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Musique avec ambiance : Sombre

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
Line Up - M. Brillard Long dark notes on bass synth. RnB groove. Repetitive dark phrases. Massive Attack. 05:38
Secrecy - M. Brillard Electro pop rythm from the 70's with synth bass groove and nice voices. 03:56
Trapp Field Trip - C. Nouailhaguet Cinematic trap and urban beat create a dark and intriguing atmosphere. Followed by an electro arrangement at 2:43 giving the track a more dynamic and fatter direction. Edit point at 1:07, at 2:11, at 2:43. Synths, groovebox, vox fx. 04:48
Waltz With Lestat - C. Nouailhaguet Horror movie soundtrack with a darkly haunted intro that builds into symphonic waltz featuring a music box. Sarcastic and creepy atmosphere. Epic and dramatic ending pursuit. Edit point at 1:32, at 1:59, at 3:18. Symphonic orchestra, music box, sound design. 04:19
The Rising Sky Of Winter's Shadows - C. Nouailhaguet Melancholic post-rock track. The dark atmosphere crescendoing to more dense song with full rock band and distorted guitars. Gloomy rock. Edit point at 1:07, at 1:56, at 2:44, at 3:37 and at 4:25. Piano, guitar, bass, drums, synth. 05:45
Weird Christmas Night - C. Nouailhaguet Short minimalist-like track. Odd and abstract atmosphere featuring Santa's sleigh bellsand piano sequences. Edit point at 0:17 and at 0:49. Piano, Santa’s sleigh bells, glockenspiel. 01:56
Dralaa Da Lips - C. Nouailhaguet Modern trap beat underscore with vocal hooky accents and sub bass synth. Tense and dark urban ambience.Chorus at 0:52, edit point at 1:33, end at 2:34. typical trap back vox, synth, TR808, sub bass. 03:20
Electricity Trap - C. Nouailhaguet Electric sound FX merged into heavy hip hop beat and pulsing synths build up an exciting and tense atmosphere. Switch on the high voltage generator! Edit point at 1:12 and at 2:05. Groovebox, synth, bass, electricity sound design. 03:07
Final Act - C. Nouailhaguet The end of a blockbuster! Anthemic and epic melody played on synths. Emotive closing scene, modern adventure or TV theme. Edit point at 0:20 and at 0:52. Theme only version. Synth, groovebox, brass, sub downers fx. 03:09
Gansta Tripp - C. Nouailhaguet Dark and trippy urban trap instrumental with heavy beat, sad piano, sub bass and slow motion synths. Edit point at 0:35, at 1:32 and at 2:18. TR808, bass, synth, groovebox, piano. 03:19
Nightfall Drive - C. Nouailhaguet Melancholic, atmospheric and slow trip hop underscore. Urban downtempo for late-night car-cruising ! Chorus at 0:57 and at 2:01, edit point at 1:14. TR808, bass, synth, groovebox, scratch, guitar, vox fx. 02:55
Sub Troubles - C. Nouailhaguet Dark, tragic and tense trap beat. Massive sub bass and gloomy synths for urban drama, crime or investigation. Edit point at 1:10 and at 1:37. TR808, sub bass, synth, vocal fx, groovebox. 02:41
Subway At Night - C. Nouailhaguet Scary vibes with sinister drones, intense sound design and harsh hits. The darker side of the underground at night ! Edit point at 0:40, at 0:55 and at 1:17. subway sound design, sub drone, scary fx. 01:43
Ultimate Pursuit - C. Nouailhaguet Big beat with loud metal drums, aggressive synths and energetic rhythm. Drama and intensity for running from danger, wild urban chasing or Mad Max pursuit scene! Beat at 0:49, edit point at 1:53 and at 3:12. Synth, drums, groovebox, metal percussions, whoosh fx. 04:44
Under The Street - C. Nouailhaguet Industrial rock tension ! Fat guitar riffs shred over punchy drums introduced by an electro beat and synths. Determined feel, driving energy, edgy, action sports. Edit point at 0:46 and at 1:58, guitars at 1:22 and at 2:25. Synth, bass, electric guitar, drums, groovebox. 03:17
Underground City - C. Nouailhaguet Dark and deep trap track. Hostile and powerful atmosphere for tense scene or dramatic urban action movie. Welcome to the underground gangsta city ! Edit point at 0:43, at 1:41 and at 2:09. Synth, sub bass, TR808, groovebox, vocal fx. 02:47
Voice Message - C. Nouailhaguet A cinematic breakup phone message introduce a chillstep track. Smooth hip hop beat, sub bass and large synthpads. Edit point at 0:53, at 1:10 and at 1:52. Female vox, synth, bass, TR808, groovebox. 02:45
Wandering - C. Nouailhaguet Dramatic trip hop track. Mysterious theremin, glitchy vox and massive sub bass build a suspenseful and tense cinematic urban drama. Theremin at 0:23 and at 1:27, edit point at 0:55. Synth, bass, theremin, TR808, groovebox, scratch, vox fx. 02:05
X-Factory - C. Nouailhaguet Deep inside a massive factory ! Mechanical machinery at work, metallic beat and synths drone build an intense and haunting industrial soundscape. Edit point at 0:40, at 1:12 and at 1:44. Factory sound design, sub drone, TR808. 02:50
Zion Ritual - C. Nouailhaguet Tribal, hostile and modern trap beat featuring heavy drums, massive bass, ethnic percussions, mysterious choir and duduk phrases. Underground ritual in the shadow of the night! Edit point at 1:27 and at 3:08, duduk at 0:46, at 2:27 and at 3:28, choir at 1:47. Synth, bass, groovebox, duduk, percussions, choir, drums, electric guitar. 04:47
Demoniac Crypt - C. Nouailhaguet The demon is approaching ! Tormented and scary voices, distorted whooshes FX and large gothic church organ build a horrific atmosphere. Organ at 00:50, edit point at 01:51, final at 02:42. whoosh fx, monster voice, percussions, church organ, choir, synth pad. 03:43
Alien Autopsy - L. Cedar Dramatic Sound design collage that is perfect for a Horror, Sci-Fi or Alien film trailer. Dramatic, Eeire, Dark, Powerful, Horror, Teryfiying, Strong, Impending. Ominous, Space, Sci-Fi. Sound Design, Synthesizer, Drums. 01:05
On The Moor - L. Cedar An Epic, cinematic and eerie Orchestral cue perfect for a dramatic and tense Film, TV cue, Film Trailer or Video Game. Epic, Dramatic, Expansive, Huge, Tense, Powerful, Cinematic, Driving, Strong. Strings, Cymbals, Orchestral Percussion. 01:00
Starlight Reveal - L. Cedar A moving and epic orchestarl piece perfect for a space and Sci-Fi film or scene. Epic, Dramatic, Expansive, Huge, Tense, Powerful. Emotional, curious, wonder, uplifting dramatic, Enigmatic, Angelic, emotive, Space, Sci-Fi, Sci Fi. Piano, Strings, Horns, Brass, Timpani, Clave, Cymbals, Synthesizer. 02:25
Glitch - C. Nouailhaguet Dirty synth bass, nasty dubstep beat and digital glitch fx generating a futurist underground environnement. Theme at 00:32, edit point at 01:08. Sound design glitch fx, electronic drum, big synth, shimmer and larsen guitar. 02:06
The 9th Circle - C. Nouailhaguet Sad and anxious opening followed by haunting baroque piano. Church bell with sample fx create mysterious and dark ambience. Piano, church bell, synth pad, strings, choir, orchestra percussions. Underscore desolation version. 00:59
Winter Appearance - C. Nouailhaguet A dark and mournful ballad. Sombre piano over chilling cello and glissando strings are immersed in dense sound design. Piano, solo violin, strings, synth pad, heartbeat, solo cello, sound design fx. Underscore version. 03:05
Waiting For Winter - E. Hildebert Cinematic. Tension retained, waiting, worry. Wide, distant, echo. 02:00
Beyond Normal - J. Whitcher Cinematic, Ambient, Suspens, Dark, Acoustic piano, Percussions, Synth. 30s Version. Deep in thought, ambient, spacey, galaxy, dream, pads, drama, film score. 00:31
Fell off - J. Brown Trip-Hop, Strange, Dark, Synth bass, Sample, Drum machine. Soul music, Rhythm and Blues, Love, Feelgood, Party Music. 02:28
Fred - J. Brown Electro, Strange, Dark, Percussions, Synth bass. Soul music, Rhythm and Blues, Love, Feelgood, Party Music. 02:27
Maximum Ravis Groovis - J. Whitcher Cinematic, Electro, Strange, Dark, Synth. Deep in thought, ambient, spacey, galaxy, dream, grunge bass, pads, soupy, drama, film score, action, drone. 04:24
Pressure Situation - S. Sibanda Cinematic, Dark, Tense, Synth. Deep in thought, ambient, spacey, galaxy, dream, grunge bass, pads, soupy, drama, film score, action, drone. 01:23
Quiet Surveillance - J. Whitcher Cinematic, Dark, Tense, Synth. No Percussions Version. Deep in thought, ambient, spacey, galaxy, dream, grunge bass, pads, soupy, drama, film score, action, drone. 02:59
Quiet Surveillance - S. Sibanda Cinematic, Dark, Tense, Synth. Deep in thought, ambient, spacey, galaxy, dream, grunge bass, pads, soupy, drama, film score, action, drone. 02:59
Grunded up - M. Jacobs Trip-Hop, Psytrance - Goa, Mysterious, Dark, Drum machine, Synth, Speaking voice. Drum and Bass, sports, extreme, energegetic, action, soccer, rugby. 02:31
L'équilibre dans le couple - J-L Delgado Rhythmic slow pop. Bass round, dark synth. Synth effects. 1'36 repetitive theme. 02:11
In The Hood - T. Stoilkovski Street heavy progressive stomping dub dance beat with blues guitars and soul bursting attitude. Suburban Dreams. 02:22
The Dancer - D Agostino Dark rhythmic and funky. Tense melody played on saturated guitar. Funky guitar part. 04:07
Feel Me - D Agostino Riff of dark metal with synth and saturated guitar. Powerful female vocals 03:49
Tempus Fugit - P. Chapnik Violin solo, timpani, brass. Staccato of violins. Theme to the solo violin. double basses. Tension. 02:07
Enough - P. Chapnik Rhythm of cellos and bass drum, chromatic chimes, violins, percussion. Clap and repetitive theme with violins and chromatic chimes. 01:46
Egghop 130 - J. Goodwin Duo de guitares électriques et saturées sur batterie réverbérée. Tension, dynamique, tribale. 01:07
East Of Darkness - J. Goodwin Drama - Eastern vibe synth strings 04:45
Under A Buck - J. Goodwin FX. Blast. 00:09
Reepshow M - J. Goodwin Rock Techno - Drama intro to driving techno rock. 00:59
Day After - J. Goodwin Rock - Drama rock driving Miss Velvet. 01:11
Deformo Grande - J. Goodwin Drama - drums and industrial build. 01:36
Defragic - J. Goodwin FX 00:06
Action - J. Goodwin Rock - Hard Rock drama. 00:57
Boy Girl V2 - J. Goodwin Rock - Techno Drama a la Zombie. 00:49
Buck - J. Goodwin FX 00:13
Shadow Games - T. Stoilkovski Trembling, shadow like strings dance with orchestral pieces evoking a inquisitive mystery. 02:21
The Battle Rages On - T. Stoilkovski Ominous, epic strings meet big percussion and choir with a tenacious, hungry attitude. (Virgule) 00:11
My Big Day - T. Stoilkovski Big guitar chords and towering 80s synth power up big reverb drums to bring cool (Version 30s) 00:30
Price Of Freedom - T. Stoilkovski Striking melody using nylon guitar over trembling stacatto string and orchestral arrangement. 02:13
Stranger Than Fiction - T. Stoilkovski A dramatic, powerful and relentless crossover of sci fi atmosphere with strings, languid lead and detuned rhythm guitars, sampled vox, powerful strings and electro distorted drums. Dramatic sci fi organic electronica. EP @ 1'11. 02:41
We Are Watching - T. Stoilkovski Gripping and suspensful arrangement with a dark dub beat incuring paranoia. 03:05
Stars Tonight - T. Stoilkovski Reggae feel rock groove shuffle with percussive electro spills into a guitar heavy, lead synth cooker. Overcoming the darkest hour then watching the sun burn the blackness away. 04:08
Never Backing Down - T. Stoilkovski Reflective piano intro then attacks into a grungy, gritty industrial pop theme. EP @ 0'30, 1'20. 03:09
Peak Hour - T. Stoilkovski Electronica circus weirdness with organs, effects into funk neo synthetic pop with 80's vogue. Orchestrated traffic nightmare turns into enthusiasm on the street. EP @ 0'44. 02:42
My Head Just Won't Stop - T. Stoilkovski An ultra diverse mish mash of hip hop, urban, groove and pop rock organic with harp, vibrato guitars, scratching and sampled vocals with the essential feel of an underground trip hop stylization. Waking up in smoky underground club with your pajamas still on. Underground urban groove beat rock. 04:20
Mysterious Path - T. Stoilkovski A smooth, tender urban meets soft rock piece which builds to an acoustic country bridge. EP @ 1'16. 02:36
Escape Plan - T. Stoilkovski A charging bassline coupled with synchronized electro effects and melody turns into a summer electro pop chorus before venturing back into tense territory. An escape through dark city tunnels into the fredom of green pastures. 02:22
Follow The Path - T. Stoilkovski Enlighted mysterious middle eastern intro leads into a percussive buildup. 02:20
Half Human - T. Stoilkovski An electro beat induced journey with percussion that dominates an atmosphere filled with electric piano, edgy guitars, lavish string bridge and cold war synths. As if humans are becoming an empire of androids. Electronic progressive big beat. 03:59
Dark Skyline - T. Stoilkovski Edgy, surreal, rock with dark ambient guitar splashes and a rock shuffle. 02:33
Cheap Talk - T. Stoilkovski Drum and bass odd time minimal percussive beat with streetwise cello and ambient jazz touch. 01:56
City Energy - T. Stoilkovski Vibrant dance feel beat with curious, bouncing synths and airy strings. Version 30s 00:30
City Lights - T. Stoilkovski Sci fi and tech grooves combine with pitched drums, percussion, strings and underlying synth lines. Like driving at night through an empty future cityscape. Driven sci fi organic electronica. 02:32
Behind The Scenes - T. Stoilkovski Pop building electronica circa 90's techno momentum with organ verses and eastern guitar counterplay. 02:19
Bend Your Mind - T. Stoilkovski A psychedelic rock, electro journey into the underground. 03:18
Berlin Nouveau - T. Stoilkovski Romantic and progressive atmosphere with piano, a drone bass groove and arpeggio synth melodies. European noir and vibe with a touch of nostalgia. Electro pop noir. 01:53
Beyond Your Limits - T. Stoilkovski Percussive stomper with power guitars, tense strings and an overcoming attitude. 03:30
Blacklight - H. Kinet Deep bass synth. Mysterious melody on the synth. Powerful, nostalgic. Edit point at 1'44, spacy. 04:07
Alive - H. Kinet Riff repetitive approaching, evolutionary. Bass synth. Edit point at 1'27 second synth. 03:42
Dark Piano - H. Kinet Acoustic piano very reverberated and played very wide. Heavy rhythmic. Anxiogenic synthesis. Edit point at 0'59, break. 02:42
Chaos Sphere - C. Espern Dark, disturbing synth. Edit point at 1'24. Heavy rhythm, waves of sounds. 02:50
Tech No logic - C. Espern Intro effects, dark. Percussion rhythm. Ending with Horn. Shining, powerful. Trailer, video game. 01:14
War Machine - C. Espern Rhythmical Industrial sound. Horror. Edit point at 0.39. Rhythmic techno. 01:01
Clouds Breaker - C. Espern Aggressive saturated sounds, heavy rhythm. Edit point at 1'01. Tempo change. 02:03
Surge Of Adrenaline - E. Hildebert Intro saturated guitars and drums. 0'54, voice sample break and funky guitar. 02:17
A Curious Incident - L.J. Cedar An ominous piece good for horror or suspense. It builds to a spooky pneumonic ending.. Scary, Ominous, Dramatic, Chilling, Creepy, Cold, Depressing, Spooky. 00:37
Disturbia - L.J. Cedar Tense and eery classical piece. Great for underscore.. Cinematic, Classical, Scary, Building, Tense, Intense, Eerie, Ominous, Looming, Gloomy. 01:37
The Deep Void - L.J. Cedar An ominous piece good for horror or suspense with synthesizer sound bed puntuated drum and pizzicato hits.. Ominous, Looming, Scary, Calm, Moody, Dark, Brooding. 00:59
Evil Guitare - O. Olsen Intro acoustic piano. Rhythmic rock. 2 riffs of guitars played together. 00:36
Requiem Warrior - O. Olsen Deep note of double bass, oriental oboe, timpani, violins, choirs. 02:04
Vue de Byblos - M. Madoré Synth choirs. Sequence, tense harmony. Edit point at 1'13. Percussion, rhythmic in odd bars. 02:37
Ville de nuit - F. Bégnon Bass drum and dark synth. Urban sound effects. Acoustic guitar more positive. 02:05
Astérodance - F. Bégnon Dance, Science, Cosmos. Such as Jean-Michel Jarre. 03:31
McBeth - J-M Boiteux Deep, repetitive and slow synth. Bagpipe. 1'48 Tambourine and fast percussion. Funeral march, disaster, end of battle. 04:56
Hell's Gates - J-M Boiteux A drums and 2 electric guitars. That's all. 01:40
Mind on exile - J-P Godart Acoustic piano in arpeggios. Synth in response. Theme on the piano. 0'50 break. 01:06
God Is In My Head - E. Delecolle Bass synths funky. Electronic noise. 04:07
Stranglers - A. Jamot New wave band from the '80s. Electric guitar arpeggios. New Wave '80s. Dynamic, powerful and nostalgic. 02:24
Le Sommeil - A. Jamot Melody of cellos and double basses. Counterpoint of violins. Romanticism lugubrious. 09:11
Oresteia Chaos - A. Jamot Orchestral effects and instruments, glissendo, pizz, tense phrase etc. 05:20
Oresteia la terre - A. Jamot Timpani, industrial sounds, noises and effects of orchestra and instruments, pizz etc. 04:32
Oresteia paradise fantome - A. Jamot Sounds, noises and effects of orchestra and instruments, tremelo, pizz, glissendo, etc. 03:11
Première stase part 2 - A. Jamot Rhythmic timpani. Accents of orchestra and dissonant long notes, orchestral effects anxiogenic. 06:12
Renderosity - A. Jamot Sound effects, wind noise, percussion and delay. Synth Sequence. Pink Floyd. 07:06
Strings nightmare - A. Jamot Melody tense on the cello. Rhythmic rubber synth. Violin in response. Jazz drums. Overall tense. 03:52
Territoires L'usine - A. Jamot Synth effects, texture, electronic sound sequence, reverb. 00:44
Vulcain induss - A. Jamot Slow rhythm of industrial sounds. Evolution to more impressive sounds. 03:30
From Berlin to London - A. Jamot Industrial sound effects, voice sample. Repetitive synth. 0'16 drums. 1'40 human shout. Tense harmony. 3'01 break. 05:12
Histoire de cordes - A. Jamot Tense harmonic exchanges between violins and violas. 0'55 Answers of double basses. 04:23
Chanson nostalgique du clavier - A. Jamot Pick synth, arpeggios and low notes. Slow theme. 02:34
Les buttes la traque - A. Jamot Arpeggios of acoustic piano, cello theme in long notes and tremolo. Edit point at 1'50 half tempo. 03:15
Oresteia marche funèbre - A. Jamot Pizzicato of double bass. Violins and harpsichord, effects and sound effects. 04:03
Oresteia marche lente - A. Jamot Tremolos of cellos and chords of harpsichord. Timpani. 1'14 Violins chords, effects. 03:11
Le mantra de noël - A. Jamot Sleigh Bells on a changing texture. 03:54
Mantra des nuages - A. Jamot Sweet synth and spacy, tuning suite. Edit point at 1'31 arpeggios. 02:53
Brek - A. Jamot Drum solo, synth sound effects. Edit point at 1'40. Powerful rhythm, synth and saturated psychedelic guitar. 04:17
Stase discorde et point de vue - A. Jamot Suspense, psychedelic, mysterious, tension, sad, late night. 02:58
The End - M. Bedot Ambient acoustic guitar and accordion. Melodic and rhythmic. 01:38
Psychedelic Run - M. Bedot Acoustic guitar, synth and marimba. Bass, drums syncopated, complex. Harmonies tense, psychedelic. 02:20
Rolling Circles - M. Bedot Simple and repetitive melody on toy piano. Electronic drums, violin and cello. 1'20 Large acoustic piano. Strange, disturbing. 1'54 break. Tension. 04:13
Edelweiss 01 - A. Jamot Repetitive violin theme with timpani. Dictatorial speech. Oboe. 1'44 choirs. 04:11
You Put Me To Shame - C. Espern Filtered rhythmic. Voice with reverse effects. Didgeridoo, industrial percussion. Riff of dark bass. 03:46
Sleep Forever - C. Espern Spacy Synth. Acoustic piano arpeggios for the theme. Violins, sound effects, electric guitar. 02:56
Forget Love - C. Espern Rhythmic with sounds effects, dark, heavy. Repetitive piano. 01:53
In A Bad Street - C. Espern Didgeridoo and dark synth. Regular rhythm, long hold of soft synth. Theme in ostinato on the electric piano. 03:33
Old Poor John - C. Espern Intro synth sequence and filter. Flute. Edit point at 1'09. Piano and pop rhythm. 04:28
On Strike - C. Espern Repetitive rhythm with a linear and round bass. Airy guitar. 04:14
Millenium - C. Mathieu Guitar riff theme in reverb, drums, saturated bass. 1'34 break bass drums. 02:06
Trumpet And Co - C. Mathieu Rhythmic dark, tense effects, strange harmony. Melody in wrong tune on the trumpet. Edit point at 1'37, break guitar, drums. 02:29
Liquide - C. Mathieu Anxiogenic texture. Heavy drums. Percussion. Ethnic Voice. The set in a slow filter. 01:27
Native - C. Mathieu Orchestral intro, tense and mechanical. Edit point at 0'37. Synth sequence, rhythmic violins. 02:34
The End - C. Mathieu Bass Synth worrying. drums saturated. Crystalline effect. Tribal toms. 01:43
System Hack - C. Mathieu Rhythmic with sharp Synth bass saturated. Floor toms then Drums. Slow notes of acute synth, anxiogenic. Edit point at 1'28. 02:13
Synapse - C. Mathieu Deaf and organic rhythmic drive. Long indefinite complaint. Edit point at 1'47. 02:28
Melancolie - C. Mathieu Arpeggios of aerial synth, voice radio, rhythmic RnB, tense harmony. Bass obsession, rising tension. End destructured in a speech of instruments, Edit point at 1'26. 02:21
Quatuor à cordes Op18 No4 - I Allegro ma non tanto Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMLudwig Van Beethoven: Strings Quartet No. 4 in Cmin. Opus 18. I. Allegro ma non tanto. Adaptation Quatuor Parisii. Almost sad. 00:23
L'Arlésienne - Ouverture No1 Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMGeorges Bizet: The Arlesienne - Opening No. 1. Part 2. Romantic and strange. Dramatic ending. 03:19
Divertissement K334 - II Thème avec 6 Variations Andante Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMWolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Divertimento K334 320b in Dmaj. II. Thema mit sechs Variationen. Andante. Variation 3. 01:37
Le Lac des Cygnes - Pas de Six - III Variation 2 Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMPiotr Ilitch Tchaikovsky: The Swan Lake. Opus 20, Act 3, No. 19. No Six. III. Variation 2. Andante con molto. Bassoon. Sad, Nostalgic. Orchestral part powerful and triumphant from 2:00 to 2:33. 03:25
Concerto pour cordes et clavecin - II Adagio Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMAntonio Vivaldi: Concerto in Gmaj for Strings and harpsichord. II. Adagio. Nostalgic, repetitive. 01:42
Les 4 Saisons : L'Automne - II Adagio molto Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMAntonio Vivaldi: Concerto No.3 in Fmaj, Opus 8, RV293. 02:09
Album pour enfant - A l'église Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMPiotr Ilitch Tchaikovsky: Children's album, Opus 39 Arranged for chamber orchestra. At the church. Mysterious and strange from 2:00. 02:41
Album pour enfant - L'enterrement de la poupée Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMPiotr Ilitch Tchaikovsky: Children's album, Opus 39 Arranged for chamber orchestra. The burial of the doll. Dramatic. 02:01
Album pour enfant - La poupée malade Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMPiotr Ilitch Tchaikovsky: Children's album, Opus 39 Arranged for chamber orchestra. The sick doll. Dramatic. 02:13
Du fond de l'abîme je t'implore Seigneur BWV745 Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMJohann Sebastian Bach: Choral and Prelude in Emin. Aus der Tiefe rufe ich, herr, zu duir. BWV745. First powerful and dramatic part until 1:18, then a more calm and almost springtime atmosphere. 05:06
Fantaisie pour piano et Orchestre Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMAnton Arensky: Fantasy for piano and Orchestra on Ryabinin theme. Opus 48. Dramatic introduction, tension with hope. Second part, adventure, positive, spring and powerful with a touch of sadness. 08:20
Gloria - Domine deus Agnus Dei Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMAntonio Vivaldi: Gloria RV 589 in Dmaj for soloists, choirs and orchestra. Adagio. Contralto. Mysterious and sad. 04:44
Gloria - Et in terra pax hominibus Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMAntonio Vivaldi: Gloria RV 589 in Dmaj for soloists, choirs and orchestra. Andante. Dramatic, sad, strange, lyrical and trance. 06:11
Gloria - Gratias agimus tibi Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMAntonio Vivaldi: Gloria RV 589 in Dmaj for soloists, choirs and orchestra. Adagio. Almost sad. 00:30
Gloria - Qui tollis peccata mundi Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMAntonio Vivaldi: Gloria RV 589 in Dmaj for soloists, choirs and orchestra. Adagio. Lyric, sad, powerful and trance. 01:32
Trop Hip - G. Goué Bass groovy. Melody soft and distant. Urban, suspense and siren song. 02:00
Orange Time - G. Goué Synth and evolutionary violins. Rhythmic distant, bass singing, piano notes spaced. 02:51
Origine - G. Goué Drums stressed. Repetitive bass, shouting guitar. Repetitive synthesis. 01:09
Stressed Town - P. Gaillard Electric piano with panoramic effect. RnB drums, synth bass. High bass riff. Edit point at 2'21. Melody stretched on the fretless bass. 05:02
Prelude To Sorrow - C. Nouailhaguet Cellos and double bass. Acoustic piano plays the melody alone and then with the violins. 01:57
La Belle - F. Zgorski Sounds like a hammer, repetitive percussion, synth and delay. 05:15
Sad Memory - Wu Le Mauvais souvenirs, vague à l'âme. 02:58
Slowly Rising Up - Wu Le Final, conclusion. Ce qui devait arriver, arriva. 01:21
Story Of A Brave Soldier - Wu Le Partie lente. Marche lente et triste. Version 60S. 00:53
NY - F. Lebourg Natural Ytrium. Piano solo. 02:40
Magnum - T. Chaze Dark Rhythmic with, saturated sounds, sound effects and effects. Theme to the violins, high and brilliant in opposition to the rhythmic. Edit point at 1'36 electric shiny piano. 03:32
In The Brush - T. Chaze Kalimba, percussion, crescendo of background synth, ethnic flute. Drum roll. 03:08
Folkylectrochoc - P. Sanchez Garcia Country orchestra. Theme played at the guitar slide. 01:16
Leviatham Zhyl - P. Sanchez Garcia Malignant. Rhythmic of dark sounds. Bass synth. Air guitar. Contemporary atmosphere, psychedelic, trance. 02:56
Verify - F. Niobey Acoustic piano and violins. Edit point at 0'33. Rhythmic drums and violins. Grave note of piano. 02:08
Aznar Vs Drago - T. Chaze Orchestra blast, sounds. Rhythmic rock and choirs, Tense harmony. 02:13
Molinas Dragon - T. Chaze Effects and orchestral ostinato. Theme on the oboe accompanied by the violins. Choirs. Cave of the Dragon. Demoniac, frightful. 02:58
Pin Of Death - T. Chaze Choir of women and violins. Timpani and choir of men. Theme played on violins. Edit point at 1'08, sound effects, apocalyptic atmosphere. 01:45
Rapaces - T. Chaze Tribal rhythm of floor toms and sound effects. Theme in unison of orchestra. Powerful choirs and saturated guitar. Version 60s. 01:01
Barnes Chaze - T. Chaze Violins and orchestral brass, rhythm of sound effects. Acoustic piano in arpeggios. Science fiction, panting, anxiety. 02:06
L'Autre Temps - J-M Cazorla Orchestral brass, violins, timpani. Edit point at 0'45 Flute and guitar. Quiet. Violins. 01:25
Strange - J-M Cazorla Synth in tense chords, distant percussions of timbales and cymbals. 02:00
Old Space Vinyl - P. Sanchez Garcia Texture, effects of vinyl. Ethnic Voices. Dreamlike, incantatory. 01:26
Diggerthings - P. Sanchez Garcia Dark rhythmic with industrial sounds. Samples various, didgeridoo. Chord suite on synth. 03:17
Quandary - J. Greenhow Electroniques percussion, bass and piano distant, tense. 01:04
The Flood - T. Chaze Distant effects, tribal percussions. anxiogenic, spacy, psychedelic. 02:35
Zyoyz - T. Chaze Synth and guitar in distortion, dissonant, aggressive. Rythmic distant, sample of voice. 03:27
Speedtrip - T. Chaze Nervous acoustic guitar. Distant bass and drums. Synth and guitar distortion. Psychedelic. Bad dream. 02:40
L'Armée De La Guilde - A. Roy Orchestral with introduction on brass. Tubular bells. Strings in pizz and tremolo. 01:01
L'Attaque Du Chateau - A. Roy Timpani and orchestral brass. Alt of sustained notes and ostinato. Violins, tense harmony. 1'02 quiet violins and woodwinds. 01:22
Depoter Part 2 - A. Roy Piano solo. A timeless, contemplative piece. Imagined, strange. 01:41
Les Ombres - G. Wilmot Tense melody played on the metallophone. Intriguing percussion. Edit point at 0'34 Double basses and violins. 01:44
Farewell - T. Chaze Synth arpeggio, saturated guitar theme, important synth. Loop. 00:20
Nostalgie - L. Liatard Intro of electronic sounds. Short and repetitive synth theme. Dense. 2'29, 3'15 breaks. 04:05
Go'On - L. Liatard Panoramic synth effects. Rhythmic sound effects. Fast bass sequence. 03:43
Shitty New Age - P. Sanchez Garcia Intro Synth opening. Electronic drums and ostinato bass synth. Riff of saturated guitar. Tense harmony for the theme. 04:34
Black Submarine - T. Cahn Heartbeat, spatial texture. 0'51 rhythmic sound effects. 1'17 Industrial rhythm. Anxiety. 01:44
Big Bell - G. Goué Groove space musique, bubble explosions. Edit point at 2'24. 04:54
Nouvelle Lune - G. Goué Double bass played in pizz and frightening violins. Regular sound elements. Constant worry. 03:46
Koetsu Rv - T. Chaze Sequence and tense atmosphere. 00:42
Hip No - T. Chaze Synth low and deep, disturbing, anxiogenic. Slow and saturated drums. Edit point at 01'18 break. 02:36
Mogotes - T. Chaze Synth rhythm. Theme flute and synth. Themes played by powerful choirs. Rhythmic of floor toms. Version 30s. 00:30
Nirva - T. Chaze Industrial rhythm made of sound effects. Repetitive bass. 00:52
Boosty - T. Chaze Intro repeatable pop melody, saturated synth bass. Edit point at 0'52 drums break. 03:17
Bungga - T. Chaze Intro slow drum and Piano, bass guitar response. Guitar wah wah. Edit point at 1'25. 02:49
Coton Club - T. Chaze Industrial noise. Guitar wah wah. Bass and synth in unison. Sound elements. 01:38
Bob 3 - T. Chaze Bass synth sequenced. Dark Synth effects. Stripped-down drums 00:44
Zakat Mind - T. Chaze Intro deep synth, Ethnic song, oud. 0'36 rhythmic electro and riff oud. Edit point at 0'54 flute and ethnic song. 03:34
Lakdari - T. Chaze Rhythmic funk. Sample theme of voices and dark ethnic instruments. Edit point at 1'50 break bass fretless and lute. Part B saturated guitar. 03:37
Phazing - T. Chaze Intro synth and effects. 0'20 saturated guitar. 0'40 synth. 0'57 drums. '80s. 02:54
Timerest - T. Chaze Strange and disturbing flute, ethnic percussions, deep violins. 02:37
Interlude - T. Chaze Violins, Opera singer. 0'47 Drums, double bass. Spacy and rhythmic. 01:51
Metal Speed - T. Chaze Rhythmic rock very fast. Effects of anxiety guitar. Tense harmony. Edit point at 0'28, 1'35 explosion. 02:14
Overdub - T. Chaze Power trio. Guitar Riff, Breathing Sample, Guitar Scream. 0'52 break, unison bass, guitar. 02:17
Spiral Fuego - T. Chaze Sound effects. Long notes of saturated guitar. Simple synth theme. 02:25
Igor My Brother - T. Chaze Anxiogenic sound effects. Electronic drums, harpsichord, staccato cellos, background of violins, wide choirs. 01:00
Riposte - T. Chaze Wide and deep percussion. Ostinato of staccato cellos. Synth sequence. Effects. 01:00
Gunner - T. Chaze Heavy drums rhythm and deep synth. Positive melody on saturated guitar. 1'10 sound effects. 02:20
Skinner - T. Chaze Vocoder synth. Saturated guitar. Edit point at 1'12. Synth effects. 02:22
Space Junker - T. Chaze Industrial rhythm. Saturated guitar. Bass wah. Monodic melody. Version 30s. 00:30
Morphuzz - T. Chaze Dark electro-rock synths. Deafening, mechanical and twisted. 02:50
Dark Grung - T. Chaze Power trio. 0'22 saturated bass solo. Bass end saturated. 01:00
Drum And Metal - T. Chaze Dense rhythmic, Synth anxiogenic. Fast guitar. Edit point at 1'07, 2'19. 02:31
Fiberoptic - T. Chaze Sound of insects. Bass guitar, Synth theme with a metallic sound. 0'46s Another quick synth. Version 30s. 00:30
Excess - T. Chaze Very powerful and repetitive synth. Effects and sound elements. 01:00
Chaotica - T. Chaze Dark, repetitive sounds and synths. 01:00
Cyclotron - T. Chaze Rhythm based on onomatopoeias and sound effects. Repetitive Synth Riff. Edit point at 60s, heavy drums, tense synth. 02:50
Eradicaters - T. Chaze Bass synth sequenced. Orchestral hit. Industrial sound, metallic. 01:00
Joker - G. Goué Drums, doublebass, E.Pano and german voice, synth solo. improbable encounter with curious characters. 02:10
Ventus - G. Goué Sound of winds. Rhythm Drum and bass. Sample of ethnic voice. Edit point at 1'13, 2'26, important chord changes. 03:05
Dl Moment - G. Goué Spacy synth, panoramic. Bass Arpeggios. Effects, percussion and cello. 04:14
The Beast - P. Gaillard Percussions and imaginary flutes, distant. Melody on the piano then arpeggios. Melody taken from the violins. Guttural sounds. Be frightened. 02:28
Itch - J-M Boiteux Disco pop of the 80s. Theme to the synth. Onomatopoeia. Synthe accent. 1'03 break and orchestral accent. 02:09
Les Hommes Rêvent - J-M Boiteux Melody on the electric guitar with vibrato. Electric piano, bass, percussion. 0'54 rhythmic electro. 01:46
Marine - J-M Boiteux Chords progression on synth, violons. 02:22
Na - J-M Boiteux Background synth and synth bass sequence. Worried, stripped, astral. 02:50
Rapide - J-M Boiteux Disco-pop of the 80s. Synth sequence. Theme on the electric piano. 0'52, 1'34 breaks. 02:11
Sprint - J-M Boiteux Techno-pop of the 80s. All synths and sequences. 02:49
Raid In Riad - J-M Boiteux Riff of saturated guitar. Bass synth. Long notes and solo saxophone. 02:00
Marche - J-M Boiteux Ostinato synth, electronic drums, synth effects. Contemporary music box. 02:11
Laurence - J-M Boiteux Rhythmic sound effects, anxiogenic. Long violins. Edit point at 0'55 chords progression. Guitar and fretless bass. 1'45 ostinato of electric piano. Double bass, sound effects. 02:40