Musiques avec ambiance : Horreur

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
Bad Statistics - R. Luczak 0'10” short version 00:10
Crime Statistics - R. Luczak 0'10” short version 00:12
Ghostly Drone - T. Nijhof Ghostly sweeping pulsating drone with stings of haunted brass and effected strings. Drone, Sound Design, Sfx. 02:38
Close Encounter - C. Nouailhaguet Modern sci-fi score. Epic build-up, slow rise to power, trailer FX, intense ending scene. Alien ship on approach until a dramatic showdown. Edit point at 1:19, at 2:44, at 3:18. Piano, symphonic orchestra, synths, percussions, sound design. 03:52
The Haunted Abbey - C. Nouailhaguet Thriller and horror movie soundtrack, featuring scary vox effects, operatic female vocal and haunted abbey sound design. Creepy and tense organ final. Edit point at 0:43, at 1:05, at 1:56, at 2:41. Scary vox, choir with soprano solo, church bell, organ, sound design. 04:14
Shadow Of A Doubt - R. Kothawala Atmospheric pulsating underscore with synth pads, synth bass, hints of vocals, dashes of strings. Orchestra-Hybrid, Rhythmic. 01:42
Distant Voices - F. Schlimbach Dark Investigation Underscore - for film, TV, streaming series. Perfect for thriller and drama. Piano, Orchestra-Hybrid, Orchestra Hit, Rhythms. No vocal. 01:21
Endless Glacier - F. Schlimbach Piano driven underscore music for crime, thriller. Piano, Orchestra-Hybrid, Strings, Synth Bass. 01:21
Silicon Six - R. Kothawala Sinister dark powerful tense pulsating underscore. Piano, Orchestra-Hybrid, Strings, Synth Bass, Rhythms, Synth Pad. 03:21
Demoniac Crypt - C. Nouailhaguet The demon is approaching ! Tormented and scary voices, distorted whooshes FX and large gothic church organ build a horrific atmosphere. Organ at 00:50, edit point at 01:51, final at 02:42. whoosh fx, monster voice, percussions, church organ, choir, synth pad. 03:43
Whale Call - C. Nouailhaguet Seascape and underwater atmosphere. Real whale sounds over legato strings. Underscore version. 02:16
Bionic Rage - L.J. Cedar Dramatic Sound design collage that is perfect for a Horror film trailer. Dramatic, Eeire, Dark, Powerful, Horror, Teryfiying, Strong, Impending. Ominous, Alien, Space, Sci-Fi. Sound Design, Synthesizer, Drums, Taiko, , Strings, Vocal Samples. 02:00
Fright Night - L.J. Cedar An eerie and tense classical piece perfect with a dramatic crescendo that's perfect for a TV-Film or Trailer Horror or Video Games spot. Curious, Eerie, Looming, Epic, Score, Tense, Powerful, Bold. Vibes, Strings, Piano, Cymbals, Drums, Timpani, Bass. 00:30
Underworld For Now - L.J. Cedar A quirky ambient sound collage that's good for horror or thriller TV ? Film cue. Eerie, Odd, Curious, Quirky, Avant garde, Moody, Mad, Unsettling. Synthesizer, Trumpet, SFX, Vocal sample, Drums. 00:45
Clossing in - S. Sibanda Cinematic, Dramatic, Haunting, Texture, Percussions. Deep in thought, ambient, spacey, galaxy, dream, grunge bass, pads, soupy, drama, film score, action, drone. 01:58
Astral Voices - K. Kucz FX Voices, Abstract and Mysterious 03:07
Halloween Nutty - GD 78 Laughs, scary choirs and rhythmic guitar. Repetitive, energetic, dark and comical. 01:30
Black Window - R. Luczak Static sounds and Hard Drums. Tension, Suspense Atmosphere. Minimal. 30' version 00:32
Dangerous Zone - R. Luczak Dark Pad and single Percussion sound. Minimal. 30' version 00:33
In Secret - R. Luczak Reflective, Mysterious Piano theme with pads Minimal 02:40
Oblivion - R. Luczak Suspense, Mysterious atmosphere. Static Synths. FX Percussion. Minimal. 30' version 00:34
Woodworm - R. Bednarczuk Grotesque, Humorous theme. Abstract Percussion Sounds. 00:59
Conspiracy - R. Luczak Minimal. Slow, Static sound structure. Tension. Suspense. 30' version 00:30
Mystery - R. Luczak Minimal. Abstract sounds. Mystic atmosphere. Dangerous, Horror. 30' version 00:32
Schizophrenia - R. Luczak Minimal Slow, Static, Abstract FX sound with drums. 30' version 00:30
Surveillance - R. Luczak Minimal.Static sounds with Dramatic synth and drums accents. 30' version 00:33
Chemisty Lab - D. Zebrowski Futuristic, New Age theme 02:11
Demons - P. Gnaczynski 30' version. Cinematic orchestra and Choir. Demon's scene. Catastrophic vision. 00:28
Hypnose - F. Bégnon Synth, tense and repetitive harmony. 03:09
Alien Ant Wretch - J. Goodwin FX. Shout. Crie. 00:07
Screamsicle - J. Goodwin FX. Scream. 00:07
Low Sickle - J. Goodwin FX. 00:07
Mangle Mist - J. Goodwin Drama - Horror drama scary build. 01:28
Metal - J. Goodwin FX. 00:07
Mooger Screech - J. Goodwin FX 00:07
Night Creep - J. Goodwin FX 00:10
Orkan Ramp - J. Goodwin Drama - Industrial string ramp. 00:26
Horror Clang Disonance - J. Goodwin FX. 00:28
Crypt - J. Goodwin FX. Crypt Cry. 00:10
Cathedral Boom - J. Goodwin FX. Boum. 00:10
Dark Angels - J. Goodwin Drama - Horror build. 00:09
Defrolix - J. Goodwin FX. 00:06
Distorto Scream - J. Goodwin FX. 00:07
Angel O'Doom - J. Goodwin Drama - Horror ramp. 00:07
Angel Spike - J. Goodwin Drama - Horror slam. 00:06
Angels Breath - J. Goodwin Drama - Horrror hit. 00:14
Shadow Games - T. Stoilkovski Trembling, shadow like strings dance with orchestral pieces evoking a inquisitive mystery. 02:21
Plastic Nightmares - T. Stoilkovski Early horror film influenced macabre industrial melodic pop with strange sounding instruments and eerie melody. 02:24
East West Urban - T. Stoilkovski A cascading effect of urban bass and drums, rising strings and altered harpsichord, harp and eastern influences. 03:14
Aliens Squad - C. Espern Saturated electronic and rhythmic sounds. Synth Riff. 00:58
Buried In Sand - L.J. Cedar Eerie and ominous Brass and Strings classical piece. Good for underscore.. Cinematic, Classical, Scary, Building, Tense, Intense, Eerie, Ominous, Looming, Gloomy. 00:37
Kling Klangfarben - L.J. Cedar Dramatic music track. Good for a Car Commercial. Inspired by Kraftwerk. Ominous, Strong, Dramatic, Confident, Driving, Alien. 01:05
The Strange Carpet Green Alice - O. Olsen Large orchestra. Kitch musical arrangement. Melody with vibraphone and oboe. 01:20
Petite terreur nocturne en La très surmené - M. Madoré Acoustic guitar, tight harmony, anxiogenic sound effects, synth. Nightmare. Suspense, tension. Ghost, haunted house. 01:17
From London to Berlin - A. Jamot Dark and industrial rythm, strange synth. 1'50 break. Electric guitar and delay. 04:37
Brumes les oiseaux - A. Jamot Orchestral and instrumental effects. Madness, flight of birds, strange world, disturbing. 02:10
Oresteia les habitants du placard - A. Jamot Sound effects, noises and effects of orchestra and instruments, pizz, glissendo, etc. 05:08
Vagues stellaires - A. Jamot Textures. Different waveforms, variations of tone, timbre. 05:04
Dark country - l'attente - A. Jamot Cellos and double bass tremolo. 0'44 marimba in unison of the melody. 01:31
Rictus heavy M - A. Jamot Electo-punk. Dynamic, urban, horror. Edit point at 3'00. Powerfull guitar. 04:55
Brumes l'angoisse - A. Jamot Contemporary orchestra, masses of sound, tension, anguish. 01:38
Les femmes chantantes - A. Jamot Staccato choirs on tight orchestra. 03:23
Quartet Noise - A. Jamot Dream or strange universe, swamp, mist. Dissonances. Calm, suspense, exotic, horror. 03:52
Canal Saint-Martin - A. Jamot Sound events around parasitic noise. 02:44
Christus electronic church - A. Jamot Slow evolution of a ghostly, mystical, incantatory atmosphere. 03:01
Christus electronic concert - A. Jamot Chorus of angel or demon. 08:54
Désynchronisation - A. Jamot Changed drums sounds. Synth of aerial choirs. Nothing goes, complete destructuration. 03:38
Blackhole - M. Bedot Sound rhythmical industrial sound. Anxiety. 0'37, 1'29 bells. Synth of saturated organ. 01:59
The Sorcerer Is Back - C. Espern Dark synth, shouts. Aggressive rhythm. Bass synth, funky synth, sequenced. Solo on delirious saturated guitar. Edit point at 1'35, 2'26, break. 03:31
Electro Choc - C. Mathieu Organic sound, anxiogenic. Progressive grow up of a rhythm of drums, bass and electric piano, spacy synth. 02:26
Kikimora Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMLiadov Anatoli: Kikimora. Scherzo fantastic. Opus 63. Part 1. Suspense, strange, tension. 05:05
After The Hell - C. Nouailhaguet Deep note of piano and synth. Violins. 01:39
Avorton - F. Zgorski Dark sound effects. 1'01 Single drums. More and more sound objects. 03:57
Autom Two - F. Lebourg Fall of moon leaves. 01:16
Decoder - T. Chaze Repetitive voice and filtered drums. Effects of anxiogenic synth. Edit point at 2'00, break. Sound effects. 03:27
Alert - T. Chaze Timpani roll. Violins high and tense, rhythmic brass, cymbal, percussion. 0'58 Drums rhythmic. Edit point at 1'46 percussion and saturated guitar. 03:18
Click And Smoke - P. Sanchez Garcia Rhythm based on onomatopoeias and sound effects. 01:17
Leviatham Zhyl - P. Sanchez Garcia Malignant. Rhythmic of dark sounds. Bass synth. Air guitar. Contemporary atmosphere, psychedelic, trance. 02:56
Molinas Dragon - T. Chaze Effects and orchestral ostinato. Theme on the oboe accompanied by the violins. Choirs. Cave of the Dragon. Demoniac, frightful. 02:58
Red And Green - T. Chaze Violins, oboes. Choir and distant effects. Dark rhythm. Evolution towards a rhythm and a tense harmony. Incantatory, enigmatic. 02:57
Kino Musik - A. Jamot Background of violins with tense harmonies. Percussion. Saturated guitar, brass. 01:30
Les Ombres - G. Wilmot Tense melody played on the metallophone. Intriguing percussion. Edit point at 0'34 Double basses and violins. 01:44
Cauchemar - G. Wilmot Intro acoustic piano, the orchestra plays a tense harmony, sound effects, noises. 00:50
Shitty New Age - P. Sanchez Garcia Intro Synth opening. Electronic drums and ostinato bass synth. Riff of saturated guitar. Tense harmony for the theme. 04:34
Black Submarine - T. Cahn Heartbeat, spatial texture. 0'51 rhythmic sound effects. 1'17 Industrial rhythm. Anxiety. 01:44
Koetsu Rv - T. Chaze Sequence and tense atmosphere. 00:42
Sabotage Larry'S Car - T. Chaze Long note of violins. Saturated rhythm. Orchestra blast and response of cellos. 00:47
Vulcain - T. Chaze Intro distant choirs. Rhythmic industrial sound effects. Choir beyond the grave. 03:50
Djalana - T. Chaze Intro with disturbing sounds. Evolving. 1'27 Heavy rhythmics, anxiogenic synths, industrial screams. 2'32 synth sequence. 3'02 break. 05:15
Asian Travel - T. Chaze Ethnic percussions. Deep synth, violins, bass flute, horn or ethnic brass. Version 15s. 02:14
Triptop - T. Chaze Urban images. Synth deep, wide, anxiogenic. Sounds worrying. Rocking guitar. Edit point at 1'16. Heavier rhythmic. 02:30
Fooggy - T. Chaze Distorting, distorted rhythmics, sounds of wars. 01:17
Warriors - T. Chaze Ostinato of violins and choirs, timpani. Cadence. Edit point at 0'45 break. 01:33
Igor My Brother - T. Chaze Anxiogenic sound effects. Electronic drums, harpsichord, staccato cellos, background of violins, wide choirs. Version 30s. 00:30
Moscou - T. Chaze Choeur profond, voix principale et réponses. Intervention de synthé. 00:58
Number 1 And 2 - T. Chaze Synth and lugubrious gong, saturated guitar, urban percussion. 01:00
Heaven Files - T. Chaze Industrial noises. Repetitive anxiogenic melody. 02:40
Urban Connexion - T. Chaze Sounds and synth bass tense. Mechanical rhythm. Violins and squeaks. 02:18
Drum And Metal - T. Chaze Dense rhythmic, Synth anxiogenic. Fast guitar. Edit point at 1'07, 2'19. 02:31
Dark Thub - T. Chaze Texture, dark sounds, heavy rhythm. Violins deep. Edit point at 0'43 cymbal and chorus shouts. 01:30
Contact - G. Goué Intro shaker and bass synth. Sound elements and tense harmonies. 03:18
Abysses - P. Gaillard Effects of anxiogenic synths. Bass rock played with the mediator. Melody with tense harmony. Edit point at 1'19 break of electronic percussions. Ethnic shout. 02:19
Fast Motown - P. Gaillard Synth and anxiogenic choirs. Tense harmony. Diffuse and viscous. Hallucinated, evolving towards the diabolical. 1'21 fade in drums. 02:15
Midnight Run - P. Gaillard Industrial noise. Ostinato of double bass in staccato. Textures. Violins, percussions. Edit point at 1'22 heavy rhythm. 1'54 electric piano arpeggios. 03:18
The Beast - P. Gaillard Percussions and imaginary flutes, distant. Melody on the piano then arpeggios. Melody taken from the violins. Guttural sounds. Be frightened. 02:28
Kriptonight - P. Gaillard Harmonic suite tended to the synth. Repetitive theme of regular notes. Different sounds. 03:02
Shaftrun - P. Gaillard Slap bass, funk guitar. Mmhh vocals and anxiogenic violins. 03:02
Approche - J-M Boiteux Repetitive chords progression on synth. Sound effects, accents and orchestral effects. Progressive. Contemporary, science fiction, black industrial. 01:12