Musiques avec instrument : Harmonica

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
Space Cowboy - G. Goué Electric guitar with vibrato, harmonica, bass and brushed drums. Adventurous and melancholy. 03:12
After a Quarrel - A. Urbanowicz Jazzy, Soft, Piano, Harmonica, Rhythm Section 02:08
That doesn't Matter - A. Urbanowicz jazzy, Soft, Piano, Harmonica, Rhythm Section 02:14
Sunny Spot - M. Litwinski Chillout guitar themes over delicate rhythm section 02:14
Happy Tourist - T. Stoilkovski Jazz inspired blues romp with lashings of cool harmonica, upright bass groove and wah chorus fever. Suburban Dreams. 02:14
Beer Place - G. Suski Funny, Sunny, Bright. Accordion, Harmonica, Brass Section, Synth, Bass, Drums. 30' version 00:40
Smile Avenue - G. Suski Happy, Funny, Kitsch theme. Accordion, Harmonica, Brass Section, Synth, Bass, Drums. 30' version 00:34
Cute And Smart - M. Sapinski Jazzy, swing oriented theme played by harmonica over small jazz combo. Funny, Positive 01:43
Old Shoes - T. Stoilkovski Quirky cool with upright bass, be bop drums, harmonica, flute and fuzzed guitars. 02:14
Compton Country Club - L.J. Cedar Modern Americana track with Banjo, Strings, Bass, Harmonica and Drums.. Upbeat, Moody, Confident, Cinematic, Light, Happy. 02:23
Lisa - O. Olsen Baby sound, acoustic piano, harmonica, violins. Tender. 01:38
Dreamcatcher - H. La Guerche Acoustic guitar and vibrato, bass, harmonica. Chant. David Lynch. 1'38 drums and harmonica solo. 03:40
Asolsticia - J. Pelizzari Singing bass synth, harp effects. Melody with melodica. 1'40, 3'20 solos of ethnic flute. 04:28
Smalty - J. Pelizzari Singing bass synth. Brilliant brass section. Intervention of guitar, choir, flute, clavinet, organ. 02:52
Drunk Barrel - A. Roy Harmonica, tuba, snare and percussion. Western funny, or fanfare 00:47