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Musique avec instrument : Banjo

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
Hillbilly Chicken - T. Naylor Down on the farm banjo with chicken pickin' guitar melody, fiddles & honky tonk piano. Comedy, Cartoon, Country, Hillbilly, Fun, Happy. Kartoon Krazy. Children, cartoon, kids. 02:10
Appalachian Way - T. Naylor Native drum, jaw harp & guitar intro followed by banjo, harmonica, lively rhythm section & hand claps. American, Western, Rock, Blues, Lively, Bouncy, Hillbilly, Rapids, Mountains. Blues & Roots for the Road. 02:11
Kentucky Cool - T. Naylor Lively track with Telecaster & dobro melodies, rhythm section with banjo & mandolin. American, Western, Rock, Blues, Lively, Happy, Cheerful, Driving, Desert, Texas, Austin. Blues & Roots for the Road. 02:08
Soldiers Return To Sligo - H. McDonald Sombre military march with fiddle, Scottish drum, strings building. Celtic, World, Irish, Scottish, Lively, Happy, Cheerful, Jig, Warm, Merry, Ireland. 04:26
The Leaving Of Liverpool - H. McDonald Rollicking banjo and fiddle melody accompanied by guitars & bodhran. Celtic, World, Irish, Traditional, Optimistic, Hopeful, Travel, Ocean, Ireland. 03:11
Whiskey In The Jar - H. McDonald Rollicking version with banjo, accordion, fiddle, pipes, guitars, mandolin & bodhran. Celtic, World, Irish, Jig, Traditional, Happy, Cheerful, Warm, Celebration, Ireland. 02:37
Homeward Bound - C-W Tay Heart warming, cheerful theme featuring piano, cello, Chinese bamboo flute, Er-Hu, Gu Zhen and Pipa. The Far East. 02:23
Jasmine Bride - C-W Tay Elegance and grandeur. Orchestral procession featuring Chinese Er Hu, San Xian, Bamboo Flute and Chinese percussion. The Far East. 03:17
2007 - De Waure Western Ballad, Happy Story, Spaghetti Western, Female Vocal 02:45
Innisfree - G. Guerrini Country Style, Violin Sing, Happy, Dance, Female Vocal 03:10
Movin On - De Waure Western Polka, Country Style, Dance, Violin riff, Female Vocal 02:58
I Never Forget A Face - E. Ryan Positive romantic song with banjo rythmic and male voice. Seskin Lane, Thurles Dublin Ireland. 04:16
Minuet - Boccherini Re arranged for Jug band, this makes for an amusing piece. Classical. Classic Transitions 01:16
Chicken Chase - J. Barrett Banjo picking, up tempo. A fun chase. Children. Child's Play 2 01:48
The Drifter - C. Pellegrini Harmonica & nylon string guitar, banjo melody, French horn, guitar & strings. Western. A Fistful Of Spaghetti Westerns 02:19
New Folk - M. Caen Country/folk, foot tapping theme. Acoustic guitar & banjo. Rural scene. Country - Folk. The Whistle Blower 02:42
Sicilliano - Bach Arranged for banjo, guitar & harp. Classical. Classic Transitions 03:15
Freewheeling - M. Caen Piano bass line with strummed and arpeggio acoustic guitar, quirky banjo melody adding claps builds to drums. String section breakdown then builds again. Country - Folk. Things With Strings 02:25
Harrys Theme - M. Caen Underscores. Acoustic guitar strum with steel string melody, walking acoustic bass and simple drums, builds to whistling, then adds vocal harmonies. Country - Folk. Things With Strings 02:36
Snackattack - M. Caen Strummed acoustic guitar, banjo melody, toy drums and glockenspiel into acoustic melody. Country - Folk. Things With Strings 02:28
Mandolin Stomp - S. Romig Happy uplifting mandolin theme, also featuring washboard percussion and guitars. Easy listening, Laid Back guitar themes. Country - Folk. Rhythm and Ease 02:27
The G Thing - S. Romig Acoustic country slide with a happy feel and a memorable theme. Easy listening, Laid Back guitar themes. Country - Folk. Rhythm and Ease 02:36
Trad Jazz Jammin - J. Hawksworth 1920's honky tonk piano features tuba & banjo. Traditional & contemporary jazz. Jazz. Swing into Jazz 02:12
Badinerie - Bach Solo banjo. Classical. Classic Transitions 01:46
Barn Dance - B. Maginnis Fast paced lickin' pickin' guitar track with banjos. Upbeat and bouncy. Lifestyle - Travel - Holiday. Road Rhythms 02:00
Lickety Guits - T. Naylor Fast Benny Hill style chase sequence played by some lickin' pickin' geetarr! Comedy - Children - Kitsch. Comic Cuts 02:10
Run From The House - T. Naylor Fast & furious the Keystone Cops are back for the new millennium. Comedy - Children - Kitsch. Comic Cuts 02:04
Australian Frontier - D. James Landscape, pioneer, outdoor sequences. Acoustic Guitar. Musical Images 02:27
Banjo Matilda - G. Carruthers 30 sec. Traditional tune with a 90's beat. features banjo World Music - Ethnic - Culture. Postcards from Downunder 00:32
Banjo Matilda - T. Naylor Traditional tune on banjo World Music - Ethnic - Culture. Postcards from Downunder 00:33
Blooper Dooper - T. Naylor The wobble board is back with a vengeance, including banjo, didgeridoom kookaburras & a whole lot of noises all to a 90's beat. World Music - Ethnic - Culture. Postcards from Downunder 02:03
Down The Road - R. Rivamonte Medium/Up, guitar, bass, harmonica, drums, synth, guitar. Country - Folk. Town and Country 01:11
Eeee Haaaa - T. Naylor Fast jungle beat opens to a fast boot stompin' country ditty, featuring some nifty guitar pickin'. Rock - Blues. Postcards from Downunder 01:46
Honkin' Matilda - T. Naylor 30 sec. House mix, Traditional tune with a 90's beat. Comedy - Children - Kitsch. Postcards from Downunder 00:33
Stage Coach - F. Strangio Western flavoured theme. Comedy - Children - Kitsch. Short Shorts 01:07
Waltzing Matilda - G. Carruthers 30 Second Edit. Banjo version. Mid tempo/ folksy. World Music - Australia - Traditional. Australia 00:32
Long Road Ahead - T. Stoilkovski Spacial alt rock pop lead by floating flutes, rhythmic guitar swagger, synth apreggios and banjos. Version 30s. 00:30
Green Earth - T. Stoilkovski Curious country meets traditional folk with a sombre banjo and happy violin intrerplay. 02:05
Compton Country Club - L.J. Cedar Modern Americana track with Banjo, Strings, Bass, Harmonica and Drums.. Upbeat, Moody, Confident, Cinematic, Light, Happy. 02:23
Dixie Time - L.J. Cedar Cute and irreverent Dixieland piece with Brass and Woodwinds. Lighthearted, Oldies, Cute, Uplifting, Funny, Fun. 00:30
Double Or Quiz - L.J. Cedar Hip Hop, Bluegrass Rock fusion with Mandolin, big Guitars and male BV's.. Upbeat, Moody, Confident, Cinematic, Strange. 03:09
Cattle Drive - A. Roy Banjo, acoustic guitar and folk rhythm. Dance, far-west. 01:14
Mysterious - T. Chaze Banjo hesitant, Synth bewitching. 01:36
Model T-Rag - G. Bailo Banjo solo, Instrumental, Positive, Festive 02:40
Model T Rag - G. Bailo Swing, Banjo, Bluegrass 02:40
The Boys Quadrille - G. Bailo Calm and Delicate, Guitar, Bluegrass 01:23
The Crazy Scientist - On The Roof - G. Bailo Crazy, Bluegrass 02:42
The Three Bears Jig - Cops And Robbers Shuffle - G. Bailo Lonely Time, Slow Dance, Bluegrass 04:47