Musiques avec genre : Rock--progressive

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
Shadow From The Abyss - C. Nouailhaguet Cinematic hybrid rock track, featuring punchy drums, synths and edgy guitars. Dark and epic for electrifying action scenes. Edit point at 1:04, at 1:22, at 3:00, at 3:36. Electric guitar, bass, drums, synths, sound design. 05:40
Unexpected Cello - C. Nouailhaguet Cello melody drived by a rock orchestration. Theme at 01:36, edit point at 01:16. Electric bass, drums, electric guitar, solo cello, synth. 02:34
Brave The Elements - T. Stoilkovski An enigmatic, purpose driven track with a post rock alternate grungy feel sparks into a pop melody. Out Of The Wilderness. 02:46
Search For Life - T. Stoilkovski Asian inspired feel fuses dark cellos into a massive acoustic drum beat then turns into a post rock burner. Out Of The Wilderness. 02:18
Standing On The Edge - T. Stoilkovski Shout it from the rooftop big guitar anthem with soaring melodic lead and a too for school eighties chorus. Out Of The Wilderness. 02:36
Imaginary - E. Hildebert Intro piano, psychedelic guitars, synths and timpani. Pink Floyd. 02:21
Wherever You Will Go - D Agostino Questions answers between a majestic and romantic acoustic guitar and a powerful, aggressive and psychedelic hard-rock saturated guitar. Each intervention lasting approximately 1mn. 05:54
Love Bites - D Agostino Aerial intro to synth, swell electric guitar. Repetitive rhythmic. 02:47
Frames of France - D Agostino Pop rock fusion progressive with organ, synthesizer, electric guitar and brass. 70s. Farfisa intro of 30s. 03:05
Experimental Project - M. Litwinski Futuristic, New Age, Abstract theme 01:15
Smile Please - P. Gawlik Quirky, Fun theme with female voice 02:32
Dizzy For Dolphin - L.J. Cedar Intense and lazy rock track with Guitars, Bass and Drums with EQ'd middle.. Dreamy, Lazy, Intense, underwater, deep. 01:04
Prelydiom - P. Sanchez Garcia Synth evolving and spacy, saturated guitar theme and solo, Rondat or Pink floyd. 02:32
Inri - T. Chaze Bass synth sequence and religious choirs. Era. Powerful synth. Version 60s. 01:02