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Musique avec ambiance : Planante

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
Reborn - M. Brillard Funky synth and warm synth pad. Kind of disco drums. 02:52
Piano Sofa - C. Nouailhaguet Nocturnal and refined jazzy lounge track. Featuring smooth piano melody, upright bass, atmospheric synths and relaxed electro beat. Edit pointat 1:05, at 1:45, at 2:25 and at 3:05. Piano, upright bass, drums, synth pad, groovebox. 03:45
Strange Easy Lo-Fi - C. Nouailhaguet Downtempo electro jazz beat featuring lo-fi sounds, vinyl scratch, guitar chop, bass and vox fx. Vintage-modern atmosphere. Edit point at 0:40, at 1:54and at 2:35. Scratch, lo-fi sound design, guitar, bass, groovebox, vox fx. 03:22
Dreamy - C. Tay Positive, carefree and reflective evolving atmospheric drone with cello melody and light pulse. Uplifting, Dreamy, Light, Floating, Atmospheric, Moody, Happy, Carefree, Building. Synth, Harp, Strings, Cello,. 01:35
Shimmering Light - C. Tay Wonder, dreamy and magical atmospheric drone with strings. Piano and fantasy cello solo. Uplifting, Dreamy, Light, Floating, Atmospheric, Moody. Synths, Piano, Strings, Cello. 01:56
Taking A Dark Turn - C. Tay Shimmering evolving pulse that takes a dark turn, accentuated by bass pulse. Dark, Brooding, Monotonous, Atmospheric, Chilling, Scary, Horror, Anticipation, Sinister. Synths, Percussion. 02:29
Celtic Roman - C. Nouailhaguet Celtic atmosphere with bagpipes and flutes. 30 seconds pipes version. 00:34
Falling Star - C. Nouailhaguet Dreamy and positive hip-hop groove. A repetitive bass line combined with a shimmering synth pads bring feelings of both contemplative and determined. 30 seconds version. 00:26
Hazard Zone - C. Nouailhaguet Analogue synths and bass create a suspense mood. Computer games, action scenes. Edit point at 01:17. No drums version. 02:23
In Limbo - C. Nouailhaguet Strange floating loop of marimba, drone with a sense of darkness and loss. Followed by a very large choir. Marimba, synth drone, sound design fx, large choir. Underscore version. 01:05
Japan Groove - E. Hildebert Exhibitions. Slow evolution of synth. Sound elements. Edit Point at 5'20 and 6'24, change of mood, sound effects, science fiction. 08:44
Equinox - E. Hildebert Exhibitions. Hovering, different evolutive sound elements, futuristic images, science fiction. 06:40
Hi Stephen - E. Hildebert Quiet synthesizer with bells, birds, chorus and sound effects. Spatial atmosphere, dreams, interstellar. 03:27
In My Bubble - E. Hildebert Exhibitions. Low sequence. Hovering, different evolutive sound elements, futuristic images, science fiction. 06:12
Planetary Ambient - E. Hildebert Flying synthesizer with bass electronics held. Atmosphere slightly tense. Edit point at 1'30 02:38
Smooth Melody - E. Hildebert Synthesized notes spaced, wide. Ostinato synth, acoustic guitar notes with echo. 02:52
Breaking New Ground 01 - J. Whitcher Pop, Ambient, Ambiant, Repetitive, Acoustic piano, Strings. Nature, Emotive, Universal, Electro, Ambient, Spacious, Moody, Guitar, Film, Emotion, Moving, Horizon, Underscore, Suspence. 02:41
Clinging To Tomorrow - J. Whitcher Pop, Electro, Ambiant, Repetitive, Synth. Nature, Emotive, Universal, Electro, Ambient, Spacious, Moody, Guitar, Film, Emotion, Moving, Horizon, Underscore, Suspence. 02:48
Mai'Tam Ensel - J. Whitcher Cinematic, Ambient, Majestic, Ambiant, Texture. Deep in thought, ambient, spacey, galaxy, dream, grunge bass, pads, soupy, drama, film score, action, drone. 05:38
Just For Fun - S. Sibanda Jungle, Dance, Mysterious, Ambiant, Synth bass, Drum machine, Synth. Africa, south african, Party, Feelgood, Tv, Celebration, Sports, Positive, Upbeat, energy. 02:22
Idea - GD 78 Détente, relaxation, méditation. Fonds marins, espace. 13:13
Frozen - GD 78 Soundscape, Seabed, space, relaxation. New Age. 09:17
Dreamlike - GD 78 03:23
Abbey Raga - A. Naylor Sitar and table with Indian inspired track. Guitar, bass and drums joined by strings and choir. Sixties, 1960s, Carefree, Abbey Road, Psychedelic, India, Drugs, Flower Power. 02:12
Melody Of Spring - E. Hildebert Acoustic guitar in arpeggios. Percussion, bass, synth. Theme on the guitar then the carillon. 03:26
Friends Of Earth - T. Stoilkovski Candy and rainbows play hand in hand to a Euro synth beat and a Balkan like lead melody. Global fun. Changing Planet. 02:54
Give It All You Got - T. Stoilkovski Rocking synth-rock track that delivers an uplifting pop synth chorus our on the floor stomping attitude. Suburban Dreams. 02:14
The Explorer - D Agostino Gentle and repetitive percussion. Background distant sound. Break at 3'16. 04:48
Jahannan - D Agostino Improvisation of acoustic piano on a synthesizer background and some repetitive percussions. 02:50
Fragments Of A Lost Mischief - D Agostino Two saxophones chatting calmly. 04:44
Candy Coated - D Agostino Planing atmosphere with african colors. 08:11
Cigam Kcalb - G. D Agostino Improvisation of flute and planing texture. Acoustic piano like drops of water. 10:40
Beyond - P. Chapnik Arpeggios of carillon and harp supported by the orchestra. Suspense exotic, awakening of nature, waiting, intrigue. 03:18
Calm Clear - J. Barrett String pads and featured Cor Anglais create a relaxed atmosphere. Slow, Peaceful, Relaxed, Serene, Mellow Nature - Ambient - New Age - Drones - Atmospheric. Ocean Odyssey 01:59
Blue Plateau - F. Tayla Uplifting theme, tribal rhythms, nylon guitar and piano suggests open spaces. Serene feel and peaceful. World Music - Ethnic - Culture. Ritual Visions. Institutionnel. 03:23
Serene Ambience - J. Barrett Gentle theme with a bird ambiences. Score - Trailer - Movie - Promo. Orchestral Drama 01:27
City Limit - B. Maginnis Nylon string guitar melody over pulsating synth. Accompaniment Easy Listening - Chill Out - Positive. Ambient Beats 2 02:35
Floating - J. Barrett Arpeggiated harp with pads and tuned bells create a rhythmic atmosphere as sea birds fly. Midtempo, Relaxed, Cruising, Gentle, Uplifting Nature - Ambient - New Age - Drones - Atmospheric. Ocean Odyssey 02:20
Approaching Hyperion - F. Tayla Full Track. Awe inspiring & mysterious. Mother ship to planet approach. Nature - Ambient - New Age - Drones - Atmospheric. Dramatic Atmospheres 2 01:50
Computers Dreaming - M. Coldrick Ambient, vast and spacey. Binary dreamscape. Corporate - Industrial - Technology. Science and Technology 03:16
Elegant Robots - M. Coldrick Stylish, friendly androids gently go about the day's work. Corporate - Industrial - Technology. Science and Technology 02:21
Metricity - M. Coldrick Busy digital landscape. Corporate - Industrial - Technology. Science and Technology 03:15
Paresse - F. Tayla Cool, percussive relaxed style with Spanish guitars, muted horn & silky strings. Easy Listening - Chillout - Positive. Cafe du Monde 03:01
Tango Rain - F. Tayla Underscore without vocal. Easy Listening - Chillout - Positive. Cafe du Monde 03:37
Celtic Soul - C. Elves Opening with reeds, distant marching drums, horns, and choir. In the style of Braveheart. Score - Trailer - Movie - Promo. Sounds tracks - Screen themes. 01:52
Poppy Seeds - J. Barrett Reflective, nylon guitar motif with ambient pads. Drama - Suspense - Thriller - Horror - Crime - Emotive. Crime and Investigation 01:53
Sweaty Driving - J. Barrett Marimba, slide guitar and atmospheric strings. Nature - Ambient - New Age - Drones - Atmospheric. Media Promos 01:18
Theremin Nites - F. Tayla Moody string quartet opens to a percussive ambience. Easy Listening - Chillout - Positive. Ambient Poptronic 03:41
Blue Daze - T. Gaze Melancholy down on your luck style blues, with bass, drums & guitars. Nature - Ambient - New Age - Drones - Atmospheric. Earthly Latitude 02:33
Dream Buddha - T. Bartelle Ambient, reflective with Asian flavour. Medium tempo with vocal effects. Pop - Vocal - Songs. Planet Vocal 2 03:26
Old Blue Dress - P. Martin Gentle heart warming ballad. Solo guitar & violin. Nature - Ambient - New Age - Drones - Atmospheric. Earthly Latitude 03:02
Windswept - S. Romig Reflective, melancholy slide with country picking and percussion. Easy listening, Laid Back guitar themes. Country - Folk. Rhythm and Ease 02:32
Agent Horizon - B. Maginnis Retro 60's investigative/secret agent style theme. Sleuth, mysterious James Bond style guitar at 2:26. Nature - Ambient - New Age - Drones - Atmospheric. Ambient Beats 03:45
Changing World - B. Maginnis Vocal, acoustic guitar, electronic elements & electric violin. Nature - Ambient - New Age - Drones - Atmospheric. Ambient Beats 05:41
Crossing Distance - S. Prem Slow, watery & uplifting with strings, pads & guitars. Nature - Ambient - New Age - Drones - Atmospheric. Wellness Meditation Relaxation 01:53
Eastern Scene - S. Prem Relaxed, meditative, eastern flavoured atmospheric with repetitive motif/drone & acoustic guitar. Nature - Ambient - New Age - Drones - Atmospheric. Wellness Meditation Relaxation 02:31
Eternal Sunshine - B. Maginnis Happy, a touch of the islands opening with world style vocal & acoustic guitars. Repetitive rhythmic elements. Nature - Ambient - New Age - Drones - Atmospheric. Ambient Beats 02:05
Los Miraremos - T. Bartelle Romantic, reflective ballad featuring Latin male vocal and female spoken word. World Music - Ethnic - Culture. Latino Pop 03:35
No Se - T. Bartelle No Vocal. Romantic Brazilian flavoured smooth groove. World Music - Ethnic - Culture. Latino Pop 03:09
Panoramic - B. Maginnis Acoustics with electronic elements, up tempo beat, flute. Global electronica. Nature - Ambient - New Age - Drones - Atmospheric. Ambient Beats 02:46
Wayward Angel - B. Maginnis Electronic atmosphere & acoustic phrases with a soft beat, happy acoustic guitar theme. Light & easy. Nature - Ambient - New Age - Drones - Atmospheric. Ambient Beats 03:46
Classy - J. Barrett Big pads, accompanied by Spanish guitar. Travel/Vacation. Lifestyle TV 03:15
Desert Life - J. Barrett Didgeridoos, drums & acoustic guitars set the scene for this outback soundscape. World Music - Ethnic - Culture. Ethnic Journey 2 01:56
Last Goodbye - B. Maginnis Relaxed & lazy with subdued beat. Hot day in the sun. Pop - Vocal - Songs. Electrocoustic 04:01
Log Drums - J. Barrett Log Drums & percussion create a busy atmosphere. World Music - Ethnic - Culture. Ethnic Journey 2 03:01
Monsoon Season - J. Barrett No drums. Mystical opening with flute, capturing the rainfall. World Music - Ethnic - Culture. Ethnic Journey 2 03:57
Oak Tree - J. Barrett Ambient soundscape featuring acoustic guitar with evolving textures. Travel/Vacation. Lifestyle TV 03:23
Rainbow - B. Maginnis Get behind the wheel with this cruise acoustic ballad, Pop - Vocal - Songs. Electrocoustic 03:51
Red Sun - B. Maginnis Environmental style opening reveals a funky acoustic track. Pop - Vocal - Songs. Electrocoustic 03:21
Snow On Mt Fuji - J. Barrett Ambient soundscape with a feeling of mystery & awe. World Music - Ethnic - Culture. Ethnic Journey 2 02:06
Travelling - S. Figliuzzi Electronic soundscape with a steady beat, Pop - Vocal - Songs. Electrocoustic 05:09
Waterfall - F. Tayla Environmental, reflective with acoustic guitar & electronics. Pop - Vocal - Songs. Electrocoustic 02:27
Cosmos - R. Howson Evolving pads & acoustic piano lead to a subtle rhythm. Funk - Soul - Groove. Planet Groove 2 03:57
Rise - R. Howson Gentle, relaxed. Funk - Soul - Groove. Planet Groove 2 02:19
Sparks - R. Howson Chill out ambiences with a busy groove. Funk - Soul - Groove. Planet Groove 2 02:31
Afghan Escape - J. Barrett Electronic in style but ethnic by nature this track hits with a sense of urgency. Electronic - Electro - Trip Hop - Hip Hop - Chill Out - R&B. Electroville 02:16
Shells - J. Barrett Atmospheric, dreamy. World Music -Ethnic - Culture. Exotic Themes and Places 03:12
Wichita - F. Tayla Rhythmic synth sequence introduces a memorable theme with harmonica solos. Lifestyle - Travel - Holiday. Smooth Groove 02:30
African Night - M. Allen Tribal percussion and a moody atmosphere put you in the depth of the African Jungle. Dance - Jungle - Techno - House. Eurobeats 02:45
Electro - M. Caen Underscores. Let loose with his first arppegiator, Mr Electro creates a persistent beat featuring an array of synth phrase and textures. Corporate - Industrial - Technology. Grungetech 02:42
Alvarez - B. Maginnis Cool acoustic instrumentation leads the way to sensual & seductive vocals. World Music - Ethnic - Culture. Themes and Underscore 01:59
Crystalline - F. Tayla Soft Opening Introduces A Gentle Reggae Feel Featuring Nylon Guitars, Sax & Grand Piano. World Music - Ethnic. Cafe Ibiza 02:53
Dusk - A. Watkins Slow interleaving pads create an ambient atmosphere introducing sustained flute with a hint of a vocal. Electronic - Electro - Trip Hop - Hip Hop - Chill Out - R&B. Electronica 02:40
Liquid Sun - F. Tayla Sparkling Soundscape Leads Into Relaxed Track Conjuring Images Of Sand, Sea & Blue Skies, Features Sax. World Music - Ethnic. Cafe Ibiza 05:03
Passion Flow - R. Kelly Melancholy Trip Hop Romance. Funk - Soul - Groove. Ultra Groove 02:18
Prophecy - F. Tayla Arabian voices, strings & tribal percussions lay down the bed for haunting ethnic reed solo. Exotic and ethnical. World Music - Ethnic - Culture. Ritual Visions 03:22
Tranquility - F. Tayla FX's & Pads Set The Scene For A Relaxed Spanish Guitar Theme. World Music - Ethnic. Cafe Ibiza 02:06
Traveller - F. Tayla Piano, Fx, Synths & Spanish Guitar Introduce This Medium Paced Track. World Music - Ethnic. Cafe Ibiza 02:49
Wondered - Y. De Vilder Short melodic piece featuring sax & piano. Mysterious and suspenseful, it also offers a sense of darkness. World Music - Ethnic - Culture. Ritual Visions 00:56
25 To One - B. James Sombre, soft opening. Medium tempo, reflective serious. Dance - Jungle - Techno - House. Technosphere 03:32
Acid Rain - F. Strangio Tropical. Prominent synth droplets, African drums jarring piano interruptions. Mid tempo. Corporate - Industrial - Technology. Millennium 03:05
Across The Fields - R. Rivamonte Panoramic/slow, oboe with strings. Nature - Ambient - New Age - Drones - Atmospheric. Town and Country 01:55
Aerobics - S. Peters 80's retro synth tinkle News, Weather. Corporate - Industrial - Technology. Jingles 00:35
Alliance - P. Wiltshire 60 Second Edit. Industrial & Hi Tech. Electronic, corporate. Electronic - Electro - Trip Hop - Hip Hop - Chill Out - R&B. Jingles 2 01:03
Amazon Moon - F. Tayla Lush pads with modern groove, ethnic voices & soft nylon guitars Acoustic - Easy Listening. Acoustic Journey 02:19
Angel Ambience - Y. De Vilder Ambient soundscape with angelic vocal textures. Pop - Vocal - Songs. Planet Vocal 03:23
Angel Dub - Y. Mounier Moody, slow, slight reggae feel, ethereal pads and guitar. World Music - Ethnic - Culture. New World Rhythms 03:52
Australiana Theme - P. Wiltshire 60 Second Edit. Light & Easy. Atmospheric, gentle. Easy Listening - Chillout - Positive. Jingles 2 01:03
Blue Scout - Y. Mounier Ambient journey, feral drums, extra terrestrial sounds, vocoder, ethereal feel. World Music - Ethnic - Culture. New World Rhythms 05:44
Caves And Tunnels - D. James Eerie, deserted space, electronic. Nature - Ambient - New Age - Drones - Atmospheric. Musical Images 02:19
Centre Focus - B. James Medium techno beat moody synth textures. Dance - Jungle - Techno - House. Technosphere 03:18
Chariots Of Didge - T. Naylor Conjures up images of slow motion runners through the Desert. Great for sports. Nature - Ambient - New Age - Drones - Atmospheric. Postcards from Downunder 02:37
Clouds - Y. De Vilder Paradise/ Luxury/ Romance/ Slow-motion/Wonder. A sensual atmosphere created from quiet breathy vocals over held synth chords. Builds throughout. Nature. Oceania 07:31
Cool Black - P. Martin Moody subtle. Nature - Ambient - New Age - Drones - Atmospheric. Musical Images 01:01
Crystal Dawn - B. James Slow reflective, emotive. Dance - Jungle - Techno - House. Technosphere 03:23
Dreamscape - F. Strangio Reflective, dramatic mood, no rhythm. Nature - Ambient - New Age - Drones - Atmospheric. Jingles 00:43
Elle - F. Tayla Slow moving, relaxed, features big pads, sparse piano & memorable acoustic guitar theme Acoustic - Easy Listening. Acoustic Journey 04:29
Eloujdis Adventure - Y. Mounier Congas, banshee wailing, pan flute, percussion and vocal. World Music - Ethnic - Culture. New World Rhythms 03:23
Encounter - F. Strangio 60 Second Edit. Atmospheric, Fast keys, fantasy. Nature - Ambient - New Age - Drones - Atmospheric. Jingles 2 01:04
Euroclub - F. Strangio 40 Second Edit. Up tempo. disco feel with memorable piano melody. Clud drums, keyboard, bells, piano and woodwinds. Love - Seduction - Romance. Exotica 00:42
Exotica - F. Strangio 30 Second Edit. Corporate. Atmospheric. Love - Seduction - Romance. Jingles 2 00:32
Extremely Sunburnt - T. Naylor 160 BPM race through the Desert. Electronic - Electro - Trip Hop - Hip Hop - Chill Out - R&B. Postcards from Downunder 02:03
Falling Deeper - Y. De Vilder Pensive, melancholy, ecology, documentary. Drama - Crime. Dramatic Atmospheres 04:14
Forest Loop - N. Boaz 60 Second Edit. Groove, dance & techno. Gentle groove with flute melody. World Music - Ethnic - Culture. Jingles 2 01:04
Guitar Trance - F. Tayla Fast paced techno style track in the style of Robert Miles features acoustic guitar , piano & FX Acoustic - Easy Listening. Acoustic Journey 06:07
Hawaiian Sunset - T. Bartelle Gentle & soothing with uplifting vocals. Pop - Vocal - Songs. Planet Vocal 02:09
Instant Replay - F. Strangio 80s retro corporate synth drum machine. Corporate - Industrial - Technology. Jingles 01:05
Irish Jig - J. Barrett Irish dancing with flute solo. World Music - Ethnic - Culture. Media Promos 2 01:42
Japan - F. Strangio Mid-tempo. Oriental rhythms and harmonies, continuous industrial clanging. synth/ tom-tom pattern, wavering women's voices. Corporate - Industrial - Technology. Millennium 01:55
Kakadu Full Moon - Y. Mounier 60 sec, Medium tempo, uplifting, light guitar theme with Australian native chants. World Music - Ethnic - Culture. New World Rhythms 01:03
Lazy Afternoon - F. Strangio Easy listening 80's retro. Corporate - Industrial - Technology. Jingles 00:26
Life Cycle - Y. De Vilder Marching./ Machines/ High Tech/ Continuity. Mechanical, Japanese rhythms plus robotic marimba and xylophone. Nature. Oceania 03:33
Locomotion - F. Strangio Mechanical repetitive. Nature - Ambient - New Age - Drones - Atmospheric. Jingles 00:34
Lunatex - G. De Franco Easy listening romantic, flowing gently uplifting to climax resolve. Nature - Ambient - New Age - Drones - Atmospheric. Jingles 00:35
Metal Soul - F. Strangio Slow, bitter sweet melody, sustained strings/synth, snare-drum. Fast heraldic and pattering synth middle section. Corporate - Industrial - Technology. Millennium 04:09
Millennium - G. De Franco News & current affairs, dramatic. Corporate - Industrial - Technology. Jingles 00:34
Mirage - T. Bartelle Capturing Images Of The Desert With Voices And Strings. Pop - Vocal - Songs. Planet Vocal 02:36
Moon Float - T. Bartelle Relaxed vocals, soft pads and no rhythms. Pop - Vocal - Songs. Planet Vocal 02:22
Natski - R. Howson Medium tempo track in style of deep forest. Mysterious, curious, enchanting and hypnotic. Funk - Soul - Groove. Planet Groove 04:16
Nature Zone - F. Strangio Slow lush, warm, strings, flute. Nature - Ambient - New Age - Drones - Atmospheric. Short Shorts 01:07
Nexus - F. Strangio Busy. Smooth cafe-bar melody and delicate piano flourishes. Strong pattering synth, drum machine. Corporate - Industrial - Technology. Millennium 03:28
Nightline - F. Strangio Opening bliss, medium-slow relaxed feel. News - Current Affairs - Broadcast. Media Themes 02:59
Nocturnal Kingdom - R. Rivamonte Didgeridoo & bird. World Music - Australia - Traditional. Australia 01:03
Ocean Lullaby - Y. De Vilder Slow, expansive, hypnotic, caressing. Underwater stillness. Strange muffled effect lulled by synth and voices. Nature. Oceania 05:14
Overland - R. Rivamonte Dramatic theme, keyboards, harmonica, toms & synth. Nature - Ambient - New Age - Drones - Atmospheric. Town and Country 00:46
Pace Maker - F. Strangio Fun & unhurried. Funky clapping, rapid hopping synth notes Latin bass. Calm strings. Corporate - Industrial - Technology. Millennium 03:37
Party Machine - F. Strangio Crazed metallic dance piece. Strong snappy rhythms brass, drum machine, bass. Corporate - Industrial - Technology. Millennium 02:03
Pastoral - Y. De Vilder Melancholy, landscape, environment, wistful. Drama - Crime. Dramatic Atmospheres 01:59
Rhythm Of Love - F. Strangio Rhythm and pad mix, short version no voice. Very percussive, sensual feeling, evoking romanticism. Drums, percussion, keyboards, bass, guitar, harmon muted trumpets. Love - Seduction - Romance. Exotica 01:48
Rising Sun - F. Strangio Gentle soothing, easy listening, morning. Nature - Ambient - New Age - Drones - Atmospheric. Jingles 00:35
Robot Romantic - F. Strangio Slow, sweet theme. Languishing bass beat, excited synth motifs, strings. Corporate - Industrial - Technology. Millennium 02:33
Slide Australiana - M. Kokinos Slide intro, lots of ambience, distant piano in at 1:28 mood change at 2:23. Acoustic Guitar. Slidescapes 03:11
Sloth - R. Howson Urgent with a sense of calmness. Hypnotic and dreamy too. Funk - Soul - Groove. Planet Groove 03:56
Slumbering - F. Strangio Relaxing, sleeping, strings, French horn. Easy Listening - Kitsch. Short Shorts 01:07
Split'N Da Atom - R. Kelly Up tempo groove with treated piano, brass & pads. Funk - Blues - Rock. Funk in da mix 01:58
Tall Ships - T. Naylor Smooth sailing on Sydney Harbour. Easy Listening - Kitsch. Postcards from Downunder 02:03
Texas Slick - F. Strangio Cool & funky. Echoing synth effects. Electric guitar, bass, tight discordant brass. Corporate - Industrial - Technology. Millennium 03:24
The Aftermath - Y. De Vilder The Sea/ Glaciers/ Volcano/ Storm damage/ Slow-motion. Solemn and sedate, deep and spatial with very slow tolling drum and sudden brass interruptions. Nature. Oceania 07:29
The Grove - R. Howson Slow moody vibe with bells, loop & synth textures. Funk - Soul - Groove. Planet Groove 04:36
The Return - Y. Mounier Medium paced rhythm, Enigma flavour with sensual female vocal. World Music - Ethnic - Culture. New World Rhythms 02:38
Time Piece - F. Strangio Slow, timeless. Chiming tubular bell theme, full sustained strings, wind-chimes. Corporate - Industrial - Technology. Millennium 02:02
Time Zone - Y. De Vilder Ethereal, dreamy with light percussion. Nature - Ambient - New Age - Drones - Atmospheric. Media Promos 2 01:38
Touch - Y. De Vilder Pensive, melancholy, ecology, documentary. Drama - Crime. Dramatic Atmospheres 03:30
Tribal Funkin' - R. Kelly Medium funky loop with congas, sax, piano and pads opening to melancholy synth solo. Funk - Blues - Rock. Funk in da mix 04:46
Tropical Forest - T. Naylor Ambient intro with rainforest atmosphere. Nature - Ambient - New Age - Drones - Atmospheric. Postcards from Downunder 02:01
Twin Souls - Y. Mounier Slow, R & B feel, flute, horn section, sax and piano. World Music - Ethnic - Culture. Culture Groove 02:20
Tiburu Découverte d'un nouveau monde. Ainsi soit-il. Solo de Flute @ 2mn40. 04:01
Sonata Op 5 Piano solo. Méditation, massages, détente, paisible. 04:00
Daylight Shadows - T. Stoilkovski Edgy, surreal, intellectual art rock with dark ambient pads, effects, drones and dissonant guitar splashes flow into a shuffle based rock chorus. Empty streets hide their secrets in the night. 02:44
Subway Love - T. Stoilkovski Echo fizz tones meander via delayed drums, tremolo guitar, spaghetti western string and organs. Waking up in the car just as first light touches the horizon. EP @ 2'04. 03:58
Crying Gabriel - T. Stoilkovski An epic electronic and chorale flight with pulsating effects and electro militant style drums, choir voices and a siren that makes you take notice. A call to arms in a fight between good and evil. Epic thematic electronic ambient. 04:10
Awe And Wonder - T. Stoilkovski Mysterious, rising collage of sound and melody , four on the floor beat interspersed with dub electronics. 03:07
Dizzy For Dolphin - L.J. Cedar Intense and lazy rock track with Guitars, Bass and Drums with EQ'd middle.. Dreamy, Lazy, Intense, underwater, deep. 01:04
4 Elements - O. Olsen Violins deep, ethnic flute. Melody on the piano and violins. Percussion atmosphere. Interventions of the orchestra. 05:02
Sukota - J. Pelizzari Dialogue between an Erhu or Chinese violin and a koto, crystal percussion. Wide synth in background, discreet. 03:40
Askarel - J. Pelizzari Wide and calm background synth, melody played with oriental violins, crystal percussions. 04:08
Anvarleili - J. Pelizzari Song and ethnic violin with oriental phrasing for the melody. Large orchestral phrases of oriental violins. Cimbalom. 05:00
Chakra 7 - Rugiadi FX, Bass, Piano, Fun, Instrumental 07:00
The Bolt Man (Dedicated To Didi) - S. Calvano Peace, Relaxed, Instrumental, Dream 05:10
Interlude - G. Goué Intergalactic diva. Opera from another world. The fifth Element. space musique and rhythmic. 02:12
Chimes In Space - L. Mazzesi Space Travel, Instrumental, Dark, Strong, Electro 03:30
Pariah - V. Benesy Aerial synthesis, spacy sequence. Arpeggios and acoustic guitar theme. 3'36 slow evolution towards a rhythm of synth very marked. Edit point at 5'51. Rhythmic and harmonic change. 08:31
Empty Streets - V. Benesy Wide spacy synth. 1'19 notes of acoustic piano. 05:55
Slow Down - V. Benesy Texture, electric piano arpeggios, very close vocals, acoustic piano in high notes. Edit point at 3'18 bass sequenced, deep kick, synths. 05:06
Dreary Culture - V. Benesy Synth arpeggios and wide texture. 1'14 Bass synth. 06:21
Bobo music la voiture - A. Jamot Slow progression of different textures. 06:40
Brumes synthétiques - A. Jamot Synth effects, aerial, vaporous, panoramic, soft images. 01:58
Drone dream - A. Jamot Slow grow up of a singular and evolving texture. 06:00
Le Sommeil - A. Jamot Melody of cellos and double basses. Counterpoint of violins. Romanticism lugubrious. 09:11
Les sens de l'air - A. Jamot Sounds of air under pressure, panoramic, rhythmic delay. 04:44
Les sens de l'eau - A. Jamot Synth effects, round, imitating aquatic sounds. Clicks and delay. 05:09
Les sirènes de Fribourg - A. Jamot Synthetic effects, aerial voices and delay, electronic noise, sound effects and distortion. 17:08
Stase la romance - A. Jamot Atmosphere of industrial noise. Violins. Melody on the solo violin. Celestial choirs. 05:15
Vagues stellaires - A. Jamot Textures. Different waveforms, variations of tone, timbre. 05:04
Xca cristal chapelle - A. Jamot Evolutive texture, synth effects, anxiogenic. Large celestial organs. 03:10
La joie du nord - A. Jamot Piano muted, 0'48 high rhythmic synth. Remote melody, sound images. 06:20
Voyage intergalactique - A. Jamot Psychedelic effects, texture, sound effects. 06:34
David's dream - A. Jamot Electric piano in arpeggios, soacy synth, light rhythm. 1'07 solo trumpet tense. 04:11
Oceano nox - A. Jamot Acoustic guitar in arpeggio. Distant Drums and Synth. 0'23 low. 02:24
klavier Intermede - A. Jamot Chords progression on organ with delay. 00:40
Le mantra de noël - A. Jamot Sleigh Bells on a changing texture. 03:54
Mantra des nuages - A. Jamot Sweet synth and spacy, tuning suite. Edit point at 1'31 arpeggios. 02:53
My Mantra - A. Jamot Synths and psychedelic effects. 03:00
Voyage à Senlis - A. Jamot Soft synth sequence, guitar chords make melody, percussion. 04:27
Ballade spectrale lente - A. Jamot Each instrument has its own dimension. 06:50
Xca goutte d'eau - A. Jamot Slight random percussion recalling the sound of a drop of water. 03:09
La chanson mantra - A. Jamot Slow arpeggios then evolution towards a tense texture. 05:15
Durme Mi Alma - E. Fogelgesang Sephardic music Spain Traditional, Monodie, Epinette, Lullaby Sephardic. Soft. 05:46
9 16 - M. Bedot Intro metallophone, guitar, carillon, 0'51 double bass and A.Piano for the theme. King Crimson. 01:59
Live Underground - C. Espern Flying in space or diving in the ocean. Air synths. Emotion. 03:58
Sweet Memory - G. Goué Ostinato of violins and oboes then brass and cellos. Repetitive. 02:04
Veuillez Patienter - L. Liatard Vinyl crackles. Samples of electric piano, violins and vocals. Rhythm guitar wah wah. 1'18 and 2'34 part B. 03:15
Liquide - C. Mathieu Anxiogenic texture. Heavy drums. Percussion. Ethnic Voice. The set in a slow filter. 01:27
Choose Your Melody - C. Mathieu Texture, arpeggios of marimba, effects. 00:55
Aurora - C. Mathieu Slow organic change. space musique. 01:44
Splendens Ceptigera - C. Deslignes Ars Antiqua, XIII, Canon with 3 entries, Paralegal use, Caça duobus vel tribus, Llibre Vermell of Montserrat 1399, Religious music, monks, pilgrims. 01:55
Blue Morning - Bozzoli El. Piano, Slow tempo, Melancholic, Instrumental 04:53
Xun Wind - P. Gaillard Synthé planant, percussions, effects. Theme played with a xun, very old Chinese wind instrument. 06:26
Avant C'Etait Bien - H. La Guerche Progressive pop. Pink Floyd. Musical or female voice siren. Nostalgic. 04:04
Vent Doux - H. La Guerche Panoramic electric piano duo and fretless bass. 04:38
Old Temple - Li Ke Rêveries de protons. EP @ 1'09. 02:19
No Sleep In The Night - Ha Bu Er Cristallin, sensuel, enivrant. 03:12
Smoke In The Desert - Li Ke Plaine aride, solitude. 00:33
Entry - F. Lebourg Synth in background, organ, guitar chords. Effects. 01:23
Autom Five - F. Lebourg Stellar probe, foghorn of the fourth dimension. 02:39
Autom Three - F. Lebourg Quantum universe. 02:44
Level Two - F. Lebourg Carillon of another world. 00:22
Strangely - J-M Cazorla Crystalline synthesizer, percussion of glass bells, timpani and cymbals. 01:25
Ondine - F. Bry Guitar arpeggio, spacy synth, acoustic piano theme. Percussion rhythm. 00:59
Angine - F. Bry Sound effects, bass, drums and electric guitar. Delay. 01:11
Prelydiom - P. Sanchez Garcia Synth evolving and spacy, saturated guitar theme and solo, Rondat or Pink floyd. 02:32
Separate - F. Niobey Harp in arpeggios, violins. Horn. Theme to the harp. Sober. 03:04
Sad Vicky - T. Chaze High arpeggios of acoustic piano and violins. Repetitive chord progression. Melody on the flute. 01:55
Planitude - J-M Cazorla Synthe spacy, wide, soft. Discreet theme on the oboe, harp arpeggio. Airy, cottony, fragile. 03:20
Artificial - J. Pelizzari Violins, wah wah guitar, sounds and rhythmic funky. Saturated guitar. 03:05
Entwine - J. Greenhow Several disordered synth sequence, synth backgrounds. Dreamlike. 02:57
Ether - J. Greenhow Futuristic texture, evaporated synth, dreamlike, intergalactic. 02:36
Need - J. Greenhow Tense rhythm in background against space synth. Violins. Edit point at 0'48. Dreamlike. 01:38
Pays Du Rêve - G. Wilmot Wide and spacy synth, harp. Solo of flute. 03:38
Vingt-Heures Chrono - J-M Boiteux Synth Sequence. Violins. Loop. 00:21
Rose Carmen - J-M Boiteux Theme and arpeggios on electric guitar, violins. Loop 1. 00:25
Intergalactica - T. Chaze Synth effects, electric piano with delay. Dialogue between stars. Astral and dreamy. Loop. 00:25
The Terrace - M. Dall Anese Theme on the acoustic guitar. Synth, pizz, E.piano and flute. Loop. 00:30
Apetito - J-M Boiteux Church choirs. Ceremonious, angelic. 01:46
Gregoh - J-M Boiteux Choir of men at the monastery. 01:44
Neverland - G. Goué Vibrato synth, double bass, E. Piano and dense drums. Edit point at 1'36. Calm. Voice phone. Sound effects. Loop. 00:31
Onirica - B. Reeb Evolutive low-profile synth. Slow sequence of a crystalline sound. A distant rhythm. 05:25
Nightlights - B. Reeb Lights of the night, distant stars with a thousand shimmering colors, lost in the vast expanses of the sky. 07:20
Haikai 1 - B. Reeb Free view of beach, ocean, waves. Concise and spontaneous music, as are the haiku, improvised Japanese poems. Without rhythm. 02:01
Loin Dans L'Azur - B. Reeb Sound of waves, light percussions, aerial drums, double bass and violins. Improvisation and guitar melody. Very calm. 06:05
Aurore Boréale - B. Reeb Deep admiration and respectful of the beauty of natural elements. Such as Pink Floyd. 04:12
Agoraphonia - B. Reeb The human adventure, agonizing nothing interstellar. Rich and evocative chords. Brief moments of silence, emptiness of vast spaces. 07:06
Un Vent De Photons - B. Reeb Brightness of the world: Broad waves of chords diffusing clarity and warmth. Flute with mysterious sound, dance in tribute to the Sun. 06:12
Haikai 2 - B. Reeb Music concise and spontaneous, as are the haiku, improvised Japanese poems. Rhythmic light and exotic. 02:45
Rumeur - G. Goué Intro synth, drums. Double bass, and voice phone. 02:47
Jaxx - G. Goué Intro soft synth. E.Piano with delay. Melody on the saxophone. Percussions and spoken voice. 05:53
Angelfly - T. Chaze Synth space arpeggios, sacred song, religiously. Version 60s. 01:00
Cube - J-P Vielfaure Filtered drums, sound effects. Theme andchords on the soft synth. 01:37
Phantom - T. Chaze Effects of percussion, voice and synth with delay and reverb. 01:10
Ovni - T. Chaze Several synths, filters and delay. 01:05
Prophet - T. Chaze Synth sequence '70s. Flute and acoustic piano. Edit point at 1'22 Powerful rhythm. 03:03
Casca3 - T. Chaze Acoustic piano arpeggios, synth effects, crash cymbal bearing, ethnic wind instrument. Loop. 02:08
Promenade - T. Chaze Arpeggios of synth. Piano and violins. 02:10
Floating Over The Clouds - T. Chaze Crystalline synth, deep bass, violin theme. 02:28
02 Décembre - L. Marie-Sainte Intro acoustic piano then bass and melody on aerial synth. 03:19
Nemo - L. Marie-Sainte Breath, under the sea. Synth sequence and distant choirs. 06:25
Océan - L. Marie-Sainte Sound of waves. Crystalline synthesis. Percussion. 05:05
Modus Operandi - G. Goué Space synth, distant rhythm. Edit point at 0'46, stop reverb. Far spoken voice at 1'20. 02:58
Wind Dream - P. Gaillard Eole dreams. Wind noise. Synthé spacy, percussions. Slow rhythmic, broad ambience. Acoustic piano and violins. 04:00
Après La Pluie - P. Gaillard Spacy synth, shaker. Synth effects, electric piano. Calm, dreamlike, contemplative. 04:08
Dream Of You - P. Gaillard Electric piano arpeggio, synth effects, deep percussion. Theme played crystalline synth. 03:51
Idéaux - J-M Boiteux Bass synth sequence. Synth choir in background. Timpani for orchestra. 01:23
Malva - J-M Boiteux Cymbal, flute, synth, gong. Sitar riff and ethnic instruments. Slow melody to the synth. 02:08
Tienda - J-M Boiteux Deep synth, bass, saturated guitar theme. Guitar wah wah. 03:25
Aim N°6 - J-M Boiteux Synth in background quiet. Theme on saturated guitar, bass. Simple. 01:12
Messe Indienne - J-M Boiteux Intro calm synth in background and electric piano. 0'46 rhythmic electro, 1'33 theme on the brass. 03:27
La Marche Du Lama - J-M Boiteux Rhythmic light synth of flute and guitar. Colors of the Andes. 1'07 Bass. 01:44
I Wont Up - J-M Boiteux Rock band. Electric piano. Saturated guitar theme. 01:26
Neptune - J-M Boiteux Slow bass synth sequence. Crystalline synth background. 01:56
Andromède - J-M Boiteux Quick synth sequence with round, soft sound. Slow background. 1'14 Backing vocals. 02:17
Etd - J-M Boiteux Rock band. Theme on the electric guitar. 1'19 Bass stop. Pink Floyd. 02:18
Alla Luce Della Luna - L. Vaccina Etno, Dark, Vibes, Male Choir, Percussion, Delicate, Peace 04:54