Musiques avec genre : Industriel

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
Consequence - R. Kothawala Driven rhythmic Hybrid Cinematic Orchestral with steady trap drums, bowed strings, pads, pulses and ambient elements. Orchestra-Hybrid, Strings, Synth Pad, Electronic Instruments, Drums, Sfx. 03:21
Pamirs - C. Scozzafava Violin with percussions and electronic. Fragmented musical motifs performed by the violin. Useful for Documentaries and Soundtracks. 02:55
Abstract Meandering - Frontal Lobe Push - J. Whitcher Cinematic, Industrial, Strange, Suspens, Synth. Nature, Emotive, Universal, Electro, Ambient, Spacious, Moody, Guitar, Film, Emotion, Moving, Horizon, Underscore, Suspence. 02:59
An Uneasy feeling - J. Whitcher Cinematic, Industrial, Suspens, Repetitive, Synth, Bruitages. Nature, Emotive, Universal, Electro, Ambient, Spacious, Moody, Guitar, Film, Emotion, Moving, Horizon, Underscore, Suspence. 02:20
Destruction - M. Litwinski Experimental, Lab theme 03:20
Industry Lab - D. Zebrowski Experimental, Lab theme 01:35
Survival Skills - T. Stoilkovski An onslaught of percussive drums strides into a reflective string chorus. Plan your escape. 02:24
Neon Express - T. Stoilkovski All aboard the electronic, pop, industrial groove of the mysterious neon express train. 03:18
Never Backing Down - T. Stoilkovski Reflective piano intro then attacks into a grungy, gritty industrial pop theme. EP @ 0'30, 1'20. 03:09
Night Vulture - T. Stoilkovski Dance pop shuffle with trash guitars, feedback pads bop to synthetic bass and acoustic drums. Cutting through the energy and sounds of the neon underground. 01:42
Paranoid Minds - T. Stoilkovski Post industrial, avant garde crafted noise madness that instills paranoia and isolation. 02:14
Beyond Your Limits - T. Stoilkovski Percussive stomper with power guitars, tense strings and an overcoming attitude. 03:30
Superguy - L.J. Cedar Quirky Reggae Electronica with a japanese feel.. Quirky, Upbeat, Groove, Quaint, Fresh, Technology, Japanese. 00:38
Oresteia la terre - A. Jamot Timpani, industrial sounds, noises and effects of orchestra and instruments, pizz etc. 04:32
Oresteia les habitants du placard - A. Jamot Sound effects, noises and effects of orchestra and instruments, pizz, glissendo, etc. 05:08
Piece for prepared piano numero 1 - A. Jamot Piano solo. An industrial chain that gets carried away. Nothing is gone. Strange, repetitive, trance, psychedelic 04:23
Renderosity - A. Jamot Sound effects, wind noise, percussion and delay. Synth Sequence. Pink Floyd. 07:06
Territoires L'usine - A. Jamot Synth effects, texture, electronic sound sequence, reverb. 00:44
Vulcain induss - A. Jamot Slow rhythm of industrial sounds. Evolution to more impressive sounds. 03:30
13-8 Impair Et Pair - A. Jamot Intro bass and sound effects. Synth, drums and distant and offbeat percussions. Progressively more present. Edit point at 2'25, Solo guitar, tense harmony. 4'52 End E.piano and flute solo. 06:42
Piece for prepared piano numero 10 - A. Jamot Piano solo. Inside the mechanical machine. Strange, mysterious. 01:56
Piece for prepared piano numero 11 - A. Jamot Piano solo. Dance of the Indus Guru. Psychedelic and tribal. 03:15
Piece for prepared piano numero 12 - A. Jamot Piano solo. In the Harmonic Jungle. Repetitive, dynamic, exotic. 02:20
Piece for prepared piano numero 2 - A. Jamot Piano solo. Rhythmic destructuring. The clock on the piano is out of order. 04:22
Piece for prepared piano numero 3 - A. Jamot Piano solo. The machine races. All in accelerated. 00:49
Piece for prepared piano numero 4 - A. Jamot Piano solo. Bjork music box. Dynamic and positive. 02:14
Piece for prepared piano numero 5 - A. Jamot Piano solo. The disappearance of intervals. Printanier and tribal. 02:30
Piece for prepared piano numero 6 - A. Jamot Piano solo. Swinging, positive, tribal, repetitive. 02:46
Piece for prepared piano numero 7 - A. Jamot Piano solo. Wild Piano. Regular, mechanical and spring. 03:00
Piece for prepared piano numero 8 - A. Jamot Piano solo. Piano Rodeo. Regular acceleration. 03:13
Piece for prepared piano numero 9 - A. Jamot Piano solo. Ride of young piano. Dynamic, adventure, psychedelic. 03:44
Dark Heroes - C. Espern Synth and anxiogenic sound effects. 1'07 drums and bass notes of acoustic piano. Evolutive with more and more sound elements. 03:50
Born To Die - C. Espern Intro spacy, synth and effects. Filtered and distorted rhythm. Short and repetitive theme. Stressful. 02:48
Electro Scream - C. Espern Anxiogenic sounds, Synth shout, heavy rhythm, saturated bass. 1'32 break. 03:05
Mecanical - L. Liatard Rhythmic made of sound effects of synths and sound effects. 3'00 electronic piano, screams. More and more strange. 04:54
Alpha Blonde - F. Zgorski Rhythmic with electronic sound effects and percussion. The voice of a child who counts, amuses himself, is deceived, laughs. 03:31
Histoires Sans Paroles - F. Zgorski Drums and sound effects very intense, very fast. Repetitive voice samples. 04:48
Avorton - F. Zgorski Dark sound effects. 1'01 Single drums. More and more sound objects. 03:57
Hangover - F. Zgorski Industrial sound effects, repetitive task of the robot. 04:48
La Belle - F. Zgorski Sounds like a hammer, repetitive percussion, synth and delay. 05:15
Guarachar - F. Zgorski Groove industrial and solo flute flights on mechanical background. 03:51
We Decide Not To Die - P-J Beaudoin Rhythmic of anguishing sounds. Electric piano distorted. Futuristic, experience, mechanical, dark. 02:41
L'usine - F. Bry The throbbing universe of machines. Sound effects. Robot. 02:43
Click And Smoke - P. Sanchez Garcia Rhythm based on onomatopoeias and sound effects. 01:17
Leviatham Zhyl - P. Sanchez Garcia Malignant. Rhythmic of dark sounds. Bass synth. Air guitar. Contemporary atmosphere, psychedelic, trance. 02:56
Shoot Down - T. Chaze Intro of synth and sound effects. Sample RnB drums, synth crescendo. 0'40 sample of voice, tense harmony. 1'27, 2'30 breaks. 03:33
Diggerthings - P. Sanchez Garcia Dark rhythmic with industrial sounds. Samples various, didgeridoo. Chord suite on synth. 03:17
Electric Moogiland - P. Sanchez Garcia Synth sequence. Percussion, bass drum and bass. 0'53 stop sequence. Organ. 1'11 sequence again. 02:13
Zyoyz - T. Chaze Synth and guitar in distortion, dissonant, aggressive. Rythmic distant, sample of voice. 03:27
Nightlights - B. Reeb Lights of the night, distant stars with a thousand shimmering colors, lost in the vast expanses of the sky. 07:20
Magicuss - T. Chaze Effects of anxiogenic synth. Rhythmic industrial sound effects. Loop. 03:48
Hip No - T. Chaze Synth low and deep, disturbing, anxiogenic. Slow and saturated drums. Edit point at 01'18 break. 02:36
Swigger - T. Chaze Electronic percussion sequence. Edit point at 1'08, synth blast. 02:54
Nike Theme 2 - T. Chaze Filtered drums, guitars and scratch. Hey. 00:52
Nirva - T. Chaze Industrial rhythm made of sound effects. Repetitive bass. 00:52
Ultradensity - T. Chaze Intro of saturated sounds and synth. Aggressive bass and synth sequences. Melody pop. 04:02
Vulcain - T. Chaze Intro distant choirs. Rhythmic industrial sound effects. Choir beyond the grave. 03:50
Boosty - T. Chaze Intro repeatable pop melody, saturated synth bass. Edit point at 0'52 drums break. Version 60s. 01:00
Coton Club - T. Chaze Industrial noise. Guitar wah wah. Bass and synth in unison. Sound elements. 01:38
Bob 3 - T. Chaze Bass synth sequenced. Dark Synth effects. Stripped-down drums 00:44
Ovni - T. Chaze Several synths, filters and delay. 01:05
Impression - T. Chaze Distanced notes of E.Piano abd synth bass. Melody as sweet as a flute. 01:52
Triptop - T. Chaze Urban images. Synth deep, wide, anxiogenic. Sounds worrying. Rocking guitar. Edit point at 1'16. Heavier rhythmic. 02:30
Fooggy - T. Chaze Distorting, distorted rhythmics, sounds of wars. 01:17
Riposte - T. Chaze Wide and deep percussion. Ostinato of staccato cellos. Synth sequence. Effects. 01:00
Number 1 And 2 - T. Chaze Synth and lugubrious gong, saturated guitar, urban percussion. 01:00
Heaven Files - T. Chaze Industrial noises. Repetitive anxiogenic melody. 02:40
Nike'S Double Rv - T. Chaze Space synth, saturated rhythm. Sound effects. 01:00
Space Junker - T. Chaze Industrial rhythm. Saturated guitar. Bass wah. Monodic melody. Version 30s. 00:30
Urban Connexion - T. Chaze Sounds and synth bass tense. Mechanical rhythm. Violins and squeaks. 02:18
Your Cab Is Ok - T. Chaze Dark synth. Guitar delay. Tribal drum in the background. Jingle 30s. 00:30
Chaotica - T. Chaze Dark, repetitive sounds and synths. 01:00
Cyclotron - T. Chaze Rhythm based on onomatopoeias and sound effects. Repetitive Synth Riff. Edit point at 60s, heavy drums, tense synth. 02:50
Distorted Net - T. Chaze Synth sequenced and repetitive on a single note. Heady, overbearing. 01:00
Eradicaters - T. Chaze Bass synth sequenced. Orchestral hit. Industrial sound, metallic. 01:00
Engrenage - L. Marie-Sainte Synth Sequence. Improvisation of electronic marimba. Microcosmos industrial. Stellar, sidereal. 01:34
Abysses - P. Gaillard Effects of anxiogenic synths. Bass rock played with the mediator. Melody with tense harmony. Edit point at 1'19 break of electronic percussions. Ethnic shout. Version 10s. 00:10
Real World synth - J-M Boiteux Synth sequence, drums and toms, 0'50 bass. 02:25
Cléopatre Part 2 - J-M Boiteux Slow and heavy drums and bass, rhythmic sound effects. 01:45
Tech Lise - J-M Boiteux Industrial percussive and heavy. Different percussion interventions. 0'46 break. 1'30 talking drum. 03:00
Uber - J-M Boiteux Jingle industrial. 00:57
He’s A Problem - J. Diggs-Irons Powerful hip hop instrumental with brass synths and big drums. Drum-Machine, Programmed Drums, Synths, Sfx. 02:48