Musiques avec instrument : Piano-�lectrique

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
Nexus - G. Goué The stands are installed little by little (part 1) Electric piano with vibrato, then bass and drums for a chillout atmosphere. 03:02
Primus - G. Goué It's party time, the music is here we can start! (2nd part) Light and positive jazz, double bass and electric piano. 02:00
Fiction Friction - G. Goué Drums very present. Energetic and jazzy style. Electric piano in chord and synth in the background. 03:05
Helios - G. Goué Intro electric piano and double bass. Drums very present. Muted trumpet solos and then saxophone solos. 02:27
Enigme - G. Goué Electric piano with wah wah pedal and double bass groove and percussion. 02:54
Alles Gute - G. Goué Intro with a double bass played in harmonics, calm electric piano and groovy rhythm with brooms. Edit Point at 2'05. Tempo doubled. at 2'47 back to the first tempo. 04:53
Blue Note - G. Goué Intro sweet jazz with double bass, drums and electric piano. Melody on the electric guitar. Edit point at 0'44 and 2'03 doubled tempo. at 1'18 normal tempo. 02:45
Cirrus - G. Goué Singing with vocoder on jazz rhythm with double bass and brushes. 01:43
Ejection - G. Goué Lounge atmosphere with repetitive bass groove, percussion and calm electric piano. Edit Point at 1'52, the drums double the tempo. at 2'49 back to the first tempo. 03:57
Embellie - G. Goué Jazz standard rhythm. Calm and positive. Electric guitar for melody. Parisian thriller atmosphere. 03:01
Espace Libre - G. Goué Trio acoustic guitar, double bass and electric piano. Swing with snaps of fingers. 01:21
Manon - G. Goué Set of guitars for a beautiful folk ballad with a bass. 02:32
Nouveau Depart - G. Goué Atmosphere of intrigue, waiting, with a repetitive double bass groove, an electric piano, the acoustic guitar plays the melody. Edit point at 2'22 the double bass plays the melody. 03:25
Old School - G. Goué Double bass and percussion for a funky lounge atmosphere. Edit point at 1'29 rhythm changes to binary pop rock. 03:39
Resistance - G. Goué intro with electric bass, drums and electric piano for an intriguing and tense rhythm. Then the guitar will add a little to the plot. 02:36
Septembre - G. Goué Improvisation of a jazz group composed of double bass, drums and electric piano. Join by an electric guitar in arpeggios and a saxophone solo. 03:07
Songe - G. Goué Very gentle rhythmic brush with double bass and electric piano. An organ and an electric guitar on the chorus. 03:04
Duck Face - M. Brillard Very present electric bass, groovy soul rythm. 00:36
Ego Trip - M. Brillard Medium soul groove with electric piano, bass, drums, positive on chorus plus background vocal. French singing. Solo organ on the end. 04:39
Fragile - M. Brillard Short soft piece with electric piano. 00:35
Unreachable - M. Brillard Slow intro then double time. Bossa-nova rythm with Acoustic guitare, electric piano solo, voices and background. 03:40
Warchild - M. Brillard Electric guitar and funk drums, percussion and soft electric piano. Choir then jazz guitar. Strange. 05:26
Red River - C. Scozzafava Violin accompanied by electric piano and light synths noises. Oriental landscapes. Light slow dance rhythm. Useful for Documentaries and Soundtracks. 02:00
The Little Princess - C. Scozzafava Simple violin melody accompanied by electric piano. Rarefied lullaby atmosphere. Childish melody. 02:42
Circles - J. Meek Guitar and synth driven groovy summer music. Ideal for advertising and promotions. Electric Piano, Electric Guitar, Drums, Synthesizer, Band-Pop. 03:32
Deescalate - J. Pelizzari Speech in a foreign language on a warm synth pad and electric piano intervention. 03:08
Endjoy - J. Pelizzari Warm synth pad, voice sample and electric guitar. 03:38
Inscrutable - J. Pelizzari Lounge and funky at the same time. Drums and toms, vocoder and warm synth pad. Saxophone solo. 03:30
Light Smile - J. Pelizzari Slow but steady, funky bass. Large electric piano, posed and aerial. Vocoder and female voice for the melody. Solo between a saxophone and a vocoder voice. 03:20
Moony - J. Pelizzari Mainly electric piano and blocked trumpet. Various interventions of voice samples. Violins enrich the piece more and more. 03:45
Stop Over In New York - P. Gaillard Short bossa nova intro style with double bass and electric piano and then a more chillout rhythm. Some notes of trumpet, flute and electric guitar, 02:48
Synthetic Jungle - P. Gaillard Short intro of electric piano then comes a darbuka. Melody played on the balafon. Synth solo. 03:30
Vertigo In The Calm - J. Pelizzari Slow and sustained rhythm, intervention of exotic sound images. Saxophone solo. 02:54
Huggy's Groove - C. Nouailhaguet 60's soul track featuring rhythmic piano, lively drum, guitar chop, Fender Rhodes, bass and Hammond organ. Edit point at 0:34, at 1:06 and at 1:38. Piano, bass, drums, organ, guitar, Fender Rhodes. 03:02
Bar Del Lugar - C. Nouailhaguet Slow and sunny retro lounge track. Gently swinging kitsch 70's sweetness. Edit point at 0:27, at 1:39 and at 2:03. Fender Rhodes, celesta, bass, strings, drums, guitar. 03:51
The Paradise Lost Hotel - C. Nouailhaguet Kitsch easy-listening sting featuring vibraphone and sound design. Short Lo-Fi version. 00:52
Vintage Shift - C. Nouailhaguet Dynamic retro-soul track featuring determined beats, male vocal fx, guitar chop and bass. In the spirit of a 60's detective movies soundtrack. Edit point at 0:27, at 0:53 and at 1:18. Fender Rhodes, guitar, bass, drums, vox fx. 01:51
Black - E. Leipold Hip Hop instrumental about confidence and swag, current relevant sound. Drum-Machine, Programmed Drums, Piano. 03:12
Nightfall Drive - C. Nouailhaguet Melancholic, atmospheric and slow trip hop underscore. Urban downtempo for late-night car-cruising ! Chorus at 0:57 and at 2:01, edit point at 1:14. TR808, bass, synth, groovebox, scratch, guitar, vox fx. 02:55
Anyraja - J. Pelizzari Discreet flute melody with electric piano interrogative chords. Cool Jazz Funk 02:49
Elista - J. Pelizzari Flugelhorn accompanied by a groovy mood electric piano and a jazz guitar solo. Lounge bar, jazzy funk cool. 02:53
Kasunia - J. Pelizzari Intro with an electric piano followed by a clavinet and a groovy bass. Solo of trombone. Funk jazz groove. 02:44
Lusatia - J. Pelizzari Rhythmic acoustic guitar and positive melody played on piano synthesizer. Bossa lounge Miami beach. 02:45
Visconta - J. Pelizzari Alto saxophone and electric piano on ryhtmic jazz funk. West coast. 02:56
Xelaxia - J. Pelizzari Rhythmic electric piano and percussion with light melody of saxophone and rhythmic voice intervention. Dynamic Bossa. 02:43
After a Quarrel - A. Urbanowicz Jazzy, Soft, Piano, Harmonica, Rhythm Section 02:08
Any Time - A. Urbanowicz Soft, Piano theme, Relaxing. 02:57
Art and Space - A. Rejman Chillout theme over delicate rhythm 04:18
Chill, dude - A. Urbanowicz Sunny, Bright, Positive electric piano 02:33
Give me Five - A. Urbanowicz Piano, Rhythm Section, Bright, Positive, Chilled 02:11
Modern Art Gallery - A. Rejman Expressive Trumpet theme over light arrangement 04:15
My House Music - A. Urbanowicz Sunny, Bright, Positive, Piano, Rhythm section, Jazzy 02:32
Oh Yeah! - A. Urbanowicz Bright, Positive, Chilled, Jazzy, Happy, City 03:04
Pop Art - K. Fornalski Pulsing, Expressive Acoustic Guitar theme . 03:40
Positive Attitude - A. Urbanowicz Piano, Rhythm Section, Bright, Positive, Chilled, Jazzy, Happy, Hopeful, Uplifting, Life, Family, City, Leisure 01:46
Pure Energy. - A. Urbanowicz Pulsing, Dynamic, Jazzy rhythmic theme, City, Life 02:04
Stuffed Toy - A. Urbanowicz Soft, Relaxing, Positive, Happy, Uplifting, 02:45
That doesn't Matter - A. Urbanowicz jazzy, Soft, Piano, Harmonica, Rhythm Section 02:14
Trendy Music - A. Urbanowicz Pulsing, Bright theme, Happy 02:11
Chase Of The Century - L.J. Cedar A cool 1950's-1960's genre piece that builds to a crecendo. Great for a chase scene. Classic, Vintage, Driven, Driving, Energetic, Fun, Up, Upbeat. Cool, 1950's, 1960's, The Doors. Fender Rhodes, Drums, Bass Guitar, Brass, Horns, Woodwind, Finger Snaps, Percussion. The Doors. 01:50
Tango Park Life - L.J. Cedar A bright and vivavious South American-Tamgo influenced track that great for advertising or TV-Film cue. Upbeat, Vivacious, Fun, Classy, Quirky, Latino, Emotional, Positive. Piano, Brass, Horns, Drums, Keyboards, Guiro. Astor Piazzolla. 00:30
The Cockney Panache - L.J. Cedar A dreamy and calm piece that's reminiscent of a 1960's or 1970's British TV show music cue. Light, Positive, Up, Serence, nostalgic. Piano, Drums, Acoustic Guitar, Bass. Roy Budd, Edwin Astley, Tony Hatch. 00:30
O Clock - C. Nouailhaguet Ticking clock for light tension. Strings, piano and fender rhodes build a dramatic scene. Fender Rhodes, strings, piano, flute, solo cello, sound design clock fx. 30 seconds version. 00:30
Insomnia - E. Hildebert Electro, sensual, sometimes urban. Lamps repeatedly. 02:30
The Time Of Reflection - E. Hildebert Electro rhythmic very slow. Sensual choir, ethereal. Edit point at 2'24. Crystalline synth. 05:12
Transmutation - E. Hildebert Drama Suspense. Rhythm with echo. Large synth, deep synth bass and mysterious voice. 02:08
Multiverses In Love - E. Hildebert Quiet synthesizer with bells. Discovery of a new world, grandiose landscapes. 02:04
Transfer Number One - E. Hildebert Exhibitions. Slow sequence of chords and rhythmic sound effects. Anxiety texture, sound effects. 06:24
Deserted Streets - R. Luczak 30' version. Groovy Electric Piano ostinatos over hipnotic groove 00:32
Violin Flies - P. Tilleman A relaxing evening on the violin. 03:37
Boom - J. Brown Soul - RnB, Drum n Bass, Mysterious, Sensual, Electric bass, Drum machine, Electric piano. Soul music, Rhythm and Blues, Love, Feelgood, Party Music. 02:15
Cant believe - J. Brown Soul - RnB, Electro, Relaxed, Romantic, Electric piano, Synth bass, Drum machine. Soul music, Rhythm and Blues, Love, Feelgood, Party Music. 02:10
For Kasie - J. Brown Electro, Pop, Relaxed, Romantic, Synth bass, Synth, Electric piano. Soul music, Rhythm and Blues, Love, Feelgood, Party Music. 02:11
Ghetto Girl - J. Brown Soul - RnB, Lounge, Relaxed, Sensual, Synth bass, Synth, Electric piano. Soul music, Rhythm and Blues, Love, Feelgood, Party Music. 02:28
How it can be - J. Brown Electro, Pop, Relaxed, Synth bass, Brass, Electric piano. Soul music, Rhythm and Blues, Love, Feelgood, Party Music. 02:28
Jamborie - J. Brown Reggae, Drum n Bass, Positive, Romantic, Electric piano, Electric bass, Percussions. Soul music, Rhythm and Blues, Love, Feelgood, Party Music. 02:29
Love me - J. Brown Soul - RnB, Hip Hop - Rap, Relaxed, Repetitive, Electric piano, Percussions, Drum machine. Soul music, Rhythm and Blues, Love, Feelgood, Party Music. 02:32
Love Rain - S. Sibanda Soul - RnB, Calm, Romantic, Electric piano, Vibraphone, Synth. Soul music, Rhythm and Blues, Love, Feelgood, Party Music. 01:59
Magic - J. Brown Soul - RnB, Hip Hop - Rap, Positive, Relaxed, Electric piano, Synth bass, Scratch. Soul music, Rhythm and Blues, Love, Feelgood, Party Music. 02:32
Meropa - J. Brown Soul - RnB, Electro, Urban, Repetitive, Electric piano, Percussions, Synth bass. Soul music, Rhythm and Blues, Love, Feelgood, Party Music. 02:24
Midnight Train - J. Brown Soul - RnB, Hip Hop - Rap, Strange, Tense, Electric piano, Drum machine, Brass. Soul music, Rhythm and Blues, Love, Feelgood, Party Music. 02:35
Night Calls - J. Brown Soul - RnB, Hip Hop - Rap, Positive, Spirited, Electric piano, Drum machine, Synth bass. Soul music, Rhythm and Blues, Love, Feelgood, Party Music. 02:17
Settle For Less - S. Sibanda Pop, Soul - RnB, Relaxed, Spirited, Electric guitar, Electric piano, Percussions. Soul music, Rhythm and Blues, Love, Feelgood, Party Music. 02:31
So says he - J. Brown Drum n Bass, Soul - RnB, Repetitive, Trance, Electric piano, Drum machine, Synth bass. Soul music, Rhythm and Blues, Love, Feelgood, Party Music. 02:16
The Future - K. Pitsong Trip-Hop, Sad, Repetitive, Electric piano, Marimba, Drum machine. Soul music, Rhythm and Blues, Love, Feelgood, Party Music. 03:27
Just Fall Apart - S. Sibanda Cinematic, Romantic, Adventure, Electric piano, Strings. Deep in thought, ambient, spacey, galaxy, dream, grunge bass, pads, soupy, drama, film score, action, drone. 03:18
The Fuzz - G. Flores Funk, Soul - RnB, Suspens, Adventure, Electric bass, Electric piano, Drum. Car chase. 02:28
All that jazz - S. Sibanda Dance, Lounge, Dynamic, Percussions, Electric piano, Synth. Africa, south african, House, Dance, Party, Celebration, Sports, Soccer, Club, Shebeen, Up beat, Positive, funky, soul. 06:39
Amerudi - S. Sibanda World - African, Reggae, Festive, Positive, Percussions, Electric piano, Synth bass. West African, Nigerian, Ghana, Congo, Pop, Afro, Urban.. 04:24
Bangani - S. Sibanda Jungle, Dance, Tribal, Positive, Speaking voice, Synth bass, Electric piano. Africa, south african, Party, Feelgood, Tv, Celebration, Sports, Positive, Upbeat, energy. 02:01
Cafe Mind and Soul - L. Gogwana Lounge, Jazz, Relaxed, Electric piano, Saxophone. Africa, Jazzy, soul. 01:19
Cocktails Party - S. Sibanda Dance, Lounge, Dynamic, Electric piano, Synth, Electric guitar. Africa, south african, House, Dance, Party, Celebration, Sports, Soccer, Club, Shebeen, Up beat, Positive, funky, soul. 06:38
Dance again - S. Sibanda Dance, Lounge, Dynamic, Electric piano, Synth, Electric guitar. Africa, south african, House, Dance, Party, Celebration, Sports, Soccer, Club, Shebeen, Up beat, Positive, funky, soul. 06:30
Dance by Myself - S. Sibanda Dance, Lounge, Dynamic, Electric piano, Percussions. Africa, south african, House, Dance, Party, Celebration, Sports, Soccer, Club, Shebeen, Up beat, Positive, funky, soul. 03:35
Dance with me - J. Sibanda Dance, Lounge, Dynamic, Electric piano. Africa, south african, House, Dance, Party, Celebration, Sports, Soccer, Club, Shebeen, Up beat, Positive, funky, soul. 06:01
Dream and Tales - V. Nakiwe Dance, Lounge, Dynamic, Electric piano. Africa, south african, House, Dance, Party, Celebration, Sports, Soccer, Club, Shebeen, Up beat, Positive, funky, soul. 03:19
Embrace - M. Marco Ballad, Nostalgic, Melancholic, Electric piano. Light Hearted. 01:41
Love Rains - T. Mkhize Lounge, Ballad, Relaxed, Synth, Electric piano. Universal, romantic, love, wedding, Positive, soulful. 02:04
Makes me go - S. Sibanda Dance, Lounge, Tense, Suspens, Electric piano, Percussions. Africa, south african, House, Dance, Party, Celebration, Sports, Soccer, Club, Shebeen, Up beat, Positive, funky, soul. 04:02
Messy - S. Sibanda Dance, Lounge, Dynamic, Percussions, Electric piano, Saxophone. Africa, south african, House, Dance, Party, Celebration, Sports, Soccer, Club, Shebeen, Up beat, Positive, funky, soul. 04:54
Nigerian Mix Four - S. Sibanda World - African, Dance, Festive, Positive, Percussions, Kalimba, Electric piano. West African, Nigerian, Ghana, Congo, Pop, Afro, Urban.. 03:40
Pitoria - S. Sibanda Dance, Lounge, Dynamic, Electric piano, Synth bass. Africa, south african, House, Dance, Party, Celebration, Sports, Soccer, Club, Shebeen, Up beat, Positive, funky, soul. 07:39
Smack That for sure - S. Sibanda Dance, World - African, Adventure, Dynamic, Electric piano, Synth bass. Africa, African Kwaito, South African, House, Dance, Party, Celebration, Lifestyle, Education Sports, Soccer, Club, Shebeen, Up beat, Positive, funky, Jazzy, soul. 02:44
Speed Hump - S. Sibanda Dance, World - African, Mysterious, Repetitive, Synth bass, Electric piano. Africa, African Kwaito, South African, House, Dance, Party, Celebration, Lifestyle, Education Sports, Soccer, Club, Shebeen, Up beat, Positive, funky, Jazzy, soul. 02:31
Afternoon Sun - P. Gawlik Concrete ostinato type slow combo arrangement, bluesy 02:35
Airy Voices - A. Rejman Meditative, Moody Piano and Electric Piano phrases with delicate brushes 04:50
Airy Voices - K. Jankowska Meditative, Moody FemaleVoices accompanied by piano and electric Piano phrases with delicate brushes 04:28
Blue Clarity - A. Rejman Ethereal, Elegant, Moody melodies by delayed electric Piano phrases and Syths pads 03:13
Blue Clarity - K. Jankowska Ethereal, Elegant, Moody Female Voice melodies over delayed electric Piano phrases and Synths Pads 03:12
Brightness - A. Rejman Romantic prepared Piano/Electric piano melodies with ethereal Guitar 02:32
Brightness - K. Jankowska Romantic prepared Piano/electric piano melodies with ethereal Guitar and Female Voice 02:32
Ethereal - A. Rejman Slow prepared Piano and Harp melodies without Ethereal Female Voice 02:28
Ethereal - K. Jankowska Slow prepared Piano and Harp melodies accompanied by Ethereal Female Voices 02:28
Morning Stars - P. Gawlik Airy guitar melody over delicate largo rhythm section 01:48
Soft Air - A. Rejman Ethereal, Moody melodies and Piano ostinatos accompanied by delayed Sythesiser and Pads 05:25
Purple Coast - GD 78 Repetitive rhythm. Far away, mystery, like Pink floyd. 02:18
Tiner - GD 78 Scroll of landscape, adventure or journey. 01:29
Coral - GD 78 Electro jazz mood with trumpet, synthesizer, electric guitar and drum box. Calm, nostalgic. 04:02
Barbara - GD 78 Pop, soul, trip hop, lounge song with electric guitar and electric piano in the mood of Pink Floyd and female voice. 04:18
Fatboy Dream - J. Chmielewski 30' version. Rhythmic Future House Music with Male Voice 00:30
Drive Me - A. Mazure Saturated bass groove powerful. Symphonic rock. 03:29
Nice Time - A. Mazure Like a groovy pop song. 02:45
Charming Village - P. Damse Suspended Sythesiser sounds and mysterious melodies over light rhythm section 01:59
Sandy Beach - P. Damse Elegant, sunny and positive Wurlitzer Piano melodies 02:34
Floating On Water - T. Stoilkovski Reflective, soulful, chill out vibes sparkle with strings like you are dancing on top of water . Under The Blue Sea. 02:16
Vita E Una Costruzione - L. Dubé Disco-pop band of the 80s. Riff of electric guitar. Rhythmic electric piano. Saturated guitar. 1'25 break. 03:56
Fashion Relooking - J-L Delgado Intro theme on the synth. 0'32 break organ. Dance floor. '80s. 01:07
Le Bobsleight En Folie - J-L Delgado '80s. Synth sequences and brass. Positive. 01:54
Rencontre Avec Un ET - J-L Delgado Wait, intrigue. Pulsewave, positive, space, panoramic. Sequence, Heavy drums. 01:21
Solar Energy - P. Gawlik Soft, Pulsing, melodic Bass Guitar and Synth theme. 30' version 00:31
Imaginary - E. Hildebert Intro piano, psychedelic guitars, synths and timpani. Pink Floyd. 02:21
Help Each Other - T. Stoilkovski Cute, catchy organs play alongside soft, jumpy synths and a little funky chorus to make you feel chilled. Changing Planet. 02:15
Urban Nightmare - T. Stoilkovski Enigmatic atmospheric electro groove with a pop dance style of acoustic, electric guitar and piano. Suburban Dreams. 01:56
Hot Spot - A. Urbanowicz Dynamic, Positive, Jazzy piano with rhythm section. 30' version 00:33
Joyful Lane - G. Suski Happy, Funny, Cherful theme. Brass Section, Synth, Bass, Drums. 30' version 00:36
Safe Ride - A. Urbanowicz Pulsing, Dynamic, Jazzy rhythmic theme. Piano over small jazz combo. 30' version 00:38
Slow Return - A. Urbanowicz Positive, Relaxing, Smooth melodies of piano. Rhythm section. 30' version 00:40
Small Talk - A. Urbanowicz Soft, Jazzy, Positive piano with rhythm section. 30' version 00:30
Smooth Out - A. Urbanowicz Dynamic, Jazzy piano with rhythm section. Rhythm section. 30' version 00:32
Our Night - P. Gawlik Female voice version 02:58
The Keeper - D Agostino Guitar arpeggios, percussions and acoustic piano improvisation. 02:57
Temporary Noogies - D Agostino Psychedelic pop of the 60s. Repetitive rhythm and exchange between piano fender and flute. 04:44
One Life - D Agostino Outdoor atmosphere with storm then electric piano. Start gradually. 1'54 Editing point. Beginning of the drums. 05:56
Locking Up Your Symptoms - D Agostino Melody on the flute. Groove bossa relaxed. 04:51
Love More Deeply - D Agostino Arpeggios and very calm melody of acoustic piano. 01:34
Meisel Music - D Agostino Sensual atmosphere, slow soul rhythm, without melody, guitar solo. 06:16
Imagine - D Agostino Hovering, round bass and groovy. Solo electric guitar. Airborne electric piano chords. 02:55
Disco Anomalies - D Agostino Spend a good day listening to this simple and positive traditional blues where the double bass and the electric piano are very present. 02:32
Come out and Play - D Agostino Like a short backing track. No melody. 00:41
Frames of France - D Agostino Pop rock fusion progressive with organ, synthesizer, electric guitar and brass. 70s. Farfisa intro of 30s. 03:05
32 Flavours - G. D Agostino Pop, reggae with bass, drums, electric piano and brass. Fresh, positive and light. 04:15
Better Than Ever - A. Urbanowicz Jazzy, Nervous piano theme over rhythm section and synth 03:32
Get Up Sleepyhead - R. Pomorski Positive, sunny guitar theme over light rhyhthm section 00:52
Hurry Up - R. Pomorski Positive, happy theme with jazzy section 03:31
It's Friday Today - R. Pomorski Bright, positive, happy theme over bluesy and smooth jazzy section 02:59
Make It Hopeful - M. Olak 30' version Energetic, optimistic guitar theme. Dynamic, Bouncy. 00:32
Marys - P. Gawlik Guitar version with Female Choir and flute solo 04:40
Morning Coffee - R. Pomorski Positive, elegant, smooth jazzy theme over swinging section 03:15
Never Mind - A. Urbanowicz Smooth melodic theme, Rhythmic theme played by guitar and piano over bass and drums 02:35
Sad Reflection - V. Kuryluk Reflective piano melodies over light, and discreet arrangement 02:48
Time Will Change It All - V. Kuryluk Poignant and expressive theme 02:19
Your Dog Is Waiting - R. Pomorski Positive, nice piano theme over light rhythm section 03:26
All My Love - M. Nosowicz Pop, Energetic, Pulsing theme. FX Voice 03:06
My Grandfather - R. Pomorski Jazzy.Light, rhythmic theme played by piano, guitars over small jazz combo. Happy, Positive 06:18
Smile Please - P. Gawlik Quirky, Fun theme with female voice 02:32
What's Up - A. Urbanowicz Energetic, Positive pop theme, samba 02:20
Painting Vision 2 - K. Jankowska Reflective mood. Dreamy female voice over electric piano and pads 04:26
Street View - A. Urbanowicz Pulsing. Smooth Sunny jazz theme with funky guitar and some brass section. Herbie Hancock. 02:44
Villa District - A. Urbanowicz Atmospheric. Intro of solo prepared piano then with strings 02:07
Become Somebody - T. Stoilkovski 80's and new wave influences team with a modern indie pop chorus beating to a streetwise heart. Hello World. 02:45
Lift You Up - T. Stoilkovski A tribute to 80's inspired synth film landscapes infused with a poignant, evocative melody. Hello World. 01:45
New You - T. Stoilkovski Technology meets a slight sense of intrigue combining electronica and synth to keep a solid pace. Hello World. 01:54
Alley - A. Urbanowicz Dynamic, Pulsing, Piano, Guitar, Synths, Drums 03:00
City Life - A. Urbanowicz Positive, Energetic piano theme, Synths, Guitar, Drums 03:17
Happy Jazzy - M. Nosowicz Pulsing, Positive, Carefree motif 03:27
Jazz At Midnight - M. Nosowicz Positive, Rhythmic theme, Male Voice 02:17
Lights Of The City - A. Urbanowicz Lazy, Dreamy, Piano, Vibraphone 02:20
Piano Trap - M. Nosowicz Pulsing, Rhythmic, Crazy 03:08
Dance With Love - GD 78 Rajat Bindra (DJAar). Intro of sitar and electric piano, drum box. Groovy waiting. 03:14
Andolfato - J. Pelizzari Melody and solo on the trumpet. Crystalline electric piano. Violins. 02:36
Sabana - J. Pelizzari Intro E.piano, organ. Latin rhythmic and funky riff. Electric piano. Main theme in unison violins and brass. 03:28
Jacamba - J. Pelizzari Percussion intro, scat voice, acoustic guitar. Crystalline synth themes and whistling lining. Vibraphone. 02:56
Hip Hop - F. Bégnon Rhythmic funky, acoustic piano melody. Sample of voice, synth. 01:29
Bosons - F. Bégnon Electronic Bossa. Electronic drums and percussion, synth bass, electric guitar for accompaniment and theme. 02:43
Savane - F. Bégnon Arpeggio, electro-classical, warmth, Africa, fullness, electric piano 01:16
Foreplay - J. Goodwin Electronic Groove - Slow jam sexy theramin. 03:47
Forget Me Knot - J. Goodwin Jazz - Hommage to Nat without vocal. 00:26
Bogo Signature 1 - J. Goodwin ID - piano pad. 00:04
Wurly Musicle 3M - J. Goodwin ID - Quirky upbeat groove fx guitar tag 2. 00:06
Slippery Girl - J. Goodwin Rock Pop - Ethereal guitar retro anthem. 01:33
End Of Story Inst V2 - J. Goodwin Playback de chanson pop blues. Institutionnel. 03:11
Skincentives - J. Goodwin ID - Ambient trip vocal. 00:05
Snackin' In Ya Kitchen - J. Goodwin Groove Urban RnB - Booty call group hip hop. 00:45
Less Dingy - J. Goodwin ID - Ambient Drum n Bass ID. 00:05
Picture Perfect - J. Goodwin Rock Pop - Mid Tempo love ballad male easy rock. 03:55
Jane Brown - J. Goodwin ID - Electric Piano jazz bop vocal ID. 00:05
Even The Score - J. Goodwin Groove Rock - Okenfold style fem vocal groove guitar. 03:29
Golden Slippers - J. Goodwin ID - Zydeco piano ambient. 00:05
Friendlier Sponge - J. Goodwin ID - Ambient trip jazz ID. 00:05
60S Meatloaf - J. Goodwin Rock - Driving Farfisa retro rock anthem. 01:17
Adams - J. Goodwin Groove TV Theme - Network theme. 00:30
Watch The Sunrise - T. Stoilkovski Reflective nostalgic piece with clarinet gliding over sparse percussion and piano 01:56
Arriving Soon - T. Stoilkovski Piano chords hover along a gentle xylophone and synth sitting on a RnB groove 02:04
Changing Lanes - T. Stoilkovski Piano leads into a pad synth house rhythm that moves along just nicely 02:34
Dangerous Days - T. Stoilkovski Arpeggiated electronica glides over long, atmospheric strings with a brooding presence. 02:29
A Song For Jimi - G. D Agostino Walking bass aristochats. Printanière, joyeuse, enfant, comédie. Institutionnel. 02:32
Dragonfly - G. D Agostino Thème simpliste de fin de soirée ou vieille série policière. Lounge. 03:58
Little Funny Love - G. D Agostino Blues, genre boeuf entre musiciens. 01:44
Uptown Girl - G. D Agostino Ballade pop années 60. Printanière. 05:09
Message From Orion - G. D Agostino Intro ambient. Ragga, transe, Années 60-70. Gabor Szabo. 02:55
Ibiza Star - G. D Agostino Fusion, Rock, joyeuse, puissante. Miami. Percussions, big band. 03:06
Hotel Room - T. Stoilkovski Jazzy, bohemian, raw pop groove with acoustic breakbeat chilled drums and soulful interplay between upright bass, saxophone and electric organ. Beatnik heaven in a two star motel luxury. Version 30s. 00:30
Amethyst - T. Stoilkovski Swirling and driving percussive beats meet warm, ambient organ tones and majestic sweeping strings. An adventure deep in the heart of a lost civilization. Percussive ambient electronic pop. 02:35
Vogue Style - T. Stoilkovski Funky organ and pads merge with a cool bassline and acid jazz inspired drums. From London to Moscow, the clubs are grooving. Version 30s. 00:30
Speaking Softly - T. Stoilkovski Folky pop guitar organ driven laid back tune for people in love or pondering life. 01:12
New Destinations - T. Stoilkovski Eastern mystique meets urban salsa packed in percussive, positive pop. 02:38
New Trend - T. Stoilkovski Soul jazz guitars with big rock solos, 80's synth melodies, cool vibe and fresh beat. 04:02
Oceans And Sunsets - T. Stoilkovski Floating on the ocean on a perfect day new age organ track. 00:56
Independent Life - T. Stoilkovski Chilled out lounge house with lashings of cool and Ibiza style. 02:11
Keep On Shining - T. Stoilkovski Sunny, warm and open acoustic, electric heartfelt anthem with a generous dose of positivity. Virgule. 00:08
Lifestyle Groove - T. Stoilkovski Chill out, progressive Ibiza vibe house groove with jazzy melodic keys, guitars, pianos and floating pads. EP @ 1'19. 02:36
Mysterious Path - T. Stoilkovski A smooth, tender urban meets soft rock piece which builds to an acoustic country bridge. EP @ 1'16. 02:36
Elegant Affair - T. Stoilkovski Piano based electronica with a sweeping string section and aristocratic vibe. EP @ 1'44. 03:00
Funky Candy - T. Stoilkovski Energetic, vibrant, bubblegum coated, funky groove with scratches, big beat drums and sweet female vocals. Like going on a high speed time lapse through an amusement park. EP @ 0'53. 02:37
Get Up Get Going - T. Stoilkovski Organ intro pumps into a funky, street vibe, 80's positive groove. EP @ 1'04. 02:50
Change Room - T. Stoilkovski Sneaky, electronica cross ambient trip hop with dashes of covert propaganda and multi saxophones. 02:06
Cheap Talk - T. Stoilkovski Drum and bass odd time minimal percussive beat with streetwise cello and ambient jazz touch. 01:56
City Lights - T. Stoilkovski Sci fi and tech grooves combine with pitched drums, percussion, strings and underlying synth lines. Like driving at night through an empty future cityscape. Driven sci fi organic electronica. 02:32
Clever Thinking - T. Stoilkovski Mandolins on top of an RandB beat lead into a hip synth 80's feel. EP @ 1'37. 03:39
Beautiful Heart - T. Stoilkovski A poignant and tender electronic piece centred around piano. 01:04
Blue Sky Horizon - T. Stoilkovski Fingerpicked acoustic guitars joyfully and curiously interplay with an emotional acoustic lead guitar and splashes of organ. 02:34
Vertigo - J. Pelizzari Percussion, deep bass, electric piano, singing and spoken voice, wha wha guitar, Leslie organ, soul, RnB. 04:18
Zastia - J. Pelizzari Rhythmic groovy presents. Remote Electric Piano. Chant and delay. Sound elements. 04:15
Iona - J. Pelizzari Guitar and percussion. Melody and solo on electric piano. Repetitive rhythm. 04:10
Great Idea - L.J. Cedar Positive and uplifting modern folk track. Inspired by badly Drawn Boy.. Uplifting, Feelgood, Positive, Acoustic, Laid Back, Buoyant. 00:33
Open Rhodes - L.J. Cedar Late-night Electric Piano layered track with curious melody.. Late Night, Curious, Ominous, Simple, Looming. 01:33
So Lest Be A Lullaby - L.J. Cedar A delicate Celeste lullaby in waltz time. Sleep night-time feel.. Childlike, Dreamy, Sleepy, Angelic, Calm. 01:43
Dime A Dozen - L.J. Cedar A modern, jaunty and uplifting Jazz track that's great for an advertising spot. Cool, Energetic, Fun, Quirky, Up, Upbeat, Fresh, Jazzy, Offbeat, Crazy. Jazz Drums, Double Bass, Vibraphone, Piano, Guitar, Finger snaps, Glock. 03:06
A Break From Technology - L.J. Cedar Affirmative and light synthesizer electronica. Uplifting, 1980's, French, Bright, Pop. 00:33
Early Morning - L.J. Cedar A calm and reflective piano and rhythm track. Uplifting, Mournful, Reflective, Calm. 00:33
A Drive For Soul - L.J. Cedar An upbeat soul track with wah guitar, keyboards and female vocals. Good for a TV ad.. Upbeat, Positive, Light, Soufull, Groovy, Smooth. 00:32
Dodgy Haircuts - L.J. Cedar 1980's synth pop pastiche.. Disco, Hi-Energy, Energetic, Optimistic, Happy. 00:38
Glistening - L.J. Cedar Cool Pnemonic, great for corporate company logo or sting. Positive, Friendly, Up, Confident. 00:12
North Of Harlem - L.J. Cedar 1970's Style, 1970's Style, Curious, Anticipation, Cool, Elusive, Sound-Alike, Soulful, Laid Back, and Stylish. 70's, Cops and Robbers, New York style track. Influenced by Lalo Shifrin. 00:54
Private Mission - L.J. Cedar Dramatic, Cinematic, melodic and purposeful modern classical piece. Great for TV Film credits or main theme.. Big, Rousing, Building, Climactic, Classical, Dramatic, Epic, Heroic, Purposeful. 05:24
So Very 80s - L.J. Cedar Perfect 1980's electronic pastiche.. Disco, Optimistic, Happy, Positive, Uplifting. 01:30
Soleil - L.J. Cedar Cool modern Pnemonic bumper, great for corporate company logo or sting.. Positive, Friendly, Up, Confident, Calm, Bright. 00:11
Superguy - L.J. Cedar Quirky Reggae Electronica with a japanese feel.. Quirky, Upbeat, Groove, Quaint, Fresh, Technology, Japanese. 00:38
Eljazaria - J. Pelizzari Theme on the electric piano and trumpet. Light rhythmic synth. Organ. 02:55
Minezia - J. Pelizzari Soft synth. Drums with brushes. Vocoder, saxophone. Crystalline electric piano. Organ. 03:16
Next - J. Pelizzari Rhythm on bass drum, electric piano and repetitive bass. Airy acoustic piano. 03:43
Cerveja e Consideração - M. Madoré Bass, percussion and violins. Acoustic guitar for accompaniment and theme, flute doubling, and whistling. 02:43
Prélude aux lettres de l'amour - F. Bégnon Electric piano, acoustic guitar theme. Edit point at 1'11 organ. 02:02
Valse pour Elie - F. Bégnon Electric piano, music box. Sounds of toys. Edit point at 1'40 Synth kitch. Lullaby, christmas. Tender. 02:34
Train de vie - F. Bégnon Intro drums and electric piano. 0'46 Theme with violins. 02:02
Keep on going - J-P Godart Percussion, claps and electric piano. Bass saturated synth. 00:46
Moon shy - J-P Godart Groove RnB cool percussion, bass and electric piano. Theme played by the synth then in unison with an electric guitar. Solo electric guitar. 05:02
Pourquoi pas - J-P Godart Dense drums and percussion. Electric piano with tense chords. Theme in unison bass and guitar. 05:43
Purpled sky - J-P Godart Electronic drums, clap, chord progression on electric piano. Pizz. Theme on soft synth. 03:12
Suspens - G. Goué Slow riff of double bass. Joined by a distant acoustic piano. Slow motion, tension. 02:50
Eclosion - G. Goué Intro brushes jazz drums, electric piano, double bass. Delay. 02:57
Slow Down - V. Benesy Texture, electric piano arpeggios, very close vocals, acoustic piano in high notes. Edit point at 3'18 bass sequenced, deep kick, synths. 05:06
Groove-boy - A. Jamot Rhythmic electric piano and percussion. Spatial noise. Edit point at 1'12, bass, drums. 2'02 strange trumpet. 04:04
Boum party - A. Jamot Intro drums and percussion. Electric piano, tremolo of violins. Solo on E.Piano. 02:04
David's dream - A. Jamot Electric piano in arpeggios, soacy synth, light rhythm. 1'07 solo trumpet tense. 04:11
Coalrgol - A. Jamot Acoustic guitar, drums and percussion. Theme on the trumpet. 02:04
Poule romantic song - A. Jamot Texture and chords of violins, improvising electric piano. 1'36 violins more present, stop the texture. 03:59
Ice air jazz band - A. Jamot Quartet of jazz beginner. drums, double bass, E.Piano, Vibraphone. No swing yet. 02:42
Ballade spectrale lente - A. Jamot Each instrument has its own dimension. 06:50
La musette et la flute - A. Jamot Valse musette, flute solo. 01:17
Landpark - C. Espern Psychedelic rock, intro Kick, clap, synth and electric guitar. 1'07 part B. Change of Agreement. 1'51 riff in unison. 04:09
My Sad Song - C. Espern Electric piano in arpeggios, harmonics of guitar. 1'11 theme played on electric guitar. Edit point at 1'28 B part, Bass. 03:17
In A Bad Street - C. Espern Didgeridoo and dark synth. Regular rhythm, long hold of soft synth. Theme in ostinato on the electric piano. 03:33
Orion - G. Goué Electric piano. Double bass and guitar in arpeggios. 03:16
Gangster Of Chicago - L. Liatard Electric piano and rhythmic effect. Groove RnB. Short and repetitive theme on electric piano. Edit point at 2'12. 03:18
Interlude - L. Liatard Synth and vibrato, filtered drums. Repetitive acoustic guitar with effects. 02:18
Voyage De Nuit - L. Liatard Crescendo of electric piano rhythm. Melody in the form of a ritornello persisting then rhythmic heavy. 1'06 acoustic piano. 2'32 evolution, several sound elements. 03:37
Jeanette - L. Liatard Intro electric piano with vibrato. 0'23 drums and bass. Organ. 2'36 Acoustic piano. 03:41
On Air - L. Liatard RnB repetitive rhythm. Electric piano wah wah. Synth in sequence. 03:59
White Satin - G. Goué Intro electric piano. 0'16 bass and drums. Melody on the electric piano. 02:53
Porque - G. Goué Electric piano, double bass, drums. Synth effects. Kind of blues repetitive and calm. 02:01
Tristan - G. Goué Rock band. Electric piano and psychedelic synth. Sample of voice. 02:53
Bad Trip - G. Goué Rhythmic shuffle with bluesy riff, sounds effects. Bass, electric piano and vocoder. Téléphone voice. 02:24
Basic - G. Goué Synthe in wave, percussions, bass singing and E.Piano in arpeggios. Edit point at 2'00 Break drums and percussion, worrying piano. 03:48
Juice - G. Goué Jazz drums, E.Piano plays a very rhythmic melody, saturated synth wah wah. 02:22
Banquise - G. Goué E.piano vibrato, bass, drume. Cool rythm. 02:09
Orange Time - G. Goué Synth and evolutionary violins. Rhythmic distant, bass singing, piano notes spaced. 02:51
Sensual Walk - P. Gaillard Rhythmic slow, blues style. Electric piano distorted. Smooth melody. Conche. 02:49
Ovoe Jungle Jazz - P. Gaillard Percussion and double bass ostinato. Organ, sensual ethnic flute, soft evolution. 1'17 part B, melody on the electronic piano. 02:11
Stressed Town - P. Gaillard Electric piano with panoramic effect. RnB drums, synth bass. High bass riff. Edit point at 2'21. Melody stretched on the fretless bass. 05:02
Flic Story - P. Gaillard Intro rhythm on the organ. Theme on the electric guitar. Edit point at 1'13 electric piano spacy, guitar solo. 02:22
Crazy Jazz Session - P. Gaillard Electro jazz supported, groovy double bass, electric piano and crazy instruments. 03:48
Série B - H. La Guerche Bass intro played at the pick. Melody on the guitar in vibrato. Organ and discreet percussion. 02:29
Vent Doux - H. La Guerche Panoramic electric piano duo and fretless bass. 04:38
Flugel Ballade - J-P Bigourie Rhythmic percussion and drums, melody unison trumpet and acoustic piano. 01:08
Fairy Tales Story - Wu Le Déplacements lents, ralentis, gros plan nature, après la pluie. 02:53
Barbara Hometown Life - Li Ke Ambiance dépouillée. Beau et sobre. 02:15
City Feeling - Wu Le Progressif et tension. Amicalement votre. Fin explosive. 03:54
During My Past Life - Ha Bu Er Belle ballade dépouillée. 02:52
Homeless And Lonesome - Long Yun Belle mélodie aux couleurs asiatiques. 03:40
Memory Of My Lonesome Life - Li Ke Recueilli, souvenir. 02:36
My Dream Come True - Li Ke Ouverture, cérémonieux. 02:06
My Heart Belong To You - Ha Bu Er Etude lyrique, mélodieux, apaisant. 03:08
Miss Marylin - J-P Bigourie Jazz and violin orchestra. Theme played on acoustic piano, discreet brass. 01:50
Your Greys Eyes - J-P Bigourie Rhythmic funky, violins. Theme played to the synth, violins response. Brass. Edit point at 1'12 Part B. Solos. 01:50
Cool Travel - J-P Bigourie Bass singing. E.Guitare funky. Riff of brass. Melody with the trombone. 03:08
Hey Carlos - J-P Bigourie Rhythmic funky, saturated guitar solo, flugelhorn, brass riff, violins. 04:17
Hey Lalo ! - J-P Bigourie Descending chromatic chords on piano and violins. Melody brass section. Brazil, dance and sun. 04:17
Miami Street - J-P Bigourie Groove relax. Brass and violin, melody and solo synth. End on horn. 01:54
Tangomontevideo - J. Pelizzari Intro accordion and delay. Rhythmic electric piano, crystalline synth. 1'10 discreet vocoder. 1'36 percussions. Tango fusion Parisian bandoneon. 03:00
Zaya - J. Pelizzari Organ and guitar. Mix of instruments and voices for a melancholic bossa ballad. 03:37
Cool Flugel - J-P Bigourie Intro piano electric wah wah, flugelhorn and guitars. Brass theme. 00:36
On A Stage - J-P Bigourie Rapid rhythm, bass ostinato, violins. Acoustic piano theme. 01:51
Worldz - T. Chaze Space synth and double bass groove. Repetitive theme on saxophone. Edit point at 1'02, theme 2 on the acoustic piano. 02:41
Thursday Night Fever - J-P Bigourie Intro Piano and violins. Claps and percussions. Brass and violins for the theme. Saturday night fever. '80s. 01:22
Ninth Mystère - P-J Beaudoin Intro pizz of double bass. Electric piano arpeggios with tense harmonies. Wide violins, discreet brass. Slow ritornello distortion. 1'01 It goes wrong. 01:26
We Decide Not To Die - P-J Beaudoin Rhythmic of anguishing sounds. Electric piano distorted. Futuristic, experience, mechanical, dark. 02:41
Rain Zep - P-J Beaudoin Acoustic guitar 12 Strings, violins, electric piano, flute. 02:22
Odd Thames Organics - P. Sanchez Garcia Rhythmic of progressive rock in odd measures. Electric piano and organ. 1'03 guitars break, part B, bass walking and organ solo. 2'19 part C. 04:25
Rice Field - F. Niobey Groove light and funky, percussion. Melody with flute and marimba. 02:03
Il Fait Chaud - P. Gaillard Sensual and warm rhythm. drums filtered, bass dull and matt. Mixed synth. Effects. Melody crystalline and distant. Shell horn. 04:23
Saravaati Celebration - T. Chaze Intro ambiance indienne, tabla et synthé. Edit point at 0'27 rythme rapide, thème au piano acoustique et réponse aux violons, sitar indien. 1'26 partie B. 03:37
Zikata - J. Pelizzari Electric piano, percussion, saxophone and sensual language. 04:04
Ziorigin - J. Pelizzari Sound effects, double bass, Electric piano vibrato. Voice effects. Melody distant on the flute. 03:50
Rhodes Whallaland - P. Sanchez Garcia Intro drums and percussion. Acoustic guitar and melody on electric piano with wah wah. 1'27 part B, arpeggios of E.piano. 03:13
P.L.Sleeping - P. Sanchez Garcia Repetitive harmonic progression, acoustic piano. 0'54 Synth in background. 1'45. Electric piano solo. 03:30
Raggaguittin - P. Sanchez Garcia Slow rock. Electric arpeggio on piano and saturated guitar solo. Edit point at 2'04, break. 04:38
There's A Way - J. Greenhow Theme with crystalline synth. Violins, guitar and percussive synth. 03:40
Caress - J. Greenhow Piano electric and rare synth. Airy, relaxed. 01:15
Labyrinthia - J. Greenhow Heavy and repetitive bass. Aerial synthesis. Repetitive percussions. 02:41
Palaver - J. Greenhow Percussive, strange. Piano, percussions, synths, without order. Accelerated view of crowd or ants. 02:28
Need - J. Greenhow Tense rhythm in background against space synth. Violins. Edit point at 0'48. Dreamlike. 01:38
Quandary - J. Greenhow Electroniques percussion, bass and piano distant, tense. 01:04
Turnaround - J. Greenhow Cymbal and synth. 0'52 rhythmic synth. Tense harmony. 02:28
Grasse matinée - M. Ricci Light with bass, organ and melody on guitar. Very discreet drums. 02:00
Doux Réveil - M. Ricci Intro bass and electric piano. Rhythm shuffle, violins, repetitive electric guitar. 02:19
Gueule De Bois - M. Ricci Improvisation bass, drums, synths and far piano. Airy. Distant. Edit point at 0'47 Stop. 01:40
Maya's House - A. Roy Tribal didgeridoo rhythmic, bass and floor toms Rhythm. Different solos. 02:56
Siflonono - A. Roy Percussion, electric piano, bass. Whistled theme. 01:00
Radio Buzz - P. Gaillard Filtered rhythm, repetitive sequence of synth. E.Piano. Theme on soft and distant synth. 03:15
Love Shuffle - J-M Boiteux Bass fretless. Rhythm guitar, organ. Version 20s. 00:20
The Dreaming Man - J-M Boiteux Song in English. Marimba, rhythm guitar, organ. Loop 1. 00:20
End Of Suspens - J-P Bigourie Intermediate funky clavinet, synth and brass. 00:18
Hohoho - J-P Bigourie Large jazz orchestra, brilliant brass. For an opening song. 00:17
For Gino - J-P Bigourie Organ riff at the intro. 80s. Opening. 01:01
Simple No - J-P Bigourie Break of drums toms and brass riffs. Very short. 00:08
Your Skin - M. Dall Anese Intro electric piano. Theme and solo on acoustic guitar. Discreet Percussions. Violins. 03:57
Osaka Station - M. Dall Anese Bass Intro Piano. Melody to the flute. 0'24 Part B violins staccato. 03:53
Red Lips - M. Dall Anese Intro ethnic flute. Theme to the acoustic guitar. Brass. Part B Latin Colors. 03:53
Olé Fuego - T. Cahn Spanish Jingle or video games. 00:45
Jazzyland - P. Gaillard Jazz drums, double bass, organ with tense chords. Quiet electric piano. Theme on the synth between steel drum and brass. 03:04
Tanquine - J. Pelizzari Drums and electric piano. Theme played with melodica. Pizz and chime. 02:24
Vocopuzzle - J. Pelizzari New language and electric piano. Jazz drums and soft synth. 02:51
Zinnia - J. Pelizzari Crystal electric piano, synth bass, scratch. Solo electric guitar. 03:40
State Bull - B. Garcia Slap bass line and funk guitar. Piano aerial and light, far away. 03:43
I Am A Boogie Man - B. Garcia Bass, drums, E.piano and guitar. Groove funk repetitive. Exchange piano guitar. 06:59
Equation - G. Goué Synth effects, double bass, electro drums, electric piano. Theme on the synth. Edit point at 1'29 Harmonic and rhythmic change. 2'08 spacy break. 04:46
Poussière D'Étoile - G. Goué Percussion, double bass and E.Piano. Sound effects. Aerial synth. 03:04
Sexy Saxo - J-P Vielfaure Cool rhythm and violins. Melody on the saxophone. 00:38
Le Jaguar Rose - J-P Vielfaure Intro Double bass and finger snaps. E.Piano, melody with the vibraphone. 00:53
Intergalactica - T. Chaze Synth effects, electric piano with delay. Dialogue between stars. Astral and dreamy. 04:43
Impression - T. Chaze Distanced notes of E.Piano abd synth bass. Melody as sweet as a flute. 01:52
Action - L. Marie-Sainte Pop group of the 80s. Jingle transition. Dynamic jingle. 00:09
Xenon - G. Goué Nervous rhythm. Anxiogenic sounds. Cool melody at synth. Edit point at 0, 54, Part B, 1'18, calm. 03:08
Helium - G. Goué Rhythmic tense, piano posed on the strange vibrato. Edit point at 1'27. Bass linear. 02:55
Sea Water - P. Gaillard Synth and calm groove, fast shaker. Theme played on the electric piano. Ethnic Voice. Jingle. 03:17
Medusa - P. Gaillard Sounds of seaside, waves. Fade in of violins, percussions, electric piano. 1'49 bass and drums. 04:45
Rejoicing - P. Gaillard Noise of wave on the beach. 0'39 percussion, synth and bass, 1'23 rhythm shuffle and melody on electric piano. 03:33
Zouk Beach - P. Gaillard Chords progression on electric piano, percussion and drums. 0'54 melody 1'20, waves on the beach, change of tone. 03:17
Pirates Team - P. Gaillard Wave sounds and boat mood. Groove cool and ethnic percussions. Accordion and melody on the electric piano. 03:54
Sea inside - P. Gaillard Percussions, violins. Electric piano theme and arpeggios. Sounds of the sea. 03:23
Romantism - P. Gaillard Percussion, soft synth. Electric piano theme. Edit point at 1'40 Bass fretless, ethnic flute. 03:43
Sea Voices - P. Gaillard Sound of waves. Ethnic percussions. Theme and accompaniment on the electric piano. 03:54
Undersea - P. Gaillard Synth effects. Percussion. Electric piano and melody, quiet rhythm. Dreamlike, diaphanous, positive. 03:08
Waves - P. Gaillard Soft and wide synth. Percussion and electric piano. 0'49 drums. Theme played by an ethnic instrument. Celestial, hot, sensual. 03:02
Favorable Spring - P. Gaillard Latin jazz orchestra. Melody on the flute. Violins languorous. Solo on the organ. 03:49
Speed Dating - P. Gaillard Sound of waves, electric piano arpeggios, conch. 03:40
Decent Machin - P. Gaillard Quick piano arpeggios. Melody on the synth. Version Underscore. 02:47
Sonic Outcome - P. Gaillard Jazz orchestra, melody on the clarinet. '60s. Gently retro. Underscore version. 04:38
After's - P. Gaillard Sounds of seaside. Ethnic percussions, electric piano. Slow rhythm. Melody with soft synth. 03:50
Après La Pluie - P. Gaillard Spacy synth, shaker. Synth effects, electric piano. Calm, dreamlike, contemplative. 04:08
A Step In The Light - P. Gaillard Intro quiet and wide synth. Percussion, melody on the electric piano. Aerial, dreamlike, relaxation. 03:45
Fishing Dance - P. Gaillard Sounds of seaside, percussion, electric piano, bass and violins. 03:26
Dream Of You - P. Gaillard Electric piano arpeggio, synth effects, deep percussion. Theme played crystalline synth. 03:51
Blue Jive - P. Gaillard Pop orchestra and violin, '70s. Melody on the electric piano, organ solo 03:11
C Bossa - J-M Carbonne Intro Acoustic guitar, groove electro bossa, reverse sound. Edit point at 1'11, main theme. 03:52
Speedy Occasion - P. Gaillard Electric piano and melody in the clarinet. Double bass and violins. 1'01 solo electronic piano. 03:01
Hope Scotch - P. Gaillard Without intro. Short and repetitive synth theme. Ritournelle sequenced. 00:31
First Feel - P. Gaillard Variety orchestra of the 70s, violins. Melody on the guitar 12 strings. Solo of organ. 03:52
Remember Dayrose - P. Gaillard Light drums and percussion. Electric piano arpeggios. Theme to the synth then to the organ. 02:47
Second call - P. Gaillard Varieties band of the 70s. Electric piano and violins. Melody on the acoustic guitar. 04:07
August Daydream - P. Gaillard Pop band from the '70s. Electric piano and acoustic guitar. Melody with the flute and solo of organ. 02:26
Blue Approch - P. Gaillard Pop orchestra and violin, '70s. Melody on the electric piano, organ solo. 03:50
Impression - P. Gaillard Bass, drums and electric piano. Melody played on 12 Strings guitar. 1'48 organ. Ballad of the '60s. 03:28
Ray Charles Tribute - P. Gaillard Intro electric piano, rock band of the '60s. Melody played on the organ. Brass section, violins. Rhythm and blues. 02:07
Midnight Run - P. Gaillard Industrial noise. Ostinato of double bass in staccato. Textures. Violins, percussions. Edit point at 1'22 heavy rhythm. 1'54 electric piano arpeggios. 03:18
Dirty Girl - P. Gaillard Jazz quartet. Part B rhythmic electric piano. Melody played on the saxophone. 03:42
Sensual Helen - P. Gaillard E.Piano. Relaxing rhythm. Ethnic flute. Violins. Slow evolution. Funky guitar. Melody with soft synth. 05:01
Renewed By A Walk In Rio - P. Gaillard Jazz orchestra, melody on the vibraphone. Solo with Electric Piano. 04:57
The Joy Of A Lonely Sparrow - P. Gaillard Jazz orchestra. Melody on vibraphone. Solo on E.Piano. 03:57
A Cravin For Vanessa - P. Gaillard Jazz orchestra. Melody played on the clarinet. '60s. 03:35
Sleazy - P. Gaillard Latin jazz orchestra. Melody on the flute. Violins languorous. Organ solo. 04:02
A Thought Of Cordoba - P. Gaillard Latin Jazz Orchestra. Melody to the flute. 01:26
Forget - J-M Boiteux Rock band. Electric piano, organ. 0'45, 1'21 break. 01:55
Laurence - J-M Boiteux Fender piano arpeggios. Groove shuffle, double bass, percussion. 0'43 melody with the piano bastringue. 0'57 break violins, sound effects. 1'40 break. 02:35
Les Hommes Rêvent - J-M Boiteux Melody on the electric guitar with vibrato. Electric piano, bass, percussion. 0'54 rhythmic electro. 01:46
Losin Control - J-M Boiteux Intro feminine voice. Rhythm shuffle, piano in arpeggios, voice solo. 01:29
Marine - J-M Boiteux Chords progression on synth, violons. 02:22
Aim N°7 - J-M Boiteux Pop orchestra from the 80s. Electric piano. Without melody. 02:23
Angel - J-M Boiteux Funk orchestra. Accompaniment to the electric piano, theme and solo on the electric guitar. 01:26
Messe Indienne - J-M Boiteux Intro calm synth in background and electric piano. 0'46 rhythmic electro, 1'33 theme on the brass. 03:27
Marche - J-M Boiteux Ostinato synth, electronic drums, synth effects. Contemporary music box. 02:11
T2B - J-M Boiteux Two mixed batteries, for a complex rhythm. E.Piano and bass follow each other on the melody. 01:31
Proud - J-M Boiteux Heavy rhythm, toms rolls. 01:15
Clarity - J. Meek Chill jazz fusion with modern vibe. ideal for louge, romantic scene, advertising. Drum-Machine, Programmed Drums, Synths, Sfx, Bells. 01:54