Musique avec ambiance : Méditative

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Along The Ganges - C-W Tay Unplugged, lite version of a modern take on classical folk Bollywood, featuring dotara, sitar, mrudangam and Indian percussion. Traditional, Ethnic, India, Hindi, Building, Bollywood, Outdoors, Crowded,Dotara, Indian Percussion, Mrudangam, Sitar, Strings, Tambura,. 02:08
Bansuri Odyssey - C-W Tay Mystical, magical India featuring a bansuri solo, santoor (or santur) over a tambura drone and light hand percussion. Moody, Morning, Buildning, Ethnic, Hindi, Bollywood, India, WonderBansuri (Indian Flute), Santoor (or santur), bass, indian percussion, sitar, tambura, pads. 02:05
Sleepy Bombay - C-W Tay Slow, calm and mysterious Indian track featuring a solo Bansuri. Moody, Dark, Morning, Sunrise, Ethnic, India, Soft, Eerie, SlowBansuri, flute, hand bells, drone, tabla, dhol. 02:59
New Raaga - C-W Tay Haunting intro with male vocal, builds with percussion, sitar and traditional Indian female choir. Moody, Dark, Morning, Sunrise, Ethnic, India, Soft, Eerie, Slow, Female Vocals, BuildingFlute, indian percussion, vocals, pads, tambura, sitar, strings,. 04:05
Classicalia - M. Caen Classical-style solo nylon guitar with strings, piano and a light beat from halfway. Acoustic, Relaxed, Slow, Classical, Chilled, Gentle, Soft. 02:02
It's For You - P. Tilleman Aerial sung voice, slow melody alternating with the violin. 04:03
Moon Sutra - GD 78 Very calm and refreshing atmosphere. Meditation, relaxation, spa. Large spaces, slow panoramic. 13:28
Atlantic - GD 78 Ambient soundscape. Space, submarine, ocean. 13:31
Conversing - D Urbano Piano, Soft Sound, Contemplation, Relaxed. Voice noise effect. 04:14
Dawn Sirens - D Urbano Piano, Soft Sound, Contemplation, Relaxed 05:56
From My Window - D Urbano Piano, Soft Sound, Contemplation, Relaxed 05:36
Going Back Home - D Urbano Piano, Soft Sound, Contemplation, Relaxed 03:32
Going East - D Urbano Piano, Soft Sound, Contemplation, Relaxed 04:09
In Movement - D Urbano Piano, Soft Sound, Contemplation, Relaxed 04:03
Magnolia - D Urbano Piano, Soft Sound, Contemplation, Relaxed 02:32
Rocking Horse - D Urbano Piano, Soft Sound, Conteplation, Relaxed 04:06
Indians - A. Assogna Percussion, Acoustic Guitar, Male Italo Vocals, Tender, Peace 06:50
Virtual Love - D Agostino Intro calm, slow and dreamy, with slight doubling of rhythm at times. Solo piano. Romantic, nostalgic. 02:38
Pukhet Four - D Agostino Improvisation of flute and ethnic percussions then acoustic piano and zither. 10:40
Sail away - D Agostino Slight evolutionary ambiance with different sound images. 16:00
Winter Ghosts - D Agostino Slow intro with a panoramic Spanish guitar accompanied by a violin synthesizer. Added percussion and flute at 2mm50 with tempo acceleration. 04:01
Little Green Men - D Agostino Meditation texture evolving from 9'30 to an aerial and repetitive rhythm. 21:05
Cobalt - G. D Agostino Moving texture. Percussion of noises. 04:03
Sanctus - M. Sweeting Choir in four part from an imaginary Requiem. Very soft. 02:12
Mera Jahaan - GD 78 Indian raga with sitar, piano and percussions. Manu Shrivasta Manuality - Mera Jahaan. 02:50
Moksha - GD 78 Indian calm and meditative mood with sitar, synthesizer. Manu Shrivasta Manuality - Moksha. 02:09
Come Home - L.J. Cedar Guitar duet waltz with bright and warm homecoming feel. Perfect for a food or product commercial.. Upbeat, Refreshing, Fresh, Heartwarming, Light, Acoustic, Charming, Beautiful, Delicate, Soft, Flowing, Easygoing, Spirited, Warm. 00:47
Fragile Water - L.J. Cedar Harp based waltz with modern day feel.. Refreshing, Fresh, Heartwarming, Light, Mellow. 00:33
Glistening - L.J. Cedar Cool Pnemonic, great for corporate company logo or sting. Positive, Friendly, Up, Confident. 00:12
Heliosphere - L.J. Cedar Ambient, Atmospheric, Laid Back, Cool, Summery, and Blissful. Happy, Joyful, Warm, Heartwarming, Uplifting, Romantic, Familiar. 00:33
In Shadow - L.J. Cedar Thoughtful, Dreamy, Curious, Delicate, and Spacey. Thoughtful, Dreamy, Curious, Delicate, Spacey. 00:48
Island Season - L.J. Cedar Relaxing and slow nylon guitar with a collage of beach sound FX.. Ambient, Atmospheric, Laid Back, Cool, Summery Blissful. 00:33
Ocean Of Joy - L.J. Cedar Dreamlike mantra track with Tibetan Choir and spoken voice. Good for meditation yoga.. Meditative, Calm, Uplifting, Ambient, Dreamy, Melodic. 02:16
Soleil - L.J. Cedar Cool modern Pnemonic bumper, great for corporate company logo or sting.. Positive, Friendly, Up, Confident, Calm, Bright. 00:11
Symbol To A Buddha - L.J. Cedar Dulcimer melody with Finger Cymbals and Bass Guitar. Spiritual Eastern feel.. Spiritual, Ethnic, Ethereal, Ominous, Angelic, Devout. 00:46
La Porte De La Sagesse - O. Olsen Wide and spacy synth, gong, soft percussion, flute. Meditation, relaxation. 03:24
My Mantra - A. Jamot Synths and psychedelic effects. 03:00
La Notte Dai Tetti - F. Zanda Instrumental, Soft, Romantic, Piano 03:15
Cossyra (The Daughter Of The Wind) - G. Di Sparti Piano Intro, Synths, Dreams, Landscape, Instrumental, Slow Tempo 04:36
Faubin - F. Lebourg Stellar meditation or planetary buzz. 01:56
Keep Walking - Pedretti Synths, Space, Slow Dance, Lazy Time, Reflective, Instrumental 04:19
Inri - T. Chaze Bass synth sequence and religious choirs. Era. Edit point at 0'43, Powerful synth. 03:10
Cosmogonie - A. Roy Slow crescendo of choirs, expressive harmony. 1'18, double bass in pizz, vibraphone, wood. 02:25
Halleluia - J-M Boiteux Choir. Prayers and invocations. 02:57
Ohhiha - J-M Boiteux Choirs in questions and answers men women. Celestial, peaceful, spiritual. 01:46
Apetito - J-M Boiteux Church choirs. Ceremonious, angelic. 01:46
Gregoh - J-M Boiteux Choir of men at the monastery. 01:44
Haheio - J-M Boiteux Mixed choir at the monastery. Prayer and Meditation. 01:27
Ofrende - J-M Boiteux Church organ, slow. Contemplative, worship. 01:51
Oh Melie - P. Gaillard Church organ. Ode to Serenite. 00:37
Peace Is With You - P. Gaillard Church organ, contemplation, peace, calm. 01:20
Rest In Peace - P. Gaillard Church organ, contemplation, peace, calm. 01:15
Angelfly - T. Chaze Synth space arpeggios, sacred song, religiously. 02:58
Nemo - L. Marie-Sainte Breath, under the sea. Synth sequence and distant choirs. 06:25
Rainbow - G. Destradi Slow tempo, Melancholic, Meditative, Male vocals 05:29
I Have A Dream - Bonivento Michele Bonivento, Hammond organ. Luca Bortoluzzi, Drum. Marco Pandolfi, harmonica. 06:19
Model T Rag - G. Bailo Swing, Banjo, Bluegrass 02:40
Snow Is Falling - G. Bailo Gentle, Guitar, Lonely Time, Bluegrass 03:22
The Road To Culver City - G. Bailo Reflective, Lounge, Bluegrass 01:01
Ride Alone - A. Savelli Acoustic guitar, Male UK vocals, Percussion, Psychedelic, Meditative, Happy 04:41
Zewitma - J-M Boiteux Ethnic voice, tampura, synth in background. 02:32
Abyss Call - J-M Boiteux Mmhh of male choirs. Repetitive theme on dobro. 02:15
U-Cavu - J-M Boiteux Repetitive theme with dobro and counterpoint on Indian sitar and vibraphone. Trance. 02:28
Agnus - J-M Boiteux Children's recitative chant, liturgical choirs, folk guitar, bass. 02:54
Duemila - M. Lombardi Relaxed, Guitar, SlowTempo, Italo Male Vocals, Meditative 05:01
Mythos - L. Vaccina Etno, Dark, Guitar Acoustic And Electric, Male Choir, Percussion, Delicate, Peace 11:14