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Musique avec instrument : Tabla

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
Stare Case - M. Brillard Synth arpeggio with fast Indian tablas. Soft bass evolving towards a more groovy rhythm. 02:48
Mumbaism - C-W Tay Positive Mid-tempo Bollywood, featuring a sitar, tumbi, Algoze and Indian street percussion. Atmospheric, World, Hindi, India, Bollywood, Moody Ethnic, MoodyTumbi, Tabla, Sitar, Indian Percussion, Tambura, Dhol, Bass, Sitar, Algoze. 01:57
Sleepy Bombay - C-W Tay Slow, calm and mysterious Indian track featuring a solo Bansuri. Moody, Dark, Morning, Sunrise, Ethnic, India, Soft, Eerie, SlowBansuri, flute, hand bells, drone, tabla, dhol. 02:59
Streets Of Mumbai - C-W Tay Mid-tempo Bollywood with dueling Mandolin and sitar. Ethnic, Bollywood, India, Traditional, Streets, Market, Crowded, Bollywood, SlumdogMandolin, Sitar, Tambura, drums, percussion, Tabla, dhol. 02:32
Third World - S. Sibanda World - African, Exotic, Stripped, Ethnic, Synth, Synth. 02:12