Musiques avec genre : Metal--hard-rock

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
Trapped - G. Flores Rock, Metal - Hard Rock, Powerfull, Combative, Overload guitar, Electric bass, Drum. Lifestyle. 01:50
Show Em What You Got - T. Stoilkovski Electro rock funk monster with a mid eastern themed melody roars into a superhero soundtrack chorus. Out Of The Wilderness. 02:24
Breaking Chains - T. Stoilkovski Quiet grunge crashes into a edgy rock funkfest then drops out a big lead guitar fist pumping chorus. Everyday Hero. 02:21
Deliver The Goods - T. Stoilkovski Grungy in your face melodic riff guitars head into a chorus of classic alternative rock goodness that sings. Everyday Hero. 02:20
Just Rock It - T. Stoilkovski Get ready to rumble as stomping and double driven distorted guitars lead into a stoner rock super chorus. Everyday Hero. 02:34
Strutting Your Stuff - T. Stoilkovski Streetwise cool and swagger meet head on with cool duel harmony guitar melodies on a funk rock riff tune. Everyday Hero. 02:00
Wherever You Will Go - D Agostino Questions answers between a majestic and romantic acoustic guitar and a powerful, aggressive and psychedelic hard-rock saturated guitar. Each intervention lasting approximately 1mn. 05:54
Feel Me - D Agostino Riff of dark metal with synth and saturated guitar. Powerful female vocals 03:49
Be What You Want - T. Stoilkovski Raw pop rock dance tune with lashes of electronic vibes, picked bass guitar and gritty atmosphere. Be What You Want. EP @ 0'54. 02:40
Beautiful Stranger - T. Stoilkovski Ethereal and enigmatic 80s sounding guitar groove swings into a passionate chorus that reaches out. Be What You Want. EP @ 0'51, 1'42. 03:08
Can You Catch Me - T. Stoilkovski Driven rock and delayed reverb guitars battle it in your face to a chorus that comes alive with mystery. Be What You Want. 02:18
Confident Look - T. Stoilkovski Synth signals bounce over hot driven pop guitars amidst chilled organ to a soundtrack of cool. Be What You Want. 03:07
Fight For Rights - T. Stoilkovski A throwback to 80's and 90's big hard rock feel with big open drums, big chords and synth splashes. Be What You Want. 02:10
Nothing Stopping Us - T. Stoilkovski Straight to your throat razor sharp killer rocker with chainsaw octave guitars, rocking vibe and rebel heart. Be What You Want. 03:16
Slick Style - T. Stoilkovski Thrill seeker funky rocking guitars blast into an electro rock chorus to a streetwise super agent vibe. Be What You Want. 02:43
Teenage Crush - T. Stoilkovski Pop sweet tune infused by a catchy melody guitar section with dressings if piano, organ and lots of love. Be What You Want. 02:14
Win The Game - T. Stoilkovski Sporty let it all out rock tune that instills action and pace with melodic guitars, tremolo effects and synths. Be What You Want. 02:30
Get Away - I. Proc Rock, punk, pop with heavy guitars drum and bass. Drive by Eden, Dublin, Ireland. Male and Female voice. 03:19
Mess Hall Assault - J. Goodwin Rock - Heavy techno rock. 01:40
Best Shot - J. Goodwin Rock - ACDC style hard rock vocal. 01:03
Bite Of The Twinkie - J. Goodwin Rock - Eye of the Ding Dong. Tiger. 00:39
Make It Extreme - J. Goodwin Rock - Heavy rock drive. 00:57
Malaria - J. Goodwin Rock - Hard Rock drive. 00:33
Typhoid - J. Goodwin Rock - Hard Rock driving. 00:41
Fixed Forsnips - J. Goodwin Rock Groove - Industrial groove fuzz bass. 01:30
Too Hot - J. Goodwin Rock - Deaf Lepper sexist group anthem. 01:44
Day After - J. Goodwin Rock - Drama rock driving Miss Velvet. 01:11
Riders Of The Storm - T. Stoilkovski Foreboding expansive strings and choir in a rock driven combination of destiny and power. 02:21
The Shaman - G. D Agostino Intro acoustique, puis électrique @1mn. Pop années 70. Led zeppelin. EP@2mn plus cool et solo de guitare acoustique et lyrisme de guitare électrique. 05:54
Brave Frontier - T. Stoilkovski Classic guitar driven pop western psychedlic stomp. 02:17
Big Apple Jam - L.J. Cedar A Ramones New York Dolls punk style indie rock track.. Powerful, Driving, Driven, Frantic, Energetic, Indie, Confident, Macho, Strong. 01:20
Rictus heavy M - A. Jamot Electo-punk. Dynamic, urban, horror. Edit point at 3'00. Powerfull guitar. 04:55
Freestyle - T. Chaze Rock band. Riff of powerful guitars. Rap flow. Red Hot and Linkin 'Park. 1'43 break. 02:34
Dirty House - P. Sanchez Garcia Intro rhythmic sound effects. Riff unisson bass guitar. Edit point at 1'18 break. Guitar solo. 02:30
P.L.Riffazlectro - P. Sanchez Garcia Rhythmic electro tribal and synth. Saturated guitar. 02:59
Beast Bloute - P. Sanchez Garcia Rock band with percussion. Melody on the guitar, clear sound and saturated, picked up by the Synth. Solos. 03:11
Raggaguittin - P. Sanchez Garcia Slow rock. Electric arpeggio on piano and saturated guitar solo. Edit point at 2'04, break. 04:38
Take Seven - P. Sanchez Garcia Rock band. Harmonized phrases of saturated and solo guitars. 02:27
Dark Lights - P. Sanchez Garcia Power trio. Riff in unison bass guitar. Edit point at 0'20, 0'56 double tempo. Guitar solo. 1'14 Riff and harmonized theme with 2 guitars. 01:48
Eleventh Click - P. Sanchez Garcia Power trio plus synth. Riff in unison bass guitar. 0'48 Guitar solo. 01:41
Great New Sun - P. Sanchez Garcia Rock band. Riff of guitar. Edit point at 0'35 break, solo guitar. 01:58
Great New World - P. Sanchez Garcia Rock band. Riff guitar and bass in unison. Theme on the guitar. 02:24
Heavy Drop C - P. Sanchez Garcia Rock band. Tense harmony of the theme. Edit point at 1'05, double tempo. 1'53 guitar solo. 2'12 break. 03:11
Metal Dream - P. Sanchez Garcia Rhythmic rock. Lyrical guitar phrases. 00:38
Noisy Song - P. Sanchez Garcia Riff rock in unison bass and guitar, break of drums and synth sequence. 0'31 Theme with saturated guitar. Edit point at 1'02, double tempo and lyric guitar phrases. 1'55 break. 03:53
Shitty Pussy Cat - P. Sanchez Garcia Guitar wah wah and rhythm guitar. Saturated guitar theme. 02:57
High Pulsation - J-P Vielfaure Rhythmic pulsations cut with sound elements and saturated guitars. 00:58
Metal Speed - T. Chaze Rhythmic rock very fast. Effects of anxiety guitar. Tense harmony. Edit point at 0'28, 1'35 explosion. 02:14
Heavy Stuff - T. Chaze Intro guitar effect. Rock band. Riff of guitar, rhythmic metallic. Edit point at 1'12 break. 02:34
Level Head - T. Chaze Rock band, 2 guitars, riff and theme. 02:33
Verminal - T. Chaze Rock band. A guitar riff. Version 30s. 00:30
Antitrust - T. Chaze Rock band. Repetitive riff theme. 0'43 break. 01:00
Big Phuzz - T. Chaze Rock orchestra. Repetitive guitar riff. 01:00
Crazy Fly - T. Chaze Synth Intro. 0'15 double tempo. Unisson guitar and bass. 01:00
Dark Grung - T. Chaze Power trio. 0'22 saturated bass solo. Bass end saturated. 01:00
Drum And Metal - T. Chaze Dense rhythmic, Synth anxiogenic. Fast guitar. Edit point at 1'07, 2'19. 02:31
Cyber Trash - T. Chaze Sequenced, distorted, agonizing. 02:44
Idéaux - J-M Boiteux Rock band with guitar hero. Synth choir in background. 01:42
Ouest - J-M Boiteux Crazy drummer. Riff of saturated guitar. Sequence of harp. 01:20
Ck - J-M Boiteux Improvisation of saturated guitar, violins. 00:29
Dhard Corp - J-M Boiteux Rock band. Riff of guitar. Theme to the synth. Edit point at 1'05 break and solo guitar. 02:25