person - D Agostino Trio with 2 guitars in Spanish style and a E.bass. 02:21
Winter Ghosts - D Agostino Slow intro with a panoramic Spanish guitar accompanied by a violin synthesizer. Added percussion and flute at 2mm50 with tempo acceleration. 04:01
Love of my Life - D Agostino Spanish atmosphere, Spanish consonant guitar trio. Al Di Meola, Lucia Paco, John Mc Laughlin. Stop break at 1'41. 03:09
Jamaican Feathers - D Agostino Rhythmic of several percussions, melody played with an ethnic instrument. 04:16
Gipsy Ways - D Agostino Jazzy guitar duo, folklore colors from South America .. 01:57
Good For Nothing Messages - D Agostino Like a Neapolitan song. 01:38
House of Mirrors - D Agostino Darbuka. Short melody session with oriental colors. 01:22
Dark Lotus - D Agostino Funky rhythm with drums and bass slap, and Chinese ethnic instruments like koto and flutes. 03:28
Deja Vu - D Agostino Solo guitar and rhythmic gamelan. Airy, stripped. 04:15
Bodyguard Sale - D Agostino Mediterranean, Greek or Italian music. Repetitive melody, dancing and lively. 02:08
Cakewalk - G. D Agostino Latin ambience, South America. Repetitive Rhythmic and Acoustic Guitar Solo. Percussion atmosphere at 2'16. 04:07
Agharti - G. D Agostino Slow evolution of a world atmosphere, melody and solo on the acoustic guitar then saturated. Edit Point at 2'21. 05:51
John Dee - D Agostino Percussion and improvised theme of acoustic guitar. Panoramic, relaxing, nostalgic. 03:52
Senso Tango - M. Sweeting Clarinet solo, piano, violin, cello. A good hotel lounge together play for a sensual dance where seduction is part of the game. 02:55
Sensual Bossa - M. Sweeting A short bossa nova them, sensual. Acoustic guitar, electric guitar solo, bass, percussion, woman singing voice in the back ground. 01:15
Anxiety and Fear - R. Bednarczuk Interweaving violin melodies 02:50
From The Eastern Frontiers - R. Bednarczuk Hurdy Guardy theme over light melodic ostinatos 05:15
Journey Through Seven Seas - P. Gawlik Ambient. African atmosphere. Female voices. 04:58
Trip To Africa - P. Gawlik Ambient. African atmosphere. Female voice. 04:14
Weather In The World - R. Luczak Pulsing, Space synth theme 30' short version 00:36
Orientis partibus - UBK Morin khuur or horse-headed vielle. Diphonic singing in old language, organetto. 03:55
Stella Splendens - UBK Intro Morin Khuur or horse-headed vielle and organetto. Vocals chanted in Latin. Shells, cymbals. 03:18
Theme Cretois - UBK Intro in long notes of Morin Khuur or horse-headed vielle, melody to organetto. Percussion. 02:55
Voulez-vous que je vous chante - UBK Melody played in the unison of organetto and Morin Khuur or horse-headed vielle. Sounds of percussion. 03:37
Le Cheval - UBK Morin khuur or horse-headed vielle. Overtone mongolian singing. Organetto. Slow acceleration. Edit point at 2'43 Neighing. 03:32
Lueurs - UBK Organetto, slow melody of Morin Khuur or vielle with horse's head, dubbed at the organetto. 04:16
Au Renouveau - UBK Jew's dance, melody and accompaniment on the organetto, percussions, Morin khuur or horse-headed vielle. 04:02
Buura - UBK Morin Khuur or horse-headed vielle, organetto. Mongolian diphonic singing. Slow dance. 02:40
Cantiga - UBK Intro slow litany sung. 0'27 Staccato of Morin Khuur or horse-headed vielle, organetto, percussion. 02:05
Dans la taïga - UBK Morin Khuur or horse-headed vielle for the melody, accompaniment on the organetto. Mongolian diphonic singing. 06:50
Dyngyldai - UBK Rhythmic Morin Khuur or horse-headed vielle for the melody, accompaniment on organetto. Medieval drum. 1'41 Mongolian diphonic singing. Unrestrained race, wild horse. 03:50
Amour De Loin - UBK Recitative sung of a love story. Confession of a lover. Morin khuur. 05:36
Polish Hop Hop - G. Suski Funny, Humorous theme 02:31
Russian Coctail - G. Suski Funny, Grotesque theme, Male voice 03:05
Smile Please - P. Gawlik Quirky, Fun theme with female voice 02:32
Eastern City Center - R. Luczak Poignant flute sequences over light bass drum loop 01:58
Modern Art 1 - M. Litwinski Delayed syths woodwinds melodies with electric violin 01:38
Mountains - R. Bednarczuk Pipe, strings for Landscape, Nature. Emotional theme 01:11
Nothing New - R. Bednarczuk Repetitive marimba motif, strings, pipe for Natural World Beauty, Atmospheric 05:00
Vision Of Beauty - R. Bednarczuk Expressive Flute with Strings for Landscape, Natural World Beauty, Wonderment, Documentary 02:48
Dark Matter - R. Smolinski Bass guitar solo, world folklore influenced warm melodics 01:16
Impression At Night - R. Smolinski Afternoon in the nature. Open land, broad landscapes world folklore influenced melodics. Flute solo over ambient basses 02:28
Reverie - J. Smyk Soprano saxophone solo, wide, reverbed, in mountains under the sun 01:53
Don t Walk Away - GD 78 Look like Madonna's song Spanish Lullaby. 04:34
Dance With Love - GD 78 Rajat Bindra (DJAar). Intro of sitar and electric piano, drum box. Groovy waiting. 03:14
Jazzy - P. Gawlik Laid back. Happy melody. Female voice 03:08
Geisha - F. Bégnon Melody in oriental colors with synth and acoustic guitar. Gong. Violins. Choirs of men. 01:25
Bosons - F. Bégnon Electronic Bossa. Electronic drums and percussion, synth bass, electric guitar for accompaniment and theme. 02:43
You Like It - J. Goodwin Groove - Funky quirk horns and vocal samples. 00:58
Persiala Major - J. Goodwin Drama - Eastern drama with vocal samples. 01:40
Final Sunshine - J. Goodwin Dansant, dialogue guitare et cuivres, coloré. 00:43
Avalon Forest - J. Goodwin Fantasy Drama - Celtic female, strings and piano. 06:01
Our Heartland - T. Stoilkovski Bagpipe Scottish feel melody playfully dancing with pop sensiblity and passionate strings. 02:05
Satib - G. D Agostino Darbouka. 1mn44 de percussions puis 3mn d'ambiance lounge. 04:33
La Magra - G. D Agostino Sensuelle, méditative, majestueuse. 05:11
Salami - G. D Agostino Italie, Sicile, Grèce. Ritournelle sensuelle et comique. Enfant, comédie. 02:54
Strangers In The Dark - G. D Agostino Duo de guitares espagnoles. Flamenco. Intro lente puis pop @36s. 01:56
Tangerang - G. D Agostino Répétitive, transe. Oriental, Afrique. Darbouka. 06:22
The Chase - G. D Agostino Danse traditionnelle. Italie, Sicile. Répétitive, fête. 02:15
Tijuana - G. D Agostino Printanière et positive. Romantique et fleur bleue. 04:18
Trance Piece - G. D Agostino Transe, répétitive. Fusion. Suspens, mystérieuse. 04:16
Tresor - G. D Agostino Exotique, transe, méditation. Ambiant, country. Printanière. 02:57
Yiddish Song - G. D Agostino Transe, psychédélique, Inde, raga. Piano Wha wha. 03:48
Ora La Va - G. D Agostino Danse traditionnelle. Sicile, Grèce, Italie. Sensuelle. 02:17
Paco - G. D Agostino Tango. Espagnol, flamenco. Printanière. 02:53
Mandolin Moonlight Serenade - G. D Agostino Ballade Sensuelle, romantique. Calme. Italie, Sicile. 02:16
Marley Reggae - G. D Agostino Un coté flamenco espagnol. Héroïque, romantique, sensuelle. 02:43
Forest Dance - G. D Agostino Pop, fusion entre Carlos Santana et Pink Floyd. Année 70. 05:51
La Ferrina - G. D Agostino Contemporain, jazz, urbaine, répétitive, transe, pop années 70. 04:44
La Furlana - G. D Agostino Italie, Sicile, printanière, danse traditionnelle, aventure, sensuelle, romantique, joyeuse. 02:58
Dubai - G. D Agostino Romantique, légèrement mélancolique. Détente. 03:52
Espresso Shot - G. D Agostino Italie, Sicile, Grèce. Nostalgique, lyrique, ballade. 03:40
Fire And Ice - G. D Agostino Italie, Sicile, médiéval. Danse traditionnelle. 02:09
Cagliostro - G. D Agostino Romantique, le soir au coin du feu. Italien, Sicile. 05:26
Culture Club Reggae - G. D Agostino Printanière, caraïbe, Sega. Danse, fête. 03:17
Mexican Fiesta Groove - T. Stoilkovski Happy, hot and gypsy styled mexican traditional flamenco tune with a modern based groove driving the beat. A night long fiesta on the shores of the beach. 03:08
Far East Dream - T. Stoilkovski Relaxed far eastern mood encompassed with strings and traditional instruments 02:20
New Destinations - T. Stoilkovski Eastern mystique meets urban salsa packed in percussive, positive pop. 02:38
Funky Zorba - T. Stoilkovski One part gypsy strummed guitar, one part funky groove with lead guitar interplay and lots of Mediterranean spice. A cocktail of European fun right in the heart downtown. EP @ 0'42. 02:06
Bridge To You - T. Stoilkovski Asian tinged deep chill out with ambient groove, cello and warm organ. 04:13
Springtime Ident - L.J. Cedar A short ident or sting. Good for corporate logo. Sting, Ident, Logo, Cool, Corporate. 00:06
A Clapapella - L.J. Cedar Acoustic track made with Hand claps, finger snaps, hand rubs and finger taps. Acoustic, Esoteric, Rhythmic, Offbeat, Lighthearted, Carefree. 00:41
African Skies - L.J. Cedar Optimistic and playful marimba track, perfect for a food/product TV commercial.. Ethnic, Light, Fresh, Refreshing, Upbeat, Optimistic, Playful. 00:31
After A Cloud - L.J. Cedar Moving sound collage of electric guitars and reverse female vocals.. Optimistic, light, ambient, original, positive, Cocteau Twins. 00:44
Com Minhas Orelhas Eu Posso Ver - L.J. Cedar Uplifting South American Latin, Brazilian dance track with added 80s feel and male vocal.. Brazil, Salsa, Merengue, South America, Upbeat, Summery, Feelgood, Acoustic, Pop, Energetic, Vivacious, Latin, Latino. 03:53
Dexterity - L.J. Cedar Cool Pnemonic, great for corporate company logo or sting.. Positive, Friendly, Up, Confident. 00:04
Ocean Of Joy - L.J. Cedar Dreamlike mantra track with Tibetan Choir and spoken voice. Good for meditation yoga.. Meditative, Calm, Uplifting, Ambient, Dreamy, Melodic. 02:16
Drovagi - J. Pelizzari Shakuhachi or ethnic flute, acoustic piano and calm and wide violins. Air. 02:36
Dzernia - J. Pelizzari Cymbalum and orchestral violins. Melody played by an ethnic instrument. Duduk or Zokra. Airy. 02:30
Medzari - J. Pelizzari Ethnic instruments type Ney, Qanun, Kemanche, Chagane, on synth inback ground. Oriental ambience, majestic, lyrical. Meditation. 02:22
Sirounia - J. Pelizzari Ethnic instruments type Kouitra or Sitar and Ney, violins. Slow, oriental atmosphere. 03:08
Sukota - J. Pelizzari Dialogue between an Erhu or Chinese violin and a koto, crystal percussion. Wide synth in background, discreet. 03:40
Zakar - J. Pelizzari Ethnic instruments type Duduk or Zokra, Kouitra, Sitar or Cymbalum and Ney and background of violins. Arrhythmic. 03:24
Zenichaz - J. Pelizzari Ethnic instruments type Duduk or Zokra, Kouitra, Sitar or Cymbalum and Ney and sheet of violins. Arrhythmic. 03:40
Herenza - J. Pelizzari Ethnic instruments type Chinese violin, Erhu. Background synth. Melody doubled on violins. 03:17
Askarel - J. Pelizzari Wide and calm background synth, melody played with oriental violins, crystal percussions. 04:08
Azadir - J. Pelizzari Violins in background and ethnic violin. Other ethnic instruments type Kemanche, Chagane. 03:36
Chaghen - J. Pelizzari Violins wide and soft, ethnic violin. Ethereal melody. Violin solo. Ethnic instruments type Kemanche, Chagane or Erhu. 03:35
Anvarleili - J. Pelizzari Song and ethnic violin with oriental phrasing for the melody. Large orchestral phrases of oriental violins. Cimbalom. 05:00
Adonizia - J. Pelizzari Choirs, birds. Theme on the vocoder. Bass synth, electric piano. Melodica. 03:24
Sirius - O. Olsen Percussions and fast drums, tubular bells, brass and violins with tense harmony, anxiogenic effects. 1'12 break, choirs. 02:22
Fight Game - O. Olsen Rhythmic drums toms. Violins in tense harmony. Ostinato of cello and double bass. Ethnic flute and instruments. Edit point at 1'06 break. 02:21
Hot Under The Moon - O. Olsen Percussion and drums, shaker. Melody to the flute, marimba. Indian Sitar, tabla. 01:24
Requiem Warrior - O. Olsen Deep note of double bass, oriental oboe, timpani, violins, choirs. 02:04
The Celtic Legend - O. Olsen Harp, flute, violin. Adventure, chivalrous, heroic. Edit point at 2'01 Percussion, brass instruments. Tragic, sad. 03:41
Zum Zum - M. Madoré Medieval country. Guitar picking and Brazilian percussions, kalimba and flute, violin. Exotic, party. 02:20
Ma'Hé - M. Madoré Sequence of percussive instruments. Marimba. Melody on flute. Oriental ambience, India and ancient Greece. Psychedelic, tribal, trance. 05:33
Petit Cabri - J-M Boiteux Steeldrum ritournelle, percussion and drums. 02:30
McBeth - J-M Boiteux Deep, repetitive and slow synth. Bagpipe. 1'48 Tambourine and fast percussion. Funeral march, disaster, end of battle. 04:56
Kalimnos - J-M Boiteux Melody played with 2 mandolins. Oriental tambourine or rikk. Ostinato of bass. 04:37
Kirikou - J-M Boiteux Set of rhythmic and melodic percussions for a short theme. 00:28
Biko - J-M Boiteux Percussion, monodic bass, a repetitive mandolin and one for the melody. 02:23
Calle Negra - F. Zgorski Afro Cuban Such as Comparsa. The comparsa is a collective dance of march, which originates in the secular festivals of the slaves during the Spanish colony, especially in the day of the kings. 02:15
African Travel - F. Zgorski Afro Cuban Such as Bembe. The Bembe are a Kongo ethnic group. The Bembe was originally a profane rhythm, the term Bembe is also used to designate a celebration or festivities with totally popular character. Congas. 03:18
Bongo Salvage - F. Zgorski Afro Cuban such as Changui. The Changui is a musical genre born about 1860 in the eastern part of Cuba. His instruments, the tres, the marimbula, the maracas, the guiro or guayo, metal vegetable rape, rubbed with a baguette and the bongo. 02:44
Deep Congo - F. Zgorski Haitian Style such as Vaccine. The Vaccin are the rhythms played for the carnival. 03:06
Havana Street - F. Zgorski Afro Cuban Such as Guaguanco rumba. The tumbadoras being the drums of Congolese origin serving rituals of Bantu origin palo, makuta, garabato. Transformation of barrels without the bottoms and on which are stretched dried animal skins. 03:20
Killing Mountain - F. Zgorski Afro Cuban Such as Palo Matanzas. The Palo is an Afro-American syncretic religion practiced in Cuba, close to Santeria and Candomble, it is African shamanic beliefs mixed with elements of spiritism, magic and Catholicism. 02:51
Rumba 21 - F. Zgorski Afro Cuban Such as Guarapachanguero. Cuban rhythm born in 1984. It is elaborated on the basis of the Guaguanco within the group Chinitos. 02:15
Set With Pearls - F. Zgorski Afro Cuban Such as Guiro. Of the Bembe family. Its name comes from the güiro name given to the calabash in Cuba, calabash which is used to make the Shekéré. 02:14
Speedy Highway - F. Zgorski Afro Cuban Such as Makuta. Originally, the Makuta accompanied the coronation ceremony of the kings congos in Africa. Used in the 19th century in the cabildos of Cuba, it went from ceremonial music to ritual and sacred music. 02:37
Sticky Stick - F. Zgorski Afro Cuban Such as Palo Havana. The Palo is a Congo tradition brought to Cuba by the slaves in the sixteenth century. The practice revolves around a central theme, the nganga, constructed according to a very precise ritual invoking the dead and forces of nature. 03:12
Conversation Chaleureuse - F. Zgorski Haitian Such as Ogu. Until very recently, voodoo represented the religion of the majority of the Haitian population. It is a set of African beliefs originating in particular from Dahomey and Nigeria that mingle with Catholicism. 03:24
Juba - F. Zgorski Haitian Such as Juba. Rhythm of the Dead. It is played during commemorations or burials, it is a gued ryhme the dead whose prince is Baron Saturday. 02:41
Red Tambor - F. Zgorski Afro Cuban Such as Columbia Havana rumba. Rumba is a Cuban musical genre, made of songs and percussions, which developed in the 19th century in the Afro-Cuban circles of the capital, Havana. 02:54
Salty Meringue - F. Zgorski Haitian Style such as Vaccin. The Vaccin are the rhythms played for the carnival. Congas. 02:55
Senze Trip - F. Zgorski Afro Cuban Such as Columbia Nongo. Columbia nongo is traditionally the first columbia created. She is native of Savanilla a small town next to Matanzas in Cuba. 02:36
Questions orientales - A. Jamot Ostinato of pizzicato, effects of oriental flute. 0'23 Rhythmic electro, Synth guitar theme with oriental colors, oboe. Suspense 04:52
Les fourmis technologiques - A. Jamot Like a batucada. Solo of different rhythmic instruments. Edit point at 1'39 kick. 03:51
The End - M. Bedot Ambient acoustic guitar and accordion. Melodic and rhythmic. 01:38
Achal Cuchi - M. Bedot Intro ternary rhythm, cora and drums. Several breaks with intervention of different ethnic instruments as well as cora, trumpet, cymbalum and acoustic piano. 04:31
Dream Catcher - C. Mathieu Progressive rock drum. Strange song. Ethnic instruments, drums. Edit point at 0'59 and 1'25 break and crescendo. 02:15
Ovoe Jungle Jazz - P. Gaillard Percussion and double bass ostinato. Organ, sensual ethnic flute, soft evolution. 1'17 part B, melody on the electronic piano. 02:11
Biological Clock - P. Gaillard Crescendo of synth, rhythmic of ethnic percussions. Electric piano, bass arpeggios, ethnic violin theme. From 2'19 to 3'06 change of rhythm. 05:00
Vendetta - H. La Guerche Folklore and sirtaki. Discrete bass and drums. Calm. 03:20
The Door Of Return - C. Nouailhaguet Theme on ethnic flute, percussions and deep drums, violins and orchestra. Edit point at 0'30, break. 00:57
Sanza Western - F. Zgorski Sequence of Kalimba. Tribal Rhythmic offset, mix of drums and percussion. Polyrhythm. 04:26
Early Spring From China - Chuang Yin Ge Fête des premiers bourgeons. Chine. 02:07
Joyful Chinese Countryside - Li Ke Fête au village. Chine. 01:09
Early Morning With You - Wu Le Aurore et réveil de la nature. Ambience et percussions. Chine. 02:50
Frontier Impression - Wu Le Danse folklorique évolutive. Chine, orient et autres pays. EP @ 0'53. 02:18
Joyful Time - Wu Le Petite chinoiserie. EP @ 52s avec point d'orgue et final. Chine. 01:03
Such A Beautifull River - Wu Le Révérences, paysages calmes. Marche, danse lente. Chine. Shamisen, koto. 02:38
Truly Yours My Love - Wu Le Promenade romantique en barque sur le lac avec les cygnes. Sonorités asiatiques, koto, shamisen. 02:37
Chinese Era Folk Music - Liu Yan Chrisg Deep forest asiatique. Chine. 02:14
Dong Ting Lakeside - Chuang Yin Ge Promenade. EP @ 0'28. Chine. 02:10
Xinig Sad Melody - Chuang Yin Ge Quète ou jardin orientale. Chine. 02:02
Impression Of Guang Dong Province - Wang Xin Balade ethnique. Guang Dong. Chine. 01:38
Joyful Journey - Chuang Yin Ge Beauté champètre. Chine. 02:11
Light Like The Wind - Wu Le Méditation, rêveries, jardins et paysages. Chine. 01:50
Looking For You - Wu Le Images évolutives, envolées, paysages et scènes asiatiques. EP @ 3'15. Chine. 05:38
My Old Home - Wu Le Intro ambient new age, suite country pop. Chine. 02:43
Mysterious Bamboo Forest - Li Ke Aventure en fôret profonde. 02:10
When America Meet China - Chuang Yin Ge L'empire du soleil levant. EP @ 0'28. Chine. 02:10
Bird Singing In Osier Trees - Wang Xin Comment cultiver son jardin secret chinois. 01:17
Chinese Countryside Impressions - Li Ke Percussions asiatiques, répétitif. Chine. 01:48
Chinese Countryside Scene - Long Yun Scène de vie quotidienne, instruments traditionnels. Chine. 02:25
Chinese Folk Song - Long Yun Sur un air chantant, violons et instruments traditionnels. Chine. 02:43
Chinese Hometown Melody - Chuang Yin Ge Tradition, modernisme et beauté. Chine. 02:06
Chinese Light Wind - Wu Zhi Yan Chris Grand orchestre asiatique. Chine. 03:01
Chinese Percussion Festival - Li Ke La fète du dragon rouge. Chine. 01:18
Festivity In Pyongyang - Wu Le Festif et joyeux. Version 30S. Chine. 00:26
Fuzhou Little Creek - Wu Le Ballade printanière et fraiche avec orchestre symphonique par endroit sur fond de ruisseau. Chine. 05:08
Goodbye Time - Wu Le Slow du canton. 03:43
Great Quiet Mountain - Wu Le Ballade traditionnelle. EP @ 2'05 Fin puissante. 02:18
Green View - Du Ke Nature, campagne, jardin secret. Fin orchestrale. Chine. 03:21
Happy Face In Time - Wu Le En avant les p'tits soldats. Majorettes ou pompom girls. 01:26
Harvest Time - Wu Le La grande vadrouille ou le temps des moissons, film des années 70. Chine. 01:01
Impression Of Old Town Beijing - Wang Xin Promenade dans le vieux Pékin. Chine. 01:45
Impression Of Qing Hai Province - Wang Xin Sacrifice, tension, néoclassique. EP @ 0'39. QingHai Chine. 02:24
Impression Of Tibet - Wang Xin Intro ambient, EP @ 60S. Percussions, batterie flute et ouverture. 03:37
Impression Of Yun Nan Province - Chuang Yin Ge Danse, ballet traditionnel. Chine. 02:27
Jiang Nan Melody - Chuang Yin Ge Positif, mélodie occidentale et sonorités asiatiques. Chine. 02:10
Light Fly - Wu Le L'aventurier tranquille. EP @ 1'19. Chine. 03:10
Sensation In Yinchuan Palace - Wu Le Réveil des sens. Ambiance mystérieuse et majestueuse. Chine. 04:25
Smoke In The Desert - Li Ke Plaine aride, solitude. 00:33
Southern China Ambiance - Chuang Yin Ge L'empire du levant moderne. EP @ 0'28. Chine. 02:24
Southern China Daily Sound - Chuang Yin Ge Large, victorieux, nouveu monde. Chine. 02:16
Story And Ballad Singing - Wang Xin A la découverte de la Venise Chinoise 01:49
Summer Night Of Feng Bridge - Wang Xin Bruitages d'insectes puis balade calme, ambient. Chine. 02:35
Sunset Road - Wu Le Musique de chambre moderne. 03:06
Walk In Jiang Nan Garden - Wang Xin Balade dans les jardins de Jian Nan. Chine. 01:48
Wonderful Cheng Du Palace - Chuang Yin Ge Ballet, danse à la cour royale. Traditionnel. Chine. 02:10
Elephant - F. Lebourg Arpeggios of ethnic instruments. Melody played by an ethnic instrument. Duduk or Zokra. 01:21
Acymba - J. Pelizzari Melody played on the piano or the cymbalum. Typical rhythmic tango with double bass, percussion, organ and accordion. Tango electro world, Gotan Project. 02:10
Zafiore - J. Pelizzari Tango musette Such as Gotan Project. Bandoneon and Gypsy violin. 03:08
Guzhen Song - T. Chaze Intro Koto, percussion from the Far East. Edit point at 1'42 Orchestral Violins. Sheng. 02:44
In The Brush - T. Chaze Kalimba, percussion, crescendo of background synth, ethnic flute. Drum roll. 03:08
Isaia - T. Chaze Intro song and ethnic voice, flute. Edit point at 0'22 Rhythmic electro. Men's choirs and women's response. From 1'47 to 2'10 Rhythm change. 03:42
Chinese Folk - T. Chaze Chinese drum roll. Koto. Edit point at 0'47 and 2'01, change of rhythm, melody to ethnic flute and extreme eastern rhythm. 03:04
Wisdom Place - T. Chaze Orchestral, Great Harmony. Ethnic flute. Gong. Eastern. 02:35
Putayam - T. Chaze Indian dance at the Bollywood. Different sound elements of ethnic origin on a rhythmic dance. Version 30s. 00:30
Outside - J-M Cazorla A folk guitar accompaniment, another for melody and solo. Percussions of skin and terracotta. Discreet violins. 02:37
Harmonic - F. Bry Acoustic guitar played as an Indian sitar. Udu or terracotta jar. 01:39
Tribal Bottles - P. Sanchez Garcia Mixes of African percussion, Indian percussion, and a drums. Exchange of solos. 03:31
Click And Smoke - P. Sanchez Garcia Rhythm based on onomatopoeias and sound effects. 01:17
Ethnic Fonck - P. Sanchez Garcia Intro of ethnic instruments, flute. Edit point at 0'22, synth, bass drums, organ, power. A mixture of tradition and modernism. 04:41
Rice Field - F. Niobey Groove light and funky, percussion. Melody with flute and marimba. 02:03
Your Island - F. Niobey Ostinato de marimba, violins, kalimba, acoustic piano theme. Edit point at 1'36 Mystery Phrases. Edit point at 1'36 Mystery Phrases. 03:25
Okaekala - S. Chaffer Didgeridoo, synth effects. Sample ethnic, percussion, rhythmic electro. Psychedelic, ceremonial. 02:37
Didj Game - S. Chaffer Australian rhythm and blues. James Brown guitar and bass and energetic didgeridoo. 02:53
Child India Song - P. Gaillard Indian Sitar, electronic percussion and wide bachground synth. Groove with bass fretless. Melody with an enchanting voice, a child. 1'59 break. 03:36
Lost In Percussions - P. Gaillard Synth sounds effects. Percussion. Rhythmic trance. Edit point at 0'48, 1'28 rhythmic evolution. 02:40
Gizeh Dream - T. Chaze Intro rhythm oud riff. Heavy rhythm and oriental percussions. Edit point at 1'01, double tempo, Duduk, synth sound. 03:05
Karmarama - T. Chaze Tabla, ethnic flute, discreet Synth in background. Progressive construction of a rhythm. 1'25 various disturbing sound elements. Sample of voice. 03:04
Malaya - T. Chaze Percussions in the distance and others more present. African colors. 02:32
Alhambra - T. Chaze Intro ethnic flute, synth background. Several changes of tempos. Reverse cymbals and percussion. Electro rhythm. 02:58
Beduins Move - T. Chaze Intro ethnic flute, darbouka. 0'15 rhythmic ostinato with bass drums and melody on the flute. 1'25 station. 02:38
Bosphore - T. Chaze Rhythmic drums and percussion, bass. Discrete synth, repetitive bass ethnic flute. 03:25
Saravaati Celebration - T. Chaze Intro ambiance indienne, tabla et synthé. Edit point at 0'27 rythme rapide, thème au piano acoustique et réponse aux violons, sitar indien. 1'26 partie B. 03:37
Celtitude - J-M Cazorla 2 acoustic guitars, accompaniment and theme, percussion, violins. Slight rhythmic background. 01:33
Lunna - J. Pelizzari Different sounds of steel drums, flute, toy piano, or crystal bells for a lively, positive melody. 02:51
Irish Warllad - P. Sanchez Garcia Scottish Military Theme, Bagpipes and Snare Drums. 02:33
Balance - J. Greenhow Ostinato rhythmic played by medieval instruments. Melody played on the oboe and response on the acoustic piano. 01:46
Zenith - T. Chaze Darbuka, accordion and percussion. Oud, bass, sample of ethnic voice. Saturated Synth. 03:39
Krishna - T. Chaze Indian sitar, tabla, tampoura and indian oboe. 02:16
Maya's House - A. Roy Tribal didgeridoo rhythmic, bass and floor toms Rhythm. Different solos. 02:56
Title Screen - A. Roy Flute of pan, harp and snare drum. Percussion, men's choir, folk and electric guitar. Western. 01:14
Main Map Part 1 - A. Roy Jew's harp, flute, choirs and Andean percussions. Theme voice mmhh and cello. Traditional ballad. 01:55
Main Map Part 2 - A. Roy Guitar, trumpet and percussion Andean. Violins. Andean folk ballad. 01:55
Cattle Drive - A. Roy Banjo, acoustic guitar and folk rhythm. Dance, far-west. 01:14
Istambul - G. Wilmot Repetitive cymbalum phrase. Darbuka. Duduk. Ankle bells. 02:12
Andalousie - G. Wilmot Acoustic piano, flute and violins. Flamenca Harmony. 02:09
Le Talisman - G. Wilmot Acoustic guitar arpeggio. Percussion and oriental synth. 02:21
Aurore Orange - S. Chaffer Variation of didgeridoo solo. 02:02
Mauvais Esprit - S. Chaffer Didgeridoo, several rhythmic sequences. Esoteric, hovering, captivating. 01:55
Transe Pacifique - S. Chaffer Didgeridoo solo, acceleration, several rhythmic passages settle gradually. 05:08
Autruche Bleue - S. Chaffer Variation of didgeridoo solo. 04:58
Chasse Au Kangourou - S. Chaffer Didgeridoo solo, progressive construction of a rhythm. 04:52
Décantation - S. Chaffer Improvisation of a solo didgeridoo, effects and various sounds. 03:15
Transe-Plantation - S. Chaffer Didgeridoo solo, improvisation on a rhythm. 02:59
Tutti Salsa - J-P Bigourie Cuban orchestra, brilliant brass, percussion, salsa Jingle. 00:10
Chachacha - J-P Bigourie Piano, bass, drums and percussion for a rhythm cha-cha-cha. Melody with flute and vibraphone. Violins and brass. 00:32
Oriental - J-P Bigourie Intro rhythm and violins. Theme with oriental colors also with violins. Theme reproduced by different instruments. Loop. 01:36
India Land - J-P Bigourie Percussion, synth. Theme in unison marimba and flute. 02:59
Travels - J-P Bigourie Intro synth and oud. Edit point at 0'43 Rhythmic. Theme on the ethnic flute. Accordion. 2'43 percussion. 05:13
Mixed Blood - M. Dall Anese Ethnic Voice. Synth sequence. Violins, ethnic instruments. Progressions of rhythm and orchestral blast. 05:22
Sandal Wood - M. Dall Anese Sitar, percussion and choirs. Ethnic Voice. Tabla. 05:14
Suzie One - T. Cahn As a famous koto theme, Chinese percussion and flutes. 01:07
Late Call - P. Gaillard Intro darbouka, rek, douf, lute. Ostinato of bass synth. Ethnic flute, oriental singing. Edit point at 1'55 break drums and percussion. The muezzin of modern times. 04:50
Wah Jungle - P. Gaillard Intro percussions, funky bass and syncopated synth. Theme in synth wah. Ethnic flute. 1'07 bass and percussion break. Improvisation of flute. 03:03
Massai Call Dance - P. Gaillard Intro synth with filter. Bass insistence. Ethnic voice samples. Techno tribal, African trance. 03:45
Afriglia - J. Pelizzari Sound of birds. Rhythm of electric piano. Melody with the trumpet and various interventions of instruments. Guitar, backing vocals. Edit point at 1'46 break. 03:41
Magiska - B. Garcia Reggae band. Melody and solo on guitar. Ska atmosphere and festive brass. 05:08
Native Vibration - T. Chaze Harmony of exotic synth, ethnic voice. Edit point at 0'45 unison synth and voice. 03:13
Tribaloo - T. Chaze African percussions and songs. Repetitive tribal theme. Incantatory, tribal, ceremonial. 02:19
Slade - T. Chaze Synth sequence, Slap bass, rhythmic sound effects. Effects. Theme with oriental influences. 1'01 Heavy drums. 03:12
Aziatica - T. Chaze Synth accent, flute, kalimba sequence and other ethnic instruments. Speech in Asian language, koto. 01:45
Asian Travel - T. Chaze Ethnic percussions. Deep synth, violins, bass flute, horn or ethnic brass. Version 15s. 02:14
Austral - T. Chaze Didgeridoo, crowd and singing. Percussions, marimba and singing in the far. Edit point at 1'18, percussion break. Ethnic flute, acoustic piano and fretless bass for the theme. 2'08 bass disco. 2'38 Voices. 03:33
Un Coin Paisible Dans Le Monde - J-P Vielfaure Violins, ethnic flute and mechanical rhythm. 01:58
Ethnotic - T. Chaze Ostinato of synth and bass. Theme on the violins. Ethnic Sample. 2'04 repetitive synth break. 04:37
Zakat Mind - T. Chaze Intro deep synth, Ethnic song, oud. 0'36 rhythmic electro and riff oud. Edit point at 0'54 flute and ethnic song. 03:34
Mosaica - T. Chaze Synth in background, ethnic flute, oriental harmony. 0'47 percussion, bass, ethnic voice, rhythmic electro. Edit point at 1'21 double tempo. 04:02
Funky Roots - T. Chaze Ethnic jam session and fusion music. 04:29
India Mood - T. Chaze Crowd ambience and percussion. Synth and bass. Ethnic Voices. 1'52 break ethnic instruments. 03:41
Lakdari - T. Chaze Rhythmic funk. Sample theme of voices and dark ethnic instruments. Edit point at 1'50 break bass fretless and lute. Part B saturated guitar. 03:37
Yambottle - T. Chaze Melody blown into a bottle. Synthé années 80. Heavy rhythm. 04:06
Zulu Call - T. Chaze Bass and sequence with ethnic voices. Edit point at 1'24. Quiet part with percussion. 03:27
Engrenage - L. Marie-Sainte Synth Sequence. Improvisation of electronic marimba. Microcosmos industrial. Stellar, sidereal. 01:34
Africa Town - L. Marie-Sainte Rhythmic marimba and urban sounds. 01:08
Tango De Nourdin - L. Marie-Sainte Tango with percussion, castanets, double bass and acoustic guitar. Melody and solo played on guitar. 01:10
Rejoicing - P. Gaillard Noise of wave on the beach. 0'39 percussion, synth and bass, 1'23 rhythm shuffle and melody on electric piano. 03:33
Zouk Beach - P. Gaillard Chords progression on electric piano, percussion and drums. 0'54 melody 1'20, waves on the beach, change of tone. 03:17
Homme De La Mer - P. Gaillard Wave sound, quiet synth, percussion, ethnic instruments. Ethnic Voice. 03:40
Sea Water - P. Gaillard Synth and calm groove, fast shaker. Theme played on the electric piano. Ethnic Voice. Jingle. 00:09
African - P. Gaillard Sounds of seaside. Crescendo of background synth, balafon, percussions, choirs mmhh. 1'04 ternary drums. Melody on the electric piano. 03:23
Arrival - P. Gaillard Wide and calm background synth, shaker, percussions, natural soundeffects. Melody on the synth far away. 03:26
Fishing Dance - P. Gaillard Sounds of seaside, percussion, electric piano, bass and violins. 03:26
Outflute - P. Gaillard Synth effect then rhythmic funky, bass slap. Ethnic flute. 00:18
Forest Ballad - J-M Carbonne Percussion, acoustic guitar, ocarina, bass, drums. Melody on guitar and response on ocarina. 04:03
Oualam - J-M Boiteux Male monodic choirs, singing and ethnic instruments, discreet saturated guitar. Percussion. 03:47
Nichika - J-M Boiteux Ethnic flute solo, short repetitive melody. 01:21
Jardin d'été - J-M Boiteux Koto in arpeggio. Instruments of the Far East. Ethnic Flute, Sheng. 02:12
Bendidi - J-M Boiteux Slow rhythm with natural and remixed percussion. Ethnic female song. 1'37 break. 02:47
Zewitma - J-M Boiteux Ethnic voice, tampura, synth in background. 02:32
Tech Lise - J-M Boiteux Industrial percussive and heavy. Different percussion interventions. 0'46 break. 1'30 talking drum. 02:33
Sedona - J-M Boiteux Ethnic flute, organ, violins. Percussion. 0'60 Electro rhythm. Repetitive theme. 01:49
Tienda - J-M Boiteux Deep synth, percussion, bass, saturated guitar wah wah, synth. Solo of rock guitar. 02:54
Abyss Call - J-M Boiteux Mmhh of male choirs. Repetitive theme on dobro. 02:15
Messe Indienne - J-M Boiteux Atmosphere of prayers. Ostinato of bass, notes of acoustic piano. Violins. Underscore version 2. 01:31
Nora - J-M Boiteux Set of oriental percussions, Darboukas, Bendirs, Duffs, Riqs, Sagattes. 00:48
Ouh Ba ! - J-M Boiteux Dobro, electric guitar, organ, ethnic percussion, tribal cries. 01:09
Radja - J-M Boiteux Tampoura, tabla, melody with the synth in the colors of Far East. 01:07
U-Cavu - J-M Boiteux Repetitive theme on the dobro then on the vibraphone, mmhh of male choirs. 02:28
Zakir - J-M Boiteux Improvisation on different African and Indian percussions. 01:56
India - J-M Boiteux Women's choir and synth. Percussion and rhythm. Melody to the synth and response to the brilliant synth. 01:38
Jan - J-M Boiteux Violins, drums, melody and solo on saxophone, acoustic guitar. 04:20
La Marche Du Lama - J-M Boiteux Rhythmic light synth of flute and guitar. Colors of the Andes. 1'07 Bass. 01:44
Lament Bulgare - J-M Boiteux Choirs, bagkground synth and discreet piano, cymbal. Ethnic songs. 03:00
Temple Of The Sun - J-M Boiteux Cymbal, synth in background, double bass, guitar swells, backing vocals. 01:30
Derviche - J-M Boiteux Dervish of 2 guitars and percussions. Repetitive phrases and improvisation. Acceleration. Gong. 01:35
Morning - J-M Boiteux Intro ethnic sitar and voice. Rhythmic pop, samples of ethnic voices, electric guitar. 1'22 break. 02:04
Malva - J-M Boiteux Sitar, sequence of ethnic instruments, flute, synth. Regular rhythmic bass. Gong. 02:26
Traffic - J-M Boiteux Synth piano, improvisation of a koto, ethnic percussions. 01:54
Miam Miam - J-M Boiteux Drums, bass and guitar theme. Children's song. Creole. 04:17