Musiques avec ambiance : Panoramique

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
Spiral of Stone - A. Lanzi Modal theme on electric guitar on top of drones and different guitars loop. 04:00
Thawing of the river - A. Lanzi Evocative, warm arpeggio for electric guitar, images of nature, prairies, flat lands, deserts, ice fields. At 2'01 fixed arpeggio section. 03:58
The Calling - A. Lanzi Abstract, insistent electric guitar loop with a restrained melody. 02:34
Twilight - A. Lanzi Crunchy electric guitar theme with e-bow and wah-wha effects. It grows in tension up to the arpeggio section which starts at 1'28. 02:53
Aldebaran - P. Di Cioccio Synths Beds, slow melody. Relaxing and dreaming. At 1' new ostinato synth. 02:53
Archernar - P. Di Cioccio Slow timbre variations upon one chord textures. 03:01
Betelgeuse - P. Di Cioccio Synth arpeggio alternating with short four note melody. Retro synths. Vintage Sci-Fi atmosphere. 02:34
Orion - P. Di Cioccio Chordal intro then alternating sections with arpeggio Synth. Chordal Outro. Retro synths. Vintage Sci-Fi atmosphere, Underwater documentaries. 03:09
Lalande - P. Di Cioccio Rhythmic-harmonic pattern repeated throughout the piece 02:56
Step Eleven - P. Iurich Light jazz song with Latin and Brazilian contaminations. Virtuosic Vocalese. Female voice. 03:56
Meditation - G. Goué Acoustic guitar in arpeggios then percussion and double bass. A distant electric guitar with echo then. 01:56
A New Hope - M. Brillard Particular ambiance with rehearsal piano and double bass sound with studio sound drums and other instrument. Edit point at 2'15, tempo change 02:53
Road Trip - M. Brillard Electro ballad. Delicat melody on acoustic piano with synth. 01:46
Himalayas - C. Scozzafava Music that recalls views and wide spaces. Large melody for violin solo. Useful for Documentaries and Soundtracks. 02:51
Mekong - C. Scozzafava Violin solo version. Rarefied lullaby atmosphere. Useful for Documentaries and Soundtracks. 02:04
The Little Princess - C. Scozzafava Simple violin solo melody. Rarefied lullaby atmosphere. Childish melody. Useful for Documentaries and Soundtracks. 02:30
Circles - J. Meek Guitar and synth driven groovy summer music. Ideal for advertising and promotions. Electric Piano, Electric Guitar, Drums, Synthesizer, Band-Pop. 03:32
I'm Flying - M. Biallais Meditative, fantastic. Female voices, hovering synthesizers and harp arpeggio. Dead Can Dance. 04:10
A Knight's Heart - C. Nouailhaguet Epic and poignant romance trailer. Featuring piano, large choir and brass. Panoramic, passionate and intense build-up. Edit point at 0:56, at 1:27, at 1:54, at 2:25. Piano, symphonic orchestra, choir. 03:30
Trapp Field Trip - C. Nouailhaguet Cinematic trap and urban beat create a dark and intriguing atmosphere. Followed by an electro arrangement at 2:43 giving the track a more dynamic and fatter direction. Edit point at 1:07, at 2:11, at 2:43. Synths, groovebox, vox fx. 04:48
Chilly Morning - C. Nouailhaguet Smooth deep house track featuring piano improvisation and electro beats.Positive, neutral and dynamic underscore. Edit point at 0:31, at 0:51, at 1:32 and at 2:33. Piano, upright bass, drums, groovebox, synths. 03:30
Sunset Moment No3 - C. Nouailhaguet A reflective sunset moment! A wide synth pad with a beach sound design create a short allegorical sound piece. Synth pad, night beach sound design. 02:17
Highlander - S. Bokowy Atmospheric, Positive, Poland, Tatra and Beskid Mountain Region, Zakopane 01:41
Sheep and Shepherd - S. Bokowy Atmospheric, Panorama, Positive, Poland, Tatra Mountain Region, Zakopane, Strings and Flute, 02:03
Maya - C. Nouailhaguet Travel soundtrack featuring pan flute and ethnic percussions with a modern twist. Exotic, world beat, epic journey, nature, documentary. Flute at 00:33, edit point at 02:25, break at 03:45, epilogue at 04:26. pan flute, percussions, bass, kora, n’goni, marimbula, synth pad. 05:16
Bamako - C. Nouailhaguet A real Bamako sound ambience opens through a kora solo. Followed by west african percussions underlined with a synth pad. Kora, ambience fx, percussions, balafon, flute. 30 seconds version. 00:33
Echo From The Lost Horizon - C. Nouailhaguet Progressive piano construction accompanied by a mellotron sound sequence. Supported with slow tempo electro beat. Edit point at 01:38. Strings, piano, mellotron, electronic drum, synth, sound design echo. 03:20
Contemplation - E. Hildebert Lightweight synthesizer. Opening, discovery. 03:17
Multiverses In Love - E. Hildebert Quiet synthesizer with bells. Discovery of a new world, grandiose landscapes. 02:04
Beginning Of Conflict - R. Luczak 30' version. Beginning Of Conflict 00:30
The City Of My Dream - R. Luczak Energetic, Repetitive Piano motif. Ambient. Atmospheric 02:10
Broke emotion - J. Brown Electro, Electronica, Suspens, Panoramic, Strings, Synth bass, Drum machine. Soul music, Rhythm and Blues, Love, Feelgood, Party Music. 02:27
Bongo East - A. Zakumera Electro, World, Mysterious, Panoramic, Percussions, Synth, Xylophone. Africa, East Africa, Tanzania, Burundi, Kenya, Ruwanda, Egypt, Morocco, Indian, Swahili, Tabla, Sita, Pads, Hip Hop. 02:03
Going Home - J. Whitcher Cinematic, Calm, Panoramic, Strings, Acoustic piano. Edit point @ 1'05. Deep in thought, ambient, spacey, galaxy, dream, grunge bass, pads, soupy, drama, film score, action, drone. 02:10
Majestic - S. Sibanda World - African, Panoramic, Majestic, Singing voice, Percussions. 00:58
Gemini - R. Luczak 30' version. Pulsing, Space theme 00:28
Perseus - R. Luczak 30' version. Pulsing, Calm, Space theme. 00:31
Reticulum - R. Luczak 30' version. Atmospheric, Bright, Calm theme 00:32
History Testimonial - GD 78 Guitar and trumpet duet supported by synth pads. Landscapes, adventure, flyover. 01:42
Afternoon Sunlight - A. Rejman Adventureous Piano melodies over medium tempo small combo arrangement 02:52
Sunny Spot - M. Litwinski Chillout guitar themes over delicate rhythm section 02:14
Floating On Water - T. Stoilkovski Reflective, soulful, chill out vibes sparkle with strings like you are dancing on top of water . Under The Blue Sea. 02:16
Just Breathe In - T. Stoilkovski Take a deep breath, submerge yourself in chilled out, beat grooving piano driven, guitar licked, string pop. Look And Listen. 02:20
Perfect Wave - T. Stoilkovski Chilled out dub meets super cool surf pop synth, like you are riding on top of the wave. Under The Blue Sea. 02:10
City Tunnel - R. Guzik Space, Pulsing Synth theme. 30' version 00:32
Friendly - A. Urbanowicz Warm, Reflective Piano theme 03:23
Last Transmission - T. Stoilkovski Strange, brooding and pulsing electronica like you're surrounded by deep space. Unsettling yet melodic. Changing Planet. 01:55
Nothing Else - B. Wroblewski Rhythmic, Futuristic theme. 30' version 00:54
Pusher - R. Luczak Rhythmic, Pulsing, Dramatic theme. 30' version 00:30
Sad Legend - S. Bokowy Slow, Reflective String theme 01:12
John Dee - D Agostino Percussion and improvised theme of acoustic guitar. Panoramic, relaxing, nostalgic. 03:52
Air Laboratory - M. Litwinski Futuristic, New Age theme 01:16
Materialize - B. Wroblewski Electro Pulse synth theme 30' short version 00:38
Robotic Technology - B. Wroblewski Dynamic, Rhythmic Electro-Sequences. 30' short version 00:42
Science Report - R. Luczak Electro Pulse synth theme 30' short version 00:33
Technology Info - R. Luczak Pulsing electro bass, synths 30' short version 00:37
Weather In The World - R. Luczak Pulsing, Space synth theme 30' short version 00:36
Zenia - P. Gawlik Version with Female choir, Baritone Saxophone, Bass Guitar. 03:39
A View from The Top - R. Luczak Delicate, moody piano and strings sequences over light drum section 02:00
Ballad About My Wife - R. Bednarczuk Nostalgic Strings and Ocarine for Landscape, Nature, Atmosphere. Ocarina. 02:29
Glass Spaces - V. Kuryluk Delicate ostinato of various synths sounds 01:40
Greenland - R. Bednarczuk Cello expressive theme with string, flute 01:47
Mountains - R. Bednarczuk Pipe, strings for Landscape, Nature. Emotional theme 01:11
Old Polish Song - R. Bednarczuk Pipe, strings for Landscape, Nature. Emotional theme 02:15
Precognition - R. Bednarczuk Positive, energetic, emotional orchestral theme for Natural World, Landscape 03:53
Skyscrapers - R. Luczak Atmospheric, calm sequenced synths over distinctive drum section 02:00
Space Vision - R. Luczak Emotive and Story telling. Soaring piano and guitar theme 01:30
Vision Of Beauty - R. Bednarczuk Expressive Flute with Strings for Landscape, Natural World Beauty, Wonderment, Documentary 02:48
Voyagers - R. Bednarczuk Full Orchestra for Landscape, Nature Documentaries. Panorama 01:46
Everything New Again - T. Stoilkovski Acoustic guitars bristle alongside strings in an ambient landscape echoing organic beauty. Hello World. 03:08
Magical - R. Luczak Atmospheric, Space. Synth melody 02:05
The Point - R. Luczak Pulsing, energetic. Synth melody 02:11
Reverie - J. Smyk Soprano saxophone solo, wide, reverbed, in mountains under the sun 01:53
Ambient Structure 2 - P. Komorowski Returning piano sequence. Tension. Strings. 01:20
Folk Picture Green - D. Zebrowski Panoramic, Landscape, Nature, Idyllic, Nostalgic 02:59
Folk Picture Pink - D. Zebrowski Atmospheric, Panoramic, Idyllic 02:54
Morning Dew - R. Luczak Instrumental version. Featuring guitar, oboe 02:05
Reach Out Now - T. Stoilkovski Piano interludes with grand melodic strings and brass, horn sections in a pop beat. Escape With Me. 02:38
Euroxy - J. Goodwin Electronic Groove - Euro groove a la Enigma. 80's. Institutionnel. 02:55
Window On The Soul - J. Goodwin Fantasy - Slow build synth strings drums anthem. 05:08
Sparkle Space - J. Goodwin FX. Space. 00:14
Heaven In Your Eyes - J. Goodwin Drama Score - Mystical Theme of the Great Twin Peaks Spirit. 03:55
Inside A Dream - J. Goodwin Fantasy Drama- Trippy strings and bells journey. 05:45
A Mother'S Wish - J. Goodwin Fantasy - Child's fairytale bells melody. 06:47
Avalon Forest - J. Goodwin Fantasy Drama - Celtic female, strings and piano. 06:01
Best Dressed - T. Stoilkovski Eighties pop synth channeled with a boppy melody bounces on a dance vibe 02:03
Far East Dream - T. Stoilkovski Relaxed far eastern mood encompassed with strings and traditional instruments 02:20
Let's Drive - T. Stoilkovski Driving arpeggio synths and floating pads meet wah guitars with a 90's relflective modern feel. 02:05
Love Desire - T. Stoilkovski Dramatic and emotionally driven melodic pop electro ballad with sparkles of country tinged orbison style guitars with lush strings, pads and plenty of style. A beautiful woman dancing atop the Eiffel tower whilst Paris shines at night. 02:37
Human Stories - T. Stoilkovski Global change and culture meet with modern genres with this pop, ambient, world track. 03:17
Awaken Your Dreams - T. Stoilkovski Delayed guitars and floating pads combine to form a sense of direction, hope and wonder. 02:57
Alone In A Desert - E. Hildebert Matte acoustic piano in arpeggios and large orchestra. Choirs. Evolutive rhythm. Edit point at 1'12, Violins and powerful percussion. 02:53
9 th - J-P Godart Large, rhythmic solo, powerful, Edit point at 0'25 and 1'33 violins synth and acoustic guitar, bass ostinato, 2'55 break. 04:01
Xca le vol des anges - A. Jamot Evolving, slow, distant texture. A certain harmony. 02:52
Brumes le thème - A. Jamot Theme played by the orchestra. Calm and wide, vibrant with emotions. Edit point at 1'12 long sustain on double bass and violoncello. 02:21
Gaudet Mater Ecclesiae - C. Deslignes Ars Antiqua, Romanesque Period, XII, Monody, Liturgical Ritual, Sacred Music, Singing, Gregorian Chant, Monks' Song, Prayer, Mass, Meditation, Meditation, Sequence, Anthem, Religious Music, Dane. 02:03
Xun Wind - P. Gaillard Synthé planant, percussions, effects. Theme played with a xun, very old Chinese wind instrument. 06:26
The Door Of Return - C. Nouailhaguet Theme on ethnic flute, percussions and deep drums, violins and orchestra. Edit point at 1'19, break percussions, 1'34 spacy, 2'06 folk guitar, light. 03:31
Long Road - Ha Bu Er Las, fatigué, besoin de repos. 03:34
Chinese Era Folk Music - Liu Yan Chrisg Deep forest asiatique. Chine. 02:14
New Start For My Love - Wu Le Aventure romanesque. Nature ou Thalassa. 00:33
Smoke In The Desert - Li Ke Plaine aride, solitude. 00:33
Pizzitronic - T. Chaze Intro of filtered synth. Violins, pizz and vocoder for the theme. Jean Michel Jarre. Vocoder. Version 60s. 00:59
Magnum - T. Chaze Dark Rhythmic with, saturated sounds, sound effects and effects. Theme to the violins, high and brilliant in opposition to the rhythmic. Version 60s. 01:00
Slowly - T. Chaze Air Synth. Percussions metallic and ethnic, piano synth choir. Slow theme. Loop. 00:16
Aurore Boréale - B. Reeb Deep admiration and respectful of the beauty of natural elements. Loop. 00:31
Movie News - J-P Bigourie Space synth sequence. Melody on the distant piano. Edit point at 3'02, break drums, melody on the synth. 05:36
Les Miroirs De Tuzun Thune - B. Reeb Infinite reflections of a simple and majestic musical theme. Inspired by a science fiction novel by Robert Silverberg. 04:07
Agoraphonia - B. Reeb The human adventure, agonizing nothing interstellar. Rich and evocative chords. Brief moments of silence, emptiness of vast spaces. 07:06
Malanga - T. Chaze Synth bass sequenced, rhythmic toms severe. Simple melody with chorus response. Heroic fantasy. Version 60s 01:00
Mogotes - T. Chaze Synth rhythm. Theme flute and synth. Themes played by powerful choirs. Rhythmic of floor toms. Version 60s. 01:00
Solennel Et Serieux - J-P Vielfaure Bolero of large orchestra. 00:53
Floating Over The Clouds - T. Chaze Crystalline synth, deep bass, violin theme. 02:28
Funfair - P. Gaillard Bewitching synth, spacy. Percussions distant. Theme soft and slow, notes laid. 02:58
Wind Dream - P. Gaillard Eole dreams. Wind noise. Synthé spacy, percussions. Slow rhythmic, broad ambience. Acoustic piano and violins. 04:00
Arrival - P. Gaillard Wide and calm background synth, shaker, percussions, natural soundeffects. Melody on the synth far away. 03:26
Dream Of You - P. Gaillard Electric piano arpeggio, synth effects, deep percussion. Theme played crystalline synth. 03:51
Neptune - J-M Boiteux Slow bass synth sequence. Crystalline synth background. 01:56