Musiques avec instrument : Darbouka

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
Synthetic Jungle - P. Gaillard Short intro of electric piano then comes a darbuka. Melody played on the balafon. Synth solo. 03:30
Mayonese Song - D Agostino Oriental color for this funk rhythm and its flute melody. 03:48
House of Mirrors - D Agostino Darbuka. Short melody session with oriental colors. 01:22
Forest Dance - G. D Agostino Pop, fusion entre Carlos Santana et Pink Floyd. Année 70. 05:51
Middle East Bazaar - L.J. Cedar An ominous Middle Eastern instrumental dance track. Energetic, Ethnic, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Rhythmic. Strings, Dulcimer, Darbuka, Doumbek, Tar, Bendir, Tambourine. 01:42
Biological Clock - P. Gaillard Crescendo of synth, rhythmic of ethnic percussions. Electric piano, bass arpeggios, ethnic violin theme. From 2'19 to 3'06 change of rhythm. 05:00
Ethnic Fonck - P. Sanchez Garcia Intro of ethnic instruments, flute. Edit point at 0'22, synth, bass drums, organ, power. A mixture of tradition and modernism. 04:41
Krishna - T. Chaze Indian sitar, tabla, tampoura and indian oboe. 02:16
Mosaica - T. Chaze Synth in background, ethnic flute, oriental harmony. 0'47 percussion, bass, ethnic voice, rhythmic electro. Edit point at 1'21 double tempo. 04:02
India Mood - T. Chaze Crowd ambience and percussion. Synth and bass. Ethnic Voices. 1'52 break ethnic instruments. 03:41
Xenon - G. Goué Nervous rhythm. Anxiogenic sounds. Cool melody at synth. Edit point at 0, 54, Part B, 1'18, calm. 03:08
Love Shuffle - J-M Boiteux Theme on bass fretless, organ and electric guitar. 0'21 groove shuffle. Solo of electric guitar. 03:52