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Musique avec format : Boucle

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
Chilly Morning - C. Nouailhaguet Smooth deep house track featuring synths pad and electro beats. Positive, neutral and dynamic underscore. Loop 1 version. 00:40
Huggy's Groove - C. Nouailhaguet 60's soul track featuring rhythmic piano, lively drum, guitar chop, Fender Rhodes and bass. Loop version. 00:15
La Roca Del Mar - C. Nouailhaguet Electro lounge track featuring synths pad and deep house beats. Neutral music bed for documentaries or corporate movies underscore. Loop 1version. 00:29
Piano Sofa - C. Nouailhaguet Nocturnal and refined jazzy lounge loop. Featuring trumpet punctuations, upright bass, atmospheric synths and relaxed electro beat. Loop version. 00:40
Strange Easy Lo-Fi - C. Nouailhaguet Downtempo electro jazz beat featuring lo-fi sounds, vinyl scratch and, bass. Vintage atmosphere. Loop version. 00:18
True love - C. Nouailhaguet 90's deep house track for summer lounge night ! Featuring hypnotic bass line, synth fx and electro beat.Loopversion. 00:32
Electricity Trap - C. Nouailhaguet Electric sound FX merged into heavy hip hop beat and pulsing synths build up an exciting and tense atmosphere. Loop 1 version. 00:26
Nightfall Drive - C. Nouailhaguet Melancholic, atmospheric and slow trip hop underscore. Urban downtempo for late-night car-cruising ! Loop version. 00:16
Sub Troubles - C. Nouailhaguet Dark, tragic and tense trap beat. Massive sub bass and gloomy synths for urban drama, crime or investigation. Loop version. 00:27
Ultimate Pursuit - C. Nouailhaguet Big beat with loud metal drums, aggressive synths and energetic rhythm. Loop 1 version. 00:16
Underground City - C. Nouailhaguet Dark and deep trap beat. Hostile and powerful atmosphere for tense scene or dramatic urban action movie. Welcome to the underground gangsta city ! Loop 1 version. 00:14
Wandering - C. Nouailhaguet Dramatic trip hop track. Heavy beat, glitchy vox and massive sub bass build a suspenseful and tense cinematic urban drama. Loop version. 00:21
X-Factory - C. Nouailhaguet Deep inside a massive factory ! Mechanical machinery at work, metallic beat and synths drone build an intense and haunting industrial soundscape. Loop rythmic version. 00:32
Falling Star - C. Nouailhaguet Dreamy and positive hip-hop groove. Loop 1 version. 00:22
Hazard Zone - C. Nouailhaguet Big beat in the Prodigy style. Analogue synths and punchy drums create a tense mood. Speed and danger. Computer games, action scenes. Loop version. 00:15
Missing So Much - Wang Xin Romance. Boucle. 00:22
Bazaar In Guang Dong Province - Wang Xin Activité, variétés. Chine. Boucle. 01:01
Impression Of Qing Hai Province - Wang Xin Sacrifice, tension. Pink Floyd. QingHai Chine. Boucle. 00:51
Guzhen Song - T. Chaze Intro Koto, percussion from the Far East. Orchestral Violins. Sheng. Loop. 00:23
Isaia - T. Chaze Intro song and ethnic voice, flute. Rhythmic electro. Men's choirs and women's response. Loop. 00:21
Chinese Folk - T. Chaze Chinese drum roll. Koto. Change of rhythm, melody to ethnic flute and extreme eastern rhythm. Loop. 00:29
Wisdom Place - T. Chaze Orchestral, Great Harmony. Ethnic flute. Gong. Eastern. Loop. 00:21
Alert - T. Chaze Timpani roll. Violins high and tense, rhythmic brass, cymbal, percussion. 0'58 Drums rhythmic. Percussion and saturated guitar. Loop. 00:28
Shoot Down - T. Chaze Intro of synth and sound effects. Sample RnB drums, synth crescendo. Sample of voice, tense harmony. Loop. 00:25
Gizeh Dream - T. Chaze Intro rhythm oud riff. Heavy rhythm and oriental percussions. Duduk, cry of synth. Loop. 00:29
Karmarama - T. Chaze Tabla, ethnic flute, discreet Synth in background. Progressive construction of a rhythm. Different sound elements disturbing. Sample of voice. Loop. 00:25
Malaya - T. Chaze Percussions in the distance and others more present. African colors. 00:28
Alhambra - T. Chaze Intro ethnic flute, synth background. Several changes of tempos. Reverse cymbals and percussion. Electro rhythm. Loop. 00:26
Beduins Move - T. Chaze Intro ethnic flute, darbouka. Ostinato rhythm with bass, drums and melody on the flute. Loop. 00:19
Bosphore - T. Chaze Rhythmic drums and percussion, bass. Discrete synth, repetitive bass ethnic flute. Loop. 00:23
I Want Your Body - T. Chaze Theme on vocals and choirs. Funky guitar. Synthesized sequence. Loop. 00:23
Freestyle - T. Chaze Rock band. Riff of powerful guitars. Rap flow. Red Hot and Linkin 'Park. Loop. 00:24
Esparaguas Castle - T. Chaze Tended chords progression on the violins, choirs, anxiogenic phrases on the double basses. Sound effects. Loop. 00:19
Investigation - T. Chaze Opening in crescendo of orchestra. Ostinato and tense melody. Development. Electronic rhythmic dark. Loop. 00:25
Sad Vicky - T. Chaze High arpeggios of acoustic piano and violins. Repetitive chord progression. Melody on the flute. Loop. 00:22
Saravaati Celebration - T. Chaze Acoustic piano theme and response to violins, Indian sitar. Loop. 00:31
Aznar Vs Drago - T. Chaze Orchestra blast, sounds. Rhythmic rock and choirs, Tense harmony. Loop. 00:31
Molinas Dragon - T. Chaze Effects and orchestral ostinato. Theme on the oboe accompanied by the violins. Choirs. Cave of the Dragon. Demoniac, frightful. Loop. 00:20
Pin Of Death - T. Chaze Choir of women and violins. Timpani and choir of men. Sound effects. Loop. 00:28
Rapaces - T. Chaze Tribal rhythm of floor toms and sound effects. Theme in unison of orchestra. Powerful choirs and saturated guitar. Loop. 00:25
Barnes Chaze - T. Chaze Violins and orchestral brass, rhythm of sound effects. Acoustic piano in arpeggios. Science fiction, panting, anxiety. Loop. 00:30
Red And Green - T. Chaze Violins, oboes. Choir and distant effects. Dark rhythm. Evolution towards a rhythm and a tense harmony. Incantatory, enigmatic. Loop. 00:25
Andians - T. Chaze Several ethnic flutes and a spacing synth. A.Piano for the theme. Loop. 00:26
Folkman - T. Chaze Intro guitar. Rhythmic pop rock. Melody ethnic flute. Ride in the great prairies of the West. Loop. 00:26
Radio Buzz - P. Gaillard Filtered rhythm, repetitive sequence of synth. E.Piano. Theme on soft and distant synth. Loop. 01:43
Zenith - T. Chaze Darbuka, accordion and percussion. Oud, bass, sample of ethnic voice. Saturated Synth. Loop 1. 00:15
Nagual - T. Chaze Intro worrying to the synth. Rap flow, rhythmic distortion. Industrial noise. Loop 1. 00:16
Stanlive - T. Chaze Slap basss line and shaker. Sound and low violins. Saturated guitars and various sound elements. Intense, tense. Loop. 00:32
The Flood - T. Chaze Distant effects, tribal percussions. anxiogenic, spacy, psychedelic. Loop. 00:23
Zyoyz - T. Chaze Synth and guitar in distortion, dissonant, aggressive. Rythmic distant, sample of voice. Loop. 00:28
Speedtrip - T. Chaze Nervous acoustic guitar. Distant bass and drums. Synth and guitar distortion. Psychedelic. Loop. 00:27
Crazy - T. Chaze Bass synth. Groove RnB, scratch, constant buzz. Riff synth. Cries, various samples. Oop. 00:27
Krishna - T. Chaze Indian sitar, tabla, tampoura and indian oboe. loop. 00:24
Creator - T. Chaze Synth Riff with filter effect. Toms, choirs, liturgical chant. Loop. 00:23
Fortuna - T. Chaze Intro violins and lyric choirs, timpani. Rhythmic basses. Short harmony effect. Loop. 00:24
Inri - T. Chaze Bass synth sequence and religious choirs. Era. Powerful synth. Loop. 00:23
Intelize - T. Chaze Repetitive rhythmic sounds. Loop. 00:21
Maya's House - A. Roy Tribal didgeridoo rhythmic, bass and floor toms Rhythm. Different solos. Loop 1 00:11
Title Screen - A. Roy Flute of pan, harp and snare drum. Percussion, men's choir, folk and electric guitar. Western. Loop 1. 00:18
Cattle Drive - A. Roy Banjo, acoustic guitar and folk rhythm. Dance, far-west. Loop. 00:07
La Danse Des Grains De Poussière - A. Roy Background of violins, viola alto solo then pizz and rhythmic orchestra. Loop 1. 00:17
Main Map Part 1 - A. Roy Jew's harp, flute, choirs and Andean percussions. Theme voice mmhh and cello. Traditional ballad. Boucle. 00:14
Main Map Part 2 - A. Roy Guitar, trumpet and percussion Andean. Violins. Andean folk ballad. Loop. 00:14
Drunk Barrel - A. Roy Harmonica, tuba, snare and percussion. Western funny, or fanfare. Loop. 00:06
Comptine De Mai - A. Roy Acoustic piano, theme on the pizz, the flute. Bassoon tension. Lop. 00:32
La Rosée Du Soleil - A. Roy Interlude on the piano. 0'24 flute, pizz. Loop. 00:31
Siflonono - A. Roy Percussion, electric piano, bass. Whistled theme. Loop. 00:14
Alysse - A. Roy Contemporary Japanese. Stripped, imaginary, random. loop. 00:20
Les Terres De La Guilde - A. Roy Speech of bassoon and piano. Country Adventure. loop 00:26
Hélianthe - A. Roy Duo, saxophone clarinet dialogue. Narrative. Loop 1 00:17
Basilic - A. Roy Meli melo of instruments. Double bass, pizz. loop 00:13
Depoter Part 1 - A. Roy A timeless, contemplative piece. Imagined, narrative. loop 00:09
Accords Pour Céline - A. Roy The torments of love. Piano solo. Loop 00:19
Nousnaille - A. Roy Also bassoon, bass clarinet, castanets, xylophone and tuba for this waltz nursery rhyme loop 00:15
Iendyn - A. Roy At the borders of percussion and melody. Tormented, narrative. Loop 1 00:18
En Avant - G. Wilmot Repetitive melody on the horn, rhythmic violins, snare. Synth sequence. Rhythmic brass, cymbals. Loop. 00:26
Istambul - G. Wilmot Repetitive cymbalum phrase. Darbuka. Duduk. Ankle bells. Loop 1. 00:33
Andalousie - G. Wilmot Acoustic piano, flute and violins. Flamenca Harmony. Loop. 00:26
Drôle D'Intrigue - G. Wilmot Woodwind. Repetitive melody played on the bassoon. Percussion effects. Loop. 00:21
Le Jour D'Après - G. Wilmot Intro in chords progression on violins. Melody on the flute. 0'51 timpani and acoustic piano.. Loop. 00:23
Les Ecureuils - G. Wilmot Staccato of orchestra. Metallophone melody and snare drum. Brass and double bass. Loop. 00:12
Arrivée Royale - G. Wilmot Orchestral, brass melody, snare drum, long double bass notes, timpani. Oop. 00:23
La Marche De L'Empire - G. Wilmot Ostinato of brass and violins. Orchestral timpani and snare drum. Slightly Oriental theme. Loop 1. 00:34
Le Pacte - G. Wilmot Ostinato of violins, timpani, cymbals. Theme and rhythm in unison in staccato. Loop 1. 00:21
Le Talisman - G. Wilmot Acoustic guitar arpeggio. Percussion and oriental synth. Loop. 00:31
Ouverture - G. Wilmot Melody in unison bass and brass. Acoustic piano solo. opening, presentation, Theme song. Loop. 00:10
Le Défilé - G. Wilmot Intro pizz, then the brass and snare drum. Walking like a toon, the caravan passes. Loop. 00:23
Le Clown - G. Wilmot This is the circus parade. Loop 1. 00:24
Brass Open - J-P Bigourie Brilliant opening thème, with funk guitar and scat voice. Brass theme. Loop 1. 00:31
Dangerous - J-P Bigourie Brass section, funk groove with bass, drums, guitar and vocals. Earth, Wind and Fire. Loop. 00:19
End Of Suspens - J-P Bigourie Intermediate funky clavinet, synth and brass. Loop. 00:14
Chachacha - J-P Bigourie Piano, bass, drums and percussion for a rhythm cha-cha-cha. Melody with flute and vibraphone. Violins and brass. Loop. 00:30
Hohoho - J-P Bigourie Large jazz orchestra, brilliant brass. For an opening song. Loop. 00:14
Oriental - J-P Bigourie Intro rhythm and violins. Theme with oriental colors also with violins. Theme reproduced by different instruments. Loop. 00:39
Suspens - J-P Bigourie Bass slap and percussion. Very large orchestral violins for the theme. Loop. 00:24
For Gino - J-P Bigourie Organ riff at the intro. 80s. Opening. Loop. 00:33
Hey James - J-P Bigourie Countdown with filtered voice. Melody with brass. Singing voice funky. Loop. 00:37
Agnus - J-M Boiteux Children's recitative song, folk guitar, bass. Loop 1. 00:27
Latence - J-M Boiteux Rhythmic electro pop. Synth in sequence. '80s, Jean-Michel Jarre.. Loop 1. 00:27
Cléopatre Part 2 - J-M Boiteux Slow and heavy drums and bass, toms breaks. Loop 1. 00:28
Real World synth - J-M Boiteux Synth sequence, drums and toms. Loop. 00:19
Tech Lise - J-M Boiteux Industrial percussive and heavy. Different percussion interventions. Talking drum. Loop. 00:33
Vingt-Heures Chrono - J-M Boiteux Synth Sequence. Violins. Loop. 00:21
Where Is The Bass - J-M Boiteux Radio voice, bass riff and finger snaps. Synth Accents. Loop. 00:20
Si Tu Même - J-M Boiteux Rhythmic pop-rock, shaker. Singing man and woman. Loop. 00:20
Aurora Borealis - J-M Boiteux Basse, kick, violons, guitare électrique. 1'18 break. 00:28
Dial My Number - J-M Boiteux Male and female vocals and choirs, disco-pop groove and funky guitar. Loop. 00:25
Dindus - J-M Boiteux Groove funky, rhythmic combination of 2 organs and synth. Loop 1. 00:30
Dlm Cowboy - J-M Boiteux Rhythm guitar, brass riff, kick, bass and melody on guitar. Loop. 00:29
Et Puis Bip - J-M Boiteux Bass, kick, organ, acoustic and electric guitars. Loop 1. 00:40
Forget - J-M Boiteux Rock band. Electric piano, organ. Loop. 00:21
Got This - J-M Boiteux Bass, drums, organ and rhythm guitar. Riff of brass. Female voice and male voice. Loop. 00:28
Halleluia - J-M Boiteux Choir. Prayers and invocations. Loop. 00:28
Idéaux - J-M Boiteux Rock band. Saturated guitar. Timpani, choir synth in background. Guitar solo. Loop. 00:38
Igor - J-M Boiteux Two jazz electric guitars. drums and double bass. Blues-tinted jazz theme played on the saxophone. Loop. 00:31
Kts - J-M Boiteux Group of pop-rock. Melody on the electric guitar. Chris Rea. Loop 1. 00:25
Laurence - J-M Boiteux Double bass, piano, percussion. Loop 1. 00:13
Losin Control - J-M Boiteux Rhythm shuffle, piano in arpeggios, voice solo. Loop. 00:19
Love Shuffle - J-M Boiteux Bass fretless. Rhythm guitar, organ. Version 20s. 00:20
Mensonge - J-M Boiteux Orchestra of variety. Electric piano. Riff of saturated guitar. Loop 1. 00:29
Miam Miam - J-M Boiteux Drums, bass and guitar theme. Children's song. Creole.Loop. 00:23
Miss - J-M Boiteux Repetitive guitar riff. Rhythm mainly of percussion. Loop. 00:24
Natural Beauty - J-M Boiteux Peaceful mix of guitars with theme. drums and bass. Loop. 00:30
Neptune - J-M Boiteux Bass synth sequence. Rhythm and theme at the synth. Crystalline detached notes. Space and slowness, ample. Loop. 00:29
New Orleans - J-M Boiteux Electric bass. Theme and solo on saxophone. Electric guitar. Loop. 00:27
No Gold Of Fools - J-M Boiteux Melodic, minimalist, accompaniment to the folk guitar. Soprano saxophone theme. Version 30s. 00:30
Not Too Bad - J-M Boiteux Riff of saturated guitar. Loop. 00:30
Papapa - J-M Boiteux Disco-pop. Theme sung by the choirs in pa pa pa. Soloist choir. Ethnic Voice. 00:29
Petite Soeur - J-M Boiteux Rhythmic festive disco-pop with different sound elements. Part B with crowd sounds and saturated guitar riff. Voices of children. Loop 1. 00:41
Ptit Lapin - J-M Boiteux Acoustic piano and drums with brushes, double bass. Melody lined with marimba. 00:24
Pyg - J-M Boiteux Intro organ and song. Rock band and backing vocals. Repetitive theme. Loop. 00:28
Seize - J-M Boiteux Dream theme with acoustic guitar and saxophone. 00:37
Sentimentalement - J-M Boiteux Female voice sung and shouted, reverse effect. Rythmic RnB. Rythmic guitar. Loop. 00:25
Sidonie - J-M Boiteux Barrel organ, cello. Loop 1. 00:30
So Good - J-M Boiteux Electric guitar solo. Loop 1. 00:19
Soirée - J-M Boiteux Rhythm disco and synth. Saturated guitar. Loop. 00:29
Style - J-M Boiteux Riff synth. Voice sung and rapp, chorus. Violins far away. Loop 1. 00:28
Tatété - J-M Boiteux Rhythmic ballad RnB. Riff guitar, electric guitar theme. Riff of brass. Loop 1. 00:31
Tempes - J-M Boiteux Part B percussions, vocals. Loop. 00:21
The Dreaming Man - J-M Boiteux Song in English. Marimba, rhythm guitar, organ. Loop 1. 00:20
Tienda - J-M Boiteux Deep synth, percussion, bass. Theme to the ethnic flute. Loop 1. 00:27
Ttl - J-M Boiteux Orchestra of jazz. Theme and solo on electric guitar. Organ, guitar wah wah. 00:31
Tuntirou - J-M Boiteux Bass fretless, kick, electric guitar for the theme. Jaco Pastorius. Loop. 00:24
Voyage - J-M Boiteux Group of pop-rock. Rythmic guitar. Melody to the synth. Loop 1. 00:25
Yes My Name Is - J-M Boiteux Guitars and rhythmic funk. Loop. 00:18
2T - J-M Boiteux Rock band of the 80s. Guitar riff. Loop 1. 00:27
Aim N°7 - J-M Boiteux Pop orchestra of the 80s with theme and solo on saxophone. Loop. 00:25
Angel - J-M Boiteux Funk orchestra. Accompaniment to the electric piano, theme and solo on the electric guitar. Loop 1. 00:31
Bap - J-M Boiteux Pop-rock orchestra. Theme in short and repetitive riff on saturated guitar. Loop. 00:29
Big Part 1 - J-M Boiteux Pop-rock orchestra. Theme in short and repetitive riff with the saturated guitar, guitar wah wah. Voix rap in English. Loop. 00:28
Big Part 2 - J-M Boiteux Intro wha wha guitar. Rhythmic slow and heavy, organ. Saturated guitar theme. Loop 1. 00:33
Bip - J-M Boiteux Disco-pop of the 70s. Ostinato of bass, violins, organ. Loop 1. 00:17
Bullet - J-M Boiteux Ostinato of bass, electro drums. Theme and solo on saxophone. Loop. 00:38
Chiki - J-M Boiteux Kick and bass synth. Voice. Drums with brushes, organ, chords and funky guitar. Synth rhythmic saturated. Loop. 00:22
Colentina - J-M Boiteux A folk guitar, melody and flute solo. A discreet slide guitar. Loop. 00:22
Crusade - J-M Boiteux Pop band. Saxophone, brass instruments. Short and repetitive theme played on guitar. Loop. 00:28
Dhard Corp - J-M Boiteux Rock band. Riff of guitar. Theme to the synth. Loop. 00:23
Lets Weak - J-M Boiteux Kick and bass synth. Voice. Drums with brushes, organ, chords and funky guitar. Synth rhythmic saturated. Loop. 00:29
Lost Paradise - J-M Boiteux Children's recitative vocals, folk guitar, bass, saturated guitar. Loop. 00:27
Nichika - J-M Boiteux Ethnic flute solo, short repetitive melody. Loop. 00:36
Oualam - J-M Boiteux Male monodic choirs, singing and ethnic instruments, discreet saturated guitar. Loop. 00:31
Ouh Ba ! - J-M Boiteux Dobro, electric guitar, organ, ethnic percussion, tribal cries. Loop 1. 00:28
Radja - J-M Boiteux Tampoura, tabla, melody with the synth in the colors of Far East. Loop. 00:26
Zewitma - J-M Boiteux Ethnic voice, tampura, synth in background. Loop. 00:38
Jan - J-M Boiteux Violins, drums, melody and solo on saxophone, acoustic guitar. Loop. 00:24
Jardin d'été - J-M Boiteux Koto in arpeggio. Instruments of the Far East. Ethnic Flute, Sheng. Loop. 00:35
Lament Bulgare - J-M Boiteux Cymbal, ethnic voices, synth in background. Loop 1. 00:17
Malva - J-M Boiteux Cymbal, flute, synth, gong. Slow melody to the synth. Loop. 00:24
Temple Of The Sun - J-M Boiteux Cymbal, ethnic voices, double bass, guitar swells, synth in background. 30s. 00:35
For Die Thing - J-M Boiteux Ethnic percussion, electric guitar with vibrato and wha wha. Orchestral Accent. Drums break. Loop. 00:27
Daccord Pas Daccord - J-M Boiteux Synth Riff and Kick. Saturated guitar. Loop 1. 00:26
Apetito - J-M Boiteux Church choirs. Ceremonious, angelic. Loop. 00:24
Gregoh - J-M Boiteux Choir of men at the monastery. Loop. 00:22
Prisonner - J-M Boiteux Intro drums and percussion. Arpeggio of guitar and saturated riff. Loop. 00:13
I Wont Up - J-M Boiteux Rock band. Electric piano. Saturated guitar theme. Loop. 00:24
Jacket - J-M Boiteux Funky rhythm, wah wah guitar, melody and solo played on the saxophone. Loop 1. 00:29
Judas - J-M Boiteux Rock band, electric piano, guitars. Riff of piano, chords and melody on guitar. Loop. 00:31
Lea - J-M Boiteux Intro acoustic guitar. Rhythmic pop-folk with guitars, shaker. Loop. 00:28
Mon Amour - J-M Boiteux Rhythmic pop, guitar slide, voice, electric guitar, repetitive. Loop 1. 00:30
Morning - J-M Boiteux Intro ethnic sitar and voice. Rhythmic pop, samples of ethnic voices, electric guitar. 1'22 break. Loop. 00:32
Ocona - J-M Boiteux Pop-rock ballad, electric guitar arpeggios and slide guitar. Loop. 00:40
Rico - J-M Boiteux For walking and starting. Loop. 00:37
Starway - J-M Boiteux Rhythmic groovy, organ. Melody on the electric guitar. Loop. 00:34
Océan - L. Marie-Sainte Sound of waves. Crystalline synthesis. Percussion. 00:33
Ranch - J-M Boiteux 2 folk guitars, theme and accompaniment, bass. Loop. 00:20
Andromède - J-M Boiteux Quick synth sequence with round, soft sound. Slow background. 1'14 Backing vocals. Loop. 00:22
Cléopatre Part 1 - J-M Boiteux Rhythmic and melody on violins. Bass and drums groovy. Loop. 00:28
Rose Carmen - J-M Boiteux Theme and arpeggios on electric guitar, violins. Loop 1. 00:25
Uber - J-M Boiteux Jingle industrial tense. Sound effects. Melody on bass. 00:30
Pluton - J-M Boiteux Ostinato of bass. Dynamic percussion. Bouncing synth. 00:31
Lone J - J-M Boiteux Traditional blues on guitar. Loop. 00:29
Simplement - J-M Boiteux Intro Chris Rea then dancing, trailing. Loop. 00:27
Para - J-M Boiteux Electro-pop band from the 80's. Bass in ostinato. Riff synth. Loop. 00:27
Bébé Tu Dors - J-M Boiteux Guitar duo for a romantic walk. Loop 1. 00:29
Little S - J-M Boiteux Electric guitar and bass funky. Melody on the organ. Loop. 00:28
Itch - J-M Boiteux Disco pop of the 80s. Theme to the synth. Onomatopoeia. Synth accent. Loop. 00:30
Philos - J-M Boiteux Folk ballad on the guitar. Loop. 00:32
Stu - J-M Boiteux Blues shuffle, rap. Loop 1. 00:39
Billy - J-M Boiteux Drums, organ and saturated guitar riffs. Loop. 00:18
Aurore Orange - S. Chaffer Variation of didgeridoo solo.. Loop. 00:16
After's - P. Gaillard Sounds of seaside. Ethnic percussions, electric piano. Slow rhythm. Melody with soft synth. Loop. 00:15
C Bossa - J-M Carbonne Acoustic guitar and effects. Loop. 00:28
Carte Postale - L. Marie-Sainte Piano and acoustic guitar, accordion. Camera sound effects. Choirs. Loop. 00:24
Pour Martin - L. Marie-Sainte Acoustic guitars. Drums with brushes. Percussion. Theme on the electric guitar. Loop. 00:20
Magicuss - T. Chaze Effects of anxiogenic synth Rhythmic industrial sound effects. Loop. 00:10
Native Vibration - T. Chaze Harmony of exotic synth, ethnic voice. Loop. 00:18
Wah Jungle - P. Gaillard Intro percussions, funky bass and syncopated synth. Theme in synth wah. Ethnic flute. Bass and percussion break. Improvisation of flute. Loop. 00:25
Intergalactica - T. Chaze Synth effects, electric piano with delay. Dialogue between stars. Astral and dreamy. Loop. 00:25
Jam With Miles - B. Garcia Rolling drums, toms and trumpet, bewitching. Loop. 00:21
Phantom - T. Chaze Effects of percussion, voice and synth with delay and reverb. Loop. 00:16
Mauvais Esprit - S. Chaffer Didgeridoo, several rhythmic sequences. Esoteric, hovering, captivating. Loop. 00:27
Transe Pacifique - S. Chaffer Didgeridoo solo, acceleration, several rhythmic passages settle gradually. Loop. 00:19
Engrenage - L. Marie-Sainte Synth Sequence. Improvisation of electronic marimba. Microcosmos industrial. Stellar, sidereal. Loop. 00:19
Forest Ballad - J-M Carbonne Percussion, acoustic guitar, ocarina, bass, drums. Melody on guitar and response on ocarina. Loop. 00:18
Africa Town - L. Marie-Sainte Rhythmic marimba and urban sounds. Loop. 00:10
Afriglia - J. Pelizzari Sound of birds. Rhythm of electric piano. Melody with the trumpet and various interventions of instruments. Guitar, backing vocals. Edit point at 1'46 break. Loop. 00:34
Autruche Bleue - S. Chaffer Variation of didgeridoo solo. Loop. 00:28
Chasse Au Kangourou - S. Chaffer Didgeridoo solo, progressive construction of a rhythm. Loop. 00:27
Décantation - S. Chaffer Improvisation of a solo didgeridoo, effects and various sounds. Loop. 00:30
Astelle - J. Pelizzari Violin solo and arpeggios in glockenspiel for this romantic waltz. Loop. 00:29
Celosia - J. Pelizzari Violin solo, double bass pizzicato and arpeggios at glockenspiel for this romantic waltz. Light melodic percussion. Loop. 00:39
Enfantillage - J. Pelizzari Pizzicato of double bass and arpeggios in glockenspiel for a romantic waltz. Light melodic percussion. Oop. 00:29
Fleur Manouche - J. Pelizzari Electric piano and accordion, organ. Loop. 00:29
English Race - P. Gaillard A synth bass sequence and a rhythm. Intro of filtered drums, percussion. Theme to the synth. 1'07 break of basses. Loop. 00:15
James Band - P. Gaillard Intro bass, drums, electric guitar, acoustic piano. Melody to the flute. Big Band of the Sixties. James Bond. Continuation in Aston-Martin. Loop. 00:17
Massai Call Dance - P. Gaillard Intro synth with filter. Bass insistence. Ethnic voice samples. Techno tribal, African trance. Loop. 00:24
Fritnezbeer - P. Gaillard Groove RnB, funky guitar and synth bass. Synth Riff and Oriental Violins. Sample of voice. Loop 1. 00:14
Woman'S Breath - B. Garcia Rhythm and bass RnB, acoustic piano. Theme on singing in the far. Rhythm electric guitar and solo. Loop. 00:27
Magiska - B. Garcia Reggae band. Melody and solo on guitar. Ska atmosphere and festive brass. Loop. 00:33
Shitty New Age - P. Sanchez Garcia Intro Synth opening. Electronic drums and ostinato bass synth. Riff of saturated guitar. Tense harmony for the theme. Loop. 00:28
Shop My Way - B. Garcia Riff of saturated guitar, guitar wah wah, bass, brass and percussion. Loop. 00:26
Ska Anime - L. Marie-Sainte 60's Electric Guitarmuted. Rhythmic Ska or rockabilly. Loop. 00:17
White Lights - P. Sanchez Garcia Rock band. Saturated guitar theme, harmonized dubbing. Guitar solo. Scorpions. Loop. 00:29
Simple - T. Chaze Synth sequences. Muted guitars. Loop. 00:30
Take Seven - P. Sanchez Garcia Rock band. Harmonized phrases of saturated and solo guitars. Loop. 00:28
Keoline - J. Pelizzari Cello pizz, violin melody, metallophone arpeggio. Waltz offset, crystalline. Loop. 00:38
Quatuor Baroque - M. Cambefort Minuet. Intro harpsichord and violins. Melody to the flute. Loop. 00:27
Doublebass - P. Gaillard Intro Double bass solo. Rhythmic with the organ and the acoustic piano. Melody on the flute and lined with vibraphone. Counterpoint of brass. Polar or B series.Polar or B movie. Loop. 00:25
Frotifrota - P. Gaillard Voices, violins and effects. Melody on the electric guitar. Slow languorous. When a man ... Remix electro pop. '60s. Loop. 00:26
Killer Horns - P. Gaillard Rock band from the 60s. Melody played on the organ. 0'31 Brass section. Rockabilly, RnB. Loop 1. 00:30
La Classe - P. Gaillard Big band. Intro drums, bass riff and acoustic piano. Melody played on violins. '60s. The avengers for distinguished detective. Loop. 00:31
My First Blues - P. Gaillard Rhythm and blues band from the '60s. Melody played on electric guitar. Catchy. Rockabilly. Loop. 00:20
Ray Charles Tribute - P. Gaillard Intro electric piano, rock band of the '60s. Melody played on the organ. Brass section, violins. Rhythm and blues. Loop. 00:22
Rumba - P. Gaillard South American orchestra, percussion, acoustic piano. Melody played on the organ. Violins. Sensual Rumba. '60s. Loop. 00:41
Saxpanther - P. Gaillard Guitar and brass section.Car chase in Harley. Big band of the 60s. Blues brothers. Rhythm and blues. Loop. 00:14
Twistrich - P. Gaillard '60s rock band. Melody played on electric guitar with typical sound. Loop. 00:11
Zoo Promenade - P. Gaillard Latin orchestra, melody with vibraphone. Rumba or cha-cha-cha. Loop. 00:28
Chat Du Chacha - P. Gaillard Piano, bass, drums and percussion for a rhythm cha-cha-cha. Melody with flute and vibraphone. Violins, brass.Loop. 00:29
Chezla - P. Gaillard Rock band from the '60s. Theme on guitar. Brass. Rockabilly. Loop 1. 00:14
Austral - T. Chaze Didgeridoo, crowd and singing. Percussions, marimba and singing in the far. Loop. 00:18
Boomaka Fela - B. Garcia Groove with bass slap, drums, percussion. Theme at the 60's organ, saxophone solo. Loop. 00:21
Catch La Marie - B. Garcia Slap bass, percussion, guitar and organ. Groove and snap fingers.Loop. 00:22
Dark Lights - P. Sanchez Garcia Power trio. Riff in unison bass guitar. Loop. 00:20
Eleventh Click - P. Sanchez Garcia Power trio plus synth. Riff in unison bass guitar. Loop. 00:19
Farewell - T. Chaze Synth arpeggio, saturated guitar theme, important synth. Loop. 00:20
Goavibe - T. Chaze Intro bass fretless and synth in unison. Jungle drums. 00:15
Great New Sun - P. Sanchez Garcia Rock band. Riff of guitar. Loop. 00:26
Great New World - P. Sanchez Garcia Rock band. Riff guitar and bass in unison. Theme on the guitar. Loop. 00:17
Heavy Drop C - P. Sanchez Garcia Rock band. Tense harmony of the theme. Loop. 00:32
Irs Golf - T. Chaze Drums, percussion and calm synth. Acoustic piano theme, then from the electric guitar. Loop. 00:25
Limousine Song - M. Dall Anese Holidays in New York. Tribal and sequenced. Loop. 00:28
Lyle - T. Chaze Drums Sequence. Melodie on the guitar. Ethereal Piano Accords. Plaintive synth notes. Loop. 00:23
Mixtang - J. Pelizzari Large orchestra playing pizzicato, subtil synth and accordion. Film tango polar. Ballad under the bridges of Paris. Loop. 00:32
Noisy Song - P. Sanchez Garcia Riff rock in unison bass and guitar, break of drums and synth sequence. Loop. 00:24
Onirica - B. Reeb Evolutive low-profile synth. Slow sequence of a crystalline sound. A distant rhythm. Loop. 00:27
Romance - T. Chaze Acoustic piano arpeggios, acoustic guitar theme, bass slide, timpani. Loop. 00:34
Rondo - L. Marie-Sainte Rhythmic synth, marimba. Accordion, flute, violins. Electro troubadours. Loop. 00:19
Shitty Pussy Cat - P. Sanchez Garcia Guitar wah wah and rhythm guitar. Saturated guitar theme. Loop. 00:18
Slowly - T. Chaze Air Synth. Percussions metallic and ethnic, piano synth choir. Slow theme. Loop. 00:16
Tanquine - J. Pelizzari Drums and electric piano. Theme played with melodica. Pizz and chime. Loop. 00:27
The Terrace - M. Dall Anese Theme on the acoustic guitar. Synth, pizz, E.piano and flute. Loop. 00:30
Kyoto Dream - T. Chaze Synth with Oriental sounds. Bass synth. Loop. 00:27
Metalus Absurdus - P. Sanchez Garcia Folk orchestra, saturated guitar for the theme, accordion accompaniment. Kusturica, festive rock, Jewish or Gypsy. Version 15s. 00:15
Big Boss - T. Chaze Riffs of insistent synths. Drum saturated. Effects. Loop. 00:18
Circus - L. Marie-Sainte Parade band. Barrel organ, brass, percussion, sound effects. Loop. 00:23
Courrier - L. Marie-Sainte Synthé séquencé et filtré, breaks de batterie, orchestral blast. Loop. 00:27
Ooozzz - T. Chaze Bass sequence. Fast drums. Sound effects and effects. Mechanical, sustained, speed. Loop. 00:12
Glorious - J-P Vielfaure Pizz ostinato, harmonic descendind chords, cellos, acoustic piano. Loop. 00:32
La Marche Lente Des Pizzis - J-P Vielfaure Double basses and cellos in pizzicato. Long notes of violins. Theme to the acoustic guitar. Ennio Morricone. Loop. 00:30
Lyrique Symphonie - M. Cambefort Arpeggios of harps. Orchestral effects, jumping bassoons. Acoustic piano theme. Loop. 00:27
Olympic Game - P. Gaillard Ostinato of staccato cellos. Drums. Brass ensemble. Harmonic effect of violins. Violins and piccolo flute for the theme. Opening, ceremonious, theme song. Loop. 00:27
Pilgrimage - J. Pelizzari Percussive synth sequence. Theme tied by a crystalline bell sound. Bass synth and theme taken from the accordion. Then accordion unison and its crystalline sound. Theme song. Loop. 00:25
Solennel Et Serieux - J-P Vielfaure Bolero of large orchestra. Loop. 00:16
02 Décembre - L. Marie-Sainte Intro acoustic piano then bass and melody on aerial synth. Loop. 00:22
Dream Esperance - P. Sanchez Garcia Low note of acoustic piano. Deep choirs. Theme in unison of orchestra. 1'20 Pulsating rhythm, effects. Loop. 00:20
Pour Jean - J-M Carbonne Orchestral pizz and acoustic guitar. Chord progression. Theme on the guitar. Violins. Loop. 00:19
Pour Toujours - J-P Vielfaure Romantic theme with acoustic piano, violins. Loop. 00:30
Mariage À St Jean - L. Marie-Sainte Synth sequence. Electronic percussion. Progressive evolution in harmony and rhythm. 2'34 Voices, children's voices, chromatic chimes, solo. Pink Floyd. Loop. 00:18
Moscou - T. Chaze Choeur profond, voix principale et réponses. Intervention de synthé. Loop. 00:25
Prophet - T. Chaze Synth sequence '70s. Flute and acoustic piano. Loop. 00:33
Transe-Plantation - S. Chaffer Didgeridoo solo, improvisation on a rhythm. Loop 2. 00:21
Casca3 - T. Chaze Acoustic piano arpeggios, synth effects, crash cymbal bearing, ethnic wind instrument. Loop. 00:31
Jazzyland - P. Gaillard Jazz drums, double bass, organ with tense chords. Quiet electric piano. Theme on the synth between steel drum and brass. Loop. 00:35
Velvet Theme - M. Dall Anese Groove relax. Acoustic piano theme. Percussions, violins. Between jazz and latin. Piano solo. Loop. 00:23
Your Skin - M. Dall Anese Intro electric piano. Theme and solo on acoustic guitar. Discreet Percussions. Violins. Loop. 00:17
Zinnia - J. Pelizzari Crystal electric piano, synth bass, scratch. Loop. 00:27
Bolinero - J-M Carbonne Percussions and acoustic guitar. Violins. Melody on the guitar. Bossa Cool atmosphere and groove. Loop. 00:27
Lakshmi - M. Dall Anese Intro synth and ethnic voice. Melody on the flute. Steel drums. Loop. 00:27
Latino Day - M. Dall Anese Steel drum, percussion and guitar wah wah. Violins. Flute and steel drums solo. Loop. 00:24
Mixed Blood - M. Dall Anese Ethnic Voice. Synth sequence. Violins, ethnic instruments. Progressions of rhythm and orchestral blast. Loop. 00:28
Nagoya - M. Dall Anese Intro theme for violins and flute. Guitar and brass. Cool rhythm. Melody and solo on guitar. Loop. 00:21
Osaka Station - M. Dall Anese Bass Intro Piano. Melody to the flute. 0'24 Part B violins staccato. Loop. 00:21
Red Lips - M. Dall Anese Intro ethnic flute. Theme to the acoustic guitar. Loop. 00:16
Sandal Wood - M. Dall Anese Sitar, percussion and choirs. Ethnic Voice. Tabla. Loop. 00:23
Tango De Nourdin - L. Marie-Sainte Tango with percussion, castanets, double bass and acoustic guitar. Melody and solo played on guitar. Loop. 00:32
Sexy Saxo - J-P Vielfaure Cool rhythm and violins. Melody on the saxophone. Loop. 00:25
Tangonini - J. Pelizzari Tango double bass, bass clarinet and accordion. Loop. 00:27
Jazz Gang - L. Marie-Sainte Intro piano and double bass melody. Unison with clarinet. Loop. 00:20
Jazz Up - L. Marie-Sainte Groove, bass, drums, E.piano. Melody played on the saxophone. Loop. 00:21
Jazzagana - L. Marie-Sainte Session improvisation, drums, double bass, A.Piano, clarinet. Loop. 00:20
L'Homme X - P. Gaillard Large jazz band from the '60s and '70s. Melody with brass and violins response. Thème song. Mannix. Loop. 00:29
Le Jaguar Rose - J-P Vielfaure Intro Double bass and finger snaps. E.Piano, melody with the vibraphone. Loop. 00:35
Les Mickeys - L. Marie-Sainte Intro drums with brush, melody in unison Vibraphone, double bass. A.Piano. End brass and fingers snaps. Loop. 00:28
Metisse - L. Marie-Sainte E.Guitare solo. Interlude jazzy. Loop. 00:27
Eradicaters - T. Chaze Bass synth sequenced. Orchestral hit. Industrial sound, metallic. Loop. 00:14
Fado Bastringue - J. Pelizzari Tango lively and hopping. Loop. 00:31
Freaky Party - B. Garcia Kind of mouth box and vibraphone. Synth wah. Loop. 00:22
Nike Theme 2 - T. Chaze Filtered drums, guitars and scratch. Hey. Loop. 00:16
Nike'S Double Rv - T. Chaze Space synth, saturated rhythm. Sound effects. Loop. 00:29
State Bull - B. Garcia Slap bass line and funk guitar. Piano aerial and light, far away. Loop. 00:22
I Am A Boogie Man - B. Garcia Bass, drums, E.piano and guitar. Groove funk repetitive. Exchange piano guitar. Loop. 00:22
Prince Ip - L. Marie-Sainte Deep bass, brilliant brass. Far melody. Loop. 00:23
Nostaltoy - J. Pelizzari Music Box. Childish nostalgia. Tender. Loop. 00:34
Vocopuzzle - J. Pelizzari New language and electric piano. Jazz drums and soft synth. Loop. 00:24
Yambottle - T. Chaze Melody blown into a bottle. Synthé années 80. Heavy rhythm. Loop. 00:16
Fooggy - T. Chaze Distorting, distorted rhythmics, sounds of wars..oop. 00:25
Mysterious - T. Chaze Banjo hesitant, Synth bewitching. Loop 00:26
Brazilia - L. Marie-Sainte Acoustic piano theme. drums, double bass, percussion. Stop between themes. Loop. 00:13
Interlude - T. Chaze Violins, Opera singer. 0'47 Drums, double bass. Spacy and rhythmic. Loop. 00:12
Antana - J. Pelizzari Violin solo and arpeggios at glockenspiel for this romantic waltz. Loop. 00:29
Aurore Boréale - B. Reeb Deep admiration and respectful of the beauty of natural elements. Loop. 00:31
Agoraphonia - B. Reeb The human adventure, agonizing nothing interstellar. Rich and evocative chords. Brief moments of silence, emptiness of vast spaces. Loop. 00:25
Un Vent De Photons - B. Reeb Brightness of the world: Broad waves of chords diffusing clarity and warmth. Flute with mysterious sound, dance in tribute to the Sun. Loop. 00:19
Haikai 2 - B. Reeb Concise and spontaneous music, as are the haiku, improvised Japanese poems. Light and exotic rhythm. Loop. 00:27
Les Miroirs De Tuzun Thune - B. Reeb Infinite reflections of a simple and majestic musical theme. Inspired by a science fiction novel by Robert Silverberg. Loop. 00:27
Naif Toy - J. Pelizzari Small music box. Loop. 00:11
Ricochet - G. Goué Percussions more dark. Oop. 00:13
Rumeur - G. Goué Intro synth, drums. Double bass, and voice phone. Loop. 00:13
Big Bell - G. Goué Groove shuffle, double bass, drums play brushes, bell synth. Explosions of bubbles. Edit point at 2'24, spacy break, ethnic voice. 00:25
Lumière Noire - G. Goué Intro space synth, sequenced synth and brilliant, sound effects. Loop. 00:19
Poussière D'Étoile - G. Goué Percussion, double bass and E.Piano. Sound effects. Aerial synth. Loop. 00:17
Space Travel - G. Goué A distant rhythm. Soft synth. Repetitive bass. Theme on psychedelic synth. Part B without rhythm. Loop. 00:33
Jaxx - G. Goué Intro soft synth. E.Piano with delay. Melody on the saxophone. Percussions and spoken voice. Loop. 00:25
Neverland - G. Goué Vibrato synth, double bass, E. Piano and dense drums. Edit point at 1'36. Calm. Voice phone. Sound effects. Loop. 00:31
Gypse - G. Goué Singing bass, wide and floating synths. Speech. Loop. 00:17
Nouvelle Lune - G. Goué Double bass played in pizz and frightening violins. Regular sound elements. Constant worry. Loop. 00:17
Fleur D'Eau - L. Liatard Intro of strange sounds and sound effects. 0'15 rhythmic. Sound effects, minimalist. Loop. 00:19
Nostalgie - L. Liatard Intro of electronic sounds. Short and repetitive synth theme. Dense. Loop 1. 00:20
Vanguish - L. Liatard Bass sequence, sound effects, anxiogenic, repetitive. Loop 1. 00:14
Ad Nama - L. Liatard Intro spacey, synth effects. Bass sequenced fast, anxiogenic sound effects. Loop. 00:16
Wriglizz - T. Cahn Bass, acoustic piano and RnB drums. Phrase of singing. Choirs. Loop. 00:25
Escargot - J-M Cazorla Themes played on the guitar. Soft violins in the background. Romantic folk ballad. Melodie serene, medieval. Ceremonious, romantic. Loop 1. 00:23
Les Larmes De La Baie - J-M Cazorla 2 guitars in arpeggio and melody. Loop 00:33
Moving - L. Liatard Sound effects and industrial sound effects. Techno rhythm. Robot synth. Loop. 00:31
Go'On - L. Liatard Panoramic synth effects. Rhythmic sound effects. Fast bass sequence. Loop. 00:23
Un Autre Jour - J-M Cazorla 2 guitars, bass and drums. Melody played on guitar. Loop. 00:26
Hent Coz - J-M Cazorla Trio 2 guitars, double bass. Melody in standard jazz. Loop. 00:24
Jijola - J-M Cazorla Double bass, drums with brushes, A.Piano and guitar. Jazz session. Loop. 00:25
La Foire - J-M Cazorla 2 guitars, bass, drums and percussion. Theme and solo on guitar. Loop 00:22
All Night - L. Liatard Intro disturbing sounds. Free party, organized jungle sound, bestial sounds. Loop 1. 00:23
El Monica - J-M Cazorla Themes played on the guitar. Soft background accompaniment. Romantic folk ballad. Loop 1. 00:15
Black Submarine - T. Cahn Sound rhythm. Industrial rhythm. Anxiety. Loop. 00:16
Suzie One - T. Cahn As a famous koto theme, Chinese percussion and flutes. Loop. 00:24
Don't Cut My Hair - T. Cahn Rock band. Riff of powerful guitars. 0'35 guitar break. Loop. 00:10
Danse Des Automates - T. Cahn Accordeon, pizz. Percussion. Circus or musette of the Balkans. Loop. 00:28
Les Jeux Du Cirque - T. Cahn Marching Band. Silent film, burlesque, Chaplin. Comedy. Loop. 00:28
Mixed Up - T. Cahn Electronic drums. Bass synth, rhythm and wah wah guitar. Loop. 00:20
On The M.I.C - T. Cahn Violins and saturated guitar. Rap or Rock. Brass and rap flow. Loop. 00:15
Warning - T. Cahn Jingle. Powerful brass and saturated guitar, thème on synth. Loop. 00:22
Olé Fuego - T. Cahn Spanish Jingle or video games. Loop. 00:22
India Land - J-P Bigourie Percussion, synth. Theme in unison marimba and flute. Loop 1. 00:17
Romance A Rio - J-P Bigourie Wide violins and very romantic melody played on the acoustic guitar, picked up on the oboe. Timpani, pizz and metallophone. Loop 1. 00:18
Saudade - J-P Bigourie Sounds of nature, wide and soft synth, ethnic flute and cello play the melody. Snare Bearing. Loop 1. 00:11
Travels - J-P Bigourie Theme on the ethnic flute. Percussion. Loop 1. 00:25
Crianca Do Rio - J-P Bigourie Soft synth, percussion, flute and buggle melody. Brass section. Beach and American series. Loop 2. 00:22
Latino - J-P Bigourie Violins, choir, acoustic guitar, brass. Miami or Rio police. Melody with brass. Part B. Loop 3. 00:14
Movie News - J-P Bigourie Space synth sequence. Melody on the distant piano. Loop 1. 00:10
My Life - J-P Bigourie Groove cool. Melody unison piano trumpet. Violins, percussions. The subject picked up on the saturated guitar. Loop 1. 00:19
Pat Theme - J-P Bigourie Groove relax, rhythm piano. Funky guitar. Violins. Reggae organ. Loop 1. 00:19
Sweat Rain - J-P Bigourie Groove relax. Acoustic piano. Theme to the synth. Theme on guitar and copper. Loop 1. 00:20
Coton Club - T. Chaze Industrial noise. Guitar wah wah. Bass and synth in unison. Sound elements. Loop. 00:22
Gazoline - J-P Vielfaure Violins and synth in unison. Filtered drums. Voice spoke throw phone. 00:20
Cube - J-P Vielfaure Filtered drums, sound effects. Theme andchords on the soft synth. 01:37
Un Coin Paisible Dans Le Monde - J-P Vielfaure Violins, ethnic flute and mechanical rhythm. 01:58
Recall Polar - J-P Vielfaure Airy, cottony. Fast bass and drums. 00:38
Trifort - P. Gaillard Intro Acoustic piano, drums. Melody played in unison vibraphone and flute. Violins. Brass. American TV series. Loop. 00:29