Musiques avec genre : Triphop

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
Helios - G. Goué Intro electric piano and double bass. Drums very present. Muted trumpet solos and then saxophone solos. 02:27
Frequence Perdue - G. Goué Plucked string instrument for the intro then a set of violins. A drums very present and behind a voice with the ethnic color. 02:52
Illusion - G. Goué Atmosphere of intrigue, waiting, with a repetitive bass groove, an electric piano, drums and cymbal. Melody played on the distant accordion. 03:13
A New Hope - M. Brillard Particular ambiance with rehearsal piano and double bass sound with studio sound drums and other instrument. Edit point at 2'15, tempo change 02:53
Line Up - M. Brillard Long dark notes on bass synth. RnB groove. Repetitive dark phrases. Massive Attack. 05:38
Radar Call - M. Brillard Synth sequence and slow electric drum with different sounds. Edit point at 1'14 with violins. 03:52
Stare Case - M. Brillard Synth arpeggio with fast Indian tablas. Soft bass evolving towards a more groovy rhythm. 02:48
Take Me - M. Brillard Electro soul groove with synth bass, spoken words. 03:32
Black - E. Leipold Hip Hop instrumental about confidence and swag, current relevant sound. Drum-Machine, Programmed Drums, Piano. 03:12
Criminal Brain - F. Schlimbach Atmospheric pulsating underscore with piano and sound design elements for crime, thriller and horror. Piano, Orchestra-Hybrid, Strings, Synth Bass. 01:28
Any Time - A. Urbanowicz Soft, Piano theme, Relaxing. 02:57
Give me Five - A. Urbanowicz Piano, Rhythm Section, Bright, Positive, Chilled 02:11
Falling Star - C. Nouailhaguet Dreamy and positive hip-hop groove. A repetitive bass line combined with a shimmering synth pad bring feelings of both contemplative and determined. Edit point at 01:35. ass, electronic drums, synth, vox fx. 03:26
Strong Coffee - E. Hildebert Trip hop. Waiting in tesion, heavy rhythmic, sequenced synth base. 03:14
Fell off - J. Brown Trip-Hop, Strange, Dark, Synth bass, Sample, Drum machine. Soul music, Rhythm and Blues, Love, Feelgood, Party Music. 02:28
The Future - K. Pitsong Trip-Hop, Sad, Repetitive, Electric piano, Marimba, Drum machine. Soul music, Rhythm and Blues, Love, Feelgood, Party Music. 03:27
You are - K. Pitsong Soul - RnB, Trip-Hop, Relaxed, Urban, Drum machine, Synth, Synth bass. Soul music, Rhythm and Blues, Love, Feelgood, Party Music. 02:51
Emotions are deep - S. Sibanda Trip-Hop, Ambient, Mysterious, Calm, Synth, Synth bass, Drum machine. Pads, Sad, Moody, Depressing, Melancholic. 01:25
Grunded up - M. Jacobs Trip-Hop, Psytrance - Goa, Mysterious, Dark, Drum machine, Synth, Speaking voice. Drum and Bass, sports, extreme, energegetic, action, soccer, rugby. 02:31
The way forward - E. Lodewyk Trip-Hop, Electro, Sad, Melancholic, Acoustic piano, Synth, Drum machine. Pads, Sad, Moody, Depressing, Melancholic. 03:56
Air Tango - P. Gawlik Airy female voice, slow tango, 02:14
Blue Clarity - A. Rejman Ethereal, Elegant, Moody melodies by delayed electric Piano phrases and Syths pads 03:13
Blue Clarity - K. Jankowska Ethereal, Elegant, Moody Female Voice melodies over delayed electric Piano phrases and Synths Pads 03:12
Floating - K. Kucz Male Voice over Surreal Sound 01:32
Imagination - K. Kucz Mystic Surreal Atmosphere. FX male voice 03:19
Morning Stars - P. Gawlik Airy guitar melody over delicate largo rhythm section 01:48
Mount Nora - GD 78 Infra bass, groovebox and quiet synthesizer with electric harpsichord replicatory arpeggios backed by slow voices of female voice. 03:56
Coral - GD 78 Electro jazz mood with trumpet, synthesizer, electric guitar and drum box. Calm, nostalgic. 04:02
Electric Impulses - T. Stoilkovski Jazz and modern lounge funk inspired journey pulsing with stylish and upbeat guitars and sax interludes. Look And Listen. 02:09
Good Karma - T. Stoilkovski Sitar welcomes an eastern grooved RnB funk groove into a reflective bridge bouncing with optimism. Look And Listen. 02:11
Just Breathe In - T. Stoilkovski Take a deep breath, submerge yourself in chilled out, beat grooving piano driven, guitar licked, string pop. Look And Listen. 02:20
Rewind Your Mind - T. Stoilkovski Blade runneresque eighties vibed synth power ballad with oscillating feel into a piano and acoustic pop feel. Look And Listen. 02:01
1-2-3 Bonne Annee - J-L Delgado Intro deep bass, percussion. 0'22 rhythmic synth. 0'44, 1'31, break and theme. 02:58
L'Ă©quilibre dans le couple - J-L Delgado Rhythmic slow pop. Bass round, dark synth. Synth effects. 1'36 repetitive theme. 02:11
Last Transmission - T. Stoilkovski Strange, brooding and pulsing electronica like you're surrounded by deep space. Unsettling yet melodic. Changing Planet. 01:55
Give It All You Got - T. Stoilkovski Rocking synth-rock track that delivers an uplifting pop synth chorus our on the floor stomping attitude. Suburban Dreams. 02:14
In The Hood - T. Stoilkovski Street heavy progressive stomping dub dance beat with blues guitars and soul bursting attitude. Suburban Dreams. 02:22
Bio Current - V. Kuryluk Experimental, Pulsing Sounds structure. 30' version 00:34
What I Got - D Agostino Electro space and dark. Panoramic, psychedelic. Intro calm 1mn30 with piano chords and samples of voice followed by a dark and tribal powerful rhythmic. 04:05
Come What May - A. Urbanowicz Reflective, Emotional piano theme with bass and drums 02:21
No Harm Done - A. Urbanowicz Nervous, Emotive piano with synths 03:02
Painting Vision 1 - K. Jankowska Dreamy female voice over synth pads, guitar. Emotive and Story telling 03:14
Painting Vision 2 - K. Jankowska Reflective mood. Dreamy female voice over electric piano and pads 04:26
Magical - R. Luczak Atmospheric, Space. Synth melody 02:05
Forest Tales - M. Nosowicz Relaxing, Busy motif 03:35
Make-up - A. Rejman Contemplative and emotional with soft pulsing brushes and string and synthesizer textures, perfect for night car drive 02:34
Massive - M. Nosowicz Positive, Rhythmic theme 03:56
Ninja Bizzare - M. Nosowicz Rhythmic, Crazy, Voice 03:16
Piano Trap - M. Nosowicz Pulsing, Rhythmic, Crazy 03:08
Pictures - A. Rejman Smooth jazz with piano and funky bass accompanied by delicate drums leading to gentle melodies of piano and electric piano, strings at the end perfect for the the evenin 04:26
Sun Dra - M. Nosowicz Leisure, Rhythmic theme 03:16
Night Animals - T. Stoilkovski Urban vibe simple pop piece with horn stabs and delayed bass. Escape With Me. 02:08
Foreplay - J. Goodwin Electronic Groove - Slow jam sexy theramin. 03:47
Short Flix - J. Goodwin ID - Upbeat quirky guitar tag. 00:06
Talking Dawg - J. Goodwin Electronic - tech groove pop. 00:22
Philly Cheese - J. Goodwin Dramedy - Rocky inspired funky busy anthem. 01:00
Waiting Patiently - T. Stoilkovski Jazzy lounge feel piano and bass partner whilst trumpets, horns and xylophone glide 01:38
Watch The Sunrise - T. Stoilkovski Reflective nostalgic piece with clarinet gliding over sparse percussion and piano 01:56
Mediterranean Romance - G. D Agostino Ballade electro folk. Groovy. 03:56
Midnight Sky - T. Stoilkovski Subtle dobro guitar interplays with lush strings creating night time pop magic. 02:00
Alone In The Universe - T. Stoilkovski Piano intro flows into trip dub string, echo guitar inspired self awareness wonder. 03:15
Beyond Your Imagination - T. Stoilkovski Majestic strings, piano and touches of urban electronica add a sense of grandeur. 03:10
Search For Answers - T. Stoilkovski Rock guitars fusing nylon guitar, deep strings and half time drums herald a searching feeling. 02:00
Stranger Than Fiction - T. Stoilkovski A dramatic, powerful and relentless crossover of sci fi atmosphere with strings, languid lead and detuned rhythm guitars, sampled vox, powerful strings and electro distorted drums. Dramatic sci fi organic electronica. EP @ 1'11. 02:41
Survival Skills - T. Stoilkovski An onslaught of percussive drums strides into a reflective string chorus. Plan your escape. 02:24
Synchronization - T. Stoilkovski Syncopated percussive electronica, piano and injected synths conjure mechanized visuals. 02:00
Take Your Pills - T. Stoilkovski Down on the low trip hop, fluid drum and bass with an urgent, bouncy pace. 02:01
Take Your Seats - T. Stoilkovski In your face, melodic orchestrated strings that mix with a regal type pop spin. 02:02
Towards Tomorrow - T. Stoilkovski Futuristic time travel trip hop with sequenced propulsion. 02:22
We Are Watching - T. Stoilkovski Gripping and suspensful arrangement with a dark dub beat incuring paranoia. 03:05
Reggae Attack - T. Stoilkovski A down and dirty, joyful reggae tune with attitude. Big bass, bold drums and in your face coll guitars. Sipping a margarita on a perfect sandy beach in an island in the Caribbean. 02:33
Senses - T. Stoilkovski Street tough yet delicate urban groove laced with hip hop attitude but spiced with guitar, piano counterpart melody. The streets come alive with passion, intrigue and stories from the beat. EP @ 0'50. 02:30
Mysterious Night - T. Stoilkovski Mixing gypsy, latin and dissonant chillout to create an enigmatic scenario. EP @ 0'20 et 1'36. 02:29
Mystery Road - T. Stoilkovski Eastern instruments, synth, guitar and string driven track with a touch of mystery. EP @ 0'24. 02:06
New Experience - T. Stoilkovski Percussive drums and elements with a steady bassline, floating on pads interspersed with melodic wah, funky chordal and tremolo blues guitars. 02:24
New Trend - T. Stoilkovski Soul jazz guitars with big rock solos, 80's synth melodies, cool vibe and fresh beat. 04:02
Night Vulture - T. Stoilkovski Dance pop shuffle with trash guitars, feedback pads bop to synthetic bass and acoustic drums. Cutting through the energy and sounds of the neon underground. 01:42
Our Hope - T. Stoilkovski A reflective, percussive driven neo-pop groove with resolving vibrato guitar melody and introspective synths. Alone on a mountain with the stars guiding your way. EP @ 1'26. 03:15
Passion In Me - T. Stoilkovski Acoustic guitars and latin pop based rhythm lead you into a journey of passion. 03:06
Pavement Hero - T. Stoilkovski Simple scratchy electro 80's beats meet acoustic drums dancing flute with piano, organ and cello. Off the skateboard into a cool walk through the alleyways. 02:06
Put Your Hands In The Air - T. Stoilkovski All out in your face big beat, rocker stomp with vox samples, organs and plenty of jumping. 02:40
Joyful Wonder - T. Stoilkovski A joyous holiday season track with modern beats and good cheer for everyone. 01:11
Lethal Game - T. Stoilkovski Stomping electronica with driving bassline and bell sounds that make it feel ominous. Something's about to go down in an empty warehouse. EP @ 0'56. 02:29
Lifestyle Groove - T. Stoilkovski Chill out, progressive Ibiza vibe house groove with jazzy melodic keys, guitars, pianos and floating pads. EP @ 1'19. 02:36
Little Bit Different - T. Stoilkovski Weird techno electronica with lashings of street cred 80's vibe. 02:00
My Head Just Won't Stop - T. Stoilkovski An ultra diverse mish mash of hip hop, urban, groove and pop rock organic with harp, vibrato guitars, scratching and sampled vocals with the essential feel of an underground trip hop stylization. Waking up in smoky underground club with your pajamas still on. Underground urban groove beat rock. 04:20
My Shadow - T. Stoilkovski Sweet, serene and gentle piano driven electronic track with a touch of asian mystery meets modern pop. Reflecting against the window as the rain soothly serenades outside. 02:40
Mysterious Path - T. Stoilkovski A smooth, tender urban meets soft rock piece which builds to an acoustic country bridge. EP @ 1'16. 02:36
East West Urban - T. Stoilkovski A cascading effect of urban bass and drums, rising strings and altered harpsichord, harp and eastern influences. 03:14
Faster Stronger - T. Stoilkovski Fat bass pitched shifted running over frenetic trip hop drum and bass fever. 02:17
Duel - T. Stoilkovski Massive guitars interlude with powerful strings and organs in a breakbeat powered rock hip hop showdown. A showdown in the middle of the street. Hip electro power rock. 03:29
Carpark Guru - T. Stoilkovski Ricochet guitar lead flows with bouncy bass driven verses into a huge pad, brass and percussion chorus. Being chased through a multi story car park in the middle of the night. 02:42
Change Room - T. Stoilkovski Sneaky, electronica cross ambient trip hop with dashes of covert propaganda and multi saxophones. 02:06
Black Mercedes - T. Stoilkovski Urban groove, bass, ominous cello, strings and liquid lead phrasing hit a flow. Cruising the midnight streets in a decked out Mercedes Benz catching the vibes. 02:14
Wonderful - L.J. Cedar Recorded at the start of the 1990's this track features male and female vocals. Ambient and enigmatic it captures the mood of the times.. Enigmatic, Enduring, Uplifting, Emotive. 04:42
Mellow - J. Pelizzari Intro afterbeat, effects and synth. Vocoder. Sequence of different synths and sound elements. 04:41
Vue de Beyrouth - M. Madoré Filtered voice synth, guitar chord. Filtered groove slowly appearing. 0'51 heavy pace. Synth effects, texture. 2'57 Quarter of tone. 04:19
Envie De Vomir - J-M Boiteux Unstable rhythmic. Synthé strained. Dobro. Material (the band). 04:55
Performance - G. Goué Electronic drums, filtered synth chord. Bass played at the pick. Tense harmony. 02:32
360 Degrés - V. Benesy Several synth sequences. Jean Michel Jarre. 01:55
From London to Berlin - A. Jamot Dark and industrial rythm, strange synth. 1'50 break. Electric guitar and delay. 04:37
Dream for drum and quatuor - A. Jamot Cello, drums, 2 violins. Dialogue! 03:22
E-menuet - A. Jamot According to Lully, the bourgeois gentleman Acte III the minuet. Electronic synthesizer and sound effects. 01:43
From Berlin to London - A. Jamot Industrial sound effects, voice sample. Repetitive synth. 0'16 drums. 1'40 human shout. Tense harmony. 3'01 break. 05:12
Gala galaxiste - A. Jamot 4 chords on the violin synth that change rhythm constantly. 02:48
Hard Jazz Chorus - A. Jamot Funky drums and electric piano. Solo saxophone, saturated guitar then in unison. 03:22
Ouais c'est ça - A. Jamot Drums, bass sequenced. Electric piano and effects. 1, 2, 3 solos of synths. End of drum solo. 03:29
La joie du nord - A. Jamot Piano muted, 0'48 high rhythmic synth. Remote melody, sound images. 06:20
Brumes electro - A. Jamot Quick parade of sound images on a rhythmic background with sound efects. 02:06
Fiddler out off the roof - A. Jamot Mysterious sequence and synth. Edit point at 1'35 improvisation of a solo violin, synth. 05:13
Drink An Wait - M. Bedot Rhythm of electronic sounds, background synth, synth bass. 0'40 electronic drums. 0'57 crystal synth sequence and theme. 1'28, 2'16, 3'06 breaks. 05:19
Joy Of A Toy - M. Bedot Accompaniment and polyrhythmic theme of kitch synthesizers. 03:00
On The Road - M. Bedot Psychedelic. Percussion, sub bass, banjo arpeggios and synth. 02:02
Psychedelic Run - M. Bedot Acoustic guitar, synth and marimba. Bass, drums syncopated, complex. Harmonies tense, psychedelic. 02:20
Rolling Circles - M. Bedot Simple and repetitive melody on toy piano. Electronic drums, violin and cello. 1'20 Large acoustic piano. Strange, disturbing. 1'54 break. Tension. 04:13
You Put Me To Shame - C. Espern Filtered rhythmic. Voice with reverse effects. Didgeridoo, industrial percussion. Riff of dark bass. 03:46
Dark Heroes - C. Espern Synth and anxiogenic sound effects. 1'07 drums and bass notes of acoustic piano. Evolutive with more and more sound elements. 03:50
Sleep Forever - C. Espern Spacy Synth. Acoustic piano arpeggios for the theme. Violins, sound effects, electric guitar. 02:56
Wind Walk - C. Espern Synth in background, heartbeat. Progressive harmony, acoustic piano and addition of other sound elements. 2'43 break. 04:34
Forget Love - C. Espern Rhythmic with sounds effects, dark, heavy. Repetitive piano. 01:53
In A Bad Street - C. Espern Didgeridoo and dark synth. Regular rhythm, long hold of soft synth. Theme in ostinato on the electric piano. 03:33
Near Hell - C. Espern Intro of rhythmic sound effects. Evolutive electro sounds. Emotion. Edit point at 1'09. 03:38
Wolf Fear - C. Espern Intro electro flutes. Travel to other countries. Theme song TV. 03:49
Orion - G. Goué Electric piano. Double bass and guitar in arpeggios. 03:16
Western - G. Goué Energetic rhythm, soft piano, distant melody. 02:17
Gangster Of Chicago - L. Liatard Electric piano and rhythmic effect. Groove RnB. Short and repetitive theme on electric piano. Edit point at 2'12. 03:18
Interlude - L. Liatard Synth and vibrato, filtered drums. Repetitive acoustic guitar with effects. 02:18
Veuillez Patienter - L. Liatard Vinyl crackles. Samples of electric piano, violins and vocals. Rhythm guitar wah wah. 1'18 and 2'34 part B. 03:15
Voyage De Nuit - L. Liatard Crescendo of electric piano rhythm. Melody in the form of a ritornello persisting then rhythmic heavy. 1'06 acoustic piano. 2'32 evolution, several sound elements. 03:37
Melancolie - C. Mathieu Arpeggios of aerial synth, voice radio, rhythmic RnB, tense harmony. Bass obsession, rising tension. End destructured in a speech of instruments, Edit point at 1'26. 02:21
New File - G. Goué Percussion, synth sequence, bass ostinato, drums. Strange, distant voice. 01:21
Trop Hip - G. Goué Bass groovy. Melody soft and distant. Urban, suspense and siren song. 02:00
Orange Time - G. Goué Synth and evolutionary violins. Rhythmic distant, bass singing, piano notes spaced. 02:51
Biological Clock - P. Gaillard Crescendo of synth, rhythmic of ethnic percussions. Electric piano, bass arpeggios, ethnic violin theme. From 2'19 to 3'06 change of rhythm. 05:00
Stressed Town - P. Gaillard Electric piano with panoramic effect. RnB drums, synth bass. High bass riff. Edit point at 2'21. Melody stretched on the fretless bass. 05:02
Crazy Jazz Session - P. Gaillard Electro jazz supported, groovy double bass, electric piano and crazy instruments. 03:48
Robotic Wake up - P. Gaillard Intro mosquito synth. Deep drums. Repetitive bass. Sound effects. 04:50
Mysterious Bamboo Forest - Li Ke Aventure en fĂ´ret profonde. 02:10
Light Chinese Boat - Long Yun Belle mélodie, instruments traditionnels. Chine. 01:01
Magnum - T. Chaze Dark Rhythmic with, saturated sounds, sound effects and effects. Theme to the violins, high and brilliant in opposition to the rhythmic. Edit point at 1'36 electric shiny piano. 03:32
Decoder - T. Chaze Repetitive voice and filtered drums. Effects of anxiogenic synth. Edit point at 2'00, break. Sound effects. 03:27
Ninth Mystère - P-J Beaudoin Intro pizz of double bass. Electric piano arpeggios with tense harmonies. Wide violins, discreet brass. Slow ritornello distortion. 1'01 It goes wrong. 01:26
Children Train - P. Gaillard Arpeggios of double bass. Violins and pizz. Voice sample. Theme on the oboe. Short story, childish or comedy. Theme song. 00:30
Sunrise Song - P. Gaillard Short melody on the acoustic piano, revival on violins. Tempo medium but fast drums. Theme song. 00:34
Red And Green - T. Chaze Violins, oboes. Choir and distant effects. Dark rhythm. Evolution towards a rhythm and a tense harmony. Incantatory, enigmatic. 02:57
Loco - J-M Cazorla Straight drums. Fretless bass and acoustic piano arpeggios. Oboe. 01:10
Artificial - J. Pelizzari Violins, wah wah guitar, sounds and rhythmic funky. Saturated guitar. 03:05
Flack - J. Pelizzari Rhythmic groovy, synth bass. Solo of saturated electric piano. Urban, jazzy funk. Hot, sensual, erotic. 03:18
Kubblo - J. Pelizzari Scratch. Different synths and sound elements combine to form a coherent whole. 02:52
Polarize - J. Pelizzari Intro trumpet. Sample of voice, jazz guitar. Complex drums. Bass solo end. 02:31
Tekapeli - J. Pelizzari Synth Sequence. Theme on the organ. Solo of saturated guitar and effects. Groove Electro. Trance. Stressed brass. 03:30
Devil's Smile - M. Ricci Hihat, 3 synth notes and bass form the simple and repetitive theme. 0'39 rhythm, synth riff. 02:05
Chinese Forest - A. Jamot Pizzicato. Double basses, violins and drums. Theme on the oboe. 01:53
Intelize - T. Chaze Repetitive rhythmic sounds. Edit point at 1'24. Trumpet, flute. 03:18
Radio Buzz - P. Gaillard Filtered rhythm, repetitive sequence of synth. E.Piano. Theme on soft and distant synth. 03:15
Gypse - G. Goué Singing bass, wide and floating synths. Speech. 03:37
Hip No - T. Chaze Synth low and deep, disturbing, anxiogenic. Slow and saturated drums. Edit point at 01'18 break. 02:36
Mapple - T. Chaze Acoustic guitar, bass, percussive synth, electronic rhythm. Sequence and choirs. Version 60s. 01:00
Djalana - T. Chaze Intro with disturbing sounds. Evolving. 1'27 Heavy rhythmics, anxiogenic synths, industrial screams. 2'32 synth sequence. 3'02 break. 05:15
Gazoline - J-P Vielfaure Violins and synth in unison. Filtered drums. Voice spoke throw phone. 02:57
Sphère - J-P Vielfaure Synth, basse synth. Short harmonic progression. Positive end. 00:32
Zakat Mind - T. Chaze Intro deep synth, Ethnic song, oud. 0'36 rhythmic electro and riff oud. Edit point at 0'54 flute and ethnic song. 03:34
India Mood - T. Chaze Crowd ambience and percussion. Synth and bass. Ethnic Voices. 1'52 break ethnic instruments. 03:41
Lakdari - T. Chaze Rhythmic funk. Sample theme of voices and dark ethnic instruments. Edit point at 1'50 break bass fretless and lute. Part B saturated guitar. 03:37
Big Boss - T. Chaze Riffs of insistent synths. Drum saturated. Effects. 02:30
Fuego Delight - T. Chaze Violins wide, bass in ostinato. Percussion and filtered drums. Theme to the oboe, played again to the violins. 03:40
Hot Snap - T. Chaze Funky drums and saturated synth. Different tribal sound images. 01:00
Morphuzz - T. Chaze Dark electro-rock synths. Deafening, mechanical and twisted. 02:50
Coolling You - T. Chaze Drums, synth, acoustic guitar theme. 01:00
Secret Message - T. Chaze Several synths, ethnic samples and sound elements. Edit point at 1'18. Repetitive theme on 2 notes. Capharnaum ethnico orchestral. 03:24
En Bref - L. Marie-Sainte Jingle for the news, sounds of the '80s. 00:06
News - L. Marie-Sainte Jingle, special flash, synth sequence, 80s. 00:25
Ventus - G. Goué Sound of winds. Rhythm Drum and bass. Sample of ethnic voice. Edit point at 1'13, 2'26, important chord changes. 03:05
Frotifrota - P. Gaillard Voices, violins and effects. Melody on the electric guitar. Slow languorous. When a man ... Remix electro pop. '60s. 02:22
Kriptonight - P. Gaillard Harmonic suite tended on the synth. Repetitive theme of regular notes. Different sounds. Jingle 00:05
Abysses - P. Gaillard Effects of anxiogenic synths. Bass rock played with the mediator. Melody with tense harmony. Edit point at 1'19 break of electronic percussions. Ethnic shout. 02:19
Walt - J-M Boiteux Tremolos of violins. 0'14 Drums and percussion. Electric guitar. 1'16 choirs. 02:17
Cléopatre Part 1 - J-M Boiteux Rhythmic and melody on violins. Bass and drums groovy. 01:56
Where Is The Bass - J-M Boiteux Sounds in the far. Radio voice, bass riff and finger snaps. Synth Accents. 02:23
Dindus - J-M Boiteux Groove funky, rhythmic combination of 2 organs and synth. 01:26
I Need You - J-M Boiteux Drums, double bass, organ, electric piano arpeggios. Female singing. 0'36 break. 01:55
Laurence - J-M Boiteux Fender piano arpeggios. Groove shuffle, double bass, percussion. 0'43 melody with the piano bastringue. 0'57 break violins, sound effects. 1'40 break. 02:35
Les Hommes RĂŞvent - J-M Boiteux Melody on the electric guitar with vibrato. Electric piano, bass, percussion. 0'54 rhythmic electro. 01:46
Tienda - J-M Boiteux Percussion, anxiolytic synth, rhythm guitar wah wah, saturated guitar strained theme. 2'00 gguitare solo. 04:14
For Die Thing - J-M Boiteux Ethnic percussion, electric guitar with vibrato and wha wha. Orchestral Accent. Drum break. 01:26
T2B - J-M Boiteux Two mixed batteries, for a complex rhythm. E.Piano and bass follow each other on the melody. 01:31
Gotan Slow - J-M Boiteux Synth in background. Mechanical percussions. Orchestral Accent. 0'50 break, accents and electric guitar. 04:41
Clarity - J. Meek Chill jazz fusion with modern vibe. ideal for louge, romantic scene, advertising. Drum-Machine, Programmed Drums, Synths, Sfx, Bells. 01:54
Quick Fast - J. Diggs-Irons Powerful hip hop instrumental with choir, 808 and synths. Drum-Machine, Programmed Drums, Synths, Sfx. 02:12
Shake And Bake - J. Diggs-Irons Powerful hip hop instrumental with choir, 808 and synths. Drum-Machine, Programmed Drums, Synths, Bells, Sfx. 02:42