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Musique avec genre : Techno

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
Other Machinery - C. Nouailhaguet Techno track featuring mechanized electro-hybrid opening, anthemic synth theme and electronic FX. Futuristic and epic atmosphere. Edit point at 0:49, at 1:21, at 2:27, at 3:39, at 4:52. Synths, groovebox, symphonic orchestra, sound design. 06:40
Speedway - L. Cedar An electric guitar-led energetic and fast dramtic tracks great for tense or chase TV-Film cue. Dramatic, Forceful, Driving, Agrressive, Tense, Powerful, Energetic, Confident, Driven, Muscular. Electric Guitar, Synthesizer, Drums. 00:28
Narcotic - G. Flores Techno, Dance, Festive, Trance, Synth bass, Synth, Acoustic piano. Dance floor. 01:52
Night - G. Flores Techno, Psytrance - Goa, Strange, Repetitive, Synth bass, Drum machine, Synth. Dance floor. 01:52
One Tonight - G. Flores Techno, Dance, Festive, Trance, Synth bass, Drum machine, Synth. Dance floor. 01:55
Progressive - G. Flores Techno, Dance, Festive, Dynamic, Synth bass, Electric guitar, Synth. Dance floor. 01:55
Signs Up - G. Flores Techno, Psytrance - Goa, Powerfull, Trance, Synth bass, Electric guitar, Synth. Dance floor. 01:48
Spark In It - G. Flores Techno, Dance, Strange, Repetitive, Synth bass, Drum machine, Synth. Dance floor. 01:57
Take On - G. Flores Techno, Psytrance - Goa, Psychedelic, Festive, Synth bass, Drum machine, Synth. Dance floor. 01:48
Warmth - G. Flores Techno, Psytrance - Goa, Festive, Dynamic, Synth bass, Drum machine, Synth. Dance floor. 01:58
Warmth Now - G. Flores Techno, Psytrance - Goa, Festive, Psychedelic, Synth bass, Drum machine, Synth. Dance floor. 01:58
3AM Take Down - J. Whitcher Trance, Techno, Mysterious, Dynamic, Synth bass, Synth, Drum machine. Drum and Bass, sports, extreme, energegetic, action, soccer, rugby. 02:07
All things move - J. Whitcher Trance, Techno, Repetitive, Synth bass, Synth, Drum machine. Drum and Bass, sports, extreme, energegetic, action, soccer, rugby. 02:56
Blister X - J. Whitcher Trance, Techno, Psychedelic, Strange, Synth bass, Synth, Drum machine. Drum and Bass, sports, extreme, energegetic, action, soccer, rugby. 03:21
From Mars - S. Sibanda Techno, Dance, Mysterious, Majestic, Synth bass, Drum machine, Synth. Africa, south african, Party, Feelgood, Tv, Celebration, Sports, Positive, Upbeat, energy. 02:49
Pump that Groove - M. Jacobs Electro, Techno, Repetitive, Trance, Synth bass, Synth, Drum machine. Drum and Bass, sports, extreme, energegetic, action, soccer, rugby. 03:06
Sport on - M. Jacobs Jungle, Techno, Tribal, Repetitive, Percussions, Drum machine, Effects. Drum and Bass, sports, extreme, energegetic, action, soccer, rugby. 00:58
The Music - M. Jacobs Techno, Trance, Suspens, Psychedelic, Synth, Drum machine, Scratch. Drum and Bass, sports, extreme, energegetic, action, soccer, rugby. 02:57
TTP DND - M. Machaba Electro, Techno, Strange, Repetitive, Synth, Drum machine. Drum and Bass, sports, extreme, energegetic, action, soccer, rugby. 03:35
Fashion Showroom - J-L Delgado Synth Intro. Syncopated kick and sub bass. 0'37 break theme to the synth. 0'52, 1'22 breaks. 01:45
Cours de fitness - J-L Delgado Beat and percussion, voice. 0'41 synth break. Synth for theme and song. Dance floor, party, disco, positive. 01:43
The Energy - E. Hildebert Shiny synth. Positive, sporty, fast and jerky. Short, efficient and repetitive theme. Energy as the title. 02:24
Mighty Illusion - D Agostino Techno rhythmic with atmospheres, texture, sound images. Solo saxophone. 08:09
Wild Spelldrinker - D Agostino Dance floor electro, repetitive with psychedelic voice samples and synthesizer effects. 07:10
Egotism - D Agostino Techno groove with trumpet melody and acoustic guitar solo. 04:53
Eros America - D Agostino American anthem in intro played on saturated guitar on an electro rhythm. 01:14
Dancing in Naples - D Agostino Lounge chords on a techno rhythm. 01:11
What'S Going On - J. Goodwin Techno urbaine - group declaration. 00:56
Nostrilomopus - J. Goodwin Techno - drama ambient anthem. 02:30
Reepshow M - J. Goodwin Rock Techno - Drama intro to driving techno rock. 00:59
Uprising - H. Kinet Kick, linear bass sequence, anxiogenic synth progressions. Psychedelic. 04:50
Veranda - H. Kinet Kick, slow opening synth, sound effects. Edit point at 1'32 breaks sound effects, 4'31 Theme on the synth. 06:00
Voyager - H. Kinet Intro kick and bass synth in 2 complementary lines. 1'40 synth break. 05:01
Monitor - H. Kinet Kick and bass ostinato. Sound effects and synth effects. Minimalist, industrial, repetitive. Trance. Dance floor. Robotics. 06:01
Rodeo - H. Kinet Intro with Syncopated Synth Riff. Electronic percussion. 1'01 female voice sample break. 2'03 bass synth. 3'17 break. 06:03
Space Travel - H. Kinet Intro in synth effects and rhythm of sound effects. Crescendo of synth chords. 1'32 break effects and synth. 3'17 synth crescendo up to 3'47. 05:40
Building - H. Kinet Tribal house, electronic percussion, crescendo piano synth. 0'59 break, sound effects, percussion. 2'00 crescendo synth piano, percussion and bass. 05:38
Climax - H. Kinet Drums, reverse afterbeat, crescendo synth sequence. 0'31 kick, low crescendo, filtered synth. 1'08 break Synth evolve till 2'01. 3'31 break till 4'06 06:25
Conscientia - H. Kinet Synth séquence. Slow evolution towards a techno rhythm. Edit point at 2'22, 3'10. 05:53
Mad Computer - H. Kinet Opening on a bass sequence, synth effects, psychedelic voice sample with delay. 1'30 Bass saturated synth. 2'45 Buzz. 05:23
Kill The Noise - H. Kinet Synth sequence, synth bass filtered. Edit point at 0'60 break. 2'15 stop. Repetitive theme.Trance, powerful, dark, repetitive. 04:32
Flying Saucers - C. Espern Spoken presentation, futuristic synth effects. 0'34 Rhythmic techno-pop. Synth Sequence. 1'03 synth break. Vocoder. 02:10
Atomic Stars - C. Espern Intro spacy, synths and effects. 0'30 sequences. 0'42 to 0'52 afterbeat. 01:42
School Yard - C. Espern Intro synth effects. Sequence and rhythm very very fast. 01:23
Technoid express - C. Espern Kick sub bass, fast and brilliant synth sequence. 00:37
Acid Comets - C. Espern Synth effects, saturated guitar, fast and powerful rhythm. 01:44
Alien School - C. Espern Effects and rhythms of synths, electronic drum, futuristic. 01:19
Aliens Squad - C. Espern Saturated electronic and rhythmic sounds. Synth Riff. 00:58
Astro Groove - C. Espern Deep rhythmic, evolutionary sequenced synth. Synth violin theme. 1'06 new rhythm. Riff of piano. 01:52
Falling Meteors - C. Espern Electronic sound effects, synth sequence. Ostinato of bass synth. Nervous Theme. 01:18
War Machine - C. Espern Rhythmical Industrial sound. Horror. Edit point at 0.39. Rhythmic techno. 01:01
Woman in Chaos - C. Espern Very wide Synthes. Deep bass. Sequences and voice sample. Action and emotion. Edit point at 2'08. Very powerful rhythm. 04:18
Flight for Fight - C. Espern Spatial battle, sequence of tense synths, video game, science fiction. 02:53
Futuropolis - C. Espern Rhythmic disturbing sound effects, robot voice. Investigation, suspense, mysterious and wild. 01:12
Interlude - C. Espern Rhythm synth bass and sound effects. 00:36
No Gravity Club - C. Espern Aerial synthesizers, Bass deep and linear, spaced melody. Edit point at 1 388. Chord change. 02:40
Space invaders - C. Espern Synthesized intro, then sequence and tension of sound elements. Video game. Countdown. 02:25
Assert Your Rights - L.J. Cedar A driving and upbeat pop dance track. Good for sports or action cue.. Upbeat, Energetic, Positive, 1990s, Driving, Electronic, Dance. 02:32
Berlin Jungle - L.J. Cedar Aggressive contemporary electronica. In the style of Clint Mansell Nine Inch Nails. Cinematic, Building, Epic, Aggressive, Enigmatic, Militaristic, Strong, Driving, Compelling, Strong, Industrial. 02:27
Deamanda - L.J. Cedar Featuring legendary vocalist Billy MacKenzie of the Associates, This is anunreleased, driven spy/bond theme track.. Energetic, Ominous, Driving, Driven, Cinematic. 04:51
Disco Spirit - L.J. Cedar Stomping disco tune with airy intro. Good for shampoo/product commercial.. Upbeat, Energetic, Positive, Confident. 00:25
Ministry Of Disco - L.J. Cedar A great 70's Disco pastiche. Evokes memories of Studio 54.. Funky, Energetic, Fun, Disco, Driving, Driven, Uplifting, Up, Campy, Driving, Driven, Uplifting, Up, Camp, 1970s. 00:33
Put This Right - L.J. Cedar An energetic, dance House track with the infamous Associates singer, Billy Mackenzie on vocals. Never released.. Uplifting, Energetic, Positive, Dancing, Driving, Dramatic. 05:05
Whats Your Vice - L.J. Cedar An up-tempo club dance track. Reminiscent of DJ club music in the late 1990's.. Upbeat, Energetic, Groove, Assertive, Happy, Playful, Cluby, Up, Uplifting, 1990s. 00:41
Swirl - J. Pelizzari Intro in synth evolutive. Different synths and sound elements combine to form a coherent and powerful ensemble. Simple and repetitive theme. 04:46
Softylux - J. Pelizzari Bass and synth sequence. Disco-pop rhythm. Vocoder. Daft Punk, Jean-Michel Jarre. 03:32
Struggle - J. Pelizzari Dancefloor. Synth and bass sequence, rhythmic techno-pop. Eurodance, 2 Unlimited. 03:35
Hoax - J. Pelizzari Different synths and sound elements combine to form a coherent and powerful ensemble. 04:32
Astérodance - F. Bégnon Dance, Science, Cosmos. Such as Jean-Michel Jarre. 03:31
Ibiza - J-M Boiteux Simple and repetitive synth theme. Steel drum. 1'39 break. 04:16
Epsylon - E. Delecolle Intro fade in with a repetitive effect. Ostinato of bass. Techno and sound effects. Vocoder. 03:22
Get Up Make Up Move Up - E. Delecolle Synth Intro. Festive rhythm, funk guitar. Voice and vocoder, repetitive. Edit point at 0'56 break. 03:29
Ghost Of Love - E. Delecolle Sound effects, synth effects. Electronic improvisation. 03:56
First Time - E. Delecolle Techno dance of the '80s. Vocoder. 04:45
Les fourmis technologiques - A. Jamot Like a batucada. Solo of different rhythmic instruments. Edit point at 1'39 kick. 03:51
Suspicious grooves - A. Jamot Tensioned drums, crazy acoustic piano. Repetitive bass. Other crazy instruments. 06:22
Born To Die - C. Espern Intro spacy, synth and effects. Filtered and distorted rhythm. Short and repetitive theme. Stressful. 02:48
Dance Expansion - L. Liatard Intro filtered rhythm box and synth bass. Melody to the synth. Vocoder. 03:18
Taxi Driver - L. Liatard Intro filtered drums. Deep Bass synth. Sound effects, voice samples. Compact, powerful. 03:10
Final Cut - G. Goué Repetitive bass. Synthesized psychedelic. Trance, robotics. 01:16
Stormy Weather - P. Gaillard Intro bass sequenced. 0'15 rhythm. 0'41 piano synth. Edit point at 1'33 break bass. 03:05
Technolovecall - P. Gaillard Intro synth and effects. 0'18 rhythm, guitar wah wah. Riff of bass synth. 0'52 Simple and tense theme. 03:34
keymuse - J. Pelizzari World with bagpipes and saturated guitars. Irish such as U2. 03:17
Creator - T. Chaze Synth Riff with filter effect. Toms, choirs, liturgical chant. Loop. 00:23
English Race - P. Gaillard A synth bass sequence and a rhythm. Intro of filtered drums, percussion. Theme to the synth. 1'07 break of basses. Loop. 00:15
All Night - L. Liatard Intro disturbing sounds. Free party, organized jungle sound, bestial sounds. Loop 2. 00:20
Fleur D'Eau - L. Liatard Intro off strange sounds and sound effects. 0'15 rhythmic. Sound effects, minimalist. 02:08
Nostalgie - L. Liatard Intro of electronic sounds. Short and repetitive synth theme. Dense. 2'29, 3'15 breaks. 04:05
Vanguish - L. Liatard Bass sequence, sound effects, anxiogenic, repetitive. 04:12
Ad Nama - L. Liatard Intro spacey, synth effects. Bass sequenced fast, anxiogenic sound effects. 02:48
Moving - L. Liatard Sound effects and industrial sound effects. 0'26 Techno rhythm. Robot synth. 02:22
Go'On - L. Liatard Panoramic synth effects. Rhythmic sound effects. Fast bass sequence. 03:43
Mixed Up - T. Cahn Electronic drums. Bass synth, rhythm and wah wah guitar. 00:51
Massai Call Dance - P. Gaillard Intro synth with filter. Bass insistence. Ethnic voice samples. Techno tribal, African trance. 03:45
Ultradensity - T. Chaze Intro of saturated sounds and synth. Aggressive bass and synth sequences. Melody pop. 04:02
In The Numb - T. Chaze Simple rhythm, psychedelic synth. Melody on the far acoustic piano. 0'45 break. 01:00
Web Circle - T. Chaze Intro background synth and electronic beep. 0'34 Acoustic piano and synth in deformed voice. Edit point at 1'15 Spacy synth. 03:01
Memories Song - T. Chaze Intro synth background and short and repetitive theme with acoustic piano. 0'30 Latin rhythm. 0'44 Theme replayed on synth. 1'45 synth break. 2'13 break. 04:29
Distorted Net - T. Chaze Synth sequenced and repetitive on a single note. Heady, overbearing. 01:00
Chiki - J-M Boiteux Hardcore techno. Repetitive kick and saturated guitar. Edit point at 0'30. 00:59
Lets Weak - J-M Boiteux Kick and bass synth, spoken voice. Drums with brushes, organ, funky and chords guitar. 01:46
Para - J-M Boiteux Electro-pop band from the 80's. Bass in ostinato. Riff synth. 0'31, 1'27 breaks percus. 02:06
Daccord Pas Daccord - J-M Boiteux Synth Riff and Kick. 0'31 saturated guitar. 0'47 break of toms. 01:23