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Musique avec genre : Minimal--tech

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Dressed To The Nines - J. Whitcher Cinematic, Minimal - tech, Spirited, Repetitive, Acoustic piano. Nature, Emotive, Universal, Electro, Ambient, Spacious, Moody, Guitar, Film, Emotion, Moving, Horizon, Underscore, Suspence. 02:07
2017 Les nouveaux detectives - J-L Delgado Electronic drums and claps, synth bass, acoustic piano theme and synth. Industrial, computer. 01:57
Investigation - E. Hildebert Cinematic Drama, synth, guitar, piano, suspense, investigation. 02:30
Garden Today - E. Hildebert Heavy rhythmic. Effects and light melody. 00:31
Casino Lady - G. D Agostino As a 60s television series theme. 05:58