Musiques avec instrument : Guitare-jazz

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
Cançao De Manha - E. Cresci Bossa Nova, nostalgic and sensual. 05:31
Chorando - E. Cresci After a free intro at 42 enter the main theme in Brazilian Jazz style. 05:40
Tarante - E. Cresci Pulsing rhythm recalling Italian popular dance but with jazz harmony and phrasing. Light and positive. 05:12
Voyage - E. Cresci Light and positive jazz/fusion acoustic piece. Eighties jazz style. 04:22
Warchild - M. Brillard Electric guitar and funk drums, percussion and soft electric piano. Choir then jazz guitar. Strange. 05:26
A Restaurant In Montmartre - P. Gaillard Walk in Montmartre Paris. A gypsy guitarist plays in a restaurant. Some sound elements punctuate an electro swing rhythm. Guitar solo. 01:56
Blues Cured My Headache - P. Gaillard Long tense intro with repetitive guitar. Then a positive blues with guitar solo. Another tense passage but the positive returns again. 02:25
Fast Morning Delivery - P. Gaillard Rhythmic and high energy guitar, tense melody. Melodic accordion on the bridge. 02:07
Gypsy Circus Parade - P. Gaillard Festive, a circus parades in front of its audience. The guitar and the accordion play the melody. Edit point at 1'25 and 1'30. A stripped passage and a twisted passage. Circus parade. 02:20
Hot Club Guinguette - P. Gaillard Gypsy evening. Jazz standard on gypsy guitar then brilliant solo. 02:29
Of Course It's A Waltz - P. Gaillard Funny waltz with an offbeat rhythm. But yes it is a waltz. Gypsy guitar theme and solo. 02:18
Paris sun wakes me up - P. Gaillard Dynamic and adventurous. Funky ryhtmic, intriguing melody played on the gypsy guitar. Adventure. 02:10
Parisian Ballad - P. Gaillard Relaxed walk, desire to stroll while discovering the Paris of popular arts. 02:39
Place Des Abbesses - P. Gaillard Action and dynamism for the melody and the solo played on the gypsy guitar. Acceleration at the end. 01:49
Police Intrigue In Montmartre - P. Gaillard From the intro it is the intrigue. We await the police investigation, the adventure, the gypsy guitar sets the mood. 02:22
Private Detective Affair - P. Gaillard Slightly disturbing gypsy guitar melody. It's the adventure, we research, we ask ourselves questions. Nostalgia. 02:17
Elista - J. Pelizzari Flugelhorn accompanied by a groovy mood electric piano and a jazz guitar solo. Lounge bar, jazzy funk cool. 02:53
Modern Art Gallery - A. Rejman Expressive Trumpet theme over light arrangement 04:15
Lisa Bossa - P. Tilleman Melody whistled and played on the violin. 02:46
Yellow Jazz Bird - P. Tilleman Jazz swing, quiet jazz club. 03:03
O Sole Mio - GD 78 The jazz version of the famous Neapolitan song, published in 1898 and world famous. Solo guitar, saxophone and organ. The lyrics are from the Neapolitan poet Giovanni Capurro and the music of Eduardo Di Capua and Alfredo Mazzucchi. 06:58
Smogbuster - GD 78 Tense melody, in unison saxophone and voice. Solo saxophone then guitar. 06:35
Space Blues - GD 78 Blues with introduction to the Hammond organ. Slow and powerful. Melody played on the saxophone. Solo guitar and organ. 08:07
Jazz Deluxe - GD 78 Jazz blues, like a cartoon theme, pink panther, played on the guitar. Improvisation on the saxophone then on the guitar. 05:31
Go - GD 78 Joyful theme played by a jazz orchestra with organ, tenor saxophone, guitare, bass and drums. Happy. 05:06
Don t Get Around - GD 78 A well known jazz standard "Don't Get Around Much anymore" here play by very talented musicians. Drums, Hammond organ, jazz guitare and saxophone. 06:20
Wild Boar - GD 78 Positive and light theme played with saxophone, guitare, organ and drums. 05:34
You ll Walk Alone - GD 78 Contemporary jazz ballad with female voice, ambient guitar and saxophone. 06:25
Brothers - GD 78 Romantic and quiet jazz ballad play with saxophone, organ, contrabass, drums et guitare. 03:45
Disco mobile - J-L Delgado Intro jazz brush. Thème on guitare. Trompet, saxophone et organ solo. 01:56
Velour Spell - D Agostino 4 mn intro jazz ambient with piano, percussion and guitar followed by a trance repetitive rhythm box loop and back to the beginning. 09:29
Charby - J. Pelizzari Flute and Electric Piano plays melody and solos. Modern and jazzy waltz. Violins, organ and rhythm guitar. 02:46
Short Flix - J. Goodwin ID - Upbeat quirky guitar tag. 00:06
New Trend - T. Stoilkovski Soul jazz guitars with big rock solos, 80's synth melodies, cool vibe and fresh beat. Version 30s. 00:30
Lifestyle Groove - T. Stoilkovski Chill out, progressive Ibiza vibe house groove with jazzy melodic keys, guitars, pianos and floating pads. Version 30s. 00:30
Hotel Lounge - O. Olsen Electric and acoustic piano. Sensual spoken voice. Melody on guitar and piano. 01:02
Calico Blues - J-M Boiteux Rock band. Theme on the electric guitar, dobro. JJ Cale. 04:35
Prélude - H. La Guerche Choirs mmhh, acoustic and electric guitars. Pink Floyd. 02:09
Le Lac - H. La Guerche Drums with brushes, double bass. Melody and solo on acoustic guitar, electric guitar answer. 03:55
Nova - H. La Guerche Melody on the Jazz Guitar. Quartet of jazz, drums with brushes. John Abercrombie. 05:25
Sens - H. La Guerche Acoustic guitare and tenor Saxophone. Such as Stan Getz and Gilberto. 04:29