Musiques avec ambiance : Intime

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
Presence - A. Lanzi Improvising fuzz guitar melody over a meditative, peaceful loop. 05:17
Slow Dance - A. Lanzi Introspective, suspended electric guitar melody over soft e-bow guitar pad. 03:26
Gea - A. Lanzi Calm, sweet electric guitar theme. Images of nature and vast open spaces. 03:44
Instante De Mandrugada - E. Di Nucci Sad and nostalgic instrumental Bossa Nova, which suggests deep and intimate feelings. Melancholic and nostalgic. 04:48
Nova Estrela - E. Cresci Bossa Nova acoustic song in Portuguese. Melancholic and nostalgic but also with a positive side. Female voice. 04:13
O Bom Caminho - E. Bianchini Latin America folk melody for Violin and Piano. Melancholic and nostalgic. No voice. 03:04
White Pearls - R. Pasquarella Underscore version. Beautiful acoustic ballad with guitars and string quartet. Relaxing climate. Alto Sax solo in the middle section. 04:37
Midnight Walk - E. Cresci Nocturnal piece, introspective and lonely. Nostalgic and vintage. 05:03
As - E. Cresci Slow Jazz Waltz piece, large theme and stylish arrangement. Nostalgic and romantic. 05:20
Cançao De Manha - E. Cresci Bossa Nova, nostalgic and sensual. 05:31
Orange Suite - E. Cresci Suggestive guitar and violin intro. At 1'33 the main fusion/jazz section with improvising. 05:58
Voyage - E. Cresci Light and positive jazz/fusion acoustic piece. Eighties jazz style. 04:22
Vento - E. Cresci Bossa Nova song in Portuguese. Melancholic and nostalgic but also with a slight positive mood. Beautiful piano and guitar solo improvisations. Female voice. 04:04
As Coisas Falam - P. Iurich Slow Jazz Waltz song in Portuguese. Romantic and vintage, recalling the French Bella Epoque. 02:54
Meu Lar - E. Cresci Bossa Nova acoustic instrumental for Piano and Guitar. Melancholic and nostalgic but also with a slight positive mood. Beautiful piano and guitar solo improvisations. No voice. 04:24
Bleu Et Noir - G. Goué Intro with a folk guitar riff then double bass and organ. Edit point at 1'09 guitar saturated in rhythm and solo. 03:14
Songe - G. Goué Very gentle rhythmic brush with double bass and electric piano. An organ and an electric guitar on the chorus. 03:04
Rain On A Window (Interlude No2) - C. Nouailhaguet A felt piano with swirling delay like the sound of falling rain. Pensive, fragile and intimate short moment. Edit point at 0:59. Piano delay, string, sound design. 01:42
First Snowfall - C. Nouailhaguet Short romantic and delicate piece for piano solo. Pensive, evocative and cinematic atmosphere. Edit point at 1:32. 02:42
Stars And Us - S. Bokowy Acoustic Guitar Romantic, Calm, Delicate, Dreamy theme. 30' version 00:46
Distress - A. Urbanowicz Reflective, Repetitive, Minimal Piano motif 01:15
Sensibility - A. Urbanowicz Minimal, Reflective Piano theme 02:28
Sleepy Lake - R. Bednarczuk Beautiful, Emotional Cello melody. String pads 01:32
Core - V. Kuryluk Futuristic, Pulsing Electro Sequences. 30' version 00:31
The Old Garden - S. Bokowy Calm, Classic Guitar theme 02:53
This Way - A. Rejman Elegant, Moody Piano solo theme 01:09
A Cheap Shot - A. Urbanowicz Intriguing, Reflective piano theme 03:28
Excuse - A. Urbanowicz Soft, Reflective piano theme. 04:03
Reflection Of Life - A. Rejman Reflective, poignant piano theme 02:35
Silence - A. Rejman Reflective and meditative piano themes 02:07
Ticking Hope - M. Olak 30' version Laid back, Cheerful guitar theme 00:32
Faith - M. Hertel Impression. Passages. Grand Piano 01:40
Night Reflection - M. Hertel Reflective, Delicate, Moody theme. Grand Piano 02:27
Portraits - M. Hertel Nostalgic, Polish theme. Grand Piano 02:35
You Are Not Alone - T. Wachnowski Positive, Hopeful, Carefree Guitar Acoustic Ballad 03:09
Apple Feries - M. Nosowicz Laid back, Leisure motif 02:41
Living Colours - A. Rejman Poignant, simple and intimate solo piano 05:05
Moods - A. Rejman Melodic, romantic, ostinato driven smooth piano 02:04
My Way - A. Rejman Romantic piano theme. Emotive and story telling 02:24
Pictures - A. Rejman Smooth jazz with piano and funky bass accompanied by delicate drums leading to gentle melodies of piano and electric piano, strings at the end perfect for the the evenin 04:26
Rainbow Dream - A. Rejman Beautifully detailed lilting piano. Melodic. Dreamy 03:33
Awaiting - P. Komorowski Reflection piano theme. Poetic mood. 05:27
Inquiry - P. Komorowski Reflection piano theme. Epic. 03:54
Witch Land - R. Luczak Idyllic, Atmospheric 03:04