Musiques avec instrument : Guitare-steel

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
Ruby - G. Goué English pop rock orchestra from the 60s. Pop-folk ballad. Slow melody, long note in the reverb. 03:32
Brightness - A. Rejman Romantic prepared Piano/Electric piano melodies with ethereal Guitar 02:32
In The Shade - M. Litwinski Pure Electric Bluesy Guitar theme over light brushes type rhythm section 04:06
Dreamy Breath - M. Olak 30' version Atmospheric, Lazy guitar theme 00:32
Forward - T. Wachnowski Positive, Carefree, Hopeful Guitar Acoustic Ballad 02:54
Chaotic Slippers - J. Goodwin Rock Groove - alt loser slide funky. 00:31
New Slippin' - J. Goodwin Groove Urban Hip Hop Rock - Loser slide guitar hip hop. 00:24
Medal Of Honour - T. Stoilkovski Piano inspired melody surrounded by heartfelt strings echoing courage and humility. 02:12
Smart Ass - L.J. Cedar Acoustic Rock-n-roll with cheeky guitars and acoustic piano.. Cheeky, Cheerful, Uplifting, Cartoony, Cute, Boisterous, Bright. 00:30
Let's Get High - J-M Boiteux Drums rhythm on toms, acoustic guitar, slide guitar for melody, synth. 1'03 synth break. Repetitive. Paris Texas, bottle neck. 04:10
Calico Blues - J-M Boiteux Rock band. Theme on the electric guitar, dobro. JJ Cale. 04:35
Envie De Vomir - J-M Boiteux Unstable rhythmic. Synthé strained. Dobro. Material (the band). 04:55
Flo - H. La Guerche Theme on acoustic guitar and botlleneck. Low and discrete drums. Country and spring. 03:45
Silence - H. La Guerche Folk guitar in arpeggios. Theme at the bottle neck then singing, bass. 03:48
A La Nage - H. La Guerche Intro bass and acoustic guitar. Drums playing odd bars. Psychedelic synth. Progressive rock pop '70s. Doors or Pink Floyd. 04:50
Chataigne - H. La Guerche Acoustic guitar in picking and melody in bottle neck. Country. 03:03
Under The Blue Line - C. Nouailhaguet Intro synth and effects. 0'16 heavy drums and ostinato of pronounced rock bass. Melody played on steel guitar. 1'16 break. 02:23
Folkylectrochoc - P. Sanchez Garcia Country orchestra. Theme played at the guitar slide. 01:16
Marie - J-M Boiteux Acoustic guitar arpeggios. Slide guitar. Edit point at 0'36 drums. Dreams and reflections. 1'13 break. 01:50