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Musique avec instrument : Sitar

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
Along The Ganges - C-W Tay A modern take on classical folk Bollywood, featuring dotara, sitar, mrudangam and Indian percussion. Traditional, Ethnic, India, Hindi, Building, Bollywood, Outdoors, Crowded,Dotara, Indian Percussion, Mrudangam, Sitar, Strings, Tambura,. 02:08
Bombay Dreaming - C-W Tay Mystical mid-tempo Bollywood/Indian with mesmerizing vocals. Action, Excitement, Ethnic, Hindi, India, Celebration, World, BollywoodStrings, Dhol, indian percussion, vocals, sitar. 01:54
Colours Of India - C-W Tay Mystical and Beautiful India featuring mesmerizing konnakol and carnatic vocals and Bansuri. Atmospheric, World, Hindi, India, Bollywood, Moody, Graceful, CalmSitar, Tambura, strings, indian percussions, tabla, vocals, Bansuri (Indian Flute), pads. 02:37
Jaipur Express - C-W Tay Positive, happy Bollywood featuring tumbi, sitar and dotara over a upbeat Bollywood groove. Atmospheric, World, Hindi, India, Bollywood, Moody, Graceful, Happy, Modern,Bass, Dholak, Dotara, Drums, Guitar, Tambura, Indian Percussion, Sitar, Tabla, Tumbi, Flute. 02:57
Mumbaism - C-W Tay Positive Mid-tempo Bollywood, featuring a sitar, tumbi, Algoze and Indian street percussion. Atmospheric, World, Hindi, India, Bollywood, Moody Ethnic, MoodyTumbi, Tabla, Sitar, Indian Percussion, Tambura, Dhol, Bass, Sitar, Algoze. 01:57
Streets Of Mumbai - C-W Tay Mid-tempo Bollywood with dueling Mandolin and sitar. Ethnic, Bollywood, India, Traditional, Streets, Market, Crowded, Bollywood, SlumdogMandolin, Sitar, Tambura, drums, percussion, Tabla, dhol. 02:32
Welcome To Punjab - C-W Tay Upbeat Bhangra featuring light konnakol male vocals and mesmerizing female vocals. Atmospheric, World, Hindi, India, Bollywood, Moody, Calm, Ethnic, MoodyTambura, bass, indian percussion, drums, vocals, synths, Tumbi, sitar. 02:06
New Raaga - C-W Tay Haunting intro with male vocal, builds with percussion, sitar and traditional Indian female choir. Moody, Dark, Morning, Sunrise, Ethnic, India, Soft, Eerie, Slow, Female Vocals, BuildingFlute, indian percussion, vocals, pads, tambura, sitar, strings,. 04:05
Abbey Raga - A. Naylor Sitar and table with Indian inspired track. Guitar, bass and drums joined by strings and choir. Sixties, 1960s, Carefree, Abbey Road, Psychedelic, India, Drugs, Flower Power. 02:12
Buddha Jazz - S. Calvano Jazz, Percussion, Piano, Bass, Instrumental, Femal Lament 05:50
Moksha - GD 78 Indian calm and meditative mood with sitar, synthesizer. Manu Shrivasta Manuality - Moksha. 02:09
Dance With Love - GD 78 Rajat Bindra (DJAar). Intro of sitar and electric piano, drum box. Groovy waiting. 03:14
Bombay Hotpot - B. Maginnis Fast Asian flavoured espionage track. Chase through Asian fish markets. Funky retro grooves for lifestyle TV. Funk - Soul- Groove. Funky Business. The Doors. 03:22
Slow Renaissance Dance - Dowland Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMEvocative minor dance. Deep classical flute accompanied by harpsichord & sitar. Solo & Featured Instruments. Flute Fantasy 02:32
Chrissie'S Dream - S. Romig Acoustic guitars, sitar and percussion. Acoustic Guitar. Gentle Guitar Backgrounds 03:05
Jim'S Seascape - S. Romig Acoustic guitars (requinto), electric sitar, strings, cell and percussion. Acoustic Guitar. Gentle Guitar Backgrounds 03:10
Eastern Sunset - B. Maginnis Exotic downbeat groove with Middle Eastern chant & sitar Easy Listening - Chill Out - Positive. Ambient Beats 2 03:38
Shakafunk - J. Barrett Rhythmic groove featuring ethnic instrumentation. World Music -Ethnic - Culture. Exotic Themes and Places 02:04
Sitar Star - J. Ryan Drums & bass lay the bed for a sitar style guitar theme. Rock - Blues. Radio Rock 2 02:15
Arabic Rhumba - Y. Mounier Laid back exotic feel, middle eastern female vocals, reed instrument, accordion, ambient piano. World Music - Ethnic - Culture. Culture Groove 02:44
Karma Suits Ya - B. Baker Take a tour through the streets of Bombay. World Music - Ethnic - Culture. Media Promos 2 01:48
Maduri - M. Kokinos Bluesy excursion through the depths of India featuring sitar, percussion & slide guitar. Acoustic Guitar. Slidescapes 01:39
Tandoori Boogie - F. Tayla Up tempo groove featuring sitar, riti, tabla's ethnic voices, acoustic slide & nylon strings guitars Acoustic - Easy Listening. Acoustic Journey 03:14
Shabba Funk Exotique, world, fusion, Inde, transe, suspens, attente. Solo de flute. 03:28
Americas Cup - L.J. Cedar Classical theme with world music elements and instruments. Perfect for Commercial branding for a global company. (airline etc). Expansive, Classical, Confident, Emotional, Emotive, Heroic, World, International, Global, Ethnic. 01:05
Achal Cuchi - M. Bedot Intro ternary rhythm, cora and drums. Several breaks with intervention of different ethnic instruments as well as cora, trumpet, cymbalum and acoustic piano. 04:31
Egyptian Ruby - G. Goué Intro fretless bass, percussion, drums and synth. Sitar. 02:21
Suite For Dinquinesh - Bozzoli Sitar, Nostalgic, Calm, Relaxed, Instrumental 08:10
Varanasi Smile - C. Yan Sitar, Nostalgic, Calm, Relaxed, Instrumental 01:14
Oriental Melody - F. Martin Sitar Sing, Instrumental, Percussion, Warm, Peace, Slow dance and Guitar Again 04:47
Child India Song - P. Gaillard Indian Sitar, electronic percussion and wide bachground synth. Groove with bass fretless. Melody with an enchanting voice, a child. 1'59 break. 03:36
Saravaati Celebration - T. Chaze Intro ambiance indienne, tabla et synthé. Edit point at 0'27 rythme rapide, thème au piano acoustique et réponse aux violons, sitar indien. 1'26 partie B. 03:37
Sandal Wood - M. Dall Anese Sitar, percussion and choirs. Ethnic Voice. Tabla. 05:14