Musiques avec genre : Salsa

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Rondo Imulondo - L.J. Cedar A bright and uplifting South American-Salsa influenced track that great for advertising or TV-Film cue. Upbeat, Fun, Classy, Quirky, Rhythmic, Latino, Energetic, Positive. Piano, Vibes, Double Bass, Trumpet, Latin Percussion, Cowbell. 00:20
Ka Ncinci - F. Paco Salsa, Latin, Dynamic, Brass, Choir. Africa, Jazzy, soul. 01:19
Voy - GD 78 Latin, Bachata, salsa. Accordion, piano and violin. Male voice song. 03:31
Nena - GD 78 Tango, salsa, Bachata. Positive, dance. Accordion, spoken male voice, choirs, percussion and piano. 03:28
Arkamanga - J. Pelizzari Cuban Latino Orchestra. Brass, electric piano, saxophone. Lyric flute. Voice. Oye como va. Santana. 02:31
Latino Mouse Maze - L.J. Cedar A rousing, joyous and energetic Latino influenced dance tracks. Pefect for summer beach party celebrations. Fun, Uplifting, Driving, Confident, Energetic, rousing, Summery, Warm, Up, Positive, Energetic, Vivacious, Latin, Latino. Piano, Drums, Brass, Horns, Trumpet, Bass, Triangle, Percussion. 03:42
Tutti Salsa - J-P Bigourie Cuban orchestra, brilliant brass, percussion, salsa Jingle. 00:10
Brazilia - L. Marie-Sainte Acoustic piano theme. drums, double bass, percussion. Stop between themes. 00:58