Musiques avec genre : Contemporain

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
Music Machine - P. Gaillard Mechanical and strange rhythm made from sounds coming only from the double bass and the violin. 02:16
Rotation - G. Goué In the morning mist. Wispy textures accompany a distant, ghostly voice. at 1'04 The piano brings back some reality. 03:32
Pamirs - C. Scozzafava Violin solo version. Fragmented musical motifs performed by the violin. Useful for Documentaries and Soundtracks. 02:46
Rising Anger - D. Capoccitti Orchestra hybrid, rock/metal band fusion, slowly building with a magical fanatical feeling. Orchestral/Symphonic, Orchestra-Hybrid, Fusion. 02:38
Art and Space - P. Dabrowski Minimal structure, prepared Piano with Trumpet theme 02:47
Underworld For Now - L.J. Cedar A quirky ambient sound collage that's good for horror or thriller TV ? Film cue. Eerie, Odd, Curious, Quirky, Avant garde, Moody, Mad, Unsettling. Synthesizer, Trumpet, SFX, Vocal sample, Drums. 00:45
Things Fall Apart - F. Paco Jazz, Contemporary, Strange, Trumpet, Bruitages. Africa, Jazzy, soul. 04:40
Astral Voices - K. Kucz FX Voices, Abstract and Mysterious 03:07
Cracatoa - Volcano - E. Sielicki Short version. Dynamic, Motoric sequences. Grand Piano and Percussion Enemble 00:36
In Search Of Colours - K. Kucz Cello over FX. Synths 01:29
Magnetic War - E. Sielicki Short version. Dynamic, Motoric, Powerful sequences for Timpani. Drums, Grand Piano and other percussion instruments 01:17
Rhythmea - E. Sielicki Short version. Abstract, Surreal Percussion Sounds. Grand Piano 01:49
Steel Wall - K. Kucz Drums loop over FX sound. Motoric 01:56
Steps In The Dark - K. Kucz Percussion Abstract Sounds over Rhythmic Structures 03:46
Tides On A Mysterious Bay - E. Sielicki Short version.Mystic, Surreal FX sounds with Grand Piano and Percussion. Contemporary Textures 01:04
Tristea - E. Sielicki Short version.Minimal, Contemporary Textures for Piano, Synth and Percussion Ensemble 00:40
Whispers - K. Kucz FX Voices, Abstract and Mystic 03:00
Wooden Kingdom - E. Sielicki Short version. Cartoon, Funny, Humorous theme for Vibraphone, Marimba, Xylophone, Grand Piano 00:28
Devil's Nose (Caucherman) - GD 78 Exotic and strange piece with electric guitar, saxophone, female voice, percussions and drums. Art Ensemble of Chicago. 07:29
Nacht - GD 78 German singing. Strange melody with some notes of saxophone, guitar swell, percussion and organ 02:32
Il Golpe - GD 78 Contemporary jazz, sung melody, improvisation on saxophone. Drum and electric guitar. 05:37
Clakson - GD 78 Contemporary jazz ambient played on saxophone, marimba with singing female voice. Strange, tense. 06:11
Bribery - R. Luczak Dynamic, Aggressive theme. 02:34
Dead Forest - R. Bednarczuk Dramatic Cello Impression. 02:44
Hiding Place - R. Luczak Minimal. Mysterious, Tension atmosphere. Abstract Sounds. 30' version 00:32
Who He Should Be - D Agostino Suite of distorted sound images. 01:03
Secret Sanity - D Agostino Sounds very distorted. Different distorted sound images. 14:12
Left My Gun Behind - D Agostino Very tense atmosphere with sound effects evolving to a crazy techno rhythm. 05:49
About Us - R. Bednarczuk Slow, poignant guitar theme over rising string pads 06:16
Chemisty Lab - D. Zebrowski Futuristic, New Age theme 02:11
Desolate Factories - M. Sapinski Accordion theme, somewhat nostalgic, solitude, 02:36
Destruction - M. Litwinski Experimental, Lab theme 03:20
Industry Lab - D. Zebrowski Experimental, Lab theme 01:35
Microsurgery - D. Zebrowski Static, Experimental Sounds 02:03
Shadow Games - T. Stoilkovski Trembling, shadow like strings dance with orchestral pieces evoking a inquisitive mystery. 02:21
The Battle Rages On - T. Stoilkovski Ominous, epic strings meet big percussion and choir with a tenacious, hungry attitude. 02:30
Stravinsky Coffee Break - G. D Agostino Contrepoint. Ensemble à vents, basson, flute, hautbois. joyeuse, positive. 00:52
Paranoid Minds - T. Stoilkovski Post industrial, avant garde crafted noise madness that instills paranoia and isolation. 02:14
Dirty Words - T. Stoilkovski Psychedelic mid paced trip pop with a dose of sideshow organ, female falsetto vox and early drum machine triggering. 03:00
Adagio Dramatico - L.J. Cedar Emotional and dramatic orchestral string piece. Reminicent of Samual Barber.. Emotional, Emotive, Sad, Pensive, Suspenseful, Moving, Samuel Barber. 00:41
Americas Cup - L.J. Cedar Classical theme with world music elements and instruments. Perfect for Commercial branding for a global company. (airline etc). Expansive, Classical, Confident, Emotional, Emotive, Heroic, World, International, Global, Ethnic. 01:05
Bobo music la voiture - A. Jamot Slow progression of different textures. 06:40
Bobo music le travail - A. Jamot Scalable rhythm made of several industrial sound images. 06:40
Brumes le désert - A. Jamot Acoustic background, industrial sound images. Synth sounds. Anxiety, empty, desert. 01:56
Brumes les oiseaux - A. Jamot Orchestral and instrumental effects. Madness, flight of birds, strange world, disturbing. 02:10
Coryphee - A. Jamot Synth effects. Tense harmony. Anxiogenic sounds. 01:22
Crazy crazy - A. Jamot Evolvong riff off saturated guitar. That's all. 04:08
Cry and shout - A. Jamot Synth effects. Ethereal Voice. Anxiogenic sounds. 03:56
Curieux orient - A. Jamot Splash of cymbals, gong, marimba, bells and various percussions. Violins, oboes. No apparent order. 05:17
Drone dream - A. Jamot Slow grow up of a singular and evolving texture. 06:00
Ghost aktion - A. Jamot Synth effects, evolutive textures. 03:32
Intime conviction - A. Jamot Acoustiv piano, double bass, synth. Modern jazz suite, several distinct universes. 13:35
Les Matières - A. Jamot Effects of classical orchestra and instruments. Staccato, slides, accents, etc. Contemporary expression of matter. 03:26
Les sens contre sens - A. Jamot Two violins, long dissonant notes. 2'36, 3'31 digital bug effects. 04:50
Les sens de l'air - A. Jamot Sounds of air under pressure, panoramic, rhythmic delay. 04:44
Les sens de l'eau - A. Jamot Synth effects, round, imitating aquatic sounds. Clicks and delay. 05:09
Les sens de l'onde - A. Jamot Synthetic effects, waves, insects or motors. Up and down. 05:16
Les sens de la terre - A. Jamot Synth effects, waves, mobilities. Pink or white noise. Amount and descending. 04:28
Les sirènes de Fribourg - A. Jamot Synthetic effects, aerial voices and delay, electronic noise, sound effects and distortion. 17:08
Oresteia Chaos - A. Jamot Orchestral effects and instruments, glissendo, pizz, tense phrase etc. 05:20
Oresteia la pluie - A. Jamot Industrial sounds, noises and effects of orchestra and instruments, pizz etc. 06:12
Oresteia la terre - A. Jamot Timpani, industrial sounds, noises and effects of orchestra and instruments, pizz etc. 04:32
Oresteia les habitants du placard - A. Jamot Sound effects, noises and effects of orchestra and instruments, pizz, glissendo, etc. 05:08
Oresteia paradise fantome - A. Jamot Sounds, noises and effects of orchestra and instruments, tremelo, pizz, glissendo, etc. 03:11
Piece for prepared piano numero 1 - A. Jamot Piano solo. An industrial chain that gets carried away. Nothing is gone. Strange, repetitive, trance, psychedelic 04:23
Première stase part 1 - A. Jamot Accents of orchestra and dissonant long notes, orchestral effects anxiogenic. 1'34 strange melody. 03:15
Première stase part 2 - A. Jamot Rhythmic timpani. Accents of orchestra and dissonant long notes, orchestral effects anxiogenic. 06:12
Renderosity - A. Jamot Sound effects, wind noise, percussion and delay. Synth Sequence. Pink Floyd. 07:06
Stase l'inconnue - A. Jamot Crescendo of violin note, percussion. Timbale roll. Crescendo of orchestra. 1'24 Melody in Pizzicato of violin. 03:02
Stase la romance - A. Jamot Atmosphere of industrial noise. Violins. Melody on the solo violin. Celestial choirs. 05:15
Strings nightmare - A. Jamot Melody tense on the cello. Rhythmic rubber synth. Violin in response. Jazz drums. Overall tense. 03:52
Territoires exploration - A. Jamot Synth effects, texture, experimental, performance, mass in motion, industrial sound effects, electronic buzz. 06:25
Territoires interdits - A. Jamot Synth effects, texture, rumble, electronic sounds very low and very high. Anxiogenic rhythm. 02:35
Territoires L'usine - A. Jamot Synth effects, texture, electronic sound sequence, reverb. 00:44
Vagues electroniques - A. Jamot Panoramic synth effects. Variations of tone, volume, glissando. 04:55
Vagues stellaires - A. Jamot Textures. Different waveforms, variations of tone, timbre. 05:04
Vulcain induss - A. Jamot Slow rhythm of industrial sounds. Evolution to more impressive sounds. 03:30
Xca Energy buzz - A. Jamot Electronic textures. Different waveforms, variations of tone, timbre. 00:43
Xca Fly race - A. Jamot Panoramic glissandos of synth effects with different waveforms, variation of tone, timbre. 03:38
Xca ghost buster - A. Jamot Textures. Shapes of panoramic waves, oscillations. 02:12
Xca le son de l'espace - A. Jamot Textures or electronic noises stalling, change of tone. 04:05
Xca le son du neant - A. Jamot Dissonances of pure wave forms. Variations of vibrato. 02:45
Xca cristal chapelle - A. Jamot Evolutive texture, synth effects, anxiogenic. Large celestial organs. 03:10
Voyage intergalactique - A. Jamot Psychedelic effects, texture, sound effects. 06:34
Adagio contemporain - A. Jamot Harpsichord, violin, cello. Winter landscape, stripped, heavy. 10:09
Swedish afternoon - A. Jamot Alternations of tension, suspense, horror, calm and mysterious. 05:22
Ritournelle - A. Jamot Harpsichord, oboe. Psychedelic Baroque. Repetitive. 01:38
Erreur sur arpèges - A. Jamot Cellos filtered in arpeggios, repetitive, violin melody. 05:15
Xca long time running - A. Jamot Changing texture. Long outfits, nostalgia, electronic melancholy. 06:33
Brek - A. Jamot Drum solo, synth sound effects. Edit point at 1'40. Powerful rhythm, synth and saturated psychedelic guitar. 04:17
Ultima metrique - A. Jamot Experimental, marimba sequence with tempo changes and lags. Bass light. 07:54
Brumes l'angoisse - A. Jamot Contemporary orchestra, masses of sound, tension, anguish. 01:38
Erreur sur 4 notes - A. Jamot Violin solo, minimalism, heady. 05:26
Oresteia histoire de cantatrice - A. Jamot Voice, choeurs, then go to hell rhythmic. 05:31
Stase discorde et point de vue - A. Jamot Suspense, psychedelic, mysterious, tension, sad, late night. 02:58
Ultima piano research - A. Jamot Arpège of piano-computer virtuoso, work on the tempo, clouds of sounds. Happy. 08:43
Xca Water waves - A. Jamot Such as waves of a calm sea. 03:24
Ballade spectrale lente - A. Jamot Each instrument has its own dimension. 06:50
Piece for prepared piano numero 10 - A. Jamot Piano solo. Inside the mechanical machine. Strange, mysterious. 01:56
Piece for prepared piano numero 11 - A. Jamot Piano solo. Dance of the Indus Guru. Psychedelic and tribal. 03:15
Piece for prepared piano numero 12 - A. Jamot Piano solo. In the Harmonic Jungle. Repetitive, dynamic, exotic. 02:20
Piece for prepared piano numero 2 - A. Jamot Piano solo. Rhythmic destructuring. The clock on the piano is out of order. 04:22
Piece for prepared piano numero 3 - A. Jamot Piano solo. The machine races. All in accelerated. 00:49
Piece for prepared piano numero 4 - A. Jamot Piano solo. Bjork music box. Dynamic and positive. 02:14
Piece for prepared piano numero 5 - A. Jamot Piano solo. The disappearance of intervals. Printanier and tribal. 02:30
Piece for prepared piano numero 6 - A. Jamot Piano solo. Swinging, positive, tribal, repetitive. 02:46
Piece for prepared piano numero 7 - A. Jamot Piano solo. Wild Piano. Regular, mechanical and spring. 03:00
Piece for prepared piano numero 8 - A. Jamot Piano solo. Piano Rodeo. Regular acceleration. 03:13
Piece for prepared piano numero 9 - A. Jamot Piano solo. Ride of young piano. Dynamic, adventure, psychedelic. 03:44
Ultima la poursuite - A. Jamot Mechanical piano, fast tempi, tempo contrasts, mechanical ambience, factory, clock mechanism, fast moving crowds. Tom and Jerry in quicker. 06:49
Ultimatonalition - A. Jamot Atonal piano, distant sounds, scrambled, European atmosphere, decadent, Central Europe 01:27
Orange l'echo trompeur - A. Jamot Dark, intriguing. Exchanges piano brass. Stravinsky, Rimsky-korsakov. 02:30
Quartet Noise - A. Jamot Dream or strange universe, swamp, mist. Dissonances. Calm, suspense, exotic, horror. 03:52
Canal Saint-Martin - A. Jamot Sound events around parasitic noise. 02:44
Christus electronic church - A. Jamot Slow evolution of a ghostly, mystical, incantatory atmosphere. 03:01
Christus electronic concert - A. Jamot Chorus of angel or demon. 08:54
Désynchronisation - A. Jamot Changed drums sounds. Synth of aerial choirs. Nothing goes, complete destructuration. 03:38
Xca goutte d'eau - A. Jamot Slight random percussion recalling the sound of a drop of water. 03:09
Xca les 7 lucioles - A. Jamot Strange crystalline melody. 01:58
Acceledecelere - A. Jamot Evolving synthesizer arpeggios. 06:46
Bobo music - A. Jamot Slow rhythmic and frequency oscillations. 06:40
Les Rhinocéros - A. Jamot Rhythmic game on a few notes. 03:30
Les Femmes-Fleurs - A. Jamot Very pictorial speech, sometimes destructured between a piano and an orchestra. 04:45
Ostinato pizzicati - A. Jamot Pizzicati, echo and cello speaker. Positive, dynamic and languid. 10:47
Luciole fiesta - A. Jamot Tremolo and vibrato on rhythmic distant percussions. 04:09
Fontaine Chromatique - A. Jamot Flow of atonal textures. 04:22
Décalage temporel - A. Jamot No place for a rhythm, screaming or stretched. 03:14
Electronic timeline - A. Jamot Sound effects, gong.Ambience nature of another planet, punctuated with crunches. 39:08
In a drone cockpit - A. Jamot Noise from electronic machines. 02:18
Les Moustaches - A. Jamot Intensification of notes and tempos to the extreme. 05:14
Orange l'obsession - A. Jamot Repetitive rhythm, obsession, energy. 03:02
Orange le débat - A. Jamot Fluctuating and repetitive rhythm, energy, machine, drive. 03:32
Orchestre sans chef - A. Jamot Rhythmic and tonal discomfort. David Linch meets Alfred Hichcock. 04:15
Turquerie le grand écart - A. Jamot Intro and end after Lully, La turquerie. Death of the composer. Progression of the enemy. 03:58
Ultima la folie - A. Jamot Clavinet-harpsichord solo, madness, hysteria, very fast rhythm. 03:50
Ultima strings evolution - A. Jamot Strings staccato, tension, majestic, heroic from 1'40, nostalgic towards 6'00. Work on tempo. 08:10
Xenakis - A. Jamot Echo and babbling of brass. 04:56
Blackhole - M. Bedot Sound rhythmical industrial sound. Anxiety. 0'37, 1'29 bells. Synth of saturated organ. 01:59
Territoire 1 - A. Jamot Synth effects, texture, rumble, electronic sounds very low and very high. Anxiogenic orchestra blast. 03:28
Ultima Necat - A. Jamot Mixture of sound images. Journey into the abyss of the unconscious. End of the world and rebirth. Repetitive. Strange. New Age. Atmosphere Pink-Floyd. Voice child at 3'40 and rain at 5'40. 09:04
Edelweiss 03 - A. Jamot Progressive and repetitive with choir in onomatopoeia, and drums towards the end. Trance, suspense, strange. 04:42
Edelweiss 06 - A. Jamot Sacrifice, crowd movement. Repetitive synthesizer progression with onomatopoeia andfrench horn. Strange. 05:24
Aurora - C. Mathieu Slow organic change. space musique. 01:44
Zedeff - F. Zgorski Bass synth and sound effects with delay. Electronic percussion. Edit point at 1'30 rhythm electro with effects, various synths. 5'30 break. 06:10
Unknown Dangerous Place - Li Ke La peur, le doute, l'inconnu. 01:48
Contrepeterie - F. Lebourg Acoustic synth background, crystalline sound images. Synth sounds. 03:03
Daisy Bao - F. Lebourg Cymbalum, wind, vibraphone and organ. Internal pulsation, desolation. 01:24
Entry - F. Lebourg Synth in background, organ, guitar chords. Effects. 01:23
Hyan - F. Lebourg Koto and Far East song. Call of the Hyan. 01:20
Level Four - F. Lebourg Cymbalum, notes spaced, long silence. 01:06
Pics - F. Lebourg Slow crescendo of violins and choirs with a tense harmony, acosutic piano, effects of instruments. 03:11
NY - F. Lebourg Natural Ytrium. Piano solo. 02:40
Autom Two - F. Lebourg Fall of moon leaves. 01:16
Faubin - F. Lebourg Stellar meditation or planetary buzz. 01:56
Autom Five - F. Lebourg Stellar probe, foghorn of the fourth dimension. 02:39
Level One - F. Lebourg Probable Koto on windy background. Distributed gaps. 01:08
Too Long - F. Lebourg Speech between an electron and a breath. 01:10
Saint Leger - F. Lebourg Positive ion particle queuing. 02:14
Autom Three - F. Lebourg Quantum universe. 02:44
Level Two - F. Lebourg Carillon of another world. 00:22
L'usine - F. Bry The throbbing universe of machines. Sound effects. Robot. 02:43
Guitar Phase - P. Sanchez Garcia Modal guitar such as Steve Reich. Cyclic, spacy. 02:09
Prolifération - M. Biallais Acoustic piano, clarinet. Harmonic tense. Dissonance, orchestral crescendo. 02:13
Algo Danse - A. Jamot Contemporary piano post-modern ambiance 02:24
Sextet Frenjik - A. Roy Violins, cellos, oboes, vibraphone, play cross melodies. 03:34
Iendyn - A. Roy At the borders of percussion and melody. Tormented, narrative. 14:53
Basilic - A. Roy Meli melo of instruments. Double bass, pizz. 02:12
Hélianthe - A. Roy Duo, saxophone clarinet dialogue. Narrative. 11:35
Accords Pour Céline - A. Roy The torments of love. Piano solo. 01:40
Black Submarine - T. Cahn Heartbeat, spatial texture. 0'51 rhythmic sound effects. 1'17 Industrial rhythm. Anxiety. 01:44
Intergalactica - T. Chaze Synth effects, electric piano with delay. Dialogue between stars. Astral and dreamy. 04:43
Phantom - T. Chaze Effects of percussion, voice and synth with delay and reverb. 01:10
Timerest - T. Chaze Strange and disturbing flute, ethnic percussions, deep violins. 02:37
Interlude - T. Chaze Violins, Opera singer. 0'47 Drums, double bass. Spacy and rhythmic. 01:51