Musiques avec instrument : Cornemuse

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
Across the Sea and Mountains - Z. Litwinska Atmospheric, Adventure, Travel, Fairy 08:06
Cherry Hills - Z. Litwinska Atmospheric, Mystic, Pulsing, Oriental 04:29
Celtic Roman - C. Nouailhaguet A medieval atmosphere opening with lute and cimbalom melodies, followed by thick percussions and bagpipes for a more epic and Celtic adventure. Bagpipes at 01:53, edit point at 02:39. Celtic harp, lute, cymbalum, percussions, choir, bagpipes, frestel flute. 03:52
Scottish Impression - R. Bednarczuk Scottish Atmosphere. Cinematic Orchestra with Scottish Pipe 01:57
Hills At Sunset - R. Bednarczuk Slow, Dreamy, Atmospheric Pipe flowing motif. String pads 02:27
Mountain Pass - R. Bednarczuk Joyful Pipe melody. Slav folk inspiration. 02:01
About Us - R. Bednarczuk Slow, poignant guitar theme over rising string pads 06:16
Mountains - R. Bednarczuk Pipe, strings for Landscape, Nature. Emotional theme 01:11
Nothing New - R. Bednarczuk Repetitive marimba motif, strings, pipe for Natural World Beauty, Atmospheric 05:00
Old Polish Song - R. Bednarczuk Pipe, strings for Landscape, Nature. Emotional theme 02:15
Folk Picture Green - D. Zebrowski Panoramic, Landscape, Nature, Idyllic, Nostalgic 02:59