Musique avec instrument : Dulcimer

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
Savana Theme - J. Barrett Rhythmic groove featuring sax and subtle pads. Featuring dulcimer as the lead instrument. World Music -Ethnic - Culture. Exotic Themes and Places 04:02
Symbol To A Buddha - L.J. Cedar Dulcimer melody with Finger Cymbals and Bass Guitar. Spiritual Eastern feel.. Spiritual, Ethnic, Ethereal, Ominous, Angelic, Devout. 00:46
Les Poulardes - F. Bégnon Harp, darbouka, flute, cromornes, ancient instruments. 01:47
Chinese Folk - T. Chaze Chinese drum roll. Koto. Edit point at 0'47 and 2'01, change of rhythm, melody to ethnic flute and extreme eastern rhythm. 03:04