Musiques avec instrument : Guitare-satur�e

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
Abysses - G. Goué Synthesizer dreaming and evolving on a repetitive rhythm. Bass riff. Saturated guitar melody. Then acoustic guitar. 03:28
The Rising Sky Of Winter's Shadows - C. Nouailhaguet Melancholic post-rock track. The dark atmosphere crescendoing to more dense song with full rock band and distorted guitars. Gloomy rock. Edit point at 1:07, at 1:56, at 2:44, at 3:37 and at 4:25. Piano, guitar, bass, drums, synth. 05:45
Silver Dragon - J. Meek Orchestra-hybrid mysterious adventure music with hints of the middle east. Sitar, Orchestra-Hybrid, Strings, Synth Bass, Production Elements, Adventure, Fun. 01:38
Rising Anger - D. Capoccitti Orchestra hybrid, rock/metal band fusion, slowly building with a magical fanatical feeling. Orchestral/Symphonic, Orchestra-Hybrid, Fusion. 02:38
Get up - A. Urbanowicz Dynamic, Positive, Jazzy, Action, City 01:59
Oh Yeah! - A. Urbanowicz Bright, Positive, Chilled, Jazzy, Happy, City 03:04
Sitcom Rockin Starter - C. Nouailhaguet Formatted electric guitar melody for TV theme. Easy-going pop rock for generic television theme, daytime TV, sitcom, TV series, animation movies. Sting 2 version. 00:10
Glitch - C. Nouailhaguet Dirty synth bass, nasty dubstep beat and digital glitch fx generating a futurist underground environnement. Electronic drum only. 00:40
EDM Mood - B. Radebe Jungle, Electro, Tribal, Psychedelic, Percussions, Overload guitar, Synth. Africa, south african, Party, Feelgood, Tv, Celebration, Sports, Positive, Upbeat, energy. 03:23
Ichadbob - J. Whitcher Electro, Pop, Mysterious, Tense, Synth bass, Overload guitar, Synth. Africa, south african, Party, Feelgood, Tv, Celebration, Sports, Positive, Upbeat, energy. 04:57
Rockin - G. Flores Rock, Electro, Tribal, Urban, Overload guitar, Synth bass, Drum machine. Party, Sports, Lifestyle. 03:42
Space Out - G. Flores Rock, Combative, Dynamic, Drum, Overload guitar. Party, Sports, Lifestyle. 00:20
Trapped - G. Flores Rock, Metal - Hard Rock, Powerfull, Combative, Overload guitar, Electric bass, Drum. Lifestyle. 01:50
Vault - G. Flores Rock, Punk - Grunge, Melancholic, Dynamic, Overload guitar, Electric bass, Drum. Lifestyle. 01:33
Olympics - GD 78 Musical Comedy Themes in 3 parts: Introduction, opening. 0'52 Presentation of the theme. 1'22 The adventure begins. 2'34 Fin. 03:00
Vision Of You - GD 78 English rock song. Like David Bowie. 02:20
Energy Sports And Action - GD 78 Opening act with brilliant horns and powerfull guitar. Edit point at 0'51, 1'21 and 2'35. Moods changing. 03:00
Let's Make It Happen - T. Stoilkovski Four on the floor, middle of the road country vibe rocker with a touch of eighties and healthy attitude. Look And Listen. 02:00
Show Em What You Got - T. Stoilkovski Electro rock funk monster with a mid eastern themed melody roars into a superhero soundtrack chorus. Out Of The Wilderness. 02:24
Standing On The Edge - T. Stoilkovski Shout it from the rooftop big guitar anthem with soaring melodic lead and a too for school eighties chorus. Out Of The Wilderness. 02:36
City Center - R. Guzik Pulsing, Positive Synth melody 03:46
Adrenaline du turfiste - J-L Delgado Rock band. Riff of saturated guitar. Melody with guitar dubbed with synth. Hope, adrenaline. Indies '80s. 03:00
Cocktail Rock - J-L Delgado Riff of electric guitar and saturated. Rock rhythm. 0'34 harmonized guitar, choirs and piano arpeggios. 1'11 guitar break and voice. Solo. 02:15
Bella Vita - J-L Delgado Intro on piano then violins. Edit point at 0'41 bass, drums and saturated guitar. 02:02
Virtual Road - P. Gawlik Motoric, Dynamic motif. Bass guitar solo part. 30' version 00:38
Sunday In The Kitchen - E. Hildebert Electric guitars. 0'19 rock guitar accompaniment. Synth effects. 02:03
Eco Warrior - T. Stoilkovski Nature flows into a rocking and stomping guitar fueled coolness with slide guitar and a warrior attitude. Changing Planet. 02:24
Make History - T. Stoilkovski Majestic rising intro collides with sweeping strings, electric guitar, echo female voice for a big trailer shot. Changing Planet. 02:40
Breaking Chains - T. Stoilkovski Quiet grunge crashes into a edgy rock funkfest then drops out a big lead guitar fist pumping chorus. Everyday Hero. 02:21
Deliver The Goods - T. Stoilkovski Grungy in your face melodic riff guitars head into a chorus of classic alternative rock goodness that sings. Everyday Hero. 02:20
Everyday Hero - T. Stoilkovski Super catchy and melodic guitar rock pop to start your day and give you the boost to become a hero. Everyday Hero. 02:10
Feel So Alive - T. Stoilkovski Big americana rock ballad hits the open road with smooth, flowing lead guitars and country rock inspiration. Everyday Hero. 02:51
Give It All You Got - T. Stoilkovski Rocking synth-rock track that delivers an uplifting pop synth chorus our on the floor stomping attitude. Suburban Dreams. 02:14
Good To Be Back - T. Stoilkovski Surfy meets cool kid on the street skatey rock pop intro into a synth saturated uplifting chorus. Suburban Dreams. 03:32
Just Rock It - T. Stoilkovski Get ready to rumble as stomping and double driven distorted guitars lead into a stoner rock super chorus. Everyday Hero. 02:34
Strutting Your Stuff - T. Stoilkovski Streetwise cool and swagger meet head on with cool duel harmony guitar melodies on a funk rock riff tune. Everyday Hero. 02:00
Take On The World - T. Stoilkovski Go on a journey of courage with flanged rocking guitars overlaying a timeless rock and blues tinged chorus. Everyday Hero. 02:34
Urban Nightmare - T. Stoilkovski Enigmatic atmospheric electro groove with a pop dance style of acoustic, electric guitar and piano. Suburban Dreams. 01:56
Final Frontier - V. Kuryluk Pulsing Sounds Structure. Repetitive motif. Dynamic. 30' version 00:34
Dream - P. Gawlik Crazy, Humorous theme with female version 02:01
The Dancer - D Agostino Dark rhythmic and funky. Tense melody played on saturated guitar. Funky guitar part. 04:07
Pride - D Agostino Intro tense then a strange rhythmic electro rock. 03:11
Rose - D Agostino Pop-rock orchestra with English colors. Intro Drums and bass. Then electric guitar riff. 05:51
Wherever You Will Go - D Agostino Questions answers between a majestic and romantic acoustic guitar and a powerful, aggressive and psychedelic hard-rock saturated guitar. Each intervention lasting approximately 1mn. 05:54
Lose Game - D Agostino Pop-rock song. Saturated guitars very present. 03:25
Love For Me - D Agostino Like a rock song. 03:15
Feel Me - D Agostino Riff of dark metal with synth and saturated guitar. Powerful female vocals 03:49
Electro Funk - D Agostino Groove quiet drums and percussions. Aerial Synth. Tempo doubled from 1'20 to 2'10 05:24
Eros America - D Agostino American anthem in intro played on saturated guitar on an electro rhythm. 01:14
Astroboy - G. D Agostino Like a pop-rock song playback. Saturated guitar solo at 3'55 05:54
Frames of France - D Agostino Pop rock fusion progressive with organ, synthesizer, electric guitar and brass. 70s. Farfisa intro of 30s. 03:05
News Time - R. Luczak Dynamic, Pulsing news theme 01:38
The Road To Paradise - G. Suski Dramatic, Reflective melody featuring Oriental Instuments 03:20
Pretty Girl - R. Pomorski Smooth melodic theme, positive, with some rock guitar endings. Hopeful, Positive 02:57
Can You Catch Me - T. Stoilkovski Driven rock and delayed reverb guitars battle it in your face to a chorus that comes alive with mystery. Be What You Want. 02:18
Confident Look - T. Stoilkovski Synth signals bounce over hot driven pop guitars amidst chilled organ to a soundtrack of cool. Be What You Want. 03:07
Fight For Rights - T. Stoilkovski A throwback to 80's and 90's big hard rock feel with big open drums, big chords and synth splashes. Be What You Want. 02:10
Great Stuff - T. Stoilkovski Alternative dance funk pop meets banjo country and 80's synth inspired coolness. Hello World. (Version 30s). 00:30
Modern Retro - T. Stoilkovski Crunchy blues and rock guitars play side by side to a nostalgic retro vibe hitting a memorable chorus. Be What You Want. 02:02
Nothing Stopping Us - T. Stoilkovski Straight to your throat razor sharp killer rocker with chainsaw octave guitars, rocking vibe and rebel heart. Be What You Want. 03:16
Slick Style - T. Stoilkovski Thrill seeker funky rocking guitars blast into an electro rock chorus to a streetwise super agent vibe. Be What You Want. 02:43
Teenage Crush - T. Stoilkovski Pop sweet tune infused by a catchy melody guitar section with dressings if piano, organ and lots of love. Be What You Want. 02:14
Win The Game - T. Stoilkovski Sporty let it all out rock tune that instills action and pace with melodic guitars, tremolo effects and synths. Be What You Want. 02:30
Purple Lady - K. Ruffley Rock song. Singing and guitar in the style of Joe Bonamassa. 04:41
Look At The State Of It - M. O Connor Powerful rock with heavy drums and bass, big hard rock guitar and male vocal. New Secret Weapon, Dublin, Ireland. Ref. Black Sabbath, David Bowie, King Crimson. 03:13
Get Away - I. Proc Rock, punk, pop with heavy guitars drum and bass. Drive by Eden, Dublin, Ireland. Male and Female voice. 03:19
Eyes On Me - J. Lucey Saturated Guitar riff, heavy drums. Rock singer. Powerfull. 02:54
Watching Over You - H. Rogers Pop rock song with female voice, electric guitar and choirs. Elevation Falls, Dublin, Ireland. 04:09
Disagreement With The Archduke - N. Keegan Lebowski Quartet. Dublin Ireland. Electrique guitar, bass and drums. 04:07
Call Me Stupid - F. Watters Pop rock 70s song with high male vocal like Yes (Ian Anderson). Mysterious, supported. 05:01
Blue Rose - J. Regan New wave rock ballad song with male voice. Dublin Ireland Sargasso band. Echo and the Bunnymen, U2, Pink Floyd. 05:51
Born - B. Thonett Pretty Beast. Dublin Ireland punk rock band with heavy saturated guitar, drums, bass and male voice. 03:23
Animal Rites - S. Masterson Pop rock romantic song with drum machine, guitare and male voice. U2. 04:02
Let's Kick It - T. Stoilkovski In your face big, bad funky horns rocking to a funky rock groove. Escape With Me. 02:22
Reach Out Now - T. Stoilkovski Piano interludes with grand melodic strings and brass, horn sections in a pop beat. Escape With Me. 02:38
Rave Up - J. Goodwin RnB Rock - Upbeat rock rave group shout. 00:57
Let'S Go - J. Goodwin Rock Pop - Power pop Blink vocal. EP @ 0'34, 0'55, 1'12, 1'21. 01:30
Let'S Go Girls - J. Goodwin Electronic Pop - Girls want to have fun and be inspired. 01:15
Mess Hall Assault - J. Goodwin Rock - Heavy techno rock. 01:40
All Right Tonight - J. Goodwin Rock - Jimmy Eat World style vocal anthem. 00:54
Best Shot - J. Goodwin Rock - ACDC style hard rock vocal. 01:03
Bite Of The Twinkie - J. Goodwin Rock - Eye of the Ding Dong. Tiger. 00:39
Bono Anthem - J. Goodwin Rock - Upbeat inspiring rock anthem. U2. 00:58
Here We Go - J. Goodwin Rock - Upbeat acoustic intro rock anthem fem vocal. 00:33
Magic - J. Goodwin Rock - The classic as power pop girl rock. 01:10
Make It Extreme - J. Goodwin Rock - Heavy rock drive. 00:57
Malaria - J. Goodwin Rock - Hard Rock drive. 00:33
Pink Plastic Pill - J. Goodwin Rock - Power pop anthem. 01:06
Typhoid - J. Goodwin Rock - Hard Rock driving. 00:41
War On Me - J. Goodwin Rock - Sum41 vocal disillusionment. 01:01
Too Hot - J. Goodwin Rock - Deaf Lepper sexist group anthem. 01:44
We Got To Get Out Of This Place - J. Goodwin Rock Retro - The Animals classic. 01:21
Egghop 130 - J. Goodwin Duo de guitares électriques et saturées sur batterie réverbérée. Tension, dynamique, tribale. 01:07
Word Up - J. Goodwin Rock - The classic a la Korn. 01:53
Worn Down - J. Goodwin Rock - Homage to Korn 01:11
Steddy Eddy - J. Goodwin Rock - New Wave Pump it bass and guitar farfisa. 01:33
Tomorrow Land Express - J. Goodwin Fantasy - Guitar theme inspiring gentle rock ballad. 05:19
Uzzi Does It - J. Goodwin Rock Groove - Girls la la retro rock. 01:16
Just So Wrong - J. Goodwin Blues - Chris Isaaks inspired rocking blues. 01:24
Last Chance Saloon Full - J. Goodwin Groove Urban Drama - 8 Mile drama. EP @ 0'40. 02:54
Millard Fillmore East - J. Goodwin Rock Pop - inspiring synth guitar theme. 00:30
Nervous Teeth - J. Goodwin Rock - Retro secret agent. 01:30
Piano Scentavos - J. Goodwin Rock Pop - Pop rock anthem. 00:45
Pop Du Jour - J. Goodwin Rock - Power pop anthem girl na na. 01:25
Punk Worm - J. Goodwin Rock - Punk Rock kids classic no vocal. 01:29
Hasbeen - J. Goodwin Rock - Contemporary rock drama. 02:01
Kid Katch - J. Goodwin Rock Groove - Hip Hop rock groove. 01:59
Glory Blonde - J. Goodwin Rock - Glory Hallelujah with peroxide. 00:27
Groovistan - J. Goodwin Rock Groove - Funky retro guitar rock. 01:11
Future Nostalgia - J. Goodwin Rock - Lenny Hendrix rocker instrumental. Hendrix. 02:07
Day After - J. Goodwin Rock - Drama rock driving Miss Velvet. 01:11
Chili Chipmunk - J. Goodwin Rock - Upbeat chilipepper. 00:53
Cholera - J. Goodwin Rock - Hard Rock pop anthem. 00:37
Downtown Shuffle - J. Goodwin Rock - Thin Lizzy style boys are back, instrumental. 01:21
4 Ever 2 Night - J. Goodwin Rock Pop - Power pop anthem Eat World vocal. 00:55
50'S Rock Update - J. Goodwin Rock - Rockin' guitar boogie. 01:05
60S Meatloaf - J. Goodwin Rock - Driving Farfisa retro rock anthem. 01:17
Action - J. Goodwin Rock - Hard Rock drama. 00:57
And She Was Full - J. Goodwin Rock New Wave - Talking Heads rerecord. 01:44
Awesome - J. Goodwin Rock - Alt rock Ultra anthem inspired 00:20
Beauty Bone - J. Goodwin Rock - 70s guitar rock Angus. 01:10
Boy Girl V2 - J. Goodwin Rock - Techno Drama a la Zombie. 00:49
Riders Of The Storm - T. Stoilkovski Foreboding expansive strings and choir in a rock driven combination of destiny and power. 02:21
My Big Day - T. Stoilkovski Big guitar chords and towering 80s synth power up big reverb drums to bring cool. U2. 01:50
Courage Of Champions - T. Stoilkovski Striking intro of electric guitar, choir and strings leads to a powerful, sonic climbing journey. Irlandais, U2. Puissante, positive. 01:48
Dangerous Days - T. Stoilkovski Arpeggiated electronica glides over long, atmospheric strings with a brooding presence. (Virgule) 00:08
Keep Up The Pace - T. Stoilkovski Delayed electric guitar lead flows alongside power chords and an energetic, fluid groove 02:06
The Shaman - G. D Agostino Intro acoustique, puis électrique @1mn. Pop années 70. Led zeppelin. EP@2mn plus cool et solo de guitare acoustique et lyrisme de guitare électrique. 05:54
Deathrider - G. D Agostino Mystérieuse, psychédélique. Entre Satriani junior et Robert Fripp. 04:07
Search For Answers - T. Stoilkovski Rock guitars fusing nylon guitar, deep strings and half time drums herald a searching feeling. 02:00
Stranger Than Fiction - T. Stoilkovski A dramatic, powerful and relentless crossover of sci fi atmosphere with strings, languid lead and detuned rhythm guitars, sampled vox, powerful strings and electro distorted drums. Dramatic sci fi organic electronica. EP @ 1'11. 02:41
Street Tough - T. Stoilkovski Edgy and gritty guitars mash with pop induced chorus hooks. 03:17
Sweet And Dangerous - T. Stoilkovski A slice of classic rock guitar, wah lead runs team up with ambient synths, funky bass and straight up jammin' drums. EP @ 1'10. 02:31
Watch Me Fly - T. Stoilkovski Delayed arpeggiated guitars, rising pads and driving bass line build into a rock, trip pop anthem. Virgule. 00:06
Words Have Lost Their Meaning - T. Stoilkovski Alt country ballad with a foundation of rock, tremelo guitars, lots of reverb and a feel of yesteryear. 03:30
Young And Crazy - T. Stoilkovski In your face rock guitar delayed odyssey exploding with modern melody and pop rock swagger. 02:24
Rock The People - T. Stoilkovski Grungy rock pop with a heart of attitude. EP @ 0'45. 02:23
Rockstatic - T. Stoilkovski Classic rock meets modern guitar fed power driver with space effects. 02:49
Scarecrow - T. Stoilkovski An ominous emo techno horror thriller braced with grinding bass lines, effects and razor induced guitars laid upon racing electro organic drums. A journey toward the heart of fear and paranoia within your very mind. Ominous tech rock electronica. 03:59
Seven Signs - T. Stoilkovski Fist pumping, classic stomping Brit rock, with stadium chorus, reminiscent to The Who. 04:19
Shake This Party - T. Stoilkovski A little funk here, little funk there with big brass section, rock ego and plenty of bite. 02:22
Shout At The Sky - T. Stoilkovski Top of your lungs shout out track with funky guitars and vox with a retro chorus and present indie appeal. Underscore. 00:30
Stand Strong - T. Stoilkovski Classic rock sounding down on the floor mover with ac-dc type lines, stirings and power chords. Controlled anger. 02:50
Stars Tonight - T. Stoilkovski Reggae feel rock groove shuffle with percussive electro spills into a guitar heavy, lead synth cooker. Overcoming the darkest hour then watching the sun burn the blackness away. 04:08
Neon Express - T. Stoilkovski All aboard the electronic, pop, industrial groove of the mysterious neon express train. 03:18
Never Backing Down - T. Stoilkovski Reflective piano intro then attacks into a grungy, gritty industrial pop theme. EP @ 0'30, 1'20. 03:09
New Trend - T. Stoilkovski Soul jazz guitars with big rock solos, 80's synth melodies, cool vibe and fresh beat. 04:02
Out Of Body Experience - T. Stoilkovski Funky pop Bowie meets Kasabian meets Roxy Music with shimmery attacking guitars and four on the floor groove. 02:52
Out Of Time - T. Stoilkovski Confident anthemic rock, overdriven ambient guitar chords and odd time syncopated chorus. 03:30
Keep On Shining - T. Stoilkovski Sunny, warm and open acoustic, electric heartfelt anthem with a generous dose of positivity. 02:44
Left Without A Sound - T. Stoilkovski Beatlesque start into a bold, classic Californian pop chorus. Blue skies and fairy floss. EP @ 0'38. 03:30
Let's Drive - T. Stoilkovski Driving arpeggio synths and floating pads meet wah guitars with a 90's relflective modern feel. 02:05
Lucky Numbers - T. Stoilkovski Bright, colourful, positive pop based guitar and lead synth melodic charger brimming with style and in your face chorus. The city lights merged with the casino sights and happy people. Version 30s 00:30
Milkshake - T. Stoilkovski Quirky and cool alternate rock pop with a twist. Blending edgy and hip guitars, surreal backing vocals and backward tape effects with big rock chorus. Bouncing down a road painted in rainbow colours dressed in baroque regality. Alternate edgy pop rock. 02:37
Motor - T. Stoilkovski A progressing grindy, edgy guitar leads a pulsating, arpeggio bass line with distorted drums and attitude. Cranking a twin turbocharged beast down the middle of the autobahn. Rock electronica. Version 30s 00:30
My Head Just Won't Stop - T. Stoilkovski An ultra diverse mish mash of hip hop, urban, groove and pop rock organic with harp, vibrato guitars, scratching and sampled vocals with the essential feel of an underground trip hop stylization. Waking up in smoky underground club with your pajamas still on. Underground urban groove beat rock. 04:20
Mysterious Path - T. Stoilkovski A smooth, tender urban meets soft rock piece which builds to an acoustic country bridge. EP @ 1'16. 02:36
Funky Parade - T. Stoilkovski Funky fashion and tabloid chic as this funk new wave guitar synth tune struts down the runway. Version 30s 00:30
Airsoul - H. Kinet Intro sounds disturbing. 0'49 synth arpeggios. Saturated synth. 1'31 rhythm. Theme in synth arpeggios. 04:32
Clouds Breaker - C. Espern Aggressive saturated sounds, heavy rhythm. Edit point at 1'01. Tempo change. 02:03
Surge Of Adrenaline - E. Hildebert Intro saturated guitars and drums. 0'54, voice sample break and funky guitar. 02:17
Countdown Timer - E. Hildebert Electro rock band. Saturated guitar. Synth Sequence. Edit point at 1'39, female voice count, 2'06 break. 02:53
For The Better - E. Hildebert Intro synth, acoustic and electric guitar. 0'14 Rhythm Pop-rock. 0'28 choirs. 0'55 part B guitars. 02:43
Trouble On My Mind - E. Hildebert Guitar in arpeggio. Tender and sensual, repetitive saturated female voice and bewitching. Edit point at 1'02 Tense chords. 03:17
Dirty Dog Inst - L.J. Cedar Japanese Korean punk rock track with crazy female vocal.. Aggressive, Energetic, Angry, Indie, Punk, Band, Live. 01:07
A Certain Charm - L.J. Cedar Classic Indie instrumental rock track. Driving, Macho, Confident, Self Assured, Up, Friendly, Brit Rock, Oasis. 04:02
Big Apple Jam - L.J. Cedar A Ramones New York Dolls punk style indie rock track.. Powerful, Driving, Driven, Frantic, Energetic, Indie, Confident, Macho, Strong. 01:20
Double Or Quiz - L.J. Cedar Hip Hop, Bluegrass Rock fusion with Mandolin, big Guitars and male BV's.. Upbeat, Moody, Confident, Cinematic, Strange. 03:09
Belief In The Reaper - L.J. Cedar A Rock male vocal song with intelligent lyrics. Guitars, Bass, Drums and Organ combining for a classic sound. Urgent, Powerful, Uplifting, Pop, Indie, Vocals, Rock. 04:38
Dirty Dog - L.J. Cedar JapaneseKorean punk rock track with crazy female vocal.. Aggressive, Energetic, Angry, Indie, Punk, Band, Live. 01:07
Far Too Keen - L.J. Cedar An uplifting Piano, Bass, Strings, Guitar and Drums track inspired by the band Keane.. Uplifting, Energetic, Cheerful, Confident, Melodic. 01:05
Last Day Free - L.J. Cedar West coast, optimistic college/indie rock track.. Driving, Macho, Confident, Self Assured, Moody, Youthful, Joyful. 00:33
Ordinary Days - L.J. Cedar 90's Indie pop. Guitars, bass, synth and drums. Inspired by Manchester sound.. Energetic, Uplifting, Positive, Driving, Driven, Happy. 03:51
Precious Stone - L.J. Cedar Indie anthemic guitar rock melody with energetic outro. Classy, Cute, Heroic, Determined, Rocking, Fresh, Refreshing, Rocking, Energetic, Anthemic, Building. 01:04
Sitting Target - L.J. Cedar Big Beat spy theme.. Cheeky, Groove, Confident, Ominous, Strong, Anticipation, Bold. 00:34
SuperstarPeople - L.J. Cedar Glamorous rock track with male vocals. Perfect for a TV series on Hollywood and the high life e.g Entourage.. Cool, Confident, Vivacious, Uplifting, Building, Rocking, Powerful, Melodic. 04:47
Turn On The Red Light - L.J. Cedar Sexy and sleazy Rock stomp with female vocals and lyrics. A lady of the night falls in love with a customer.. Rocking, Driving, Sexy, Swaggering, Saucy, Sweaty, Sensual. 03:50
Use It Lose It - L.J. Cedar Rock track with chunky guitars, big drums and rocking organ.. Rocking, Energetic, Macho, Confident, Queens Of The Stone Age, Foo Fighters, punk,. 01:02
Radio Number One - E. Delecolle Vocoder. Saturated sound. Repeated sentence, very supported. 04:20
Dream The World - V. Benesy Pop psychedelic rock, airway and lyric or repetitive synths. 04:53
Crazy crazy - A. Jamot Evolvong riff off saturated guitar. That's all. 04:08
Hard Jazz Chorus - A. Jamot Funky drums and electric piano. Solo saxophone, saturated guitar then in unison. 03:22
Brumes le rock - A. Jamot Riff of saturated guitar. Drums and percussion. 0'22 spacy guitar solo. 1'19 riff and solo. 02:07
Rictus heavy M - A. Jamot Electo-punk. Dynamic, urban, horror. Edit point at 3'00. Powerfull guitar. 04:55
Stase discorde et point de vue - A. Jamot Suspense, psychedelic, mysterious, tension, sad, late night. 02:58
Uncle Frank reggae - A. Jamot Guitar solo saturated, harmony tense, rhythmic reggae discrete. 02:53
Sleep Forever - C. Espern Spacy Synth. Acoustic piano arpeggios for the theme. Violins, sound effects, electric guitar. 02:56
People Inside Me - C. Espern Intro ethereal. Edit point at 0'22, acoustic piano, guitar and pop orchestra. 0'53 break gong, 1'57 tempo doubled. Pop song. 05:01
The Sorcerer Is Back - C. Espern Dark synth, shouts. Aggressive rhythm. Bass synth, funky synth, sequenced. Solo on delirious saturated guitar. Edit point at 1'35, 2'26, break. 03:31
On Strike - C. Espern Repetitive rhythm with a linear and round bass. Airy guitar. 04:14
Dance Machine - L. Liatard Bass synth sequence. Effects. Disco rhythm. Guitar and voice modified. 03:18
Short Rodeo Drive - P. Gaillard Rock band, powerful riff of electric guitars. Melody and solo on guitar. Theme song. 01:24
Nova - H. La Guerche Melodic melody. Quartet of jazz, drums with brushing. Guitar blues saturated. 04:18
On The West Mountains - C. Nouailhaguet Intro wind sounds, folk guitar accompaniment and arpeggios. 0'34 bass guitar and drums. 1'16 acoustic piano arpeggios. 1'30 break. 03:39
Not In My Background - Wu Le Ambiance space puis rapide et rock. EP @ 30s, 1'40 et 2'20. 04:14
Alert - T. Chaze Timpani roll. Violins high and tense, rhythmic brass, cymbal, percussion. 0'58 Drums rhythmic. Edit point at 1'46 percussion and saturated guitar. 03:18
Surtout - F. Bry Changing filtered drums. Hispanizing acoustic guitar. Synthes and dark sounds. Saturated guitar. 01:53
Freestyle - T. Chaze Rock band. Riff of powerful guitars. Rap flow. Red Hot and Linkin 'Park. 1'43 break. 02:34
Aznar Vs Drago - T. Chaze Orchestra blast, sounds. Rhythmic rock and choirs, Tense harmony. 02:13
Rapaces - T. Chaze Tribal rhythm of floor toms and sound effects. Theme in unison of orchestra. Powerful choirs and saturated guitar. Version 60s. 01:01
Flack - J. Pelizzari Rhythmic groovy, synth bass. Solo of saturated electric piano. Urban, jazzy funk. Hot, sensual, erotic. 03:18
keymuse - J. Pelizzari World with bagpipes and saturated guitars. Irish such as U2. 03:17
Industrial Guitars - P. Sanchez Garcia Rhythmic electro. Melody high and Hispanizing. Edit point at 1'56 and psychedelic end. 02:18
Dirty House - P. Sanchez Garcia Intro rhythmic sound effects. Riff unisson bass guitar. Edit point at 1'18 break. Guitar solo. 02:30
Noisy Whammy - P. Sanchez Garcia Synth and sequenced saturated guitar. Jingle. 00:42
P.L.Riffazlectro - P. Sanchez Garcia Rhythmic electro tribal and synth. Saturated guitar. 02:59
Happy Metal - P. Sanchez Garcia Rock band. Theme in saturated guitar ostinato. Repetitive. 02:54
Alma Santanita - P. Sanchez Garcia Latin rock band of the '70s. Percussions. Solo of saturated guitar. Carlos Santana. 2'09 Latin rhythmic classical guitar. 03:17
Raggaguittin - P. Sanchez Garcia Slow rock. Electric arpeggio on piano and saturated guitar solo. Edit point at 2'04, break. 04:38
Funktrip 70'S - M. Ricci Groove Funk bass, drums, psychedelic guitar solo such as Hendricks at 0:44. 01:27
Kid's Power - M. Ricci Bass synth kitch, simple and repetitive melody. Edit point at 0'23 guitar rock. 01:28
Bluebell Wonder - A. Jamot Gong and kick. Harmonized saturated guitar melody. Cure and Air. Spacy, dreamlike. 02:06
Pulp Friction - A. Jamot Reggae-rock powerful and melancholic. Tremolos of violins. Organ and guitar in the reverb. Theme on guitar '60s then saturated. 02:19
Sister Of Agony - A. Jamot Long intro drums and reverb then bass, guitar and synth. Rock heavy, repetitive. 1'11 part B, voice synth. 80's, The Cure Pornography. 02:00
Kino Musik - A. Jamot Background of violins with tense harmonies. Percussion. Saturated guitar, brass. 01:30
Zyoyz - T. Chaze Synth and guitar in distortion, dissonant, aggressive. Rythmic distant, sample of voice. 03:27
Speedtrip - T. Chaze Nervous acoustic guitar. Distant bass and drums. Synth and guitar distortion. Psychedelic. Bad dream. 02:40
Triforce - A. Roy Toy Synthesizer. Guitar distant saturated, tense. World apart, dream, nightmare. 02:58
Not Too Bad - J-M Boiteux Riff of saturated guitar. Loop. 00:30
Yes My Name Is - J-M Boiteux Guitars and rhythmic funk. Loop. 00:18
Lets Weak - J-M Boiteux Kick and bass synth. Voice. Drums with brushes, organ, chords and funky guitar. Synth rhythmic saturated. Loop. 00:29
Corde Imaginaire - B. Reeb Texture and saturated singing guitar, percussive synth sequence. 2'09 harmonic change. 04:12
Shitty New Age - P. Sanchez Garcia Intro Synth opening. Electronic drums and ostinato bass synth. Riff of saturated guitar. Tense harmony for the theme. 04:34
White Lights - P. Sanchez Garcia Rock band. Saturated guitar theme, harmonized dubbing. Guitar solo. Scorpions. 01:42
Take Seven - P. Sanchez Garcia Rock band. Harmonized phrases of saturated and solo guitars. 02:27
Dark Lights - P. Sanchez Garcia Power trio. Riff in unison bass guitar. Edit point at 0'20, 0'56 double tempo. Guitar solo. 1'14 Riff and harmonized theme with 2 guitars. 01:48
Eleventh Click - P. Sanchez Garcia Power trio plus synth. Riff in unison bass guitar. 0'48 Guitar solo. 01:41
Great New Sun - P. Sanchez Garcia Rock band. Riff of guitar. Edit point at 0'35 break, solo guitar. 01:58
Great New World - P. Sanchez Garcia Rock band. Riff guitar and bass in unison. Theme on the guitar. 02:24
Heavy Drop C - P. Sanchez Garcia Rock band. Tense harmony of the theme. Edit point at 1'05, double tempo. 1'53 guitar solo. 2'12 break. 03:11
Metal Dream - P. Sanchez Garcia Rhythmic rock. Lyrical guitar phrases. 00:38
Noisy Song - P. Sanchez Garcia Riff rock in unison bass and guitar, break of drums and synth sequence. 0'31 Theme with saturated guitar. Edit point at 1'02, double tempo and lyric guitar phrases. 1'55 break. 03:53
Shitty Pussy Cat - P. Sanchez Garcia Guitar wah wah and rhythm guitar. Saturated guitar theme. 02:57
Metalus Absurdus - P. Sanchez Garcia Folk orchestra, saturated guitar for the theme, accordion accompaniment. Kusturica, festive rock, Jewish or Gypsy. 03:43
Don't Cut My Hair - T. Cahn Rock band. Riff of powerful guitars. 0'35 guitar break. 01:11
On The M.I.C - T. Cahn Violins and saturated guitar. Rap or Rock. Brass and rap flow. 00:53
Warning - T. Cahn Jingle. Powerful brass and saturated guitar, thème on synth. 00:43
Shop My Way - B. Garcia Riff of saturated guitar, guitar wah wah, bass, brass and percussion. 02:54
Nouvelle Lune - G. Goué Double bass played in pizz and frightening violins. Regular sound elements. Constant worry. 03:46
Inexcell - T. Chaze Church choirs, saturated guitar theme. Rhythm electro, bass synth sequenced. 1'03 break bass and choirs. 03:01
Mega - T. Chaze Intro of synths and effects. 0'18 rhythmic, melody on saturated guitar. Sequenced, mechanical, chime. 1'15 Part B, anxiogenic. 2'00 break. 04:59
Ooozzz - T. Chaze Bass sequence. Fast drums. Sound effects and effects. Mechanical, sustained, speed. 02:57
Rythmes - T. Chaze Robotics such as J-Michel Jarre. '70s. 02:51
High Pulsation - J-P Vielfaure Rhythmic pulsations cut with sound elements and saturated guitars. 00:58
Recall Polar - J-P Vielfaure Airy, cottony. Fast bass and drums. 00:38
Phazing - T. Chaze Intro synth and effects. 0'20 saturated guitar. 0'40 synth. 0'57 drums. '80s. 02:54
Farewell - T. Chaze Synth arpeggio, saturated guitar theme, important synth. 01:25
Triptop - T. Chaze Urban images. Synth deep, wide, anxiogenic. Sounds worrying. Rocking guitar. Edit point at 1'16. Heavier rhythmic. 02:30
Metal Speed - T. Chaze Rhythmic rock very fast. Effects of anxiety guitar. Tense harmony. Edit point at 0'28, 1'35 explosion. 02:14
Hot Snap - T. Chaze Funky drums and saturated synth. Different tribal sound images. 01:00
Kick Big - T. Chaze Rock band. Riffs of powerful guitars. Version 30s. 00:30
Mixdown - T. Chaze Rock band. Riffs of powerful guitars. 0'16 tone change. Jingle 30s. 00:30
Nirvanetic - T. Chaze Bass saturated, powerful guitar riff. Jingle 30s. 00:30
On The Air - T. Chaze Rock band. Riffs of powerful guitars. Simple melody with saturated guitar. Jingle 30s. 00:30
Overdub - T. Chaze Power trio. Guitar Riff, Breathing Sample, Guitar Scream. 0'52 break, unison bass, guitar. 02:17
Rivetonik - T. Chaze Riff of saturated guitar deep low and repetitive, bass in unison. Edit point at 1'13 drums break. 02:24
Splash - T. Chaze Rock band, powerful guitar riff. Teen-age and garage band. Version 30s. 00:30
Heavy Stuff - T. Chaze Intro guitar effect. Rock band. Riff of guitar, rhythmic metallic. Edit point at 1'12 break. 02:34
Level Head - T. Chaze Rock band, 2 guitars, riff and theme. 02:33
Verminal - T. Chaze Rock band. A guitar riff. Version 30s. 00:30
Gunner - T. Chaze Heavy drums rhythm and deep synth. Positive melody on saturated guitar. 1'10 sound effects. 02:20
Space Junker - T. Chaze Industrial rhythm. Saturated guitar. Bass wah. Monodic melody. Version 30s. 00:30
Morphuzz - T. Chaze Dark electro-rock synths. Deafening, mechanical and twisted. 02:50
Antitrust - T. Chaze Rock band. Repetitive riff theme. 0'43 break. 01:00
Big Phuzz - T. Chaze Rock orchestra. Repetitive guitar riff. 01:00
Crazy Fly - T. Chaze Synth Intro. 0'15 double tempo. Unisson guitar and bass. 01:00
Dark Grung - T. Chaze Power trio. 0'22 saturated bass solo. Bass end saturated. 01:00
Drum And Metal - T. Chaze Dense rhythmic, Synth anxiogenic. Fast guitar. Edit point at 1'07, 2'19. 02:31
Cyber Trash - T. Chaze Sequenced, distorted, agonizing. 02:44
Cyclotron - T. Chaze Rhythm based on onomatopoeias and sound effects. Repetitive Synth Riff. Edit point at 60s, heavy drums, tense synth. 02:50
Courrier - L. Marie-Sainte Synthé séquencé et filtré, breaks de batterie, orchestral blast. 01:37
Chiki - J-M Boiteux Hardcore techno. Repetitive kick and saturated guitar. Edit point at 0'30. 00:59
Idéaux - J-M Boiteux Rock band with guitar hero. Synth choir in background. 01:42
In My House - J-M Boiteux Riff of saturated guitar on Latin rhythm. Choirs and organ riffs. 01:27
Ouest - J-M Boiteux Crazy drummer. Riff of saturated guitar. Sequence of harp. 01:20
Proud - J-M Boiteux Rhythm strong, acoustic guitar and electric saturated. Toms rolls. 01:06
So Good - J-M Boiteux Intro solo electric guitar, 0'26 bass, drums. 0'46 part B Saturated guitar, organ. Road movie. 02:04
Soirée - J-M Boiteux Rhythm disco and synth. Saturated guitar. 02:05
2T - J-M Boiteux Rock band of the 80s. Theme and solo on saturated guitar. Riff of guitar. 1'24 break. 01:53
Bap - J-M Boiteux Pop-rock orchestra. Electric piano. Theme in short and repetitive riff on saturated guitar. End on organ riff. 01:54
Big Part 1 - J-M Boiteux Pop-rock orchestra. Theme in short and repetitive riff with the saturated guitar, guitar wah wah. Voix rap in English. 01:29
Big Part 2 - J-M Boiteux Intro wha wha guitar. Rhythmic slow and heavy, organ. Saturated guitar theme. 01:45
Billy - J-M Boiteux Intro organ and kick. 0'13 drums and saturated guitar riffs. 0'44 break organ and drums. 02:04
Ck - J-M Boiteux Improvisation of saturated guitar, violins. 00:29
Rocklidays - J-M Boiteux Rock band of the 80s. Theme and solo on saturated guitar. 01:18
Plaire - J-M Boiteux Rock band. Arpeggios and accompaniment of saturated guitars. 01:17
Prisonner - J-M Boiteux Intro drums and percussion. Arpeggio of guitar and saturated riff. 01:29
Raid In Riad - J-M Boiteux Riff of saturated guitar. Bass synth. Long notes and solo saxophone. 02:00
Dhard Corp - J-M Boiteux Rock band. Riff of guitar. Theme to the synth. Edit point at 1'05 break and solo guitar. 02:25
Petite Soeur - J-M Boiteux Crowd ambience and rock band. Riff of guitar. 01:45