Musiques avec genre : Jazz

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
Cash Cash - P. Gaillard Intro with a repetitive double bass riff and rhythmic sound effects. Then dubbing of violin pizz and arco staccato violin. Edit point at each loop. 1'36 solo saturated with violin. 02:26
Hard Bop Violin - P. Gaillard Jazz quartet. Chromatic suite of notes on the double bass. Violin solo. Nervous atmosphere. 02:32
Keep You In Suspens - P. Gaillard Fast double bass riff. Pizzicatos sometimes double the double bass. The violin evolves between long notes and crusts with echo. 02:03
Strings Of Spring - P. Gaillard Jazz of the 30s. Swing of the guinguettes. Violin solo. Rhythmic of bandjo with the violin in pizz. 01:39
Walking Downtown - P. Gaillard Double bass swing. Melody on the violin. The pizzicato play on part B. Violin solo. The rhythm is played with the friction of the hands on the double bass. 03:24
In The Air - G. Goué Clarity becomes obvious, it's in the air! Light melody on a slightly out of tune piano and airy vocals. Edit Point at 0'54 and 3'22 Jazz ballad, cymbal and double bass. 03:52
Primus - G. Goué It's party time, the music is here we can start! (2nd part) Light and positive jazz, double bass and electric piano. 02:00
Frane - E. Cresci Fun and joyful song in Portuguese, French and English. Male and female duet. 04:42
Nova Estrela - E. Cresci Bossa Nova acoustic song in Portuguese. Melancholic and nostalgic but also with a positive side. Female voice. 04:13
Quero So - P. Iurich Fun and Joyful song in Portuguese. Flowing and light. Male and female duet. 03:07
James On The Armchair - E. Cresci Light and positive jazz/fusion acoustic piece. 04:34
Leo 5 And 6 - E. Cresci Slightly nostalgic Jazz theme but flowing and light. 04:08
Midnight Walk - E. Cresci Nocturnal piece, introspective and lonely. Nostalgic and vintage. 05:03
The Autumn Samba - E. Cresci Samba acoustic piece with a with a vein of melancholy, but flowing and assertive. 07:26
As - E. Cresci Slow Jazz Waltz piece, large theme and stylish arrangement. Nostalgic and romantic. 05:20
Blue And Green - E. Cresci Slow Jazz Waltz piece. A tune we could listen in a local radio driving through a lonely Central American town. 04:49
Chorando - E. Cresci After a free intro at 42 enter the main theme in Brazilian Jazz style. 05:40
Orange Suite - E. Cresci Suggestive guitar and violin intro. At 1'33 the main fusion/jazz section with improvising. 05:58
Tarante - E. Cresci Pulsing rhythm recalling Italian popular dance but with jazz harmony and phrasing. Light and positive. 05:12
Voyage - E. Cresci Light and positive jazz/fusion acoustic piece. Eighties jazz style. 04:22
Step Eleven - P. Iurich Light jazz song with Latin and Brazilian contaminations. Virtuosic Vocalese. Female voice. 03:56
As Coisas Falam - P. Iurich Slow Jazz Waltz song in Portuguese. Romantic and vintage, recalling the French Bella Epoque. 02:54
Meu Lar - E. Cresci Bossa Nova acoustic instrumental for Piano and Guitar. Melancholic and nostalgic but also with a slight positive mood. Beautiful piano and guitar solo improvisations. No voice. 04:24
House Painting - S. Bokowy Clarinet melody, Funny, Swinging 00:32
My Own Garden - S. Bokowy Guitar acoustic, Calm, Easy-Going 00:38
Fiction Friction - G. Goué Drums very present. Energetic and jazzy style. Electric piano in chord and synth in the background. 03:05
Blue Note - G. Goué Intro sweet jazz with double bass, drums and electric piano. Melody on the electric guitar. Edit point at 0'44 and 2'03 doubled tempo. at 1'18 normal tempo. 02:45
Cirrus - G. Goué Singing with vocoder on jazz rhythm with double bass and brushes. 01:43
Embellie - G. Goué Jazz standard rhythm. Calm and positive. Electric guitar for melody. Parisian thriller atmosphere. 03:01
Espace Libre - G. Goué Trio acoustic guitar, double bass and electric piano. Swing with snaps of fingers. 01:21
Improbable - G. Goué Intro double bass and acoustic piano then standard jazz rhythm. Electric guitar. 01:41
Prisma - G. Goué Between jazz and English pop. Double bass, percussion and electric guitar, saturated and reverberated. Waiting for a disturbing event. 02:00
Piano Sofa - C. Nouailhaguet Nocturnal and refined jazzy lounge track. Featuring smooth piano melody, upright bass, atmospheric synths and relaxed electro beat. Edit pointat 1:05, at 1:45, at 2:25 and at 3:05. Piano, upright bass, drums, synth pad, groovebox. 03:45
Retro Lift - C. Nouailhaguet Retro easy-listening track with jazzy piano, trumpet punctuations, string bed, upright bass and electro beat. Kitsch and classy ambience. Piano solo at 0:55 and at 1:54, edit point at 1:25 and at 2:24. Piano, strings, drums, upright bass, trumpet, vibraphone. 03:04
Strange Easy Lo-Fi - C. Nouailhaguet Downtempo electro jazz beat featuring lo-fi sounds, vinyl scratch, guitar chop, bass and vox fx. Vintage-modern atmosphere. Edit point at 0:40, at 1:54and at 2:35. Scratch, lo-fi sound design, guitar, bass, groovebox, vox fx. 03:22
A Restaurant In Montmartre - P. Gaillard Walk in Montmartre Paris. A gypsy guitarist plays in a restaurant. Some sound elements punctuate an electro swing rhythm. Guitar solo. 01:56
Blues Cured My Headache - P. Gaillard Long tense intro with repetitive guitar. Then a positive blues with guitar solo. Another tense passage but the positive returns again. 02:25
Fast Morning Delivery - P. Gaillard Rhythmic and high energy guitar, tense melody. Melodic accordion on the bridge. 02:07
Gypsy Circus Parade - P. Gaillard Festive, a circus parades in front of its audience. The guitar and the accordion play the melody. Edit point at 1'25 and 1'30. A stripped passage and a twisted passage. Circus parade. 02:20
Hot Club Guinguette - P. Gaillard Gypsy evening. Jazz standard on gypsy guitar then brilliant solo. 02:29
Of Course It's A Waltz - P. Gaillard Funny waltz with an offbeat rhythm. But yes it is a waltz. Gypsy guitar theme and solo. 02:18
Paris sun wakes me up - P. Gaillard Dynamic and adventurous. Funky ryhtmic, intriguing melody played on the gypsy guitar. Adventure. 02:10
Parisian Ballad - P. Gaillard Relaxed walk, desire to stroll while discovering the Paris of popular arts. 02:39
Place Des Abbesses - P. Gaillard Action and dynamism for the melody and the solo played on the gypsy guitar. Acceleration at the end. 01:49
Police Intrigue In Montmartre - P. Gaillard From the intro it is the intrigue. We await the police investigation, the adventure, the gypsy guitar sets the mood. 02:22
Private Detective Affair - P. Gaillard Slightly disturbing gypsy guitar melody. It's the adventure, we research, we ask ourselves questions. Nostalgia. 02:17
Abazia - J. Pelizzari Romantic frettless bass melody on synthesizer pads. Jazzy cool slightly nostalgic. 03:26
Anyraja - J. Pelizzari Discreet flute melody with electric piano interrogative chords. Cool Jazz Funk 02:49
Azami - J. Pelizzari Wurlitzer organ and vocoder on a groovy rhythm. Cool jazz funk. 02:59
Duby - J. Pelizzari RnB with whawha electric piano and scratchs. Repetitive. Funk jazz cool hip hop. 02:34
Elista - J. Pelizzari Flugelhorn accompanied by a groovy mood electric piano and a jazz guitar solo. Lounge bar, jazzy funk cool. 02:53
Kasunia - J. Pelizzari Intro with an electric piano followed by a clavinet and a groovy bass. Solo of trombone. Funk jazz groove. 02:44
Sprizia - J. Pelizzari Muted trumpet on cool mood with synthesizer, Latin electro rhythm and feminine spoken voice. Jazzy cool funk. 03:30
Zita - J. Pelizzari Calls and flute improvisation on chords progression from electric piano accompanied by quiet and groovy bass synth. Jazzy cool funk. 03:06
After a Quarrel - A. Urbanowicz Jazzy, Soft, Piano, Harmonica, Rhythm Section 02:08
Art and Space - A. Rejman Chillout theme over delicate rhythm 04:18
In Half-Light - A. Rejman Dreamy Guitar theme, Atmospheric 04:13
Marble Sculptures - A. Rejman Emotional Trumpet theme accompanied by acoustic piano over light orchestral arrangement 02:26
Modern Art Gallery - A. Rejman Expressive Trumpet theme over light arrangement 04:15
Positive Numbers - A. Urbanowicz Soft, Piano theme, Relaxing. Jazzy 02:14
Street Art - A. Rejman Space, Atmospheric Trumpet theme over light arrangement 03:02
Let Me Out - L.J. Cedar A humerous and fun tracks that's great for an advertising or TV-Film cue. Jazzy Quirky, Rhythmic, Energetic, Positive, Funny, Comedic. Upbeat, Fun. Bass, Drums, Brass, Horns, Vocal Scat. 00:40
Shtup It To Em - L.J. Cedar A quirky, light and fun classical piece great for a reality , comedy or Kids TV show or cute advertising spot. Quirky, Child like, Light, Curious, Fun, Sneaky, Comedic, Reality TV, Cute. Pizzicato Strings, Double Bass, Glockenspiel, Vibraslap, Mouth Trumpet, Finger Snaps. 02:40
Violin Flies - P. Tilleman A relaxing evening on the violin. 03:37
Go Django - P. Tilleman Jazz swing parisian, tribute to Django and Grapelli.Positive and dancing. 02:30
Heads And Tails - P. Tilleman Fast Waking bass, breaks, fast piano, brass and violin phrases. 01:47
Yellow Jazz Bird - P. Tilleman Jazz swing, quiet jazz club. 03:03
A Jazz Thing - M. Marco Jazz, Relaxed, Acoustic piano. Light Hearted. 00:54
African sunshine - T. Noosi Lounge, Jazz, Relaxed, Electric guitar, Saxophone, Percussions. Africa, Jazzy, soul. 05:43
Afro Dynamics - L. Gogwana Fusion, Jazz, Relaxed, Saxophone, Trumpet, Singing voice. Africa, Jazzy, soul. 03:07
Cafe Mind and Soul - L. Gogwana Lounge, Jazz, Relaxed, Electric piano, Saxophone. Africa, Jazzy, soul. 01:19
Chaos - L. Gogwana Orchestral, Jazz, Dynamic, Strange, Brass, Ethnical voice, Percussions. Africa, Jazzy, soul. 00:17
Dont Leave me - S. Sibanda Lounge, Jazz, Relaxed, Acoustic guitar. Guitare acoustic solo. Universal, romantic, love, wedding, Positive, soulful. 01:33
Emotive - L. Gogwana Jazz, Fusion, Majestic, Strange, Trumpet, Singing voice, Percussions. Africa, Jazzy, soul. 01:40
Fly Away - F. Paco Jazz, Fusion, Dynamic, Acoustic piano, Singing voice, Choir. Africa, Jazzy, soul. 02:21
For the love of - F. Paco Jazz, Calm, Acoustic piano, French horn. Africa, Jazzy, soul. 02:25
I Sing it with my heart - L. Gogwana Jazz, Relaxed, Brass. Africa, Jazzy, soul. 01:17
Leading Man - F. Paco Jazz, Latin, Relaxed, Brass. Africa, Jazzy, soul. 03:51
Majestic Africa - L. Gogwana Jazz, Latin, Positive, Electric guitar, Trumpet. Africa, Jazzy, soul. 01:02
Maxhoseni - L. Gogwana Jazz, Latin, Positive, Acoustic piano, Trumpet. Africa, Jazzy, soul. 01:44
Mbira Rhythmics - L. Gogwana World - African, Jazz, Calm, Exotic, Marimba, Saxophone. Africa, Jazzy, soul. 03:13
Mozambique - F. Paco Latin, Jazz, Dynamic, Brass, Trumpet, Acoustic piano. Africa, Jazzy, soul. 03:00
Mshini - T. Noosi Latin, Jazz, Happy, Exotic, Electric guitar, Choir. Africa, Jazzy, soul. 01:50
My Child - M. Marco Jazz, Bossa-nova, Relaxed, Acoustic piano, Contrabass. Universal, romantic, love, wedding, Positive, soulful. 04:21
My heart sings - F. Paco Latin, Jazz, Happy, Saxophone, Brass. Africa, Jazzy, soul. 01:59
My heart sings - L. Gogwana Ballad, Jazz, Positive, Acoustic piano, Violin, Singing voice. Full Version. Edit Point at 0'40. Africa, Jazzy, soul. 02:56
My Love Song - T. Noosi Jazz, Ballad, Positive, Electric guitar, Singing voice. Africa, Jazzy, soul. 01:14
Renaissance Man - F. Paco World - African, Jazz, Dynamic, Percussions, Trumpet. Africa, Jazzy, soul. 02:40
Sensuality - L. Gogwana Lounge, Jazz, Strange, Trumpet. Africa, Jazzy, soul. 03:06
Things Fall Apart - F. Paco Jazz, Contemporary, Strange, Trumpet, Bruitages. Africa, Jazzy, soul. 04:40
This Love - L. Gogwana Jazz, Lounge, Relaxed, Acoustic piano, Trumpet. Africa, Jazzy, soul. 02:46
Thoughts and Memories - T. Noosi Jazz, Calm, Electric guitar. Africa, Jazzy, soul. 04:47
Thrumpet Through The Wind - F. Paco Jazz, Fusion, Adventure, Trumpet, Acoustic piano. Africa, Jazzy, soul. 03:37
Tribal Soul - L. Gogwana Jazz, Fusion, Adventure, Trumpet, Singing voice, Saxophone. Africa, Jazzy, soul. 10:07
U Mzamo - M. Marco Ballad, Jazz, Calm, Acoustic piano, Strings. Universal, romantic, love, wedding, Positive, soulful. 02:35
Umxhentso - L. Gogwana Jazz, Fusion, Adventure, Electric guitar, Trumpet. Africa, Jazzy, soul. 01:55
Xhosa Meets Broadway - L. Gogwana Jazz, Fusion, Adventure, Dynamic, Trumpet, Saxophone, Ethnical voice. Edit point at 2'52. Africa, Jazzy, soul. 03:34
Devil's Nose (Caucherman) - GD 78 Exotic and strange piece with electric guitar, saxophone, female voice, percussions and drums. Art Ensemble of Chicago. 07:29
O Sole Mio - GD 78 The jazz version of the famous Neapolitan song, published in 1898 and world famous. Solo guitar, saxophone and organ. The lyrics are from the Neapolitan poet Giovanni Capurro and the music of Eduardo Di Capua and Alfredo Mazzucchi. 06:58
Over The Rainbow - GD 78 Version of Over the Rainbow. It's one of the best-known songs of the late 1930s. A musical theme written for Judy Garland who performed in The Wizard of Oz 03:24
Smogbuster - GD 78 Tense melody, in unison saxophone and voice. Solo saxophone then guitar. 06:35
Space Blues - GD 78 Blues with introduction to the Hammond organ. Slow and powerful. Melody played on the saxophone. Solo guitar and organ. 08:07
Il Golpe - GD 78 Contemporary jazz, sung melody, improvisation on saxophone. Drum and electric guitar. 05:37
Jazz Deluxe - GD 78 Jazz blues, like a cartoon theme, pink panther, played on the guitar. Improvisation on the saxophone then on the guitar. 05:31
Go - GD 78 Joyful theme played by a jazz orchestra with organ, tenor saxophone, guitare, bass and drums. Happy. 05:06
Don t Get Around - GD 78 A well known jazz standard "Don't Get Around Much anymore" here play by very talented musicians. Drums, Hammond organ, jazz guitare and saxophone. 06:20
Dreamlike - GD 78 03:23
Wild Boar - GD 78 Positive and light theme played with saxophone, guitare, organ and drums. 05:34
You ll Walk Alone - GD 78 Contemporary jazz ballad with female voice, ambient guitar and saxophone. 06:25
Brothers - GD 78 Romantic and quiet jazz ballad play with saxophone, organ, contrabass, drums et guitare. 03:45
Clakson - GD 78 Contemporary jazz ambient played on saxophone, marimba with singing female voice. Strange, tense. 06:11
Beautiful Day - GD 78 Happy and positive jazz ballad played by organ, tenor saxophone, contrabass and drums 05:34
Swing - A. Mazure Big band of New York night. Intro double bass and brass. Snap fingers. 01:25
Night Driver - G. Suski Medium Band Jazzy groove with Brass theme and Electric Guitar theme 02:37
Wild Beach - G. Suski Jazzy theme over small band arrangement 02:49
Disco mobile - J-L Delgado Intro jazz brush. Thème on guitare. Trompet, saxophone et organ solo. 01:56
Chat Show - A. Urbanowicz Dynamic, Happy, Jazzy piano. Rhythm section. 30' version 00:36
Cool Evening - A. Urbanowicz Soft, reflective piano theme. Warm, Reflective. Rhythm section. 30' version 00:29
Dream Alley - G. Suski Grotesque, Humorous, Kitsch theme. Brass Section, Synth, Bass, Drums. 30' version 00:35
Joyful Lane - G. Suski Happy, Funny, Cherful theme. Brass Section, Synth, Bass, Drums. 30' version 00:36
Only Vegetables - A. Urbanowicz Warm, Reflective, Jazzy piano and rhythm section. 30' version 00:32
Slow Return - A. Urbanowicz Positive, Relaxing, Smooth melodies of piano. Rhythm section. 30' version 00:40
Smile Avenue - G. Suski Happy, Funny, Kitsch theme. Accordion, Harmonica, Brass Section, Synth, Bass, Drums. 30' version 00:34
Our Night - P. Gawlik Instrumental lazy acoustic guitar theme 02:33
The Beast of Love - D Agostino Ragtime style acoustic piano. Like an old silent film in black and white. 00:34
Provence - D Agostino Intro acoustic guitar and percussions. 0'47 Drums. 1'27 Melody on acoustic guitar. 02:55
Queen Margherita - D Agostino Gypsy jazz with guitars and mandolin. 00:34
Rabelaisian - D Agostino Quiet introduction to acoustic piano and saxophone. At 0'50 start of electro rhythm. Edit point at 3'30 06:05
Revolving Door - D Agostino Improvisation of 3 saxophones. Crossed melody. 04:04
Oscar Wilde - D Agostino Jazzy blues atmosphere. Investigation, suspense, waiting. 01:47
Mystical Potato Magic - D Agostino Hispanic theme played on the acoustic guitar. Bossa style accompaniment. 04:44
Gipsy Ways - D Agostino Jazzy guitar duo, folklore colors from South America .. 01:57
Girls Girls Girls - D Agostino Jazz trio accompanying two flutists. 03:47
Groupies Delight - D Agostino Jazz funk session on blues chords. 01:38
Five Customers - D Agostino Short ragtime song played at the piano. 00:11
Fugue In The Streets - D Agostino Piece of short ragtime song played at the piano. 00:08
Disco Anomalies - D Agostino Spend a good day listening to this simple and positive traditional blues where the double bass and the electric piano are very present. 02:32
Chronovisor - G. D Agostino Solo vibraphone and cheerful pop melody. 01:54
Abominable Conversations - G. D Agostino Intro and ending on jazz acoustic piano. Theme on flute. 04:16
Analog Dialog - G. D Agostino Melody and solo on the electric guitar. Guitar wah wah. Linear rhythm and percussion interventions 02:43
Whisper Fall - M. Sweeting A jazz trio, start by a nice melody on piano joined by the rest of the band. Minor mode music with a clinmax in the middle. Very deeply played. 03:49
Can I Help You? - A. Urbanowicz Soft, Reflective piano theme. Romantic mood 01:38
Cute Tale - M. Olak 30' version Swinging, Light, Jazzy mood 00:32
Forget It - A. Urbanowicz Jazzy, Positive, rhythmic piano theme over rhythm section 03:36
I Messed Up - A. Urbanowicz Mysterious, Nervous piano with bass, drums 02:13
Robotic Invasion - R. Smolinski Futuristic, Dynamic theme 01:33
Six O'Clock - A. Rejman Melodic, elegant piano over smooth jazzy groove 02:23
Work All Day - A. Urbanowicz Jazzy, Rhythmic, Energetic piano and bass synth theme, drums 03:15
Cute And Smart - M. Sapinski Jazzy, swing oriented theme played by harmonica over small jazz combo. Funny, Positive 01:43
Painting Vision 3 - A. Rejman Reflective mood. Piano and soprano sax nostalgic theme over light drum loop 02:59
Painting Vision 4 - A. Rejman Positive daytime drum groove with light synth woodwinds and penetrating melodies 03:36
Street View - A. Urbanowicz Pulsing. Smooth Sunny jazz theme with funky guitar and some brass section. Herbie Hancock. 02:44
Busy Street - A. Urbanowicz Energetic piano theme 02:11
City At Night - A. Urbanowicz Swinging piano theme, Smooth jazz 01:38
City In The Morning - A. Urbanowicz Positive piano theme, Guitar, Drums 02:39
Impression At Dawn - R. Smolinski Jazzy walking in the sun. Calm, improvised sax solo over ambient pads 02:30
Lunch Time - A. Urbanowicz Laid back, Pulsing Synths, Piano theme, Bass, Drums 03:05
My City - A. Urbanowicz Calm piano ballad 02:20
Street Gang - A. Urbanowicz Tension, Dark Piano, Clarinet, Synths, Drums 03:09
Andolfato - J. Pelizzari Melody and solo on the trumpet. Crystalline electric piano. Violins. 02:36
Forget Me Knot - J. Goodwin Jazz - Hommage to Nat without vocal. 00:26
Sexy Sax - J. Goodwin Jazz - Lush sexy tenor sax. 01:52
Friendlier Sponge - J. Goodwin ID - Ambient trip jazz ID. 00:05
Friendly Sponge - J. Goodwin ID - Ambient trip jazz with kick ID 00:05
A Song For Jimi - G. D Agostino Walking bass aristochats. Printanière, joyeuse, enfant, comédie. Institutionnel. 02:32
Another Life - G. D Agostino Urbain, New York. Bar, club, policier. 01:14
Dragonfly - G. D Agostino Thème simpliste de fin de soirée ou vieille série policière. Lounge. 03:58
The Mystical Keeper - G. D Agostino Fin de soirée. chorus de flute, basse, Piano. Printanière. 04:03
The Moon And I - G. D Agostino New York années 50 à minuit. Swing. 01:47
Keep It Up - G. D Agostino Samba très rapide, fusion, chorus d'orgue et de piano. 03:43
Vogue Style - T. Stoilkovski Funky organ and pads merge with a cool bassline and acid jazz inspired drums. From London to Moscow, the clubs are grooving. 02:08
Intersection - T. Stoilkovski Languid ambient pads resonate with upright bass, soft guitars and muted dueling jazz trumpet. Walking alone at 3am downtown through silent streets in the rain. 02:07
Alisa - J. Pelizzari Soft synth, double bass, voice, groove drums and finger snaps. E.Piano and trumpet plays the melody. 04:40
Dime A Dozen - L.J. Cedar A modern, jaunty and uplifting Jazz track that's great for an advertising spot. Cool, Energetic, Fun, Quirky, Up, Upbeat, Fresh, Jazzy, Offbeat, Crazy. Jazz Drums, Double Bass, Vibraphone, Piano, Guitar, Finger snaps, Glock. 03:06
Cheeky Motives - L.J. Cedar Cool and cheeky jazz vibes with walking acoustic bass and traditional brush kit. Great for a TV ad or animation spot.. Cheeky, Cheerful, Playful, Uplifting, Curious, animation, cartoon. 00:28
Give Me A Clue-so - L.J. Cedar Cheeky Jazz track with Double Bass, Vibes and Drums. Inspired by Henry Mancini's Pink Panther music.. Cheeky, Playful, Curious, Cool, Positive. 00:33
Mondo Jazz - L.J. Cedar Cheeky Jazz track with hooky Piano riff, double bass and fingersnaps. Quirky, Upbeat, Fresh, Energetic, Jazzy, Offbeat, Crazy. 01:08
North Of Harlem - L.J. Cedar 1970's Style, 1970's Style, Curious, Anticipation, Cool, Elusive, Sound-Alike, Soulful, Laid Back, and Stylish. 70's, Cops and Robbers, New York style track. Influenced by Lalo Shifrin. 00:54
Minezia - J. Pelizzari Soft synth. Drums with brushes. Vocoder, saxophone. Crystalline electric piano. Organ. 03:16
Azemalia - J. Pelizzari Short spacey intro. Melody and solo on the trumpet. Crystal keyboard. Organ Intervention. 03:55
Hotel Lounge - O. Olsen Electric and acoustic piano. Sensual spoken voice. Melody on guitar and piano. 01:02
Suspens - G. Goué Slow riff of double bass. Joined by a distant acoustic piano. Slow motion, tension. 02:50
Eclosion - G. Goué Intro brushes jazz drums, electric piano, double bass. Delay. 02:57
Intime conviction - A. Jamot Acoustiv piano, double bass, synth. Modern jazz suite, several distinct universes. 13:35
Boum party - A. Jamot Intro drums and percussion. Electric piano, tremolo of violins. Solo on E.Piano. 02:04
Ice air jazz band - A. Jamot Quartet of jazz beginner. drums, double bass, E.Piano, Vibraphone. No swing yet. 02:42
Apprentis sages - A. Jamot Renaissance and jazzy, awkward and clinked. Piano solo. 02:41
Le Cours de Peinture - A. Jamot Mechanical piano, ragtime. 03:34
Anin In Blue - M. Bedot Ambient ballad. Very free theme at the piano. Bass fretless, guitar and sitar very discreet. 03:45
Jeanette - L. Liatard Intro electric piano with vibrato. 0'23 drums and bass. Organ. 2'36 Acoustic piano. 03:41
Simple Jazz - C. Mathieu Finger snaps, guitare jazz, scratch, melody sung fragile and mysterious. 01:15
Bimbo - G. Goué Drums with brushes, bass riff and rhythmic organ. Crying guitar. 00:58
Jazzy B - G. Goué Voice phone, synth, bass improvisation and drums. Tensioning questioning. Mysterious and psychedelic. David Lynch. 01:54
Banquise - G. Goué E.piano vibrato, bass, drume. Cool rythm. 02:09
Chance Part 1 - G. Goué Slow motion. Piano, double bass ans oboe, very slowly. Eric Satie. 02:09
Prélude - H. La Guerche Choirs mmhh, acoustic and electric guitars. Pink Floyd. 02:09
Nova - H. La Guerche Melodic melody. Quartet of jazz, drums with brushing. Guitar blues saturated. 04:18
SĂ©rie B - H. La Guerche Bass intro played at the pick. Melody on the guitar in vibrato. Organ and discreet percussion. 02:29
Vent Doux - H. La Guerche Panoramic electric piano duo and fretless bass. 04:38
Neptuna - H. La Guerche Acoustic guitar, electric guitar. Bass and melody in unison for the theme. 1'54 Organ and solo guitar. 04:37
Flugel Ballade - J-P Bigourie Rhythmic percussion and drums, melody unison trumpet and acoustic piano. 01:08
Miss Marylin - J-P Bigourie Jazz and violin orchestra. Theme played on acoustic piano, discreet brass. 01:50
Cool Travel - J-P Bigourie Bass singing. E.Guitare funky. Riff of brass. Melody with the trombone. 03:08
Freeway 101 - J-P Bigourie Jazz orchestra, horn section, violons. Main theme played on piano. Solo piano and trompette. 03:20
Tangomontevideo - J. Pelizzari Intro accordion and delay. Rhythmic electric piano, crystalline synth. 1'10 discreet vocoder. 1'36 percussions. Tango fusion Parisian bandoneon. 03:00
The End - J-P Bigourie Jazz orchestra, acoustic piano and violins. Flute. 00:52
Jazz Aventure - P-J Beaudoin Riff of double bass. Rhythm of drums and guitar. Solo of saxophone and mute trumpet. Detective genre. 00:48
C'Est Pourquoi - J-M Cazorla Duo of guitars, accompaniment, theme and solo. 01:50
Jazzylou - J-M Cazorla 2 Guitars. Evening, cocktail or country adventure. 01:35
La Mouche - J-M Cazorla Ambience of jazz standard in guitar duet. 03:04
Keroan - J-M Cazorla Themes played on the guitar. Romantic folk ballad. Airy. 01:53
Bluecoz - J-M Cazorla Blue Blues, guitar duo. 02:09
Asolsticia - J. Pelizzari Singing bass synth, harp effects. Melody with melodica. 1'40, 3'20 solos of ethnic flute. 04:28
Brunabossa - J. Pelizzari Acoustic guitar, double bass. Electric piano and vocals (scat) for the theme. Saxophone solo. 04:00
Zikata - J. Pelizzari Electric piano, percussion, saxophone and sensual language. 04:04
Storia - J. Pelizzari Vocoder, brass, melody with the Electric Piano. Bass, violins. Solo of trombone. 02:46
Caress - J. Greenhow Piano electric and rare synth. Airy, relaxed. 01:15
Metromorph - J. Greenhow Percussions, bass and synth. A.Piano play free. 02:20
Air Helium - J. Greenhow Airy piano, bass and spacy chords. 03:00
Reflected - J. Greenhow Piano solo. Oneiric images, Melancholy. 02:00
Rescued - J. Greenhow Piano ritournelle, complex and impulsive. 01:27
Quandary - J. Greenhow Electroniques percussion, bass and piano distant, tense. 01:04
Turnaround - J. Greenhow Cymbal and synth. 0'52 rhythmic synth. Tense harmony. 02:28
Gueule De Bois - M. Ricci Improvisation bass, drums, synths and far piano. Airy. Distant. Edit point at 0'47 Stop. 01:40
Siflonono - A. Roy Percussion, electric piano, bass. Whistled theme. 01:00
Aim N°7 - J-M Boiteux Pop orchestra of the 80s with theme and solo on saxophone. Loop. 00:25
Rose Carmen - J-M Boiteux Theme and arpeggios on electric guitar, violins. 2'10 guitar solo. 06:29
The Born - J-P Bigourie A singing fretless bass. 00:11
Hohoho - J-P Bigourie Large jazz orchestra, brilliant brass. For an opening song. 00:17
La Foire - J-M Cazorla 2 guitars, bass, drums and percussion. Theme and solo on guitar. Loop 00:22
Latino - J-P Bigourie Riff in unison piano and bass. Violins, choir, acoustic guitar, brass. Miami or Rio police. Melody with brass. Edit point at 1'22, part B. 02:47
My Life - J-P Bigourie Groove cool. Melody unison piano trumpet. Violins, percussions. Loop 3. 00:09
Pat Theme - J-P Bigourie Groove relax, rhythm piano. Funky guitar. Violins. Reggae organ. Piano solo. 1'57 melody unison choir and electric guitar. 02:34
Velvet Theme - M. Dall Anese Groove relax. Acoustic piano theme. Percussions, violins. Between jazz and latin. Piano solo. 1'51 ethnic flute. 04:09
Les Larmes De La Baie - J-M Cazorla 2 guitars in arpeggio and melody. 02:33
Un Autre Jour - J-M Cazorla 2 guitars, bass and drums. Melody played on guitar. 01:41
Hent Coz - J-M Cazorla Trio 2 guitars, double bass. Melody in standard jazz. 01:54
Jijola - J-M Cazorla Double bass, drums with brushes, A.Piano and guitar. Jazz session. 02:57
Boum Boum - T. Cahn Scat doum doum. 00:03
La Peche - T. Cahn Jingle jazzy groove funk, brass section. 00:11
Coucou - T. Cahn Accent jazzy on the saxophone. 00:04
Olé Fuego - T. Cahn Spanish Jingle or video games. 00:45
Jazzyland - P. Gaillard Jazz drums, double bass, organ with tense chords. Quiet electric piano. Theme on the synth between steel drum and brass. 03:04
Mixtang - J. Pelizzari Large orchestra playing pizzicato, subtil synth and accordion. Film tango polar. Ballad under the bridges of Paris. 03:16
Tanquine - J. Pelizzari Drums and electric piano. Theme played with melodica. Pizz and chime. 02:24
Vocopuzzle - J. Pelizzari New language and electric piano. Jazz drums and soft synth. 02:51
Tangonini - J. Pelizzari Tango double bass, bass clarinet and accordion. 02:28
Fado Bastringue - J. Pelizzari Tango lively and hopping. 02:56
Jam With Miles - B. Garcia Rolling drums, toms and trumpet, bewitching. 05:11
Nouvelle Lune - G. Goué Double bass played in pizz and frightening violins. Regular sound elements. Constant worry. 03:46
Sexy Saxo - J-P Vielfaure Cool rhythm and violins. Melody on the saxophone. 00:38
Le Jaguar Rose - J-P Vielfaure Intro Double bass and finger snaps. E.Piano, melody with the vibraphone. 00:53
Jazz Gang - L. Marie-Sainte Intro piano and double bass melody. Unison with clarinet. 01:28
Jazzagana - L. Marie-Sainte Session improvisation, drums, double bass, A.Piano, clarinet. Edit point at 0'39, guitar and violins. 01:15
Les Mickeys - L. Marie-Sainte Intro drums with brush, melody in unison Vibraphone, double bass. A.Piano. End brass and fingers snap. 01:19
Metisse - L. Marie-Sainte E.Guitare solo. Interlude jazzy minimalist. 01:10
Software - G. Goué Drums schuffle jazz and double bass, voice of distant singer. Sound effects. 02:48
James Band - P. Gaillard Intro bass, drums, electric guitar, acoustic piano. Melody to the flute. 0'33 violins. Big Band of the Sixties. James Bond. Car chase in Aston-Martin. 01:15
Wild Luck - P. Gaillard Variety orchestra, electric piano. Saxophone theme. Violins. 04:07
A Thought Of Cordoba - P. Gaillard Latin Jazz Orchestra. Melody to the flute. Underscore version. 01:26
Speedy Occasion - P. Gaillard Electric piano and melody in the clarinet. Double bass and violins. 1'01 solo electronic piano. 03:01
Summer Felines - P. Gaillard Orchestra of jazz oldies. Accompaniment piano and guitar, violins. Theme on the trumpet. Acoustic piano solo. 02:34
The Thrill - P. Gaillard Acoustic piano duo and clarinet. Piano solo. Waltz in black and white. 01:39
La Classe - P. Gaillard Big band. Intro drums, bass riff and acoustic piano. Melody played on violins. Edit point at 0'39 mélodie dubbed on brass. '60s. The avengers for distinguished detective. 01:21
Trifort - P. Gaillard Intro Acoustic piano, drums. Melody played in unison vibraphone and flute. Violins. Brass. American TV series. 02:10
Story Of Montego Bay - P. Gaillard Old style jazz orchestra. Theme played on the acoustic piano. Solo with vibraphone. '60s. 04:01
Renewed By A Walk In Rio - P. Gaillard Jazz orchestra, melody on the vibraphone. Solo with Electric Piano. 04:57
Sonic Outcome - P. Gaillard Jazz orchestra, melody on the clatinet, organ solo. Gently retro. '60s. 04:38
The Joy Of A Lonely Sparrow - P. Gaillard Jazz orchestra. Melody on vibraphone. Solo on E.Piano. 03:57
In Search Of Lover S Beach - P. Gaillard Large jazz band, theme played by brass section. Solo of flute. 02:41
July Breeze - P. Gaillard Jazz orchestra Melody on vibraphone. Piano solo. 04:13
L'Homme X - P. Gaillard Large jazz band from the '60s and '70s. Melody with brass and violins response. Thème song. Mannix. 01:49
Manic Out - P. Gaillard Jazz orchestra. Melody et solo on flute. 04:19
Musings Of Sandy Cove - P. Gaillard Jazz band. Melody and solo to the flute. 04:17
Not Forgeting Loana - P. Gaillard Orchestra of jazz. Melody played on flute and vibraphone. 03:42
Poignant Afternoon - P. Gaillard Large jazz band from the '60s and 70s. Melody with brass. Piano solo. 03:29
A Cravin For Vanessa - P. Gaillard Jazz orchestra. Melody played on the clarinet. '60s. 03:35
Awsame - P. Gaillard Jazz orchestra. Melody on piano. Solo organ. 02:10
Black In Nu - P. Gaillard Jazz band, fast shuffle. Melody on the organ. Pisno solo. 02:53
Considering Loanna - P. Gaillard Jazz orchestra. Theme played on organ. Piano solo. 04:16
Crescent Beach - P. Gaillard Jazz orchestra. Theme played on vibraphone. Violons in backkground. Flute solo. 02:01
Divine Heat - P. Gaillard Jaz orchestra. Theme played on the vibraphone. Piano solo. 03:40
False Statuts - P. Gaillard Jazz orchestra and brass section that plays the main theme. Piano solo. 02:15
Bumptears - P. Gaillard Latin jazz orchestra. Melody and solo with vibraphone. 03:52
Sleazy - P. Gaillard Latin jazz orchestra. Melody on the flute. Violins languorous. Organ solo. 04:02
Swing In New-York - J-M Carbonne Intro sounds filtered. Acoustic guitar and E. piano on rythm. Theme on the guitar. 03:59
April Octagone - P. Gaillard Latin jazz orchestra. Melody on the flute. Organ solo. 02:26
New Orleans - J-M Boiteux Electric bass intro. Theme and solo on saxophone. Electric guitar. 01:37
Rekur - J-M Boiteux Electric bass intro. A guitar accompaniment and a guitar for the theme and the solo. 01:36
Gamma - J-M Boiteux Duo guitar, saxophone. space musique, poetic, pensive. 00:39
Igor - J-M Boiteux Two jazz electric guitars. Intro rubato then jazz with some blues theme. 01:38
Memi - J-M Boiteux Jazz orchestra, piano bar, languorous saxophone. 1'03 break. 02:26
Ttl - J-M Boiteux Orchestra of jazz. Guitar wah wah. Intimate song. Violins. 01:03
Angel - J-M Boiteux Funk orchestra. Accompaniment to the electric piano, theme and solo on the electric guitar. 01:26
Aim N°6 - J-M Boiteux Synth in background quiet. Saxophone theme, bass. Simple. 01:23