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Musique avec genre : Bachata

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Luna de la Habana - V. Lobos Cuban Ukulele and tres guitar with sax, piano upright bass, brass and percussion. Mid-tempo, Bright, Latin, Outdoors, Happy, Latin, Cuban, Cuban Ukulele, Tres Guitar, Saxophone, Piano, Upright Bass, Brass, Percussion. 02:12
Luna - GD 78 Tango, bachata. Latin, caribbean, sensual. Accordion, electric piano, drums, percussions and female vocal. 03:59
Bachata y Tango - GD 78 Mi salsa mi tango, festive and sensual. Accordion and percussions with male vocal and choir. 04:26
Mulata - GD 78 Between Tango and Bachata sung by a male voice. Accordion, guitars and percussion. Latin dance song, party, Cuba. 03:42
Milonga - GD 78 Bachata, tango, salsa with spoken male voice and female vocals sung. Sensual, festive and relaxing. Cuba. 03:44
Falta - GD 78 World song, for fun and dance. Nice melody on accordion. 03:49