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Musique avec genre : Acid-jazz

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
Heads And Tails - P. Tilleman Fast Waking bass, breaks, fast piano, brass and violin phrases. 01:47
Silhouette - J. Barrett Flute, Rhodes piano, marimba, acoustic bass and triangle. Easy, Light, Romantic, Travel, World, 1960s, Sixties, Spy, Gentle. 03:17
Tek - GD 78 Low slow and fast cymbal in opposition. Improvisation of voices. Synth wah wah. 02:04
Coral - GD 78 Electro jazz mood with trumpet, synthesizer, electric guitar and drum box. Calm, nostalgic. 04:02
Happy Tourist - T. Stoilkovski Jazz inspired blues romp with lashings of cool harmonica, upright bass groove and wah chorus fever. Suburban Dreams. 02:14
Winter Princess - D Agostino Classical guitar trio, piano and flute. Dance step. 01:37
Dublin - F. Bégnon Intro melody and bass synth. Acoustic guitar. Edit point at 1'02 Percussion. 02:06
Covert - J. Barrett Medium paced with exotic wind instrumentation. Secrecy and deception. Drama - Suspense - Thriller - Horror - Crime - Emotive. Crime and Investigation 02:43
Lounge - M. Caen Cheeky up tempo retro track, happy & humorous with soulful flute & cheesy brass. Break at 1.07, organ solo at 1.21. Solo bass at 1.48. Electronic - Electro - Trip Hop - Hip Hop - Chill Out - R&B. Big Phat Beats 2 02:47
Urban Breeze - B. Maginnis Pumping medium tempo beat, cafe nightclub style with muted trumpet solo. Electronic - Electro - Trip Hop - Hip Hop - Chill Out - R&B. Acid Beats 03:57
Cool Life - J. Barrett Groovin' & movin' to the home improving. Lifestyle - Travel - Holiday. Lifestyle TV 2 03:28
Funky Thing - J. Barrett Romantic, late night groove. Lifestyle - Travel - Holiday. Lifestyle TV 2 01:46
Hippity Bop - J. Barrett Cooking to the groove. Lifestyle - Travel - Holiday. Lifestyle TV 2 02:29
Connection - B. Baker Fast, funky flute solo. Corporate - Industrial - Technology. Media Promos 01:36
Savana Theme - J. Barrett Rhythmic groove featuring sax and subtle pads. World Music -Ethnic - Culture. Exotic Themes and Places 04:01
Miles Groove - M. Caen Coltrane and Miles get together for this funked up piece of new century jazz. Breakdown with Rhodes, guitars and strings at 1:07 then a spacey change at 1:22, its back to the main groove at 1:44. Funk - Soul. Big Phat Beats 02:54
Phat! - F. Tayla Medium paced groove featuring guitar, horns and a syncopated flute motif. Break at 1:45. Funk - Soul - Groove. Funkin' Jazz 03:11
Latin Mood - F. Tayla Water Ambiences, Trippy Sounds & Hypnotic Guitar Harmonics Build To A Pounding Latin Style Track Featuring Trumpet And Guitar Solos. World Music - Ethnic. Cafe Ibiza 04:47
Latin Moon - F. Tayla Underscore. Water Ambiences, Trippy Sounds & Hypnotic Guitar Harmonics Build To A Pounding Latin Style Track. World Music - Ethnic. Cafe Ibiza 04:20
Manhunt - R. Kelly Serious Urgent. Funk - Soul - Groove. Ultra Groove 02:06
Velvet - R. Kelly Wacky Trumpet Theme Alternates With Funky Guitar Motive Before Giving Way To Piano, (String & Bass Groove At 0:31). Funk - Soul - Groove. Ultra Groove 02:04
Funky Dreaming - Y. Mounier Up beat jazz trip hop feel, trumpet, clavinet, female vox. World Music - Ethnic - Culture. Culture Groove 03:18
In The Pocket - Y. Mounier Medium funk groove, jazzy saxophones, DJ scratches. World Music - Ethnic - Culture. Culture Groove 02:33
Lazy Boy - B. Baker Jazz lounge groove with sax solo. Jazz. Media Promos 2 02:33
Miles B Smokin' - R. Kelly Slow soulful rhythmic groove features piano, synth & muted trumpet. Funk - Blues - Rock. Funk in da mix 02:03
Natski - R. Howson Medium tempo track in style of deep forest. Mysterious, curious, enchanting and hypnotic. Funk - Soul - Groove. Planet Groove 04:16
Pass The Groove - J. Barrett Relaxed with sexy sax solo. Electronic - Electro - Trip Hop - Hip Hop - Chill Out - R&B. Media Promos 2 01:54
Sassy - R. Kelly Bright and brassy medium tempo groove featuring solo trumpet. Funk - Blues - Rock. Funk in da mix 02:05
Split'N Da Atom - R. Kelly Up tempo groove with treated piano, brass & pads. Funk - Blues - Rock. Funk in da mix 01:58
West Side Shuffle - R. Kelly Slow paced feel featuring distance sax, strings & jazz guitar. Funk - Blues - Rock. Funk in da mix 02:03
Hotel Room - T. Stoilkovski Jazzy, bohemian, raw pop groove with acoustic breakbeat chilled drums and soulful interplay between upright bass, saxophone and electric organ. Beatnik heaven in a two star motel luxury. 03:08
Cheeky Motives - L.J. Cedar Cool and cheeky jazz vibes with walking acoustic bass and traditional brush kit. Great for a TV ad or animation spot.. Cheeky, Cheerful, Playful, Uplifting, Curious, animation, cartoon. 00:28
Mondo Jazz - L.J. Cedar Cheeky Jazz track with hooky Piano riff, double bass and fingersnaps. Quirky, Upbeat, Fresh, Energetic, Jazzy, Offbeat, Crazy. 01:08
Art Jungle - S. Calvano Fast Time, Crazy Melody, Afro Percussion, Instrumental 05:56
Brek - A. Jamot Drum solo, synth sound effects. Edit point at 1'40. Powerful rhythm, synth and saturated psychedelic guitar. 04:17
The Sorcerer Is Back - C. Espern Dark synth, shouts. Aggressive rhythm. Bass synth, funky synth, sequenced. Solo on delirious saturated guitar. Edit point at 1'35, 2'26, break. 03:31
Big Mama - G. Goué Intro synth, drums and double bass. Organ and guitar funk. Edit point at 0'32. Theme on the saturated guitar. 01:55
Finger Snap - C. Mathieu Solo double bass against a background of police pursuit. Tense, suspense. 02:32
Black Polar - C. Mathieu Ostinato of electric guitar. Electronic drums and percussion. Saxophone solo. 03:04
Bimbo - G. Goué Drums with brushes, bass riff and rhythmic organ. Crying guitar. 00:58
Jazzy B - G. Goué Voice phone, synth, bass improvisation and drums. Tensioning questioning. Mysterious and psychedelic. David Lynch. 01:54
Crazy Jazz Session - P. Gaillard Electro jazz supported, groovy double bass, electric piano and crazy instruments. 03:48
Worldz - T. Chaze Space synth and double bass groove. Repetitive theme on saxophone. Edit point at 1'02, theme 2 on the acoustic piano. 02:41
Jazz Aventure - P-J Beaudoin Riff of double bass. Rhythm of drums and guitar. Solo of saxophone and mute trumpet. Detective genre. 00:48
Glaube - F. Bry Long notes by Duduk or oboe. Bass and drums tense. 01:30
Sculpture Ligérienne - F. Niobey Violins, guitar for accompaniment and melody. Effects of harp. 02:49
Kubblo - J. Pelizzari Scratch. Different synths and sound elements combine to form a coherent whole. 02:52
Bound - J. Pelizzari Jungle drum, jazz bass, synth and tense brass section. 01:49
Quandary - J. Greenhow Electroniques percussion, bass and piano distant, tense. 01:04
Mr. Poggi - Plazzi Percussion, Female Sexy Vocals, Seductive, Warm 06:32
Creator - T. Chaze Synth Riff with filter effect. Toms, choirs, liturgical chant. Version 30s. 00:32
Wriglizz - T. Cahn Intro on the vocals. Bass, acoustic piano and RnB drums. Phrase of singing. Choirs. 0'45 break. 01:27
Jazzyland - P. Gaillard Jazz drums, double bass, organ with tense chords. Quiet electric piano. Theme on the synth between steel drum and brass. 03:04
Jam With Miles - B. Garcia Rolling drums, toms and trumpet, bewitching. 05:11
I Need You - J-M Boiteux Drums, bass, organ, electric piano arpeggios. 0'36 break. Version without voice. 01:08