Musiques avec instrument : Metallophone

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
The Geisha And The Hammer - P. Gaillard Intro to the metallophone. Strong rhythm then melody and koto chords. Chinese violin in response. 02:23
Rhythmea - E. Sielicki Short version. Abstract, Surreal Percussion Sounds. Grand Piano 01:49
For Adam - R. Luczak Dreamy, Calm, Soft Lullaby, Piano, Celesta 02:50
Sweet Dreams - R. Luczak Delicate Lullaby with Small Bells, Celesta 09:44
Silver Windows - V. Kuryluk Positive, Good afternoon, rest after hard day 01:41
Granny's Drawer - R. Luczak 60' version. Cool, Positive, Happy melody. FX 00:52
Little Cow - R. Luczak 60' version. Cartoon, Light Comedy, Funny theme. No FX. 00:52
Little Elephant - R. Luczak Lazy, Dreamy, Soft theme 01:27
Mommy's Fairy Tale - R. Luczak 60' version. Positive, Happy, Carefree. Small bells' theme 01:02
Money Box - R. Luczak Playful, Quirky, Funny, Comedy theme 01:31
Stan's Adventure - R. Luczak Travel Adventure, Playful, Slapstick, Happy theme. FX 02:00
Forest Tales - M. Nosowicz Relaxing, Busy motif 03:35
Funny Puppy - M. Nosowicz Grotesque, Funny, Happy 02:11