Musiques avec genre : Deep--house

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
Luxury - M. Brillard Intro with strange sounds and urban synth bass groove. Low-fi radio speaking and repetitive groove. 04:58
Reborn - M. Brillard Funky synth and warm synth pad. Kind of disco drums. 02:52
Burn House - J. Chmielewski 30' version. Fast driving Deep House 00:35
Don Pablo - J. Chmielewski 30' version. Energetic, Dynamic Future House 00:31
Fatboy Dream - J. Chmielewski 30' version. Rhythmic Future House Music with Male Voice 00:30
Street Boys - R. Guzik Dynamic, Hard theme. 30' version 00:33
Fashion Showroom - J-L Delgado Synth Intro. Syncopated kick and sub bass. 0'37 break theme to the synth. 0'52, 1'22 breaks. 01:45
Fitness Training - J-L Delgado Parade, Theme song. Dance floor, repetitive. Industrial tech. 01:06
DNA Analysis - P. Gawlik Pulsing Repetitative theme Bass Guitar over Synth. FX sounds. 30' version 00:38
Trashmosphere - P. Gawlik Abstract sounds intro, Melodic, Pulsing, Repetitive motif. 30' version 00:35
Robotic Technology - B. Wroblewski Dynamic, Rhythmic Electro-Sequences. 30' short version 00:42
Dreaming - B. Wroblewski Energetic, pulsing, electro sequence 02:15
Russian Coctail - G. Suski Funny, Grotesque theme, No voice 02:50
Multi Drums - G. Suski Pulsing, energetic. Synth melody 02:58
Virtual Machinery - B. Wroblewski Pulsing, energetic. Synth melody 02:23
Virtual World - B. Wroblewski Pulsing, energetic. Synth melody 02:37
Club To Chase - L.J. Cedar Nu Groove Disco turns into Breakbeat (James Bond) Spy Theme.. Energetic, Upbeat, Disco, Driven, 1960s, Climactic, Chase, Spy, Theme. 00:32