Musiques avec genre : Enfant--com�die

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
Cuban Whistle - P. Gaillard Light, cheerful and catchy melody, whistled and doubled with pizzicato. Some rhythmic elements for a sunny atmosphere. 02:16
A Bench under Pear Tree - S. Bokowy Guitar, Positive, Relaxing 00:37
Baby's Room - S. Bokowy Happy, Humorous, Calm 00:33
Breakfast Cereal - S. Bokowy Happy, Fun 00:30
Enjoy the Calm - S. Bokowy Accordion, Calm, Romantic 00:34
Froglets - S. Bokowy Positive Attitude, Happy 00:37
Home Cooking - S. Bokowy Happy, Swinging 00:34
House Painting - S. Bokowy Clarinet melody, Funny, Swinging 00:32
Mole, My Friend - S. Bokowy Humorous, Funny, Joy 00:43
Rascals at Home - S. Bokowy Humorous, Slapstic 00:27
Short Nap - S. Bokowy Piano, Easy, Calm 00:36
Spring Cleaning - S. Bokowy Guitar, Relaxing, Positive Attitude 00:37
Walking around Home - S. Bokowy Whistle a tune, Happy, Funny 00:35
Weeding and Watering - S. Bokowy Humorous, Happy, Easy-Going 00:31
Where is My Cat ? - S. Bokowy Clarinet melody, Positive, Swinging 00:36
The Little Princess - C. Scozzafava Simple violin solo melody. Rarefied lullaby atmosphere. Childish melody. Useful for Documentaries and Soundtracks. 02:30
The Candy Fairy - C. Nouailhaguet Childlike, lovely and romantic orchestral track, featuring piano, xylophone, flute, little bells and string. Perfect for sweet fairy tales or fantasy. Edit point at 0:48, at 1:00, at 1:33. Piano, xylophone, flute, string, harp, little bells. 02:16
Around - E. Sielicki Funny, Humorous 01:48
Beekeeper - E. Sielicki Humorous, Funny 02:03
Church-fair - S. Bokowy Joyfull, Happy, Easy, Jumping, Horse, Country, Clarinet melody. 02:27
Colour Jugs - S. Bokowy Happy, Joyful, Polka, East and Central Europe 01:54
Courtship - S. Bokowy Joyful, Humorous, Clarinet melody 02:46
Farmers' Market - S. Bokowy Funny, Easy, Polka, Street Fair, Wedding, Pets, Clarinet melody, East and Central Europe, Poland 02:02
Fishwife - E. Sielicki Grotesque, Humorous, Ironic 02:00
Go Go Polka - E. Sielicki Humorous, Funny 02:40
Gossip At the Fence - S. Bokowy Funny, Easy, Humorous, Poland 01:33
Happy Fiddler - S. Bokowy Oberek, Funny, Fiddle and Drums, 02:07
Neighbours - S. Bokowy Funny, Positive, Happy, Clarinet, Accordion, Violin, Piano, Drums, 02:20
Two Beers and Vodka - E. Sielicki Grotesque, Humorous, Ironic 02:04
Cute Puppies - L.J. Cedar A quirky , light and fun classical piece great for Realityor Kids TV show or cute advertising spot. Quirky, Funny, Comedic, Light, Curious, Fun, Sneaky, Reality TV, Cute. Pizzicato Strings, Strings, Celeste, Double Bass, Shaker, Triangle. 01:00
Fat Les - L.J. Cedar An unsual, comedic piece that builds to big crecendo. Perfect for comedic Film, Tv, advertising or trailer cue. Comedic, Fun, Bold, Strong, Dynamic, Quirky, Up, Disney, Drmatic. Synthesizer, Drums, Strings, Choir, Pizzcato Strings, Cymbals. 00:40
Shtup It To Em - L.J. Cedar A quirky, light and fun classical piece great for a reality , comedy or Kids TV show or cute advertising spot. Quirky, Child like, Light, Curious, Fun, Sneaky, Comedic, Reality TV, Cute. Pizzicato Strings, Double Bass, Glockenspiel, Vibraslap, Mouth Trumpet, Finger Snaps. 02:40
Tinkle Twinkle - L.J. Cedar A quirky, light and fun classical piece great for a reality , comedy or Kids TV show or cute advertising spot. Quirky, Funny, Comedic, Light, Curious, Fun, Sneaky, Reality TV, Cute. Pizzicato Strings, Double Bass, Glockenspiel, Vibraslap, Shaker. 01:00
Sleepy Time - C. Nouailhaguet Bright, shimmering and dreamy. Celesta, vibraphone, piano toys, chimes and strings tell a story before sleeping. Piano toys, bass, celesta, vibraphone, chimes, strings. 30 seconds version. 00:28
Little Swing For Elisa - P. Tilleman Melody sunny, smiling and light. 02:13
Let it go - J. Brown Hip Hop - Rap, Children - Comedy, Positive, Kitch, Strings, Drum machine, Bells - Chimes. Soul music, Rhythm and Blues, Love, Feelgood, Party Music. 02:20
Mampenzi - A. Zakumera World - African, Children - Comedy, Happy, Positive, Percussions, Electric bass, Organ. Africa, East Africa, Tanzania, Burundi, Kenya, Ruwanda, Egypt, Morocco, Indian, Swahili, Tabla, Flute, Strings, Harp. 01:10
Mis Home - M. Marco Ballad, Children - Comedy, Romantic, Nostalgic, Organ, Acoustic piano. Light Hearted. 01:34
Cartoon Animation - E. Sielicki Short version. Grotesque, Humorous, Cartoon piece for Vibraphone, Marimba, Xylophone, Grand Piano 00:43
Cat's Rag - E. Sielicki Short version. Happy, Jolly modern Ragtime for Marimba, Xylophone. Grand Piano 00:53
Granddad Edi - E. Sielicki Short version. Playful, Sunny, Happy theme for Vibraphone, Marimba, Bells. Grand Piano 00:25
Happy Mice - E. Sielicki Short version.Cartoon, Slapstick theme for Marimba, Xylophone, Piano and other percussion instruments 00:27
Running Up - E. Sielicki Short version. Cartoon, Funny, Humorous theme for Vibraphone, Marimba, Xylophone, Grand Piano 00:17
For Adam - R. Luczak Dreamy, Calm, Soft Lullaby, Piano, Celesta 02:50
For Alex - R. Luczak Dreamy, Calm Lullaby. Small Bells, Piano 03:12
For Andrew - R. Luczak Delicate, Soft Lullaby with Small Bells, Piano 03:05
For Anna - R. Luczak Cheerful, Pleasant musical bedtime story. Small Bells, Barrel Organ 03:15
For Babs - R. Luczak Warm, Pleasant musical bedtime story. Small Bells, Piano 02:49
For Daria - R. Luczak Sleepy, Calm, Soft Lullaby. Small Bells, Piano 03:14
For Eva - R. Luczak Dreamy, Calm, Soft Bedtime Story.Small Bells, Piano 02:22
For Paul - R. Luczak Pleasnt, Warm Bedtime Story for Accordion, Piano 03:17
For Peter - R. Luczak Dreamy, Calm Lullaby. Small Bells, Piano 02:59
For Robert - R. Luczak Cheerful, Pleasant musical bedtime story. Small Bells, Piano 03:16
For Sussan - R. Luczak Dreamy, Calm Lullaby. Small Bells, Piano 02:56
For Veronika - R. Luczak Delicate, Soft Lullaby with Small Bells, Piano 02:18
Sweet Dreams - R. Luczak Delicate Lullaby with Small Bells, Celesta 09:44
Walking tour - G. Suski Rhytmic groove with Positive Melodies of whistle, pizzicato strings 02:27
Cat's Corner - G. Suski Grotesque, Humorous, Kitsch theme. Piano, Brass Section, Drums. 30' version 00:38
Dwarfs' Backstreet - G. Suski Kitsch, Humorous, Grotesque. FX Voice, Brass Section, Synth, Bass, Drums. 30' version 00:34
Whats my Name - D Agostino Ritornello played on the clavichord. Lullaby, calm, relaxing, repetitive. 01:51
Living On A Jet Plane - D Agostino Like a well-known children's song. 01:26
Joy - D Agostino Very well known childish theme. 01:07
Reves d'Enfant - M. Sweeting Celesta, upbright bass, acoustic, electric guitar, strings, vibes, flute, drums and chimes. 02:19
Lullaby In A Box - M. Sweeting Music club solo, piano, upright bass, english horn, Strings gentle acoustic guitar and brush on drums. Very sweet music for baby. 01:13
Cute And Smart - M. Sapinski Jazzy, swing oriented theme played by harmonica over small jazz combo. Funny, Positive 01:43
Family Album 1 - A. Rejman Positive piano daytime theme, story telling melody. Calm, Positive. 02:32
Family Album 2 - A. Rejman Bright piano melody over light arrangement of strings, bass and acoustic guitars. Warm, Positive. 02:01
Family Album 3 - A. Rejman Positive, Relaxing, Smooth melodies of piano, acoustic guitar with light string arrangement. Calm, Positive 02:59
Family Scene 1 - V. Kuryluk Snappy, orchestral, melodic, running string section sequences over smart piano theme. Calm, Positive, Relaxing. 02:25
Family Scene 2 - V. Kuryluk Energetic, orchestral, classical approach to string movement over piano melodies. Funny, Positive, Happy 02:02
Family Scene 3 - V. Kuryluk Elegant, calm, positive, classical theme, arranged with strings and piano. Warm, Positive, Caring 02:10
Family Scene 4 - V. Kuryluk Poignant full orchestrated classical theme with piano, strings, and flutes. Calm, Hopeful, Positive, 02:18
Funny Moment - M. Olak Jazzy, swinging theme played with melodic guitar over rhythm section. Positive, Happy 02:27
My Grandfather - R. Pomorski Jazzy.Light, rhythmic theme played by piano, guitars over small jazz combo. Happy, Positive 06:18
Pretty Girl - R. Pomorski Smooth melodic theme, positive, with some rock guitar endings. Hopeful, Positive 02:57
Brave Little Cockerel - R. Luczak 60' version. Funny, Quirky, Playful theme. FX 00:53
Calf's Birthday - R. Luczak Comedy, Childlike, Comic, Slapstic theme. FX 01:49
Down The Hill - R. Luczak 60' version. Country feel, Jolly, Positive theme. 00:58
Duckling - R. Luczak Burlesque, Comedy theme. No FX 00:51
Enchanted Jewel Case - R. Luczak 60' version. Childlike, Comedy, Light Comedy, Cartoon theme. No FX 01:02
Fatty Bear - R. Luczak 60' version. Slapstic, Cheerful, Comedy, Burlesque theme. No FX 01:00
Good Night, Little One - R. Luczak 60' version. Delicate, Dreamy, Cool 01:07
Granny's Drawer - R. Luczak 60' version. Cool, Positive, Happy melody. FX 00:52
Happy Kitten - R. Luczak 60' version. Funny, Sunny, Positive, Happy theme 00:56
Jumping Pony - R. Luczak 60' version. Positive, Happy, Funny, Country feel 00:57
Little Cow - R. Luczak 60' version. Cartoon, Light Comedy, Funny theme. No FX. 00:52
Little Elephant - R. Luczak Lazy, Dreamy, Soft theme 01:27
Mommy's Fairy Tale - R. Luczak 60' version. Positive, Happy, Carefree. Small bells' theme 01:02
Money Box - R. Luczak Playful, Quirky, Funny, Comedy theme 01:31
Music Box - R. Luczak 60' version. Small Bells, Positive, Calm theme 01:13
Picking Blackberries - R. Luczak 60' version. Happy, Carefree, Sunny theme 01:05
Puffer Train - R. Luczak 60' version. Comedy, Childlike, Comic theme for Cartoon, Games. No FX 00:54
Spring Shower - R. Luczak 60' version. Sunny, Positive, Happy theme 01:02
Stan's Adventure - R. Luczak Travel Adventure, Playful, Slapstick, Happy theme. FX 02:00
Funny Puppy - M. Nosowicz Grotesque, Funny, Happy 02:11
Les Dindons - F. Bégnon Horn and trumpet, percussion. Heavy, like a gag. 00:48
Ricochets - F. Bégnon Woodwinds for rhythm. Crystalline bells for the melody. Violins. Polyrhythmia of instruments. 01:16
La Cabane En Verre - F. Bégnon Chimes, flute, choir, Oboe, synth. Magical, dreamlike, fairytale, tale. Tender. Magical fairy tale 01:57
Big Bad Wolf Piano - J. Goodwin Children - Ambient piano nursery rythme classic. 00:52
Twinkle Twinkle - J. Goodwin Children - Ambient piano nursery rhyme classic. 01:33
Mary Had A Little Lamb - J. Goodwin Children - Ambient piano nursery rhyme classic. 01:08
Ring Around The Rosey - J. Goodwin Children - Ambient piano nursery rhyme classic. 01:17
Embryofence - J. Goodwin ID - Retro TV ID. 00:05
Egg Fantabulo 1 - J. Goodwin Groove - Electronic quirk crossing gaurd sparse 00:33
Nice Meeting You - T. Stoilkovski Quirky indie track fusing a happy and curious collection of instruments 01:56
Public Transport - T. Stoilkovski Groove laden reggae dub vibe with accordian, acoustic guitars and synth hooks 02:04
Sonata Op 4 - G. D Agostino Piano solo. Détente, boite à musique, berceuse. 01:30
Teardrop Harp Serenade - G. D Agostino Kirikou dans la foret du château de Versailles. 00:59
Myra - G. D Agostino Dessin animé, jeu vidéo. Joyeuse. 03:29
Old Shoes - T. Stoilkovski Quirky cool with upright bass, be bop drums, harmonica, flute and fuzzed guitars. 02:14
Motor - T. Stoilkovski A progressing grindy, edgy guitar leads a pulsating, arpeggio bass line with distorted drums and attitude. Cranking a twin turbocharged beast down the middle of the autobahn. Rock electronica. Virgule. 00:08
So Lest Be A Lullaby - L.J. Cedar A delicate Celeste lullaby in waltz time. Sleep night-time feel.. Childlike, Dreamy, Sleepy, Angelic, Calm. 01:43
The Gift - L.J. Cedar Joyous harps and flutes with solid rhythm.. Childlike, Sneaky, Happy, Funny, Satirical, Optimistic and Lighthearted. 00:32
In Da Hood - L.J. Cedar A moody and minimalist Hip Hop Track with scratches and synthesizer stabs. Moody, Tense, Groove, Self Assured, Tough, Ominous, Urban, Moody, Dark, Sinister, Strong, Powerful. Drums, Bass, Synthesizer, Scratches, Cembalon. 01:20
Happy Holidays - L.J. Cedar Evolving sound textures with beach sound FX.. Christmas Holiday season type track. Inspired by Lemonjelly.. 02:12
Whats In The Box - L.J. Cedar A curious child like comedy piece. Musicbox feel with organ, bass and fingersnaps.. Childlike, Dreamy, Sleepy, Angelic, Calm, comedy, lullaby, fairy tale. 00:32
Lisa - O. Olsen Baby sound, acoustic piano, harmonica, violins. Tender. 01:38
Anima - J. Pelizzari Soft synth for chords, crystal-clear theme. Electric piano and violins. Lullaby romantic. Tender. 02:25
Valse pour Elie - F. Bégnon Electric piano, music box. Sounds of toys. Edit point at 1'40 Synth kitch. Lullaby, christmas. Tender. 02:34
Petit Cabri - J-M Boiteux Steeldrum ritournelle, percussion and drums. 02:30
Little Cowboy - J-M Boiteux 2 acoustic guitars, bass and drums for a Western interlude. 00:36
Lucky Luke - J-M Boiteux Rhythmic far west, banjo and muted guitar. Melody on the acoustic piano. 02:14
Kirikou - J-M Boiteux Set of rhythmic and melodic percussions for a short theme. 00:28
Ice air jazz band - A. Jamot Quartet of jazz beginner. drums, double bass, E.Piano, Vibraphone. No swing yet. 02:42
La musette et la flute - A. Jamot Valse musette, flute solo. 01:17
Find My Temper - C. Espern Intro Xylophone and piano. 0'37 Electronic rhythm. 1'15 B Part. 1'35 bass. Rhythmic progression. Tender. 03:24
Quatuor à cordes Op18 No1 - IV Allegro Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMLudwig Van Beethoven: Strings Quartet No. 1 in Fmaj. Opus 18. IV. Allegro. Adaptation Quatuor Parisii. 00:19
Barbier de Séville - Figaro Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMGiovacchino Rossini: Barber of Seville. Transcription of the Figaro. Springtime, romantic and sensual. 05:07
Rondo - Hummel Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMJohann Nepomuk Hummel: Rondo. Springtime, dynamic. 03:34
Beijing Opera Heroes part 2 - Wu Le Scène rapide, défilé, asiatique country. Chine. 01:00
Festivity In Pyongyang - Wu Le Festif et joyeux. EP @ 1'24. Calme et mélodique. Chine. 02:57
Sugar Pie - F. Niobey ntro soft horn. Melody on the clarinet. Fantastic adventure, fantasy, humor, playful, jumping. Edit point at 0'43 Spanish. 02:50
Children Train - P. Gaillard Arpeggios of double bass. Violins and pizz. Voice sample. Theme on the oboe. Short story, childish or comedy. Theme song. 00:30
Circus Tenderness - J-M Cazorla Music box, glockenspiel, bass, oboe, staccato violins. Tender. 01:57
Lunna - J. Pelizzari Different sounds of steel drums, flute, toy piano, or crystal bells for a lively, positive melody. 02:51
Crafty - J. Pelizzari Flute, and mechanical oboe, mime, robot, clock. 02:28
Ramvik - J. Pelizzari Ritournelle, a music box evolved for the awakening of baby. 02:46
Pinkomic - F. Visconte Violon and bass synth. Such as Tex Avery. Siflets, elephants, cries and laughter. Pink Panther. 02:30
Kid's Power - M. Ricci Bass synth kitch, simple and repetitive melody. Edit point at 0'23 guitar rock. 01:28
Drôle D'Intrigue - G. Wilmot Woodwind. Repetitive melody played on the bassoon. Percussion effects. 01:08
Le Défilé - G. Wilmot Intro pizz, then the brass and snare drum. Walking like a toon, the caravan passes. 01:16
Le Clown - G. Wilmot This is the circus parade. 01:23
Miam Miam - J-M Boiteux Drums, bass and guitar theme. Children's song. Creole.Loop. 00:23
C'Est L'Printemps - T. Cahn Jingle on the violin. 00:05
Enfantillage - J. Pelizzari Pizzicato of double bass and arpeggios in glockenspiel for a romantic waltz. Light melodic percussion. 02:10
Nostaltoy - J. Pelizzari Music Box. Childish nostalgia. Tender. 01:55
Naif Toy - J. Pelizzari Small music box. 00:34
Merveilleux Noel - J-P Vielfaure Vibraphone, music box and violins. Tender. 00:32
Sonner Les Cloches - J-P Vielfaure Bells, tubular bells, double bass. Christmas. 00:37
La Basse Cour De Paques - J-P Vielfaure The whole orchestra plays in pizz. Tender. A walk on the farm, sounds of chickens. 00:29
Mère Noel - J-P Vielfaure Jingle bells, vibraphone. Guilleret and simple. Like a christmas song. Jingle bells. 00:29
Sortie De L'Eglise - J-P Vielfaure When the carillon of Notre-Dame rages 01:00
Dors Bien Bébé - J-P Vielfaure Small lullaby music box. 00:39
Attendrissant Bébé - J-P Vielfaure Musical box, lullaby. 00:32
Circus - L. Marie-Sainte Parade band. Barrel organ, brass, percussion, sound effects. 01:53
Bip - J-M Boiteux Disco-pop of the 70s. Ostinato of bass, violins, organ. 0'43 break. Cartoons, Smurf music. 01:35
Bébé Tu Dors - J-M Boiteux Duo of guitars for romantic walk. Violins and choirs. Sung. 03:42
Petite Soeur - J-M Boiteux Rhythmic festive disco-pop with different sound elements. Part B with crowd sounds and saturated guitar riff. 03:30