Musiques avec instrument : Big-band

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
Ska Ball - J. Goodwin Ska - without solo. 00:37
Shake This Party - T. Stoilkovski A little funk here, little funk there with big brass section, rock ego and plenty of bite. 02:22
Fabulous Opening - J-P Bigourie Funky shuffle, brass theme. Edit point at 0'18, 1'05 half tempo. Guitar solo. 01:50
James Band - P. Gaillard Intro bass, drums, electric guitar, acoustic piano. Melody to the flute. 0'33 violins. Big Band of the Sixties. James Bond. Car chase in Aston-Martin. 01:15
La Classe - P. Gaillard Big band. Intro drums, bass riff and acoustic piano. Melody played on violins. Edit point at 0'39 mélodie dubbed on brass. '60s. The avengers for distinguished detective. 01:21
Saxpanther - P. Gaillard Guitar and brass section. Car chase in Harley. Big band of the 60s. Blues brothers. Rhythm and blues. 01:22
L'Homme X - P. Gaillard Large jazz band from the '60s and '70s. Melody with brass and violins response. Thème song. Mannix. 01:49
Poignant Afternoon - P. Gaillard Large jazz band from the '60s and 70s. Melody with brass. Piano solo. 03:29