Musiques avec instrument : Cloches--carillons

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
Emotional Pressure - T. Nijhof No piano version. A track with hauling twist with heavy emotional tug and pressure. Piano and electronic sounds - Synth Bass, Synth Bell. 01:48
Winter Wonderland - R. Luczak Mysterious, Panorama 00:33
Never Never Die - J. Jarvinen Instrumental version of whimsical bells slowly fade to edm groove. Ideal for advertising and promotions. Electronic Instruments, Synthesizer, Electric Bass, Drums, Sfx. 03:47
Pop Jubilate - M. Biallais Modern Western. Male voices, opera, synthesizers, bass, bells and electro drums. 02:41
Weird Christmas Night - C. Nouailhaguet Short minimalist-like track. Odd and abstract atmosphere featuring Santa's sleigh bellsand piano sequences. Edit point at 0:17 and at 0:49. Piano, Santa’s sleigh bells, glockenspiel. 01:56
Transition - R. Kothawala No Perc No Bass version. Atmospheric pulsating underscore with synth pads, synth bass, dashes of strings. Orchestra-Hybrid. 02:01
Dirty - J. Diggs-Irons Hip Hop instrumental about confidence and swag, current relevant sound. Drum-Machine, Programmed Drums, Bells, Electric Bass. 02:04
Endless Glacier - F. Schlimbach Piano driven underscore music for crime, thriller. Piano, Orchestra-Hybrid, Strings, Synth Bass. 01:21
Shimmering Touch - F. Schlimbach Dark, dramatic TV underscore with piano, strings and sound design. Great for scenes like decision making, thinking, leaving and crime scene investigation, thriller, intro, opener and trailer. Piano, Orchestra-Hybrid, Strings, Synth Bass, Rhythms. 01:34
Calling the Birds - S. Wieladek Calm, Atmospheric, Pulsing, Fairy, Journey 01:59
Cherry Hills - Z. Litwinska Atmospheric, Mystic, Pulsing, Oriental 04:29
Building Blocks - L.J. Cedar A bright and uplifting tracks that's great for an advertising spot. Cinematic, Sweet, Uplifting, Stylish, Glamorous, Elegant, Emotive, Positive. Piano, Synthesizer, Bells, Strings, Clave. 00:25
The Cockney Panache - L.J. Cedar A dreamy and calm piece that's reminiscent of a 1960's or 1970's British TV show music cue. Light, Positive, Up, Serence, nostalgic. Piano, Drums, Acoustic Guitar, Bass. Roy Budd, Edwin Astley, Tony Hatch. 00:30
Hanging Water - C. Nouailhaguet Hang drum and gamelan playing with rhythm sequence generated by some water. Underline by synthetizer and electronic drums. Edit point at 01:38. Hang drum, gamelan, sound design water fx, electronic drum, synth. 03:22
O Clock - C. Nouailhaguet Ticking clock for light tension. Strings, piano and fender rhodes build a dramatic scene. Fender Rhodes, strings, piano, flute, solo cello, sound design clock fx. Underscore version. 02:41
Sleepy Time - C. Nouailhaguet Bright, shimmering and dreamy. Celesta, vibraphone, piano toys, chimes and strings tell a story before sleeping. Edit point at 01:27. Piano toys, bass, celesta, vibraphone, chimes, strings. 02:58
The 9th Circle - C. Nouailhaguet Sad and anxious opening followed by haunting baroque piano. Church bell with sample fx create mysterious and dark ambience. Edit point at 01:45, theme at 02:14. Piano, church bell, synth pad, strings, choir, orchestra percussions. 03:45
Cheerful Walk - E. Hildebert Pop Light. Light and crystalline melody. Rotating percussion. Repetition. 02:41
Christmas Jack Trip Hop - E. Hildebert Rhythmic electro and sound images. Mechanical and rhythmic sounds, melody of bells and various instruments. Arpeggios of electric piano. 02:44
Hi Stephen - E. Hildebert Quiet synthesizer with bells, birds, chorus and sound effects. Spatial atmosphere, dreams, interstellar. 03:27
Let it go - J. Brown Hip Hop - Rap, Children - Comedy, Positive, Kitch, Strings, Drum machine, Bells - Chimes. Soul music, Rhythm and Blues, Love, Feelgood, Party Music. 02:20
Cina - L. Machaba World - African, World, Positive, Suspens, Percussions, Electric bass, Bells - Chimes. East Africa, Tanzanian, Kenyan, Swahili, Tabla, Indian chants, Flutes, Bongo flava, Fun. 02:10
Spiral Konrad - K. Kucz Dynamic, Motoric sequences 01:51
Tristea - E. Sielicki Short version.Minimal, Contemporary Textures for Piano, Synth and Percussion Ensemble 00:40
12 o'Clock - R. Bednarczuk Mystic, Delicate Orchestral Sounds and Thank Drum 02:31
Cello Impression - R. Bednarczuk Hypnotic, Mysterious Cello 01:08
For Adam - R. Luczak Dreamy, Calm, Soft Lullaby, Piano, Celesta 02:50
For Alex - R. Luczak Dreamy, Calm Lullaby. Small Bells, Piano 03:12
For Andrew - R. Luczak Delicate, Soft Lullaby with Small Bells, Piano 03:05
For Anna - R. Luczak Cheerful, Pleasant musical bedtime story. Small Bells, Barrel Organ 03:15
For Babs - R. Luczak Warm, Pleasant musical bedtime story. Small Bells, Piano 02:49
For Daria - R. Luczak Sleepy, Calm, Soft Lullaby. Small Bells, Piano 03:14
For Eva - R. Luczak Dreamy, Calm, Soft Bedtime Story.Small Bells, Piano 02:22
For Paul - R. Luczak Pleasnt, Warm Bedtime Story for Accordion, Piano 03:17
For Peter - R. Luczak Dreamy, Calm Lullaby. Small Bells, Piano 02:59
For Robert - R. Luczak Cheerful, Pleasant musical bedtime story. Small Bells, Piano 03:16
For Sussan - R. Luczak Dreamy, Calm Lullaby. Small Bells, Piano 02:56
For Veronika - R. Luczak Delicate, Soft Lullaby with Small Bells, Piano 02:18
Night Dreams - R. Bednarczuk Dreamy, Mysterious Cello solo and String pads 01:49
Sagitta - R. Luczak 30' version. Slow, Emotional Space theme. Ethereal Atmosphere 00:34
Sweet Dreams - R. Luczak Delicate Lullaby with Small Bells, Celesta 09:44
Moon Sutra - GD 78 Very calm and refreshing atmosphere. Meditation, relaxation, spa. Large spaces, slow panoramic. 13:28
Dreamlike - GD 78 03:23
Just Breathe In - T. Stoilkovski Take a deep breath, submerge yourself in chilled out, beat grooving piano driven, guitar licked, string pop. Look And Listen. 02:20
Dark Matter - R. Luczak Obssesive theme over Dark Pad. Minimal. 30' version 00:36
Drug Lab - R. Luczak Pulsing Sounds Structure. Repetitive motif. Minimal. 30' version 00:34
Twilight Light - R. Bednarczuk Fairy, Mystic Atmosphere. Female Voice, Flutes 02:08
Vision Of Nature 1 - R. Bednarczuk Pastoral and Atmospheric Orchestral theme. Flute melody 05:54
Black Earth - T. Stoilkovski Introspective yet reflective deep and inviting pads, synth atmospheres taking you to remote landscapes. Changing Planet. 02:15
Bio Current - V. Kuryluk Experimental, Pulsing Sounds structure. 30' version 00:34
Diagnosis - V. Kuryluk Futurisic, Pulsing Electro Sequences. 30' version 00:29
Mystery - R. Luczak Minimal. Abstract sounds. Mystic atmosphere. Dangerous, Horror. 30' version 00:32
Turning Back - V. Kuryluk Repetitive, Futuristic Sounds. Ambient. 30' version 00:42
Mandolin Love - D Agostino Melody and romantic mood, movie music. 02:49
Special Edition - R. Luczak Pulsing strings. Brass and Drums 30' short version 00:38
East And West - R. Bednarczuk Delicate, Subtle, Muted Strings. Expressive theme 01:59
Light And Shadow - V. Kuryluk Positive, Synth melody. Atmospheric 01:29
Nothing New - R. Bednarczuk Repetitive marimba motif, strings, pipe for Natural World Beauty, Atmospheric 05:00
Outside Me - R. Bednarczuk Tense, Expressive, Emotional theme featuring strings, piano, synths 03:29
Sunny Reflex - V. Kuryluk Uplifting melodic theme. Ambient, Atmospheric 01:37
Enchanted Jewel Case - R. Luczak 60' version. Childlike, Comedy, Light Comedy, Cartoon theme. No FX 01:02
Good Night, Little One - R. Luczak 60' version. Delicate, Dreamy, Cool 01:07
Happy Kitten - R. Luczak 60' version. Funny, Sunny, Positive, Happy theme 00:56
Little Elephant - R. Luczak Lazy, Dreamy, Soft theme 01:27
Music Box - R. Luczak 60' version. Small Bells, Positive, Calm theme 01:13
Picking Blackberries - R. Luczak 60' version. Happy, Carefree, Sunny theme 01:05
Spring Shower - R. Luczak 60' version. Sunny, Positive, Happy theme 01:02
Revelation - P. Chapnik Intro with chromatic chimes and solo violin. Tension, dark, horror. Orchestral end with brass. 01:58
Beyond - P. Chapnik Arpeggios of carillon and harp supported by the orchestra. Suspense exotic, awakening of nature, waiting, intrigue. 03:18
Afterglow - R. Luczak Instrumental version. Atmospheric. Featuring guitar, flute melody 02:45
Folk Picture Pink - D. Zebrowski Atmospheric, Panoramic, Idyllic 02:54
Flocons De Neige - F. Bégnon Arpeggios of acoustic guitar, theme played on carillon. Choirs. Duduk for the end. 02:25
La Cabane En Verre - F. Bégnon Chimes, flute, choir, Oboe, synth. Magical, dreamlike, fairytale, tale. Tender. Magical fairy tale 01:57
Supremely Nice - J. Goodwin Retro Pop - Supreme Diana piano bells. 00:35
Pavlov'S Harp - J. Goodwin ID - Ambient harp and bells tag. 00:11
So Lest Be A Lullaby - L.J. Cedar A delicate Celeste lullaby in waltz time. Sleep night-time feel.. Childlike, Dreamy, Sleepy, Angelic, Calm. 01:43
The Square Mile - L.J. Cedar A languid romantic and classical string piece with Harpsichord.. Confident, Thoughtful, Fresh, Refreshing, Bustling, Effortless, Enduring. 00:44
Good Day Ident - L.J. Cedar A short ident or sting. Good for corporate logo.. ident, logo, sting, corporate. 00:05
Lemon In Orbit - L.J. Cedar Contemporary and positive guitar and string arrangement.. Calm, Positive, Dreamy, Uplifting, Mellow. 00:43
Sudeldack - L.J. Cedar Clean, ambient, layered Sine wave track.. Ambient, Calm and Relaxing. 00:53
Magicaluna - J. Pelizzari Violins soft and far, melody with crystalline and soft sound. Edit point at 1'50, cymbal marking the rhythm. 03:44
Anima - J. Pelizzari Soft synth for chords, crystal-clear theme. Electric piano and violins. Lullaby romantic. Tender. 02:25
Rasta Dog - O. Olsen Kalimba, drums, whistling, ukulele, joyful. 00:34
Le Vaisseau Fantôme - O. Olsen Bell in the far. Deep notes of orchestra. Anxiogenic sound effects. 0'26 Ostinato of double basses and cellos. Melody with violins. 02:18
The Bicycle - O. Olsen Arpeggios of acoustic piano, violins, pizz. 0'15 drums, metallophone. Edit point at 0'45, break, oboe. 01:55
Holy Buddy - J-M Boiteux Bass, drums. Melody played on acoustic guitar. Hand clappings. La bamba. 0'52 break synth. 01:40
Curieux orient - A. Jamot Splash of cymbals, gong, marimba, bells and various percussions. Violins, oboes. No apparent order. 05:17
Territoires interdits - A. Jamot Synth effects, texture, rumble, electronic sounds very low and very high. Anxiogenic rhythm. 02:35
Rictus lyrique - A. Jamot Final of symphony for choirs, piano and violin. Dynamic, powerful, lyrical. Violin solo at 2'00. 07:38
Broken Bells - M. Bedot Sound arpeggios of light bells. 0'36 rhythmic. Electric piano. Sound effects. 02:34
9 16 - M. Bedot Intro metallophone, guitar, carillon, 0'51 double bass and A.Piano for the theme. King Crimson. 01:59
Ultima Necat - A. Jamot Mixture of sound images. Journey into the abyss of the unconscious. End of the world and rebirth. Repetitive. Strange. New Age. Atmosphere Pink-Floyd. Voice child at 3'40 and rain at 5'40. 09:04
A Nice Day - C. Espern Deep choirs and spacy piano such as Moby. 0'46 evolution in melancholic electro-pop. 03:38
Ex Semine - C. Deslignes Religious. Ars Antiqua, Ecole Notre-Dame, XIII, Polyphony 3v, Organetto, chromatic chimes, Paraliturgical use, Anonymous, Ecole Notre-Dame. 02:29
Ad Mortem Festinamus - C. Deslignes Ars nova, Gothic period, XIII-XIV, monody, para-liturgical use, vermell of montserrat, church, macabre dance, festival, child song, rhyme, irony, sweetness of death. 02:11
Pange Melos Lacrimosum - C. Deslignes Ars antiqua Gothic, XIII, polyphony 2v, paraliturgical use, procession, mourning, funeral, solemn, complaint, Notre Dame school. Singing version. 02:18
Album pour enfant - A l'église Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMPiotr Ilitch Tchaikovsky: Children's album, Opus 39 Arranged for chamber orchestra. At the church. Mysterious and strange from 2:00. 02:41
Le Casse-Noisette Suite - Danse de la Fée Dragée Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMPiotr Ilitch Tchaikovsky: Suite of the Nutcracker. Opus 71a. Typical Dances, No. 2b. Dance of the Dragon Fairy in Emin. Andante non troppo. 02:01
Laudemus Virginem - C. Deslignes Ars Antiqua, Romanesque period, XIII, Canon with 3 entrances. Sacred music, paraliturgical, religious, monks, pilgrims, prayer, Llibre Vermell of Montserrat 1399. 01:46
The Forgotten Pictures - C. Nouailhaguet Mixture of texture and effects. Percussion and ethnic instruments. Synth widespread, spacy. Piano theme, harp arpeggios, violins. 01:21
Old Temple - Li Ke Rêveries de protons. EP @ 1'09. 02:19
Heart Choice - Wu Le Narratif, évolutif. Chine. 03:00
Sunset Garden - Ha Bu Er Arpege cristallin, nostalgie et espoir. 03:48
Walk In Jiang Nan Garden - Wang Xin Balade dans les jardins de Jian Nan. Chine. 01:48
In The Brush - T. Chaze Kalimba, percussion, crescendo of background synth, ethnic flute. Drum roll. 03:08
Chinese Folk - T. Chaze Chinese drum roll. Koto. Edit point at 0'47 and 2'01, change of rhythm, melody to ethnic flute and extreme eastern rhythm. 03:04
Useless Tool - F. Niobey Acoustic piano and tremolo violins. Harmony suspended. Soft rhythmic. Version Underscore. 01:58
Flânerie - M. Biallais Melody on the acoustic piano, response of violins. Edit point at 1'12 cello. Film credits. Lyrical. 02:11
Malaya - T. Chaze Percussions in the distance and others more present. African colors. 02:32
Circus Tenderness - J-M Cazorla Music box, glockenspiel, bass, oboe, staccato violins. Tender. 01:57
Lunna - J. Pelizzari Different sounds of steel drums, flute, toy piano, or crystal bells for a lively, positive melody. 02:51
Asolsticia - J. Pelizzari Singing bass synth, harp effects. Melody with melodica. 1'40, 3'20 solos of ethnic flute. 04:28
Ramvik - J. Pelizzari Ritournelle, a music box evolved for the awakening of baby. 02:46
There's A Way - J. Greenhow Theme with crystalline synth. Violins, guitar and percussive synth. 03:40
Entwine - J. Greenhow Several disordered synth sequence, synth backgrounds. Dreamlike. 02:57
L'Armée De La Guilde - A. Roy Orchestral with introduction on brass. Tubular bells. Strings in pizz and tremolo. 01:01
Angelus - G. Wilmot Background of violins, melody with oriental character played on the flute. 01:17
Austral - T. Chaze Ethnic flute, acoustic piano and fretless bass for the theme. Loop 2. 00:16
Astelle - J. Pelizzari Violin solo and arpeggios in glockenspiel for this romantic waltz. 01:14
Celosia - J. Pelizzari Violin solo, double bass pizzicato and arpeggios at glockenspiel for this romantic waltz. Light melodic percussion. 01:58
Enfantillage - J. Pelizzari Pizzicato of double bass and arpeggios in glockenspiel for a romantic waltz. Light melodic percussion. 02:10
Keoline - J. Pelizzari Cello pizz, violin melody, metallophone arpeggio. Waltz offset, crystalline. 01:10
Pilgrimage - J. Pelizzari Percussive synth sequence. Theme tied by a crystalline bell sound. Bass synth and theme taken from the accordion. Then accordion unison and its crystalline sound. Theme song. 02:52
Nostaltoy - J. Pelizzari Music Box. Childish nostalgia. Tender. 01:55
Naif Toy - J. Pelizzari Small music box. 00:34
Antana - J. Pelizzari Violin solo and arpeggios at glockenspiel for this romantic waltz. 02:22
Big Bell - G. Goué Groove space musique, bubble explosions. Edit point at 2'24. 04:54
Mega - T. Chaze Intro of synths and effects. 0'18 rhythmic, melody on saturated guitar. Sequenced, mechanical, chime. 1'15 Part B, anxiogenic. 2'00 break. 04:59
Gazoline - J-P Vielfaure Violins and synth in unison. Filtered drums. Voice spoke throw phone. 00:20
Merveilleux Noel - J-P Vielfaure Vibraphone, music box and violins. Tender. 00:32
Sonner Les Cloches - J-P Vielfaure Bells, tubular bells, double bass. Christmas. 00:37
Mère Noel - J-P Vielfaure Jingle bells, vibraphone. Guilleret and simple. Like a christmas song. Jingle bells. 00:29
Sortie De L'Eglise - J-P Vielfaure When the carillon of Notre-Dame rages 01:00
Dors Bien Bébé - J-P Vielfaure Small lullaby music box. 00:39
Attendrissant Bébé - J-P Vielfaure Musical box, lullaby. 00:32
Slowly - T. Chaze Air Synth. Percussions metallic and ethnic, piano synth choir. Slow theme. 04:08
Envol - T. Chaze Quick synth sequence, timpani, violins and tubular bells. 03:10
Number 1 And 2 - T. Chaze Synth and lugubrious gong, saturated guitar, urban percussion. 01:00
Nemo - L. Marie-Sainte Breath, under the sea. Synth sequence and distant choirs. 06:25
Circus - L. Marie-Sainte Parade band. Barrel organ, brass, percussion, sound effects. 01:53
Mariage À St Jean - L. Marie-Sainte Synth sequence. Electronic percussion. Progressive evolution in harmony and rhythm. 2'34 Voices, children's voices, chromatic chimes, solo. Pink Floyd. Loop. 04:16
Midnight Run - P. Gaillard Industrial noise. Ostinato of double bass in staccato. Textures. Violins, percussions. Heavy rhythm. Electric piano arpeggios. Version 20s. 00:20
U-Cavu - J-M Boiteux Repetitive theme with dobro and counterpoint on Indian sitar and vibraphone. Trance. 02:28
Fun And Games - J. Diggs-Irons Melodic powerful hip hop instrumental with morphed choir, bells. Drum-Machine, Programmed Drums, Synths, Sfx, Bells. 03:46