Musiques avec genre : Latin

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
Cuban Whistle - P. Gaillard Light, cheerful and catchy melody, whistled and doubled with pizzicato. Some rhythmic elements for a sunny atmosphere. 02:16
In The School Yard - P. Gaillard The double bass is doubled with a scate of voice. The violin plays a simple, repetitive and catchy melody. Solo from 02:12
Vou Cantar - E. Cresci Fun and joyful instrumental Samba. Typical Brazilian sound with refined harmony and rhythm. Flowing and joyful. No voice. 03:17
Alma Viva - E. Di Nucci Baião instrumental underscore with a rich and refined rhythmic accompaniment. Beautiful guitar improvisation with the voice in unison. 03:27
Ciclo Da Vida - E. Cresci Fun and joyful instrumental Samba. Typical Brazilian sound with refined harmony and rhythm. Flowing and joyful. No voice. 02:14
Frane - E. Cresci Fun and joyful song in Portuguese, French and English. Male and female duet. 04:42
O Bom Caminho - E. Bianchini Latin America folk melody for Violin and Piano. Melancholic and nostalgic. No voice. 03:04
Quero So - P. Iurich Fun and Joyful song in Portuguese. Flowing and light. Male and female duet. 03:07
The Autumn Samba - E. Cresci Samba acoustic piece with a with a vein of melancholy, but flowing and assertive. 07:26
Step Eleven - P. Iurich Light jazz song with Latin and Brazilian contaminations. Virtuosic Vocalese. Female voice. 03:56
Sin Huir - E. Bianchini Beautiful Argentine Zamba. Melancholic and sad but with an assertive mood. 04:10
Lusatia - J. Pelizzari Rhythmic acoustic guitar and positive melody played on piano synthesizer. Bossa lounge Miami beach. 02:45
Xelaxia - J. Pelizzari Rhythmic electric piano and percussion with light melody of saxophone and rhythmic voice intervention. Dynamic Bossa. 02:43
No worries, man - A. Urbanowicz Dynamic, Pulsing, Energetic, Guitar theme, Carlos Santana 04:08
That doesn't Matter - A. Urbanowicz jazzy, Soft, Piano, Harmonica, Rhythm Section 02:14
Rondo Imulondo - L.J. Cedar A bright and uplifting South American-Salsa influenced track that great for advertising or TV-Film cue. Upbeat, Fun, Classy, Quirky, Rhythmic, Latino, Energetic, Positive. Piano, Vibes, Double Bass, Trumpet, Latin Percussion, Cowbell. 00:20
Tango Park Life - L.J. Cedar A bright and vivavious South American-Tamgo influenced track that great for advertising or TV-Film cue. Upbeat, Vivacious, Fun, Classy, Quirky, Latino, Emotional, Positive. Piano, Brass, Horns, Drums, Keyboards, Guiro. Astor Piazzolla. 00:30
Cubana - F. Paco Latin, Dynamic, Percussions, Saxophone, Singing voice. Africa, Jazzy, soul. 06:37
Ka Ncinci - F. Paco Salsa, Latin, Dynamic, Brass, Choir. Africa, Jazzy, soul. 01:19
Leading Man - F. Paco Jazz, Latin, Relaxed, Brass. Africa, Jazzy, soul. 03:51
Majestic Africa - L. Gogwana Jazz, Latin, Positive, Electric guitar, Trumpet. Africa, Jazzy, soul. 01:02
Maxhoseni - L. Gogwana Jazz, Latin, Positive, Acoustic piano, Trumpet. Africa, Jazzy, soul. 01:44
Mozambique - F. Paco Latin, Jazz, Dynamic, Brass, Trumpet, Acoustic piano. Africa, Jazzy, soul. 03:00
Mshini - T. Noosi Latin, Jazz, Happy, Exotic, Electric guitar, Choir. Africa, Jazzy, soul. 01:50
My heart sings - F. Paco Latin, Jazz, Happy, Saxophone, Brass. Africa, Jazzy, soul. 01:59
The Walk - F. Paco Latin, Dynamic, Acoustic piano, Choir, Trumpet. Africa, Jazzy, soul. 05:39
Voy - GD 78 Latin, Bachata, salsa. Accordion, piano and violin. Male voice song. 03:31
Nena - GD 78 Tango, salsa, Bachata. Positive, dance. Accordion, spoken male voice, choirs, percussion and piano. 03:28
Jazz Deluxe - GD 78 Jazz blues, like a cartoon theme, pink panther, played on the guitar. Improvisation on the saxophone then on the guitar. 05:31
Falta - GD 78 World song, for fun and dance. Nice melody on accordion. 03:49
Follow My Way - J. Chmielewski 30' version. Rhythmic, Dance, Melodic, Positive Tropical Dance 00:33
Hot Vacation - J. Chmielewski 30' version. Rhythmic, Dance, Melodic, Positive Tropical Dance 00:31
Somebody To Love - J. Chmielewski 30' version. Rhythmic, Dance, Melodic, Positive Tropical Dance with fx voices 00:30
Sleep Well My Darling - S. Bokowy Guitar and Cello. Calm, Cool Bossa Nova 03:43
Wild Beach - G. Suski Jazzy theme over small band arrangement 02:49
Cleaning Up - P. Gawlik Instrumental version. No voices. 02:28
What it's Like - D Agostino Intro in fade in on rhythmic repetition of percussions and drums with sustain of guitar in addition. Trance, traditional dance. 06:58
Malaga - D Agostino Rhythmic soft samba with an acoustic piano. Melody and solos with 2 guitars. 03:04
Gipsy Eyes - D Agostino Jazz and Latin atmosphere for 2 guitars, bass and drums. 02:52
Electro Funk - D Agostino Groove quiet drums and percussions. Aerial Synth. Tempo doubled from 1'20 to 2'10 05:24
Cakewalk - G. D Agostino Latin ambience, South America. Repetitive Rhythmic and Acoustic Guitar Solo. Percussion atmosphere at 2'16. 04:07
Danger Love - D Agostino Spanish atmosphere with a melody and a solo played on classical guitar. Break at 2'04. 02:42
Senso Tango - M. Sweeting Clarinet solo, piano, violin, cello. A good hotel lounge together play for a sensual dance where seduction is part of the game. 02:55
Art Of Colours - S. Bokowy Expresive acoustic guitar theme 02:00
Lazy Evening - S. Bokowy Slow, positive acoustic guitar theme/ 01:27
Sunny Mood - A. Urbanowicz Swinging, Bossa. Feel Good 02:57
What's Up - A. Urbanowicz Energetic, Positive pop theme, samba 02:20
Jazz At Midnight - M. Nosowicz Positive, Rhythmic theme, Male Voice 02:17
Playground - A. Urbanowicz Positive, Happy mood, Piano theme, Bass, Drums 03:16
Arkamanga - J. Pelizzari Cuban Latino Orchestra. Brass, electric piano, saxophone. Lyric flute. Voice. Oye como va. Santana. 02:31
Sabana - J. Pelizzari Intro E.piano, organ. Latin rhythmic and funky riff. Electric piano. Main theme in unison violins and brass. 03:28
Kambalda - J. Pelizzari Percussion, bass synth synth, muted trumpet theme. 1'36 E.Piano, solo muted trumpet and synth. 03:11
Juice - G. D Agostino Espagnol, flamenco funk rapide, solo de guitare et percussions. EP @ 1'39. 03:03
Paco - G. D Agostino Tango. Espagnol, flamenco. Printanière. 02:53
First Love Song - G. D Agostino Joyeuse, fleur bleue. Positive, oldies. 04:51
Ghe Te Pensu - G. D Agostino Dialogue de flutes avec contrebasse. Aventure. 03:47
Keep It Up - G. D Agostino Samba très rapide, fusion, chorus d'orgue et de piano. 03:43
Charlemont - G. D Agostino Espagne, Gipsy, flamenco. Joyeuse, printanière. 02:52
Courtesan - G. D Agostino Printanière, folk, fusion, aventure, joyeuse. 03:04
Culture Club Reggae - G. D Agostino Printanière, caraïbe, Sega. Danse, fête. 03:17
All Day Sunshine - T. Stoilkovski Bright and cheerful modern latin salsa piano piece that uplifts. 00:53
Mermaids Groove - G. D Agostino Latin atmosphere on the beach, festive, progressive. Organ, percussion, flute, bass and brass. 04:28
La Grassa - G. D Agostino Latin piece, lounge with flute melody and piano counterpoint. One minute solo piano Intro and final. 04:16
Our Secret - L.J. Cedar Sneaky, happy and funny riff with modern ending. Good for Kids TV music.. Childlike, Sneaky, Happy, Funny, Satirical, Optimistic. Lighthearted. 00:32
Latino Mouse Maze - L.J. Cedar A rousing, joyous and energetic Latino influenced dance tracks. Pefect for summer beach party celebrations. Fun, Uplifting, Driving, Confident, Energetic, rousing, Summery, Warm, Up, Positive, Energetic, Vivacious, Latin, Latino. Piano, Drums, Brass, Horns, Trumpet, Bass, Triangle, Percussion. 03:42
Com Minhas Orelhas Eu Posso Ver - L.J. Cedar Uplifting South American Latin, Brazilian dance track with added 80s feel and male vocal.. Brazil, Salsa, Merengue, South America, Upbeat, Summery, Feelgood, Acoustic, Pop, Energetic, Vivacious, Latin, Latino. 03:53
Con Su Ayuda - L.J. Cedar Latin Acoustic Guitar track with a synthesizer. Summery and beach feel.. Latino, Beach, Upbeat, Summery, Feelgood, Acoustic, Pop, Energetic, Vivacious. 01:37
Bankazia - J. Pelizzari Percussion, acoustic guitar, synthesized theme with ethnic colors. Solo of trumpet, double bass. Organ, crystalline electric piano. 02:44
Yziana - J. Pelizzari Spacy Synth. Crystalline theme. Edit point at 0'43 shaker and bass, 1'25 rhythm latin 1'51 evolving sequence. 02:46
Zelounda - J. Pelizzari Rhythmic disco synth. Latin bass and drums. Melody with filtered synth. Guitar, brass, steeldrum. 03:41
Adonizia - J. Pelizzari Choirs, birds. Theme on the vocoder. Bass synth, electric piano. Melodica. 03:24
A la plage - F. Bégnon Ritournelle cheerful. Voice The la. Brazil, World Cup, Holiday. Progressive enrichment. 01:40
Let's Go Out - J-M Boiteux 2 acoustic guitars, bass and drums for a positive interlude. 00:07
Calle Negra - F. Zgorski Afro Cuban Such as Comparsa. The comparsa is a collective dance of march, which originates in the secular festivals of the slaves during the Spanish colony, especially in the day of the kings. 02:15
African Travel - F. Zgorski Afro Cuban Such as Bembe. The Bembe are a Kongo ethnic group. The Bembe was originally a profane rhythm, the term Bembe is also used to designate a celebration or festivities with totally popular character. Congas. 03:18
Bongo Salvage - F. Zgorski Afro Cuban such as Changui. The Changui is a musical genre born about 1860 in the eastern part of Cuba. His instruments, the tres, the marimbula, the maracas, the guiro or guayo, metal vegetable rape, rubbed with a baguette and the bongo. 02:44
Deep Congo - F. Zgorski Haitian Style such as Vaccine. The Vaccin are the rhythms played for the carnival. 03:06
Havana Street - F. Zgorski Afro Cuban Such as Guaguanco rumba. The tumbadoras being the drums of Congolese origin serving rituals of Bantu origin palo, makuta, garabato. Transformation of barrels without the bottoms and on which are stretched dried animal skins. 03:20
Killing Mountain - F. Zgorski Afro Cuban Such as Palo Matanzas. The Palo is an Afro-American syncretic religion practiced in Cuba, close to Santeria and Candomble, it is African shamanic beliefs mixed with elements of spiritism, magic and Catholicism. 02:51
Rumba 21 - F. Zgorski Afro Cuban Such as Guarapachanguero. Cuban rhythm born in 1984. It is elaborated on the basis of the Guaguanco within the group Chinitos. 02:15
Set With Pearls - F. Zgorski Afro Cuban Such as Guiro. Of the Bembe family. Its name comes from the güiro name given to the calabash in Cuba, calabash which is used to make the Shekéré. 02:14
Speedy Highway - F. Zgorski Afro Cuban Such as Makuta. Originally, the Makuta accompanied the coronation ceremony of the kings congos in Africa. Used in the 19th century in the cabildos of Cuba, it went from ceremonial music to ritual and sacred music. 02:37
Sticky Stick - F. Zgorski Afro Cuban Such as Palo Havana. The Palo is a Congo tradition brought to Cuba by the slaves in the sixteenth century. The practice revolves around a central theme, the nganga, constructed according to a very precise ritual invoking the dead and forces of nature. 03:12
Conversation Chaleureuse - F. Zgorski Haitian Such as Ogu. Until very recently, voodoo represented the religion of the majority of the Haitian population. It is a set of African beliefs originating in particular from Dahomey and Nigeria that mingle with Catholicism. 03:24
Juba - F. Zgorski Haitian Such as Juba. Rhythm of the Dead. It is played during commemorations or burials, it is a gued ryhme the dead whose prince is Baron Saturday. 02:41
Red Tambor - F. Zgorski Afro Cuban Such as Columbia Havana rumba. Rumba is a Cuban musical genre, made of songs and percussions, which developed in the 19th century in the Afro-Cuban circles of the capital, Havana. 02:54
Salty Meringue - F. Zgorski Haitian Style such as Vaccin. The Vaccin are the rhythms played for the carnival. Congas. 02:55
Senze Trip - F. Zgorski Afro Cuban Such as Columbia Nongo. Columbia nongo is traditionally the first columbia created. She is native of Savanilla a small town next to Matanzas in Cuba. 02:36
Relax - G. Goué Intro soft synth, percussion. Groove of bass synth at the Matt Bianco. 02:47
Sens - H. La Guerche Acoustic guitare and tenor Saxophone. Such as Stan Getz and Gilberto. 04:29
Série B - H. La Guerche Bass intro played at the pick. Melody on the guitar in vibrato. Organ and discreet percussion. 02:29
Zaya - J. Pelizzari Organ and guitar. Mix of instruments and voices for a melancholic bossa ballad. 03:37
Zafiore - J. Pelizzari Tango musette Such as Gotan Project. Bandoneon and Gypsy violin. 03:08
El Brazil - J-M Cazorla Duo of guitars. drums and light bass. Theme and solo on guitar. 01:51
Les Vieux Gremans - J-M Cazorla Guitar duo, accompaniment, melody and solo. 02:25
Storia - J. Pelizzari Vocoder, brass, melody with the Electric Piano. Bass, violins. Solo of trombone. 02:46
Alma Santanita - P. Sanchez Garcia Latin rock band of the '70s. Percussions. Solo of saturated guitar. Carlos Santana. 2'09 Latin rhythmic classical guitar. 03:17
Tantalise - J. Greenhow Glossy synth sequence and rotating effect. 1'07 Latin rhythm. 02:44
Chachacha - J-P Bigourie Piano, bass, drums and percussion for a rhythm cha-cha-cha. Melody with flute and vibraphone. Violins and brass. 00:32
Crianca Do Rio - J-P Bigourie Soft synth, percussion, flute and buggle melody. Brass section. Beach and American serie. Edit point at 2'00 stop melody. Violins and buggle solo. 05:02
Latino - J-P Bigourie Riff in unison piano and bass. Violins, choir, acoustic guitar, brass. Miami or Rio police. Melody with brass. Edit point at 1'22, part B. 02:47
Latino Day - M. Dall Anese Steel drum, percussion and guitar wah wah. Violins. Flute and steel drums solo. 03:40
Osaka Station - M. Dall Anese Bass Intro Piano. Melody to the flute. 0'24 Part B violins staccato. 03:53
Un Autre Jour - J-M Cazorla 2 guitars, bass and drums. Melody played on guitar. 01:41
La Foire - J-M Cazorla 2 guitars, bass, drums and percussion. Theme and solo on guitar. 02:06
Brazilia - L. Marie-Sainte Acoustic piano theme. drums, double bass, percussion. Stop between themes. 00:58
Tango De Nourdin - L. Marie-Sainte Tango with percussion, castanets, double bass and acoustic guitar. Melody and solo played on guitar. 01:10
Favorable Spring - P. Gaillard Latin jazz orchestra. Melody on the flute. Violins languorous. Solo on the organ. 03:49
Rumba - P. Gaillard South American orchestra, percussion, acoustic piano. Melody played on the organ. Violins. Sensual Rumba. '60s. 02:43
Zoo Promenade - P. Gaillard Latin orchestra, melody with vibraphone. Part B with violins and pizz. 0'57 melody played on the flute. Rumba or cha-cha-cha. 01:50
Chat Du Chacha - P. Gaillard Piano, bass, drums and percussion for a rhythm cha-cha-cha. Melody with flute and vibraphone. Violins, brass. 02:38
Sensual Helen - P. Gaillard E.Piano. Relaxing rhythm. Ethnic flute. Violins. Slow evolution. Funky guitar. Melody with soft synth. 05:01
Bumptears - P. Gaillard Latin jazz orchestra. Melody and solo with vibraphone. 03:52
Sleazy - P. Gaillard Latin jazz orchestra. Melody on the flute. Violins languorous. Organ solo. 04:02
A Thought Of Cordoba - P. Gaillard Latin Jazz Orchestra. Melody to the flute. 01:26
Bossa Du Samedi - P. Gaillard Latin jazz orchestra. Melody with the organ and the trombone. Langorous violins. 03:10
Bossa For Cassandra - P. Gaillard Latin jazz orchestra. Melody on the flute. Languorous violins. Acoustic guitar solo. 03:44
April Octagone - P. Gaillard Latin jazz orchestra. Melody on the flute. Organ solo. 02:26
In My House - J-M Boiteux Riff of saturated guitar on Latin rhythm. Choirs and organ riffs. 01:27
Dash - J-M Boiteux Bossanova. Latin rhythm, guitar and percussion. Saxophone solo. 01:15
Save Me A Spot - J. Diggs-Irons Chill tropical pop/islands instrumental with minimalist female vocals. Electric Guitar, Synthesizer, Vocals, Drums, Electric Bass. 02:44