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genreMusique d'illustration | Musicjag | Illustration sonore

Musique avec genre : Downtempo

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
Insomnia - E. Hildebert Electro, sensual, sometimes urban. Lamps repeatedly. 02:30
Perception - E. Hildebert Trip hop. Rhythmic supported and sound effects. Piano and guitar, industrial, tension. 02:29
Strong Coffee - E. Hildebert Trip hop. Waiting in tesion, heavy rhythmic, sequenced synth base. 03:14
The Messenger - E. Hildebert Acoustic piano arpeggios on deep and linear bass synth, handclaps and synthetic percussions. 02:39
The Time Of Reflection - E. Hildebert Electro rhythmic very slow. Sensual choir, ethereal. Edit point at 2'24. Crystalline synth. 05:12
Transmutation - E. Hildebert Drama Suspense. Rhythm with echo. Large synth, deep synth bass and mysterious voice. 02:08
Waiting For Winter - E. Hildebert Cinematic. Tension retained, waiting, worry. Wide, distant, echo. 02:00
Chaotic Slippers - J. Goodwin Rock Groove - alt loser slide funky. 00:31
New Slippin' - J. Goodwin Groove Urban Hip Hop Rock - Loser slide guitar hip hop. 00:24
Underlemon 1 - J. Goodwin Ska - echo guitar with funky horns vox fx. 00:18
Underlemon 2 - J. Goodwin Ska - echo guitar with big beat vox fx. 00:11
Underlemon 3 - J. Goodwin Ska - echo guitar with big beat vox fx. 00:10
Pulserelay - J. Pelizzari Spacy synth, slow rhythm, funky bass, scratch, violins. 03:35
Mind on exile - J-P Godart Acoustic piano in arpeggios. Synth in response. Theme on the piano. 0'50 break. 01:06
Spirit rehab - J-P Godart Intro electronic drums and acoustic piano. Theme to the synth. Phrases of piano. 03:32
Homeless - V. Benesy Synth, acoustic piano, singing, organ. Edit point at 1'27, drums, sequence. 05:55
Sensual Walk - P. Gaillard Rhythmic slow, blues style. Electric piano distorted. Smooth melody. Conche. 02:49
Winter Walk - P. Gaillard Bass in chords, soft sequence of synth. Theme played on bass fretless. 1'56 part B positive. 04:26
Sanza Western - F. Zgorski Sequence of Kalimba. Tribal Rhythmic offset, mix of drums and percussion. Polyrhythm. 04:26
Beliers Celestes - F. Niobey Rhythm and sound effects. Violins. Theme on ethnic percussion. Large orchestra, clarinet, brass and harp. Ryuichi Sakamoto. Version Underscore. 02:18
Il Fait Chaud - P. Gaillard Sensual and warm rhythm. drums filtered, bass dull and matt. Mixed synth. Effects. Melody crystalline and distant. Shell horn. 04:23
Ricochet - G. Goué Synth and voice effects, delay, cool rhythm. Edit point at 1'11, Percussions more dark. 2'01 back main thème. 04:00
Sea Water - P. Gaillard Synth and calm groove, fast shaker. Theme played on the electric piano. Ethnic Voice. Jingle. 03:17
After's - P. Gaillard Sounds of seaside. Ethnic percussions, electric piano. Slow rhythm. Melody with soft synth. 03:50
Sexy Party - P. Gaillard Crystalline electric piano, organ. Voice sung sexy. Solo synth. Violins. 03:51
Bendidi - J-M Boiteux Slow rhythm with natural and remixed percussion. Ethnic female song. 1'37 break. 02:47