Musiques avec instrument : Oud

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
I Remember You - D Agostino Melody, solo and arpeggios on acoustic guitar on a rhythmic of ethnic instruments. 05:11
La Magra - G. D Agostino Sensuelle, m├ęditative, majestueuse. 05:11
Sirounia - J. Pelizzari Ethnic instruments type Kouitra or Sitar and Ney, violins. Slow, oriental atmosphere. 03:08
Gizeh Dream - T. Chaze Intro rhythm oud riff. Heavy rhythm and oriental percussions. Edit point at 1'01, double tempo, Duduk, synth sound. 03:05
Alhambra - T. Chaze Intro ethnic flute, synth background. Several changes of tempos. Reverse cymbals and percussion. Electro rhythm. 02:58
Istambul - G. Wilmot Repetitive cymbalum phrase. Darbuka. Duduk. Ankle bells. 02:12
Travels - J-P Bigourie Intro synth and oud. Edit point at 0'43 Rhythmic. Theme on the ethnic flute. Accordion. 2'43 percussion. 05:13
Mixed Blood - M. Dall Anese Ethnic Voice. Synth sequence. Violins, ethnic instruments. Progressions of rhythm and orchestral blast. 05:22
Zakat Mind - T. Chaze Intro deep synth, Ethnic song, oud. 0'36 rhythmic electro and riff oud. Edit point at 0'54 flute and ethnic song. 03:34
Mosaica - T. Chaze Synth in background, ethnic flute, oriental harmony. 0'47 percussion, bass, ethnic voice, rhythmic electro. Edit point at 1'21 double tempo. Version 60s. 01:00
Lakdari - T. Chaze Rhythmic funk. Sample theme of voices and dark ethnic instruments. Edit point at 1'50 break bass fretless and lute. Part B saturated guitar. 03:37