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Musique avec ambiance : Transe

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
Hazard Zone - C. Nouailhaguet Analogue synths and industrial FX create a tense mood. Speed and danger. Computer games, action scenes. FX zone version. 01:17
Cut The Slammer - L. Cedar An intense and driving track that's great for a TV-Film or thriller chase scene. Dramatic, Forceful, Driving, Agrressive, Tense, Powerful, Energetic, Confident, Driven, Muscular. Synthesizer, Drums, SFX. 00:55
Along The Ganges - C-W Tay A modern take on classical folk Bollywood, featuring dotara, sitar, mrudangam and Indian percussion. Traditional, Ethnic, India, Hindi, Building, Bollywood, Outdoors, Crowded,Dotara, Indian Percussion, Mrudangam, Sitar, Strings, Tambura,. 02:08
Life In Delhi - C-W Tay Up-tempo, high-strung Bhangra with lots of tension. Featuring male Carnatic vocals and Rap. Bright, Celebration, Ethnic, Hindi, India, World, Bollywood, Streetlife, Upbeat, HecticBass, Vocals, Indian Percussion, Tambura, Rap, Strings, electric guitar. 01:44
For Lu - J. Brown Hip Hop - Rap, Drum n Bass, Strange, Trance, Synth bass, Drum machine, Speaking voice. Soul music, Rhythm and Blues, Love, Feelgood, Party Music. 02:06
So says he - J. Brown Drum n Bass, Soul - RnB, Repetitive, Trance, Electric piano, Drum machine, Synth bass. Soul music, Rhythm and Blues, Love, Feelgood, Party Music. 02:16
Narcotic - G. Flores Techno, Dance, Festive, Trance, Synth bass, Synth, Acoustic piano. Dance floor. 01:52
One Tonight - G. Flores Techno, Dance, Festive, Trance, Synth bass, Drum machine, Synth. Dance floor. 01:55
Signs Up - G. Flores Techno, Psytrance - Goa, Powerfull, Trance, Synth bass, Electric guitar, Synth. Dance floor. 01:48
Slug - G. Flores Electro, Psytrance - Goa, Psychedelic, Trance, Synth bass, Drum machine, Synth. 01:53
Spark In It - G. Flores Techno, Dance, Festive, Trance, Synth bass, Drum machine, Synth. Up Version. Dance floor. 01:57
On The Run - S. Sibanda World - African, Tribal, Trance, Percussions. Light Hearted. 00:43
Pump that Groove - M. Jacobs Electro, Techno, Repetitive, Trance, Synth bass, Synth, Drum machine. Drum and Bass, sports, extreme, energegetic, action, soccer, rugby. 03:06
Warm like cocoa - J. Whitcher Psytrance - Goa, Electro, Trance, Positive, Percussions, Synth bass, Synth. 30s edit. Drum and Bass, sports, extreme, energegetic, action, soccer, rugby. 00:32
Fitness Training - J-L Delgado Parade, Theme song. Dance floor, repetitive. Industrial tech. 01:06
Non Ci Credo - B. Aurilia Smooth Jazz,, Male Spoken, Sax, Mid Tempo, Bass, Free Melody 03:00
Scusa Fast Change - B. Aurilia Smooth Jazz,, Instrumental, Sax, Slow Tempo, Bass, Free Melody 05:51
San Paulo - S. Calvano Jazz, Percussion, Piano, Bass, Instrumental, Sax. Berimbau. 03:16
Black Baron - S. Calvano Jazz, Guitare and octaver, Bass, Instrumental, Sax 02:40
13 Reason - S. Calvano Jazz, Percussion, Piano, Bass, Femal Crazy Vocal, Sax 01:04
Fiesta Latina - S. Calvano Jazz, Percussion, Piano, Bass, Instrumental, Sax, Mid Tempo 04:33
Hard Life - S. Calvano Jazz, Percussion, Guitar And Noise, Piano, Bass, Instrumental 01:22
The Shape Of Freedom - S. Calvano Jazz, Percussion, Piano, Bass, Instrumental, Guitar FX 04:16
Club Indio - S. Calvano Jazzy, Bass, Instrumental, Mid Tempo, Guitar Lead 06:18
Lalala - GD 78 Powerful techno dance track. Dynamic, repetitive, festive, tribal. Bass synth and lead synth. CICA. 03:26
Night Animals - T. Stoilkovski Urban vibe simple pop piece with horn stabs and delayed bass. Escape With Me. 02:08
Underlemon 1 - J. Goodwin Ska - echo guitar with funky horns vox fx. 00:18
Amore - M. Allen Spaced opening leads to a fast punchy track that builds. Dance - Jungle - Techno - House. Eurobeats 04:34
Call 911 - M. Caen Relentless kick drum, lots of alarms and siren sounds create this uneasy listening experience of a night of mayhem and chaos. Corporate - Industrial - Technology. Grungetech 02:06
Confidence - A. Watkins Funky guitar rhythm introducing synth motif to a strong drum groove. Groovy and easy going feel with an air of mystery. Electronic - Electro - Trip Hop - Hip Hop - Chill Out - R&B. Electronica 02:04
Critical Mass - L. Lucas Serious 80's filter synth with pounding bass & drum. Electronic - Electro - Trip Hop - Hip Hop - Chill Out - R&B. Acid Beats 04:48
Cryptotech - M. Caen Underscores. Oujia boards gothic crucifixes and dripping candles are the write setting for this cultish type track. Corporate - Industrial - Technology. Grungetech 02:09
Dark Enjoyment - M. Harris Welcome to the techno underground. Electronic - Electro - Trip Hop - Hip Hop - Chill Out - R&B. Media Promos 2 01:34
Wedding Morn - D. Reece Church organ. Traditional songs for celebrations. Festive - National - Traditional - Christmas. Celebration Event 03:23
Didgeridone - D. James Didgeridoo solo outback Australia. World Music - Ethnic - Culture. Jingles 00:27
Flute Folies - Marias Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMBaroque minor theme & variations for classical flute with drum. Solo & Featured Instruments. Flute Fantasy 02:27
Mystic Flute - J. Rutter Slow, mysterious & exotic flutes. Solo & Featured Instruments. Flute Fantasy 03:05
Lennycaster - T. Naylor High impact, hard hitting, electric guitar and drum instrumentals suitable for all action sport programs. Heavy drum and guitar intro, electric guitar never gives up. Sports - Action - Adventure - Extreme. Sports Action 02:16
The Uninvited - F. Tayla Drone. Nature - Ambient - New Age - Drones - Atmospheric. Dramatic Atmospheres 2 01:08
Body Flux - R. Kelly Sensuous futuristic Hip Hop. Pop - Vocal -Songs. Diva_Tron 01:03
Grecian Voyage - F. Tayla Insistent, rhythmic up tempo electronica. Easy Listening - Chillout - Positive. Cafe du Monde 02:45
Pulse Beat - R. Kelly Minimal Hip Hop. Smooth dark hook with new pop synth feel. Pop - Vocal -Songs. Diva_Tron 01:54
Sports Freak - J. Barrett 30 second News Themes. News - Current Affairs - Broadcast. News Journal 00:33
Thrust Status - R. Kelly Moody Hip Hop meets orchestra & Euro synth. Pop - Vocal -Songs. Diva_Tron 02:15
Down Hill - J. Barrett Fast, furious beats and rock guitars. Motocross & dirt biking. House & Garden, Renovation, Lifestyle, Outdoors, Cuisine. Lifestyle - Travel - Holiday. Leisure TV 01:24
Flee Bop - S. Romig Vocal hook with slide guitar and percussion. Easy listening, Laid Back guitar themes. Country - Folk. Rhythm and Ease 01:47
Sax On A Trip - J. Hawksworth Fast up tempo vamp with saxophone. Traditional & contemporary jazz. Jazz. Swing into Jazz 01:58
Touchdown - B. Maginnis Intrigue, drama & suspense all rolled into one fast paced chase sequence. Electronic - Electro - Trip Hop - Hip Hop - Chill Out - R&B. Acid Beats 03:51
Rock On - M. Caen Back on the 70s touring bus, this nostalgic track presents some very retro 70s licks yet fits right in with the big beat sound. Funk - Soul. Big Phat Beats 02:40
Get Moving - J. Barrett Electric guitar with percussion and a hint of funk. Travel/Vacation. Lifestyle TV 05:14
Techno Makeover - J. Barrett Fast & frantic with smooth flute. Lifestyle - Travel - Holiday. Lifestyle TV 2 02:57
Acid - J. Barrett Wild guitar phrases and strange sfx combine to create an atmosphere of mayhem & disorientation. Electronic - Electro - Trip Hop - Hip Hop - Chill Out - R&B. Electroville 01:58
Electro Squeak - J. Barrett Strange mixture of sounds simulating electronic mechanisms. Electronic - Electro - Trip Hop - Hip Hop - Chill Out - R&B. Electroville 01:55
Five Snakes - J. Barrett Strong rhythmic piece in 5/4 Main melody on Shenai. World Music - Ethnic - Culture. Ethnic Journey 02:49
Gongs - J. Barrett Atmospheric, featuring gamelan style melodies. World Music -Ethnic - Culture. Exotic Themes and Places 03:05
Shakafunk - J. Barrett Rhythmic groove featuring ethnic instrumentation. World Music -Ethnic - Culture. Exotic Themes and Places 02:04
Two Flute Dance - J. Barrett Assorted percussion featuring Stringed Pipa, Bamboo & Nay Flutes. World Music - Ethnic - Culture. Ethnic Journey 03:10
Attack - J. Ryan Trash can drums with some serious oscillator knob twists introduce one heck of a manic track for Kamikaze skateboard enthusiasts. Easy Listening - Kitsch. Alternative Action 02:03
Birth - J. Ryan Swampy opener with some machine gun guitar creates a bed for finger tapping guitar and synth duet before dying down at 1:32. Rock - Blues. Alternative Action 02:30
Cmon Dance - R. Kelly Grunge synth and vocal cues develop a haunting atmosphere with plenty of light and shade. Funk - Soul - Groove. The Groove Alternative 02:03
Eternity Beat - R. Kelly Fast track with an Euro dance vibe, funky guitar licks and the odd vocal moan. Breakdown at 1:35. Funk - Soul - Groove. The Groove Alternative 02:03
Kick It - M. Caen Full heavy guitar plodder conjures images of mayhem and general blood letting. Funk - Soul. Big Phat Beats 02:32
Rock The Boat - J. Ryan Rockin track with plenty of Ummpf! A few surprises toward the end. Main theme at 0:23 changes at 0:37 followed by a breakdown at 0:52. At 1:21 the track goes weird introducing scratches by DJ R2D2. Rock - Blues. Alternative Action 02:18
Swingers Club - R. Kelly A bit of funky retro organ mixed with some fresh grooves and ethnic vocalisations give an atmosphere of cocktail hour. Funk - Soul - Groove. The Groove Alternative 02:03
Techno Hippy - J. Ryan Jungle percussion opens with a big power chord. A detective vibe at 1:00 develops into a serious Mission Impossible at 1:29. Rock - Blues. Alternative Action 02:40
Bone Machine - M. Caen Relentless panning synth motif grabs you from the beginning and wont let go until the very end. Corporate - Industrial - Technology. Grungetech 02:01
Diesel Head - M. Caen Underscores. Panning synth pulse is the main feature of this track with a driving beat, pounding tom breaks and a mixture of soundscapes. Corporate - Industrial - Technology. Grungetech 02:03
Electro - M. Caen Let loose with his first arppegiator, Mr Electro creates a persistent beat featuring an array of synth phrase and textures. Corporate - Industrial - Technology. Grungetech 02:36
Interface - M. Caen Evolving synth montage climaxes into an angst vocal with a driving techno beat. Corporate - Industrial - Technology. Grungetech 02:37
Metallic Dance - M. Allen In your face from the start with it as talkbox fx this track introduces a pounding beat. Dance - Jungle - Techno - House. Eurobeats 01:57
Road Freak - M. Caen Underscores. Burning rubber, black leather & a slight leaning towards physical abuse is the motive for this full on distortion fest. an abundance of heavy guitar. Corporate - Industrial - Technology. Grungetech 01:56
Talk - M. Allen Moody synth builds to a punchy track. Dance - Jungle - Techno - House. Eurobeats 05:03
Milky Way - A. Watkins Mysterious synth pads open to a funky medium paced rhythm. Electronic - Electro - Trip Hop - Hip Hop - Chill Out - R&B. Electronica 02:39
Saimars Regret - F. Tayla Melancholy & reflective theme with ethnic vocal. Soft and flowing, it suggest serenity. World Music - Ethnic - Culture. Ritual Visions 02:53
Towards - G. Hardman Up tempo action & suspense. Drama - Suspense - Thriller - Horror - Crime - Emotive. Drama 01:25
Babylon Rasta - Y. Mounier Fast reggae, sci-fi FX, scratches, bleeps, Jamaican toasting. World Music - Ethnic - Culture. Culture Groove 02:59
Body - R. Howson Fast busy groove conjures images of industry, office and the city. Funk - Soul - Groove. Planet Groove 03:24
Brolga Bird Ballet - R. Rivamonte Didgeridoo. World Music - Australia - Traditional. Australia 01:01
Bunyip Dreaming - Y. Mounier Didgeridoo drone, dance groove, Naal drums, bass and native chants. World Music - Ethnic - Culture. New World Rhythms 03:29
Club Paradiso - F. Strangio Percussion break. Up-tempo, rock feel, evokes streetscape, nightmoves. Love - Seduction - Romance. Exotica 00:34
Cockatoo Dance - R. Rivamonte Didgeridoo. World Music - Australia - Traditional. Australia 01:02
Devils Song - R. Rivamonte Didgeridoo, sticks, chants. World Music - Australia - Traditional. Australia 00:33
Doof Whale - Y. Mounier Moody intro, whale songs, driving rhythm pick up mid- way, rolling bass riff. World Music - Ethnic - Culture. Culture Groove 03:37
Eloujdis Adventure - Y. Mounier Congas, banshee wailing, pan flute, percussion and vocal. World Music - Ethnic - Culture. New World Rhythms 03:23
Feral Jam - Y. Mounier Driving beat, rolling congas, didgeridoo flavour, tablas, female chant, analogue synth. World Music - Ethnic - Culture. Culture Groove 03:19
Improvisation - R. Rivamonte Didgeridoo. World Music - Australia - Traditional. Australia 01:03
In Love - Y. Mounier Medium tempo, soul ballad, sensual female vocals, lush pads. World Music - Ethnic - Culture. Culture Groove 03:41
Inland Sea - B. Baker Indigenous, tribal atmosphere with didgeridoo. World Music - Ethnic - Culture. Media Promos 2 01:45
Kangaroo - R. Rivamonte Didgeridoo. World Music - Australia - Traditional. Australia 01:02
Maduri - M. Kokinos Bluesy excursion through the depths of India featuring sitar, percussion & slide guitar. Acoustic Guitar. Slidescapes 01:39
Morning Star - R. Rivamonte Didgeridoo. World Music - Australia - Traditional. Australia 01:02
New Year Bells - D. Reece Clock striking bells & chimes. Festive - National - Traditional - Christmas. Festive/Ceremonial 00:23
Pelican 2 - R. Rivamonte Didgeridoo, sticks, chants. World Music - Australia - Traditional. Australia 01:01
Preludium - Podbielski Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMSerious. Classical. Classical Works 02:22
Rebel Waltz - H. McDonald Medium tempo, drums, brushes, snares, toms & fiddles. World Music - Ethnic - Culture. Celtic Spirit 02:29
Reptile Dance - R. Rivamonte Didgeridoo with brushes. World Music - Australia - Traditional. Australia 01:02
Rhythm Of Love - F. Strangio Very percussive, sensual feeling, evoking romanticism. Drums, percussion, keyboards, bass, guitar, harmon muted trumpets & soulful female voice. Love - Seduction - Romance. Exotica 02:53
Ride The Devil - B. Aplin Driving drum rhythm & repetitive synth motif. Electronic - Electro - Trip Hop - Hip Hop - Chill Out - R&B. Media Promos 2 01:37
Spacetrance - R. Kelly Medium tempo feel features piano, sax & pads. Funk - Blues - Rock. Funk in da mix 01:51
Tango Vulgaire - F. Strangio Rhythm and pads mix, no lead instrument. Medium, up-tempo, exotic feel. Disco drums, percussion, antique bells, eastern rock guitar, oboe, Hollywood horn spills. Love - Seduction - Romance. Exotica 03:34
Telegiornale - F. Strangio 60 sec, Insistent start, rising build, suggest telecommunications. News - Current Affairs - Broadcast. Media Themes 01:02
Water - R. Rivamonte Didgeridoo solo outback Australia. World Music - Ethnic - Culture. Jingles 00:35
Uprising - H. Kinet Kick, linear bass sequence, anxiogenic synth progressions. Psychedelic. 04:50
Veranda - H. Kinet Kick, slow opening synth, sound effects. Edit point at 1'32 breaks sound effects, 4'31 Theme on the synth. 06:00
Voyager - H. Kinet Intro kick and bass synth in 2 complementary lines. 1'40 synth break. 05:01
Rodeo - H. Kinet Intro with Syncopated Synth Riff. Electronic percussion. 1'01 female voice sample break. 2'03 bass synth. 3'17 break. 06:03
Climax - H. Kinet Drums, reverse afterbeat, crescendo synth sequence. 0'31 kick, low crescendo, filtered synth. 1'08 break Synth evolve till 2'01. 3'31 break till 4'06 06:25
Mad Computer - H. Kinet Opening on a bass sequence, synth effects, psychedelic voice sample with delay. 1'30 Bass saturated synth. 2'45 Buzz. 05:23
Kill The Noise - H. Kinet Synth sequence, synth bass filtered. Edit point at 0'60 break. 2'15 stop. Repetitive theme.Trance, powerful, dark, repetitive. 04:32
Supernova - C. Espern Psychedelic intro and distorted synth. Very fast, tense theme. 1'04 break. 01:44
School Yard - C. Espern Intro synth effects. Sequence and rhythm very very fast. 01:23
Flight for Fight - C. Espern Spatial battle, sequence of tense synths, video game, science fiction. 02:53
I-Stant Love - S. Calvano Piano Harmony, Free, Instrumental. Fun 00:05
Assert Your Rights - L.J. Cedar A driving and upbeat pop dance track. Good for sports or action cue.. Upbeat, Energetic, Positive, 1990s, Driving, Electronic, Dance. 02:32
Berlin Jungle - L.J. Cedar Aggressive contemporary electronica. In the style of Clint Mansell Nine Inch Nails. Cinematic, Building, Epic, Aggressive, Enigmatic, Militaristic, Strong, Driving, Compelling, Strong, Industrial. 02:27
Monkey Can Do - L.J. Cedar Grinding reggae skank with organ, guitar and mondo rhythms.. Grinding, Upbeat, Cheeky, Cool, Light-Hearted, Cartoony, Mischievous, Optimistic. 00:33
Techno Fly By - L.J. Cedar Stomping electro beats with technology sound FX.. Synthy, Confident, Driving. 00:34
Deflect - J. Pelizzari Kick and electronic percussion. Bass syncopated. Different sound elements filtered. 03:33
Yonix - J. Pelizzari Beat. Games and break of synths, bass, effects and electronic percussions. 04:06
Per Eris - Rugiadi Jazz Piano, Percussion, Fast Time, Repetitive, Instrumental 04:05
From Bombay To Nairobi - S. Calvano Percussion, Synths, Instrumental, Dramatic, Reflective 03:54
Gibral Tone - S. Calvano Power, Strong, Instrumental, Synths 03:58
Simotto - S. Calvano Strange Vocals, Afro Percussion, Fear 04:01
Let's Get High - J-M Boiteux Drums rhythm on toms, acoustic guitar, slide guitar for melody, synth. 1'03 synth break. Repetitive. Paris Texas, bottle neck. 04:10
Biko - J-M Boiteux Percussion, monodic bass, a repetitive mandolin and one for the melody. 0'39 synth. Psychedelic version. 03:18
Calle Negra - F. Zgorski Afro Cuban Such as Comparsa. The comparsa is a collective dance of march, which originates in the secular festivals of the slaves during the Spanish colony, especially in the day of the kings. 02:15
African Travel - F. Zgorski Afro Cuban Such as Bembe. The Bembe are a Kongo ethnic group. The Bembe was originally a profane rhythm, the term Bembe is also used to designate a celebration or festivities with totally popular character. Congas. 03:18
Havana Street - F. Zgorski Afro Cuban Such as Guaguanco rumba. The tumbadoras being the drums of Congolese origin serving rituals of Bantu origin palo, makuta, garabato. Transformation of barrels without the bottoms and on which are stretched dried animal skins. 03:20
Killing Mountain - F. Zgorski Afro Cuban Such as Palo Matanzas. The Palo is an Afro-American syncretic religion practiced in Cuba, close to Santeria and Candomble, it is African shamanic beliefs mixed with elements of spiritism, magic and Catholicism. 02:51
Rumba 21 - F. Zgorski Afro Cuban Such as Guarapachanguero. Cuban rhythm born in 1984. It is elaborated on the basis of the Guaguanco within the group Chinitos. 02:15
Set With Pearls - F. Zgorski Afro Cuban Such as Guiro. Of the Bembe family. Its name comes from the güiro name given to the calabash in Cuba, calabash which is used to make the Shekéré. 02:14
Speedy Highway - F. Zgorski Afro Cuban Such as Makuta. Originally, the Makuta accompanied the coronation ceremony of the kings congos in Africa. Used in the 19th century in the cabildos of Cuba, it went from ceremonial music to ritual and sacred music. 02:37
Sticky Stick - F. Zgorski Afro Cuban Such as Palo Havana. The Palo is a Congo tradition brought to Cuba by the slaves in the sixteenth century. The practice revolves around a central theme, the nganga, constructed according to a very precise ritual invoking the dead and forces of nature. 03:12
Conversation Chaleureuse - F. Zgorski Haitian Such as Ogu. Until very recently, voodoo represented the religion of the majority of the Haitian population. It is a set of African beliefs originating in particular from Dahomey and Nigeria that mingle with Catholicism. 03:24
Juba - F. Zgorski Haitian Such as Juba. Rhythm of the Dead. It is played during commemorations or burials, it is a gued ryhme the dead whose prince is Baron Saturday. 02:41
Epsylon - E. Delecolle Intro fade in with a repetitive effect. Ostinato of bass. Techno and sound effects. Vocoder. 03:22
Get Up Make Up Move Up - E. Delecolle Synth Intro. Festive rhythm, funk guitar. Voice and vocoder, repetitive. Edit point at 0'56 break. 03:29
Ghost Of Love - E. Delecolle Sound effects, synth effects. Electronic improvisation. 03:56
God Is In My Head - E. Delecolle Bass synths funky. Electronic noise. 04:07
Echoes In The Shower - E. Delecolle Strange soundings. Bass and drums RnB '70s. Guitar melodious and shouting. 03:01
Crazy crazy - A. Jamot Evolvong riff off saturated guitar. That's all. 04:08
Territoires interdits - A. Jamot Synth effects, texture, rumble, electronic sounds very low and very high. Anxiogenic rhythm. 02:35
Xca Energy buzz - A. Jamot Electronic textures. Different waveforms, variations of tone, timbre. 00:43
Les fourmis technologiques - A. Jamot Like a batucada. Solo of different rhythmic instruments. Edit point at 1'39 kick. 03:51
Brumes le rock - A. Jamot Riff of saturated guitar. Drums and percussion. 0'22 spacy guitar solo. 1'19 riff and solo. 02:07
Ultima metrique - A. Jamot Experimental, marimba sequence with tempo changes and lags. Bass light. 07:54
Oresteia histoire de cantatrice - A. Jamot Voice, choeurs, then go to hell rhythmic. 05:31
Stase discorde et point de vue - A. Jamot Suspense, psychedelic, mysterious, tension, sad, late night. 02:58
Xca Water waves - A. Jamot Such as waves of a calm sea. 03:24
Piece for prepared piano numero 11 - A. Jamot Piano solo. Dance of the Indus Guru. Psychedelic and tribal. 03:15
Piece for prepared piano numero 12 - A. Jamot Piano solo. In the Harmonic Jungle. Repetitive, dynamic, exotic. 02:20
Piece for prepared piano numero 9 - A. Jamot Piano solo. Ride of young piano. Dynamic, adventure, psychedelic. 03:44
Christus electronic church - A. Jamot Slow evolution of a ghostly, mystical, incantatory atmosphere. 03:01
Bobo music - A. Jamot Slow rhythmic and frequency oscillations. 06:40
Ultima la folie - A. Jamot Clavinet-harpsichord solo, madness, hysteria, very fast rhythm. 03:50
Uncle Frank reggae - A. Jamot Guitar solo saturated, harmony tense, rhythmic reggae discrete. 02:53
Joy Of A Toy - M. Bedot Accompaniment and polyrhythmic theme of kitch synthesizers. 03:00
On The Road - M. Bedot Psychedelic. Percussion, sub bass, banjo arpeggios and synth. 02:02
Ultima Necat - A. Jamot Mixture of sound images. Journey into the abyss of the unconscious. End of the world and rebirth. Repetitive. Strange. New Age. Atmosphere Pink-Floyd. Voice child at 3'40 and rain at 5'40. 09:04
Edelweiss 06 - A. Jamot Sacrifice, crowd movement. Repetitive synthesizer progression with onomatopoeia andfrench horn. Strange. 05:24
Deus In Adjutorium - C. Deslignes Ars antiqua, Ecole Notre-Dame. XIII, Polyphony, Procession, Notre Dame School, Conduit, Procession, solemn music. 02:36
La Vida Es Un Pasahe - C. Deslignes Sephardic music Spain, Traditional, Monodie, Oriental melody, meditation, sweetness, languor Oral tradition. A capella in duet. 00:39
Western - G. Goué Energetic rhythm, soft piano, distant melody. 02:17
Dance Machine - L. Liatard Bass synth sequence. Effects. Disco rhythm. Guitar and voice modified. 03:18
Big Bang - L. Liatard Groove shuffle, double bass, drums play brushes, bell synth. Explosions of bubbles. Spacy break, ethnic voice. Loop 2. 03:50
Buzz Fuzz Effect - L. Liatard Floor tom, synth and voice sample. Distortion effect. Repetitive. Synth sounds. 03:51
Babylone 01 - C. Mathieu Intro synth sequence. Edit point at 0'30 syncopated rhythm and bass, 2'08 break spacy. 03:36
Prélude en Dmaj Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMDietrich Buxtehude: Prelude in Dmaj. BuxWV 139. Artistic work for organ. Part 3. 02:32
Divertissement K334 - II Thème avec 6 Variations Andante Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMWolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Divertimento K334 320b in Dmaj. II. Thema mit sechs Variationen. Andante. Variation 6. Almost joyous. 01:46
Procurans Odium - C. Deslignes Several organetto. Ars antiqua, Gothic period, XIII, Polyphony 3v, Paraliturgical use, Conduit, religious procession, Sacred music. 01:23
O Virgo Splendens - C. Deslignes Ars antiqua Romanesque period, XIII, Canon with 3 entrances, Paralegal use, Caça duobus vel tribus, Canon, Llibre Vermell of Montserrat 1399, Religious music, Sacred music, pilgrimage, monks, Abbey. 01:53
Laudemus Virginem - C. Deslignes Ars Antiqua, Romanesque period, XIII, Canon with 3 entrances. Sacred music, paraliturgical, religious, monks, pilgrims, prayer, Llibre Vermell of Montserrat 1399. 01:46
Jazzy B - G. Goué Voice phone, synth, bass improvisation and drums. Tensioning questioning. Mysterious and psychedelic. David Lynch. 01:54
Isaac Eyes - P. Gaillard RnB drums of the 60s, bass sensual and groovy, electric piano and guitar spacy. Long notes of violins, sensual voice. Edit point at 1'43 break. 03:35
Histoires Sans Paroles - F. Zgorski Drums and sound effects very intense, very fast. Repetitive voice samples. 04:48
Hangover - F. Zgorski Industrial sound effects, repetitive task of the robot. 04:48
Ummo Weh Dinnah - M. Vetturi Crazy reverse vocals 00:47
Abracadabra - T. Chaze Rhythmic electro funk. Ostinato of bass and guitar. Slow melody on violins. 1'17 break. Theme song. 02:33
Guitar Phase - P. Sanchez Garcia Modal guitar such as Steve Reich. Cyclic, spacy. 02:09
Leave Me Alone - Mendez 90 style, Mysterious, Instrumental 05:02
Magic Dream - Mendez 90 style, Mysterious, Dark, Instrumental 03:50
My House - Mendez 90 style, Mysterious, Happy, Instrumental 03:04
The Train - Mendez 90 style, Repetitive, Percussion, Instrumental 02:29
Okaekala - S. Chaffer Didgeridoo, synth effects. Sample ethnic, percussion, rhythmic electro. Psychedelic, ceremonial. 02:37
Stormy Weather - P. Gaillard Intro bass sequenced. 0'15 rhythm. 0'41 piano synth. Edit point at 1'33 break bass. 03:05
Lost In Percussions - P. Gaillard Synth sounds effects. Percussion. Rhythmic trance. Edit point at 0'48, 1'28 rhythmic evolution. 02:40
Gizeh Dream - T. Chaze Intro rhythm oud riff. Heavy rhythm and oriental percussions. Edit point at 1'01, double tempo, Duduk, synth sound. 03:05
Beduins Move - T. Chaze Intro ethnic flute, darbouka. 0'15 rhythmic ostinato with bass drums and melody on the flute. 1'25 station. 02:38
Bluebell Wonder - A. Jamot Gong and kick. Harmonized saturated guitar melody. Cure and Air. Spacy, dreamlike. 02:06
Pulp Friction - A. Jamot Reggae-rock powerful and melancholic. Tremolos of violins. Organ and guitar in the reverb. Theme on guitar '60s then saturated. 02:19
Creator - T. Chaze Synth Riff with filter effect. Toms, choirs, liturgical sing. 1'13 break. 03:08
Vingt-Heures Chrono - J-M Boiteux Synth Sequence. Violins. Loop. 00:21
Limousine Song - M. Dall Anese Holidays in New York. Tribal and sequenced. Loop. 00:28
Mauvais Esprit - S. Chaffer Didgeridoo, several rhythmic sequences. Esoteric, hovering, captivating. 01:55
Transe Pacifique - S. Chaffer Didgeridoo solo, acceleration, several rhythmic passages settle gradually. 05:08
Transe-Plantation - S. Chaffer Didgeridoo solo, improvisation on a rhythm. 02:59
All Night - L. Liatard Free party atmosphere, organized jungle sound, imprint of bestial sounds. 02:53
Ad Nama - L. Liatard Intro spacey, synth effects. Bass sequenced fast, anxiogenic sound effects. 02:48
Moving - L. Liatard Sound effects and industrial sound effects. 0'26 Techno rhythm. Robot synth. 02:22
Massai Call Dance - P. Gaillard Intro synth with filter. Bass insistence. Ethnic voice samples. Techno tribal, African trance. 03:45
Jam With Miles - B. Garcia Rolling drums, toms and trumpet, bewitching. 05:11
Heliotrop - T. Chaze Synth bass very present and repetitive. Filtered synthesis. Edit point at 0'56. 02:10
Goavibe - T. Chaze Intro bass fretless and synth in unison. Jungle drums. 0'43 saturated synth and powerful afterbeat. 02:41
Ooozzz - T. Chaze Bass sequence. Fast drums. Sound effects and effects. Mechanical, sustained, speed. 02:57
Ultradensity - T. Chaze Intro of saturated sounds and synth. Aggressive bass and synth sequences. Melody pop. 04:02
Kick Big - T. Chaze Rock band. Riffs of powerful guitars. Version 15s. 00:15
Rivetonik - T. Chaze Riff of saturated guitar deep low and repetitive, bass in unison. Edit point at 1'13 drums break. 02:24
Space Junker - T. Chaze Industrial rhythm. Saturated guitar. Bass wah. Monodic melody. Version 30s. 00:30
Gironia Inferni - T. Talamanca Dramatic, Synths, instrumental, Fear, Choir, Slow Tempo, Pad 03:46
Delightful Illusions - Part I-Ii - Pannico NYX est un projet né à Turin il y a deux ans. Après une période dédiée à l'expérimentation électrique, le duo formé par Walter F. et Danilo A. Alias Pannico a cherché une approche au format chanson en intégrant ressources progressive et psychédéliques unies à l'emploi du traitement sonore et de l'improvisation pour élaborer un concept album. 07:34
Momentary Lights - P. Chain Synth, Acoustic guitar, Calm, Soft, Dreaming, Psychedelic 06:52
Trouble Trumpet - P. Chain Noise, Fx, Female spoken, Dramatic,Suspens 02:53
Rainmaking - A. Savelli Synth Fx, Percussion, Mysterious, Landscape, Instrumental, 02:39
Expression 1 - P. Chain Noise with Clavinet, Dramatic,Rumors 11:54
Radja - J-M Boiteux Tampoura, tabla, melody with the synth in the colors of Far East. 01:07
Derviche - J-M Boiteux Dervish of 2 guitars and percussions. Repetitive phrases and improvisation. Acceleration. Gong. 01:35
About A Boat 1 - S. Painter Electric guitar, Drums, Meditative, Haunting, Psychedelic, Instrumental 05:51
About A Boat 2 - S. Painter Electric guitar, Drums, Meditative, Haunting, Psychedelic, Instrumental 05:15
After Dinners At Gabs - S. Painter Electric guitar, Drums, Meditative, Haunting, Psychedelic, Instrumental 03:23