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Musique avec genre : House

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
True love - C. Nouailhaguet 90's deep house track for summer lounge night ! Featuring male vocal gimmick, hypnotic bass line and electro beat. Edit point at 1:13 and at 2:17. Male vocal, bass, groovebox, synth, fx. 03:29
Fashion Relooking - J-L Delgado Intro theme on the synth. 0'32 break organ. Dance floor. '80s. 01:07
Cours de fitness - J-L Delgado Beat and percussion, voice. 0'41 synth break. Synth for theme and song. Dance floor, party, disco, positive. 01:43
Lalala - GD 78 Powerful techno dance track. Dynamic, repetitive, festive, tribal. Bass synth and lead synth. CICA. 03:26
Blacklight - H. Kinet Deep bass synth. Mysterious melody on the synth. Powerful, nostalgic. Edit point at 1'44, spacy. 04:07
Airsoul - H. Kinet Intro sounds disturbing. 0'49 synth arpeggios. Saturated synth. 1'31 rhythm. Theme in synth arpeggios. 04:32
Replay - H. Kinet Beat and effects, samples. 0'46 sequence, 0'59 break, 2'00 Bass evolution, percussion. 05:53
Flying Saucers - C. Espern Spoken presentation, futuristic synth effects. 0'34 Rhythmic techno-pop. Synth Sequence. 1'03 synth break. Vocoder. 02:10
Wapi - J. Pelizzari Intro double bass, synth, spoken voice. Trumpet, saxophone. 0'37 rhythm. Spacy electro pop. Electric guitar, percussion. 03:52
Assert Your Rights - L.J. Cedar A driving and upbeat pop dance track. Good for sports or action cue.. Upbeat, Energetic, Positive, 1990s, Driving, Electronic, Dance. 02:32
Deflect - J. Pelizzari Kick and electronic percussion. Bass syncopated. Different sound elements filtered. 03:33
Stupefying - J. Pelizzari Different synths and sound elements combine to form a coherent and powerful ensemble. 1'50 break. 03:40
Teknokrak - J. Pelizzari Eurodance Pop. Synth Intro. Reverse and Syncopated Synth Riff. Sample of voice. 0'55 Theme with the synth. 2'23 break. 04:09
Song For Rodney - O. Olsen Bass, synth, synth effects, kick. Acoustic piano. Edit point at 1'24 riff of piano and sound effects. 02:35
The Fox In The Chicken House - J-M Boiteux Trance. With different repetitive synths. Adventure, waiting, suspense. 03:50
Trashys - E. Delecolle Intro in sound effects and industrial rhythms. Edit point at 0'46 Bass. 1'03 Kick, theme in tense chords. 2'03 break. 03:58
Bluzy Me - E. Delecolle Chewing gum bass, sticky. Repetitive harmony. 03:53
God Is In My Head - E. Delecolle Bass synths funky. Electronic noise. 04:07
Rictus techno - A. Jamot Intro synth effects. 0'57 Bass synth. Short and repetitive theme. 2'08, 3'48 breaks. Sound effects. 06:45
Tempory Files - L. Liatard Bass and guitar funky on a house rhythm. Psychedelic Effects. Techno party, computer trance. Nina Hagen. 04:09
Big Bang - L. Liatard Groove shuffle, double bass, drums play brushes, bell synth. Explosions of bubbles. Spacy break, ethnic voice. Loop 2. 03:50
Buzz Fuzz Effect - L. Liatard Floor tom, synth and voice sample. Distortion effect. Repetitive. Synth sounds. 03:51
Taxi Driver - L. Liatard Intro filtered drums. Deep Bass synth. Sound effects, voice samples. Compact, powerful. 03:10
Babylone 01 - C. Mathieu Intro synth sequence. Edit point at 0'30 syncopated rhythm and bass, 2'08 break spacy. 03:36
Hardcore Tech Talk - P. Gaillard Evolutionary bass intro. Rhythm with toms and percussion. Different effects and sound elements. Repetitive, with great waves. 02:30
Pizzitronic - T. Chaze Intro of filtered synth. Edit point at 0'20 rhythm. Violins, pizz and vocoder for the theme. Jean Michel Jarre. Vocoder. 03:30
All Night - L. Liatard Free party atmosphere, organized jungle sound, imprint of bestial sounds. 02:53
Fleur D'Eau - L. Liatard Intro off strange sounds and sound effects. 0'15 rhythmic. Sound effects, minimalist. 02:08
Nostalgie - L. Liatard Intro of electronic sounds. Short and repetitive synth theme. Dense. 2'29, 3'15 breaks. 04:05
Ad Nama - L. Liatard Intro spacey, synth effects. Bass sequenced fast, anxiogenic sound effects. 02:48
English Race - P. Gaillard A synth bass sequence and a rhythm. Intro of filtered drums, percussion. Theme on the synth. 1'07 break of basses. 02:46
Late Call - P. Gaillard Intro darbouka, rek, douf, lute. Ostinato of bass synth. Ethnic flute, oriental singing. Edit point at 1'55 break drums and percussion. The muezzin of modern times. 04:50
Ethnotic - T. Chaze Ostinato of synth and bass. Theme on the violins. Ethnic Sample. 2'04 repetitive synth break. 04:37
Santeria Dance - T. Chaze Intro spacy, sounds of nature, birds. Edit point at 0'18 Ethnic Voice Theme. Synthesized sequence. 1'14 break. 03:36
Sacre Michel - P. Gaillard Intro with sample of ethnic voices. Brilliant brass synth theme. 0'48 part B. 1'21 break. Dynamic credits. 02:21
Hope Scotch - P. Gaillard Without intro. Short and repetitive synth theme. Ritournelle sequenced. 00:31
Tech Lise - J-M Boiteux Industrial percussive and heavy. Different percussion interventions. 0'46 break. 1'30 talking drum. 02:33
Vingt-Heures Chrono - J-M Boiteux Synth Sequence. 0'26 bass theme, vocoder, violins. 01:36