Musiques avec instrument : Basse-�lectrique

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
Instante De Mandrugada - E. Di Nucci Sad and nostalgic instrumental Bossa Nova, which suggests deep and intimate feelings. Melancholic and nostalgic. 04:48
Vou Cantar - E. Cresci Fun and joyful instrumental Samba. Typical Brazilian sound with refined harmony and rhythm. Flowing and joyful. No voice. 03:17
Alma Viva - E. Di Nucci Baião instrumental underscore with a rich and refined rhythmic accompaniment. Beautiful guitar improvisation with the voice in unison. 03:27
Ciclo Da Vida - E. Cresci Fun and joyful instrumental Samba. Typical Brazilian sound with refined harmony and rhythm. Flowing and joyful. No voice. 02:14
Feel You - G. Goué Rhythm of a sample of vocals on drums and RnB bass. Edit point at 0'41 and 1'34. 02:02
Chrominance - G. Goué In search of Boudha. Percussive and light sequence. Stripped rhythmic bass. 03:44
Etoile Polaire - G. Goué Lost in space watching the Milky Way. Slow reverberated electric guitar arpeggios. 02:55
Influx - G. Goué Dawn is breaking. Percussions on large distant chords. 02:26
La Roue D'Aristote - G. Goué The path is sometimes winding! Everything is distant, cottony. Wide electric guitar chords. 02:49
Obsession - G. Goué By repeating it should come in! Repetitive and intriguing synth commented by some sound elements. 02:37
Be As One - R. Pasquarella Instrumental underscore. Typical sound of 80's rock bands. Vintage and psychedelic. 05:32
Forget - R. Pasquarella Instrumental underscore. British song with guitars arpeggios. At 2'10 begins the second section which has the character of an anthem. At 2'52 electric guitars growing to the end. 04:19
On The Stand - R. Pasquarella Instrumental underscore. British song with guitars arpeggios . At 2'10 begins the second section which has the character of an anthem. At 1'47 begins final section with choir and layered electric guitars. 02:39
Sam - R. Pasquarella Underscore version. Intimate song with Fx on the voice an the piano. Surreal and soft psychedelic atmosphere. 04:49
Kids With The Crown - R. Pasquarella The instrumental underscore starts with a slow increasing synth fx sound. At 1' begins the second section which has the character of an anthem. 05:03
James On The Armchair - E. Cresci Light and positive jazz/fusion acoustic piece. 04:34
Leo 5 And 6 - E. Cresci Slightly nostalgic Jazz theme but flowing and light. 04:08
Midnight Walk - E. Cresci Nocturnal piece, introspective and lonely. Nostalgic and vintage. 05:03
The Autumn Samba - E. Cresci Samba acoustic piece with a with a vein of melancholy, but flowing and assertive. 07:26
Cançao De Manha - E. Cresci Bossa Nova, nostalgic and sensual. 05:31
Chorando - E. Cresci After a free intro at 42 enter the main theme in Brazilian Jazz style. 05:40
Tarante - E. Cresci Pulsing rhythm recalling Italian popular dance but with jazz harmony and phrasing. Light and positive. 05:12
Voyage - E. Cresci Light and positive jazz/fusion acoustic piece. Eighties jazz style. 04:22
At the Pond - S. Bokowy Guitar, Positive, Easy-Going 00:32
My Own Garden - S. Bokowy Guitar acoustic, Calm, Easy-Going 00:38
Spring Cleaning - S. Bokowy Guitar, Relaxing, Positive Attitude 00:37
Supper is Ready - S. Bokowy Guitar acoustic, Relaxing, Positive 00:44
Comme La Houle - G. Goué Bass groove and special percussion in intro. Electric guitar with volume pedal. Edit point at 1'04 rhythm machine. 04:44
Ejection - G. Goué Lounge atmosphere with repetitive bass groove, percussion and calm electric piano. Edit Point at 1'52, the drums double the tempo. at 2'49 back to the first tempo. 03:57
Essencial - G. Goué Textures, synthesizer and bass for the intro. Then acoustic piano and saturated guitar solo. 03:55
Exorde - G. Goué Intro with drums, synthesizer and a bass solo. A rhythmic electric guitar a little distant and another that plays the melody. 02:22
Illusion - G. Goué Atmosphere of intrigue, waiting, with a repetitive bass groove, an electric piano, drums and cymbal. Melody played on the distant accordion. 03:13
Manon - G. Goué Set of guitars for a beautiful folk ballad with a bass. 02:32
Resistance - G. Goué intro with electric bass, drums and electric piano for an intriguing and tense rhythm. Then the guitar will add a little to the plot. 02:36
Surcharge - G. Goué Tense atmosphere for this English rock trio, bass, drums, electric guitar. Edit point at 0'39 Electric guitar with vibrato, jazzy cymbal. The violins add to the dramatic side. 02:50
Duck Face - M. Brillard Very present electric bass, groovy soul rythm. 00:36
Ego Trip - M. Brillard Medium soul groove with electric piano, bass, drums, positive on chorus plus background vocal. French singing. Solo organ on the end. 04:39
The Doubt - M. Brillard Acoustic piano, bossa-nova groove on drum, cello. 01:50
Azure - J. Meek Short futuristic tropical vibe instrumental. Ideal for advertising. Electronic Instruments, Synthesizer, Electric Bass, Drums, Sfx. 00:30
A Jazzy Psalm - M. Biallais Prayer positivized by a jazz style. Female voices, synthesizers, piano, bass and drums. Era, Enigma. 02:25
Bar Del Lugar - C. Nouailhaguet Slow and sunny retro lounge track. Gently swinging kitsch 70's sweetness. Edit point at 0:27, at 1:39 and at 2:03. Fender Rhodes, celesta, bass, strings, drums, guitar. 03:51
Plaza De Las Palmeras - C. Nouailhaguet Classy and kitsch lounge track with a repetitive piano, warm bass line and electro jazz beat.Edit point at 1:05 and 1:37. Underscore version. 02:16
Vintage Shift - C. Nouailhaguet Dynamic retro-soul track featuring determined beats, male vocal fx, guitar chop and bass. In the spirit of a 60's detective movies soundtrack. Edit point at 0:27, at 0:53 and at 1:18. Fender Rhodes, guitar, bass, drums, vox fx. 01:51
Boundless - J. Meek Guitar driven, folk rootzy fun adventure short track. Guitar - Effected, Guitar Acoustic, Drums - Acoustic, Bass - Electric, Folk, Contemporary, Roots, Roots, Adventure. 00:47
Azami - J. Pelizzari Wurlitzer organ and vocoder on a groovy rhythm. Cool jazz funk. 02:59
Jukebox Diner - L.J. Cedar A stylish 1950's surfer rock pastiche. Fun, Rocky, Up, positive, Driving, Vintage, Classic. 1950's , surfer, energetic, happy, light, uplifting. Drums, Farfisa, Ohammond Organ, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Theremin, Hand Claps. Dick Dale, Bo Diddley. 01:30
Unexpected Cello - C. Nouailhaguet Cello melody drived by a rock orchestration. Theme at 01:36, edit point at 01:16. Electric bass, drums, electric guitar, solo cello, synth. 02:34
Insomnia - E. Hildebert Electro, sensual, sometimes urban. Lamps repeatedly. 02:30
Road To Nowhere - R. Luczak 30' version. Dark, Suspense Atmosphere. Slow emotion. 00:32
Secret Matter - R. Luczak 30' version. Tense, Mysterious atmosphere. 00:30
Belem - T. Erasmus Musette, Positive, Festive, Accordion, Acoustic guitar, Electric bass. Accordion, Wals, Travel, Dance, love. 01:56
Michelle - T. Erasmus Musette, waltz, Positive, Festive, Accordion, Acoustic guitar, Electric bass. Accordion, Wals, Travel, Dance, guitar. 01:37
My Liefde - T. Erasmus Musette, Positive, Relaxed, Accordion, Electric bass, guitar, romantic. 02:29
Sharp Sharp - T. Erasmus Musette, Positive, Festive, Accordion, Acoustic guitar, Electric bass. 02:18
Sterlig - T. Erasmus Musette, Romantic, Spirited, Accordion, Acoustic guitar, Electric bass. 02:14
Vastrap - T. Erasmus Musette, Positive, Festive, Accordion, Acoustic guitar, Electric bass. 02:02
Boom - J. Brown Soul - RnB, Drum n Bass, Mysterious, Sensual, Electric bass, Drum machine, Electric piano. Soul music, Rhythm and Blues, Love, Feelgood, Party Music. 02:15
Jamborie - J. Brown Reggae, Drum n Bass, Positive, Romantic, Electric piano, Electric bass, Percussions. Soul music, Rhythm and Blues, Love, Feelgood, Party Music. 02:29
Picture This - G. Flores Hip Hop - Rap, Electro, Adventure, Brass, Electric bass, Drum machine. New York Hip Hop, Street Style, Gangster. 01:50
Sands Of Time - G. Flores Hip Hop - Rap, Electro, Adventure, Brass, Electric bass, Percussions. New York Hip Hop, Street Style, Gangster. 01:51
Sangena - S. Sibanda Celebration, World, Positive, Violin. Violin, Theme, Wedding, feel good, Holly, string, quartet. 03:21
The Age - G. Flores Hip Hop - Rap, Electro, Positive, Strings, Electric bass, Percussions. New York Hip Hop, Street Style, Gangster. 01:35
Tribal Ones - G. Flores Hip Hop - Rap, Electro, Repetitive, Brass, Electric bass, Drum machine. New York Hip Hop, Street Style, Gangster. 02:07
Brittle - G. Flores Funk, Soul - RnB, Dynamic, Combative, Electric bass, Electric guitar, Drum. 02:44
Mampenzi - A. Zakumera World - African, Children - Comedy, Happy, Positive, Percussions, Electric bass, Organ. Africa, East Africa, Tanzania, Burundi, Kenya, Ruwanda, Egypt, Morocco, Indian, Swahili, Tabla, Flute, Strings, Harp. 01:10
Naja - A. Zakumera World - African, World, Positive, Adventure, Percussions, Electric bass, Steeldrums. Africa, East Africa, Tanzania, Burundi, Kenya, Ruwanda, Egypt, Morocco, Indian, Swahili, Tabla, Flute, Guitar, Bangra. 01:05
Okay Okay - A. Zakumera World - African, World, Positive, Festive, Percussions, Electric bass, Steeldrums. East Africa, Tanzanian, Kenyan, Swahili, Tabla, Indian chants, Flutes, Bongo Flava, Fun. 03:28
Rajah Dancing - A. Zakumera World - African, World, Positive, Exotic, Percussions, Electric bass, Electric guitar. Africa, East Africa, Tanzania, Burundi, Kenya, Ruwanda, Egypt, Morocco, Indian, Swahili, Tabla, Flute, Percussion. 03:18
Salome - A. Zakumera World - African, World, Positive, Festive, Percussions, Electric bass, Steeldrums. Africa, East Africa, Tanzania, Burundi, Kenya, Ruwanda, Egypt, Morocco, Indian, Swahili, Tabla, Indian, Congas, Strings. 01:53
Shag - G. Flores Funk, Soul - RnB, Dynamic, Combative, Electric bass, Saxophone, Brass. 02:15
Slam Bangra - A. Zakumera World - African, World, Positive, Exotic, Percussions, Electric bass, Steeldrums. Africa, East Africa, Tanzania, Burundi, Kenya, Ruwanda, Egypt, Morocco, Indian, Swahili, Tabla, Sitar, Flute, Guitar. 02:22
Slap Jack - G. Flores Funk, Soul - RnB, Adventure, Positive, Electric bass, Electric guitar, Brass. 02:11
The Fuzz - G. Flores Funk, Soul - RnB, Suspens, Adventure, Electric bass, Electric piano, Drum. Car chase. 02:28
Tick - A. Zakumera World - African, World, Heroic, Positive, Percussions, Electric bass, Electric guitar. Africa, East Africa, Tanzania, Burundi, Kenya, Ruwanda, Egypt, Morocco, Indian, Swahili, Tabla, Hip Hop, Flute. 01:36
Accordion sakie Wals - T. Erasmus Musette, waltz, Sensual, Festive, Accordion, Acoustic guitar, Electric bass. South Africa, Boere Musiek, Sakie Sakie, Travel, Dance, love, Afrikaner. 02:27
Afro Music - S. Sibanda World - African, Dance, Festive, Positive, Percussions, Acoustic guitar, Electric bass. West African, Nigerian, Ghana, Congo, Pop, Afro, Urban.. 02:08
Angel - R. Russel Pop, Ballad, Relaxed, Nostalgic, Electric guitar, Electric bass, Drum. Lifestyle. 03:22
Cina - L. Machaba World - African, World, Positive, Suspens, Percussions, Electric bass, Bells - Chimes. East Africa, Tanzanian, Kenyan, Swahili, Tabla, Indian chants, Flutes, Bongo flava, Fun. 02:10
Crazy Love - R. Russel Rock, Ballad, Relaxed, Romantic, Electric guitar, Electric bass, Drum. Road Movie, Lifestyle. 03:19
Creeper - G. Flores Funk, Soul - RnB, Positive, Festive, Electric bass, Brass, Percussions. 02:42
Dans vir My - T. Erasmus Musette, Positive, Festive, Accordion, Acoustic guitar, Electric bass. South Africa, Boere Musiek, Sakie Sakie, Accordion, Wals, Travel, Dance, love, Afrikaner, Tango, accoustic guitar, guitar. 02:33
Drafstap - T. Erasmus Musette, Positive, Festive, Accordion, Acoustic guitar, Electric bass. South Africa, Boere Musiek, Sakie Sakie, Accordion, Wals, Travel, Dance, love, Afrikaner, Tango, accoustic guitar, guitar. 02:07
Eastern love - A. Zakumera World - African, Reggae, Positive, Festive, Percussions, Electric bass, Organ. Africa, East Africa, Tanzania, Burundi, Kenya, Ruwanda, Egypt, Morocco, Indian, Swahili, Tabla, Swahili, Zanzibar, Flute, Brass. 01:24
Elegy - G. Flores Pop, Rock, Dynamic, Positive, Electric bass, Electric guitar, Drum. 00:23
Ex Lover - J. Marco Ballad, Melancholic, Nostalgic, Acoustic piano, Electric bass, Drum machine. Pads, Sad, Moody, Depressing, Melancholic. 03:15
Flap - G. Flores Funk, Soul - RnB, Powerfull, Combative, Electric bass, Electric guitar, Drum. 02:40
Funked - G. Flores Funk, Soul - RnB, Dynamic, Festive, Electric bass, Electric guitar, Brass. James Brown feeling. 01:59
Grooved - G. Flores Funk, Soul - RnB, Dynamic, Adventure, Electric bass, Electric guitar, Brass. 02:09
Heritage Chant - S. Sibanda World - African, Calm, Positive, Ethnical voice, Electric guitar, Electric bass. Chant but No Drums Version. 02:50
Hold On - G. Flores Rock, Ballad, Melancholic, Nostalgic, Electric guitar, Electric bass, Drum. Lifestyle. 02:37
Imbali - S. Sibanda World - African, Exotic, Positive, Acoustic guitar, Electric bass. African, South African, Zulu, Shaka Zulu, Durban, Natal, Traditional. 02:15
Ingani zam - S. Sibanda World - African, Exotic, Positive, Acoustic guitar, Electric bass. African, South African, Zulu, Shaka Zulu, Durban, Natal, Traditional. 03:36
Jeeps - G. Flores Funk, Soul - RnB, Positive, Combative, Electric bass, Electric guitar, Brass. 02:36
Jessie - R. Russel Rock, Heroic, Positive, Electric guitar, Electric bass, Drum. Sports, Lifestyle. 02:45
Jived - G. Flores Funk, Soul - RnB, Dynamic, Festive, Electric bass, Electric guitar, Brass. James Brown feeling. 02:21
Juaje - A. Zakumera World - African, World, Positive, Adventure, Percussions, Electric bass, Electric guitar. Africa, East Africa, Tanzania, Burundi, Kenya, Ruwanda, Egypt, Morocco, Indian, Swahili, Tabla, Zuk, Rumba, Pads, Brass. 02:21
Kijusi - A. Zakumera World - African, World, Positive, Adventure, Percussions, Electric guitar, Electric bass. Africa, East Africa, Tanzania, Burundi, Kenya, Ruwanda, Egypt, Morocco, Indian, Swahili, Tabla. 05:08
Krans Wals - T. Erasmus Musette, waltz, Positive, Accordion, Acoustic guitar, Electric bass. South Africa, Boere Musiek, Sakie Sakie, Accordion, Wals, Travel, Dance, love, Afrikaner, Tango, kiddies. 02:27
Lekker Dans - T. Erasmus Musette, Folk, Positive, Festive, Accordion, Acoustic guitar, Electric bass. South Africa, Boere Musiek, Sakie Sakie, Accordion, Wals, Travel, Dance, love, Afrikaner, Tango, accoustic guitar, guitar. 01:48
Mooi dag - T. Erasmus Musette, Tango, Romantic, Accordion, Acoustic guitar, Electric bass. South Africa, Boere Musiek, Sakie Sakie, Accordion, Wals, Travel, Dance, love, Afrikaner, Tango, accoustic guitar, guitar, romantic. 02:29
Mtombala - S. Sibanda World - African, Festive, Relaxed, Acoustic guitar, Organ, Electric bass. African, Sophia Town, Township Jive, Shebeen, Dancing. 03:54
Ollie - T. Erasmus Musette, Positive, Festive, Accordion, Acoustic guitar, Electric bass. South Africa, Boere Musiek, Sakie Sakie, Accordion, Wals, Travel, Dance, love, Afrikaner, Tango, accoustic guitar, guitar, romantic, Slap bass, brass. 02:13
Seties - T. Erasmus Musette, Positive, Festive, Accordion, Acoustic guitar, Electric bass. South Africa, Boere Musiek, Sakie Sakie, Accordion, Wals, Travel, Dance, love, Afrikaner, Tango, accoustic guitar, guitar, romantic, Slap bass, brass, kiddies. 02:21
Siyagiya Baba - S. Sibanda World - African, Festive, Positive, Acoustic guitar, Drum machine, Electric bass. African, Sophia Town, Township Jive, Shebeen, Dancing. 02:36
Slow Down - N. Thurston Ballad, Electro, Nostalgic, Melancholic, Acoustic piano, Synth, Electric bass. Pads, Sad, Moody, Depressing, Melancholic. 02:27
Theo se Wals - T. Erasmus Musette, waltz, Relaxed, Sensual, Accordion, Acoustic guitar, Electric bass. South Africa, Boere Musiek, Sakie Sakie, Accordion, Wals, Travel, Dance, love, Afrikaner, Tango, kiddies. 01:52
Trapped - G. Flores Rock, Metal - Hard Rock, Powerfull, Combative, Overload guitar, Electric bass, Drum. Lifestyle. 01:50
Vault - G. Flores Rock, Punk - Grunge, Melancholic, Dynamic, Overload guitar, Electric bass, Drum. Lifestyle. 01:33
Afternoon Sun - P. Gawlik Concrete ostinato type slow combo arrangement, bluesy 02:35
Air Tango - P. Gawlik Airy female voice, slow tango, 02:14
Imagination - K. Kucz Mystic Surreal Atmosphere. FX male voice 03:19
Morning Stars - P. Gawlik Airy guitar melody over delicate largo rhythm section 01:48
Pulsar - K. Kucz Drums loop over FX sound. Surreal 03:29
12 o'Clock - R. Bednarczuk Mystic, Delicate Orchestral Sounds and Thank Drum 02:31
Purple Coast - GD 78 Repetitive rhythm. Far away, mystery, like Pink floyd. 02:18
Vision Of You - GD 78 English rock song. Like David Bowie. 02:20
Cats - GD 78 Dynamic and powerful rock funk rock played on saxophone, electric bass, drums and organ. 04:30
Merlin - A. Mazure Ethnic arpeggios in polyrhythm. Drums slow, suspenseful, weighing, worried. 03:39
Drive Me - A. Mazure Saturated bass groove powerful. Symphonic rock. 03:29
Leisure Time - A. Rejman Mysterious Piano ostinatos over small combo chilly arrangement 03:17
Step Back - P. Damse Mysterious groove with dark melodic elements of Sythesiser 03:28
Different Faces And Places - T. Stoilkovski Cultures combine with a percussive house feel beat wiith organ, flute, didgeridoo and chinese instruments. Out Of The Wilderness. 01:54
Good Karma - T. Stoilkovski Sitar welcomes an eastern grooved RnB funk groove into a reflective bridge bouncing with optimism. Look And Listen. 02:11
In Conversation - T. Stoilkovski Minimal style dance house with a four on the floor approach fused with stereo piano and cool reverb guitar. Look And Listen. 01:54
Let's Make It Happen - T. Stoilkovski Four on the floor, middle of the road country vibe rocker with a touch of eighties and healthy attitude. Look And Listen. 02:00
Look And Listen - T. Stoilkovski Curious and upbeat themed pop number with slap bass accompanying harmonic acoustic guitar and strings. Look And Listen. 02:40
Promise Kept - T. Stoilkovski Reflective yet heart driven and optimistic pop inspired string, piano and synth ballad. Look And Listen. 02:51
Rewind Your Mind - T. Stoilkovski Blade runneresque eighties vibed synth power ballad with oscillating feel into a piano and acoustic pop feel. Look And Listen. 02:01
Ride The Tide - T. Stoilkovski Pedal steel guitar cowboy intro leads into a sea worthy synth pop tune remaking a modern 60s surf vibe. Under The Blue Sea. 02:02
Secret Island - T. Stoilkovski Mysterious feel into string arrangement fuses with voice and guitars to create a haunting yet calm invitation. Under The Blue Sea. 03:43
Uncharted - T. Stoilkovski Flute intro leaps into percussive, alternate lo-fi piano, guitar pop with hand claps and an open road feel. Out Of The Wilderness. 02:16
Work It Baby - T. Stoilkovski Haunting funky intro melts into a french euro synth pop groover led by pizzicato strings and cool vibe. Look And Listen. 02:28
Matchbox - L. Dubé Shiny and filtered synth. Rhythmic sequenced. 80s. 01:54
Vita E Una Costruzione - L. Dubé Disco-pop band of the 80s. Riff of electric guitar. Rhythmic electric piano. Saturated guitar. 1'25 break. 03:56
Connexion - L. Dubé Funky guitar. Edit point at 0'57 break. Groovy, rhythmic. Disco pop, soul, eighties music. 02:46
Marée Basse - L. Dubé Well being, relaxing, space musique. Disco Pop, eighties music, background of electronic waves in intro. Psychedelic. 01:55
Marée Haute - L. Dubé Well being, relaxing, space musique. Disco Pop, eighties music. Sound of electronic waves in intro. Arpegiator. 01:34
Rip Off - L. Dubé Bass synth and slap, filtered synth, guitar riff and vibrato. 80s. Like k2000. 02:28
For you for ever - J-L Delgado Short piano intro then disco pop. Various instrument breaks. Romantic, relaxing, positive. 02:26
Pursuit - E. Hildebert Electric guitars, synths, pop rhythm. 0'49, rhythmic change, 1'20 guitar break. 02:28
Recklessness - E. Hildebert Rhythmic pop-rock, electric guitars. Edit point at 1'22 part B synth and reverb. 02:34
Sunday In The Kitchen - E. Hildebert Electric guitars. 0'19 rock guitar accompaniment. Synth effects. 02:03
Play That Music - T. Stoilkovski Sampled male scratchy voice intro into a smooth, lay down the beat funk blues pop with female vox. Suburban Dreams. 02:24
Deliver The Goods - T. Stoilkovski Grungy in your face melodic riff guitars head into a chorus of classic alternative rock goodness that sings. Everyday Hero. 02:20
Everyday Hero - T. Stoilkovski Super catchy and melodic guitar rock pop to start your day and give you the boost to become a hero. Everyday Hero. 02:10
Good Times With You - T. Stoilkovski Happy and jazz inspired melodies dance along with a ska pop vibe slipping into a funk rock chorus. Everyday Hero. 02:18
Help Each Other - T. Stoilkovski Cute, catchy organs play alongside soft, jumpy synths and a little funky chorus to make you feel chilled. Changing Planet. 02:15
Hold Your Head Up High - T. Stoilkovski Uplifting, never give up emotive pop rock with chorus wah wah guitars, smooth fretless bass, feel the energy. Everyday Hero. 02:24
Just Rock It - T. Stoilkovski Get ready to rumble as stomping and double driven distorted guitars lead into a stoner rock super chorus. Everyday Hero. 02:34
Make Your Mark - T. Stoilkovski Acid funk meets jazzy prog guitar lead melody with a ton of cool vibes and octave chorus funk sugar. Everyday Hero. 02:36
Strutting Your Stuff - T. Stoilkovski Streetwise cool and swagger meet head on with cool duel harmony guitar melodies on a funk rock riff tune. Everyday Hero. 02:00
Take On The World - T. Stoilkovski Go on a journey of courage with flanged rocking guitars overlaying a timeless rock and blues tinged chorus. Everyday Hero. 02:34
Chat Show - A. Urbanowicz Dynamic, Happy, Jazzy piano. Rhythm section. 30' version 00:36
Dream Alley - G. Suski Grotesque, Humorous, Kitsch theme. Brass Section, Synth, Bass, Drums. 30' version 00:35
Joyful Lane - G. Suski Happy, Funny, Cherful theme. Brass Section, Synth, Bass, Drums. 30' version 00:36
My Trendy House - A. Urbanowicz Positive, rhythmic piano theme. Bright, Uplifting. Rhythm section. 30' version 00:33
Only Vegetables - A. Urbanowicz Warm, Reflective, Jazzy piano and rhythm section. 30' version 00:32
Powerful Argument - R. Luczak Dark, Pulsing Crime theme. Dangerous, Tension. 30' version 00:29
Slow Return - A. Urbanowicz Positive, Relaxing, Smooth melodies of piano. Rhythm section. 30' version 00:40
Under Pressure - R. Luczak Rhythmic, Pulsing, Crime, Police theme. 30' version 00:35
Witches' Walk - G. Suski Humorous chase. Brass Section, Synth, Drums, Bass. 30' version 00:37
Cleaning Up - P. Gawlik Instrumental version. No voices. 02:28
Dream - P. Gawlik Instrumental version. No voices. 02:01
Fashion Week - P. Gawlik Rhythmic, Pulsing female theme 02:18
Housework - P. Gawlik Happy, Funny female voice and guitar theme. 01:52
Our Breakfast - P. Gawlik Swinging, Laid back fermale theme 02:20
Our Night - P. Gawlik Female voice version 02:58
Painting The Room - P. Gawlik Funny, Happy, Swinging theme with guitar, synth 01:58
Summer Walk - P. Gawlik Instrumental version. No voices. 01:35
Sweet Morning - P. Gawlik Instrumental version. No voices. 01:58
Pieces Of Me - D Agostino Bass solo with harmonic and soft percussion until 1'31 then melody played at Koto and drums 03:17
Rose - D Agostino Pop-rock orchestra with English colors. Intro Drums and bass. Then electric guitar riff. 05:51
Whater Report - D Agostino Rhythmic rock funk and gimmik played on the brass with psychedelic rock guitar solo. Progressive jazz pop. 04:18
Missing Person - D Agostino Trio with 2 guitars in Spanish style and a E.bass. 02:21
Let Them Go Their Way - D Agostino Rhythm RnB electro repetitive, intervention of sound elements like passing images. 06:26
Gold Teeth - D Agostino Intro played with a light synth and bass groove very heavy. Repetitive melody played on the vibraphone. 03:48
Imagine - D Agostino Hovering, round bass and groovy. Solo electric guitar. Airborne electric piano chords. 02:55
Freedom With A Vengeance - D Agostino Percussion, bass slap, flute and brass for an adventure or a tense wait. 02:52
Dark Lotus - D Agostino Funky rhythm with drums and bass slap, and Chinese ethnic instruments like koto and flutes. 03:28
Big Bang - D Agostino Intro to the drums then a funky groove on bass. Two electric guitars in rhythm. 03:14
Black Nocturne - D Agostino Rhythmic guitar folk open chords. Happy melody. Solo of electric guitar. 03:24
Courage Buzz - D Agostino Rhythmic funk with a bass slap and shiny brass riff. 01:36
Giant Psycho - D Agostino 70s progressive pop rock with psychedelic guitar solo. Reference to Robert Fripp and Petter Hamill. 03:58
Abandoned Culture - G. D Agostino Arpeggio acoustic guitar, alternating melody of Spanish guitar with reverb and electric guitar. 03:48
John Dee - D Agostino Percussion and improvised theme of acoustic guitar. Panoramic, relaxing, nostalgic. 03:52
Air Laboratory - M. Litwinski Futuristic, New Age theme 01:16
Cool Breeze - M. Olak 30' version Pulsing, swinging guitar theme. Laid back, Careful 00:32
Dreamy Breath - M. Olak 30' version Atmospheric, Lazy guitar theme 00:32
Enjoyable Thing - M. Olak 30' version Happy, Funny guitar theme 00:32
Escape From War - G. Suski Dynamic, Rhythmic Sequences. Oriental instruments. Action 02:20
Experimental Project - M. Litwinski Futuristic, New Age, Abstract theme 01:15
Forget It - A. Urbanowicz Jazzy, Positive, rhythmic piano theme over rhythm section 03:36
Funny Play - M. Olak 30' version Happy, Positive, Energetic guitar theme 00:32
Get Up Sleepyhead - R. Pomorski Positive, sunny guitar theme over light rhyhthm section 00:52
Hurry Up - R. Pomorski Positive, happy theme with jazzy section 03:31
In A Hurry - A. Urbanowicz Bright, Positive piano melody over bass and drums 02:49
It's Friday Today - R. Pomorski Bright, positive, happy theme over bluesy and smooth jazzy section 02:59
Joyful Freedom - G. Suski Positive, Optimistic, Dance theme 02:17
Joyful Travel - M. Olak 30' version Positive, Pulsing theme. 00:32
Last Chance To Forget - M. Olak 30' version Atmospheric, Jazzy guitar theme 00:32
Lonely In The City - A. Rejman Reflective and meditative piano themes 02:28
Lost Promise - M. Olak 30' version Positive, Relaxing, Smooth theme. 00:32
Marys - P. Gawlik Positive theme inspired by Polish Folk. Female Choir, Bass Guitar solo 04:40
Morning Coffee - R. Pomorski Positive, elegant, smooth jazzy theme over swinging section 03:15
Never Mind - A. Urbanowicz Smooth melodic theme, Rhythmic theme played by guitar and piano over bass and drums 02:35
Odek The Cat - P. Gawlik Humorous, Bouncy, Happy melody with Female choirs, synth, violin. Energetic, Rhythmic. Alternative version 03:49
Optimistic Mood - A. Urbanowicz Positive, jazzy, energetic piano over rhythm section 02:14
Otherwordly Time - M. Olak 30' version Atmospheric, Carefree guitar theme 00:32
Pugnacious Guy - M. Olak 30' version Bouncy, Happy theme 00:32
Robotic Invasion - R. Smolinski Futuristic, Dynamic theme 01:33
Silence - A. Rejman Reflective and meditative piano themes 02:07
Six O'Clock - A. Rejman Melodic, elegant piano over smooth jazzy groove 02:23
Subsidies - P. Gawlik instrumental version. No voices. Clarinet, Bass Guitar 02:54
That's Ok - A. Urbanowicz Jazzy, Swinging theme played by the piano over rhythm section 02:58
Ticking Hope - M. Olak 30' version Laid back, Cheerful guitar theme 00:32
Two Landscapes - M. Olak 30' version Atmospheric, Caring theme 00:32
Unforgettable Holidays - M. Olak 30' version Jazzy, Swinging theme played by guitar 00:32
Your Dog Is Waiting - R. Pomorski Positive, nice piano theme over light rhythm section 03:26
Green Playground - P. Gawlik Laid back, Humorous with female voice theme 02:50
Lucky Day - M. Olak Uplifting, elegant theme played by guitar over folk influenced guitar combo. Calm, Positive 02:33
My Grandfather - R. Pomorski Jazzy.Light, rhythmic theme played by piano, guitars over small jazz combo. Happy, Positive 06:18
Polish Barbecue - G. Suski Humorous, Funny theme, accordion, percussions 02:41
Twins - R. Pomorski Light, medium theme smooth jazzy ideal for morning or noon break. Warm. Positive. 03:15
Block Of Flats - A. Urbanowicz Pulsing bass lines over distinctive short guitar riffs, reverbed sequences, wide, reverbed 02:08
Office District - A. Urbanowicz Positive, Atmospheric. Light funk groove, citylights, guitar wah- wah. 02:41
Painting Vision 4 - A. Rejman Positive daytime drum groove with light synth woodwinds and penetrating melodies 03:36
Alley - A. Urbanowicz Dynamic, Pulsing, Piano, Guitar, Synths, Drums 03:00
Busy Street - A. Urbanowicz Energetic piano theme 02:11
City At Night - A. Urbanowicz Swinging piano theme, Smooth jazz 01:38
Dark Matter - R. Smolinski Bass guitar solo, world folklore influenced warm melodics 01:16
Downtown - A. Urbanowicz Dynamic, Pulsing, Piano, Guitar, Synths, Drums, Male voice 02:37
Falling Stars - A. Rejman Uplifting melodic 03:18
Family Week - A. Rejman Positive and light piano melody with light section arrangement 02:16
Forest Tales - M. Nosowicz Relaxing, Busy motif 03:35
Lunch Time - A. Urbanowicz Laid back, Pulsing Synths, Piano theme, Bass, Drums 03:05
Metamorphosis - A. Rejman Positive piano theme. Dancing melody 03:16
My Way - A. Rejman Romantic piano theme. Emotive and story telling 02:24
Rainbow Dream - A. Rejman Beautifully detailed lilting piano. Melodic. Dreamy 03:33
Soultown Love - M. Nosowicz Recurring, Lazy motif 01:59
Vernissage Day - A. Rejman Dreamy piano and strings theme. Melodic and rippling. 02:30
Losing Game - N. Keegan Melodic romantic and dynamic pop rock song with electric guitar, drums, bass and male vocal. Diablo DC, Dublin,Ireland. 03:25
Idiots - E. O Donnell Pop, rock, blues song with male voice and guitars. Sad and nostalgic. Changing Gears, Dublin, Ireland. 06:13
Divine Idea - GD 78 Repetitive bass groove, guitar arpeggios, long, hovering vocoder vocals. 03:01
Disagreement With The Archduke - N. Keegan Lebowski Quartet. Dublin Ireland. Electrique guitar, bass and drums. 04:07
Black Sunglasses - T. Stoilkovski Horns bounce to a 60's vibey trip pop melody fusing guitars, synth and organs. Escape With Me. 02:22
Let's Kick It - T. Stoilkovski In your face big, bad funky horns rocking to a funky rock groove. Escape With Me. 02:22
New Identity - T. Stoilkovski Big intro horns leads to an ambient yet tense track with stabs of brass and horns. Escape With Me. 01:56
Running In Dreams - T. Stoilkovski Funky ambient pop rock with retro horn section, synths, strings and tremelo guitars. Escape With Me. 02:24
Wait Till Dawn - T. Stoilkovski House ambient chill out vibe, funky bass guitar and flourishes of horns, pads and percussion. Escape With Me. 02:20
Red Vines - J. Goodwin Rock - The Vines style upbeat rocker. 01:19
Fixed Forsnips - J. Goodwin Rock Groove - Industrial groove fuzz bass. 01:30
Fox Rock - J. Goodwin Rock - Jet black retro rocker. 02:18
We Got To Get Out Of This Place - J. Goodwin Rock Retro - The Animals classic. 01:21
Worn Down - J. Goodwin Rock - Homage to Korn 01:11
Yak - J. Goodwin Electronic - Drum n bass quirk upbeat. 00:25
You Like It - J. Goodwin Groove - Funky quirk horns and vocal samples. 00:58
You Two Divas - J. Goodwin Rock - Inspired where the church has no U name 2. 01:18
Sammy Soso - J. Goodwin ID - Low down groove cool tag. 00:10
Sizzle Sister - J. Goodwin Rock Groove - Retro bass funky groove upbeat. 00:24
Steddy Eddy - J. Goodwin Rock - New Wave Pump it bass and guitar farfisa. 01:33
Striped Lice - J. Goodwin ID - Rock Retro guitar. 00:12
Striped Spider - J. Goodwin ID - Rock Retro bass ID. 00:12
Just So Wrong - J. Goodwin Blues - Chris Isaaks inspired rocking blues vocal. 01:25
Low Down Shame - J. Goodwin Rock Groove - Dramatic hard funky. 00:37
Punk Worm - J. Goodwin Rock - Punk Rock kids classic no vocal. 01:29
Jane Brown - J. Goodwin ID - Electric Piano jazz bop vocal ID. 00:05
Kid Katch - J. Goodwin Rock Groove - Hip Hop rock groove. 01:59
Groovistan - J. Goodwin Rock Groove - Funky retro guitar rock. 01:11
Flower Power Dream - J. Goodwin Ambient Groove - Dreamy light female retro psychadelic. 00:37
Foto Funk - J. Goodwin RnB - Funky drums and wah wah guitar. 01:34
Freewox V1 - J. Goodwin Rock - Upbeat feel good guitar anthem. Générique. 00:30
Future Nostalgia - J. Goodwin Rock - Lenny Hendrix rocker instrumental. Hendrix. 02:07
Chili Chipmunk - J. Goodwin Rock - Upbeat chilipepper. 00:53
Dont Gimme No Thang - J. Goodwin Groove Urban - Funky hip hop female attitude. 01:07
4 Ever 2 Night - J. Goodwin Rock Pop - Power pop anthem Eat World vocal. 00:55
50'S Rock Update - J. Goodwin Rock - Rockin' guitar boogie. 01:05
Banger Fly - J. Goodwin RnB - Upbeat funky RnB horns. AP @ 0'50. Solo de saxophone. 01:25
Bouncy Bass - J. Goodwin Groove Urban - Bass driven groove. 00:36
Waiting Patiently - T. Stoilkovski Jazzy lounge feel piano and bass partner whilst trumpets, horns and xylophone glide 01:38
Arriving Soon - T. Stoilkovski Piano chords hover along a gentle xylophone and synth sitting on a RnB groove 02:04
Keep Up The Pace - T. Stoilkovski Delayed electric guitar lead flows alongside power chords and an energetic, fluid groove 02:06
Satib - G. D Agostino Darbouka. 1mn44 de percussions puis 3mn d'ambiance lounge. 04:33
Another Life - G. D Agostino Urbain, New York. Bar, club, policier. 01:14
Little Funny Love - G. D Agostino Blues, genre boeuf entre musiciens. 01:44
The Mystical Keeper - G. D Agostino Fin de soirée. chorus de flute, basse, Piano. Printanière. 04:03
Rust - G. D Agostino Mystérieuse, aventure, printanière, répétitive. World. Fin avec solo de flute. 03:38
Shabba Funk - G. D Agostino Exotique, world, fusion, Inde, transe, suspens, attente. Solo de flute. 03:28
Tangerang - G. D Agostino Répétitive, transe. Oriental, Afrique. Darbouka. 06:22
Trance Piece - G. D Agostino Transe, répétitive. Fusion. Suspens, mystérieuse. 04:16
Tuareg - G. D Agostino Intro à la Tony Levin. Jazz Rock, Funk. Thème guitare électrique @3mn. 04:36
Uptown Girl - G. D Agostino Ballade pop années 60. Printanière. 05:09
Victory - G. D Agostino Complainte mélancolique. Blues, country rock. Neil Young. 03:22
Yiddish Song - G. D Agostino Transe, psychédélique, Inde, raga. Piano Wha wha. 03:48
Zambia - G. D Agostino Urbaine, tribale. Intro de show, présentation. 01:36
Marley Reggae - G. D Agostino Un coté flamenco espagnol. Héroïque, romantique, sensuelle. 02:43
Memories Of Albufeira - G. D Agostino Presque funk. Puissante, psychédélique, pop années 60-70. 04:18
Message From Orion - G. D Agostino Intro ambient. Ragga, transe, Années 60-70. Gabor Szabo. 02:55
Myra - G. D Agostino Dessin animé, jeu vidéo. Joyeuse. 03:29
Little Green Man - G. D Agostino Urbain, préparatif mission impossible. Années 70. 02:43
Lounge Angels - G. D Agostino Lyrique, positive, slow pop rock années 70. Led Zeppelin. 03:48
First Love Song - G. D Agostino Joyeuse, fleur bleue. Positive, oldies. 04:51
Hide And Seek - G. D Agostino Printanière, année 70, guitare héro. Détente presque disco. 02:51
Kings Cup - G. D Agostino Début étrange, ouverture world aventure à 1'30. 03:17
La Ferrina - G. D Agostino Contemporain, jazz, urbaine, répétitive, transe, pop années 70. 04:44
La Furlana - G. D Agostino Italie, Sicile, printanière, danse traditionnelle, aventure, sensuelle, romantique, joyeuse. 02:58
Courtesan - G. D Agostino Printanière, folk, fusion, aventure, joyeuse. 03:04
Culture Club Reggae - G. D Agostino Printanière, caraïbe, Sega. Danse, fête. 03:17
Deathrider - G. D Agostino Mystérieuse, psychédélique. Entre Satriani junior et Robert Fripp. 04:07
Inner City Groove - T. Stoilkovski Pulsing, funky and bass driven meets jazzy synth and stylish rock cred. EP @ 1'40. 02:50
Feel This - T. Stoilkovski Attitude stomping electro synthed, organ and guitar driven pop-rock ditty with plenty of club charisma with street style. It's nightime and all the funky people come out to play. 02:52
Moonlight Rendezvous - T. Stoilkovski Melodic piano lines run with an upright bass, muted jazz saxophone, distorted simple guitar lines and shimmering string pads. Virgule 00:06
Break The Rules - T. Stoilkovski Power pop meets punk with an array of cool horns and strings setting the pace. Boomtown Rats. 02:41
Be Original - T. Stoilkovski Brash, bold and in your face choppy guitars and overdriven funky bass salute a rebel spirit. 02:47
Big Challenge - T. Stoilkovski Robotic, octaved guitars rocking with adventurous beats and rhythms. 02:20
Far East Dream - T. Stoilkovski Relaxed far eastern mood encompassed with strings and traditional instruments. Version 30s. 00:30
Friends Always - T. Stoilkovski Upbeat but tempered raw pop fuelled guitar driven happiness with splashes of piano. A reminder that friends are always close to you not matter how you feel. Fresh and fun mid tempo pop. 02:17
Search For Answers - T. Stoilkovski Rock guitars fusing nylon guitar, deep strings and half time drums herald a searching feeling. Virgule. 00:08
Street Cool - T. Stoilkovski Stereo alt country pop type guitars lay a foundation on a simple bass and drum backing. Feeling good and cool in the city vibe. 02:14
Street Fever - T. Stoilkovski Full throttle guitar driven rock, pop and electro livewire that feels like it's about to take off. Scorching down the highway in a monster of a car with a full tank, attitude and a vendetta. 03:25
Street Tough - T. Stoilkovski Edgy and gritty guitars mash with pop induced chorus hooks. 03:17
Sweet And Dangerous - T. Stoilkovski A slice of classic rock guitar, wah lead runs team up with ambient synths, funky bass and straight up jammin' drums. EP @ 1'10. 02:31
Take A Leap - T. Stoilkovski Edgy guitar intro builds into fluid neo sci-fi pop rock. EP @ 1'05 Piano. 02:17
Tell Your Mamma Tell Your Papa - T. Stoilkovski Quirky retro acoustic rock with 70's psychedlic vocal elements and nostalgic feel. 04:09
The Lights - T. Stoilkovski Fresh, enigmatic yet adventurous guitar, synth organic cruiser with piano melody, chopped guitar, interval marching drums and whole lot of feel. Cruising down the strip at sunset. 02:22
The Mighty Ones - T. Stoilkovski Ever growing, epic heavy rock meets orcherstra power anthem with electro pulsating percussion. 01:55
Thrills And Spills - T. Stoilkovski Rock hitting electro groove beast with layers of percussion, funky raw and programmed drums with fresh effects in stereo. An extreme sport or urban grind charged monster event. 02:00
Tomorrows Road - T. Stoilkovski A classic rock guitar fed middle eastern influenced journey. 03:32
Touch The Stars - T. Stoilkovski A blues and country rock stomp emblazoned with in your face acoustic guitar intro and melody which builds and charges into a rhythmic piano, organ and slide guitar reveler. 03:43
Viva Joy - T. Stoilkovski Piano based syncopated feel good, upbeat, happy tune with sparkles of Latino and salsa flair. It's New York meets Rio in a downtown deli café vibe. 01:52
Vogue Style - T. Stoilkovski Funky organ and pads merge with a cool bassline and acid jazz inspired drums. From London to Moscow, the clubs are grooving. 02:08
Watch Me Fly - T. Stoilkovski Delayed arpeggiated guitars, rising pads and driving bass line build into a rock, trip pop anthem. 03:06
What If We're The Only Ones - T. Stoilkovski British Bowie 70s feel melancholy ballad with acoustic, tremelo tinged guitars and yearning vocals. 04:23
Wild Beast - T. Stoilkovski Pure hard rock syncopated mayhem unleashed with a half time beat monster rock chorus ending. 01:40
Words Have Lost Their Meaning - T. Stoilkovski Alt country ballad with a foundation of rock, tremelo guitars, lots of reverb and a feel of yesteryear. 03:30
Young And Crazy - T. Stoilkovski In your face rock guitar delayed odyssey exploding with modern melody and pop rock swagger. 02:24
Young Dreamers - T. Stoilkovski Edgy, pop guitar saturated candy with loads of meldodic synth counterparts and a head full of adventure, fun and attitude. The party is just beginning, the lights are just spinning. 03:20
Reggae Attack - T. Stoilkovski A down and dirty, joyful reggae tune with attitude. Big bass, bold drums and in your face coll guitars. Sipping a margarita on a perfect sandy beach in an island in the Caribbean. 02:33
Repeat Play - T. Stoilkovski Bouncy, cool, happy, commercial pop, electronica tune that fuses synths with effects, organs, modern and 80's drums and neat funky guitars. The sound of a busy airport or funky city scene. Virgule. 00:06
Republic Of Rock - T. Stoilkovski The heart of rock and roll in a modern rocktronic guitar fuelled ride. 02:44
Revolution Rock - T. Stoilkovski Marching driven, hands in the air, melodic rebellious guitar anthem. A whole street full of people marching in unison to the sound of a modern pulse. EP @ 0'59. 02:40
Roadside Blues - T. Stoilkovski Rolling down the highway cruising blues guitar track. 00:55
Rock The People - T. Stoilkovski Grungy rock pop with a heart of attitude. EP @ 0'45. 02:23
Rockstatic - T. Stoilkovski Classic rock meets modern guitar fed power driver with space effects. 02:49
Secret Business - T. Stoilkovski Mysterious deep groove with guitar and pad splashes in the moonlight of a secret rendevouz. 02:45
Seven Signs - T. Stoilkovski Fist pumping, classic stomping Brit rock, with stadium chorus, reminiscent to The Who. 04:19
Shake This Party - T. Stoilkovski A little funk here, little funk there with big brass section, rock ego and plenty of bite. 02:22
Shout At The Sky - T. Stoilkovski Top of your lungs shout out track with funky guitars and vox with a retro chorus and present indie appeal. 03:51
Sidewalk Stories - T. Stoilkovski Middle of the road, Americana guitar driven pop tune with a cool attitude and country rock fever. The open highway blends into a road trip experience with many interesting characters to meet. 03:10
Solar - T. Stoilkovski An incremental build up of a far eastern stylized feel with soaring rock and wah wah guitars, urban style organic drums and floating vocals building to a crescendo of emotion. Flying into the galaxy on a head on collision with the center of the universe. Atmospheric electro power pop. 03:10
Stand Out - T. Stoilkovski Funky free loving 70's groove with piano, guitar mimicking melodies and hammond organ. Sunday fun out in the park with friends. Virgule 00:09
Stand Strong - T. Stoilkovski Classic rock sounding down on the floor mover with ac-dc type lines, stirings and power chords. Controlled anger. 02:50
Brave Frontier - T. Stoilkovski Classic guitar driven pop western psychedlic stomp. 02:17
Natural Wonder - T. Stoilkovski Epic U2'ish ambient rock track, introspective build up to an epic, all out power chorus. 03:10
Neon Express - T. Stoilkovski All aboard the electronic, pop, industrial groove of the mysterious neon express train. 03:18
Never Coming Back This Way - T. Stoilkovski Tender and ambient folk country ballad with only guitar and vocals. Virgule. 00:07
New Experience - T. Stoilkovski Percussive drums and elements with a steady bassline, floating on pads interspersed with melodic wah, funky chordal and tremolo blues guitars. 02:24
New Pioneers - T. Stoilkovski Crisp guitars, arpeggiated synths and pop choruses move to an inspiring beat. 02:12
No Stops - T. Stoilkovski Stereo duel 70's guitar rock with acoustic drums turns into cool school rock electro chorus. Trying to catch up with a couple of BMX riders through the city carparks. 02:10
Old Shoes - T. Stoilkovski Quirky cool with upright bass, be bop drums, harmonica, flute and fuzzed guitars. Virgule. 00:03
Out Of Body Experience - T. Stoilkovski Funky pop Bowie meets Kasabian meets Roxy Music with shimmery attacking guitars and four on the floor groove. 02:52
Out Of Time - T. Stoilkovski Confident anthemic rock, overdriven ambient guitar chords and odd time syncopated chorus. 03:30
Pure - T. Stoilkovski Pacey, pop punk guitars, acoustic and electro drums wield a youth driven feel. 03:42
Ready For Tomorrow - T. Stoilkovski Tender guitars and percussive elements sway into a positive, feel happy track. 02:57
Rebeccas Imagination - T. Stoilkovski A diverse mix of Rock, World Percussion, Eastern influences and surreal pop with a reflective, enigmatic edge. Alice in Wonderland meets Dali in modern suburbia. Surreal ethno percussive rock pop. 02:58
Rebel Heart - T. Stoilkovski Sexy, confident indie stomping groove that tastes like sugar. 03:02
I Got A Heartbeat - T. Stoilkovski Classic rock and roll Zeppelin guitar and drum groove with soaring vocals and high energy, percussive chorus. 02:47
I Got You - T. Stoilkovski Reflective pop rock with shimmery delayed guitars and a romantic radio vibe. 03:38
I'm Here For You - T. Stoilkovski Country pedal steel, modern synth, happy tune with pop drums and a big heart. 02:46
Join The Party - T. Stoilkovski Upbeat, groove kicking funky guitar, organ track with big smiles. 02:07
Joyful Wonder - T. Stoilkovski A joyous holiday season track with modern beats and good cheer for everyone. 01:11
Just Like Honey - T. Stoilkovski Fresh, modern chill out with touches of french influence and cosmopolitan feel. EP @ 0'42. 01:56
Left Without A Sound - T. Stoilkovski Beatlesque start into a bold, classic Californian pop chorus. Blue skies and fairy floss. EP @ 0'38. 03:30
Let's Drive - T. Stoilkovski Driving arpeggio synths and floating pads meet wah guitars with a 90's relflective modern feel. 02:05
Lights And Action - T. Stoilkovski Pacey, tight rocktronica that cranks from the start through to an adrenalin fueled ride. EP @ 0'59. 02:56
Lights Of The City - T. Stoilkovski Positive rocker about redemption with emotive vocals, tender guitars bursting into shimmery overdriven pop rock chorus. 04:34
Little Bit Different - T. Stoilkovski Weird techno electronica with lashings of street cred 80's vibe. 02:00
Little Sunshine - T. Stoilkovski Country pop rock in the heart of the city welcoming a day of sunshine. 02:42
Long Road Ahead - T. Stoilkovski Spacial alt rock pop lead by floating flutes, rhythmic guitar swagger, synth apreggios and banjos. EP @ 1'52, banjo. 03:42
Love Desire - T. Stoilkovski Dramatic and emotionally driven melodic pop electro ballad with sparkles of country tinged orbison style guitars with lush strings, pads and plenty of style. A beautiful woman dancing atop the Eiffel tower whilst Paris shines at night. Version 30s. 00:30
Midnight Shakers - T. Stoilkovski Retro pop with edgy guitars, rock funk bass and acoustic drum kit rock to electro pop synthetics. In the middle of the crowd dancing to multi colored lights. 02:19
Modern Lifestyle - T. Stoilkovski Pop synth with ambient chorus flickering in the glow of future lights. 03:26
Motor - T. Stoilkovski A progressing grindy, edgy guitar leads a pulsating, arpeggio bass line with distorted drums and attitude. Cranking a twin turbocharged beast down the middle of the autobahn. Rock electronica. 01:45
My Big Mouth - T. Stoilkovski Sharp, tight guitars bounce off fiery licks with brass section stabs and an almost deep south bluesy attitude. 02:44
East West Urban - T. Stoilkovski A cascading effect of urban bass and drums, rising strings and altered harpsichord, harp and eastern influences. 03:14
Electric Streets - T. Stoilkovski Bowie era electric charged razor guitars with a confident drive. 02:27
Escape Plan - T. Stoilkovski A charging bassline coupled with synchronized electro effects and melody turns into a summer electro pop chorus before venturing back into tense territory. An escape through dark city tunnels into the fredom of green pastures. 02:22
Everyday Moments - T. Stoilkovski Happy and bouncy pop electronica celebrating life. Version 30s. 00:30
Exciting Times - T. Stoilkovski Moving edgy driven party club rock groover. 02:19
Exit Left For Groovy - T. Stoilkovski All out percussive big beat stomp with a definite funk twist. Big drums, edgy melodic guitars, staccato distorted synths, sax and flute combine to kick it. It's like throwing together the atmosphere of a game final with the electricity of a nightclub raising the roof. Percussive electro organic beat pop. 02:57
Feel Good Moment - T. Stoilkovski Arpeggio chords and driven country twang guitars dance side by side in unison to the beat of a modern country rock beat interspersed with organ and plenty of fresh attitude. EP @ 0'55. 02:34
Feel Good Times - T. Stoilkovski Pop rock acoustic track saluting friends and happiness everywhere. 03:29
Feel The Energy - T. Stoilkovski Uplifting, modern rock pop cross genre piece with electo nuances and excitement plus. EP @ 0'33 Rock. 03:13
Feeling Groovy - T. Stoilkovski A nod to the cool, funky Britpop influenced sounds of the 60's with the modern interpretation of nowadays. Trebled Rickenbacker type guitar sounds mesh with funky pop drums, regal strings and bouncing basslines with harmony beach boy inspired vocals. 03:09
Freeway Stars - T. Stoilkovski Wah guitars running hot with soul meets funk bass, driving drums amidst a saturation of cool pop. Nothing will stop us tonight as we hit the freeways. 02:46
Funky Monsters - T. Stoilkovski Bluesy, synth driven rock solid groovy , progressive track . EP @ 0'53. 02:00
Future Machine - T. Stoilkovski Rocktronica with slamming power rock pop electro momentum. 02:04
Gold And Glitter - T. Stoilkovski Allure and glitter in the world of fashion, style and mystery in this modern lounge electro dance track. 02:45
Golden Days - T. Stoilkovski Reflective pop tinged tune with shimmering acoustic guitars and drums, tablas and evocative lead guitar. Journeying through an enchanted land while you're daydreaming. Refreshing pop rock. EP @ 0'28. 02:04
Groove Rocket - T. Stoilkovski Groove charging rock fueled guitar stomper with electro beats and blues infused lead breaks. Roll out the convertible cadillac, cruise down the highway with the sun on your back. EP @ 0'43. 02:52
Handle With Care - T. Stoilkovski Tender and caring acoustic, electric country pop lullaby. 02:37
Hot Kiss - T. Stoilkovski Electronic funkiness meets grungy bass line rock with string and synth melodic interplay. 02:28
Hot Neon - T. Stoilkovski A smooth electro beat plays against a driving bassline with 70s rock guitar licks and pedal steel splashes. 02:18
Alive Awake - T. Stoilkovski Solid and passionate guitar pop rock with towering melodic chorus. Song. 03:43
All The Creatures Are Stirring - T. Stoilkovski Brave pop rock infused with psychedelic imagery and driving guitars building to an epic chorus. Virgule. 00:12
Dark Skyline - T. Stoilkovski Edgy, surreal, rock with dark ambient guitar splashes and a rock shuffle. 02:33
Down And Dirty - T. Stoilkovski Sexy blues overdriven pop funk piece with stomping groove and percussive jangly guitars. 03:32
Downtown Groove - T. Stoilkovski Hip and funky groove based house meets rock pop bristling with jangly, edgy guitars, funky bass and synthezised chorus work. Pull down the sunroof, drive through town at night and party till the morning. Hip house funky rock pop. 02:40
Dreams And Hope Unite - T. Stoilkovski Pads rise into a marching like guitar and drum four on the floor pattern that charges into a live rock breather carried by sweeping string section which glides into a solo nylon string bridge and then back. Virgule 00:11
Chase The Bass - T. Stoilkovski Action fueled bass guitar tradeoff in the fast lane. 02:45
City To Coast - T. Stoilkovski Middle of the road meets alternative country rock in this guitar driven track. Acoustic guitars embellish the stereo spectrum, electric guitar rocks out the melody and the organs, pads layer atmosphere. 02:49
Concrete Angels - T. Stoilkovski Alt Indie guitar becomes cool edgy beatnik groove then explodes into fired up club filler. Stars and endless freeways collide in color for the night. 02:48
Conspiracy Down - T. Stoilkovski A militant and tense journey weaving through red curtain electro pulses, vibrato guitar, deep cellos and rock lead guitars. A secret mission in electroland. Percussive electro organic rock. 04:00
Cool Friends - T. Stoilkovski Indie guitar intro hits into a electro, two step beat, catchy melodic synths with huge nu-style attitude and metro flavor. An inner city party that is shaking the floorboards. 02:10
Country Sweetheart - T. Stoilkovski Sunrise over the countryside walking with your sweetheart in this country blues rock ballad. 03:37
Courage And Spirit - T. Stoilkovski Country meets ambient pop epic landscape with heritage feel. Virgule. 00:10
Crazy Overdrive - T. Stoilkovski Massive in your face guitar rocker with attitude and cool groove. 03:00
Create Your Adventure - T. Stoilkovski A feel good, inquisitive rock track with psychedelic guitars and funky bass, marching on frequent drum rolls. EP @ 1'41. 03:00
Crying Gabriel - T. Stoilkovski An epic electronic and chorale flight with pulsating effects and electro militant style drums, choir voices and a siren that makes you take notice. A call to arms in a fight between good and evil. Epic thematic electronic ambient. Virgule. 00:06
Be Yourself - T. Stoilkovski Funky bass, guitars and drums laden with synth effects explode into a psychedelic rock funk chorus. An uber cool street vibe that gets up and goes. Hyper funky pop rock. 02:17
Beautiful Heart - T. Stoilkovski A poignant and tender electonic piece centred around piano Virgule 00:09
Beautiful Mess - T. Stoilkovski Streetwise, raw indie guitars and rhythm section burn an underground attitude. 04:28
Bend Your Mind - T. Stoilkovski A psychedelic rock, electro journey into the underground. 03:18
Berlin Nouveau - T. Stoilkovski Romantic and progressive atmosphere with piano, a drone bass groove and arpeggio synth melodies. European noir and vibe with a touch of nostalgia. Electro pop noir. Version 30s 00:30
Big Horizons - T. Stoilkovski Big pop rock soundscape with exotic undercurrent and a dose of electronica. Version 30s 00:30
Blood Red Lips - T. Stoilkovski Haunting and building psychedelic rock with infusions of reggae, alternative indie and outright grunge pop chorus explosion. 02:36
Brand New Me - T. Stoilkovski Delicate and happy electric guitars harmonize over a backing rhythm of chilled pop and calypso tinged beats. Carefree times spent with friends on a sunny day in the park. 02:41
A Change Is Coming - T. Stoilkovski Epic rock pop with a guiding string and pad section and a shout it out loud, stand on a mountain chorus. 03:40
A New Day Begins - T. Stoilkovski Bright, electric guitars spark interplay into a piano pop driven catchy, feel good number. 02:44
Above The Skies - T. Stoilkovski Launch through the clouds into the sky with big beats, power guitars and ambient synth effects. EP @ 0'48. 01:01
Access All Areas - T. Stoilkovski Four on the floor poptronic groove with rock attitude and electro pulses. 03:00
Action With Style - T. Stoilkovski Action rocktronica in the fast lane with lots of style and beats. 02:31
Activate Me - T. Stoilkovski RandB player with organic groove, wah guitar and a touch of electronic sparkle. 03:41
Airbag - T. Stoilkovski Massive electro rock, arpeggio delayed guitars, powerful strings with pulsing deep effects. Our hero is about to meet his nemesis in a warehouse showdown. 02:19
All The Action - T. Stoilkovski Big unison rock guitars command attention, driven by a funky melodic rhythm. 02:30
All The Lights - T. Stoilkovski Strings meet with a heartfelt, welcome home type 6-4 modern country pop ballad melody with electric guitars that shine in the chorus. 03:32
Amethyst - T. Stoilkovski Swirling and driving percussive beats meet warm, ambient organ tones and majestic sweeping strings. An adventure deep in the heart of a lost civilization. Percussive ambient electronic pop. Version 30s 00:30
Angels And Rebels - T. Stoilkovski Rebels come out to play and party with no rules in pop rock splendor. Version 30s. 00:30
Apartment Two - T. Stoilkovski Weird, neurotic experimental art rock with dual harmony guitars, elecotronic pulses and big, half time drums. Strange sounds and weird lights coming from the top floor apartment. Version 30s 00:30
Artificial Love - T. Stoilkovski Les Paul guitar riff gets a dose of chopped up pop, airy pads, reverbed piano melody, drums and cool school bass. Who. 01:49
Mermaids Groove - G. D Agostino Latin atmosphere on the beach, festive, progressive. Organ, percussion, flute, bass and brass. 04:28
Dirty Dog Inst - L.J. Cedar Japanese Korean punk rock track with crazy female vocal.. Aggressive, Energetic, Angry, Indie, Punk, Band, Live. 01:07
A Certain Charm - L.J. Cedar Classic Indie instrumental rock track. Driving, Macho, Confident, Self Assured, Up, Friendly, Brit Rock, Oasis. 04:02
Big Apple Jam - L.J. Cedar A Ramones New York Dolls punk style indie rock track.. Powerful, Driving, Driven, Frantic, Energetic, Indie, Confident, Macho, Strong. 01:20
Seasons Of Light - L.J. Cedar Sweet acoustic piece with guitars, bass drums and strings. Springtime Summertime, laid back feel. Light, Calm, Positive, Uplifting, Romantic and Cute. 00:42
Abbey Road - L.J. Cedar Vintage cinematic cue, 60's, with Mellotron flutes and classic rock guitar. Classic British film sound.. Ominous, Dramatic, Psychedelic, Moody, British, 1960s, James Bond, Spy. 01:02
Far Too Keen - L.J. Cedar An uplifting Piano, Bass, Strings, Guitar and Drums track inspired by the band Keane.. Uplifting, Energetic, Cheerful, Confident, Melodic. 01:05
Gear Change - L.J. Cedar Driving rock track with chunky bassline and electric riff. Perfect for a car commercial.. Ominous, Driving, Macho, Confident, Eerie, Self Assured, Moody. 00:33
Golden Square - L.J. Cedar Rock Guitar and Strings waltz. A duet with emotional crescendo.. Waltz, Warm Waltz, Heartwarming, Romantic, Classy, Cute, Graceful, and Heroic. 01:03
Last Day Free - L.J. Cedar West coast, optimistic college/indie rock track.. Driving, Macho, Confident, Self Assured, Moody, Youthful, Joyful. 00:33
Lets Go To The Game - L.J. Cedar Indie rock track for sport based pictures. Vocals, Guitar, Bass and Drums. Driving, Macho, Confident, Self Assured, Up, Friendly. 00:35
Majestic Manners - L.J. Cedar A light, delicate and sweet track perfect for TV commercial.. Sweet, Light, Dreamy, Up, Uplifting. 00:40
Precious Stone - L.J. Cedar Indie anthemic guitar rock melody with energetic outro. Classy, Cute, Heroic, Determined, Rocking, Fresh, Refreshing, Rocking, Energetic, Anthemic, Building. 01:04
Punk Funk - L.J. Cedar Energetic indie guitar funk rock with catchy riff.. Energetic, Punk, Driving, Driven, Macho. 01:14
Setting The Scene Mix - L.J. Cedar A dreamlike, calm, lazy, Pink Floyd sounding track.. Dreamy, Calm, Mellow, Melting, Drifting, Angelic. 00:25
Sixties Scene - L.J. Cedar A quirky 1960's psychedelic mondo film style track.. Quirky, Fun, Positive, Uplifting, Groovy, Energetic. 01:00
Stockholm 5 - L.J. Cedar Scandanavian European feel track with synth-sound collage.. Cool, Mellow, Charming, Groove, Carefree, Beautiful, Wistful. 00:28
Symbol To A Buddha - L.J. Cedar Dulcimer melody with Finger Cymbals and Bass Guitar. Spiritual Eastern feel.. Spiritual, Ethnic, Ethereal, Ominous, Angelic, Devout. 00:46
The Reaper - L.J. Cedar Psychedelic Hammond organ with guitar and tambourines.. Psychedelic, Rocking, Impending, Dramatic, Macho, Driven, Frightening, Ominous, Looming. 00:26
Use It Lose It - L.J. Cedar Rock track with chunky guitars, big drums and rocking organ.. Rocking, Energetic, Macho, Confident, Queens Of The Stone Age, Foo Fighters, punk,. 01:02
Explorer - O. Olsen Slap bass and various disturbing percussions. Violins wide and dark. Theme on synth. 02:09
Te ligo na seqüencia - M. Madoré Percussion, acoustic guitar, bass. Theme unison acoustic piano and guitar. Violins. 01:39
La Rosée de Mai - M. Madoré Sicilian Renaissance style with bass 6 Strings solo. Medieval. Relaxation, romantic, nostalgic 01:45
Cerveja e Consideração - M. Madoré Bass, percussion and violins. Acoustic guitar for accompaniment and theme, flute doubling, and whistling. 02:43
Train de vie - F. Bégnon Intro drums and electric piano. 0'46 Theme with violins. 02:02
Podgorica - J-M Boiteux Bass, drums ans 2 guitars. Short flok song. 00:36
Slewfoot - J-M Boiteux Bass, drums and 2 acoustic guitars, accompaniment and theme. Jingle. 00:08
What Is That - J-M Boiteux Drums and acoustic guitar. Jingle. 00:10
Let's Go Out - J-M Boiteux 2 acoustic guitars, bass and drums for a positive interlude. 00:07
Little Cowboy - J-M Boiteux 2 acoustic guitars, bass and drums for a Western interlude. 00:36
Lucky Luke - J-M Boiteux Rhythmic far west, banjo and muted guitar. Melody on the acoustic piano. 02:14
Jimi Brother - J-M Boiteux '70s rock band, bass, drums, 2 guitars. Guitar solo. Hendrix, Alman Brothers. 01:38
Giddyup - J-M Boiteux Folk band and 2 acoustic guitars, theme and counterpoint. 02:18
Calico Blues - J-M Boiteux Rock band. Theme on the electric guitar, dobro. JJ Cale. 04:35
Good Cure - J-M Boiteux Rhythm pop-rock, a guitar accompaniment, the other for the melody. 1'04 break low. 02:18
Fleur Bleue - J-M Boiteux Acoustic guitar and rhythmic folk. Melody on the guitar. 0'56 violins. 1'11 organ. 03:12
Envie De Vomir - J-M Boiteux Unstable rhythmic. Synthé strained. Dobro. Material (the band). 04:55
Crazy night fever - J-P Godart Acoustic piano, bass disco dance, repetitive synth. The 80s, stripped. 02:40
2nd meet - J-P Godart Synth effects, bass and drum reggae. Theme on the synth and electric guitar. Edit point at 1'21, break. 03:18
Black and white stranger - J-P Godart Acoustic piano riff then electric, electronic drums, violins. 01:15
Pourquoi pas - J-P Godart Dense drums and percussion. Electric piano with tense chords. Theme in unison bass and guitar. 05:43
Dodecaphonical dub - J-P Godart Intro organ melody and percussion. Drums. 0'29 groove. 0'55 glissando of synth. 1'29 electric guitar. 03:54
9 th - J-P Godart Large, rhythmic solo, powerful, Edit point at 0'25 and 1'33 violins synth and acoustic guitar, bass ostinato, 2'55 break. 04:01
Performance - G. Goué Electronic drums, filtered synth chord. Bass played at the pick. Tense harmony. 02:32
Get Up Make Up Move Up - E. Delecolle Synth Intro. Festive rhythm, funk guitar. Voice and vocoder, repetitive. Edit point at 0'56 break. 03:29
First Time - E. Delecolle Techno dance of the '80s. Vocoder. 04:45
Everybody Dance - E. Delecolle Disco dance of the '80s. Vocoder. 04:46
Stranglers - A. Jamot New wave band from the '80s. Electric guitar arpeggios. New Wave '80s. Dynamic, powerful and nostalgic. 02:24
Sisters new age - A. Jamot Psychedelic rock. Larsen. Ostinato of guitar, dubbing. 02:16
Sisters rock obsession - A. Jamot Intro Dark synth, bass and filtered charley reasoning. Guitar in arpeggios then saturated. 02:28
Nine in the evening - A. Jamot Bass synth and effects. Spacy and evolutionary synth. E.Piano, trumpet solo. 06:21
13-8 Impair Et Pair - A. Jamot Intro bass and sound effects. Synth, drums and distant and offbeat percussions. Progressively more present. Edit point at 2'25, Solo guitar, tense harmony. 4'52 End E.piano and flute solo. 06:42
Ultima la poursuite - A. Jamot Mechanical piano, fast tempi, tempo contrasts, mechanical ambience, factory, clock mechanism, fast moving crowds. Tom and Jerry in quicker. 06:49
Uncle Frank reggae - A. Jamot Guitar solo saturated, harmony tense, rhythmic reggae discrete. 02:53
Elephant Walk - M. Bedot Intro electric guitar. Binary rhythmic with bass played with the pick. Vibraphone. 03:16
Anin In Blue - M. Bedot Ambient ballad. Very free theme at the piano. Bass fretless, guitar and sitar very discreet. 03:45
End Of December - M. Bedot Rhythmic in harmonics of bass and electric guitar vibrato. 02:27
Resonances - G. Goué Synthé spacy, percussions, basse, batterie, guitare wha wha. Edit point at 1'12 theme on acoustic guitar. Serenity. 02:07
Remind - G. Goué Intro of 10s. Bass and heavy drums, repetitive. Light percussion. 02:19
Mary Can t Dance - G. Goué Late evening impro with friends. Affirmation, answer. 01:22
Gangster Of Chicago - L. Liatard Electric piano and rhythmic effect. Groove RnB. Short and repetitive theme on electric piano. Edit point at 2'12. 03:18
Veuillez Patienter - L. Liatard Vinyl crackles. Samples of electric piano, violins and vocals. Rhythm guitar wah wah. 1'18 and 2'34 part B. 03:15
On Air - L. Liatard RnB repetitive rhythm. Electric piano wah wah. Synth in sequence. 03:59
Starsky Sans Hutch - L. Liatard Sixties. choirs, wah wah guitar, sequined costume, shirt of '60s, faceted ball. 03:42
Deserty - C. Mathieu Rhythmic electro-rock trance. Bass saturated. Electric guitar effect reverse. 0'52 break Synth. Delay on the snare more and more strong. 02:19
Millenium - C. Mathieu Guitar riff theme in reverb, drums, saturated bass. 1'34 break bass drums. 02:06
Essaim - G. Goué Bass synth and fast drums. Tense harmony. Sound elements and sound effects. 03:02
Horizons - G. Goué Intro E.bass and E.Piano. 1'26 drums. Edit point at 1'42, tempo change. Melody on the synth. 02:16
Funky Lips - G. Goué Funky rhythm, bass ostinato, percussion and synth effects. Hump De Bump funk guitar. 01:20
White Satin - G. Goué Intro electric piano. 0'16 bass and drums. Melody on the electric piano. 02:53
New File - G. Goué Percussion, synth sequence, bass ostinato, drums. Strange, distant voice. 01:21
Tristan - G. Goué Rock band. Electric piano and psychedelic synth. Sample of voice. 02:53
Bad Trip - G. Goué Rhythmic shuffle with bluesy riff, sounds effects. Bass, electric piano and vocoder. Téléphone voice. 02:24
Bimbo - G. Goué Drums with brushes, bass riff and rhythmic organ. Crying guitar. 00:58
Mon Boss - G. Goué Rhythmic bossa on guitar and singing bass. Intervention of E.Piano in arpeggio. 02:23
Time - G. Goué Rhythmic sound effects. Melody calm on the electric piano. Machines, automatons and robotics. Urban spring industry. 01:52
Trop Hip - G. Goué Bass groovy. Melody soft and distant. Urban, suspense and siren song. 02:00
Origine - G. Goué Drums stressed. Repetitive bass, shouting guitar. Repetitive synthesis. 01:09
Protect - G. Goué Percussion ethnic, bass with glissando, synth in background. 02:53
Winter Walk - P. Gaillard Bass in chords, soft sequence of synth. Theme played on bass fretless. 1'56 part B positive. 04:26
Isaac Eyes - P. Gaillard RnB drums of the 60s, bass sensual and groovy, electric piano and guitar spacy. Long notes of violins, sensual voice. Edit point at 1'43 break. 03:35
Short Rodeo Drive - P. Gaillard Rock band, powerful riff of electric guitars. Melody and solo on guitar. Theme song. 01:24
Xun Wind - P. Gaillard Synthé planant, percussions, effects. Theme played with a xun, very old Chinese wind instrument. 06:26
Hell Guitar Drive - P. Gaillard Riff of incisive guitar. Wha-wha and RnB drums from '60s. 02:05
Série B - H. La Guerche Bass intro played at the pick. Melody on the guitar in vibrato. Organ and discreet percussion. 02:29
Flugel Interlude - J-P Bigourie Rhythmic funky guitar and clavinet. Electric piano. Melody unison flute and trumpet. 02:11
The Forgotten Pictures - C. Nouailhaguet Mixture of texture and effects. Percussion and ethnic instruments. Synth widespread, planant. Piano theme, harp arpeggios, violins. Theme and rhythmic version. 01:47
Under The Blue Line - C. Nouailhaguet Intro synth and effects. 0'16 heavy drums and ostinato of pronounced rock bass. Melody played on steel guitar. 1'16 break. 02:23
Wealth Motherland - Wu Le Intro et fin héroîque. Suite romantique et fleur bleue. 03:17
The Power In Progress - Li Ke Brillant, guerrier, riff efficace. 02:17
Sunny Delight - J-M Cazorla 2 Guitars. Rhythmic in the background. A sunny beach. Holidays, casual, sweet. 02:50
Foggy - F. Bry Intro buzz. Power trio rock with saturated guitar riff. End as a break. 00:42
Still - F. Bry Rhythmic electro, filtered. 0'43 saturated guitar. 1'06 station. Crackling, distortion. Synthesis of rock and nuclear. 02:56
Angine - F. Bry Sound effects, bass, drums and electric guitar. Delay. 01:11
Glaube - F. Bry Long notes by Duduk or oboe. Bass and drums tense. 01:30
Surtout - F. Bry Changing filtered drums. Hispanizing acoustic guitar. Synthes and dark sounds. Saturated guitar. 01:53
Funky Fruit - P. Sanchez Garcia Funk rock band. Electric piano, violins and bass slap. Like a playback. 1'48 break. Melody with violins. 04:44
Odd Thames Organics - P. Sanchez Garcia Rhythmic of progressive rock in odd measures. Electric piano and organ. 1'03 guitars break, part B, bass walking and organ solo. 2'19 part C. 04:25
160 Miles - P. Sanchez Garcia Bass and drums tight. Saturated guitar and organ exchanges the solos. 02:01
Vintage Update - F. Niobey Intro in unison of the orchestra. Melody played on flute and marimba. Interventions of baritone sax and brass. 0'57 guitar solo. 03:01
Beliers Celestes - F. Niobey Rhythm and sound effects. Violins. Theme on ethnic percussion. Large orchestra, clarinet, brass and harp. Ryuichi Sakamoto. 02:21
Didj Game - S. Chaffer Australian rhythm and blues. James Brown guitar and bass and energetic didgeridoo. 02:53
Bosphore - T. Chaze Rhythmic drums and percussion, bass. Discrete synth, repetitive bass ethnic flute. 03:25
Freestyle - T. Chaze Rock band. Riff of powerful guitars. Rap flow. Red Hot and Linkin 'Park. Underscore version. 02:03
Saravaati Celebration - T. Chaze Acoustic piano theme and response to violins, Indian sitar. Version 10s. 00:12
Folkman - T. Chaze Intro guitar. Rhythmic pop rock. Melody ethnic flute. Ride in the great prairies of the West. 03:03
Loco - J-M Cazorla Straight drums. Fretless bass and acoustic piano arpeggios. Oboe. 01:10
Polarize - J. Pelizzari Intro trumpet. Sample of voice, jazz guitar. Complex drums. Bass solo end. 02:31
Smalty - J. Pelizzari Singing bass synth. Brilliant brass section. Intervention of guitar, choir, flute, clavinet, organ. 02:52
Storia - J. Pelizzari Vocoder, brass, melody with the Electric Piano. Bass, violins. Solo of trombone. 02:46
P.L.Riffazlectro - P. Sanchez Garcia Rhythmic electro tribal and synth. Saturated guitar. 02:59
Happy Metal - P. Sanchez Garcia Rock band. Theme in saturated guitar ostinato. Repetitive. 02:54
Alma Santanita - P. Sanchez Garcia Latin rock band of the '70s. Percussions. Solo of saturated guitar. Carlos Santana. 2'09 Latin rhythmic classical guitar. 03:17
Game On - J. Greenhow Bass and electronic percussion. Sound effects. Crystalline synth. 02:51
Labyrinthia - J. Greenhow Heavy and repetitive bass. Aerial synthesis. Repetitive percussions. 02:41
Quandary - J. Greenhow Electroniques percussion, bass and piano distant, tense. 01:04
Funktrip 70'S - M. Ricci Groove Funk bass, drums, psychedelic guitar solo such as Hendricks at 0:44. 01:27
Grasse matinée - M. Ricci Light with bass, organ and melody on guitar. Very discreet drums. 02:00
Esperances - M. Ricci Electric guitar. 0'16 rhythmic pop-rock. New Wave, The Cure. 01:26
Gueule De Bois - M. Ricci Improvisation bass, drums, synths and far piano. Airy. Distant. Edit point at 0'47 Stop. 01:40
Radio Groove - M. Ricci Deep bass with trash sound, very heavy. Guitar funk. 01:27
Vague à l'âme - M. Ricci Slow piano arpeggio. Bass and drums funk. Repetitive, anxiogenic. Suspens. 03:20
En Joug Funk ! - M. Ricci Rhythmic guitar intro saturated then bass ostinato and drums. 0'55 break, kick. Lenny Kravitz. 01:40
Osaka Station - M. Dall Anese Bass Intro Piano. Melody to the flute. 0'24 Part B violins staccato. Loop 3. 01:35
Stanlive - T. Chaze Slap basss line and shaker. Sound and low violins. Saturated guitars and various sound elements. Intense, tense. 02:06
Speedtrip - T. Chaze Nervous acoustic guitar. Distant bass and drums. Synth and guitar distortion. Psychedelic. Bad dream. 02:40
Siflonono - A. Roy Percussion, electric piano, bass. Whistled theme. 01:00
Ouverture - G. Wilmot Melody in unison bass and brass. Acoustic piano solo. opening, presentation, Theme song. 01:29
New Orleans - J-M Boiteux Electric bass. Theme and solo on saxophone. Electric guitar. Loop. 00:27
Découverte - J-M Boiteux Choirs and violins on pop rhythm. Mysterious. 00:34
Ranch - J-M Boiteux 2 folk guitars, theme and accompaniment, bass. 04:16
Rose Carmen - J-M Boiteux Theme and arpeggios on electric guitar, violins. 2'10 guitar solo. 06:29
Hohoho - J-P Bigourie Large jazz orchestra, brilliant brass. For an opening song. 00:17
White Lights - P. Sanchez Garcia Rock band. Saturated guitar theme, harmonized dubbing. Guitar solo. Scorpions. 01:42
Take Seven - P. Sanchez Garcia Rock band. Harmonized phrases of saturated and solo guitars. 02:27
Dark Lights - P. Sanchez Garcia Power trio. Riff in unison bass guitar. Edit point at 0'20, 0'56 double tempo. Guitar solo. 1'14 Riff and harmonized theme with 2 guitars. 01:48
Eleventh Click - P. Sanchez Garcia Power trio plus synth. Riff in unison bass guitar. 0'48 Guitar solo. 01:41
Great New Sun - P. Sanchez Garcia Rock band. Riff of guitar. Edit point at 0'35 break, solo guitar. 01:58
Great New World - P. Sanchez Garcia Rock band. Riff guitar and bass in unison. Theme on the guitar. 02:24
Heavy Drop C - P. Sanchez Garcia Rock band. Tense harmony of the theme. Edit point at 1'05, double tempo. 1'53 guitar solo. 2'12 break. 03:11
Metal Dream - P. Sanchez Garcia Rhythmic rock. Lyrical guitar phrases. 00:38
Noisy Song - P. Sanchez Garcia Riff rock in unison bass and guitar, break of drums and synth sequence. 0'31 Theme with saturated guitar. Edit point at 1'02, double tempo and lyric guitar phrases. 1'55 break. 03:53
Shitty Pussy Cat - P. Sanchez Garcia Guitar wah wah and rhythm guitar. Saturated guitar theme. 02:57
Magiska - B. Garcia Reggae band. Melody and solo on guitar. Ska atmosphere and festive brass. 05:08
Catch La Marie - B. Garcia Slap bass, percussion, guitar and organ. Groove and snap fingers. 05:57
State Bull - B. Garcia Slap bass line and funk guitar. Piano aerial and light, far away. 03:43
Boomaka Fela - B. Garcia Groove with bass slap, drums, percussion. Theme at the 60's organ, saxophone solo. 05:00
Ricochet - G. Goué Synth and voice effects, delay, cool rhythm. Edit point at 1'11, Percussions more dark. 2'01 back main thème. 04:00
Slade - T. Chaze Synth sequence, Slap bass, rhythmic sound effects. Effects. Theme with oriental influences. 1'01 Heavy drums. 03:12
Gazoline - J-P Vielfaure Violins and synth in unison. Filtered drums. Voice spoke throw phone. 02:57
Sexy Saxo - J-P Vielfaure Cool rhythm and violins. Melody on the saxophone. 00:38
Phazing - T. Chaze Intro synth and effects. 0'20 saturated guitar. 0'40 synth. 0'57 drums. '80s. 02:54
Dark Grung - T. Chaze Power trio. 0'22 saturated bass solo. Bass end saturated. 01:00
Action - L. Marie-Sainte Pop group of the 80s. Jingle transition. Dynamic jingle. 00:09
Ska Anime - L. Marie-Sainte 60's Electric Guitarmuted. Rhythmic Ska or rockabilly. 1'04 plus a semitone. 1'20 minus a semitone. 2'08 solo guitar break. 03:25
Fantasia - L. Marie-Sainte Intro aerial synth. Rock ballad. 0'28 Melody on saturated electric guitar. 0'55 Part B, acoustic piano. 02:30
Jazz Up - L. Marie-Sainte Groove, bass, drums, E.piano. Melody played on the saxophone. 01:09
Jazzagana - L. Marie-Sainte Session improvisation, drums, double bass, A.Piano, clarinet. Edit point at 0'39, guitar and violins. 01:15
Les Mickeys - L. Marie-Sainte Intro drums with brush, melody in unison Vibraphone, double bass. A.Piano. End brass and fingers snap. 01:19
Envoyé Spécial - L. Marie-Sainte Rhythm section bass, drums, A.Piano, organ. No main theme. 00:18
Prince Ip - L. Marie-Sainte Deep bass, brilliant brass. Far melody. 01:12
Dl Moment - G. Goué Spacy synth, panoramic. Bass Arpeggios. Effects, percussion and cello. 04:14
Midnight Run - P. Gaillard Industrial noise. Ostinato of double bass in staccato. Textures. Violins, percussions. Jingle. 00:05
Hope Scotch - P. Gaillard Without intro. Short and repetitive synth theme. Ritournelle sequenced. Jingle. 00:08
Bumptears - P. Gaillard Latin jazz orchestra. Melody and solo with vibraphone. Version 10s. 00:10
Sleazy - P. Gaillard Latin jazz orchestra. Melody on the flute. Violins languorous. Underscore version. 04:02
A Thought Of Cordoba - P. Gaillard Latin Jazz Orchestra. Melody to the flute. Version 20s. 00:20
Abysses - P. Gaillard Effects of anxiogenic synths. Bass rock played with the mediator. Melody with tense harmony. Edit point at 1'19 break of electronic percussions. Ethnic shout. 02:19
Second call - P. Gaillard Varieties band of the 70s. Electric piano and violins. Melody on the acoustic guitar. 04:07
Impression - P. Gaillard Bass, drums and electric piano. Melody played on 12 Strings guitar. 1'48 organ. Ballad of the '60s. 03:28
Outflute - P. Gaillard Synth effect then rhythmic funky, bass slap. Ethnic flute. 00:18
Kriptonight - P. Gaillard Harmonic suite tended to the synth. Repetitive theme of regular notes. Different sounds. 03:02
Sensual Helen - P. Gaillard E.Piano. Relaxing rhythm. Ethnic flute. Violins. Slow evolution. Funky guitar. Melody with soft synth. 05:01
Awsame - P. Gaillard Jazz orchestra. Melody on piano. Solo organ. 02:10
Iconoclast - P. Gaillard Theme song, urban ritornello. 00:29
Swing In New-York - J-M Carbonne Intro sounds filtered. Acoustic guitar and E. piano on rythm. Theme on the guitar. 03:59
Decent Machin - P. Gaillard Quick piano arpeggios. Melody on the synth. Jingle 1. 02:47
Dlm Cowboy - J-M Boiteux Rhythm guitar, kick, bass, and guitar melody. 0'47 rhythmic drums. 1'16 saturated guitar. 03:14
Papapa - J-M Boiteux Disco-pop. Accords to the electric guitar. Choirs. 0'34 break. 02:06
Tuntirou - J-M Boiteux Bass fretless, kick, electric guitar for the theme. Groove funky. 0'57, 1'27 breaks. Jaco Pastorius. 03:17
Walt - J-M Boiteux Tremolos of violins. Feminine choirs mmhh, bass. 0'50 Rhythm electric guitar. 02:50
Natural Beauty - J-M Boiteux Peaceful mix of guitars with theme. drums and bass. 03:28
Si Tu Même - J-M Boiteux Rhythmic pop-rock, shaker. Theme played at the organ. 0'43 break. 01:17
Bap - J-M Boiteux Pop-rock orchestra. Theme in short and repetitive riff on saturated guitar. 01:25
Bip - J-M Boiteux Disco-pop of the 70s. Ostinato of bass, violins, organ. Electric guitar theme and solo. 1'20 break. 03:13
Aurora Borealis - J-M Boiteux Bass, kick, violins, electric guitar. 1'18 break. 02:17
Et Puis Bip - J-M Boiteux Bass, drums. Riff of folk guitar, bass, rhythm and electric guitar arpeggios. 0'56 break. 02:34
Rekur - J-M Boiteux Electric bass intro. A guitar accompaniment and a guitar for the theme and the solo. 01:36
Kheops - J-M Boiteux Rock band with saturated guitar theme in Egyptian colors. 0'39, 1'16, guitar break. 02:00
Dindus - J-M Boiteux Groove funky, organ and synth. Short and repetitive synth melody. 02:58
Kts - J-M Boiteux Disco-pop, percussion, claps, bass and muted guitar. 01:24
Lament - J-M Boiteux Chanson, very soft female voice. drums with brushes, bass, piano. Voice and ethnic singing. Violins. 02:42
Little S - J-M Boiteux Intro groove percussion and drums. Clavinet. Electric guitar and bass funky. Melody on the organ. 0'48 break. 02:02
Losin Control - J-M Boiteux Intro feminine voice. Rhythm shuffle, piano in arpeggios, voice solo. 01:29
Not Too Bad - J-M Boiteux Rock band. Electric guitar. 0'51 break, riff of saturated guitars. 01:57
Sentimentalement - J-M Boiteux Female voice sung and shouted, reverse effect. Rythmic RnB. Rythmic guitar. 0'53 percussion, organ kitch. 1'28 break percussions. 02:40
Simplement Paulie - J-M Boiteux Disco-pop of the 80s. Theme to flute and guitar. Rythmic guitar. 02:03
So Good - J-M Boiteux Part B saturated guitar, organ. Road movie. 01:52
Stu - J-M Boiteux Blues shuffle with progressive input of instruments. Theme and solo on guitar. 03:29
Tatété - J-M Boiteux Rhythmic ballad RnB. Riff guitar, electric guitar theme. Riff of brass. 01:58
Tienda - J-M Boiteux Deep synth, bass, saturated guitar theme. Guitar wah wah. 03:25
Up The River - J-M Boiteux Percussion, marimba, bass and drums. 0'32 break clavinet. 0'52 percussion. 01:55
Yes My Name Is - J-M Boiteux Guitars and rhythmic funk. Rap voices, female choirs. 0'51, 1'06, 1'36, 1'55 breaks. Underscore version. 02:39
2T - J-M Boiteux Rock band of the 80s. Theme and solo on saturated guitar. Riff of guitar. 1'24 break. 01:53
Aim N°6 - J-M Boiteux Synth in background quiet. Theme on saturated guitar, bass. Simple. 01:12
Aim N°7 - J-M Boiteux Pop orchestra from the 80s. Electric piano. Without melody. 02:23
Angel - J-M Boiteux Funk orchestra. Accompaniment to the electric piano, theme and solo on the electric guitar. 01:26
Buddy - J-M Boiteux Ostinato of bass, drums, short and repetitive theme on guitar. 00:30
Caravan Of The Desert - J-M Boiteux Rock band of the 80s. Theme and solo on saturated guitar. Riff of guitar. 01:22
Dette - J-M Boiteux Synth in background. Electronic percussion and delay. Percussion. 02:07
L. A. Partymental - J-M Boiteux Funk band with orgue, horn section and saxophone. 01:10
Manhunt - J-M Boiteux Rock band of the 80s. Synth sequence. Theme on the electric guitar. 1'12 station. 01:46
Rocklidays - J-M Boiteux Rock band of the 80s. Theme and solo on saturated guitar. 01:18
Walk In The Meadows - J-M Boiteux Rock band of the 80s. Intro bass drums and guitar. 0'30 guitar riff, 0'48 guitar wah wah. 01:43
La Marche Du Lama - J-M Boiteux Rhythmic light synth of flute and guitar. Colors of the Andes. 1'07 Bass. 01:44
Daccord Pas Daccord - J-M Boiteux Synth Riff and Kick. 0'31 saturated guitar. 0'47 break of toms. 01:23
Plaire - J-M Boiteux Rock band. Arpeggios and accompaniment of saturated guitars. 01:17
Prisonner - J-M Boiteux Intro drums and percussion. Arpeggio of guitar and saturated riff. 01:29
I Wont Up - J-M Boiteux Rock band. Electric piano. Saturated guitar theme. 01:26
Jacket - J-M Boiteux Funky rhythm, wah wah guitar, melody and solo played on the saxophone. 01:22
Judas - J-M Boiteux Rock band, electric piano, guitars. Riff of piano, chords and melody on guitar. 0'57 break. 02:19
Lea - J-M Boiteux Intro acoustic guitar. Rhythmic pop-folk with guitars, shaker. 01:09
Dhard Corp - J-M Boiteux Rock band. Riff of guitar. Theme to the synth. Edit point at 1'05 break and solo guitar. 02:25
Malva - J-M Boiteux Sitar, sequence of ethnic instruments, flute, synth. Regular rhythmic bass. End to the gong. 02:09
Messe Indienne - J-M Boiteux Ethereal and calm, intimate, stripped. Long introduction of solo piano notes. Edit point at 1'47. Sound effects, incantations. 03:18
Simplement - J-M Boiteux Intro Chris Rea then dancing, trailing. Crowd sound. 02:00
Proud - J-M Boiteux Heavy rhythm, toms rolls. 01:15
Etd - J-M Boiteux Rock band. Theme on the electric guitar. 1'19 Bass stop. Pink Floyd. 02:18
Voyage - J-M Boiteux Group of pop-rock. Melody on the guitar. Synth. 03:11
Agnus - J-M Boiteux Children's recitative chant, liturgical choirs, folk guitar, bass. 02:54
Gotan Slow - J-M Boiteux Synth in background. Mechanical percussions. Orchestral Accent. 0'50 break, accents and electric guitar. 04:41
Lost Paradise - J-M Boiteux Intro drums, recitative singing of children, liturgical choirs, saturated guitar. 0'44 solo drums and vocals, 1'24 decrescendo. 02:05
Mon Amour - J-M Boiteux Rhythmic pop, guitar slide, without voice, electric guitar, repetitive. 02:16
Ocona - J-M Boiteux Pop-rock ballad, electric guitar arpeggios and slide guitar. 0'40 break. 03:04
Petite Soeur - J-M Boiteux Rhythmic festive disco-pop with different sound elements. Part B with crowd sounds and saturated guitar riff. 03:30
Journey - J. Meek Guitar, piano and acoustic drums driven folksy music. Ideal for advertising and other media uses. Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Drums, Piano, Acoustic Bass. 00:47