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Musique avec genre : World--irish--celtic

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Celtic Power - M. Biallais Celtic anthem. Female voice, synthesizer, choirs, traditional instruments from Northern Europe, folk percussions from the Far East. Loreena McKennitt, Era, Secret Garden. 03:31
Celtic Roman - C. Nouailhaguet A medieval atmosphere opening with lute and cimbalom melodies, followed by thick percussions and bagpipes for a more epic and Celtic adventure. Bagpipes at 01:53, edit point at 02:39. Celtic harp, lute, cymbalum, percussions, choir, bagpipes, frestel flute. 03:52
Love Fool - D Agostino Irish melody played on mandolin and violin, fast and dancing. 04:10
Better Then Love - G. D Agostino Traditional music of Ireland. Melody played on the mandolin. 02:49
Color Sound - G. D Agostino Soloing flute performing a traditional melody. 00:39
Da Ville - G. Kelly Shrubs Duo, Dublin Ireland. Acoustic duo of guitars. Flamenco style. Edit-Point at 2'40. 04:17