Musiques avec genre : New-age

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
Aldebaran - P. Di Cioccio Synths Beds, slow melody. Relaxing and dreaming. At 1' new ostinato synth. 02:53
Archernar - P. Di Cioccio Slow timbre variations upon one chord textures. 03:01
Betelgeuse - P. Di Cioccio Synth arpeggio alternating with short four note melody. Retro synths. Vintage Sci-Fi atmosphere. 02:34
Iota Eridiani - P. Di Cioccio The opening repeated solo synth phrase, is followed by a harmonic-rhythmic pattern repeated throughout the song 03:17
Luyten - P. Di Cioccio Rhythmic-harmonic pattern with layered synth insert. Repetitive. 02:56
Orion - P. Di Cioccio Chordal intro then alternating sections with arpeggio Synth. Chordal Outro. Retro synths. Vintage Sci-Fi atmosphere, Underwater documentaries. 03:09
Rigel - P. Di Cioccio Ostinato tune Synth alternating with simple melody. Retro synths. Vintage Sci-Fi atmosphere, Underwater documentaries. 03:09
Sirius - P. Di Cioccio Chordal intro then Ostinato with synth melody. Chordal Outro. Retro synths. Vintage Sci-Fi atmosphere, Underwater documentaries. 03:06
Zeta Reticuli - P. Di Cioccio Ostinato with dissonant chords. Synth melody. At 1'45 Ostinato stops. 02:58
Gamma Phe - P. Di Cioccio Rhythmic-harmonic pattern flowing and pulsing. Repetitive. 03:34
Lalande - P. Di Cioccio Rhythmic-harmonic pattern repeated throughout the piece 02:56
Pleiades - P. Di Cioccio Rhythmic-harmonic pattern repeated throughout the piece 03:03
Emotional Pressure - T. Nijhof Piano solo version. A track with hauling twist with heavy emotional tug and pressure. Piano and electronic sounds. 01:48
Green Heart - P. Di Cioccio Wide Moog melody above a large pad. Music for meditation through the Chakras 05:33
Indigo - P. Di Cioccio Very large Synth melody above a large pad. Music for meditation through the Chakras 05:55
Jewel City - P. Di Cioccio Slow synth arpeggio above a large pad. Music for meditation through the Chakras 03:56
The Blue Throat - P. Di Cioccio Soft frequency changing above a large pad. Music for meditation through the Chakras 04:24
The Orange Way - P. Di Cioccio Soft frequency changing above a large pad. Music for meditation through the Chakras 04:59
The Red Root - P. Di Cioccio Slow pulsing note above a large pad. Music for meditation through the Chakras 03:56
The Thousand Petals - P. Di Cioccio Slow pulsing note above a large pad with large changing frequencies. Music for meditation through the Chakras 04:43
A Jazzy Psalm - M. Biallais Prayer positivized by a jazz style. Female voices, synthesizers, piano, bass and drums. Era, Enigma. 02:25
I'm Flying - M. Biallais Meditative, fantastic. Female voices, hovering synthesizers and harp arpeggio. Dead Can Dance. 04:10
In My Heart Forever - M. Biallais Nostalgic meditation. Female voices, synthesizers and acoustic guitar. 03:34
Paradise - M. Biallais Quiet, mystical, meditative and zen. Male voices, synthesizers, harp and sound effects. 02:32
She Haunts My Mind - M. Biallais Sensual. Female voices, synthesizers, piano ostinato, strings, bass and electro drums. Dead Can Dance, Enigma, Era. 03:34
Sunset Moment No3 - C. Nouailhaguet A reflective sunset moment! A wide synth pad with a beach sound design create a short allegorical sound piece. Synth pad, night beach sound design. 02:17
A Deserted Village - Z. Litwinska Dramatic, Fairy, Mysterious, Duduk and Female Voice 03:39
A Song From a Dream - M. Litwinski Atmospheric, Fairy, Relaxed, Romantic 03:22
A Sunken Temple - M. Litwinski Atmospheric, Fairy, Female Voice, Duduk, Hurdy-Gurdy, Daf 05:06
A Tune for Syria - Z. Litwinska Emotional, Dramatic theme, Duduk and Female voice 03:07
Across the Sea and Mountains - Z. Litwinska Atmospheric, Adventure, Travel, Fairy 08:06
Any Time - A. Urbanowicz Soft, Piano theme, Relaxing. 02:57
Calling the Birds - S. Wieladek Calm, Atmospheric, Pulsing, Fairy, Journey 01:59
Cherry Hills - Z. Litwinska Atmospheric, Mystic, Pulsing, Oriental 04:29
Colour of Sky - A. Rejman Impression, Calm Guitar theme 02:36
Dievas - M. Litwinski Atmospheric, Fairy, Positive, Female, Male Voices, Flute 03:35
Grass Grows Green on a Lithuanian Hill - M. Litwinski Atmospheric, Adventure, Travel, Fairy, Male Voice 04:07
Marching through the Marshes - M. Litwinski Atmospheric, Adventure, Travel, Fairy 06:52
Minimal Art - P. Dabrowski Moody Piano melody over ethnic reverbed percussion 01:43
Nightfall - A. Rejman Reflection, Grand Piano theme over Acoustic guitar riffs accompanied by monochord 03:58
Pop Art - K. Fornalski Pulsing, Expressive Acoustic Guitar theme . 03:40
Rain over Clouds - A. Rejman Minimal piano theme over mysterious guitar 03:35
Rainbow - A. Rejman Reflective Guitar theme. Calm 04:22
Slavic Viola's Yearning - M. Litwinski Dramatic, Emotional, Dreamy, Slavic 03:07
Space Form - K. Fornalski Delicate Guitar sequences and delayed synthesiser echoes accompanied by trumpet solo 03:42
Supu, Supu - M. Litwinski Joyful, Calm, Slavic, Female, Male Voices 04:27
The Joy of Sakuntala - Z. Litwinska Atmospheric, Fairy, Female Voice 02:42
Maya - C. Nouailhaguet Travel soundtrack featuring pan flute and ethnic percussions with a modern twist. Exotic, world beat, epic journey, nature, documentary. Flute at 00:33, edit point at 02:25, break at 03:45, epilogue at 04:26. pan flute, percussions, bass, kora, n’goni, marimbula, synth pad. 05:16
Mournful Moon - C. Nouailhaguet A wistful piano melody with a soft acoustic guitar. Alone and contemplative. Full moon over the water. Theme at 00:53, percussions at 1:19, edit point at 02:25. piano, guitar, strings, percussions. 03:04
Glitch - C. Nouailhaguet Dirty synth bass, nasty dubstep beat and digital glitch fx generating a futurist underground environnement. Sound design glitch fx, electronic drum, big synth, shimmer and larsen guitar. Light version. 00:54
Dandelion Flower - C. Nouailhaguet Rubato piano sustains by waves of violins. Melancholic and light. Theme at 00:29, edit point at 01:00. Piano, strings. 02:07
Dragon s Passage - C. Nouailhaguet Erhu (Chinese violin), Kangling (tibetan horn) and Gamelan. Synthesizer accompanied by large percussions draw a cinematic asian ambience. Erhu at 01:20, edit point at 02:40. Kangling, prayer circle, asian percussions, synth pad, erhu. 04:32
Echo From The Lost Horizon - C. Nouailhaguet Progressive piano construction accompanied by a mellotron sound sequence. Supported with slow tempo electro beat. Edit point at 01:38. Strings, piano, mellotron, electronic drum, synth, sound design echo. 03:20
Hanging Water - C. Nouailhaguet Hang drum and gamelan playing with rhythm sequence generated by some water. Underline by synthetizer and electronic drums. Hang drum, gamelan, sound design water fx, electronic drum, synth. Electro underscore version. 01:55
O Clock - C. Nouailhaguet Ticking clock for light tension. Strings, piano and fender rhodes build a dramatic scene. Edit point at 01:04, clock at 02:08. Fender Rhodes, strings, piano, flute, solo cello, sound design clock fx. 02:36
Rainy Dawn - C. Nouailhaguet Melancholic arpeggiated piano with a saxophone like a soft breath under the rain. Sound design rain fx, piano, synth pad, saxophone. Light version. 02:19
Sleepy Time - C. Nouailhaguet Bright, shimmering and dreamy. Celesta, vibraphone, piano toys, chimes and strings tell a story before sleeping. Edit point at 01:27. Piano toys, bass, celesta, vibraphone, chimes, strings. 02:58
Waiting For Winter - E. Hildebert Cinematic. Tension retained, waiting, worry. Wide, distant, echo. 02:00
Blood And Earth - E. Hildebert Cinematic. Vox Vocoder Version. Folk melody on the violin. Percussion more and more present. Ethnic flute. 03:26
Christmas Jack Trip Hop - E. Hildebert Rhythmic electro and sound images. Mechanical and rhythmic sounds, melody of bells and various instruments. Arpeggios of electric piano. 02:44
Contemplation - E. Hildebert Lightweight synthesizer. Opening, discovery. 03:17
Dark Night - E. Hildebert Drama Suspense. Slow crystalline melody. Synthetic percussions and sound elements. 02:46
Hi Stephen - E. Hildebert Quiet synthesizer with bells, birds, chorus and sound effects. Spatial atmosphere, dreams, interstellar. 03:27
Multiverses In Love - E. Hildebert Quiet synthesizer with bells. Discovery of a new world, grandiose landscapes. 02:04
Planetary Ambient - E. Hildebert Flying synthesizer with bass electronics held. Atmosphere slightly tense. Edit point at 1'30 02:38
Purple Sky - E. Hildebert Melody played on acoustic piano, echo, light rhythm, in the background. 02:18
Simple Weather - E. Hildebert Jingle and background mood for Weather. Arpeggios of light synth, slow melody and artificial drops of water. 03:04
Smooth Melody - E. Hildebert Synthesized notes spaced, wide. Ostinato synth, acoustic guitar notes with echo. 02:52
Transfer Number One - E. Hildebert Exhibitions. Slow sequence of chords and rhythmic sound effects. Anxiety texture, sound effects. 06:24
Confusion in mind - M. Marco Ballad, New age, Calm, Nostalgic, Acoustic piano, Synth. Pads, Sad, Moody, Depressing, Melancholic. 01:30
Airy Voices - A. Rejman Meditative, Moody Piano and Electric Piano phrases with delicate brushes 04:50
Airy Voices - K. Jankowska Meditative, Moody FemaleVoices accompanied by piano and electric Piano phrases with delicate brushes 04:28
Breezy - A. Rejman Piano, Strings and Sythesiser Pads over Smooth and light rhythm section 05:01
Brightness - A. Rejman Romantic prepared Piano/Electric piano melodies with ethereal Guitar 02:32
Brightness - K. Jankowska Romantic prepared Piano/electric piano melodies with ethereal Guitar and Female Voice 02:32
Ethereal - A. Rejman Slow prepared Piano and Harp melodies without Ethereal Female Voice 02:28
Ethereal - K. Jankowska Slow prepared Piano and Harp melodies accompanied by Ethereal Female Voices 02:28
Glow - A. Rejman Acoustic Guitar melodies over Delicate, Romantic Piano phrases and ostinatos 05:33
Good Soul - K. Kucz Slow, Abstract Sounds. Mysterious, Mystical 02:50
Horizon - K. Kucz Atmospheric. Mystic Sound structures 03:00
Levitation - K. Kucz Slow, Abstract, Mystic Cello 02:50
Sleepy Rocks - K. Kucz Slow, Abstract Sounds. Mysterious, Darkness 05:06
Soft Air - A. Rejman Ethereal, Moody melodies and Piano ostinatos accompanied by delayed Sythesiser and Pads 05:25
Soft Air - K. Jankowska Ethereal, Moody Female voice melodies over Piano ostinatos accompanied by delayed Sythesiser and Pads 05:25
Tristea - E. Sielicki Short version.Minimal, Contemporary Textures for Piano, Synth and Percussion Ensemble 00:40
Yes Or No - K. Kucz Atmospheric, Mystic Intro then Mysterious Male Voice 02:46
Andromeda - R. Luczak 30' version. Beautiful Female Vocalise. Atmospheric, Space. 00:31
Draco - R. Luczak 30' version. Calm, Bright, Atmospheric theme. Ethereal Atmosphere 00:33
Fornax - R. Luczak 30' version. Slow, Emotional theme. Ethereal Atmosphere 00:35
Hydrus - R. Luczak 30' version. Beautiful Female Vocalise. Atmospheric, Space. 00:31
Lacerta - R. Luczak 30' version. Slow, Emotional theme. Ethereal Atmosphere. Female Vocalise 00:30
Mensa - R. Luczak 30' version. Atmospheric, Space theme 00:32
Microscopium - R. Luczak 30' version. Atmospheric, Space theme 00:35
Musca - R. Luczak 30' version. Dreamy, Space theme. Ethereal Atmosphere 00:30
Mystic Stars - R. Luczak 30' version. Calm, Atmospheric Piano theme over synths pad 00:38
Norma - R. Luczak 30' version. Dreamy, Space theme. Ethereal Atmosphere 00:31
Reticulum - R. Luczak 30' version. Atmospheric, Bright, Calm theme 00:32
Sagitta - R. Luczak 30' version. Slow, Emotional Space theme. Ethereal Atmosphere 00:34
Moon Sutra - GD 78 Very calm and refreshing atmosphere. Meditation, relaxation, spa. Large spaces, slow panoramic. 13:28
Idea - GD 78 Détente, relaxation, méditation. Fonds marins, espace. 13:13
Frozen - GD 78 Soundscape, Seabed, space, relaxation. New Age. 09:17
At The Stream - A. Rejman Looped and Delayed dreamy piano ostinatos 03:02
Night Time - V. Kuryluk Slow, Restrained Piano ostinatos over moody string arrangement 01:52
Moonlight - R. Bednarczuk Subtle, Delicate String. Mystic Atmosphere 02:57
Romantic View - R. Bednarczuk Delicate, Dreamy Harp, Expressive Cello melody with String pad 02:17
Sleepy Lake - R. Bednarczuk Beautiful, Emotional Cello melody. String pads 01:32
Twilight Light - R. Bednarczuk Fairy, Mystic Atmosphere. Female Voice, Flutes 02:08
Vision Of Nature 1 - R. Bednarczuk Pastoral and Atmospheric Orchestral theme. Flute melody 05:54
Vision Of Nature 2 - R. Bednarczuk Slow, Reflective String theme. Vibraphone, Ethnic Percussion 05:43
Warm Spring - R. Bednarczuk Quiet and Delicate Harp motif. Atmospheric. 03:06
End Of Day - A. Rejman Piano ostinato theme over light strings and brushes 06:24
Night Voices 1 - K. Jankowska Angelic Vocal theme over chillout Electric and Acoustic Pianos and aquiline rhythm section 04:07
Night Voices 2 - K. Jankowska Angelic, Meditative Vocal theme over chillout Electric and Acoustic Piano 04:26
Park Lane - A. Rejman Prepared nostalgic Piano theme over light String arrangement 03:06
Pleasant Afternoon - K. Jankowska Heavier section and melodic Piano themes over Female Voices 07:19
The Pulse Of Wind - A. Rejman Light smooth rhyhm section and repetitive, moody themes 03:02
Little Green Men - D Agostino Meditation texture evolving from 9'30 to an aerial and repetitive rhythm. 21:05
Holy - D Agostino Petit accent au piano solo. Interrogatif, pensif. 01:00
Beautiful Days - A. Urbanowicz Energetic, Optimistic piano theme with syths 01:54
Excuse - A. Urbanowicz Soft, Reflective piano theme. 04:03
Green Landscape - R. Bednarczuk Meditative flute theme over soothing brush section 02:26
Life Is Not Easy - A. Urbanowicz Reflective, Warm piano theme with strings and synth 02:56
Nice Awakening - K. Jankowska Reverbed female voice over chillout, lounge groove 04:52
Sleepy Morning - K. Jankowska Angelic female voice over chillout groove 03:35
What It's All About - A. Urbanowicz Reflective, Emotional piano theme with strings and synth. 01:54
A View from The Top - R. Luczak Delicate, moody piano and strings sequences over light drum section 02:00
Light And Shadow - V. Kuryluk Positive, Synth melody. Atmospheric 01:29
Nothing New - R. Bednarczuk Repetitive marimba motif, strings, pipe for Natural World Beauty, Atmospheric 05:00
Silver Windows - V. Kuryluk Positive, Good afternoon, rest after hard day 01:41
Skyscrapers - R. Luczak Atmospheric, calm sequenced synths over distinctive drum section 02:00
Space Vision - R. Luczak Emotive and Story telling. Soaring piano and guitar theme 01:30
Sunny Reflex - V. Kuryluk Uplifting melodic theme. Ambient, Atmospheric 01:37
Villa District - A. Urbanowicz Atmospheric. Intro of solo prepared piano then with strings 02:07
Vision Of Beauty - R. Bednarczuk Expressive Flute with Strings for Landscape, Natural World Beauty, Wonderment, Documentary 02:48
Falling Stars - A. Rejman Uplifting melodic 03:18
Last Days - A. Rejman Gray, somewhat nostalgic mood, romantic, yet minor key piano, meditative melodies 01:25
Living Colours - A. Rejman Poignant, simple and intimate solo piano 05:05
Make-up - A. Rejman Contemplative and emotional with soft pulsing brushes and string and synthesizer textures, perfect for night car drive 02:34
Meditation - A. Rejman Reflective, meditative, melodic 03:27
Still Life - A. Rejman Delicate, jazzy, smooth piano and strings with soft brushes, ideal for the rest after the hard day 04:48
Mera Jahaan - GD 78 Indian raga with sitar, piano and percussions. Manu Shrivasta Manuality - Mera Jahaan. 02:50
After Twilight - R. Luczak Mystic, Idyllic, Atmospheric, Female voice 02:51
Afterglow - R. Luczak Instrumental version. Atmospheric. Featuring guitar, flute melody 02:45
Folk Picture Blue - D. Zebrowski Atmospheric, Nature, Idyllic 01:54
Folk Picture Green - D. Zebrowski Panoramic, Landscape, Nature, Idyllic, Nostalgic 02:59
Folk Picture Pink - D. Zebrowski Atmospheric, Panoramic, Idyllic 02:54
Folk Picture Yellow - D. Zebrowski Atmospheric, Nature, Idyllic 02:31
Folk Pipe Funny - D. Zebrowski Fun, Snappy, Pipe solo 01:07
Folk Pipe Sad - D. Zebrowski Sad, Atmospheric 01:28
Mist On the Lake - R. Luczak Panoramic, Landscape, Nature, Idyllic, Misty, Lazy 02:34
Morning Dew - R. Luczak Instrumental version. Featuring guitar, oboe 02:05
Mystic Forest - R. Luczak Mystic, Lazy, Atmospheric. 02:49
On Forest Glade - R. Luczak Fairy Tale, Grotesque 02:55
Picturesque Hill - R. Luczak Idyllic, Lazy , Atmospheric, Pastoral 02:35
Sleepy Morning - R. Luczak Sunny, Cheerful, Atmospheric 01:57
Swamp - R. Luczak Instrumental version. Featuring violin, clarinet melody 01:58
Wild Roses - R. Luczak Mystic, Atmospheric 02:13
Witch Land - R. Luczak Idyllic, Atmospheric 03:04
Wonderland - R. Luczak Landscape, Nature, Beautiful 00:15
Geisha - F. Bégnon Melody in oriental colors with synth and acoustic guitar. Gong. Violins. Choirs of men. 01:25
Dublin - F. Bégnon Intro melody and bass synth. Acoustic guitar. Edit point at 1'02 Percussion. 02:06
Savane - F. Bégnon Arpeggio, electro-classical, warmth, Africa, fullness, electric piano 01:16
Inside A Dream - J. Goodwin Fantasy Drama- Trippy strings and bells journey. 05:45
It Came From Outer Peace - J. Goodwin Drama Score - Ethereal epic ambient journey slow. 12:30
Tiburu - G. D Agostino Découverte d'un nouveau monde. Ainsi soit-il. Solo de Flute @ 2mn40. 04:01
Sonata Op 5 - G. D Agostino Piano solo. Méditation, massages, détente, paisible. 04:00
The Ghost In The Shell - G. D Agostino Piano solo. Relaxation, méditation. Ballade matinale en campagne. 02:28
The Piano Temple - G. D Agostino Piano solo. Relaxation, méditation. Ballade. 01:34
Space Age Odissey - G. D Agostino Vortex, méditation, néoclassique. Mystérieuse. 03:22
Goth Gold - G. D Agostino Piano solo. Accords ouverts neutres légèrement mélancoliques. 04:15
Oceans And Sunsets - T. Stoilkovski Floating on the ocean on a perfect day new age organ track. 00:56
Art Of Zen - T. Stoilkovski New Age synth flute percussive tune floating on clouds above. 00:56
Moonlight Piano Piece - G. D Agostino Pentatonics on the piano with some dissonances. Asian atmosphere, China or Japanese garden. Quiet, relaxation, meditation. 02:50
Eon - L.J. Cedar Brian Eno like multi-layered sine wave ambience.. Calm, Ambient, Distant, Alien. 01:12
Island Season - L.J. Cedar Relaxing and slow nylon guitar with a collage of beach sound FX. Ambient, Atmospheric, Laid Back, Cool, Summery Blissful. 00:33
Fragile Water - L.J. Cedar Harp based waltz with modern day feel.. Refreshing, Fresh, Heartwarming, Light, Mellow. 00:33
Heliosphere - L.J. Cedar Ambient, Atmospheric, Laid Back, Cool, Summery, and Blissful. Happy, Joyful, Warm, Heartwarming, Uplifting, Romantic, Familiar. 00:33
Soleil - L.J. Cedar Cool modern Pnemonic bumper, great for corporate company logo or sting.. Positive, Friendly, Up, Confident, Calm, Bright. 00:11
Sudeldack - L.J. Cedar Clean, ambient, layered Sine wave track.. Ambient, Calm and Relaxing. 00:53
Summer Sun - L.J. Cedar Affirmative Pianos with delicate Cello for a spring summertime like feel.. Positive, Classy, Classical, Self Assured, Polished, Summery, Reflective, Charming. 00:41
Symbol To A Buddha - L.J. Cedar Dulcimer melody with Finger Cymbals and Bass Guitar. Spiritual Eastern feel.. Spiritual, Ethnic, Ethereal, Ominous, Angelic, Devout. 00:46
4 Elements - O. Olsen Violins deep, ethnic flute. Melody on the piano and violins. Percussion atmosphere. Interventions of the orchestra. 05:02
Phoenix - O. Olsen Choirs, synth, rhythm coll. Acoustic piano theme. Acoustic guitar. Duduk. Travel, ocean, sailboat, idyllic landscapes, dream. 04:39
Red Sun - O. Olsen Acoustic piano theme. Violins, percussions. Edit point at 1'21, choirs, duduk. 04:23
Wave Of Light - O. Olsen Acoustic piano theme and arpeggios, double bass, tabla, oriental oboe. Edit point at 1'32 Violins, acoustic guitar. 04:09
Drovagi - J. Pelizzari Shakuhachi or ethnic flute, acoustic piano and calm and wide violins. Air. 02:36
Dzernia - J. Pelizzari Cymbalum and orchestral violins. Melody played by an ethnic instrument. Duduk or Zokra. Airy. 02:30
Medzari - J. Pelizzari Ethnic instruments type Ney, Qanun, Kemanche, Chagane, on synth inback ground. Oriental ambience, majestic, lyrical. Meditation. 02:22
Sirounia - J. Pelizzari Ethnic instruments type Kouitra or Sitar and Ney, violins. Slow, oriental atmosphere. 03:08
Sukota - J. Pelizzari Dialogue between an Erhu or Chinese violin and a koto, crystal percussion. Wide synth in background, discreet. 03:40
Zakar - J. Pelizzari Ethnic instruments type Duduk or Zokra, Kouitra, Sitar or Cymbalum and Ney and background of violins. Arrhythmic. 03:24
Zenichaz - J. Pelizzari Ethnic instruments type Duduk or Zokra, Kouitra, Sitar or Cymbalum and Ney and sheet of violins. Arrhythmic. 03:40
Herenza - J. Pelizzari Ethnic instruments type Chinese violin, Erhu. Background synth. Melody doubled on violins. 03:17
Askarel - J. Pelizzari Wide and calm background synth, melody played with oriental violins, crystal percussions. 04:08
Azadir - J. Pelizzari Violins in background and ethnic violin. Other ethnic instruments type Kemanche, Chagane. 03:36
Chaghen - J. Pelizzari Violins wide and soft, ethnic violin. Ethereal melody. Violin solo. Ethnic instruments type Kemanche, Chagane or Erhu. 03:35
Magicaluna - J. Pelizzari Violins soft and far, melody with crystalline and soft sound. Edit point at 1'50, cymbal marking the rhythm. 03:44
Anvarleili - J. Pelizzari Song and ethnic violin with oriental phrasing for the melody. Large orchestral phrases of oriental violins. Cimbalom. 05:00
Hot Under The Moon - O. Olsen Percussion and drums, shaker. Melody to the flute, marimba. Indian Sitar, tabla. 01:24
Remember You - O. Olsen Exotic melodic percussion, cello. Light rhythmic. 02:32
Requiem Warrior - O. Olsen Deep note of double bass, oriental oboe, timpani, violins, choirs. 02:04
La Porte De La Sagesse - O. Olsen Wide and spacy synth, gong, soft percussion, flute. Meditation, relaxation. 03:24
Vue de Byblos - M. Madoré Synth choirs. Sequence, tense harmony. Edit point at 1'13. Percussion, rhythmic in odd bars. 02:37
Vue du Mont Liban - M. Madoré Synthesized Violins. Acoustic piano, fretless bass, acoustic guitar arpeggios. Tense harmony. 04:57
Vue de Beyrouth - M. Madoré Filtered voice synth, guitar chord. Filtered groove slowly appearing. 0'51 heavy pace. Synth effects, texture. 2'57 Quarter of tone. 04:19
Ma'Hé - M. Madoré Sequence of percussive instruments. Marimba. Melody on flute. Oriental ambience, India and ancient Greece. Psychedelic, tribal, trance. 05:33
Interlude - G. Goué Intergalactic diva. Opera from another world. The fifth Element. space musique and rhythmic. 02:12
Pariah - V. Benesy Aerial synthesis, spacy sequence. Arpeggios and acoustic guitar theme. 3'36 slow evolution towards a rhythm of synth very marked. Edit point at 5'51. Rhythmic and harmonic change. 08:31
Dreary Culture - V. Benesy Synth arpeggios and wide texture. 1'14 Bass synth. 06:21
Xca cristal chapelle - A. Jamot Evolutive texture, synth effects, anxiogenic. Large celestial organs. 03:10
Keith, j'arrête! - A. Jamot Pianistic exploration. 01:38
klavier Intermede - A. Jamot Chords progression on organ with delay. 00:40
Mantra des nuages - A. Jamot Sweet synth and spacy, tuning suite. Edit point at 1'31 arpeggios. 02:53
My Mantra - A. Jamot Synths and psychedelic effects. 03:00
La croissance - A. Jamot Tense evolution of long notes. Edit point at 2'45. Saturated guitar. 03:52
La chanson mantra - A. Jamot Slow arpeggios then evolution towards a tense texture. 05:15
Broken Bells - M. Bedot Sound arpeggios of light bells. 0'36 rhythmic. Electric piano. Sound effects. 02:34
Le Lac - H. La Guerche Drums with brushes, double bass. Melody and solo on acoustic guitar, electric guitar answer. 03:55
Between Mountain And River - Wu Le Petit instant de repos. Point d'orgue. Printanier et nature. Onirique. 02:00
Fairy Tales Story - Wu Le Déplacements lents, ralentis, gros plan nature, après la pluie. 02:53
Calm Life - Li Ke Large panoramique, nature. 02:43
Slowly day dawns - Wu Zhi Yan Chris Serein et beau, planant, chant. EP @ 1'54. 03:20
Warm Life At Home - Du Ke Ambiance calme et paisible, neutre. 03:08
Back Image Of Her - Wang Xin Ballade lyrique sensuelle sur un thème de flute magnifique. Version 80S. 01:19
Days Gone By - Wang Xin La vallée ou paissent les moutons. 01:43
Sad Memory - Wu Le Mauvais souvenirs, vague à l'âme. 02:58
Unforgettable Souvenirs Of You - Wu Le Très calme. Nostalgique. Avec clarinette, hautbois, flute et violoncelle. 03:20
Your Love In My Heart - Du Ke Ballade détente au bord du lac. Romantique et nostalgique. 03:23
Missing You So Much - Wu Le Violoncelle triste, harpe et violons. Version 60S. 00:53
New Page Is Turn - Wu Le C'est la fin du voyage, découverte de nouvelles contrées. 01:45
Old Days Memory - Wu Le Lyrisme ou romantisme à l'italienne. 02:20
Beautiful Tomorrow - Li Ke Apparition nimbée puis ouverture. EP @ 1'29. 02:21
Light Like The Wind - Wu Le Méditation, rêveries, jardins et paysages. Chine. 01:50
Looking For You - Wu Le Images évolutives, envolées, paysages et scènes asiatiques. EP @ 3'15. Chine. 05:38
Old Temple - Li Ke Rêveries de protons. EP @ 1'09. 02:19
Bazaar In Guang Dong Province - Wang Xin Activité, variétés. Chine. Boucle. 01:01
Fuzhou Little Creek - Wu Le Ballade printanière et fraiche avec orchestre symphonique par endroit sur fond de ruisseau. Chine. 05:08
Impression Of Su Zhou - Wang Xin En barque dans les cannaux de Zu Zhou. Chine. 01:47
Impression Of Tibet - Wang Xin Intro ambient, EP @ 60S. Percussions, batterie flute et ouverture. 03:37
Memory In Autumn - Wu Zhi Yan Chris Beau et profond, large, prenant. 02:55
Sensation In Yinchuan Palace - Wu Le Réveil des sens. Ambiance mystérieuse et majestueuse. Chine. 04:25
Summer Night Of Feng Bridge - Wang Xin Bruitages d'insectes puis balade calme, ambient. Chine. 02:35
Contrepeterie - F. Lebourg Acoustic synth background, crystalline sound images. Synth sounds. 03:03
Strangely - J-M Cazorla Crystalline synthesizer, percussion of glass bells, timpani and cymbals. 01:25
Espace Interieur - F. Niobey Tremolo of violins, flute, piano. Arpeggios of harp. Theme and answer between all instruments. Version Underscore. 03:02
Separate - F. Niobey Harp in arpeggios, violins. Horn. Theme to the harp. Sober. 03:04
Sculpture Ligérienne - F. Niobey Violins, guitar for accompaniment and melody. Effects of harp. 02:49
Confession Boréale - F. Niobey Wide and aerial synth, acoustic piano theme, harp. Edit point at 1'16 Pizzicati. 03:02
One Short Story - J-P Bigourie Acoustic piano and large orchestra. Timpani, oboe, brass. 01:48
Andians - T. Chaze Several ethnic flutes and a spacing synth. A.Piano for the theme. 03:17
Planitude - J-M Cazorla Synthe spacy, wide, soft. Discreet theme on the oboe, harp arpeggio. Airy, cottony, fragile. 03:20
Vague - J-M Cazorla 2 Guitars in arpeggio and melody, violins. Melody played in oboe. 01:44
Remote Horizons - F. Visconte Ballad pop, melody with the organ. Violins. 02:42
Old Space Vinyl - P. Sanchez Garcia Texture, effects of vinyl. Ethnic Voices. Dreamlike, incantatory. 01:26
There's A Way - J. Greenhow Theme with crystalline synth. Violins, guitar and percussive synth. 03:40
Entwine - J. Greenhow Several disordered synth sequence, synth backgrounds. Dreamlike. 02:57
Ether - J. Greenhow Futuristic texture, evaporated synth, dreamlike, intergalactic. 02:36
Palaver - J. Greenhow Percussive, strange. Piano, percussions, synths, without order. Accelerated view of crowd or ants. 02:28
Après l'orage - G. Wilmot Sound effects, crystalline synthesizer, acoustic piano with delay. 0'52 wide and Synth chords. Harp. Dreamlike, ethereal. Airy. 03:57
Le Jour D'Après - G. Wilmot Intro in chords progression on violins. Melody on the flute. 0'51 timpani and acoustic piano. 01:55
Angelus - G. Wilmot Background of violins, melody with oriental character played on the flute. 01:17
Pays Du Rêve - G. Wilmot Wide and spacy synth, harp. Solo of flute. 03:38
Intergalactica - T. Chaze Synth effects, electric piano with delay. Dialogue between stars. Astral and dreamy. Loop. 00:25
Les Miroirs De Tuzun Thune - B. Reeb Infinite reflections of a simple and majestic musical theme. Inspired by a science fiction novel by Robert Silverberg. Loop 2. 00:17
Transe Pacifique - S. Chaffer Didgeridoo solo, acceleration, several rhythmic passages settle gradually. 05:08
Autruche Bleue - S. Chaffer Variation of didgeridoo solo. 04:58
Onirica - B. Reeb Evolutive low-profile synth. Slow sequence of a crystalline sound. A distant rhythm. 05:25
Corde Imaginaire - B. Reeb Texture and saturated singing guitar, percussive synth sequence. 2'09 harmonic change. 04:12
Haikai 1 - B. Reeb Free view of beach, ocean, waves. Concise and spontaneous music, as are the haiku, improvised Japanese poems. Without rhythm. 02:01
Aurore Boréale - B. Reeb Deep admiration and respectful of the beauty of natural elements. Such as Pink Floyd. 04:12
Agoraphonia - B. Reeb The human adventure, agonizing nothing interstellar. Rich and evocative chords. Brief moments of silence, emptiness of vast spaces. 07:06
Un Vent De Photons - B. Reeb Brightness of the world: Broad waves of chords diffusing clarity and warmth. Flute with mysterious sound, dance in tribute to the Sun. 06:12
Haikai 2 - B. Reeb Music concise and spontaneous, as are the haiku, improvised Japanese poems. Rhythmic light and exotic. 02:45
Suzie One - T. Cahn As a famous koto theme, Chinese percussion and flutes. 01:07
Go To The Oo Base - T. Chaze Synth sequence. Ethical atmosphere. Repetitive, cyclic, dreamlike. 00:45
The Magician - T. Chaze Synthes JM Jarre and orchestral timpani. Travel, clocked, mechanical. '80s. Version 60s. 01:00
Aziatica - T. Chaze Synth accent, flute, kalimba sequence and other ethnic instruments. Speech in Asian language, koto. 01:45
Austral - T. Chaze Didgeridoo, crowd and singing. Percussions, marimba and singing in the far. Edit point at 1'18, percussion break. Ethnic flute, acoustic piano and fretless bass for the theme. 2'08 bass disco. 2'38 Voices. 03:33
Slowly - T. Chaze Air Synth. Percussions metallic and ethnic, piano synth choir. Slow theme. 04:08
Farewell - T. Chaze Synth arpeggio, saturated guitar theme, important synth. 01:25
Prophet - T. Chaze Synth sequence '70s. Flute and acoustic piano. Edit point at 1'22 Powerful rhythm. 03:03
Zooloo - T. Chaze Synth liquid sequence. Regular low synth. Synth violin theme. 1'27 Evolution towards more rhythm, far flute. 03:30
Casca3 - T. Chaze Acoustic piano arpeggios, synth effects, crash cymbal bearing, ethnic wind instrument. 02:08
Impression - T. Chaze Distanced notes of E.Piano abd synth bass. Melody as sweet as a flute. 01:52
Promenade - T. Chaze Arpeggios of synth. Piano and violins. 02:10
Machu Pichu - T. Chaze Percussion, flute and various sound elements on the synth. 01:18
Irs Golf - T. Chaze Drums, percussion and calm synth. Acoustic piano theme, then from the electric guitar. 01:00
Romance - T. Chaze Acoustic piano arpeggios, acoustic guitar theme, bass slide, timpani. Loop. 00:59
Floating Over The Clouds - T. Chaze Crystalline synth, deep bass, violin theme. Version 60s. 01:00
02 Décembre - L. Marie-Sainte Intro acoustic piano then bass and melody on aerial synth. 03:19
Nemo - L. Marie-Sainte Breath, under the sea. Synth sequence and distant choirs. 06:25
Océan - L. Marie-Sainte Sound of waves. Crystalline synthesis. Percussion. 05:05
Mariage À St Jean - L. Marie-Sainte Synth sequence. Electronic percussion. Progressive evolution in harmony and rhythm. 2'34 Voices, children's voices, chromatic chimes, solo. Pink Floyd. Loop. 04:16
Dl Moment - G. Goué Spacy synth, panoramic. Bass Arpeggios. Effects, percussion and cello. 04:14
Medusa - P. Gaillard Sounds of seaside, waves. Fade in of violins, percussions, electric piano. 1'49 bass and drums. 04:45
Rejoicing - P. Gaillard Noise of wave on the beach. 0'39 percussion, synth and bass, 1'23 rhythm shuffle and melody on electric piano. 03:33
Funfair - P. Gaillard Bewitching synth, spacy. Percussions distant. Theme soft and slow, notes laid. 02:58
Nostalgia Subaqua - P. Gaillard Sound of waves. Wide synth, spacy, percussion. 1'13 rhythm. Acoustic piano theme. 03:54
Sea inside - P. Gaillard Percussions, violins. Electric piano theme and arpeggios. Sounds of the sea. 03:23
Sunrise - P. Gaillard Electric piano arpeggios, wide synth and percussion. Ethnic instruments with delay. 03:40
Wind Dream - P. Gaillard Eole dreams. Wind noise. Synthé spacy, percussions. Slow rhythmic, broad ambience. Acoustic piano and violins. 04:00
Romantism - P. Gaillard Percussion, soft synth. Electric piano theme. Edit point at 1'40 Bass fretless, ethnic flute. 03:43
Sea Voices - P. Gaillard Sound of waves. Ethnic percussions. Theme and accompaniment on the electric piano. 03:54
Waves - P. Gaillard Soft and wide synth. Percussion and electric piano. 0'49 drums. Theme played by an ethnic instrument. Celestial, hot, sensual. 03:02
Zenitude - P. Gaillard Sound of waves. Soft synth, sound effects, percussion. The progressive entry of a rhythm. Theme played by a distant organic sound. 04:03
Foggy Day - P. Gaillard Synthé spacy and sound effects. Percussion and calm rhythm. 04:31
Après La Pluie - P. Gaillard Spacy synth, shaker. Synth effects, electric piano. Calm, dreamlike, contemplative. 04:08
Computer Dream - P. Gaillard Wilderness sounds. Synthé planant, sequence of percussions. Tom grave. Theme on the synth. 03:44
A Step In The Light - P. Gaillard Intro quiet and wide synth. Percussion, melody on the electric piano. Aerial, dreamlike, relaxation. 03:45
Awaken - P. Gaillard Sounds of nature, birds and percussion. Soft and wide synth. 04:23
Dream Of You - P. Gaillard Electric piano arpeggio, synth effects, deep percussion. Theme played crystalline synth. 03:51
Kriptonight - P. Gaillard Harmonic suite tended to the synth. Repetitive theme of regular notes. Different sounds. 03:02
Nichika - J-M Boiteux Ethnic flute solo, short repetitive melody. 01:21
Jardin d'été - J-M Boiteux Koto in arpeggio. Instruments of the Far East. Ethnic Flute, Sheng. 02:12
Seize - J-M Boiteux Final pensive saxophone and acoustic guitar 01:58
Zewitma - J-M Boiteux Ethnic voice, tampura, synth in background. 02:32
Idéaux - J-M Boiteux Choirs, wind sound, organ. Theme by an ethnic voice. 02:03
Colentina - J-M Boiteux A folk guitar, melody and flute solo. A discreet slide guitar. 01:47
Lorie - J-M Boiteux Synth Sequence. Theme and solo on saxophone. Ethnic instruments. Edit point at 1'50 bass drums and percussion. 02:43
Malva - J-M Boiteux Cymbal, flute, synth, gong. Sitar riff and ethnic instruments. Slow melody to the synth. 02:08
Marine - J-M Boiteux Chords progression on synth, violons. 02:22
Na - J-M Boiteux Background synth and synth bass sequence. Worried, stripped, astral. 02:50
No Gold Of Fools - J-M Boiteux Melodic, minimalist, accompaniment and solo to the folk guitar. Theme and solo on the soprano saxophone. 01:59
Sedona - J-M Boiteux Ethnic flute, organ, violins. Percussion. 0'60 Electro rhythm. Repetitive theme. 01:49
Sidonie - J-M Boiteux Barrel organ, long notes of cello for melody, double bass, pizz of violins. Theme played on the cello. 03:35
Tienda - J-M Boiteux Deep synth, bass, saturated guitar theme. Guitar wah wah. 03:25
Bullet - J-M Boiteux Ostinato of bass, electro drums. Theme and solo on saxophone. 1'03 break, solo synth. 02:02
U-Cavu - J-M Boiteux Repetitive theme with dobro and counterpoint on Indian sitar and vibraphone. Trance. 02:28
Jan - J-M Boiteux Violins, drums, melody and solo on saxophone, acoustic guitar. 04:20
Lament Bulgare - J-M Boiteux Choirs, bagkground synth and discreet piano, cymbal. Ethnic songs. 03:00
Temple Of The Sun - J-M Boiteux Cymbal, synth in background, double bass, guitar swells, backing vocals. 01:30
Neptune - J-M Boiteux Slow bass synth sequence. Crystalline synth background. 01:56
Andromède - J-M Boiteux Quick synth sequence with round, soft sound. Slow background. 1'14 Backing vocals. 02:17
Gotan Slow - J-M Boiteux Synth in background. Mechanical percussions. Guitar and electric guitar. 04:12