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Musique avec genre : World--india

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
Hybrid Dance World - M. Biallais Dancing, folk. Female voices, synthesizers, instruments from the Far and Middle East, bass and percussion. 01:59
To Brahma - M. Biallais Meditative, Hindu mystical force. Female voices, synthesizers, Asian instruments and percussion. Dead Can Dance, Era, Enigma. 03:04
Ouroboros - C. Nouailhaguet Modern Bollywood underscore that blends traditional oriental/middle east elements with modern synth pads. Hypnotic, suspenseful and mysterious Indian feel. Edit point at 0:55, at 1:41, at 2:42. World percussions, tabla, santur, duduk, synths. 04:28
Along The Ganges - C-W Tay A modern take on classical folk Bollywood, featuring dotara, sitar, mrudangam and Indian percussion. Traditional, Ethnic, India, Hindi, Building, Bollywood, Outdoors, Crowded,Dotara, Indian Percussion, Mrudangam, Sitar, Strings, Tambura,. 02:08
Bansuri Odyssey - C-W Tay Mystical, magical India featuring a bansuri solo, santoor (or santur) over a tambura drone and light hand percussion. Moody, Morning, Buildning, Ethnic, Hindi, Bollywood, India, WonderBansuri (Indian Flute), Santoor (or santur), bass, indian percussion, sitar, tambura, pads. 02:05
Bombay Dreaming - C-W Tay Mystical mid-tempo Bollywood/Indian with mesmerizing vocals. Action, Excitement, Ethnic, Hindi, India, Celebration, World, BollywoodStrings, Dhol, indian percussion, vocals, sitar. 01:54
Colours Of India - C-W Tay Mystical and Beautiful India featuring mesmerizing konnakol and carnatic vocals and Bansuri. Atmospheric, World, Hindi, India, Bollywood, Moody, Graceful, CalmSitar, Tambura, strings, indian percussions, tabla, vocals, Bansuri (Indian Flute), pads. 02:37
Ganesha - C-W Tay Bollywood street party and celebration with vocals and Bollywood groove. Bright, Celebration, Ethnic, Hindi, India, World, Bollywood, Snake Charmerbass, dhol, strings, indian flute, indian percussion, drums, vocals, harmonium, Mandolin, Shenai. 02:07
Jaipur Express - C-W Tay Positive, happy Bollywood featuring tumbi, sitar and dotara over a upbeat Bollywood groove. Atmospheric, World, Hindi, India, Bollywood, Moody, Graceful, Happy, Modern,Bass, Dholak, Dotara, Drums, Guitar, Tambura, Indian Percussion, Sitar, Tabla, Tumbi, Flute. 02:57
Life In Delhi - C-W Tay Up-tempo, high-strung Bhangra with lots of tension. Featuring male Carnatic vocals and Rap. Bright, Celebration, Ethnic, Hindi, India, World, Bollywood, Streetlife, Upbeat, HecticBass, Vocals, Indian Percussion, Tambura, Rap, Strings, electric guitar. 01:44
Masala Lava - C-W Tay Bhangra with a hint of Turkish (Middle Eastern) featuring Bollywood strings, Bansuri and konnakol vocals. Celebration, Festive, Hindi, India, Ethnic, Bollywood, World, Market, Chant, CelebrateBansuri (indian flute), bass, sitar, Tambura, strings, vocals, Moresing, indian percussion, dhol. 02:15
Mumbai Street Party - C-W Tay Upbeat Bollywood dance track featuring Traditional Konnakol male vocals over Indian street percussion. Celebration, Festive, Hindi, India, Ethnic, Bollywood, World, Market, Chant, Celebrate, TenseBass, Dhol, Vocals, Strings, tumbi, Indian Percussion, drums. 01:48
Mumbaism - C-W Tay Positive Mid-tempo Bollywood, featuring a sitar, tumbi, Algoze and Indian street percussion. Atmospheric, World, Hindi, India, Bollywood, Moody Ethnic, MoodyTumbi, Tabla, Sitar, Indian Percussion, Tambura, Dhol, Bass, Sitar, Algoze. 01:57
Sleepy Bombay - C-W Tay Slow, calm and mysterious Indian track featuring a solo Bansuri. Moody, Dark, Morning, Sunrise, Ethnic, India, Soft, Eerie, SlowBansuri, flute, hand bells, drone, tabla, dhol. 02:59
Streets Of Mumbai - C-W Tay Mid-tempo Bollywood with dueling Mandolin and sitar. Ethnic, Bollywood, India, Traditional, Streets, Market, Crowded, Bollywood, SlumdogMandolin, Sitar, Tambura, drums, percussion, Tabla, dhol. 02:32
Welcome To Punjab - C-W Tay Upbeat Bhangra featuring light konnakol male vocals and mesmerizing female vocals. Atmospheric, World, Hindi, India, Bollywood, Moody, Calm, Ethnic, MoodyTambura, bass, indian percussion, drums, vocals, synths, Tumbi, sitar. 02:06
New Raaga - C-W Tay Haunting intro with male vocal, builds with percussion, sitar and traditional Indian female choir. Moody, Dark, Morning, Sunrise, Ethnic, India, Soft, Eerie, Slow, Female Vocals, BuildingFlute, indian percussion, vocals, pads, tambura, sitar, strings,. 04:05
Wilderness - E. Hildebert Magical and mysterious atmosphere. Flute, rain, thunder, tablas, chromatic chimes. 02:43
Lost Hopes - D Agostino Long gong notes, cythare, tabla. Meditative, relaxing. 07:14
Mera Jahaan - GD 78 Indian raga with sitar, piano and percussions. Manu Shrivasta Manuality - Mera Jahaan. 02:50
Moksha - GD 78 Indian calm and meditative mood with sitar, synthesizer. Manu Shrivasta Manuality - Moksha. 02:09
From Bombay To Nairobi - S. Calvano Percussion, Synths, Instrumental, Dramatic, Reflective 03:54
Karma Blues - S. Calvano Percussion, Noise, Instrumental, Gentle 05:51
Orient Espresso - S. Calvano Fear, Percussion, Arab Melody, Instrumental 04:26
About A Boat 1 - S. Painter Electric guitar, Drums, Meditative, Haunting, Psychedelic, Instrumental 05:51