Musiques avec format : Jingle--virgule

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
Bad Statistics - R. Luczak 0'10” short version 00:10
Crime Statistics - R. Luczak 0'10” short version 00:12
Day Summary - R. Luczak 0'10” short version 00:12
Evening News - R. Luczak 0'10” short version 00:11
Financial News - R. Luczak 0'10” short version 00:10
First News - R. Luczak 0'10” short version 00:10
Flash - R. Luczak 0'10” short version 00:10
Headline News - R. Luczak 0'10” short version 00:16
Hot News - R. Luczak 0'10” short version 00:12
News Broadcast - R. Luczak 0'10” short version 00:11
News Bulletin - R. Luczak 0'10” short version 00:11
Public Debate - R. Luczak 0'10” short version 00:10
Science Center - R. Luczak 0'10” short version 00:11
Short Summary - R. Luczak 0'10” short version 00:10
Statistics - R. Luczak 0'10” short version 00:10
Street Report - R. Luczak 0'10” short version 00:10
Summit Meeting - R. Luczak 0'10” short version 00:12
Week Report - R. Luczak 0'10” short version 00:14
Week Summary - R. Luczak 0'10” short version 00:12
World News - R. Luczak 0'10” short version 00:11
Funny Island - M. Brillard Very short acoustic guitare riff. 00:07
Happy Break - M. Brillard Very short acoustic guitare riff. 00:09
The Candy Fairy - C. Nouailhaguet Childlike, lovely and romantic orchestral sting, featuring xylophone, little bells and string. Perfect for sweet fairy tales or fantasy. Sting version. 00:17
70's Kitsch Cafe - C. Nouailhaguet Relaxed vibraphone chords. Sting version. 00:27
Bar Del Lugar - C. Nouailhaguet Slow and sunny retro lounge sting. Gently swinging kitsch 70's sweetness. Sting 1 version. 00:15
Flying Snowflakes - C. Nouailhaguet Neo-classical ambient track. A delicate piano and a fragile atmosphere build a sense of emotional and heartfelt drama. Sting version. 00:17
Phasing Cloud Stream - C. Nouailhaguet Minimalist-like piano sequence. Sting 1 version. 00:08
Getaway - Audiostation Sting. Orchestral/Symphonic, Orchestra-Hybrid, Fusion. 00:07
Final Act - C. Nouailhaguet The end of a blockbuster! Anthemic and epic melody played on synths followed by trap beat and thick orchestration. Emotive closing scene, modern adventure or TV theme. Sting version. 00:19
Celtic Roman - C. Nouailhaguet Medieval atmosphere with a cimbalom. Sting cymbalum version. 00:07
Demoniac Crypt - C. Nouailhaguet Distorted whooshes FX. Sting whoosh version. 00:12
Hazard Zone - C. Nouailhaguet Analogue synths and punchy drums create a tense mood. Speed and danger. Computer games, action scenes. 15 seconds version. 00:17
Lost Echoes in The Wind - C. Nouailhaguet Slow melancholic piano piece with reflective cinematic ambience. Nostalgic and introspective feeling. Sting version. 00:19
Maya - C. Nouailhaguet Travel soundtrack featuring pan flute. Exotic, nature, documentary. Sting flute version. 00:16
Mournful Moon - C. Nouailhaguet Wistful and mysterious atmosphere. Full moon over the water. Edit point at 00:26. Sting version. 00:14
Sitcom Rockin Starter - C. Nouailhaguet Formatted electric guitar melody for TV theme. Easy-going pop rock for generic television theme, daytime TV, sitcom, TV series, animation movies. Theme 15 seconds version. 00:15
Whale Call - C. Nouailhaguet A cello plays a minimal melody over slow strings. Sting version. 00:14
Highlands Delight - L.J. Cedar A stylish and uplfting classical piece perfect for an advertising, TV or Film cue. Sweet, Delicate, Wonderous, Magnificent, Stylish, Emotional, Elegant, Up, Uplifting, Positive, Affirmative. Piano, Strings, Drums, Glock. 00:35
Battle Lines - L.J. Cedar A powerful and dramatic orchestral track that build to a big crescendo. Great for a fim Trailer or Film or TV cue. Epic, Dramatic, Expansive, Huge, Tense, Powerful. Strings, Brass, Horns, Drums,Timpani, Militrary Snare. 00:40
Covet Thy Chalice - L.J. Cedar A stylish Orchestral piece perfect for Film cue, Disney movie. Cinematic, Dramatic, Stylish, Glamorous, Elegant, Dramatic, Emotive. Strings, Synthesizer, celeste, Harp, Brass, Horns. 00:45
Elegance Will Triumph - L.J. Cedar A stylish and elegant classical waltz that's perfect for advertising, Film or TV cue. Sweet, Delicate, Wonderous, Magnificent, Stylish, Emotional, Elegant, Watz. Piano, Bass, Strings, Pizzicato Strings. 00:40
Fat Les - L.J. Cedar An unsual, comedic piece that builds to big crecendo. Perfect for comedic Film, Tv, advertising or trailer cue. Comedic, Fun, Bold, Strong, Dynamic, Quirky, Up, Disney, Drmatic. Synthesizer, Drums, Strings, Choir, Pizzcato Strings, Cymbals. 00:40
Let Me Out - L.J. Cedar A humerous and fun tracks that's great for an advertising or TV-Film cue. Jazzy Quirky, Rhythmic, Energetic, Positive, Funny, Comedic. Upbeat, Fun. Bass, Drums, Brass, Horns, Vocal Scat. 00:40
London Dawn - L.J. Cedar A stylish and uplfting classical piece perfect for an advertising, TV or Film cue. Delicate, Enlightening, Wonderous, Up, Uplisfting, Positive, Sweet, Stylish. Piano, Electric Piano, Flute, Strings. 00:40
Misty Morning - L.J. Cedar A stylish and uplfting classical piece perfect for an advertising, TV or Film cue. Delicate, Enlightening, Wonderous, Up, Uplisfting, Positive, Sweet, Stylish. Strings, Pizzicato Bass. 00:40
Moments To Resolve - L.J. Cedar An Uplifting and moving Piano led track that's great for an advertising, TV or Film cue. Enlightening, Delicate, Wonderous, Magnificent, Stylish, Emotional, Elegant, Up, Uplifting, Positive. Piano, Strings, Drums, Synthesizer, Harp . 00:40
My Cute Puppy - L.J. Cedar A sparse and fun classical piece great for a reality or Kids TV show or cute advertising spot. Suspenseful, Quirky, Funny, Comedic, Light, Curious, Sneaky, Reality TV, Cute. Pizzicato Strings, Double Bass, Vibraphone, Shaker, Tambourine. 00:55
Simple Weather - E. Hildebert Jingle for Weather. Arpeggios of light synth, slow melody and artificial drops of water. 00:07
The Weather Report - E. Hildebert Jingle for Weather. Snare drum rhythm and air synth, low slow and calm. 00:12
The Weather Today - E. Hildebert Jingle for Weather. Repetitive, calm. 00:12
Kemang - S. Sibanda World - African, Positive, Festive, Acoustic guitar, Flute, Synth bass. African, Sophia Town, Township Jive, Shebeen, Dancing. 00:35
Kuduro - S. Sibanda World - African, Dance, Festive, Positive, Percussions, Synth, Synth bass. West African, Nigerian, Ghana, Congo, Pop, Afro, Urban.. 00:46
Brave The Elements - T. Stoilkovski An enigmatic, purpose driven track with a post rock alternate grungy feel sparks into a pop melody. Out Of The Wilderness. (Virgule). 00:10
Cool Summer Breeze - T. Stoilkovski Acoustic guitars dance with tremelo electric chords to the sound of jazz pop with a blanket of vibey pads. Out Of The Wilderness. (Virgule). 00:13
Different Faces And Places - T. Stoilkovski Cultures combine with a percussive house feel beat wiith organ, flute, didgeridoo and chinese instruments. Out Of The Wilderness. (Virgule). 00:10
Guided By Stars - T. Stoilkovski Mysterious floating through space feel taps into a pop groove with acoustic drums into an enigmatic bridge. Out Of The Wilderness. (Virgule). 00:05
Out Of The Wilderness - T. Stoilkovski Inspiring organic energy erupts into a soul searching, reach out to the skies anthemic rock pop ballad. Out Of The Wilderness. (Virgule). 00:12
Road To Discovery - T. Stoilkovski Apreggiated floating gutiars meet with stomping drums in a sci-fi blend of eastern and pop instruments. Out Of The Wilderness. (Virgule). 00:06
Search For Life - T. Stoilkovski Asian inspired feel fuses dark cellos into a massive acoustic drum beat then turns into a post rock burner. Out Of The Wilderness. (Virgule). 00:10
Show Em What You Got - T. Stoilkovski Electro rock funk monster with a mid eastern themed melody roars into a superhero soundtrack chorus. Out Of The Wilderness. (Virgule). 00:07
Standing On The Edge - T. Stoilkovski Shout it from the rooftop big guitar anthem with soaring melodic lead and a too for school eighties chorus. Out Of The Wilderness. (Virgule). 00:06
Uncharted - T. Stoilkovski Flute intro leaps into percussive, alternate lo-fi piano, guitar pop with hand claps and an open road feel. Out Of The Wilderness. (Virgule). 00:12
Dive Deeper - T. Stoilkovski Pop mellow guitars guide you along with strings diving to the bottom of the ocean into deep blues. Under The Blue Sea. (Virgule). 00:10
Electric Impulses - T. Stoilkovski Jazz and modern lounge funk inspired journey pulsing with stylish and upbeat guitars and sax interludes. Look And Listen. (Virgule). 00:08
Floating On Water - T. Stoilkovski Reflective, soulful, chill out vibes sparkle with strings like you are dancing on top of water . Under The Blue Sea. (Virgule). 00:10
Good Karma - T. Stoilkovski Sitar welcomes an eastern grooved RnB funk groove into a reflective bridge bouncing with optimism. Look And Listen. (Virgule). 00:12
In Conversation - T. Stoilkovski Minimal style dance house with a four on the floor approach fused with stereo piano and cool reverb guitar. Look And Listen. (Virgule). 00:07
Just Breathe In - T. Stoilkovski Take a deep breath, submerge yourself in chilled out, beat grooving piano driven, guitar licked, string pop. Look And Listen. (Virgule). 00:12
Let's Make It Happen - T. Stoilkovski Four on the floor, middle of the road country vibe rocker with a touch of eighties and healthy attitude. Look And Listen. (Virgule). 00:09
Lonely Oceans - T. Stoilkovski Ethereal, reflective yet floating like pad through an arpeggiated guitar mid tempo groove that flows. Under The Blue Sea. (Virgule). 00:12
Look And Listen - T. Stoilkovski Curious and upbeat themed pop number with slap bass accompanying harmonic acoustic guitar and strings. Look And Listen. (Virgule). 00:08
Make A Splash - T. Stoilkovski Happy ukulele chords spring into a joyful and boppy pop number with synth guitars and psychedelic cool. Under The Blue Sea. (Virgule). 00:09
Neptunes Garden - T. Stoilkovski Pizzicato strings, pads and orchestral drums dance to the rhythm below the seas and oceans. Under The Blue Sea. (Virgule). 00:10
Perfect Wave - T. Stoilkovski Chilled out dub meets super cool surf pop synth, like you are riding on top of the wave. Under The Blue Sea. (Virgule). 00:09
Promise Kept - T. Stoilkovski Reflective yet heart driven and optimistic pop inspired string, piano and synth ballad. Look And Listen. (Virgule). 00:07
Rewind Your Mind - T. Stoilkovski Blade runneresque eighties vibed synth power ballad with oscillating feel into a piano and acoustic pop feel. Look And Listen. (Virgule). 00:08
Ride The Tide - T. Stoilkovski Pedal steel guitar cowboy intro leads into a sea worthy synth pop tune remaking a modern 60s surf vibe. Under The Blue Sea. (Virgule). 00:09
Secret Island - T. Stoilkovski Mysterious feel into string arrangement fuses with voice and guitars to create a haunting yet calm invitation. Under The Blue Sea. (Virgule). 00:15
Split Personality - T. Stoilkovski Mysterious and ghoulish church organ transforms into a percussion led organic pop rock psych number. Look And Listen. (Virgule). 00:10
Treasure Map - T. Stoilkovski Adventure awaits you as edgy arpeggiated guitars, strings, synths and native beats guide you to treasure. Under The Blue Sea. (Virgule). 00:14
Under The Blue Sea - T. Stoilkovski Enchanting aura surrounds an electronic beat meandering through acoustic instruments under the sea. Under The Blue Sea. (Virgule). 00:10
Work It Baby - T. Stoilkovski Haunting funky intro melts into a french euro synth pop groover led by pizzicato strings and cool vibe. Look And Listen. (Virgule). 00:10
Black Earth - T. Stoilkovski Introspective yet reflective deep and inviting pads, synth atmospheres taking you to remote landscapes. Changing Planet. (Virgule). 00:06
Breaking Chains - T. Stoilkovski Quiet grunge crashes into a edgy rock funkfest then drops out a big lead guitar fist pumping chorus. Everyday Hero. (Virgule). 00:06
Changing Planet - T. Stoilkovski Evocative yet ethereal, organic track with a multicultural vibe, majestic strings and world atmosphere. Changing Planet. (Virgule). 00:14
Deliver The Goods - T. Stoilkovski Grungy in your face melodic riff guitars head into a chorus of classic alternative rock goodness that sings. Everyday Hero. (Virgule). 00:10
Eco Warrior - T. Stoilkovski Nature flows into a rocking and stomping guitar fueled coolness with slide guitar and a warrior attitude. Changing Planet. (Virgule). 00:11
Everyday Hero - T. Stoilkovski Super catchy and melodic guitar rock pop to start your day and give you the boost to become a hero. Everyday Hero. (Virgule). 00:10
Feel So Alive - T. Stoilkovski Big americana rock ballad hits the open road with smooth, flowing lead guitars and country rock inspiration. Everyday Hero. (Virgule). 00:06
Friends Of Earth - T. Stoilkovski Candy and rainbows play hand in hand to a Euro synth beat and a Balkan like lead melody. Global fun. Changing Planet. (Virgule). 00:08
Give It All You Got - T. Stoilkovski Rocking synth-rock track that delivers an uplifting pop synth chorus our on the floor stomping attitude. Suburban Dreams. (Virgule). 00:07
Global Meltdown - T. Stoilkovski Marching synchronized strings command attention with big percussive toms and a distinct synth melody. Changing Planet. (Virgule). 00:08
Good Times With You - T. Stoilkovski Happy and jazz inspired melodies dance along with a ska pop vibe slipping into a funk rock chorus. Everyday Hero. (Virgule). 00:10
Good To Be Back - T. Stoilkovski Surfy meets cool kid on the street skatey rock pop intro into a synth saturated uplifting chorus. Suburban Dreams. (Virgule). 00:15
Happy Tourist - T. Stoilkovski Jazz inspired blues romp with lashings of cool harmonica, upright bass groove and wah chorus fever. Suburban Dreams. (Virgule). 00:07
Help Each Other - T. Stoilkovski Cute, catchy organs play alongside soft, jumpy synths and a little funky chorus to make you feel chilled. Changing Planet. (Virgule). 00:08
Hold Your Head Up High - T. Stoilkovski Uplifting, never give up emotive pop rock with chorus wah wah guitars, smooth fretless bass, feel the energy. Everyday Hero. (Virgule). 00:06
In The Hood - T. Stoilkovski Street heavy progressive stomping dub dance beat with blues guitars and soul bursting attitude. Suburban Dreams. (Virgule). 00:09
Just Rock It - T. Stoilkovski Get ready to rumble as stomping and double driven distorted guitars lead into a stoner rock super chorus. Everyday Hero. (Virgule). 00:08
Last Transmission - T. Stoilkovski Strange, brooding and pulsing electronica like you're surrounded by deep space. Unsettling yet melodic. Changing Planet. (Virgule). 00:08
Machine Age - T. Stoilkovski Flute glides into a machine groove big distorted guitar and industrial synth with commanding strings. Changing Planet. (Virgule). 00:06
Make History - T. Stoilkovski Majestic rising intro collides with sweeping strings, electric guitar, echo female voice for a big trailer shot. Changing Planet. (Virgule). 00:16
Make Your Mark - T. Stoilkovski Acid funk meets jazzy prog guitar lead melody with a ton of cool vibes and octave chorus funk sugar. Everyday Hero. (Virgule). 00:09
Money Grows on Trees - T. Stoilkovski Wah guitars bounce of a trip hop vibe interwoven with floating vocals and bouncy arpeggio synths. Suburban Dreams. (Virgule). 00:10
Mysterious Neighbour - T. Stoilkovski Enigmatic and goth sounding pop tune that fuses elements of funky, jazz and indie rock. Suburban Dreams. (Virgule). 00:06
Play That Music - T. Stoilkovski Sampled male scratchy voice intro into a smooth, lay down the beat funk blues pop with female vox. Suburban Dreams. (Virgule). 00:06
Red Horizon - T. Stoilkovski Eclectic, foreboding yet driven drum and bass with cool acoustic slide guitar and atmospheric elements. Changing Planet. (Virgule). 00:08
Strutting Your Stuff - T. Stoilkovski Streetwise cool and swagger meet head on with cool duel harmony guitar melodies on a funk rock riff tune. Everyday Hero. (Virgule). 00:07
Suburban Dreams - T. Stoilkovski Funky and streetwise indie groove rides on a mystery pop theme with loads of cool melody. Suburban Dreams. (Virgule). 00:10
Sunny Vibes - T. Stoilkovski Happy and vibey bass heavy chillout intro slaps into an 80's reminiscent modern pop chorus melody. Suburban Dreams. (Virgule). 00:08
Take On The World - T. Stoilkovski Go on a journey with flanged rocking guitars overlaying a timeless rock and blues tinged chorus. Everyday Hero. (Virgule). 00:13
Urban Nightmare - T. Stoilkovski Enigmatic atmospheric electro groove with a pop dance style of acoustic, electric guitar and piano. Suburban Dreams. (Virgule). 00:12
Bad Sign - R. Luczak Guitar classic crime theme with FX sounds, Crime, Police, Detective, Dangerous, Suspense. 30' version 00:36
Emergency - B. Wroblewski Dynamic, Repetitive, Futuristis Sounds. 30' version 00:41
Hot Spot - A. Urbanowicz Dynamic, Positive, Jazzy piano with rhythm section. 30' version 00:33
Joyful Lane - G. Suski Happy, Funny, Cherful theme. Brass Section, Synth, Bass, Drums. 30' version 00:36
Loophole - R. Luczak Minimal. Dark, Suspense, Tension. Slow, Dramatic theme. 30' version 00:31
Powerful Argument - R. Luczak Dark, Pulsing Crime theme. Dangerous, Tension. 30' version 00:29
Resarch - B. Wroblewski Pulsing Sounds Structure. Repetitive motif. Ambient. 30' version 00:35
Smile Avenue - G. Suski Happy, Funny, Kitsch theme. Accordion, Harmonica, Brass Section, Synth, Bass, Drums. 30' version 00:34
The Shield - R. Luczak Pulsing, Dynamic theme. Mysterious.Tension atmosphere. 30' version 00:32
Five Customers - D Agostino Short ragtime song played at the piano. 00:11
Fugue In The Streets - D Agostino Piece of short ragtime song played at the piano. 00:08
Holy - D Agostino Petit accent au piano solo. Interrogatif, pensif. 01:00
Chilly Fun - M. Olak 30' version Rhythmic, pulsing theme. Dynamic, Hi-Energy 00:32
Cool Breeze - M. Olak 30' version Pulsing, swinging guitar theme. Laid back, Careful 00:32
Crime Report - R. Luczak Pulsing, Nervous synths. Brass theme 30' short version 00:38
Cute Tale - M. Olak 30' version Swinging, Light, Jazzy mood 00:32
Dance With Clouds - M. Olak 30' version Jazzy, Light, rhythmic guitar theme 00:32
Dreamy Breath - M. Olak 30' version Atmospheric, Lazy guitar theme 00:32
Enjoyable Thing - M. Olak 30' version Happy, Funny guitar theme 00:32
Ethereal Sky - M. Olak 30' version Bouncy, Happy theme 00:32
Funny Play - M. Olak 30' version Happy, Positive, Energetic guitar theme 00:32
Info Time - R. Luczak Pulsing electro waves 30' short version 00:41
Inspiring Force - M. Olak 30' version Atmospheric, Caring guitar theme 00:32
Joyful Travel - M. Olak 30' version Positive, Pulsing theme. 00:32
Last Chance To Forget - M. Olak 30' version Atmospheric, Jazzy guitar theme 00:32
Lost Promise - M. Olak 30' version Positive, Relaxing, Smooth theme. 00:32
Make It Hopeful - M. Olak 30' version Energetic, optimistic guitar theme. Dynamic, Bouncy. 00:32
News Line - R. Luczak Rhythmic, Pulsing synth theme 30' short version 00:33
Otherwordly Time - M. Olak 30' version Atmospheric, Carefree guitar theme 00:32
Police Info - R. Luczak Dramatic, Pulsing orchestral and synth theme 30' short version 00:34
Pugnacious Guy - M. Olak 30' version Bouncy, Happy theme 00:32
Special Edition - R. Luczak Pulsing strings. Brass and Drums 30' short version 00:38
Technology Info - R. Luczak Pulsing electro bass, synths 30' short version 00:37
Ticking Hope - M. Olak 30' version Laid back, Cheerful guitar theme 00:32
Two Landscapes - M. Olak 30' version Atmospheric, Caring theme 00:32
Unexpected Feeling - M. Olak 30' version Happy, Funny guitar theme 00:30
Unforgettable Holidays - M. Olak 30' version Jazzy, Swinging theme played by guitar 00:32
Walk In The Clouds - M. Olak 30' version Careful, Positive theme. Guitar featuring melody. 00:32
Be What You Want - T. Stoilkovski Raw pop rock dance tune with lashes of electronic vibes, picked bass guitar and gritty atmosphere. Be What You Want. (Virgule). 00:07
Beautiful Stranger - T. Stoilkovski Ethereal and enigmatic 80s sounding guitar groove swings into a passionate chorus that reaches out. Be What You Want. (Virgule). 00:09
Become Somebody - T. Stoilkovski 82's and new wave influences team with a modern indie pop chorus beating to a streetwise heart. Hello World. (Virgule). 00:08
Can You Catch Me - T. Stoilkovski Driven rock and delayed reverb guitars battle it in your face to a chorus that comes alive with mystery. Be What You Want. (Virgule). 00:11
Confident Look - T. Stoilkovski Synth signals bounce over hot driven pop guitars amidst chilled organ to a soundtrack of cool. Be What You Want. (Virgule). 00:10
Discover The Magic - T. Stoilkovski Enchanted guitar and strings beat follows a dnb string based journey of discovery and magic . Hello World. (Virgule). 00:11
Everything New Again - T. Stoilkovski Acoustic guitars bristle alongside strings in an ambient landscape echoing organic beauty. Hello World. (Virgule). 00:10
Fight For Rights - T. Stoilkovski A throwback to 80's and 90's big hard rock feel with big open drums, big chords and synth splashes. Be What You Want. (Virgule). 00:12
Great Stuff - T. Stoilkovski Alternative dance funk pop meets banjo country and 80's synth inspired coolness. Hello World. (Virgule). 00:06
Hello World - T. Stoilkovski Hip, fun indie pop beginnings merge with an alt rock middle of the road driven chorus . Hello World. (Virgule). 00:10
Hold Me Closer - T. Stoilkovski Heartfelt acoustic guitars breeze into an uplifting sentimental and romantic country rock chorus. Hello World. (Virgule). 00:13
Lift You Up - T. Stoilkovski A tribute to 80's inspired synth film landscapes infused with a poignant, evocative melody. Hello World. (Virgule). 00:14
Little Treasures - T. Stoilkovski Soft waves, organic elements lead into an acoustic guitar and mallet serenade evoking memories. Hello World. (Virgule). 00:13
Modern Retro - T. Stoilkovski Crunchy blues and rock guitars play side by side to a nostalgic retro vibe hitting a memorable chorus. Be What You Want. (Virgule). 00:08
Morning Reflections - T. Stoilkovski Sparkly acoustic and echoed tremolo guitars dance to an easy beat of an 80's ambient chorus. Hello World. (Virgule). 00:12
New You - T. Stoilkovski Technology meets a slight sense of intrigue combining electronica and synth to keep a solid pace. Hello World. (Virgule). 00:12
Nothing Stopping Us - T. Stoilkovski Straight to your throat razor sharp killer rocker with chainsaw octave guitars, rocking vibe and rebel heart. Be What You Want. (Virgule). 00:05
Slick Style - T. Stoilkovski Thrill seeker funky rocking guitars blast into an electro rock chorus to a streetwise super agent vibe. Be What You Want. (Virgule). 00:06
Teenage Crush - T. Stoilkovski Pop sweet tune infused by a catchy melody guitar section with dressings if piano, organ and lots of love. Be What You Want. (Virgule). 00:07
Win The Game - T. Stoilkovski Sporty let it all out rock tune that instills action and pace with melodic guitars, tremolo effects and synths. Be What You Want. (Virgule). 00:06
Black Sunglasses - T. Stoilkovski Horns bounce to a 60's vibey trip pop melody fusing guitars, synth and organs. Escape With Me. (Virgule) 00:10
Escape With Me - T. Stoilkovski Flowing stylish synth rock driven tune with touches of brass and horn sections. Escape With Me. (Virgule) 00:10
Let's Kick It - T. Stoilkovski In your face big, bad funky horns rocking to a funky rock groove. Escape With Me. (Virgule) 00:10
New Identity - T. Stoilkovski Big intro horns leads to an ambient yet tense track with stabs of brass and horns. Escape With Me. (Virgule) 00:10
Night Animals - T. Stoilkovski Urban vibe simple pop piece with horn stabs and delayed bass. Escape With Me. (Virgule) 00:10
Reach Out Now - T. Stoilkovski Piano interludes with grand melodic strings and brass, horn sections in a pop beat. Escape With Me. (Virgule) 00:10
Running In Dreams - T. Stoilkovski Funky ambient pop rock with retro horn section, synths, strings and tremelo guitars. Escape With Me. (Virgule) 00:10
Urban Adventure - T. Stoilkovski Curious, tense pop urban beat to a drama based horn synth section. Escape With Me. (Virgule) 00:10
Wait Till Dawn - T. Stoilkovski House ambient chill out vibe, funky bass guitar and flourishes of horns, pads and percussion. Escape With Me. (Virgule) 00:10
Walk These Streets - T. Stoilkovski Cool mystery vibe beatnik pop tune led by funky horns, organ backing and harmonica solo. Escape With Me. (Virgule) 00:10
Underlemon 2 - J. Goodwin Ska - echo guitar with big beat vox fx. 00:11
Underlemon 3 - J. Goodwin Ska - echo guitar with big beat vox fx. 00:10
Zingy Dingy - J. Goodwin ID - The Band goes ambient ID. 00:05
Alien Ant Wretch - J. Goodwin FX. Shout. Crie. 00:07
Randy Sax - J. Goodwin ID - Techno Reggae ID. 00:05
Wurly Musicle 3M - J. Goodwin ID - Quirky upbeat groove fx guitar tag. 00:06
Whistling Pierre - J. Goodwin ID - Ambient Euro Alps lozenge tag. 00:08
Sammy Soso - J. Goodwin ID - Low down groove cool tag. 00:10
Screamsicle - J. Goodwin FX. Scream. 00:07
Short Fall Mayham - J. Goodwin FX. Fall down. 00:12
Short Flix - J. Goodwin ID - Upbeat quirky guitar tag. 00:06
Short Of Bread - J. Goodwin ID - Funky ambient ID. 00:05
Skincentives - J. Goodwin ID - Ambient trip vocal. 00:05
Space Blast - J. Goodwin FX. 00:15
Sparkle Space - J. Goodwin FX. Space. 00:14
Spicy Tuna Timp Roll - J. Goodwin FX. 00:12
Stress Monkey - J. Goodwin FX 00:10
Striped Lice - J. Goodwin ID - Rock Retro guitar. 00:12
Striped Spider - J. Goodwin ID - Rock Retro bass ID. 00:12
Stuck - J. Goodwin FX. Blast. 00:13
Ultimate Ramp - J. Goodwin FX. Space. 00:13
Under A Buck - J. Goodwin FX. Blast. 00:09
Wail Whistle - J. Goodwin FX. 00:14
Leslie Ring - J. Goodwin ID - Ambient upbeat synth ID. 00:05
Less Dingy - J. Goodwin ID - Ambient Drum n Bass ID. 00:05
Lo Fi Banana - J. Goodwin ID - Funky clav wah ID. 00:05
Low Sickle - J. Goodwin FX. 00:07
Major 4 Note - J. Goodwin ID - Guitar ambient tag. 00:09
Malibu Airstream - J. Goodwin ID - Rockford meets Jethro Tull ID. 00:05
Malibu Drew - J. Goodwin ID - Jethro Tull meets Rockford. 00:05
Metal - J. Goodwin FX 00:07
Missle Bang - J. Goodwin FX. 00:15
Mooger Screech - J. Goodwin FX 00:07
Mortal Mortar - J. Goodwin FX 00:10
Night Creep - J. Goodwin FX 00:10
Nine Inch Nerd - J. Goodwin ID - Industrial techno ID. 00:05
Pavlov'S Harp - J. Goodwin ID - Ambient harp and bells tag. 00:11
Peoples Park Forest - J. Goodwin FX - Light forest ambience. 00:11
Ramp To Boom - J. Goodwin FX. 00:12
Ramp To Hit - J. Goodwin FX 00:11
Ramp To Missle - J. Goodwin FX. 00:17
Ramp To Space Blast - J. Goodwin FX. 00:12
Jane Brown - J. Goodwin ID - Electric Piano jazz bop vocal ID. 00:05
Jettison Blast - J. Goodwin FX 00:17
Golden Slippers - J. Goodwin ID - Zydeco piano ambient. 00:05
Gong - J. Goodwin FX. Gong. 00:10
Electroffice - J. Goodwin ID - Electronic ambient ID 00:05
Embryofence - J. Goodwin ID - Retro TV ID. 00:05
Flailure - J. Goodwin FX. Shot. 00:12
Flange Blast - J. Goodwin FX. Splash. 00:10
Friendlier Sponge - J. Goodwin ID - Ambient trip jazz ID. 00:05
Friendly Sponge - J. Goodwin ID - Ambient trip jazz with kick ID 00:05
Crisp - J. Goodwin FX. Crisp Bang W Orch. 00:15
Crypt - J. Goodwin FX. Crypt Cry. 00:10
3 Note Trem - J. Goodwin ID - Groovy tremolo guitar. 00:07
5 Note Wurly Strat - J. Goodwin ID - Questioning guitar ambient. 00:06
Cathedral Boom - J. Goodwin FX. Boum. 00:10
Chatting Cat - J. Goodwin ID - Groove with fx. 00:12
Cul De Sax - J. Goodwin ID - Drum n bass quirk sax upbeat ID. 00:05
Dark Angels - J. Goodwin Drama - Horror build. 00:09
Defragic - J. Goodwin FX 00:06
Defrolix - J. Goodwin FX. 00:06
Distorto Scream - J. Goodwin FX. 00:07
Djingle Django - J. Goodwin ID - Electronica twang guitar ID. 00:05
Dudley Doo Right - J. Goodwin ID - Open breezy piano ambient. 00:08
4 Note Trem - J. Goodwin ID - Groovy tremolo guitar. 00:05
4 Note Wurly Sparkle - J. Goodwin ID - Sparkle guitar elec piano tag. 00:05
Angel O'Doom - J. Goodwin Drama - Horror ramp. 00:07
Angel Spike - J. Goodwin Drama - Horror slam. 00:06
Angels Breath - J. Goodwin Drama - Horrror hit. 00:14
Bogo Signature 1 - J. Goodwin ID - piano drum string. 00:04
Bogo Signature 2 - J. Goodwin ID - Beat with 4 note vibes. 00:04
Bogo Signature 3 - J. Goodwin ID - Guitar Beat with synth 4 note 00:04
Bogo Signature 4 - J. Goodwin ID - harp Beat with synth 3 note 00:04
Bogo Signature 5 - J. Goodwin ID - harp Beat with synth 4 note. 00:04
Bogo Signature 6 - J. Goodwin ID - Acoustic guitar Beat with synth 4 note 00:04
Bogo Signature 7 - J. Goodwin ID - synth Beat with synth 4 notes. 00:04
Bogo Signature 8 - J. Goodwin ID - electro synth Beat with synth 4 note 00:04
Bogo Signature 9 - J. Goodwin ID - electro synth Beat with synth 4 note 00:04
Boosh - J. Goodwin FX 00:09
Bossa Moto - J. Goodwin ID - Bosso Nova retro tag. 00:05
Buck - J. Goodwin FX 00:13
Remembrance Day - T. Stoilkovski Nylon guitar and piano dance along with subtle, emotive strings to a heartfelt melody. (Virgule) 00:07
Riders Of The Storm - T. Stoilkovski Foreboding expansive strings and choir in a rock driven combination of destiny and power. (Virgule) 00:10
Shadow Games - T. Stoilkovski Trembling, shadow like strings dance with orchestral pieces evoking a inquisitive mystery. (Virgule) 00:08
The Battle Rages On - T. Stoilkovski Ominous, epic strings meet big percussion and choir with a tenacious, hungry attitude. (Virgule) 00:11
Waiting Patiently - T. Stoilkovski Jazzy lounge feel piano and bass partner whilst trumpets, horns and xylophone glide (Virgule) 00:06
Watch The Sunrise - T. Stoilkovski Reflective nostalgic piece with clarinet gliding over sparse percussion and piano (Virgule) 00:06
Medal Of Honour - T. Stoilkovski Piano inspired melody surrounded by heartfelt strings echoing courage and humility. (Virgule) 00:07
My Big Day - T. Stoilkovski Big guitar chords and towering 80s synth power up big reverb drums to bring cool (Virgule) 00:11
Nice Meeting You - T. Stoilkovski Quirky indie track fusing a happy and curious collection of instruments (Virgule) 00:10
Our Heartland - T. Stoilkovski Bagpipe Scottish feel melody playfully dancing with pop sensiblity and passionate strings. (Virgule) 00:07
People Shuffle - T. Stoilkovski Synth bass hooks and flowing horns unite with an on the floor keyboard groove (Virgule) 00:09
Price Of Freedom - T. Stoilkovski Striking melody using nylon guitar over trembling stacatto string and orchestral arrangement. (Virgule) 00:08
Public Transport - T. Stoilkovski Groove laden reggae dub vibe with accordian, acoustic guitars and synth hooks (Virgule) 00:10
Arriving Soon - T. Stoilkovski Piano chords hover along a gentle xylophone and synth sitting on a RnB groove (Virgule) 00:06
Best Dressed - T. Stoilkovski Eighties pop synth channeled with a boppy melody bounces on a dance vibe (Virgule) 00:09
Blood Sweat And Tears - T. Stoilkovski Piano leads into an inspiring orchestral mood encompassing military might and movement. (Virgule) 00:09
Changing Lanes - T. Stoilkovski Piano leads into a pad synth house rhythm that moves along just nicely (Virgule) 00:05
Courage Of Champions - T. Stoilkovski Striking intro of electric guitar, choir and strings leads to a powerful, sonic climbing journey. (Virgule) 00:07
Dangerous Days - T. Stoilkovski Arpeggiated electronica glides over long, atmospheric strings with a brooding presence. (Virgule) 00:08
Keep Up The Pace - T. Stoilkovski Delayed electric guitar lead flows alongside power chords and an energetic, fluid groove (Virgule) 00:08
Inner City Groove - T. Stoilkovski Pulsing, funky and bass driven meets jazzy synth and stylish rock cred. Virgule. 00:12
Daylight Shadows - T. Stoilkovski Edgy, surreal, intellectual art rock with dark ambient pads, effects, drones and dissonant guitar splashes flow into a shuffle based rock chorus. Empty streets hide their secrets in the night. Virgule 00:08
Feel This - T. Stoilkovski Attitude stomping electro synthed, organ and guitar driven pop-rock ditty with plenty of club charisma with street style. It's nightime and all the funky people come out to play. Virgule. 00:06
Hotel Room - T. Stoilkovski Jazzy, bohemian, raw pop groove with acoustic breakbeat chilled drums and soulful interplay between upright bass, saxophone and electric organ. Beatnik heaven in a two star motel luxury. Virgule. 00:05
Lovers Tale - T. Stoilkovski Haunting and slow piano track with feelings of sorrow, love lost and hope. Virgule 00:07
Mexican Fiesta Groove - T. Stoilkovski Happy, hot and gypsy styled mexican traditional flamenco tune with a modern based groove driving the beat. A night long fiesta on the shores of the beach. Virgule 00:05
Midnight Sky - T. Stoilkovski Subtle dobro guitar interplays with lush strings creating night time pop magic. Virgule 00:10
Moonlight Rendezvous - T. Stoilkovski Melodic piano lines run with an upright bass, muted jazz saxophone, distorted simple guitar lines and shimmering string pads. Virgule 00:06
Silent Day - T. Stoilkovski Ceremonial, thought provoking strings guided by marching drum and a tender harp melody. Virgule. 00:06
Break The Rules - T. Stoilkovski Power pop meets punk with an array of cool horns and strings setting the pace. Boomtown Rats. Virgule. 00:05
Alone In The Universe - T. Stoilkovski Piano intro flows into trip dub string, echo guitar inspired self awareness wonder. Virgule. 00:13
Be Original - T. Stoilkovski Brash, bold and in your face choppy guitars and overdriven funky bass salute a rebel spirit. Virgule. 00:06
Beyond Your Imagination - T. Stoilkovski Majestic strings, piano and touches of urban electronica add a sense of grandeur. Virgule. 00:15
Big Challenge - T. Stoilkovski Robotic, octaved guitars rocking with adventurous beats and rhythms. Virgule. 00:07
Blood Red Lips - T. Stoilkovski Haunting and building psychedelic rock with infusions of reggae, alternative indie and outright grunge pop chorus explosion. Virgule. 00:06
Carpark Guru - T. Stoilkovski Ricochet guitar lead flows with bouncy bass driven verses into a huge pad, brass and percussion chorus. Being chased through a multi story car park in the middle of the night. Virgule. 00:09
Change Your Future - T. Stoilkovski Pacey in your face hyper electric rock with adventure. Virgule 00:12
Curious People - T. Stoilkovski Chaplin type vaudeville silent era comedy piano track with curiosity. Virgule. 00:11
Far East Dream - T. Stoilkovski Relaxed far eastern mood encompassed with strings and traditional instruments. Virgule. 00:12
Friends Always - T. Stoilkovski Upbeat but tempered raw pop fuelled guitar driven happiness with splashes of piano. A reminder that friends are always close to you not matter how you feel. Fresh and fun mid tempo pop. 00:08
Futureland - T. Stoilkovski Bouncy jangly pianos and guitars, techno dub inspired chorus with forward thinking identity. Virgule. 00:09
I Am Human - T. Stoilkovski Delayed power guitars, strings and big synth bring explosions of emotion. Virgule. 00:13
I'm Here For You - T. Stoilkovski Country pedal steel, modern synth, happy tune with pop drums and a big heart. Virgule. 00:08
New Trend - T. Stoilkovski Soul jazz guitars with big rock solos, 80's synth melodies, cool vibe and fresh beat. Virgule. 00:12
Search For Answers - T. Stoilkovski Rock guitars fusing nylon guitar, deep strings and half time drums herald a searching feeling. Virgule. 00:08
Stand Strong - T. Stoilkovski Classic rock sounding down on the floor mover with ac-dc type lines, stirings and power chords. Controlled anger. Virgule. 00:08
Stranger Than Fiction - T. Stoilkovski A dramatic, powerful and relentless crossover of sci fi atmosphere with strings, languid lead and detuned rhythm guitars, sampled vox, powerful strings and electro distorted drums. Dramatic sci fi organic electronica. Virgule. 00:11
Strangest Places - T. Stoilkovski Ambient chill out fizzles into dark and brooding thriller. Virgule. 00:08
Street Cool - T. Stoilkovski Stereo alt country pop type guitars lay a foundation on a simple bass and drum backing. Feeling good and cool in the city vibe. Virgule. 00:06
Street Fever - T. Stoilkovski Full throttle guitar driven rock, pop and electro livewire that feels like it's about to take off. Scorching down the highway in a monster of a car with a full tank, attitude and a vendetta. Virgule. 00:10
Street Tough - T. Stoilkovski Edgy and gritty guitars mash with pop induced chorus hooks. Virgule. 00:06
Style Queens - T. Stoilkovski 808 drumline intro builds into an all out funk pop 80's cool shuffle. Virgule. 00:08
Style Seduction - T. Stoilkovski Confident sensual groove with guitar and strings that struts the streets of seduction. Virgule. 00:07
Suburban Lullaby - T. Stoilkovski Chilled out funk lounge pop track rolling along to the suburban vibe. Virgule. 00:10
Subway Love - T. Stoilkovski Echo fizz tones meander via delayed drums, tremolo guitar, spaghetti western string and organs. Waking up in the car just as first light touches the horizon. Virgule. 00:10
Survival Skills - T. Stoilkovski An onslaught of percussive drums strides into a reflective string chorus. Plan your escape. Virgule. 00:09
Sweet And Dangerous - T. Stoilkovski A slice of classic rock guitar, wah lead runs team up with ambient synths, funky bass and straight up jammin' drums. Virgule. 00:04
Synchronization - T. Stoilkovski Syncopated percussive electronica, piano and injected synths conjure mechanized visuals. Virgule 00:07
Take A Leap - T. Stoilkovski Edgy guitar intro builds into fluid neo sci-fi pop rock. Virgule. 00:06
Take Your Pills - T. Stoilkovski Down on the low trip hop, fluid drum and bass with an urgent, bouncy pace. Virgule. 00:06
Take Your Seats - T. Stoilkovski In your face, melodic orchestrated strings that mix with a regal type pop spin. Virgule. 00:05
Tell Me A Story - T. Stoilkovski Nostalgic and reflective alt folk country pop accompanied by violin and strings. Virgule. 00:11
Tell Your Mamma Tell Your Papa - T. Stoilkovski Quirky retro acoustic rock with 70's psychedlic vocal elements and nostalgic feel. Virgule. 00:09
The Lights - T. Stoilkovski Fresh, enigmatic yet adventurous guitar, synth organic cruiser with piano melody, chopped guitar, interval marching drums and whole lot of feel. Cruising down the strip at sunset. Virgule 00:05
The Mighty Ones - T. Stoilkovski Ever growing, epic heavy rock meets orcherstra power anthem with electro pulsating percussion. Virgule 00:14
The Show Begins - T. Stoilkovski Sharp pop shuffle welcomes a simple, cool synth bassline accompanied by flanged pop guitars and chopped synths. Virgule. 00:04
Thrills And Spills - T. Stoilkovski Rock hitting electro groove beast with layers of percussion, funky raw and programmed drums with fresh effects in stereo. An extreme sport or urban grind charged monster event. Virgule. 00:06
Tomorrows Road - T. Stoilkovski A classic rock guitar fed middle eastern influenced journey. Virgule. 00:13
Touch The Stars - T. Stoilkovski A blues and country rock stomp emblazoned with in your face acoustic guitar intro and melody which builds and charges into a rhythmic piano, organ and slide guitar reveler. Virgule. 00:13
Towards Tomorrow - T. Stoilkovski Futuristic time travel trip hop with sequenced propulsion. Virgule. 10:00
Viva Joy - T. Stoilkovski Piano based syncopated feel good, upbeat, happy tune with sparkles of Latino and salsa flair. It's New York meets Rio in a downtown deli café vibe. Virgule. 00:12
Vogue Style - T. Stoilkovski Funky organ and pads merge with a cool bassline and acid jazz inspired drums. From London to Moscow, the clubs are grooving. Virgule. 00:06
Wake Up Sleepy Streets - T. Stoilkovski A fresh intro with atmospheric effects, piano and strings that progresses into a hip, modern funky pop based jive with a city traffic effect and downtown feel. Funky modern pop groove. Virgule. 00:10
Watch Me Fly - T. Stoilkovski Delayed arpeggiated guitars, rising pads and driving bass line build into a rock, trip pop anthem. Virgule. 00:06
We Are Watching - T. Stoilkovski Gripping and suspensful arrangement with a dark dub beat incuring paranoia. Virgule. 00:11
What If We're The Only Ones - T. Stoilkovski British Bowie 70s feel melancholy ballad with acoustic, tremelo tinged guitars and yearning vocals. Virgule. 00:07
Wild Beast - T. Stoilkovski Pure hard rock syncopated mayhem unleashed with a half time beat monster rock chorus ending. Virgule. 00:06
Words Have Lost Their Meaning - T. Stoilkovski Alt country ballad with a foundation of rock, tremelo guitars, lots of reverb and a feel of yesteryear. Virgule. 00:06
Young And Crazy - T. Stoilkovski In your face rock guitar delayed odyssey exploding with modern melody and pop rock swagger. Virgule. 00:06
Young Dreamers - T. Stoilkovski Edgy, pop guitar saturated candy with loads of meldodic synth counterparts and a head full of adventure, fun and attitude. The party is just beginning, the lights are just spinning. Virgule. 00:11
Reggae Attack - T. Stoilkovski A down and dirty, joyful reggae tune with attitude. Big bass, bold drums and in your face coll guitars. Sipping a margarita on a perfect sandy beach in an island in the Caribbean. Virgule. 00:08
Repeat Play - T. Stoilkovski Bouncy, cool, happy, commercial pop, electronica tune that fuses synths with effects, organs, modern and 80's drums and neat funky guitars. The sound of a busy airport or funky city scene. Virgule. 00:06
Republic Of Rock - T. Stoilkovski The heart of rock and roll in a modern rocktronic guitar fuelled ride. Virgule. 00:07
Revolution Rock - T. Stoilkovski Marching driven, hands in the air, melodic rebellious guitar anthem. A whole street full of people marching in unison to the sound of a modern pulse. Virgule. 00:06
Ride The West - T. Stoilkovski Wind in the hair acoustic country pop tinged with reverbed verse guitar and alt rock chorus. Virgule. 00:05
Road To Happiness - T. Stoilkovski Chimes whisper into a piano led melody that cascades delicately into a graceful string and acoustic guitar journey building continuously into a triumphant soaring chorus and bridge section. Virgule. 00:09
Roadside Blues - T. Stoilkovski Rolling down the highway cruising blues guitar track. Virgule. 00:06
Rock The People - T. Stoilkovski Grungy rock pop with a heart of attitude. Virgule. 00:10
Rockstatic - T. Stoilkovski Classic rock meets modern guitar fed power driver with space effects. Virgule. 00:06
Run Around Town - T. Stoilkovski Chopstick like melodic mandolin, reggae guitar interplay tumble into Jamiroquai funk goodness. Virgule. 00:06
Scarecrow - T. Stoilkovski An ominous emo techno horror thriller braced with grinding bass lines, effects and razor induced guitars laid upon racing electro organic drums. A journey toward the heart of fear and paranoia within your very mind. Ominous tech rock electronica. Virgule. 00:10
Searcher - T. Stoilkovski Electronic mystery and artpop sensibility collide with organs, effects , acoustic guitar and synthetic pop. A game of cat and mouse in a the maze of city streets. Virgule. 00:09
Secret Business - T. Stoilkovski Mysterious deep groove with guitar and pad splshes in the moonlight of a secret rendevouz. Virgule. 00:06
Sensations - T. Stoilkovski Vibrant, emotive and enigmatic beats, funky jazz inspired guitars with spanish flickers, an aura of pads and beatnik vocal phrases celebrate the times. Standing on the roof of the highest building with arms swide open welcoming the future. Virgule. 00:07
Senses - T. Stoilkovski Street tough yet delicate urban groove laced with hip hop attitude but spiced with guitar, piano counterpart melody. The streets come alive with passion, intrigue and stories from the beat. Virgule. 00:07
Seven Signs - T. Stoilkovski Fist pumping, classic stomping Brtit rock, with stadium chorus, reminiscent to The Who. Virgule. 00:13
Shake This Party - T. Stoilkovski A little funk here, little funk there with big brass section, rock ego and plenty of bite. Virgule 00:10
Shout At The Sky - T. Stoilkovski Top of your lungs shout out track with funky guitars and vox with a retro chorus and present indie appeal. Virgule. 00:05
Sidewalk Stories - T. Stoilkovski Middle of the road, Americana guitar driven pop tune with a cool attitude and country rock fever. The open highway blends into a road trip experience with many interesting characters to meet. Virgule. 00:06
Solar - T. Stoilkovski An incremental build up of a far eastern stylized feel with soaring rock and wah wah guitars, urban style organic drums and floating vocals building to a crescendo of emotion. Flying into the galaxy on a head on collision with the center of the universe. Atmospheric electro power pop. Version 30s 00:13
Speaking Softly - T. Stoilkovski Folky pop guitar organ driven laid back tune for people in love or pondering life. Virgule 00:08
Stand Out - T. Stoilkovski Funky free loving 70's groove with piano, guitar mimicking melodies and hammond organ. Sunday fun out in the park with friends. Virgule 00:09
Stars Tonight - T. Stoilkovski Reggae feel rock groove shuffle with percussive electro spills into a guitar heavy, lead synth cooker. Overcoming the darkest hour then watching the sun burn the blackness away. Virgule. 00:08
Brave Frontier - T. Stoilkovski Classic guitar driven pop western psychedlic stomp. Virgule 00:10
Mysterious Night - T. Stoilkovski Mixing gypsy, latin and dissonant chillout to create an enigmatic scenario. Virgule. 00:08
Mystery Road - T. Stoilkovski Eastern instruments, synth, guitar and string driven track with a touch of mystery. Virgule. 00:05
Natural Wonder - T. Stoilkovski Epic U2'ish ambient rock track, introspective build up to an epic, all out power chorus. Virgule. 00:11
Neon Express - T. Stoilkovski All aboard the electronic, pop, industrial groove of the mysterious neon express train. Virgule 00:07
Never Backing Down - T. Stoilkovski Reflective piano intro then attacks into a grungy, gritty industrial pop theme. Virgule 00:08
Never Coming Back This Way - T. Stoilkovski Tender and ambient folk country ballad with only guitar and vocals. Virgule. 00:07
New Destinations - T. Stoilkovski Eastern mystique meets urban salsa packed in percussive, positive pop. Virgule. 00:05
New Experience - T. Stoilkovski Percussive drums and elements with a steady bassline, floating on pads interspersed with melodic wah, funky chordal and tremolo blues guitars. Virgule. 00:03
New Pioneers - T. Stoilkovski Crisp guitars, arpeggiated synths and pop choruses move to an inspiring beat. Virgule. 00:05
Night Vulture - T. Stoilkovski Dance pop shuffle with trash guitars, feedback pads bop to synthetic bass and acoustic drums. Cutting through the energy and sounds of the neon underground. Virgule. 00:10
No Stops - T. Stoilkovski Stereo duel 70's guitar rock with acoustic drums turns into cool school rock electro chorus. Trying to catch up with a couple of BMX riders through the city carparks. Virgule. 00:06
Now Boarding - T. Stoilkovski Pulsating, smooth electro beats play against a nouveau guitar style lick carried by electronic flickers. Paris and New York in one trip. Virgule. 00:08
Oceans And Sunsets - T. Stoilkovski Floating on the ocean on a perfect day new age organ track. Virgule. 00:16
Old Shoes - T. Stoilkovski Quirky cool with upright bass, be bop drums, harmonica, flute and fuzzed guitars. Virgule. 00:03
Our Hope - T. Stoilkovski A reflective, percussive driven neo-pop groove with resolving vibrato guitar melody and introspective synths. Alone on a mountain with the stars guiding your way. Virgule. 00:11
Out Of Body Experience - T. Stoilkovski Funky pop Bowie meets Kasabian meets Roxy Music with shimmery attacking guitars and four on the floor groove. Virgule. 00:08
Out Of Time - T. Stoilkovski Confident anthemic rock, overdriven ambient guitar chords and odd time syncopated chorus. Virgule. 00:11
Paranoid Minds - T. Stoilkovski Post industrial, avant garde crafted noise madness that instills paranoia and isolation. Virgule. 00:08
Passion In Me - T. Stoilkovski Acoustic guitars and latin pop based rhythm lead you into a journey of passion. Virgule. 00:08
Pavement Hero - T. Stoilkovski Simple scratchy electro 80's beats meet acoustic drums dancing flute with piano, organ and cello. Off the skateboard into a cool walk through the alleyways. Virgule 00:09
Peak Hour - T. Stoilkovski Electronica circus weirdness with organs, effects into funk neo synthetic pop with 80's vogue. Orchestrated traffic nightmare turns into enthusiasm on the street. Virgule. 00:07
Pedestrians - T. Stoilkovski Electro scratchy delayed bop and bass line meets dance lead into pads, slapped bass and piano. A curious adventure of a pop kind hitting the pavements of the city. Virgule 00:08
Plastic Nightmares - T. Stoilkovski Early horror film influenced macabre industrial melodic pop with strange sounding instruments and eerie melody. Virgule. 00:10
Powerful Force - T. Stoilkovski Massive and ominous orchestral and percussive buildup. Perpare for battle. Virgule. 00:10
Pure - T. Stoilkovski Pacey, pop punk guitars, acoustic and electro drums wield a youth driven feel. Virgule. 00:06
Put Your Hands In The Air - T. Stoilkovski All out in your face big beat, rocker stomp with vox samples, organs and plenty of jumping. Virgule. 00:06
Ready For Tomorrow - T. Stoilkovski Tender guitars and percussive elements sway into a positive, feel happy track. Virgule. 00:08
Rebeccas Imagination - T. Stoilkovski A diverse mix of Rock, World Percussion, Eastern influences and surreal pop with a reflective, enigmatic edge. Alice in Wonderland meets Dali in modern suburbia. Surreal ethno percussive rock pop. Virgule. 00:07
Rebel Heart - T. Stoilkovski Sexy, confident indie stomping groove that tastes like sugar. Virgule 00:08
I Got A Heartbeat - T. Stoilkovski Classic rock and roll Zeppelin guitar and drum groove with soaring vocals and high energy, percussive chorus. Virgule. 00:14
I Got You - T. Stoilkovski Reflective pop rock with shimmery delayed guitars and a romantic radio vibe. Virgule. 00:17
In Transition - T. Stoilkovski Progressive, introspective, futuristic electronic ambient, sci-fi chilled groove with interspersed delayed lead guitars, drones and pads working together. A new dawn on the human horizon. Virgule. 00:07
Independent Life - T. Stoilkovski Chilled out lounge house with lashings of cool and Ibiza style. Virgule. 00:05
International - T. Stoilkovski Tension building, enigmatic feeler that has funky legs and plenty of mystery with cold war synths and super charged wah wah guitars. An espionage climax wokring it's way through the streets of Berlin. Virgule 00:07
Intersection - T. Stoilkovski Languid ambient pads resonate with upright bass, soft guitars and muted dueling jazz trumpet. Walking alone at 3am downtown through silent streets in the rain. Virgule. 00:12
Join The Party - T. Stoilkovski Upbeat, groove kicking funky guitar, organ track with big smiles. Virgule. 00:08
Joyful Wonder - T. Stoilkovski A joyous holiday season track with modern beats and good cheer for everyone. Virgule. 00:08
Juniper Blue - T. Stoilkovski Haunting, dramatic yet poignant, fresh pop soundscape with interweaving acoustic guitar, Piano and ambient pads. A beautiful morning enveloping across the mountains to the oceans. Virgule. 00:12
Just Like Honey - T. Stoilkovski Fresh, modern chill out with touches of french influence and cosmopolitan feel. Virgule. 00:07
Keep On Shining - T. Stoilkovski Sunny, warm and open acoustic, electric heartfelt anthem with a generous dose of positivity. Virgule. 00:08
Left Without A Sound - T. Stoilkovski Beatlesque start into a bold, classic Californian pop chorus. Blue skies and fairy floss. Virgule. 00:11
Let's Drive - T. Stoilkovski Driving arpeggio synths and floating pads meet wah guitars with a 90's relflective modern feel. Virgule. 00:12
Lethal Game - T. Stoilkovski Stomping electronica with driving bassline and bell sounds that make it feel ominous. Something's about to go down in an empty warehouse. Virgule 00:08
Lifestyle Groove - T. Stoilkovski Chill out, progressive Ibiza vibe house groove with jazzy melodic keys, guitars, pianos and floating pads. Virgule. 00:10
Lights And Action - T. Stoilkovski Pacey, tight rocktronica that cranks from the start through to an adrenalin fueled ride. Virgule. 00:08
Lights Of The City - T. Stoilkovski Positive rocker about redemption with emotive vocals, tender guitars bursting into shimmery overdriven pop rock chorus. Virgule. 00:14
Little Bit Different - T. Stoilkovski Weird techno electronica with lashings of street cred 80's vibe Version 30s 30:00
Little Sunshine - T. Stoilkovski Country pop rock in the heart of the city welcoming a day of sunshine. Virgule 00:04
Long Road Ahead - T. Stoilkovski Spacial alt rock pop lead by floating flutes, rhythmic guitar swagger, synth apreggios and banjos. Virgule. 00:09
Love Desire - T. Stoilkovski Dramatic and emotionally driven melodic pop electro ballad with sparkles of country tinged orbison style guitars with lush strings, pads and plenty of style. A beautiful woman dancing atop the Eiffel tower whilst Paris shines at night. Virgule. 00:10
Lucky Numbers - T. Stoilkovski Bright, colourful, positive pop based guitar and lead synth melodic charger brimming with style and in your face chorus. The city lights merged with the casino sights and happy people. Virgule 00:08
Midnight Shakers - T. Stoilkovski Retro pop with edgy guitars, rock funk bass and acoustic drum kit rock to electro pop synthetics. In the middle of the crowd dancing to multi colored lights. Virgule. 00:11
Milkshake - T. Stoilkovski Quirky and cool alternate rock pop with a twist. Blending edgy and hip guitars, surreal backing vocals and backward tape effects with big rock chorus. Bouncing down a road painted in rainbow colours dressed in baroque regality. Alternate edgy pop rock. Virgule. 00:10
Modern Lifestyle - T. Stoilkovski Pop synth with ambient chorus flickering in the glow of future lights. Virgule. 00:10
Motor - T. Stoilkovski A progressing grindy, edgy guitar leads a pulsating, arpeggio bass line with distorted drums and attitude. Cranking a twin turbocharged beast down the middle of the autobahn. Rock electronica. Virgule. 00:08
My Big Mouth - T. Stoilkovski Sharp, tight guitars bounce off fiery licks with brass section stabs and an almost deep south bluesy attitude. Virgule. 00:05
My Head Just Won't Stop - T. Stoilkovski An ultra diverse mish mash of hip hop, urban, groove and pop rock organic with harp, vibrato guitars, scratching and sampled vocals with the essential feel of an underground trip hop stylization. Waking up in smoky underground club with your pajamas still on. Underground urban groove beat rock Version 30s 00:06
My Shadow - T. Stoilkovski Sweet, serene and gentle piano driven electronic track with a touch of asian mystery meets modern pop. Reflecting against the window as the rain soothly serenades outside. Virgule. 00:08
My World Is Yours - T. Stoilkovski Sunshine filled acoustic world pop rock meets eager traveller. Virgule. 00:09
Mysterious Path - T. Stoilkovski A smooth, tender urban meets soft rock piece which builds to an acoustic country bridge. Virgule. 00:02
East West Urban - T. Stoilkovski A cascading effect of urban bass and drums, rising strings and altered harpsichord, harp and eastern influences. Virgule. 00:10
Electric Streets - T. Stoilkovski Bowie era electric charged razor guitars with a confident drive. Virgule 00:09
Elegant Affair - T. Stoilkovski Piano based electronica with a sweeping string section and aristocratic vibe. Virgule. 00:07
Escape Plan - T. Stoilkovski A charging bassline coupled with synchronized electro effects and melody turns into a summer electro pop chorus before venturing back into tense territory. An escape through dark city tunnels into the fredom of green pastures. Virgule 00:04
Everyday Moments - T. Stoilkovski Happy and bouncy pop electronica celebrating life Virgule 00:07
Exciting Times - T. Stoilkovski Moving edgy driven party club rock groover. Virgule 00:04
Exit Left For Groovy - T. Stoilkovski All out percussive big beat stomp with a definite funk twist. Big drums, edgy melodic guitars, staccato distorted synths, sax and flute combine to kick it. It's like throwing together the atmosphere of a game final with the electricity of a nightclub raising the roof. Percussive electro organic beat pop. 00:09
Fast Corners - T. Stoilkovski Tremolo guitar belts into frantic pace electro rock driver with feedback into cool bluesy chorus. On fast forward through tunnels and city loops. Virgule. 00:10
Faster Stronger - T. Stoilkovski Fat bass pitched shifted running over frenetic trip hop drum and bass fever. Virgule. 00:05
Feel Good Moment - T. Stoilkovski Arpeggio chords and driven country twang guitars dance side by side in unison to the beat of a modern country rock beat interspersed with organ and plenty of fresh attitude. Virgule. 00:06
Feel Good Times - T. Stoilkovski Pop rock acoustic track saluting friends and happiness everywhere. Virgule. 00:09
Feel The Energy - T. Stoilkovski Uplifting, modern rock pop cross genre piece with electo nuances and excitement plus. Virgule. 00:10
Feeling Groovy - T. Stoilkovski A nod to the cool, funky Britpop influenced sounds of the 60's with the modern interpretation of nowadays. Trebled Rickenbacker type guitar sounds mesh with funky pop drums, regal strings and bouncing basslines with harmony beach boy inspired vocals. Virgule. 00:11
Follow The Path - T. Stoilkovski Enlighted mysterious middle eastern intro leads into a percussive buildup. Virgule. 00:06
Forest Child - T. Stoilkovski Sunlight lingers through trees as you meditate on this new age flute and pad piece. Virgule. 00:10
Freeway Stars - T. Stoilkovski Wah guitars running hot with soul meets funk bass, driving drums amidst a saturation of cool pop. Nothing will stop us tonight as we hit the freeways. Virgule. 00:10
Fresh Flowers - T. Stoilkovski Fresh, country alt pop with wistful, airy strings and melodic piano counterplay. Virgule. 00:05
Funky Beats - T. Stoilkovski Daft Punk inspired groove interspersed by a single note rock guitar melody and dance pop chorus. Virgule. 00:07
Funky Candy - T. Stoilkovski Energetic, vibrant, bubblegum coated, funky groove with scratches, big beat drums and sweet female vocals. Like going on a high speed time lapse through an amusement park. Virgule 00:08
Funky Monsters - T. Stoilkovski Bluesy, synth driven rock solid groovy , progressive track . Virgule. 00:11
Funky Parade - T. Stoilkovski Funky fashion and tabloid chic as this funk new wave guitar synth tune struts down the runway. Virgule 00:06
Funky Two Shoes - T. Stoilkovski Guitar driven little funky ditty with serenading gizmo and laser effects. Spending the evening boogying away in a toy warehouse. Quirky electro funky groove. Virgule. 00:08
Funky Zorba - T. Stoilkovski One part gypsy strummed guitar, one part funky groove with lead guitar interplay and lots of Mediterranean spice. A cocktail of European fun right in the heart downtown. Virgule 00:07
Future Machine - T. Stoilkovski Rocktronica with slamming power rock pop electro momentum. Virgule 00:06
Get Up Get Going - T. Stoilkovski Organ intro pumps into a funky, street vibe, 80's positive groove. Virgule 00:08
Glamorous Style - T. Stoilkovski RandB influenced track with chopped, re-arranged string effects, cello, piano and lots of street style. Virgule 00:08
Gold And Glitter - T. Stoilkovski Allure and glitter in the world of fashion, style and mystery in this modern lounge electro dance track. Virgule 00:07
Golden Days - T. Stoilkovski Reflective pop tinged tune with shimmering acoustic guitars and drums, tablas and evocative lead guitar. Journeying through an enchanted land while you're daydreaming. Refreshing pop rock. Virgule. 00:09
Green Earth - T. Stoilkovski Curious country meets traditional folk with a sombre banjo and happy violin intrerplay. Virgule 00:08
Groove Rocket - T. Stoilkovski Groove charging rock fueled guitar stomper with electro beats and blues infused lead breaks. Roll out the convertible cadillac, cruise down the highway with the sun on your back. Virgule. 00:07
Hairspray - T. Stoilkovski Playful sunshine laden pop candy fires into an eighties style guitar melody that you can't get out of your head. Grab your friends, hit the streets and party till sunset. Virgule 00:06
Half Human - T. Stoilkovski An electro beat induced journey with percussion that dominates an atmosphere filled with electric piano, edgy guitars, lavish string bridge and cold war synths. As if humans are becoming an empire of androids. Electronic progressive big beat. Virgule. 00:07
Handle With Care - T. Stoilkovski Tender and caring acoustic, electric country pop lullaby. Virgule. 00:10
Happiest Memories - T. Stoilkovski A reflective, poignant yet reassuringly forward thinking tune filled with sparkling acoustic guitars meandering through pads, organic instruments and plenty of new found hope. Virgule. 00:09
Hot Kiss - T. Stoilkovski Electronic funkiness meets grungy bass line rock with string and synth melodic interplay, Virgule. 00:06
Hot Neon - T. Stoilkovski A smooth electro beat plays against a driving bassline with 70s rock guitar licks and pedal steel splashes. Virgule. 00:08
Human Stories - T. Stoilkovski Global change and culture meet with modern genres with this pop, ambient, world track. Virgule. 00:15
Alive Awake - T. Stoilkovski Solid and passionate guitar pop rock with towering melodic chorus. Virgule. 00:12
All The Creatures Are Stirring - T. Stoilkovski Brave pop rock infused with psychedelic imagery and driving guitars building to an epic chorus. Virgule. 00:12
Atmosphere - T. Stoilkovski Upbeat track with acoustic and electric tremelo guitars in the style of 70's bands Styx and Peter Frampton. Virgule. 00:10
Dark Skyline - T. Stoilkovski Edgy, surreal, rock with dark ambient guitar splashes and a rock shuffle. Virgule 00:07
Delicate Neon - T. Stoilkovski An enigmatic atmospheric track featuring acoustic and electric guitar, synth, aerobic soprano female voicing and a sense of quirky yet delicate pop sensibility. Alternate quirky neo pop. Version 30s. 00:08
Dirty Words - T. Stoilkovski Psychedelic mid paced trip pop with a dose of sideshow organ, female falsetto vox and early drum machine triggering. Virgule 00:06
Down And Dirty - T. Stoilkovski Sexy blues overdriven pop funk piece with stomping groove and percussive jangly guitars. Virgule 00:09
Downtown Groove - T. Stoilkovski Hip and funky groove based house meets rock pop bristling with jangly, edgy guitars, funky bass and synthezised chorus work. Pull down the sunroof, drive through town at night and party till the morning. Hip house funky rock pop. Version 30s 00:04
Dreams And Hope Unite - T. Stoilkovski Pads rise into a marching like guitar and drum four on the floor pattern that charges into a live rock breather carried by sweeping string section which glides into a solo nylon string bridge and then back. Virgule 00:11
Dreams And Visions - T. Stoilkovski Tender melodic piano is subdued by emotive, sweeping strings awakened within delayed drums. Virgule 00:08
Duel - T. Stoilkovski Massive guitars interlude with powerful strings and organs in a breakbeat powered rock hip hop showdown. A showdown in the middle of the street. Hip electro power rock. Version 30s 00:04
Can't Stop Me - T. Stoilkovski Take a deep breath then unleash your energy. Detuned electro guitars, rockin drums with sonic ambience. Virgule 00:05
Can't Stop Moving - T. Stoilkovski Dance based synth driven beat with funky guitars, piano splashes, string pads and cool synths. Virgule 00:03
Change Room - T. Stoilkovski Sneaky, electronica cross ambient trip hop with dashes of covert propaganda and multi saxophones. Virgule 00:02
Chase The Bass - T. Stoilkovski Action fueled bass guitar tradeoff in the fast lane. Virgule 00:03
Cheap Talk - T. Stoilkovski Drum and bass odd time minimal percussive beat with streetwise cello and ambient jazz touch. Virgule. 00:02
City Energy - T. Stoilkovski Vibrant dance feel beat with curious, bouncing synths and airy strings. Virgule. 00:06
City Heartbeat - T. Stoilkovski An awakening in the city heart with an electronic ambient spirit Virgule 00:11
City Lights - T. Stoilkovski Sci fi and tech grooves combine with pitched drums, percussion, strings and underlying synth lines. Like driving at night through an empty future cityscape. Driven sci fi organic electronica. 00:06
City To Coast - T. Stoilkovski Middle of the road meets alternative country rock in this guitar driven track. Acoustic guitars embellish the stereo spectrum, electric guitar rocks out the melody and the organs, pads layer atmosphere. Virgule 00:07
Clever Thinking - T. Stoilkovski Mandolins on top of an RandB beat lead into a hip synth 80's feel. Virgule 00:05
Concrete Angels - T. Stoilkovski Alt Indie guitar becomes cool edgy beatnik groove then explodes into fired up club filler. Stars and endless freeways collide in color for the night. Virgule. 00:10
Connection - T. Stoilkovski A mid tempo space urban funky trip with a gliding electro pop feel, bouncy bass and drums plus a jazz tinged chorus and bridge. It's cool skool with the flavour of an underground 70's shakedown. Electro organic urban pop Version 30s 00:09
Conspiracy Down - T. Stoilkovski A militant and tense journey weaving through red curtain electro pulses, vibrato guitar, deep cellos and rock lead guitars. A secret mission in electroland. Percussive electro organic rock. Version 30s 00:06
Cool Friends - T. Stoilkovski Indie guitar intro hits into a electro, two step beat, catchy melodic synths with huge nu-style attitude and metro flavor. An inner city party that is shaking the floorboards. Virgule. 00:02
Country Sweetheart - T. Stoilkovski Sunrise over the countryside walking with your sweetheart in this country blues rock ballad. Virgule. 00:10
Courage And Spirit - T. Stoilkovski Country meets ambient pop epic landscape with heritage feel. Virgule. 00:10
Crazy Overdrive - T. Stoilkovski Massive in your face guitar rocker with attitude and cool groove. Virgule. 00:06
Create Your Adventure - T. Stoilkovski A feel good, inquisitive rock track with psychedelic guitars and funky bass, marching on frequent drum rolls. Virgule 00:11
Crying Gabriel - T. Stoilkovski An epic electronic and chorale flight with pulsating effects and electro militant style drums, choir voices and a siren that makes you take notice. A call to arms in a fight between good and evil. Epic thematic electronic ambient. Virgule. 00:06
Be Yourself - T. Stoilkovski Funky bass, guitars and drums laden with synth effects explode into a psychedelic rock funk chorus. An uber cool street vibe that gets up and goes. Hyper funky pop rock. Version 30s 00:05
Beautiful Heart - T. Stoilkovski A poignant and tender electonic piece centred around piano Virgule 00:09
Beautiful Horizons - T. Stoilkovski Acoustic guitar follows into a wah, pads, organ and piano driven ballad with inspired pop chorus. Coming back home through the city background after a journey abroad. Virgule 00:09
Beautiful Mess - T. Stoilkovski Streetwise, raw indie guitars and rhythm section burn an underground attitude. Virgule 00:09
Beautiful Morning - T. Stoilkovski Acoustic guitars finger pick and strum into a melodious string, organ intro then wistfully gain emotion as the chorus lifts up the track to another majestic, inspiring level into a modern country bridge with plenty of reflective nuance Virgule 00:10
Behind The Scenes - T. Stoilkovski Pop building electronica circa 90's techno momentum with organ verses and eastern guitar counterplay. Virgule 00:06
Bend Your Mind - T. Stoilkovski A psychedelic rock, electro journey into the underground Virgule 00:06
Beneath These Waves - T. Stoilkovski A warm signal tone meanders through jangled reverb guitars and break beat drums. A feeling of being underwater floating through the oceans. Ambient pop chill. Version 30s 00:09
Berlin Nouveau - T. Stoilkovski Romantic and progressive atmosphere with piano, a drone bass groove and arpeggio synth melodies. European noir and vibe with a touch of nostalgia. Electro pop noir. Version 30s 00:12
Beyond Your Limits - T. Stoilkovski Percussive stomper with power guitars, tense strings and an overcoming attitude. Virgule 00:04
Big Ambition - T. Stoilkovski Futuristic pop based funky groove with hints of espionage paranoia. Virgule 00:05
Big Horizons - T. Stoilkovski Big pop rock soundscape with exotic undercurrent and a dose of electronica. Virgule 00:05
Black Mercedes - T. Stoilkovski Urban groove, bass, ominous cello, strings and liquid lead phrasing hit a flow. Cruising the midnight streets in a decked out Mercedes Benz catching the vibes. Virgule 00:06
Blue Sky Horizon - T. Stoilkovski Fingerpicked acoustic guitars joyfully and curiously interplay with an emotional acoustic lead guitar and splashes of organ. Virgule 00:09
Brand New Me - T. Stoilkovski Delicate and happy electric guitars harmonize over a backing rhythm of chilled pop and calypso tinged beats. Carefree times spent with friends on a sunny day in the park. Virgule 00:11
Brave Journey - T. Stoilkovski Confident steady driven anthem yielding big guitar chords, melodic strings and percussive beats. Virgule 00:06
Break The Cycle - T. Stoilkovski Funky, bluesy beginning then hits it's rock stride with synth interplay and sci-fi apreggios. Virgule. 00:08
Bridge To You - T. Stoilkovski Asian tinged deep chill out with ambient groove, cello and warm organ. Virgule 00:16
A Change Is Coming - T. Stoilkovski Epic rock pop with a guiding string and pad section and a shout it out loud, stand on a mountain chorus. Virgule. 00:13
A New Day Begins - T. Stoilkovski Bright, electric guitars spark interplay into a piano pop driven catchy, feel good number. Virgule 00:10
Above The Skies - T. Stoilkovski Launch through the clouds into the sky with big beats, power guitars and ambient synth effects. Virgule. 00:13
Access All Areas - T. Stoilkovski Four on the floor poptronic groove with rock attitude and electro pulses. Virgule 00:07
Action With Style - T. Stoilkovski Action rocktronica in the fast lane with lots of style and beats. Virgule. 00:11
Activate Me - T. Stoilkovski RandB player with organic groove, wah guitar and a touch of electronic sparkle. Virgule. 00:03
Airbag - T. Stoilkovski Massive electro rock, arpeggio delayed guitars, powerful strings with pulsing deep effects. Our hero is about to meet his nemesis in a warehouse showdown. Virgule. 00:10
All Day Sunshine - T. Stoilkovski Bright and cheerful modern latin salsa piano piece that uplifts. Virgule. 00:08
All The Action - T. Stoilkovski Big unison rock guitars command attention, driven by a funky melodic rhythm. Virgule. 00:07
All The Lights - T. Stoilkovski Strings meet with a heartfelt, welcome home type 6-4 modern country pop ballad melody with electric guitars that shine in the chorus. Virgule 00:09
Amazing Emotion - T. Stoilkovski Lighthearted strings float and sway over acoustic guitars, piano counterparts and instruments into a forward, purposeful, happy chorus that invokes a positive, fresh new change. Virgule 00:08
Amethyst - T. Stoilkovski Swirling and driving percussive beats meet warm, ambient organ tones and majestic sweeping strings. An adventure deep in the heart of a lost civilization. Percussive ambient electronic pop. Version 30s 00:10
Angel Kisses - T. Stoilkovski Sweet, tender and playful organ notes joyfully bounce along with electronic sparkles dancing to a beat lifted by female vocals. Little angels running and playing on the soft green grass of a park. Virgule 00:06
Angels And Rebels - T. Stoilkovski Rebels come out to play and party with no rules in pop rock splendor. Virgule. 00:11
Apartment Two - T. Stoilkovski Weird, neurotic experimental art rock with dual harmony guitars, elecotronic pulses and big, half time drums. Strange sounds and weird lights coming from the top floor apartment. Virgule 00:09
Art Of Zen - T. Stoilkovski New Age synth flute percussive tune floating on clouds above. Virgule. 00:08
Artificial Love - T. Stoilkovski Les Paul guitar riff gets a dose of chopped up pop, airy pads, reverbed piano melody, drums and cool school bass. Virgule. 00:04
Attention - T. Stoilkovski Fun and quirky organic pop rock with a touch of piano and electro cool . A party friendly track or the nighttime recipe for pure escape. Energetic pop rock. Version 30s. 00:11
Awaken Your Dreams - T. Stoilkovski Delayed guitars and floating pads combine to form a sense of direction, hope and wonder. Virgule. 00:14
Awe And Wonder - T. Stoilkovski Mysterious, rising collage of sound and melody , four on the floor beat interspersed with dub electronics. Virgule 00:08
Bass Murder - L.J. Cedar A Fat ominous bass, augmented by an orchestral palate and powerful drums that rises to a dramatic crescendo. Dramatic, Driving, Bold, Capable, Impatient, Urgent, Expansive and Complex. Strings, Drums, Bass Synthesizer,Brass, Acoustic Guitar. 00:55
Springtime Ident - L.J. Cedar A short ident or sting. Good for corporate logo. Sting, Ident, Logo, Cool, Corporate. 00:06
Daisies - L.J. Cedar Light and positive Pneumonic Sting Bumper. Great for a corporate logo. Upbeat, Fresh, Refreshing, Positive, Light, Breezy, Jolly, Acoustic. 00:09
Debauchery - L.J. Cedar Uptempo club EDM track. Inspired by Paul Oakenfold and Ibiza nightclubs.. upbeat, Energetic, driving, happy, Ecstatic, Fresh, REfreshing, debauched, positive. 00:34
A Curious Incident - L.J. Cedar An ominous piece good for horror or suspense. It builds to a spooky pneumonic ending.. Scary, Ominous, Dramatic, Chilling, Creepy, Cold, Depressing, Spooky. 00:37
Affirmation - L.J. Cedar Upbeat short mnemonic or sting.. Upbeat, Pop, Confident, logo, Indet, cool. 00:04
Dexterity - L.J. Cedar Cool Pnemonic, great for corporate company logo or sting.. Positive, Friendly, Up, Confident. 00:04
Elation - L.J. Cedar Cool indent great for corporate company logo or sting.. Positive, Friendly, Up, Confident, Inspirational. 00:05
Electro Ident - L.J. Cedar A short ident or sting. Good for corporate logo.. Sting, logo, Ident, Cool. 00:05
Glistening - L.J. Cedar Cool Pnemonic, great for corporate company logo or sting. Positive, Friendly, Up, Confident. 00:12
Good Day Ident - L.J. Cedar A short ident or sting. Good for corporate logo.. ident, logo, sting, corporate. 00:05
Latino Ident - L.J. Cedar A short ident or sting. Good for corporate logo.. logo, sting, ident, corporate. 00:05
Lets Go To The Game - L.J. Cedar Indie rock track for sport based pictures. Vocals, Guitar, Bass and Drums. Driving, Macho, Confident, Self Assured, Up, Friendly. 00:35
Placid Path - L.J. Cedar A feel good pop piano and string piece perfect for advertising and commercials.. Up, Positive, Uplifting, Feelgood, Charming, Familiar, peaceful, dreamy. 00:34
Put Your Feet Up - L.J. Cedar Laid back Jazz track with acoustic guitar, double bass and keyboards. Great for a product commercial campaign.. Alluring, Cheerful, Dreamy, Easy, Elegant, Friendly, Fun, Good, Humble, Jolly, Joyful, Light, Lively, Playful, Soothing, Summery, Sweet, Warm. 00:35
Setting The Scene - L.J. Cedar A dreamlike, calm, lazy, Pink Floyd sounding track.. Dreamy, Calm, Mellow, Melting, Drifting, Angelic, Lazy, Erotic. 00:36
Sitting Target - L.J. Cedar Big Beat spy theme.. Cheeky, Groove, Confident, Ominous, Strong, Anticipation, Bold. 00:34
Soleil - L.J. Cedar Cool modern Pnemonic bumper, great for corporate company logo or sting.. Positive, Friendly, Up, Confident, Calm, Bright. 00:11
Techno Fly By - L.J. Cedar Stomping electro beats with technology sound FX.. Synthy, Confident, Driving. 00:34
The Comfort Of Home - L.J. Cedar Warm and positive with acoustic guitars, piano and strings. Great for a family product or food commercial.. Warm, Positive, Heartwarming, Uplifting, Calm, Comforting, Caring, Innocent, Romantic. 00:35
Turmoil - L.J. Cedar Bombastic classical Cinematic electronic theme with cool pneumonic end.. Classical, Dramatic, Tense, Gutsy, Epic, Ominous, Anticipation, Warlike, Scary. 00:37
Your Delicate Romance - L.J. Cedar A stylish and glamorous Piano piece. Perfect for luxury branding - perfume, haute couture etc.. Elegant, Stylish, Intimate, Grandiose, big Romantic. 00:36
Petit Cabri - J-M Boiteux Steeldrum ritournelle, percussion and drums. Jingle 10s. 00:10
Podgorica - J-M Boiteux Bass, drums ans 2 guitars. Short folk song. Jingle 5s, Version 1. 00:05
Slewfoot - J-M Boiteux Bass, drums and 2 acoustic guitars, accompaniment and theme. Jingle. 00:08
What Is That - J-M Boiteux Drums and acoustic guitar. Jingle. 00:10
Let's Go Out - J-M Boiteux 2 acoustic guitars, bass and drums for a positive interlude. 00:07
Little Cowboy - J-M Boiteux 2 acoustic guitars, bass and drums for a Western interlude. Jingle 13s. 00:13
Entrée Royale - A. Jamot Powerful orchestral chords of brass and timpani. Introduction of his majesty the king. 00:10
Quatuor pour cordes No20 K499 - I Allegretto Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMWolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Strings Quartet No. 20, K499 in Dmaj. I. Allegretto. Adaptation Quatuor Parisii. Suspense. 00:35
Alouette - IV Final Vivace Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMJoseph Haydn: The lark. Strings quartet, Opus 64, NO. 5 in Dmaj. IV. Final Vivace. Adaptation Quatuor Parisii. 00:15
Plaisanterie - II Trio Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMJoseph Haydn: Joke. Strings Quartet, Op. 33, NO. 2 in Ebmaj. II. Scherzo Allegretto Trio. Adaptation Quatuor Parisii. Mysterious, romantic. 00:37
Plaisanterie - IV Final Presto Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMJoseph Haydn: Joke. Strings Quartet, Op. 33, NO. 2 in Ebmaj. IV. Final Presto. Adaptation Quatuor Parisii. 00:13
Quatuor pour cordes No14 K387 - IV Molto Allegro Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMWolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Strings Quartet No. 14, K387 in Gmag. IV. Molto Allegro. Adaptation Quatuor Parisii. Sensual and spring. 00:14
Quatuor pour cordes No2 K155 - III Molto Allegro Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMWolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Strings Quartet No. 2, K155 134a, in Dmaj. III. Molto Allegro. Strings adaptation Quatuor Parisii. Positive inquiry. 00:15
Quatuor pour cordes No6 K159 - III Allegro Grazioso Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMWolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Strings Quartet No. 6, K159, in Bbmaj. III. Allegro grazioso. Adaptation Quatuor Parisii. 00:16
Quatuor pour cordes No9 K169 - I Molto Allegro Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMWolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Strings Quartet No. 9, K169 in Amaj. I. Molto Allegro. Adaptation Quatuor Parisii. Romantic and majestic. 00:15
Chansons Tziganes pour violon et orchestre Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMPablo Sarasate: Gypsy songs for violin and orchestra. Introduction. Majestic, powerful and sensual. 00:56
Peer Gynt - Ouverture Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMEdvard Grieg: Peer Gynt, Opus 23. Opening. Part 1, adventure, calm, mysterious and strange. 02:23
Sang Viennois Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMJohann Strauss: Wiener Blut, Opus 354. Part 1. 01:03
Album pour enfant - Kamarinskaya Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMPiotr Ilitch Tchaikovsky: Children's album, Opus 39 Arranged for chamber orchestra. Kamarinskaya. Dynamic, positive and spring. 00:40
Album pour enfant - Chanson Russe Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMPiotr Ilitch Tchaikovsky: Children's album, Opus 39 Arranged for chamber orchestra. Russian Song. 00:36
Album pour enfant - Le petit cavalier Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMPiotr Ilitch Tchaikovsky: Children's album, Opus 39 Arranged for chamber orchestra. The little rider. Strange, dynamic, adventure. 00:41
Le Casse-Noisette Suite - Trepak Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMPiotr Ilitch Tchaikovsky: Suite of the Nutcracker. Opus 71a. Typical Dances, No. 2c. Russian Dance, Trepak en Gmaj. Tempo di trepak, molto perennial. Orchestral, springtime. 01:00
Bimbo - G. Goué Drums with brushes, bass riff and rhythmic organ. Crying guitar. 00:58
The Bright Evening News - He Jian Chevauchée Western et cavalerie. Générique. Journaux, information, infotainment. Version 15S. 00:17
Emergency Exit This Way - Wu Le Fuite silencieuse. Dépêchons nous. Etrange et mystérieux. Version 40S. 00:39
Height O Clock World Business - Zhang Hong Bing Infos du jour, dynamique et positif. Version 15S. 00:16
Joyful Time - Wu Le Petite chinoiserie. Version 30S. Chine 00:34
Time For Business Time - Zhang Hong Bing Pour annoncer des bonnes nouvelles. Journal, infotainment. Version 15S. 00:15
Beijing Opera Heroes - Wu Le Ouverture héroîque et grandiose. Opera. EP @ 25s avec point d'orgue et final. 00:40
Battle Of The Proud Heroes - Long Yun Heroique et courageux, guerrier. Version 15 sec. 00:16
All Over The World News - Zhang Hong Bing Dynamique suspens gardant l'auditeur en attente. Version 15S. 00:16
City Feeling - Wu Le Final avec explosion. Version 40S. 00:38
Battle Of The Heroes - Wu Le Cavalerie, combats, batailles, envolées. Médiéval, battant, dynamique. Version 30S. 00:35
Brief News From The Stars - Ha Bu Er Les infos, le journal, les institutions. Version 15 sec. 00:15
Business News Of Techno - Ha Bu Er Journal télé, flash info, météo. Version 15 sec. 00:17
Cadillac Bumper - Ha Bu Er La météo, descriptif. Version 15 sec. 00:15
Enjoy Your Life Style - Ha Bu Er Indicatif émission culturelle. Version 15 sec. 00:14
Galactica Information - Ha Bu Er Séminaire, conférence, ouverture, gala. Version 15 sec. 00:14
International Adventure News - Ha Bu Er Heroisme et bravoure pour de nouvelles aventures. 00:15
Morning Castle News - Long Yun Le retour du guerrier, heroique fantaisie. Version 15 sec. 00:14
Openning Sequence Theme - Ha Bu Er Ouverture de soirée, jingle, indicatif. Version 15 sec. 00:15
Positive News Report - Ha Bu Er Jeux télé, brillant, soutenu. Version 15 sec. 00:15
Slow Snow Bumpers - Ha Bu Er Positif, hamonie, équilibre. Version 15 sec. 00:15
Wonderful Future - Ha Bu Er Feuilleton, serie AB. Jingle 5 sec. 00:05
Cool Flugel - J-P Bigourie Intro piano electric wah wah, flugelhorn and guitars. Brass theme. 00:36
Alert Station - F. Niobey Police movie. Preparations, action. Version 10s 00:10
Humoristic - F. Niobey Rhythmic funky, riff made of low notes of acoustic piano and bass. Melody with violins and flute. Edit point at 0'27 part B, unison piano, bass and bassoon. Jingle 15s. 00:15
Teenagers - F. Niobey Violin tremolo and pop rhythm of the 70's. Melody with marimba, flute and short violins. Comedy, American series. Version 15s. 00:15
Canterbury - F. Niobey Orchestral. Melody played by the woodwinds. Accompaniment by a rhythm of violins. Chevaleresque, emperor, minuet at the court of the king. Version 15s. 00:15
Separate - F. Niobey Harp in arpeggios, violins. Horn. Theme to the harp. Sober. Version 15s. 00:15
Under You - F. Niobey Shaker and acoustic piano theme in arpeggio. Snare drum and rhythmic ostinato of violins. Version 10s. 00:10
Verify - F. Niobey Acoustic piano and violins. Grave note of piano. Version 15s. 00:15
Your Island - F. Niobey Ostinato de marimba, violins, kalimba, acoustic piano theme. Edit point at 1'36 Mystery Phrases. Jingle 5s. 00:05
Little Fear - F. Niobey Orchestral Ostinato, timpani. Harp, flute, clarinet and horn for a slow and ceremonious theme. Version 15s. 00:15
Mission Express - F. Niobey Ostinato of acoustic piano and violins in staccato. Orchestra hit. Version 15s. 00:15
Missive - F. Niobey Ostinato of orchestra and snare rhythm. Theme on woodwinds. Edit point at 0'33 Theme with the violins, accompaniment of orchestra. Version 15s 00:15
Sculpture Ligérienne - F. Niobey Violins, guitar for accompaniment and melody. Effects of harp. Version 15s. 00:15
Confession Boréale - F. Niobey Wideand aerial synth, acoustic piano theme, harp. Version 15s. 00:15
Sugar Pie - F. Niobey Fantastic adventures, fantasy, humor, playful, jumping. Jingle 10s. 00:10
Sunrise Song - P. Gaillard Short melody on the acoustic piano, revival on violins. Tempo medium but fast drums. Theme song. Version 9s. 00:09
Earth Of Bearth - P. Gaillard Guitar and acoustic piano, violins. Theme on oboe. Version 7s. 00:07
Shoot Down - T. Chaze Intro of synth and sound effects. Sample RnB drums, synth crescendo. Sample of voice, tense harmony. Version 15s. 00:16
Gizeh Dream - T. Chaze Intro rhythm oud riff. Heavy rhythm and oriental percussions. Duduk, cry of synth. Version 15s. 00:17
Karmarama - T. Chaze Tabla, ethnic flute, discreet Synth in background. Progressive construction of a rhythm. Different sound elements disturbing. Sample of voice. Version 15s. 00:17
Malaya - T. Chaze Percussions in the distance and others more present. African colors. Version 10s. 00:12
Alhambra - T. Chaze Intro ethnic flute, synth background. Several changes of tempos. Reverse cymbals and percussion. Electro rhythm. Version 10s. 00:13
Beduins Move - T. Chaze Intro ethnic flute, darbouka. Ostinato rhythm with bass, drums and melody on the flute. Version 15s. 00:17
Bosphore - T. Chaze Rhythmic drums and percussion, bass. Discrete synth, repetitive bass ethnic flute. Version 15s. 00:17
Freestyle - T. Chaze Rock band. Riff of powerful guitars. Rap flow. Red Hot and Linkin 'Park. Version 15s without voice. 00:16
Esparaguas Castle - T. Chaze Tended chords progression on the violins, choirs, anxiogenic phrases on the double basses. Sound effects. Version 15s. 00:16
Investigation - T. Chaze Opening in crescendo of orchestra. Ostinato and tense melody. Development. Electronic rhythmic dark. Version 15s. 00:16
Sad Vicky - T. Chaze High arpeggios of acoustic piano and violins. Repetitive chord progression. Melody on the flute. Version 15s. 00:16
Saravaati Celebration - T. Chaze Acoustic piano theme and response to violins, Indian sitar. Version 10s. 00:12
Aznar Vs Drago - T. Chaze Orchestra blast, sounds. Rhythmic rock and choirs, Tense harmony. Version 15s. 00:16
Molinas Dragon - T. Chaze Effects and orchestral ostinato. Theme on the oboe accompanied by the violins. Choirs. Cave of the Dragon. Demoniac, frightful. Version 15s. 00:18
Pin Of Death - T. Chaze Choir of women and violins. Timpani and choir of men. Sound effects. Version 15s 00:16
Rapaces - T. Chaze Tribal rhythm of floor toms and sound effects. Theme in unison of orchestra. Powerful choirs and saturated guitar. Version 15s. 00:17
Barnes Chaze - T. Chaze Violins and orchestral brass, rhythm of sound effects. Acoustic piano in arpeggios. Science fiction, panting, anxiety. Version 15s. 00:16
Red And Green - T. Chaze Violins, oboes. Choir and distant effects. Dark rhythm. Evolution towards a rhythm and a tense harmony. Incantatory, enigmatic. Version 15s. 00:17
Andians - T. Chaze Several ethnic flutes and a spacing synth. A.Piano for the theme. Version 15s. 00:15
Folkman - T. Chaze Intro guitar. Rhythmic pop rock. Melody ethnic flute. Ride in the great prairies of the West. Version 15s. 00:18
Italic - J. Pelizzari Singing bass synth, solo organ and rhythmic shaker, rimshot and aahh. Version 30s. 00:34
Timeless Quartet - F. Visconte Baroque or Renaissance, chamber orchestra. Version 10s 00:10
Futuristic Rondo - F. Visconte Percussion. Repetitive theme on violins with orchestral response. Version 10s. 00:10
Imaginative Lento - F. Visconte Calm arpeggios of harp, melody with violins. Ceremonious, posed. Version 10s. 00:11
Life Theme - F. Visconte Violins and orchestra, acoustic piano arpeggios. Version 10s. 00:10
Remote Horizons - F. Visconte Ballad pop, melody with the organ. Violins. Version 10s. 00:12
Melancolic Theme - F. Visconte Guitar arpeggio, acoustic piano, flute and violins for melody. Version 10s. 00:13
Fugitive Theme - F. Visconte Mystery. Accelerated images, chaotic nightmare. Version 10s 00:11
Pinkomic - F. Visconte Violon and bass synth. Such as Tex Avery. Siflets, elephants, cries and laughter. Pink Panther. Version 10s. 00:11
Classical History - F. Visconte Chamber Orchestra. Staccato of cello and dialogue between violin and woodwin section. Accompaniment of harpsichord. Version 10s. 00:09
Festive Melody - F. Visconte Classical orchester and bass and drums. A lively and festive melody for the violins, accompaniment of the orchestra. Version 10s. 00:07
Contemporary Ballade - F. Visconte Chamber orchestra. Printaniere and modern, narrative, romantic. Version 10s. 00:08
French Minuetto - F. Visconte Classical orchestra. Melody on violins, response on metallophone and oboe. Version 10s. 00:10
Noisy Whammy - P. Sanchez Garcia Synth and sequenced saturated guitar. Jingle. 00:42
Caress - J. Greenhow Airy electric piano, synth and drums with brushes. Relaxed. Jingle. 00:23
Arrivée Royale - G. Wilmot Orchestral, brass melody, snare drum, long double bass notes, timpani. 00:49
Cauchemar - G. Wilmot Intro acoustic piano, the orchestra plays a tense harmony, sound effects, noises. 00:50
Native Vibration - T. Chaze Harmony of exotic synth, ethnic voice. Jingle Loop 4. 00:09
Découverte - J-M Boiteux Choirs and violins on pop rhythm. Mysterious. 00:34
Tutti Salsa - J-P Bigourie Cuban orchestra, brilliant brass, percussion, salsa Jingle. 00:10
Dangerous - J-P Bigourie Brass section, funk groove with bass, drums, guitar and vocals. Earth, Wind and Fire. 00:37
End Of Suspens - J-P Bigourie Intermediate funky clavinet, synth and brass. 00:18
The Born - J-P Bigourie A singing fretless bass. 00:11
Hohoho - J-P Bigourie Large jazz orchestra, brilliant brass. For an opening song. 00:17
Simple No - J-P Bigourie Break of drums toms and brass riffs. Very short. 00:08
Metal Dream - P. Sanchez Garcia Rhythmic rock. Lyrical guitar phrases. 00:38
Wriglizz - T. Cahn Bass, acoustic piano and RnB drums. Phrase of singing. Choirs. Jingle variation. 00:11
Mixed Up - T. Cahn Electronic drums. Bass synth, rhythm and wah wah guitar. Jingle 1. 00:08
Le Temps Passe - T. Cahn Little nostalgic waltz at the piano. Short version. 00:20
Boum Boum - T. Cahn Scat doum doum. 00:03
Les Grosses Têtes - T. Cahn Marching band and percussion. Jingle. 00:06
Les Marguerites - T. Cahn Royal accent on the harpsichord. 00:05
La Peche - T. Cahn Jingle jazzy groove funk, brass section. 00:11
Warning - T. Cahn Jingle. Powerful brass and saturated guitar, thème on synth. 00:43
C'Est L'Printemps - T. Cahn Jingle on the violin. 00:05
Coucou - T. Cahn Accent jazzy on the saxophone. 00:04
Go To The Oo Base - T. Chaze Synth sequence. Ethical atmosphere. Repetitive, cyclic, dreamlike. 00:45
Koetsu Rv - T. Chaze Sequence and tense atmosphere. 00:42
Tribaloo - T. Chaze African percussions and songs. Repetitive tribal theme. Incantatory, tribal, ceremonial. Version 15s. 00:15
Mogotes - T. Chaze Synth rhythm. Theme flute and synth. Themes played by powerful choirs. Rhythmic of floor toms. Version 15s. 00:15
Sabotage Larry'S Car - T. Chaze Long note of violins. Saturated rhythm. Orchestra blast and response of cellos. 00:47
Nike Theme 2 - T. Chaze Filtered drums, guitars and scratch. Hey. 00:52
Nirva - T. Chaze Industrial rhythm made of sound effects. Repetitive bass. 00:52
Malanga - T. Chaze Synth bass sequenced, rhythmic toms severe. Simple melody with chorus response. Heroic fantasy..ersion 15sec 00:15
Aziatica - T. Chaze Synth accent, flute, kalimba sequence and other ethnic instruments. Speech in Asian language, koto. Version 15s. 00:15
Asian Travel - T. Chaze Ethnic percussions. Deep synth, violins, bass flute, horn or ethnic brass. Version 15s. 00:15
Bob 3 - T. Chaze Bass synth sequenced. Dark Synth effects. Stripped-down drums 00:44
Santeria Dance - T. Chaze Intro spacy, sounds of nature, birds. Ethnic Voice Theme. Synthesized sequence. Version 15s. 00:15
Mystic - T. Chaze A piano, a bass and a drum set on a cloud. Version 15s. 00:15
Fuego Delight - T. Chaze Violins wide, bass in ostinato. Percussion and filtered battery. Theme to the oboe, played again to the violins. Version 15s. 00:15
Floating Over The Clouds - T. Chaze Crystalline synth, deep bass, violin theme. Version 15s. 00:15
High Pulsation - J-P Vielfaure Rhythmic pulsations cut with sound elements and saturated guitars. Lop 8s. 00:08
Sonner Les Cloches - J-P Vielfaure Bells, tubular bells, double bass. Christmas. 00:37
Ballade Romantique - J-P Vielfaure Acoustic piano arpeggio and violins. Theme on the piano. 00:43
Avant La Bataille - J-P Vielfaure Melodic and rhythmic violins. Timpani orchestra and pizz. Brass section. 00:46
Dors Bien Bébé - J-P Vielfaure Small lullaby music box. 00:39
Ethnotic - T. Chaze Ostinato of synth and bass. Theme on the violins. Ethnic Sample. Repetitive synth. Version 15s. 00:15
Zakat Mind - T. Chaze Intro deep synth, Ethnic song, oud. Electro rhythmic and oud riff. Flute and ethnic chant. Version 15s. 00:15
Mosaica - T. Chaze Synth in background, ethnic flute, oriental harmony. 0'47 percussion, bass, ethnic voice, rhythmic electro. Edit point at 1'21 double tempo. Version 15s. 00:15
India Mood - T. Chaze Crowd ambience and percussion. Synth and bass. Ethnic Voices. Version 15s. 00:15
Lakdari - T. Chaze Rhythmic funk. Sample theme of voices and dark ethnic instruments. Version 15s. 00:15
Secret Message - T. Chaze Several synths, ethnic samples and sound elements. Repetitive theme on 2 notes. Capharnaum ethnico orchestral. Version 15s. 00:15
Ayahuaska Thunder - T. Chaze Percussion and sustained rhythm. Thunderbolt. Crystal melody, sound effects. Version 15s. 00:15
Zulu Call - T. Chaze Bass and sequence with ethnic voices. Version 15s. 00:15
Funky Roots - T. Chaze Ethnic jam session and fusion music. Version 15s. 00:15
Hot Snap - T. Chaze Funky drums and saturated synth. Different tribal sound images. Version 15s. 00:15
Web Circle - T. Chaze Intro background synth and electronic beep. Acoustic piano and synth in deformed voice. Spacy synth. Version 15s. 00:15
Memories Song - T. Chaze Intro Synth background and short and repetitive theme with acoustic piano. Latin rhythm. Version 15s. 00:15
Kick Big - T. Chaze Rock band. Riffs of powerful guitars. Version 15s. 00:15
Mixdown - T. Chaze Rock band. Riffs of powerful guitars. Jingle 15s. 00:15
Nirvanetic - T. Chaze Bass saturated, powerful guitar riff. Jingle 15s. 00:15
On The Air - T. Chaze Rock band. Riffs of powerful guitars. Simple melody with saturated guitar. Jingle 15s. 00:15
Overdub - T. Chaze Power trio. Guitar Riff, Breathing Sample, Guitar Scream. Version 15s. 00:15
Rivetonik - T. Chaze Riff of saturated guitar deep low and repetitive, bass in unison. Version 15s. 00:15
Spiral Fuego - T. Chaze Sound effects. Long notes of saturated guitar. Simple synth theme. Version 15s. 00:15
Splash - T. Chaze Rock band, powerful guitar riff. Teen-age and garage band. Version 15s. 00:15
Katia And Vlad - T. Chaze Background of violins. Melody with the cymbalum. Jingle 15s. 00:15
Level Head - T. Chaze Rock band, 2 guitars, riff and theme. Version 10s. 00:10
Metal Speed - T. Chaze Rhythmic rock very fast. Effects of anxiety guitar. Tense harmony. Version 15s. 00:15
Verminal - T. Chaze Rock band. A guitar riff. Version 15s. 00:15
Warriors - T. Chaze Ostinato of violins and choirs, timpani. Cadence. Version 15s. 00:15
Wazulukey - T. Chaze Orchestral. Longue note of violins, rhythmic percussions. Horn theme, flute response. Version 15s. 00:15
Igor My Brother - T. Chaze Anxiogenic sound effects. Electronic drums, harpsichord, staccato cellos, background of violins, wide choirs. Version 15s. 00:15
Intro And Crash - T. Chaze background of violins, saxophone, acoustic piano arpeggios. Edit point at 0'57, heavy rhythm, ostinato of cellos. End in ascending harmonic progression. Version 15s. 00:15
Riposte - T. Chaze Wide and deep percussion. Ostinato of staccato cellos. Synth sequence. Effects. Version 15s. 00:15
Geldhof Escape - T. Chaze Cello and accordion. Anxiogenic effects. Acoustic piano theme played by the orchestra. Ensemble of orchestra, sequence of violins. Timpani. Version 15s. 00:15
Gunner - T. Chaze Heavy drums rhythm and deep synth. Positive melody on saturated guitar. Version 15s. 00:15
Skinner - T. Chaze Vocoder synth. Saturated guitar. Synth effects. Version 15s. 00:15
Sweepsteak - T. Chaze Electronic race, the stress of the modern city Version 15s 00:15
Heaven Files - T. Chaze Industrial noises. Repetitive anxiogenic melody. Version 15s 00:15
Space Junker - T. Chaze Industrial rhythm. Saturated guitar. Bass wah. Monodic melody. Version 15s. 00:15
Urban Connexion - T. Chaze Sounds and synth bass tense. Mechanical rhythm. Violins and squeaks. Version 15s. 00:15
Your Cab Is Ok - T. Chaze Dark synth. Guitar delay. Tribal drum in the background. Version 15s. 00:15
In The Numb - T. Chaze Simple rhythm, psychedelic synth. Melody on a far acoustic piano. Version 15s. 00:15
Morphuzz - T. Chaze Dark electro-rock synths. Deafening, mechanical and twisted. Version 15s. 00:15
Heavy Stuff - T. Chaze Intro guitar effect. Rock band. Riff of guitar, rhythmic metallic. Version 15s. 00:15
Coolling You - T. Chaze Drums, synth, acoustic guitar theme. Version 15s. 00:15
Antitrust - T. Chaze Rock band. Repetitive riff theme. Version 15s. 00:15
Big Phuzz - T. Chaze Rock orchestra. Repetitive guitar riff. Version 15s. 00:15
Crazy Fly - T. Chaze Synth Intro. Unisson guitar and bass. Version 15s. 00:15
Cyber Trash - T. Chaze Sequenced, distorted, agonizing. Version 15s 00:15
Dark Grung - T. Chaze Power trio. 0'22 saturated bass solo. Bass end saturated. Version 15s. 00:15
Drum And Metal - T. Chaze Dense rhythmic, Synth anxiogenic. Fast guitar. Version 15s. 00:15
Fiberoptic - T. Chaze Sound of insects. Bass guitar, Synth theme with a metallic sound. 0'46s Another quick synth. Version 15s. 00:15
Dark Thub - T. Chaze Texture, dark sounds, heavy rhythm. Violins deep. Edit point at 0'43 cymbal and chorus shouts. Version 15s. 00:15
Excess - T. Chaze Very powerful and repetitive synth. Effects and sound elements. Version 15s. 00:15
Flashcard - T. Chaze Dense drums, acoustic guitar melody, timpani. Version 10s. 00:10
Chaotica - T. Chaze Dark, repetitive sounds and synths. Version 15s. 00:15
Cyclotron - T. Chaze Rhythm based on onomatopoeias and sound effects. Repetitive Synth Riff. Edit point at 60s, heavy drums, tense synth. Version 15s 00:15
Distorted Net - T. Chaze Synth sequenced and repetitive on a single note. Heady, overbearing. Version 15s 00:15
Action - L. Marie-Sainte Pop group of the 80s. Jingle transition. Dynamic jingle. 00:09
En Bref - L. Marie-Sainte Jingle for the news, sounds of the '80s. 00:06
Résumer - L. Marie-Sainte Jingle, brilliant synth and drums break, '80s. 00:17
Sea Water - P. Gaillard Synth and calm groove, fast shaker. Theme played on the electric piano. Ethnic Voice. Version 10s. 00:10
Abysses - P. Gaillard Effects of anxiogenic synths. Bass rock played with the mediator. Melody with tense harmony. Edit point at 1'19 break of electronic percussions. Ethnic shout. Version 10s. 00:10
Speedy Occasion - P. Gaillard Electric piano and melody in the clarinet. Double bass and violins. 1'01 solo electronic piano. Version 10s 00:10
Street Occasion - P. Gaillard Jazz orchestra oldies. Guitar arpeggios and violins. Theme on the synth. Acoustic piano solo. Version 10s. 00:10
Summer Felines - P. Gaillard Orchestra of jazz oldies. Accompaniment piano and guitar, violins. Theme on the trumpet. Acoustic piano solo. Version 10s. 00:10
The Thrill - P. Gaillard Acoustic piano duo and clarinet. Waltz in black and white. Version 10s. 00:10
Fast Motown - P. Gaillard Synth and anxiogenic choirs. Tense harmony. Diffuse and viscous. Hallucinated, evolving towards the diabolical. Version 10s. 00:10
Funfair - P. Gaillard Bewitching synth, spacy. Percussions distant. Theme soft and slow, notes laid. Version 10s. 00:10
Midnight Run - P. Gaillard Industrial noise. Ostinato of double bass in staccato. Textures. Violins, percussions. Heavy rhythm. Electric piano arpeggios. Version 10s. 00:10
The Beast - P. Gaillard Percussions and imaginary flutes, distant. Melody on the piano then arpeggios. Melody taken from the violins. Guttural sounds. Version 10s. 00:10
Wild Luck - P. Gaillard Variety orchestra, electric piano. Saxophone theme. Violins. Version 10s. 00:10
Kriptonight - P. Gaillard Harmonic suite tended to the synth. Repetitive theme of regular notes. Different sounds. Version 10s. 00:10
La Sirène - P. Gaillard Sound of waves. Wide and soft synth. Percussion. Acoustic piano theme. Version 10s 00:10
Undersea - P. Gaillard Synth effects. Percussion. Electric piano and melody, quiet rhythm. Dreamlike, diaphanous, positive. Version 10s. 00:10
Waves - P. Gaillard Soft and wide synth. Percussion and electric piano. Theme played by an ethnic instrument. Celestial, hot, sensual. Version 10s. 00:10
Dont Leave Me - P. Gaillard Deep percussion, shaker and light bongos. spacy Synth. Theme on the piano. Version 10s. 00:10
Favorable Spring - P. Gaillard Latin jazz orchestra. Melody on the flute. Version 10s. 00:10
Crescent Beach - P. Gaillard Jazz orchestra. Theme played on vibraphone. Violons in backkground. Flute solo. Version 10s. 00:10
Shaftrun - P. Gaillard Slap bass, funk guitar. Mmhh vocals and anxiogenic violins. Version 10s. 00:10
Violet Happiness - P. Gaillard Silent movie. Black and white. Laurel and Hardy. Version 10s 00:10
Bumpin To The Commotion - P. Gaillard Variety orchestra of the '70s, violins, electric piano. Melody on the acoustic guitar. Solo of organ. Version 10s. 00:10
Commotion - P. Gaillard Variety orchestra of the 70s, violins, acoustic piano. Melody to the flute. Solo of organ. Version 10s 00:10
Cool Sleeze - P. Gaillard Variety orchestra of the 70s, violins, electric piano. Melody and solo on acoustic guitar. Version 10s. 00:10
Decent Occasion - P. Gaillard Variety orchestra of the 70's, electric piano. Melody on the organ and then on the electric piano. Violins. Version 10s. 00:10
Fierce Caper - P. Gaillard Variety orchestra of the 70s, violins. Melody on the electric piano. Solo of organ. Version 10s. 00:10
First Feel - P. Gaillard Variety orchestra of the 70s, violins. Melody on the guitar 12 strings. Solo of organ. Version 10s. 00:10
Friday River - P. Gaillard Variety orchestra from the 70's, acoustic guitar, electric piano. Melody on the organ and then on the flute. Version 10s. 00:10
Remember Dayrose - P. Gaillard Light drums and percussion. Electric piano arpeggios. Theme to the synth then to the organ. Version 10s. 00:10
Second call - P. Gaillard Varieties band of the 70s. Electric piano and violins. Melody on the acoustic guitar. Version 10s. 00:10
Skunk Game - P. Gaillard Orchestra of varieties, violins and muted guitar. Melody and solo at the organ. Version 10s. 00:10
The Puppy - P. Gaillard Variety orchestra of the '80s, electric piano and muted guitar. Melody on the synth and solo on the organ. Version 10s. 00:10
Third Strip - P. Gaillard Variety orchestra from the '80s, electric piano and muted guitar. Melody on the synth and solo on the organ. Version 10s. 00:10
August Daydream - P. Gaillard Pop band from the '70s. Electric piano and acoustic guitar. Melody with the flute and solo of organ. Version 10s. 00:10
Blue Approch - P. Gaillard Pop orchestra and violin, '70s. Melody on the electric piano, organ solo. Version 10s. 00:10
Blue Jive - P. Gaillard Pop orchestra and violin, '70s. Melody on the electric piano, organ solo.Version 10s. 00:10
Impression - P. Gaillard Bass, drums and electric piano. Melody played on 12 Strings guitar. Ballad of the '60s.Version 10s. 00:10
Comanche - P. Gaillard Rock band from the '60s. Theme on guitar. Rockabilly. Shadow. Remix electro pop. Jingle. 00:13
Dadou - P. Gaillard Rock band from the '60s. Theme on guitar. Shadow. Kitch party. Remix techno pop. Jingle. 00:17
Dirty Girl - P. Gaillard Jazz quartet. Part B rhythmic electric piano. Melody played on the saxophone. Version 10s. 00:10
Sexy Party - P. Gaillard Crystalline electric piano, organ. Voice sung sexy. Jingle 1. 00:07
Hope Scotch - P. Gaillard Without intro. Short and repetitive synth theme. Ritournelle sequenced. Jingle. 00:08
January - P. Gaillard Disco band of the 80s, bass synth. Melody played on the flute. Version 10s. 00:10
Outflute - P. Gaillard Synth effect then rhythmic funky, bass slap. Ethnic flute. Tring. 00:04
Story Of Montego Bay - P. Gaillard Old style jazz orchestra. Theme played on the acoustic piano. Solo with vibraphone. '60s. Version 10s. 00:10
Autumn - P. Gaillard Rapid rhythm, synth sequence. Theme brilliant. Version 10s. 00:10
Bumptears - P. Gaillard Latin jazz orchestra. Melody and solo with vibraphone. Version 10s. 00:10
Sleazy - P. Gaillard Latin jazz orchestra. Melody on the flute. Violins languorous. Version 10s. 00:10
A Thought Of Cordoba - P. Gaillard Latin Jazz Orchestra. Melody to the flute. Version 10s 00:10
Bossa For Cassandra - P. Gaillard Latin jazz orchestra. Melody on the flute. Languorous violins. Version 10s. 00:10
Renewed By A Walk In Rio - P. Gaillard Jazz orchestra, melody with the vibraphone. Version 10s. 00:10
Sonic Outcome - P. Gaillard Jazz orchestra, melody on the clatinet. '60s. Gently retro. Version 10s. 00:10
The Joy Of A Lonely Sparrow - P. Gaillard Jazz orchestra. Melody on vibraphone. Version 10s. 00:10
In Search Of Lover S Beach - P. Gaillard Large jazz band, theme played by brass section. Solo of flute. Version 10s. 00:10
July Breeze - P. Gaillard Jazz orchestra Melody on vibraphone. Version 10s. 00:10
Manic Out - P. Gaillard Jazz orchestra. Melody et solo on flute. Version 10s. 00:16
Musings Of Sandy Cove - P. Gaillard Jazz band. Melody and solo to the flute. Version 10s. 00:10
Not Forgeting Loana - P. Gaillard Orchestra of jazz. Melody played on flute and vibraphone. Version 10s. 00:10
Poignant Afternoon - P. Gaillard Large jazz band from the '60s and '70s. Melody with brass. Version 10s. 00:10
A Cravin For Vanessa - P. Gaillard Jazz orchestra. Melody played on the clarinet. '60s. Version 10s. 00:10
Awsame - P. Gaillard Jazz orchestra. Melody on piano. Solo organ.Version 10s. 00:10
Black In Nu - P. Gaillard Jazz band, fast shuffle. Melody on the organ. Version 10s. 00:10
Blast - P. Gaillard Powerful synth theme. drums loud. Theme song. Jingle. 00:04
Considering Loanna - P. Gaillard Jazz orchestra. Theme played on organ. Piano solo. Version 10s. 00:10
Divine Heat - P. Gaillard Jaz orchestra. Theme played on the vibraphone. Version 10s. 00:10
False Statuts - P. Gaillard Jazz orchestra and brass section that plays the main theme. Version 10s. 00:10
Decent Machin - P. Gaillard Quick piano arpeggios. Melody on the synth. Version 10s. 00:10
Hops Nana - P. Gaillard Bass and drums funk. Brass section and choirs. Improvisation Rythm'n'blues, generic. Jingle 00:10
Iconoclast - P. Gaillard Theme song, urban ritornello. Jingle. 00:05
Fall Miror - P. Gaillard Concert disco pop. Version 10s 00:10
Windfire - P. Gaillard Horn section energy. '80s. 00:12
Orguavoie - P. Gaillard Synth organ, brilliant harmonic progression. Orchestral Jingle. 00:10
April Octagone - P. Gaillard Latin jazz orchestra. Melody on the flute. Version 10s. 00:10
Gamma - J-M Boiteux Duo guitar, saxophone. space musique, poetic, pensive. 00:39
Nora - J-M Boiteux Set of oriental percussions, Darboukas, Bendirs, Duffs, Riqs, Sagattes. 00:48