Musiques avec ambiance : Tribale

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
Hybrid Dance World - M. Biallais Dancing, folk. Female voices, synthesizers, instruments from the Far and Middle East, bass and percussion. 01:59
To Brahma - M. Biallais Meditative, Hindu mystical force. Female voices, synthesizers, Asian instruments and percussion. Dead Can Dance, Era, Enigma. 03:04
Battle The Enemy - T. Nijhof Percussion only. Orchestral/Symphonic, Orchestra-Hybrid, Fusion. 02:32
Rising Anger - D. Capoccitti Orchestra hybrid, rock/metal band fusion, slowly building with a magical fanatical feeling. Orchestral/Symphonic, Orchestra-Hybrid, Fusion. 02:38
Hazard Zone - C. Nouailhaguet Big beat in the Prodigy style. Analogue synths and punchy drums create a tense mood. Speed and danger. Computer games, action scenes. 30 seconds version. 00:38
Maya - C. Nouailhaguet Travel soundtrack featuring pan flute and ethnic percussions with a modern twist. Exotic, world beat, epic journey, nature, documentary. Flute at 00:34. Break version. 01:11
Evil Is Coming - R. Luczak 30' version. Dynamic Action. Full Orchestra and Choir. 00:32
Zakithi - S. Sibanda World - African, Lyric, Positive, Singing voice, Choir. Acapella Version. African, South African, Zulu, Shaka Zulu, Durban, Natal, Traditional. 01:30
Bangani - S. Sibanda Jungle, Dance, Tribal, Positive, Speaking voice, Synth bass, Electric piano. Africa, south african, Party, Feelgood, Tv, Celebration, Sports, Positive, Upbeat, energy. 02:01
Big Drums - F. Paco Jungle, World - African, Tribal, Combative, Percussions, Drum machine. Africa, south african, Party, Feelgood, Tv, Celebration, Sports, Positive, Upbeat, energy. 00:58
EDM Mood - B. Radebe Jungle, Electro, Tribal, Psychedelic, Percussions, Overload guitar, Synth. Africa, south african, Party, Feelgood, Tv, Celebration, Sports, Positive, Upbeat, energy. 03:23
On The Run - S. Sibanda World - African, Tribal, Trance, Percussions. Light Hearted. 00:43
Rockin - G. Flores Rock, Electro, Tribal, Urban, Overload guitar, Synth bass, Drum machine. Party, Sports, Lifestyle. 03:42
Sport on - M. Jacobs Jungle, Techno, Tribal, Repetitive, Percussions, Drum machine, Effects. Drum and Bass, sports, extreme, energegetic, action, soccer, rugby. 00:58
Village Fire Dance - G. Modisaotsile World - African, Festive, Tribal, Ethnical voice, Percussions. Live record. 04:18
Magnetic War - E. Sielicki Short version. Dynamic, Motoric, Powerful sequences for Timpani. Drums, Grand Piano and other percussion instruments 01:17
Show Em What You Got - T. Stoilkovski Electro rock funk monster with a mid eastern themed melody roars into a superhero soundtrack chorus. Out Of The Wilderness. 02:24
Treasure Map - T. Stoilkovski Adventure awaits you as edgy arpeggiated guitars, strings, synths and native beats guide you to treasure. Under The Blue Sea. 03:40
Corrupion - R. Luczak Dark String with nagging Drums and FX sounds. Minimal. 30' version 00:32
Drug Lab - R. Luczak Pulsing Sounds Structure. Repetitive motif. Minimal. 30' version 00:34
Hot Night Streets - R. Guzik Space, Atmospheric, Pulsing Synth theme. FX guitar. 30' version 00:35
CyberWorld - P. Gawlik Robotic, Repetitive, Hard sequences. FX sounds. 30' version 00:36
Dangerous - R. Bednarczuk Suspense, Tense Atmosphere. 01:44
Deliver The Goods - T. Stoilkovski Grungy in your face melodic riff guitars head into a chorus of classic alternative rock goodness that sings. Everyday Hero. 02:20
Strutting Your Stuff - T. Stoilkovski Streetwise cool and swagger meet head on with cool duel harmony guitar melodies on a funk rock riff tune. Everyday Hero. 02:00
Bio Current - V. Kuryluk Experimental, Pulsing Sounds structure. 30' version 00:34
Syringe - V. Kuryluk FX Female Voice, Experimental Sounds. Futuristic, Space, Pulsing theme. 30' version 00:30
The Shield - R. Luczak Pulsing, Dynamic theme. Mysterious.Tension atmosphere. 30' version 00:32
What I Got - D Agostino Electro space and dark. Panoramic, psychedelic. Intro calm 1mn30 with piano chords and samples of voice followed by a dark and tribal powerful rhythmic. 04:05
What it's Like - D Agostino Intro in fade in on rhythmic repetition of percussions and drums with sustain of guitar in addition. Trance, traditional dance. 06:58
Giant Psycho - D Agostino 70s progressive pop rock with psychedelic guitar solo. Reference to Robert Fripp and Petter Hamill. 03:58
Anxiety and Fear - R. Bednarczuk Interweaving violin melodies 02:50
Arab Girls - G. Suski Reflective, Emotional, Atmospheric theme with Oriental Instruments and Synths 03:09
Daily Life - A. Urbanowicz Energetic, Dynamic piano theme with synths 01:49
From The Eastern Frontiers - R. Bednarczuk Hurdy Guardy theme over light melodic ostinatos 05:15
Subsidies - P. Gawlik instrumental version. No voices. Clarinet, Bass Guitar 02:54
With The Last Breath - G. Suski Dramatic, Powerful theme with Oriental Instruments 02:47
Young Madmen - G. Suski Dramatic, Powerful, Crazy theme with Oriental Instruments, Synths, Drums 03:22
Dyngyldai - UBK Rhythmic Morin Khuur or horse-headed vielle for the melody, accompaniment on organetto. Medieval drum. 1'41 Mongolian diphonic singing. Unrestrained race, wild horse. 03:50
Russian Coctail - G. Suski Funny, Grotesque theme, No voice 02:50
Sky Surfing - M. Nosowicz Pulsing, dynamic, rhythmic sequence 02:48
Shade 2 - P. Gnaczynski 30' version. Sensual theme featuring violin, piano, strings. Suspense 00:42
Shade 3 - P. Gnaczynski 30' version. Dramatic, suspense theme. Action, Crime, Pursuit 00:34
Jazzy - P. Gawlik Laid back. Happy melody. Female voice 03:08
Underlemon 2 - J. Goodwin Ska - echo guitar with button. 00:11
Alberta Foisgras - J. Goodwin Groove - Funky retro fat boy groove. 01:20
Satib - G. D Agostino Darbouka. 1mn44 de percussions puis 3mn d'ambiance lounge. 04:33
Rust - G. D Agostino Mystérieuse, aventure, printanière, répétitive. World. Fin avec solo de flute. 03:38
La Ferrina - G. D Agostino Contemporain, jazz, urbaine, répétitive, transe, pop années 70. 04:44
Exciting Times - T. Stoilkovski Moving edgy driven party club rock groover. 02:19
Funky Zorba - T. Stoilkovski One part gypsy strummed guitar, one part funky groove with lead guitar interplay and lots of Mediterranean spice. A cocktail of European fun right in the heart downtown. EP @ 0'42. 02:06
Monitor - H. Kinet Kick and bass ostinato. Sound effects and synth effects. Minimalist, industrial, repetitive. Trance. Dance floor. Robotics. 06:01
Replay - H. Kinet Beat and effects, samples. 0'46 sequence, 0'59 break, 2'00 Bass evolution, percussion. 05:53
Dirty Dog Inst - L.J. Cedar Japanese Korean punk rock track with crazy female vocal.. Aggressive, Energetic, Angry, Indie, Punk, Band, Live. 01:07
For Every Robot - L.J. Cedar Curious atmospheric electronica and SFX lead to upbeat energetic euro-style electronica. As used by Sony. Good for technology product. Energetic, Fresh, Driving, Driven, Hypnotic, Curious, Bright, Euro, technology. 00:43
Latino Ident - L.J. Cedar A short ident or sting. Good for corporate logo.. logo, sting, ident, corporate. 00:05
Monkey Can Do - L.J. Cedar Grinding reggae skank with organ, guitar and mondo rhythms.. Grinding, Upbeat, Cheeky, Cool, Light-Hearted, Cartoony, Mischievous, Optimistic. 00:33
Punk Funk - L.J. Cedar Energetic indie guitar funk rock with catchy riff.. Energetic, Punk, Driving, Driven, Macho. 01:14
Sitting Target - L.J. Cedar Big Beat spy theme.. Cheeky, Groove, Confident, Ominous, Strong, Anticipation, Bold. 00:34
Stuck In The Mud - L.J. Cedar 1970's inspired Glam Rock track (Mud, The Sweet etc) with Guitars, Drums, Bass, vocals and Farfisa.. 1970's, Glam, Powerful, Driving, Driven, Frantic, Energetic, Indie, Confident. 02:00
Sunny Days - L.J. Cedar Bright and daytime pop-reggae skank.. Cheeky, Quirky, Fun, Funky. 00:22
The Reaper - L.J. Cedar Psychedelic Hammond organ with guitar and tambourines.. Psychedelic, Rocking, Impending, Dramatic, Macho, Driven, Frightening, Ominous, Looming. 00:26
Use It Lose It - L.J. Cedar Rock track with chunky guitars, big drums and rocking organ.. Rocking, Energetic, Macho, Confident, Queens Of The Stone Age, Foo Fighters, punk,. 01:02
We Are Dust - L.J. Cedar An assertive percussive Bigbeat track.. Assertive, Macho, Strong, Driving, Quirky, Frantic, Upbeat, Forceful, Spy, Dramatic. 00:32
Whats Your Vice - L.J. Cedar An up-tempo club dance track. Reminiscent of DJ club music in the late 1990's.. Upbeat, Energetic, Groove, Assertive, Happy, Playful, Cluby, Up, Uplifting, 1990s. 00:41
Yonix - J. Pelizzari Beat. Games and break of synths, bass, effects and electronic percussions. 04:06
Calle Negra - F. Zgorski Afro Cuban Such as Comparsa. The comparsa is a collective dance of march, which originates in the secular festivals of the slaves during the Spanish colony, especially in the day of the kings. 02:15
African Travel - F. Zgorski Afro Cuban Such as Bembe. The Bembe are a Kongo ethnic group. The Bembe was originally a profane rhythm, the term Bembe is also used to designate a celebration or festivities with totally popular character. Congas. 03:18
Bongo Salvage - F. Zgorski Afro Cuban such as Changui. The Changui is a musical genre born about 1860 in the eastern part of Cuba. His instruments, the tres, the marimbula, the maracas, the guiro or guayo, metal vegetable rape, rubbed with a baguette and the bongo. 02:44
Deep Congo - F. Zgorski Haitian Style such as Vaccine. The Vaccin are the rhythms played for the carnival. 03:06
Havana Street - F. Zgorski Afro Cuban Such as Guaguanco rumba. The tumbadoras being the drums of Congolese origin serving rituals of Bantu origin palo, makuta, garabato. Transformation of barrels without the bottoms and on which are stretched dried animal skins. 03:20
Killing Mountain - F. Zgorski Afro Cuban Such as Palo Matanzas. The Palo is an Afro-American syncretic religion practiced in Cuba, close to Santeria and Candomble, it is African shamanic beliefs mixed with elements of spiritism, magic and Catholicism. 02:51
Rumba 21 - F. Zgorski Afro Cuban Such as Guarapachanguero. Cuban rhythm born in 1984. It is elaborated on the basis of the Guaguanco within the group Chinitos. 02:15
Set With Pearls - F. Zgorski Afro Cuban Such as Guiro. Of the Bembe family. Its name comes from the güiro name given to the calabash in Cuba, calabash which is used to make the Shekéré. 02:14
Speedy Highway - F. Zgorski Afro Cuban Such as Makuta. Originally, the Makuta accompanied the coronation ceremony of the kings congos in Africa. Used in the 19th century in the cabildos of Cuba, it went from ceremonial music to ritual and sacred music. 02:37
Sticky Stick - F. Zgorski Afro Cuban Such as Palo Havana. The Palo is a Congo tradition brought to Cuba by the slaves in the sixteenth century. The practice revolves around a central theme, the nganga, constructed according to a very precise ritual invoking the dead and forces of nature. 03:12
Juba - F. Zgorski Haitian Such as Juba. Rhythm of the Dead. It is played during commemorations or burials, it is a gued ryhme the dead whose prince is Baron Saturday. 02:41
Red Tambor - F. Zgorski Afro Cuban Such as Columbia Havana rumba. Rumba is a Cuban musical genre, made of songs and percussions, which developed in the 19th century in the Afro-Cuban circles of the capital, Havana. 02:54
Senze Trip - F. Zgorski Afro Cuban Such as Columbia Nongo. Columbia nongo is traditionally the first columbia created. She is native of Savanilla a small town next to Matanzas in Cuba. 02:36
Les fourmis technologiques - A. Jamot Like a batucada. Solo of different rhythmic instruments. Edit point at 1'39 kick. 03:51
Piece for prepared piano numero 12 - A. Jamot Piano solo. In the Harmonic Jungle. Repetitive, dynamic, exotic. 02:20
Piece for prepared piano numero 2 - A. Jamot Piano solo. Rhythmic destructuring. The clock on the piano is out of order. 04:22
Orange l'obsession - A. Jamot Repetitive rhythm, obsession, energy. 03:02
Orange le débat - A. Jamot Fluctuating and repetitive rhythm, energy, machine, drive. 03:32
Edelweiss 03 - A. Jamot Progressive and repetitive with choir in onomatopoeia, and drums towards the end. Trance, suspense, strange. 04:42
Edelweiss 06 - A. Jamot Sacrifice, crowd movement. Repetitive synthesizer progression with onomatopoeia andfrench horn. Strange. 05:24
Dark Heroes - C. Espern Synth and anxiogenic sound effects. 1'07 drums and bass notes of acoustic piano. Evolutive with more and more sound elements. 03:50
Dream Catcher - C. Mathieu Progressive rock drum. Strange song. Ethnic instruments, drums. Edit point at 0'59 and 1'25 break and crescendo. 02:15
Ouverture Espagnole No1 Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMMikhail Ivanovitch Glinka: Capriccio brilliant on the theme of Aragonese Jota. Jota aragonesa. Part 3. Powerful, springtime, adventure, orchestral almost circus. 02:44
Gloria - Propter magnam gloriam tuam Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMAntonio Vivaldi: Gloria RV 589 in Dmaj for soloists, choirs and orchestra. Allegro. Theme a little warrior and beating. 00:55
Le Casse-Noisette Suite - Trepak Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMPiotr Ilitch Tchaikovsky: Suite of the Nutcracker. Opus 71a. Typical Dances, No. 2c. Russian Dance, Trepak en Gmaj. Tempo di trepak, molto perennial. Orchestral, springtime. 01:00
Le Lac des Cygnes - Danse des Cygnes - VII Coda Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMPiotr Ilitch Tchaikovsky: The Swan Lake. Opus 20, Act 2, No. 13. Dances of the Swans. VII. Coda. Allegro vivo. Final progressive with great strokes of orchestral tutti .. 02:25
Le Lac des Cygnes - Danse Napolitaine Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMPiotr Ilitch Tchaikovsky: The Swan Lake. Opus 20, Act 3, No. 22. Neapolitan Dance. Allegro moderato. Andantino quasi Moderato. Orchestral, springtime, comic. 01:55
Valse No14 - B56 en Emin Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMFrédéric Chopin: Waltz No. 14 - B 56 in Emin. 02:53
Sanza Western - F. Zgorski Sequence of Kalimba. Tribal Rhythmic offset, mix of drums and percussion. Polyrhythm. 04:26
Succesf Of The Attack - Zhou Zhi Yong Battant, guerrier, victorieux. 00:29
Face To Face - Zhou Zhi Yong Tambours prenants, cuivres guerriers, révolte d'esclaves. EP @ 2'38. 04:27
Impression Of Qing Hai Province - Wang Xin Sacrifice, tension, néoclassique. EP @ 0'39. QingHai Chine. 02:24
Isaia - T. Chaze Intro song and ethnic voice, flute. Edit point at 0'22 Rhythmic electro. Men's choirs and women's response. From 1'47 to 2'10 Rhythm change. 03:42
Tribal Bottles - P. Sanchez Garcia Mixes of African percussion, Indian percussion, and a drums. Exchange of solos. 03:31
Click And Smoke - P. Sanchez Garcia Rhythm based on onomatopoeias and sound effects. 01:17
Ethnic Fonck - P. Sanchez Garcia Intro of ethnic instruments, flute. Edit point at 0'22, synth, bass drums, organ, power. A mixture of tradition and modernism. 04:41
Rituel Cannibale - M. Biallais Percussion, brass and orchestral violins. Choirs, gong. Tense harmony. Warrior. Edit point at 1'13 marimba, flute. 01:13
Okaekala - S. Chaffer Didgeridoo, synth effects. Sample ethnic, percussion, rhythmic electro. Psychedelic, ceremonial. 02:37
Didj Game - S. Chaffer Australian rhythm and blues. James Brown guitar and bass and energetic didgeridoo. 02:53
Child India Song - P. Gaillard Indian Sitar, electronic percussion and wide bachground synth. Groove with bass fretless. Melody with an enchanting voice, a child. 1'59 break. 03:36
Lost In Percussions - P. Gaillard Synth sounds effects. Percussion. Rhythmic trance. Edit point at 0'48, 1'28 rhythmic evolution. 02:40
Alhambra - T. Chaze Intro ethnic flute, synth background. Several changes of tempos. Reverse cymbals and percussion. Electro rhythm. 02:58
Beduins Move - T. Chaze Intro ethnic flute, darbouka. 0'15 rhythmic ostinato with bass drums and melody on the flute. 1'25 station. 02:38
Saravaati Celebration - T. Chaze Intro ambiance indienne, tabla et synthé. Edit point at 0'27 rythme rapide, thème au piano acoustique et réponse aux violons, sitar indien. 1'26 partie B. 03:37
Steady - J. Pelizzari Funky drums. Melody on bass fretless. Shiny synth. Edit point at 0'36, Rap. 03:01
Soon - J. Pelizzari Remix disco of the '80s with psychedelic clarinette. 01:51
keymuse - J. Pelizzari World with bagpipes and saturated guitars. Irish such as U2. 03:17
Noisy Whammy - P. Sanchez Garcia Synth and sequenced saturated guitar. Jingle. 00:42
Alma Santanita - P. Sanchez Garcia Latin rock band of the '70s. Percussions. Solo of saturated guitar. Carlos Santana. 2'09 Latin rhythmic classical guitar. 03:17
Electric Moogiland - P. Sanchez Garcia Synth sequence. Percussion, bass drum and bass. 0'53 stop sequence. Organ. 1'11 sequence again. 02:13
Sequence Lascive - P. Sanchez Garcia Rhythmic tribal percussion and synths 80's far. 03:34
Irish Warllad - P. Sanchez Garcia Scottish Military Theme, Bagpipes and Snare Drums. 02:33
Funktrip 70'S - M. Ricci Groove Funk bass, drums, psychedelic guitar solo such as Hendricks at 0:44. 01:27
Maya's House - A. Roy Tribal didgeridoo rhythmic, bass and floor toms Rhythm. Different solos. 02:56
Woman'S Breath - B. Garcia Rhythm and bass RnB, acoustic piano. Theme on singing in the far. Rhythm electric guitar and solo. Loop. 00:27
Limousine Song - M. Dall Anese Holidays in New York. Tribal and sequenced. Loop. 00:28
Mauvais Esprit - S. Chaffer Didgeridoo, several rhythmic sequences. Esoteric, hovering, captivating. 01:55
Autruche Bleue - S. Chaffer Variation of didgeridoo solo. 04:58
Décantation - S. Chaffer Improvisation of a solo didgeridoo, effects and various sounds. 03:15
Mixed Blood - M. Dall Anese Ethnic Voice. Synth sequence. Violins, ethnic instruments. Progressions of rhythm and orchestral blast. 05:22
Haikai 2 - B. Reeb Music concise and spontaneous, as are the haiku, improvised Japanese poems. Rhythmic light and exotic. 02:45
All Night - L. Liatard Free party atmosphere, organized jungle sound, imprint of bestial sounds. 02:53
Take Seven - P. Sanchez Garcia Rock band. Harmonized phrases of saturated and solo guitars. 02:27
Great New World - P. Sanchez Garcia Rock band. Riff guitar and bass in unison. Theme on the guitar. 02:24
Heavy Drop C - P. Sanchez Garcia Rock band. Tense harmony of the theme. Edit point at 1'05, double tempo. 1'53 guitar solo. 2'12 break. 03:11
Late Call - P. Gaillard Intro darbouka, rek, douf, lute. Ostinato of bass synth. Ethnic flute, oriental singing. Edit point at 1'55 break drums and percussion. The muezzin of modern times. 04:50
Wah Jungle - P. Gaillard Intro percussions, funky bass and syncopated synth. Theme in synth wah. Ethnic flute. 1'07 bass and percussion break. Improvisation of flute. 03:03
Massai Call Dance - P. Gaillard Intro synth with filter. Bass insistence. Ethnic voice samples. Techno tribal, African trance. 03:45
Boomaka Fela - B. Garcia Groove with bass slap, drums, percussion. Theme at the 60's organ, saxophone solo. 05:00
Tribaloo - T. Chaze African percussions and songs. Repetitive tribal theme. Incantatory, tribal, ceremonial. 02:19
Nike Theme 2 - T. Chaze Filtered drums, guitars and scratch. Hey. 00:52
Progress - T. Chaze The rhythm is a mixture of natural percussion. Bass played onbalafon. Melody played by a brilliant synth. Some sound effects. 01:00
Austral - T. Chaze Didgeridoo, crowd and singing. Percussions, marimba and singing in the far. Edit point at 1'18, percussion break. Ethnic flute, acoustic piano and fretless bass for the theme. 2'08 bass disco. 2'38 Voices. 03:33
High Pulsation - J-P Vielfaure Rhythmic pulsations cut with sound elements and saturated guitars. 00:58
Recall Polar - J-P Vielfaure Airy, cottony. Fast bass and drums. 00:38
Santeria Dance - T. Chaze Intro spacy, sounds of nature, birds. Edit point at 0'18 Ethnic Voice Theme. Synthesized sequence. 1'14 break. 03:36
Zakat Mind - T. Chaze Intro deep synth, Ethnic song, oud. 0'36 rhythmic electro and riff oud. Edit point at 0'54 flute and ethnic song. 03:34
Mosaica - T. Chaze Synth in background, ethnic flute, oriental harmony. 0'47 percussion, bass, ethnic voice, rhythmic electro. Edit point at 1'21 double tempo. 04:02
Funky Roots - T. Chaze Ethnic jam session and fusion music. 04:29
Lakdari - T. Chaze Rhythmic funk. Sample theme of voices and dark ethnic instruments. Edit point at 1'50 break bass fretless and lute. Part B saturated guitar. 03:37
Zulu Call - T. Chaze Bass and sequence with ethnic voices. Edit point at 1'24. Quiet part with percussion. 03:27
Hot Snap - T. Chaze Funky drums and saturated synth. Different tribal sound images. 01:00
Nike'S Double Rv - T. Chaze Space synth, saturated rhythm. Sound effects. 01:00
Force Fidelite Foi - T. Chaze Electronic convent choirs. Edit point at 0'24, electronic rhythm, synth. 01:00
Dark Thub - T. Chaze Texture, dark sounds, heavy rhythm. Violins deep. Edit point at 0'43 cymbal and chorus shouts. 01:30
Africa Town - L. Marie-Sainte Rhythmic marimba and urban sounds. 01:08
Rejoicing - P. Gaillard Noise of wave on the beach. 0'39 percussion, synth and bass, 1'23 rhythm shuffle and melody on electric piano. 03:33
Blast - P. Gaillard Powerful synth theme. drums loud. Theme song. Jingle. 00:04
Windfire - P. Gaillard Horn section energy. '80s. Jingle. 00:03
Fishing Dance - P. Gaillard Sounds of seaside, percussion, electric piano, bass and violins. 03:26
Sacre Michel - P. Gaillard Intro with sample of ethnic voices. Brilliant brass synth theme. 0'48 part B. 1'21 break. Dynamic credits. 02:21
Outflute - P. Gaillard Synth effect then rhythmic funky, bass slap. Ethnic flute. 00:18
Iconoclast - P. Gaillard Theme song, urban ritornello. 00:29
Oualam - J-M Boiteux Male monodic choirs, singing and ethnic instruments, discreet saturated guitar. Percussion. 03:47
Miss - J-M Boiteux Repetitive guitar riff. Rhythm mainly of percussion. 02:54
Style - J-M Boiteux Riff synth. Voiceless. choir. Discreet violins. 1'47 break. 03:01
Bendidi - J-M Boiteux Slow rhythm with natural and remixed percussion. Ethnic female song. 1'37 break. 02:47
Zewitma - J-M Boiteux Ethnic voice, synth in background. 01:54
Para - J-M Boiteux Electro-pop band from the 80's. Bass in ostinato. Riff synth. 0'31, 1'27 breaks percus. 02:06
Tech Lise - J-M Boiteux Industrial percussive and heavy. Different percussion interventions. 0'46 break. 1'30 talking drum. 02:33
Where Is The Bass - J-M Boiteux Sounds in the far. Radio voice, bass riff and finger snaps. Synth Accents. 02:23
Drive In The City - J-M Boiteux Bass and RnB drums. Reverse effect on the guitar. Percussion. 01:39
Drive In The Night - J-M Boiteux Bass, drums, rhythm guitar. Theme and solo on guitar. 1'31 percussions. 01:53
I Need You - J-M Boiteux Drums, double bass, organ, electric piano arpeggios. Female singing. 0'36 break. 01:55
In My House - J-M Boiteux Riff of saturated guitar on Latin rhythm. Choirs and organ riffs. 01:27
Kts - J-M Boiteux Disco-pop, percussion, claps, bass and muted guitar. 01:24
Pyg - J-M Boiteux Intro organ and song. Rock band and backing vocals. Repetitive theme. 0'29 drums and backing vocals. 00:51
Sentimentalement - J-M Boiteux Female voice sung and shouted, reverse effect. Rythmic RnB. Rythmic guitar. 0'53 percussion, organ kitch. 1'28 break percussions. 02:40
Tienda - J-M Boiteux Deep synth, percussion, bass. Saturated guitar theme. 03:22
Up The River - J-M Boiteux Percussion, marimba, bass and drums. 0'32 break clavinet. 0'52 percussion. 01:55
Yes My Name Is - J-M Boiteux Guitars and rhythmic funk. Rap voices, female choirs. 0'51, 1'06, 1'36, 1'55 breaks. Underscore version. 02:39
Nora - J-M Boiteux Set of oriental percussions, Darboukas, Bendirs, Duffs, Riqs, Sagattes. 00:48
Ouh Ba ! - J-M Boiteux Dobro, electric guitar, organ, ethnic percussion, tribal cries. 01:09
Zakir - J-M Boiteux Improvisation on different African and Indian percussions. 01:56
India - J-M Boiteux Women's choir and synth. Percussion and rhythm. Melody to the synth and response to the brilliant synth. 01:38
Derviche - J-M Boiteux Dervish of 2 guitars and percussions. Repetitive phrases and improvisation. Acceleration. Gong. 01:35
For Die Thing - J-M Boiteux Ethnic percussion, electric guitar with vibrato and wha wha. Orchestral Accent. Drum break. 01:26
Little S - J-M Boiteux Percussion and electric guitar ostinato. 0'20 funky rhythmic. 01:54
T2B - J-M Boiteux Two mixed batteries, for a complex rhythm. E.Piano and bass follow each other on the melody. 01:31
Proud - J-M Boiteux Heavy rhythm, toms rolls. 01:15
Gotan Slow - J-M Boiteux Synth in background. Mechanical percussions. Orchestral Accent. 0'50 break, accents and electric guitar. 04:41