Musique avec instrument : Sifflet

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
Muchos Gauchos - S. Blackburn Lonesome whistling, a galloping Mexican rhythm, heroic, over-the-top Mariachi trumpets and soaring chorus. Mexican, Cowboy Theme, Western, Desert, Hot, Exotic, Dry, Movie, Trumpet, Nostalgic. Lone whistler, Acoustic Guitars, Castanets, Trumpets, Mixed Vocal Chorus, Bass, Drums, Latin Percussion.. 02:43
Home Sweet Home - M. Caen Traditional style Celtic nylon string guitar melody, with warm pads, echoed whistle and simple beat. Light, Clean, Relaxed, Slow, Gentle, Soft, Easy, Celtic, Outdoors, Green, Traditional. 03:23
Lisa Bossa - P. Tilleman Melody whistled and played on the violin. 02:46
Love Train - P. Tilleman Whistled melody. Solo violin. 02:52
East meets west - A. Zakumera World - African, World, Positive, Festive, Percussions, Whistle, Electric guitar. Africa, East Africa, Tanzania, Burundi, Kenya, Ruwanda, Egypt, Morocco, Indian, Swahili, tabla, Zul, Kwasakwasa, Rumba, Happy, Fiesta, Party, Trumpet. 02:04
Smile - M. Caen Clean lead guitar melody with ukulele, acoustics, claps and whistles. Light, Clean, Relaxed, Cheerful, Bright, Happy, Outdoors, Simple, Sunny. 02:26
Love(r) Robot - L. Dubé Electro, groovy. Disco Pop, 80s. Intro pop then sequence such as Jean-Michel Jarre. Synth whistle at 2mn. 02:43
Jacamba - J. Pelizzari Percussion intro, scat voice, acoustic guitar. Crystalline synth themes and whistling lining. Vibraphone. 02:56
Steam Train - J. Barrett Rhythm percussion, piccolo, low whistle & engine sound. Children. Child's Play 2 01:45
Clippity Clop - M. Caen Cheerful, positive feelings, acoustic solo, mellotron pads. Country - Folk. The Whistle Blower 02:25
Come Again - M. Caen Gentle acoustic intro, building to a catchy rhythmic theme. Country - Folk. The Whistle Blower 02:21
Easy - M. Caen Medium tempo, relaxed feel. Simple melody with warm strings. Country - Folk. The Whistle Blower 02:26
Ezy Strum - M. Caen Vocal/hum intro, steady catchy feel builds to a middle drum groove. Country - Folk. The Whistle Blower 02:05
Harry'S Theme - M. Caen Acoustic guitar strumming, drums, vocal fx. Country - Folk. The Whistle Blower 02:07
Heading Home - M. Caen Bright, uplifting, medium/up tempo, Cajun tinged. Country - Folk. The Whistle Blower 01:42
Mahalo - M. Caen Hawaiian feel, lap steel, guitar & ukulele, now you're on island time. Country - Folk. The Whistle Blower 02:04
Mello Mojo - M. Caen Confident, medium paced theme, cool jazz feel. Country - Folk. The Whistle Blower 02:28
New Folk - M. Caen Country/folk, foot tapping theme. Acoustic guitar & banjo. Rural scene. Country - Folk. The Whistle Blower 02:42
Ready Steady - M. Caen Moving happy theme builds with acoustic guitar & banjo. Country - Folk. The Whistle Blower 02:11
Walk Softly - M. Caen Easy relaxed mood, builds with strings. Rich, atmospheric theme. Country - Folk. The Whistle Blower 02:28
At The Beach - J. Barrett Playing in the sand. Acoustic bass drives this track with marimbas, pizzicato strings and steel drums. Children. Child's Play 02:32
Happy Now - T. Bartelle Uplifting, optimistic feel with whistling theme. Sunny sky, perfect day. Children. Child's Play 02:36
Ghosts - M. Caen Spooky acoustic guitar, pulse beat, reversed piano, acoustic melody with strummed ukes. Country - Folk. Things With Strings 02:42
Harrys Theme - M. Caen Acoustic guitar strum with steel string melody, walking acoustic bass and simple drums, builds to whistling, then adds vocal harmonies. Country - Folk. Things With Strings 02:36
New Uke - M. Caen Ukulele intro to whistle, uke arpeggio, added voices and claps. Country - Folk. Things With Strings 02:41
6 Oclock Shuffle - S. Romig Quirky whistling tune. Retro 40's and 50's featuring washboard. Easy listening, Laid Back guitar themes. Country - Folk. Rhythm and Ease 02:16
Stumble Bum - T. Naylor Goofy whistles & voice accompany stumbling antics. Comedy - Children - Kitsch. Comic Cuts 02:12
Tongue In Cheek - T. Naylor Vocals only make up this funny arrangement. Comedy - Children - Kitsch. Comic Cuts 02:17
Continental Stroll - L. Perrini Light theme with whistling, builds with stings. Easy Listening - Kitsch. Musical Images 01:10
Hickory Dickory Dock - D. Reece Inst. with clock effect. Comedy - Children - Kitsch. Festive/Ceremonial 00:40
Whistlers Theme - R. Rivamonte Happy feel, keyboard, bass, synth, whistle, strings. Easy Listening - Kitsch. Town and Country 00:44